Jeff Richfield and Dave Miller | What Is Bitcoin? (Part 1) Is Bitcoin Safe? How Liquid is Bitcoin? What is Rx SeedCoin?

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Jeff Richfield, Dave Miller, and Jodi Hadsell share how bitcoin works and why he believes that RX SeedCoin will make a difference.

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Who Invented the Bitcoin? 

Satoshi Nakamoto – Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has claimed he is Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of the virtual currency, Bitcoin. Mr Wright, who lives in London, showed the BBC his evidence that he launched the currency back in 2009, Rory Cellan-Jones reports. 

What If the Power Goes Out?

How Does the Debit Coin Work with Debit Cards?

DEFINITION – Cryptocurrency – A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency or crypto for short) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership

Trust Lines – 

Stellar Term  – 

  1. What is Rx SeedCoin? A Mix of: Cryptocurrency + Compassion = RxSeedCoin – sowing the seed of compassion
    1. Love of money doesn’t need be the root of all evil – Introducing “SOW”
    2. The first Crypto Currency of compassion solving human crisis


  1. What did you mean when you said? “We’re Creating our own Sovereign Ecosystem.” Dave Miller, Founder
  2. What did you mean when you said? “Were in a global currency crisis creating and proving the orbit of new trust lines that blockchain can feed the needs of the hurting.” Jeff Richfield

How Does Bitcoin Actually Work?

How Does the Seed Coin Business Model Work?

  1. General content:
  2. A coin with a Multi-Stage Purpose –
  3. The Seed Coin business model works like a “Multi-Stage Engine”. Below are the engine stages necessary to affect market appreciation and interest in our asset.

ENGINE #1 – Driven by Compassion

Our Compassion Driven assets are tied direct to the blockchain through our SOW capital which in turn benefits:

  • Emergency Housing Impact
  • Food Crisis Assistance
  • Promoting Global Health

ENGINE #2 – SOW some SEED to family and friends

Our Mustard Seed Coinholders

Establish Affiliate Trust Line Networx.

These Networx provide a generous “payback” to users through simple introduction to family and friends.

ENGINE #3 – Create SOW value

While using our proprietary card users get the benefit of buy/ sell orders from cash to crypto to make day to day purchases which raise our overall SOW value.



This section details our Compassion related engine.

Compassion Project #1

Helping the Homeless

Providing “Seed Homes” for the homeless due to disaster or displaced families

Rx SeedCoin (SOW) manufactures Emergency Housing for disaster relief, displaced families, and unexpected Homelessness.

Jeff Richfield is a licensed GC and has formed relationships with builders to partner with RX SEED to convert Shipping Containers into efficient fully self-contained, TINY HOMES. Further, Mr. Richfield owns a Tesla certified roof company to provide solar roofing. These homes are used for immediate relief in emergencies and Homelessness. They relocate logistically by trucks, trains, and sea vessels and are ready for transport to the next disaster or emergency. After one year of field service, the homes are estimated to be sold at 2.5-3 times the cost. Cost is near or about $25,000USD per 40’ home with 320sf. With a selling price of near $75,000.00 sales Funds are repurposed for New Homes and Market Capitalization via “BUY” orders for (SOW). This cycle is perpetual for the SOW coin.  We are currently negotiating quantities of homes to be built with our trade partner below:

Compassion Project #2

Solving Hunger Crisis

Providing Seed for Food

Rx SeedCoin actively supports all efforts to eradicate Food Insecurity in America. We see a day when seed is scarce so we’re taking action. RX SEED COIN is developing core business relationships with local and National seed providers to be a part of cultivating and promoting community gardens. Additionally, we have relationships in Nashville, Tennessee, and beyond with partners who have access to high-quality food to be distributed monthly to those who’ve lost jobs due to no fault of their own, elderly COVID victims, for the fatherless, widows, and orphans.

Compassion Project #3:

Promoting Global Health

Founder David Miller has an award-winning herbal coffee which has thousands of positive testimonials of healing all matter of illnesses. Additionally, our board members

Dr. Ed Group and Dr. Richard Bartlett, have the same global vision of sustaining health and preventing all matters of virus and disease for mankind. We will employ missons to seed good health into those who suffer and need wise counsel from our board members.


Nothing is the same anymore.

Everything is changing worldwide from how we do business with fiat money to how we maintain core freedoms and we need to think creatively about building communities of compassion.

How are YOU going to adapt?

With knowledge, information and wisdom we can be empowered to do some good in our generation.

SOW is creating a tangible experience with the tech world; marrying money with human needs and potential to be the change we want to see.

What are the immediate steps to build for the future?

  1. Building out our platform “RXseed coin” And the blockchain space tied to compassion.
  2. Have people like you here today jump in and pool together to help make this Viable dream come to life. Sign in and get your wallet today and we will sow some seed to you as a promotion just for taking your precious time to
  3. Share about SEED COIN with your friends. Simply send them your unique link and you’ll begin to generate compassion.

It’s still so very early on the crytpo stage world. We are entering a new renaissance of digital money. Our timing couldn’t be better. Understand the psychology of not understanding something; it can still thrive even if you don’t understand it just as bitcoin has become the “biggest money shift” – the biggest monetary disruption of 2020/ 2021

Similarly, We’re creating a new cash flow system with Rx seed coin. It’s a mindset shift, and it’s time to bet on YOURSELF by HELPING OTHERS.

We are way ahead of the curve. We aren’t experts at everything, but what we’re really good at is starting new businesses and lifting others up higher. We love compassion. Compassion is a core trait of Jesus Christ and how people were and are healed. Compassion is how we lead by example by people helping people. And we’ve not seen an opportunity like this come before us like it has in cryptocurrency blockchain- the blockchain allows space for us to SOW SEED. And for RX SEED COIN compassion is about sowing seeds of love.

How do I get started?

  • open an account (that’s another page)
  • We ask you to hold your seed for 6 months to let it grow and bare fruit
  • Here’s what to expect next …
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