Is Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick? | How Sean McVay & Bill Belichick Produce Consistently Winning Teams

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Sean McVay is the youngest head coach in the history of the National Football League and the New England Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick is the 2nd oldest coach in the league, yet their approach to preparing their teams for NFL football games are remarkably similar. We are answering the questions “is Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick?”

  • Sean McVay – Born on January 24th 1986 (33 years old)
    1. Youngest head coach in NFL History
    2. Starting quarterback Jared Goff – Age 25 (Born October 14th, 1994)
    3. Backstory – Played college football at Miami University in Oxford as a wide receiver and began his coaching career as a receiver’s coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2008 under head coach Jon Gruden. Hired by the Washington Redskins as a tight ends coach and was promoted to be an offensive coordinator by Jay Gruden (Jon Gruden’s brother)
    4. Sean McVay – Age 30 (2017) he became the youngest head coach in modern NFL history.
    5. Typical Day of Sean McVay
      1. FUN FACT – 4:00 AM – He leaves his house and he drives his BMW 750i to the Ram’s offices. He sets his alarm for 3:45 AM every day.
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “4:37 AM, “McVay, drinking black coffee and a sparkling water (Rams general manager Les Snead got him on it), is at his desk watching clips of plays…6:46 PM..On the drive home, McVay makes a call, “Hey, I was thinking about our conversation after practice. We can definitely clean up a couple of those routes, you can run them better, but don’t let that take away from all the good stuff that you been doing, man.” –
        1. Every Work Day Length: 15 Hours 1 Minute
      3. FUN FACT – “McVay has transformed the Rams from a punchline to a contender, from a 4-12 nightmare to a 6-2 first-place standing in the NFC West. He’s revitalized one of the NFL’s worst attacks into the second-highest-scoring offense. And he’s doctored Jared Goff—last year’s No. 1 overall pick, who went 0-7 as a rookie starter—into a quarterback on the rise.” –
    6. Brady – . Brady was selected with pick #199, a compensatory pick, in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.(18 years) – Has been to the superbowl 9 times 50%
  • Bill Belichick – Born on April 16th 1952. (67 years old)
      1. Second oldest coach in the NFL (Peter Carroll is the oldest NFL coach)
      2. Starting quarterback Tom Brady – Age 41 (Born August 3rd, 1977)
      3. Backstory – He became a head coach after having coaches in the NFL for 16 years from 1975, and by 1985 and being the defensive coordinator for New York Giants head coach Bill Parcells. Parcells and Belichick won two Super Bowls together (XXI and XXV), before Belichick left to become the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1991.
      4. Bill Belichick – Age (1991) became the coach of the Cleveland Browns.
      5. Typical Day of Bill Belichick:
        1. FUN FACT – He arrives to work before 5:30 AM every day (He’s the last guy out and the first guy there every day) “Some Patriots report to Gillette Stadium as early as 5:30 in the morning. Others will watch film at the facility until midnight or 1am Belichick, every one of them says, has been in the building at each end of that spectrum.” –
        2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He’s so good,” safety Patrick Chung says of Belichick’s meetings. “He just gets you prepared. It’s hard to explain. You just learn. We learn. As far as being in there, you’re going to learn, and you’re going to learn fast. You’re going to learn efficiently. He’s a good coach. He gets you right.”
        3. FUN FACT – He has lead Tom Brady an insane 7 Super Bowls in Tom’s 16 years. Thus, Tom Brady has gone to a Super Bowl 44% of the years he’s played. Bill Belichick has been the head coach for nine AFC championship teams, which is a record. Belichick coached the New England Patriots to AFC championships in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
    1. Winning in business is just like winning with everywhere else
    2. “Geneious is one percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison
    3. Once you have used most of your fuel getting up into orbit, you only have to make slight course corrections. That hard part is getting into orbit.
    4. BOOK: The tipping point – Malcolm Gladwell
    5. “He worked for the government so he could take plenty of time off”
    6. It was seven to eight years before I moved on to the next thing.
    7. You have been charged with the assignment to send in what 3 shows are your favorite?
      1. Seth Godin
      2. Craig Groeschel
      3. Horst Schultz
      4. David Robinson
    8. Neither Belichick or McVay panic or lose their cool
    9. If you’re the market leader, should you listen to other people?
      1. Bucking the trend and not giving into peer pressure is something that can set you apart.
      2. At Winters & King we focus on relationships. Tom Winters will actually fly out and visit new prospects that aren’t even clients yet. On his dime.
      3. There is a difference between building relationships and just being outgoing
      4. 26There is a saying: “It’s nothing personal. It’s just business…”
        1. It does come down to the personal
        2. “People want to do business with people that they like” – Dr. Z

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Listening to uninformed people is worse than having no answers at all.” – Ray Dalio

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There’s no such thing as work-life balance…There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” – Jack Welch


Jonathan’s Prediction – Rams – 32. Patriots 27

Z’s Prediction – Rams 31. Patriots 30

Clay’s Prediction – Rams – 14. Patriots 26

Wes Carter’s Prediction – Rams. Patriots 37

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Audio Transcription

Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Dr. Z dot. Welcome back to another exciting epsiode of the thrive time show on your radio as we get sent in mentally prepared for the super bowl. I have a question for you. Yes. Am I more excited or is this show more exciting? That would be, I think may have painted me into a corner mentally right there I. I just, I was not prepared to go either way. Okay, so now it’s a coin flip. So here is the issue. Here’s the topic. Here’s we’re talking about Is Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick and why winners win and losers lose. Winners win and losers lose. I just, we’re going to take a little stab at this. I’m going to say your score or a scoreboard and the losers score. Last Patriot staff are told me early in the week, Brady walked into the facility and said, and I quote, I am the baddest mother on the planet.

Back to your rich. Oh, okay. But think about this for a second. Pick. Think about this idea for a second. Okay. Is Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick and what common traits to these two halves. Go. Think about the super bowl. The super bowl is going to be played here and approximately a week and a half. Yes. It’s going to be played in front of. Where are. Where’s the game at this year? Where’s Atlanta? Mercedes Benz Dome. It’s in Atlanta now. Sean Mcvay is the head coach for the Los Angeles Rams and he was born on January 24th, 1986, which means he’s 33 years old. Yes, three, three. He is the youngest coach in the NFL history, the nfl the entire time he is the youngest guy they’ve ever had and the reason why he’s so successful is because he does this thing called preparation wet. Let’s go on down to our NFL correspondent slash renowned entrepreneur, the iconic, the legendary Elan Musk to get his take

Kim tendencies, wishful thinking, and then just work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 hour, 80 to 100 hour weeks every week that the oldest things improve. The odds of success

now, the man that he is coaching against is sort of like footballs, Yoda. Uh, he, I guess he’s more of like the football emperor. He wears a Hoodie, you know, he’s more, he’s more like the emperor scares darth vader. That’s how intense that sounds. Each pushing movements you make your shelf nice. Uh, I think Bob Kraft is kind of like Yoda. I think that’s how it is. And then it would be like darth vader, that’s, you know, that’s. I think she changed the uniforms. Instead of red, white and blue, she’d be just all black with, with, with, with light saber. So here, here’s the deal. Bill Belichick though was born on April 16th, 1952, which means he’s now the second oldest coach in the nfl right now behind only Pete Carroll. He’s 67. So he’s 67 and Sean McVay is 33. I’m wondering how many years. Part of what I would’ve built.

So s Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick? you don’t. You don’t think it was luke darth vader. Z. Real quick. I have an audio. Uh, this is a bill checks. Closest friends when asked, where were you on the night of the conception of Sean Mcvey? This is what his friends said. They say see abroad to get that booty down. A smack him yet talking about. That’s what you’re talking about. That’s not what happens if you don’t think there’s any chance. No, there is no and a lot of similarities here. I’m just the starting quarterback for the rams is 25 and his name is jared. The last name. Pronounce the last name. Golf. Jared Goff. He’s 25 years old, but he’s. So He’s 25 is born on October 14th. Nineteen 94. Now. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Versus time. He now is 41. Born on August. Third, 1977. Thinking about this for a second. Tom Brady is 41 other dude is 25.

That means Tom Brady was 16 years old and homeschool. It was born. You know, you’re not saying why do you always take it? They’re just. Rugs is a family show. So here’s what happens is those, these two guys are both winning consistently. The head coach, Sean Mcvay of the rams is winning below. Check is winning and people always want to attribute the winning to the players. Get with that’s correct, but winners win no matter where they go and losers lose no matter where they go. And that’s something that’s just happened to get that clay. I will. This is an example of the [inaudible] brothers. They’re twin brothers and one of the brothers, he says, I’m going to leave the my other team. I’m going to come join the Patriots because I want to win a super bowl. All right? To be there. You know, that’s a formula I think about this.

Tom Brady has been a quarterback in the NFL. Uh, his, his career so far. He’s been the NFL for what? Sixteen seasons? Correct. And he’s been to seven superbowls, which mean, you know, this is going to be his night. This is going to be his night. Superbowl. Yes. Think about this for a second. That means that Tom Brady is going to the superbowl almost half of the time. Yep. I’m doing the math more. We need to look that up. We need to look at the actual percentage. I, I trust John Kelly to look at the math here. John j Dot k would you would. You could show. I’m just trying to. We will give you the map. We will give you the questioning. Me. I’m not questioning you and the number of super bowls. I’m saying I want to know the percentage. He may be. He’s played 18 years. What we’ll look at. Oh, I see what you’re saying. Yes. Saying is night super superbowl. They were very after the game while you were high on red bull and bouncing off the walls and probably running around the block with your shirt off.

Screener that again, I was listening to the telecast. So John,

we’ll write down the number of years that Tom Brady has played. He’ll put it on the show notes here. So we get this right here. The listeners deserve to know what think about this. Patriot staff were told me early in the week, Brady walked into the facility and said, and I quote, I am the baddest mother on the planet. Back to your rich. What does this guy keep calling me? Rich, he has Tom Brady has gone to the AFC championships in 2003. This was this seven, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, and now this year. Nineteen. I know it’s crazy.

Hey, big championship drive. That’s all we need. Come on now. Let’s go. Got. It’s

not about Tom Breaks the year that Tom Brady who didn’t play a Matt Cassel, led the team to a great season. They’ve done what? Bill Belichick to that, but before Tom Brady was even a thing in the nfl, he was the defensive coordinator leading the giants to championships. Bill bellacheck gets it done in this mcvay character gets it done even though he was born yesterday plus 33 years. Okay, so think about this. So Sean Mcvay, a zero. You’re super familiar with his background a little bit. This is what we know that he’s Kinda, he’s Kinda it coach right now. He played college football at Miami University in Oxford as a wide receiver and began his coaching career as receivers coach for the Tampa Bay buccaneers in 2008 underneath John Gruden. Yup. And he did such a good job that John Gruden, his brother, Jay, uh, hired him to be a tight ends coach for the red, for the Washington redskins.

And then he became the offensive coordinator. This guy is moved up the nfl from a receiver in college to an NFL coach to a head coach faster than anybody else. Now, this is what we know. I’ve researched this and if I get this wrong, somebody can correct me. My understanding is that in college he’s the only guy they know of who never missed a workout, like just never, never in bill bellacheck is the kind of guy who’s known for never missing a tape session, taking no sick days, no days off. And so I thought, why don’t we compare the schedules of Sean Mcvay and Bill Bellacheck? Wow. Let’s do. That’d be fun. This is what we know here. Sean Mcvay gets up every. He sets his alarm at 3:45 AM every single day, every day. So that means at 4:37, they had a group of people. Sports illustrated did a special on him.

They had people following him for an entire day in the film crews like you want us to meet at four in the morning because people never been up to lately. This is what Sean Mcvay wakes up every morning at 3:45 and when he wakes up, you know God is all knowing, omniscient, omnipresent. God wants to see what’s going on, and he wakes up. God each morning at 3:45 it says, Hey, what up? And then he gets up, he drives to the, to the stadium, he gets to the stadium and when he gets there at 4:37, he’s already watching film. This is what he does. Now he leaves. He says, you know what? It’s time to go home at 6:46 PM, 6:46 p. can someone do the math on that? That’s 6:40. So it’s, let’s say it was from 3:45 to 6:46. How many hours is that? Every day? This is what he does every day. And so people say, I wonder if it’s luck. This guy has transformed the rams offense from being a perennial losers. Z, you, you’ve been a football fan for a long time. Sure. When was the last time the rams were relevant? Uh, 2001 with Kurt. Kurt Warner. They, uh, the greatest show on the greatest show on earth or the greatest show on turf. Greg, short term, excuse me, critical interpreting. When they won the super bowl and they were the St Louis Rams. Then with [inaudible],

there’s one reason that I’m standing up on stage today. That’s because of my lord up above Jesus. You knew I was going to do it. Kurt Warner

is a classy guy. I’m telling you that Kurt Warner, when he went back over there to the cardinals, he made him a winter too. When he got a chance to play, he’s a winner. He’s a winner because winners win and losers lose. I put this mcvay guy gets it done so far. He’s taken this team that was just terrible and turned them around other go to the super bowl, but he just wins. Now, Bill Bellacheck, if you think about Bill Bella checks career, this guy, uh, I was reading an article today in preparation for the show. And Patrick Chung was talking about him. He says, Bill Belichick, he’s prepared. It’s hard to explain. You just learn. We learn as far as being in there. You’re going to learn and you’re gonna. Learn fast. You’re going to learn efficiently. He’s a good coach. He gets you. Right. Then they were asking the players about Bill Bella, check in an article that you can find on [inaudible] dot com.

It’s doing this, the New England sports network. They were saying that some of the players who are very ambitious, we’ll get to the stadium as early as 5:30 AM to impress the coach and he’s always already there. Oh, what tends to get there? This is what they say, that this is what they said. Players have said, we want to get too wound. Impress the coach who get their main Vayar belching, belching, okay. Belgian cookie, and they’ll get to the practice facility at 5:30 AM, 5:00 AM, and he’s always there. He’s always already there and they said when they leave, some of the players, now we’ll leave as late as 1:00 AM and he’s also there, which means he never leaves that he’s been there at both ends of the spectrum and that guy lives there and they go in. He’s not sleeping. He’s watching film and the level of preparation.

I don’t think there’s been a superbowl in recent history since I’ve been watching the patriots forever. I don’t think there’s been a super bowl that I can think of where you have two people that are known for preparing more than these two guys. What’s gonna Happen? I think what’s going to happen is bill Bella check is going to a, I wouldn’t say body slam, but completely destroy and decimate the, the uh, Sean Mcvay show and he will win. And Sean, they will recognize that Bella checks the football father that he’s going to run. He’s going to run out there on the end because Sean Mcvay, if you look this up, Sean Mcvay apparently never forget to play, never saw bill bellacheck. We’ll look at him and he’ll say, you will, you will never forget this play or this moment, and then he’ll go, you’re right, I will, and then that’s what’s going to happen, but what’s going to happen is then when Bella check retires, I think he’s got about two or three more years because he’s 67 years old when he retires.

I do believe that mcvay is the heir apparent to the bill bellacheck system and the mindset, the philosophy, and I think at that point I will have to declare myself a Sean Mcvay Fan, a free agent, because I only admire people that work hard. I do not care about geography. Right, so you’re saying that whoever, when when bill bellacheck retires. Yes. Wherever Sean Mcvay has coaching. Yes. You will then change out all your posters around the house. I all your clothing, all your stuff. Here’s what I’m saying. And then switch your allegiance to that team. I’ve worked. Just get this straight on the record. I want to share it, the share what I believe to be. What’s going to happen when bill check decides to retire. Okay. Just the whole system is predicated based upon drafting, late round draft picks and many of them recruiting people that no one else seems to get value out of.

Managing the salary cap very tightly. I’m recruiting left footed kickers. I’m obsessing over game film and the only guy that appears to be able to keep up with bill belichick for these years on his own with his own kind of Gusto and energy. I’m the only guy who can do it. Um, is it? I don’t, I just, I don’t know whether there’s anybody who can do because we had matt, Patricia and he left. And that Patricia left to go coach the lions. Yeah. But you still have a. who’s the offensive coordinator? Uh, Josh mcdaniels. Trashman gambles. St Joshua. He’s Harold Harold there, right? Well, Josh mcdaniels left to go to coach the Broncos for awhile there. And the Broncos didn’t get fully behind back though. He’s bad. I know, but they didn’t get fully behind him and let him coach the Bella check way. Right. So as long as craft is still alive and he’s allowing Josh to coach the Patriot.

Remember last year he always took the job with the colts and then he. He said yes, and then he said no, he’s, I believe he was promised the keys to the castle. That’s what I’m saying. You’re going to have to maybe pick another team if your coach. I mean if that’s true, if craft he’s alive and he allows josh to do the bell check system. I believe I could stay there, but if he’s not around or if somebody else is managing him and they don’t us bill belichick always puts the principal first and so like when we’re watching the game and the announcers are like, I wonder if Bill Bella checks going to go for. And it’s Hilarious, but Tony Romo says he’s 100 percent going for it because this is what bill checked us and like the belt check way, it’s going to be wrong about 10 percent of the time and it’s gonna look stupid wrong, but he will not deviate off those principles.

Right. And that’s why he wins consistently. But sometimes people say, really? You’re going to cut your star quarterback and not let your star defensive player play. Malcolm Butler in the superbowl because he was late. Really reinoculate your top guys. Yep. Yep. So that’s the electric system only works if you’re all in. So if, if, if the ability is not, if his heir apparent Josh mcdaniels is not managed by craft who’s all in as well, then I think we have to look for a plan B and I’ve had many people tell me, Oh man, you should get behind this team or that team, but show. But John’s been talking about this Sean Mcvay character and I think he’s the only other guy that I can respect his head coach at this point. You met that level. You may be, you may be right. And you know, I think people are listening out there.

Right? And other cut. I thought this was a business entrepreneurship show, right? You know, the thing about it is, is that winning in business is like winning and everything. It’s just winning and, and these guys being prepared and not having any surprises pop up during their day. I eat your business days the same kind of thing. It’s all about preparation. It’s all about knowing your opponent, right? What’s the. Oh really? I have to mystery shop my opponent, so I’ve got to have to watch tape on my opponent. I’ve got three ideas that I would like to share and like for you to break them down that are business ideas that relate both to Sean Mcvay and bill bellacheck. Father, son. Here we go. If you want to be self employed and it’s father and son that that’s correct. Fathering. Oh, it’s a. it’s a term of endearment. Yeah. Oh, I didn’t. Oh, okay. I’m just confused.

After Bill Bella chicken beats a pay. My understanding is he prepared an ice cream cone. Oh, for Mr. Sean is a nice. He’ll give them ice cream flavor like Sherbert or is it a more of a. it’s a very manly a flavor of ice cream. He’s going to get Sean Mcvay who’s a very manly man, by the way. Okay, so this is the deal is Thomas Edison who started a gi. He invented the modern light bulb or stole the idea from Tesla. He’s also the guy who invented the modern video video, video or graffiti concept. Record video, recorded sound. This is all coming from Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison says that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Now, Sean Mcvay, although I’m just giving him a hard time because he’s half the age of Bella check and he’s just doing great. Uh, this is the deal.

That guy works on average 98 hours a week. Yeah. That’s the average American likes to work about 35 hours and John Manages people that you manage people and manage people. I would say the average American. How many hours does the average American actually work during their 40 hour work week? Maybe 20. I agree. Yeah. I mean there’s all sorts of studies that show that people are distracted 91 times a day at work, at work by their smartphone. That seems like a smart idea. Yeah. So 98 hours a week. So let’s get into this idea of bill bellacheck works about 98 hours a week. Z, talk to me about how if you want to be self employed, great. You get to work with 80 hours a week that you want you. I tell you what, it’s when you’re starting your business, especially this is what we’re talking about.

When you’re in the startup mode, you’re grinding, you’re delaying gratification. You’re getting in there, you’re busting your buns. It’s like sending a rocket ship into space. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of effort. In fact, most of that rocket ship is just carrying the fuels. We can get up to the atmosphere, but then once you get up into orbit, this is the day. This isn’t with his. Everybody celebrates. This is all the shows are on ubs. Oh, cro, we made it. Yeah. You know, Oh, I’ve been wanting to celebrate with you up into orbit and all you have to do is those little little thruster thrusters. They’ll thrusters on the side go, shh, shh, shh. What movie are you thinking of? Anything thrusters you thinking of like apollo 13. Are you thinking of like inception? We’re what can move your thinking right now when you think of what’s the movie where they went to space, kind of a newer space.

Moving that into our trek, I’m. Oh yeah, Star Trek. What the point is is that you get the idea when you’re up in there and you’ve gotten through the atmosphere, you’ve done all the hard work, then you can let the business kind of work for you. Then you can sit back and that’s the part that really wants to celebrate that part. People look at and go, that’s why I wanted to be in business, but you don’t understand. It takes a lot, a lot of hours, a lot of elbow grease, a lot of hard work to get to that point. And that’s why I think so many businesses fail clay, because they want the celebration. They want the end zone dance, but they don’t want to have to march the ball, 80 yards down the field and the mud. They’ve already worked on their little endzone, you know, Selfie shot, bowling, pin, whatever.

Catch me, I’m falling, you know, uh, I’m doing the titanic on the goalpost dance move they’d been working on. They want that moment. They do, but they don’t want all the hard work. All that you know, you can punch in the nose tackle. Can I go off on a little little, little bit. Finally, finally I had somebody who is just not going to be successful shadow me and I had a guy who’s going to be successful shadow me. This guy from Minnesota, he’s already successful Minnesota and he shadowed me and I and he’s already successful in real estate and he’s going to be even more successful, but he said, can I shadow you? I just want to see from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, what does your schedule look like? I always want to watch how you organize your time.

He flew here from Minnesota. He attended a conference and the whole time he’s taken notes and he’s like, how do you organize this? How do you decide what to say no to? Yes sir. He’s locked in all. Yeah, awesome. Had another guy shadow me and we could not every time that like, uh, it’d be like every 20 minutes he just had to go back to a smartphone and update his facebook status or something. He just couldn’t pay attention and it just couldn’t and I think that your ability to withstand physical pain or in this case the mental pain of just focusing on your optometry clinic. How long was that? Your only business and that’s all you focused on for seven days a week. How long did you do that before you built the Dr Robert Zoellner and Associates Empire that we know today? Well, two part questions. One was how many, how many years that I worked seven days a week and that was between two and three.

And then how many? Seven days? Seven, seven days. Hey. Hey. But they didn’t make a ton. I’m being real to you are working seven days a week. What time were you starting your day? I mean, you know, I’m starting my day man. I started seeing patients at nine, but I mean I was before that and then I would, I was more of A. I worked at my business after work most. I’d get home, you know, do the dinner, put the kids to bed and then work on the business. How many, how many hours a day? Because you got mcvay here, putting in 14 hours. Fourteen hours a day. How many hours do you think your work at? Seven days? Uh, I don’t know this article. I don’t know. Followed him for a day. Okay. And I read as many articles as I could. Right. And what we’re doing seven. I don’t know. I, I don’t know.

I can say that superbowls. A football games are a NFL games are always typically on a Sunday. So that’s a, that’s a Sunday. I know what the NFL guys like. Bella check typically don’t give the team off on Monday. They’re playing on Sunday. So the only conceivable day that I could think of where they would be off would be a Saturday, but I’ve understood that mcvay and Bella check are obsessive about getting to the hotel and watching video the whole time. So I think during the season it’s a seven day a week job. It could be. I mean I was probably more of a 12 hour day to be very honest with. Oh Wow, you were slacking here. Really end. I was slacking and I did that probably for the first two to three years that I was in business and then I had my business six days and then I worked for somebody else that other seventh day.

Okay. So my business was an open seven days back then, but it was open six days and then I would pick up another day. The day that I was closed at some. Now you call this the tipping point. There’s a tipping point. Malcolm Gladwell has written about this. I want to put a link to on the show notes so that if anybody clicks this direct link and buys the book, I can make seven cents, so I want to make sure that we put a link on there so you can find them. You can find the notes, you can find the book and seriously if you buy it, I might make some money, but seriously you should definitely check out this book, the tipping point, not because I make money, but also because we make money for the tipping point is a great, great book and what happens is eventually you sow the seeds and the reputation begins to catch on and now you start to get word of mouth.

Sure. Kinda like our punk people working for you. So now like our podcast is just now reaching the tipping point, but your optometry clinic, how long did it take you to reach the tipping point where more people were coming in, word of mouth was happening. You could finally get your schedule back because you can hire other. How long did that take you? That probably took me about four to five years of that. I remember I hired, I started hiring, um, I stopped working seven days a week after two to three years. And then I, I, I, I didn’t work for somebody else. I just now just six days working for myself. Got It. That was step one and that thought, you know what I’m going to hire. And so I hired someone to come in and work on Saturdays. He worked every other Saturday and to start with k and then he went to every Saturday and then, and then he did, uh, picked up, uh, he had, he worked for the government as an optometrist so he could take big chunks of time off.

So I said, why don’t you take off Fridays? And he worked for the government, so he takes big tie to time off, like two months of vacation. I want to put that on a shirt. Yeah. He worked for the government. So he could tell it didn’t make much money, but he could tell you had copious amounts of time. They know it is, it’s tell it is that. It’s, it’s how it is. That’s how it is. That’s how it is. And so, um, so he started working for them the weekends and then d, and then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. So then every year I kind of dropped the day, drop the day, drop today, drop the day, drop the day. And then, you know, and then I started at their businesses. When did you open your second business? How many years did it take you before you had a.

no, it was seven to eight year mark. So Gosh, want to make sure somebody puts that. Someone writes that down. That’s somebody needs to hear that. Seven to eight years, you know, z. I was thinking about this. John told me on a Monday, last Monday, I think it was. He said, if you google the phrase business coach. Okay. If you google the phrase business conference. Okay, we’re now out of thousands of websites. We are now in Oklahoma on page one. Top of page one. Wow. For Google search results. If you are looking in the world, we’re on the top of page two. Wow. Let’s think about how much money and time we have invested in transcribing every show. I know it’s crazy to think about. Think about this. There are 1400 shows that you can now find on our site. 1,400 shows you can find on the site, but we’ve got like a hundred still to release, Bro. We’re going to be. We’re getting closer to 2000 shows, six years in. You’re just now starting to see the iceberg peak out of the water and people want to celebrate that. They don’t want to talk about all of that grinding. We’ve done for three years now and I’m going to. I haven’t asked you a question. This is gonna be a fun question. Question I want to see and I think show no wise. We need to put this on there, Andrew. Okay.


Well you have been charged with the assignment to send in to a very important person in your life. Yes. The three best I eat favorite I eat. Excellent. Yup. Shows out of. I mean it was 2000 to choose from. Right. How on earth are you going to decide what those shows are? Well, first thing is I was telling my wife, my people will ask me. They’ll say, hey, we’ll go out to dinner with a couple and they’ll say, what’s your, you know, did, did you like that movie? And I always have. I hate, I hate that and my mind works this way, but I’m like, I always say that was the worst movie ever, the best movie ever. So I watched mall cop the other night and because I’m really did a deep dive right now into the mall, cop industry, I didn’t want to know why I don’t even when I was a very funny show, very funny show and there’s a scene in mall cop to where his mom rushes outside to get the paper and then she immediately gets hit by a bus and I could not stop laughing.

I couldn’t stop hour and the kids are like, dad, it wasn’t that bad. It was no fun movie error. So anyway, I would say the Seth Goden interview, that’s a good has to be the top three just because of the richness of his knowledge base and my familiarity with his writings. I just felt like it was like my brother from another mother, like one I really, I mean, and the fact that you had all that purple face paint on phase now. So that was a good one. Uh, Craig Rochelle, uh, the pastor of life church, which is the largest Protestant churches out of the way. You say that. Well, I think that people need to know these people are protesting the Catholic church.

It’s the largest Protestant church in America. It’s 100,000 members plus. It’s unbelievable. So I, I think that is, that was, that was a great one. He’s such a nice guy. It was an honor, like wow, that’s exciting. But then it was, it was so deep on so many levels that it blew my mind. Then I was reading the transcript the other day for Horst Schulze, the, the founder of Ritz Carlton, and that was just like knowledge bomb knowledge bomb knowledge pump. But then like six years ago, I’m in the process of, of, of editing this into the podcast. David Robinson. I mean, dude, I’m taking notes on the stuff he’s saying. Nba Hall of Famer David. Oh yeah. Everything he said was gold for the transcript. I’m not kidding. And John saw this, there was like, I’m taking notes and you can tell if I think something’s hot, cause I’ll write the notes right there on the.

There were so many notes. I had like more notes in the words he said. Sure. It was just awesome. So we had so many great people. So I think Seth Goden, Craig, Rochelle, and Horst are the top probably three. Yeah. But I mean, who am I to say David Robinson’s not top three of anything. Come on, come on. And he’s brilliant. And he’s beautiful. He’s a daddy’s girl. He’s takes foliates now. He’s the second principle. We got west here. I’m going to get west on the mic here. So West West is the attorney of choice. His law firm represents a Joyce Myers, td Jakes, literary agency for these guys. He’s a top business attorney. We’re talking right now about whether . Is Sean McVay the New Bill Belichick. We’re talking about that and we’re talking about why winners win and losers lose.

So here’s my next, next observation about bill bellacheck and mcveigh. That is hot. Neither one of them give a crap about what everybody else is doing. Now think about this for a second. Ray Dalio, the, the celebrated a venture capitalist investor, the hedge fund manager worth billions of dollars. He writes, listening to uninformed people is worse than having no answers at all. So, uh, West are you Kinda familiar with Warren Buffet? Warren Buffet. Basically they call it the Warren buffet effect, but essentially when he buys stock, everybody follows, right? So in banking, Bank of America was just absolutely cratering during the great recession there going, please buy our stock. And as soon as, as soon as Warren bought the stock, they asked, will you hop on TV and explain why you bought the stock. He hopped on TV, talked about the stock, why he bought it and how it has nowhere to go, but up.

And then the stock took up, the stock took off and literally he was correct. There was nowhere to go, but, but it’s called the buffet effect that happens when he buys a stock. The market follows. Now we all know this, but Warren Buffet Controls Wall Street arguably, but he does not go to Wall Street ever. He’s like, I don’t ever go there unless it’s absolutely like I have to mandatory [inaudible]. I don’t want to. I don’t want to hear. He says the market’s emotional. I don’t want to hear other people are saying he won’t go to this book. Snowball. He says the number one tip for investing in basically the market is too in Wall Street is never go there because it’s like a hype machine. Now Bill Bella check is the only nfl coach. He was not a member of the NFL coaches association. Which means that when ea sports comes up with the new madden game.

Yep. He’s the only coach that doesn’t get royalties and he’s the only coach. You will not disclose his playbook. He’s one of the only coaches who will not let his current coach interview for other jobs and he wears a hoodie that he got in. Like what? Nineteen, 72. He drives a off himself. Have you seen the Volvo? He drives, yes. He drives a Volvo that is older than Sean Mcvay. It’s not sexy, but it’s safe, so. But he doesn’t care and he’s consistently wouldn’t. You will not be on facebook. He will not be on twitter. He refuses to refer to facebook as facebook. He calls it my face and he calls he calls. Instance instagram, instant chat, and he refuses to acknowledge the existence of social media. Yeah. He’s the only guy to have a fulltime character coach or what someone would call a chaplain. He has a gun in Bergen is Jerian who is his assistant who handles all of his social media. All this interview question. If you can’t reach the guy outside of versions, Aryan. He just operates in a whole different level. I mean, he’s drafting people. No one else wants. He trades his top draft picks for trip that picks. Nobody else wants a mcvay. This guy’s working every day. He sets his alarm at 3:45 in the morning and works everyday until 6:45. I got to ask you this west, do you think there’s a certain wisdom if you’re the market leader, to not listening to what everybody else was saying?

Absolutely. I think you know, you have to be careful not to go too far when you have to make wise decisions, but you’re going to end up where everybody else is. If you do the same thing everyone else is doing so you know, bucking the trend or doing things your own way, not giving in to peer pressure is how you’re supposed to do something is certainly one tool that you can use to get ahead.

This is not a back handed compliment about your partner Tom Winters. Can we transcribed the show so we can find his name in this podcast? Okay. Tom Winters is a rainmaker. Yes. What does he do that no other attorney does? I mean this guy, I mean this in a positive way. He is a bizarre cat. Most of the attorneys that I’ve met don’t ever sell anything. They’re almost afraid of sales. They don’t go out there and and and go after big business. They don’t. They don’t market. They don’t brand, they don’t sell, they don’t connect, they don’t. It’s just, it’s like very. I mean, talking to most attorneys is not a pleasant thing. Talking to your firm has always been a positive experience. What kinds of weird stuff do you guys do that’s counterintuitive over their winters and king?

Well, I think what we do is we focus on relationships and we try to go out of our way to make it convenient for clients. So it’s not uncommon for me to not see Tom for a month on end because if he wants to have a meeting with someone to new client, he’ll fly out on his dime to go meet with him. He’s not saying, Hey, I’m, I’m, I’m a leader in this industry. You need to come to me. So he’ll disappear. He’ll go there and he’ll be flying to have meetings with someone on in their office even though they’re not a client and we’re paying on our dime because that’s what it takes to start establishing the relationships and cells is about relationships and relationship building. And then you can take those relationships and find opportunities.

Uh, I have a funny Tom Winters story that he cannot confirm or deny that Z, this has happened to me twice, twice. I’m on a plane coming back from somewhere. One time it was denver, your time. It was Dallas. I’m on the plane with Tom Winters who I now know who I’ve probably interacted with a dozen time, seen him shaking his hand, talk to them. And it’s not that he is not acknowledging me, it’s that he is so engrossed and whatever he’s engrossed in and I’m so engrossed. Whenever I’m doing that, the person with me had to point out to me after the flight, hey, you should say hi to that guy. And at that point he’s already off. Right? And I think both of us, it’s like I think on airplanes, most people feel the need. I’m on this airplane, I need to take this entire trip and talk to the guy next to me become my airplane friend talking about things that don’t matter, but I don’t. I’m like, I just focus on finishing editing a book or whatever I’m doing. And I, I have to. I’d have to think that he ran it because I dress in a bizarre way. He probably ran into me, so I probably saw him, but we’re just so focused. I think that’s a counterintuitive thing that you don’t have to talk to the airplane guy next to you. What is it?

Fine Line between building relationships and just vomiting at the mouth every time your mouth opens to on every topic to every person you encounter. I mean it’s, it’s, there’s nothing wrong with being outgoing, but when you’re talking about it from a business perspective, there’s difference between strategically building relationships and just some people’s natural tendency to be outgoing. I mean those are two different things, you know, and to kind of dovetail on that, I think there’s, there’s a, there’s a saying that is bantered around. That is a.

I have the audio of that saying that you already got. I got that. I talked to us about it before the band die. Now let me go, let me queue up the audio. I think this is what you were going to say. Oh, let me try it. Let me get a shock. You know what they say, see abroad to get that booty down. Smack so close. That’s what it is, but it’s. It’s a little off. So I to I gotta go and that is everybody wants to say, oh, it’s nothing personal. It’s just business. Yeah. Oh, it’s nothing personal. It’s nothing. It’s not, hey, this just happened to me. By the way, one of our businesses, somebody that I know has been actively trying to recruit one of our stylists who started their own hair thing and, and that’s what they said. This is what they said.

It’s nothing personal, just visit, but listen, listen what wes was saying and that is it does come down to the personal. People want to do business with that. They liked to have relationship with that they get along with now they’ll say, well, I’m not making this decision based on the personalities and relationships because the business, it’s just business, but I’m telling you what, you build that relationship. Can I come out and watch you play and West you out there building relationships. These car guys, they want to do business with people. They like people that bring them down, which is one Bagel, which is why you guys would now at these 66 auto auction, you allow your team to drop off donuts and bagels and you have now or whatever. Whatever you’ve now forbidden me from streaking there. Yeah. When you said you can no longer just on strick on other days, but just Fridays on sale day because you care about the relationship.

I know you like long pavement on board for you. It. I get it. So you have. I told you about streaking before. Seriously. Haven’t talked about this yet. So you know that my street. No, no, no. You haven’t me. Oh, got four minutes left. I need to share this before I get your predictions for the game. The rams versus patriots. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, I was in college. I got married when I was 20 years old. Um, I got engaged. I was 19 years old and I was honestly, I got, I never went out one time drinking, never went out partying, just head down, focused, head down. And a buddy of mine says, we’re gonna throw you a Bachelor party. I said, I don’t want a bachelor party. He says, we’re going to throw you. I said, I want it says you’re going to know, so I know this is true story.

So I am walking to my class. I’m not kidding. Walk into my class. This is my sophomore year. They grabbed me a day being like at least eight people. Shove me into a suburban, literally tear off my clothes. Vanessa can vouch for this. I am lift total. She was one of the age. No know how much you vouch for it because it was a bad situation that happened afterwards. Right. So I’m left totally naked in the oru parking lot. This is when the Bourbon. This is when the parents are coming to pick up their kids. This is the last day of school. Totally naked in the parking lot in, in the suburban and I remember Chad looked me in the eyes. He says, here’s the deal, buddy will be at the babycenter, see you there. And it’s like three in the afternoon. I have to go to our rehearsal dinner at like six over at a Uno’s pizzeria.

Uno’s. I’m waiting for like an hour thinking. There’s no way they’re going to leave here. Yeah, there’s no way. I don’t have a watch or anything but no smartphones. I’m like, that’s for. Oh No, you get your son. So I realized like this is going to have to happen. So I’m like, here we go. So I sprint as fast as possible. What time of year was this, by the way? This is the last day of school, so we got married the Sunday after the last day of school in May, whatever. So I’m sprinting for nice weather. In other words. Yeah, I’m going as fast as I can. I get into the prayer gardens and I think I’ve made it because now you doing the cover up or you just end up running as fast as I can and I don’t see anybody so I think I’m good and this lady goes, he’s good sex crime.

It’s me. People are young, mothers are young. It’s a sex crime. People are yelling at horrible words like, Oh my God, I didn’t duck away. And then I as a girl who’s got to be like 11 with her mom and sister, and they’re like, this guy’s like, you have to edit that out. And people are just yelling and yelling, oh no, true story. They’re yelling and they’re screaming and they’re going and they all have to run. If you’ve ever been for the campus, you make your way down to the babycenter. There is no shortcut, dude. I cover and I’m sprinting. It’s at least like 500 yards, just shoop. And everyone starts cheering. People are lining up like, wow, he’s got it security or you mall cops are chasing down on their, on their golf carts. I hop into a no other suburban. And that’s what happened.

The worst moment of my life. I’m so mad. I’m so mad. So talking about it. So then we get to rehearse, fired up, you’re fired. You really. And the guys are like, Hey, Vanessa asked clay what happened? She’s like, well, he read totally new. They were taking photos the entire time. It’s the worst thing ever. Worst thing ever. And I already funny. Now, why would you say it’s pretty funny? It’s not funny. Now you’re almost smiled. Final principle, almost final principle. I want to teach during your predictions. Jack Welch says, there’s no such thing as well as work life balance. Jack Welch says there’s no such thing as work life balance or work life choices and you make them and they have consequences. It’s called tradeoffs video. That’s what bell. That’s what bill belichick is all about. That’s what Shawn Mcveigh’s all about. That’s what the tradeoffs touch another superbowl, the other, the superbowl. They’re working 14 hours a day and I’m sure that their families are kind of going, hey, are you going to be harmful again? Nope, we’re good. We’re going to the superbowl and neither one of them. Guess what? Winning, winning. So I want to ask you trade offs. You can’t pick both teams. You got to choose one. Okay. Wes Carter, who’s gonna win and why?

Well, Rams Patriots, the Patriots are going to win I believe. I think girlies disappeared in the NFC championship game. Um, and I said you can’t bet against Brady and Bella check. I think Brady still got a chip on his shoulder from this whole season. I think he sees us as one of the possibly last opportunities to shove it in everybody’s eyes.

That’s one of your more factual truth filled a takes ever. It’s a. it’s the honesty there. I can just send to that. Only because I was pro patriots in my response is why you enjoyed it so much. I don’t believe that I’m objective about the whole situation. Okay. Now Z. Sean Mcvay. I’m the man who remembers everything. Who will remember the ice cream cone that bill belichick gives him as a consolation prize when his father gives that to them after the game. To. Who Do you think’s going to win the game? The bill. Bellacheck or are we go to last year when we go second. Can you can go right now because I know. I know what you’re gonna say. Yeah. Go for years to patriots. What? Fifty to two. Hey, it’d be patriots. I think it’s going to be a 26 to 14. There’ll be more scoring that halftime.

I run it up. Yeah. Yeah. I really think that. Uh, you know, it’s funny. I was, I was checking the. You asked me to check this earlier before the show, the Patriots actually opened up in Vegas and those guys are pretty smart. Yup. As the underdog. But so much money came pouring in so much money there now the favorite. They opened up one dog and now there are either a one and a half or two point favorite and for that line to shift that much in that short of time is pretty epic by the way, when pretty epic. And you know what? By the way, what we have to do now is we now have to go because we have to interview Tom Smith who was actually Sam Walton’s right hand man at Walmart. How cool is that? That’s very cool. It’s packed, but I think. I think. I think the Patriots are going to win. You shouldn’t be 31 to 30. Oh, thank you. I’m glad that you accepted the truth that you’ve turned away from your wicked ways west. Thank you for always been a believer,


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