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Jeremie Kubicek shares how he lives intentionally from Oklahoma to Russia, London, and back. Are you finding yourself just drifting through life? Best-selling author, Jeremie Kubicek shares specific changes that you can begin making today to become a more intentional person.


  1. 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time 
  2. The 100X Leader: How to Become Someone Worth Following



Twitter: @JeremieKubichek

    1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Jeremie Kubicek who classifies himself as a “Creative from a Business Perspective.” Jeremie, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show how are you?!
    2. I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start at the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
    3. I would love for you to share about why you decided to start companies in Russia at the age of 21?
      1. Starting an economics school, a marketing and consulting business and an accounting/training company
      2. I started a company called “Giant”
    4. When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?
    5. Jeremie, how did you go about landing your first 10 customers?
    6. Jeremie in 2002, you started a company called Giant. What does this company actually do?
    7. My understanding is that you now a company that employs roughly 140 people globally, but yet you choose the manage the company from Oklahoma City. I would love for you to share with our listeners what your company does and what problems you solve for your customers?
    8. What made you decide to move back to Oklahoma City?
    9. Jeremie, throughout your career, I believe that you’ve written 5 books, what first inspired you to write your book, 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time
      1. 5th Gear – Focus Mode
      2. 4th Gear – Multi-Task
      3. 3rd Gear – Social 
      4. 2nd Gear – Connect Mode
      5. 1st Gear – Recharge
    10. At its core, how can 5 gears truly help all of our listeners?
    11.  Jeremie, what first inspired you to write your book, “Making Your Leadership Come Alive: 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence”?
    12. Jeremie, you wrote a book called, Leadership is Dead, How Influence Is Reviving It…what is this book about
    13. Jeremie Kubicek, the best-selling author and marketing guru, Seth Godin has said, “Jeremie Kubicek clearly shares what so many influential leaders have come to know: there’s a huge difference between authority and responsibility and between influence and power.” From your perspective, what does Seth mean by this?
    14. Jeremie, I’ve heard you talk about “accidentally living.” What do you mean by this?
    15. Jeremie Kubicek, what does it look like for our listeners to “live intentionally” from your perspective?
    16. Jeremie in your book, 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When THere Is Never Enough Time, “Be proactive, not reactive—don’t let someone else define your day in an email or phone call.” I would love for you to share what you mean by this?
    17. Jeremie, you are a man who is married with 3 kids…I would love for you to share about how you have been intentional with how you’ve raised your 3 kids?
    18. Jeremie Kubicek, you’ve said in one of your presentations on Youtube that I watched that “most parenting is accidental” and that “most work is accidental.” What do you mean by this?
    19. Today, I’d love for you to share with the listeners about the kinds of projects that you are up to?
    20. How, you come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
    21. What are a few of your daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success
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Audio Transcription

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Wes. On today’s show, we interviewed the best selling author

Jeremie Kubicek, who’s had, he’s had an interesting life. He’s lived intentionally from Oklahoma to to Russia, to London and back. How would you describe today’s interview? Just a lot of interesting ideas about how you can improve your life. If you want to learn how to live more intentionally, grab a pen and a pad because it is time to take some notes.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show, but this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

To the thrive time show.

[Inaudible] Yes, yes, yes and yes. Tribe nation. On today’s show, we have an incredible guest,

I believe, has the ability to teach you and I had to become more intentional about the way we live. Jeremie Kubicek, welcome to the thrive time show. How are you sir?

I’m doing great. So good to be with you guys. Fun, fun to do with what I’ve heard is an amazing, a very amazing person. That’s what I’ve heard from a number of people.

Well, they just don’t know the truth here. West is my attorney, so West knows more about the man bear pig. That is the clay Clark experience. So a West, you can correct him later if you want. Need to. Those are all confidential issues. Okay. Now, now again, Jeremy, the first, the first question I’d like to, to get into, I have a two part question before we kind of get into the real good stuff. We’ll start with a tough question right away. What is the real pronunciation of your name and, and how did you get into the field that you’re into today?

The real pronunciation is Kubitschek Jeremie Kubicek. So I used to write it in a elementary school, QB and checkmark. And that’s how I’d signed my papers as I was a clever young lad. And how, how I got into my work was I was in a, I started, started companies moved to Russia and when I was in my twenties, starting businesses there and came back, worked for some great people, started some other companies and eventually actually started working in private equity and realized that it was killing cultures and I was like, yeah, I think you can turn people into an asset, not a liability. Surely there’s a better way to grow companies. And so that’s how it started. So then we, we ended up buying a John Maxwell of assets and a built up the catalyst of business conferences and started the leader cast and all these different events. That kind of helped me see the world and figure out what the issues to leadership and living were and started working from there.

[Inaudible] There’s, there’s so much ground you just covered, so I’m sorry to go back and rehash, but I wanna you, you started this company, I believe the company was called giant in 2002. Is that the company that you started when you went to Russia? Is that correct?

No, it’s a different company. But in 2002, that was my high at a near death experience that changed our trajectory of life and decided to do something completely different. And that’s, that was giant in 2002.

So what made you go to Russia? I mean, I know a lot of kids. I mean West, I mean you, I’m sure you’ve drank dreamt of, Hey Leno, let’s go to Russia. I mean, why don’t you and I, after with this interview, let’s go to a rush. I’m sure you had that thought. Quick flight over to Belarus. What made you want to go to Russia? Man?

I had a professor in college, John Cregan, and went to a OBU and he basically said you’re not preneurial, why don’t you use business as a platform for influence? And so the Soviet union fell apart. And so as you do, there’s an opportunity. We were popping my pioneers, we moved in and started creating businesses economic school and accounting training company and a marketing consulting business. And that was, I had some partners and we, we took off and established it and it was so much fun.

How did you gain any traction over there? Did you show people like pictures of like the Rocky four movie cover and you’d cross out Sylvester Stallone and put like a down arrow to bridge the language gap? Or how did you convince people to do business with?

Well, a couple of things. One we were there during American interests with up because they were told Americans were evil and then they got to know us and they liked this and they loved American cultures. So there was an openness then as probably different now. But also there’s this spirit, like I grew up in Oklahoma and there’s this pioneering spirit in Oklahoma that doesn’t exist in a lot of other places. So this whole idea of like, well, who says we can’t, I know I’m 21 years old, but really who says that we can’t? And so we kind of went with that. And once you act like you belong and then you start working with one client than another, and then another note, then it kind of takes off from there.

Now I understand that you wrote employee roughly 140 people now. Is that correct? Am I, am I right there?

Yeah, we’ve got a colleagues around in about 20 countries and but we, we basically have created a leadership business and a platform business that’s more of a technology company that people leverage.

What kind of assets did you buy for? What kind of assets did you buy from, from John Maxwell? Did you buy like the 22nd law of leadership or what’d you get?

20 in 2007 we bought enjoy and maximum impact. So he bought his leadership training companies and his event companies and then we, we just giant ties them and and we took them from where they were to, we got the leader cast about 180, some thousand people in a one day event. Wow. And a, and it was good. It was good. It just, what we’ve found was, is that most adults are cynical no at all who don’t read much anymore. And so we just started realizing how adults learn in this digital age. Right. So we’ve been crafting and building completely different ways for professional development and living, you know leader leadership. And that’s what [inaudible].

I’m curious, I hear Maxwell and catalyst conference sounds like you’re, you come from a faith background, you know, your experience in Russia and then just with entrepreneurship in general, how does that play into your, your faith background play into those areas?

Yeah, so I, I basically yeah, how do you use your day job for a platform for employment? A lot of people will just compartmentalize. And you know, I’ve gotten, I do my, my, you know, life stuff. I make money during the week and then I do church on the weekend and I just never bought into that. And so I started just practicing how do you actually use your platform for implements? And so, you know, we do leader development with people and we help them understand who they are. And we help them understand what holes they have in their life and what to do about, about that. And so from just from a faith journey, you know, I’m a follower of Jesus, but I, and I leverage that youth that to serve people. And so it’s, it’s just been a fun kind of fun ride.

We’ve just been, we’ve been practicing how to do it and how to figure it out. And we’ve, I think we finally cracked some code to make that happen and can, so people can live out their faith, not, not proselytizing, but like an actually just go, Hey, this is what I’m about. I’m a so for instance, we have a definition of love that we use and the definition came from a friend Kevin Weaver, but it’s to fight for the highest possible good are the you lead. So what would it look like if you got your life centered around and intentional where you fought for the highest possible good and you didn’t stop until they became that reality. So if you fought for them, then you have to, you have to know how to support them and you have to know how to challenge them. And so these are some of the principles and things that we, that we teach.

Now you, you decided to move back to Oklahoma city. Where were you? I’m tired of the constant Ivan Drago references. Did you want to get away from nonstop hockey? Did you miss the barbecue? What made you come back to Oklahoma city?

Yeah, so we were in, I was in Russia for a couple of years and then we moved back to the city and then we moved to Atlanta. And then we moved to London for a few years. And then my kids were in high school and they said, Hey, we want to, we want to do high school in America. So I gave him five city can choose from. And we, we kind of have this approach on explaining it here in a minute with our family. But the five cities, we’re Denver, do you see Nashville, Atlanta or Oklahoma city? And they’d say three out of four with my wife included, chose Oklahoma city and you know, friendships, relationships our family farm, all those things played into it. And so with technology these days and Delta airlines I can pretty much do anything. Like I’m a right now I’m in a home of one of our strategic partners built in 1790s and just outside of Allentown, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and you know, so I traveled quite a bit and and then we have our offices and our team and so we just learned how to use zoom and technology to the nth degree.

No, I understand that you’ve written multiple books, I believe, I believe five. What first inspired you to write your book? Five gears. How to be present and productive when there is never enough time.

So what happened was I was finding myself years before giving my kid to Stefan when I get home at night and what I’m not is I would still be on the phone walking outside after getting out of my car and my kids would be playing basketball and I’d Pat them on the head and I’d have the phone, so glued to my ear and I’m finishing up a phone call. And I just noticed the distance and the reality was I was over productive and under present and the over productivity being under present when my family was actually causing me to lose influence from my family. And I was just, you know, tired of it. So I made some changes and then I get to London and my business partner, I started noticing things in Steve and both of our lights were a little different in how he, so I needed a metaphor and I just chose an English stick-shift. So a manual stick shift and to, to talk about the idea that we need to be in, in every gear every day. Like, just like a car needs to be in different gears at different times. And so it’s a sign language that you teach. And a do me give me share real fast.

Yeah, no, we want to hear it. This is good. This is hot. Absolutely.

So the sign language goes like this, fifth years when you’re in focus mode. So it’s when you’re in the zone you’re like, you know, it’s one has to call your name three times to get your attention because you’re so focused. That’s fifth year, fourth year. It is a multitask task mode, a phone calls to do list. That’s what most of our days are probably like third year is social. So it’s chit chat, small talk. How was the weekend? How is the Lake, how’s it going? Are your kids, second year is a connect mode where you’re going deeper. Date nights, conversation copy with a dear friend and first gear is recharged. Personal recharge.

No, I want to ask. So fifth gears. Focus mode. What was fourth gear? I’m taking notes here. Fourth gear.


Multitask. Got it. Multitask. Taking notes here. Okay. I’m using an edge sketch so it takes me a little bit longer. But a third gear

Here is a social

Low social mode. And then the second gear is connected mode. And the first gear is recharge mode. Now here I want you, I want you to analyze me right now. You, you, you helped me with this. I only like fifth gear.

No, no, no, no, no. I, I, the other gears, I have learned

To go into the other careers. So like my first gear is kind of like polar bear mode where my wife’s like, why don’t we take a nap on Sundays? Relax, recharge. I’m like, no. But then when I do, I usually wake up feeling good. I don’t want to recharge. And then the connect mode, I mean, I guess, I don’t know, social mode. I don’t do that multitask mode. I like to just focus it. Can you, can you help us if maybe there’s somebody out there who can relate to this where you’re just in go mode all the time or help us.

So what’s, what’s the reality is most guys tend to be in fourth and fifth year. All day long. They wake up and forth here that they check their email, they then get into fifth year, they shift to fourth year, and then fifth year, fourth year, fifth year. And then they go to bed and fourth and fifth year, and they fake third year and they put up with second year and they’re horrible at it. Oh yeah. And I don’t recharge. And they have a heart attack at the age of 55.

Oh, come on. No, no, you’re saying it the truth. I don’t want the truth. Boom. Two months. Okay.

Danny. I’m sorry. We just wanted to be the truth for a minute.

Oh huh. So what happens then is you go, okay. So to be intentional, you need to be an every year. So if you’re in fourth and fifth year only, it’s impossible to drive a car in fourth gear out of your driveway. There needs to be a natural time. We need every gear every day. So what would first gear look like? So what we do is we have people rank their gear order and go for me, my hardest years, first gear, I give myself away to everybody else. I don’t really recharge. I don’t know how to do that well. So I struggled there where my wife is an introvert, she actually really knows how to recharge. So you’ll find extroverts have a tendency to be in a third, a second, third, fourth or early fourth and third. Introverts are more fifth year in first gear and they can get into second year. So is know your, know yourself to lead yourself, know what your worst gear is and start working on that and you’ll see a ton of change and your influence will grow. So go ahead.

I was going to just ask you, you know, do you get pushback from people saying I don’t have time for first gear in second gear? How to, I can’t get everything done that I need for fourth and fifth gear. I can’t get it done. Well, how do I, how do I make the, we know, how do I make time for the other gears?

So that’s why I used to say, and I realized that I was losing influence. So if you, if you want to be influential, then you’ll work on the gears if you want it. Just, if you just want to get things done and move things around and thinks that you’re getting being productive, then you’ll stay in one gear. Because if I over productive in one on undermining myself and others, because everything is built on relational trust, people getting things done, actually relational trust. If I’m working with you and I don’t like you, I’ll do what you asked me to do out of compliance but not out of engagement. And there’s a big difference between compliance and engagement. Does that make sense?

It does. So you’re saying that if you’re not paying attention all the gears, you’re, you’re cheating yourself.

That’s right. That’s right. So that’s the, that is the the real importance of of the gears that they’re really understanding and know yourself. You can lead yourself. And so if you know and understand that where your tendencies are set for me, for instance, I would come home and I was so productive, I was undermining my kids and my relationship longterm with my wife. So what’s it gonna do when my kids are gone and I don’t have a relationship because I was over productive at work and never connecting with my family.

You’ll come on the times, we’ll get you on the show for old therapist and again, we’ll get you on the thrive time show for a little therapy session when you’re living on the couch. That’s what we’ll do. We’ll, we’ll, I vouched here. If you can get in out of those wrong, out of fifth gear and you find yourself alone, you just call into the show Z. W we’ll do like a 12 hour podcast withZ and Wes and I, and it sounds like it’s pretty balanced. That probably won’t happen. But back to you sir. Sorry, I just want to offer that as backup.

So what I did is I started just figuring out trigger points for myself and a trigger plan. Actually. it was a QT, a quick trip in Atlanta. And as soon as I got there, I used that as my go to like, that was my marker to turn off. So I got out of fourth and fifth year and I started shifting into second, third year and my wife and I agreed between six and eight o’clock. We’re going to be intentional with our family, which meant that we’re all going to do second and third year. And you, you use the gears that sign language. So when the kids are doing whatever, you just hold up and go, Hey guys, you know, whistle their gear. Hold up three fingers. Everyone now knows the common language so I’m not nagging them. Get off your phone, get off your phone, get off your phone instead of just hold up three.

And they then call, I’m calling a play. Well, the trigger point that allowed me to shift gears. So I proactively started thinking intentionally about my kids, about my wife. What are we going to do tonight? What if we did a food fight at night? That’d be fun. And just, and I started creating these randomly fun things and it took my kids about three weeks to get used to me and about seven, eight weeks from my wife to believe it was true that I was actually consistently leading as a dad and as a husband and as a father.

Josh, what question do you have for mr Jeremy? Hey Jeremy. So my question would be, I hear you saying you’re, you’re defining those things for your life in those gears. And I was also reading on a faith driven entrepreneur how you were talking about your principles, which is super important to me. And I think there, there’s a lot of small business owners out there trying to define those things of how much is enough. And I love the principle of stewardship versus ownership. Could you speak about that please, sir?

Yeah, so I don’t know exactly from the stewardship versus ownership. I mean, I won’t, I won’t address that directly, but what, what I, what I want to speak to is the idea of being intentional is directly, it’s being a steward of your life and it’s actually having a vision. And what I find with most small business owners is that they had a vision in the beginning and then the fourth year tasks and all of clients and work and employees and all that kinda crowds in. And so there’s the same as a verse that Jesus talks about the cares of the world, the light enriches desire for other things, inner hen show the truth and prove a person unfruitful. So there’s a lot of unfruitful living and unfruitful people primarily because they’ve taken their eye off the ball and forgot their vision that forgot their purpose there. So therefore, when you do that, it’s hard to Stuart anything because all you’re doing is you’re stewarding the chaos of everyday fourth year living. And that’s what in intentionality really does it kind of re focus you on your purpose.

One of the things I saw you talk about in, in one of your YouTube presentations is you were talking about accidentally living and you said, and I am quoting, I might miss quote this here. So Wes are our attorney at law. He could hold me accountable here, not making things up West. I believe he said this in the YouTube video and the transcript, it says, be proactive, not reactive. Don’t let someone else define your day in an email or phone call West. Does it seem probable? He said, that seems like good advice. Okay, so Jeremy, did you, did you say that and what do you mean by that?

Yeah. Yeah. So most people allow other people to hijack them in, especially in the mornings. So somebody wrote an email last night and you woke up and you’re not fully ready, and all of a sudden you open it up and you start reading it and you react to their comments and like, Oh yeah, that’s not why I’m there. And then you get into it. So it’s almost like a, you allowed somebody to I Jack your morning versus coming out and going down. Remind yourself who you are today. So I have this little thing I do in the mornings. It’s not Stuart Smalley. You remember serious Molly? Like I felt healthy, happy, and doggone it. People like me. Yeah, absolutely. It’s not that it’s not to that degree, but I do remind myself who I am. I did it this morning. I woke up and Pennsylvania and I was like, you know what, Jeremy, you’re liberated.

You fight for the highest possible good. And then I thought about the people that I was going to speak to you today. I, I prayed over that time for them. I got my mind ready. Then when I was ready, not before then, then I looked at email. Then I looked at the other things because I needed to be in the right frame of mind. I needed to be like a, I’m a fighter, I’m a freedom fighter. Let’s wake up, let’s do our deal. Then I’ll let other people’s comments I’ve just watched over and over. People have become fruitless because they allow other people to really twist and turn them all day long based on emails or texts or whatever, taken out of context and it just gets kind of wearing a, watching it after awhile.

West. I know you have a hot question here for, for Jeremy, but before we cue that up, I have audio winters and King. It’s a law firm, a great law firm. Winter’s is where we’re West as a team. As a, you’re located the city Plex tower, the 59th floor across from OER. Yeah. The whole floor up there at the city Plex towers. Winter’s King. And you guys what are some of the bigger names you guys have represented over the years? They’re West?

Well, we’ve been really blessed. We’ve worked with for a long time, Bishop Jakes and the Potter’s house, Joyce Meyer ministries. I’ve gotten to work with Craig Rochelle at life church and you know, a lot of for profit businesses. Well, but our niche is a lot of ministries and churches and been able to work with some really cool people.

Well, Wes has this thing where he has a rule up there that’s client confidentiality is very strict. There’s no cameras everywhere. You’re not recording, you know when people, you’re up there you winters and can you feel safe, you feel like you’re can talk and you’re not being recorded and it’s, it’s a client privilege is very important. Yes. So last night without your permission, I went up there, I went up there and I was sneaking around on the 50. What floor? 58 59 before I go up there, elevator doors open. Sure. I’m up there and I noticed, I’m like, why is this I by myself? So I, I slept there last night. You came in this morning I was under your desk I thought. And when you, when you were doing your daily affirmations, I just took my little recorder out of phone, a little app there and I recorded it and I would like to play this with the listeners.

You can tell the listeners whether this is or is not you. And then you can get back to your question. Okay. So I’m just gonna queue it up. All right. Nothing, nothing weird. Just me violating your privacy in your law office and I’m just going to cue it up. You tell me whether this is or is not you before you can ask Jeremy a serious questions. Here we go. A lot of pressure. You’ve got to rise above it. You gotta harness in the good energy block out the bat, harness energy block, bat, feel the flow happy, feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down and the round circular circle with the music, the flow. All good things. Wes, was that you? It sounded like my internal voice. They’re a little, Oh nice. Okay. I do have to remind myself to go

Periodic. Turns out it wasn’t you. I’m sorry I grabbed the wrong phone. Sound clip there. So back to you. Their request. Why? I just kind of was curious. As far as struggles, I mean entrepreneurs always have ups and downs and ups and downs and there are there any like downtimes that stick out to you and as you started and grown these separate businesses where you’re like, we had to get through that respects a lot of money for nurse think it’s going to be all sunshine all day and [inaudible] I’m assuming you had some struggles.

Oh well that’s every day. I mean like that’s the thing. I think, here’s what we you know, like the whole idea of weakness. We just decided years ago not to run from it and hide it, but to run towards it. And again, that’s, we built our business around weakness going we create these visual tools and we have this platform called giant TV where we just share all of our episodes of here’s how we screwed up, here’s what’s going on, here’s how I feel when this happens. Here’s how extreme stress takes me out. So the, the reality though is for to do something about it. We have this process called know yourself, lead yourself, and it’s a, it’s an infinity loop. And it has a, a process of tendencies lead to patterns which leads to actions which will have consequences that shape reality. If you don’t like your reality, you work backwards and go, okay, well what happened? Here are the consequences from my action or reaction that came from this pattern that comes from this tendency.

What kind of needs are never going to change? Like

For instance, I’m always going to be defensive. I’m just, I mean, that’s just who I am. I’m a defensive person and I have it in me, so I have to really fight that. Well. I know my patterns when I get tired and defensive, completely different than I’m want, but I’m not tired and so I know myself when I know myself. It happened today. I was frustrated with my business partner on Slack with a comment that he made. I was noticing myself get defensive. My historical tendency would be, my action would be, Oh yeah, well how about this? And I’m like, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Don’t know. No, I think you’re wrong here, right? Don’t go there. Don’t go there. And I let it pass and guess what? I get an email back. Hey, sorry about that. That was my bad actually. And it worked itself out. And if I would have caused a grenade launch and thrown it, certainly Grenada in the middle of that, it would’ve caused drama that was unnecessary. So most of the issues that happen are coming from ours. Disappointment from expectations that we have that just didn’t get realized and therefore our tendency tied to those expectations. So I mean all day long, if you want to go into weaknesses or issues and we could have an entire show,

You’re cutting out a lot. And I think that’s great advice because I preached this to a lot of my employees, which is, you know, identify your weaknesses. You know, if you’re not detail oriented, you have to be very intentional to do, to do lists and things like that. Or to read it slower, do it a second time. If, if were like clay and I, and you’re not the greatest at emotional bonding. You have to, you have to be more intentional about talking to your employees, asking them how their day was. How are the kids doing? I mean, I think identifying your tendencies can go a long way. And employees proven skills.

What would be so helpful? Less if you and clay right now, if you wouldn’t mind, could you guys just hold each other? I’m gonna just call it,

Hold on one second. Jeremy. As a, as a show advisor, I can tell you they’re not doing it, sir. They’re, they’re not just hearing. I think we’ll just move further apart from each other


Now. West, I have an audio clip of you preach into your team this morning. And again, I’m sorry, I just, I, once you get the sound, you know, it’s really hard to get up to the tower. I’d climb up the elevator shaft. The whole thing was stuff once I got up there, I like to explain to the listeners, if you could explain to listeners, what were you talking about preceding this sound clip? Cause I mean, you had to be pretty fired up here.


No. What were you, why did it end with an explosion? What was happening was that was just me exciting to leave the office to come to the thrive time show. That’s what that was.

Okay. Wow. Okay. Now I have two final questions for mr Jeremy before Jeremy, I’ll let you get back to be an awesome. You are taking time out of your schedule here to maybe hop into, to fifth gear with us here and I appreciate that very much. We’ve had so many super successful people who’ve had, you know, John Maxwell, you mentioned him, we’ve had Wolfgang puck, a really neat people, Justin Wren, your friend on the show. And I feel like every super successful person we’ve had has an idiosyncrasy, something weird they do that allows them to be successful. I’ve heard you talk in some of your presentations about being very intentional with how you’re raising your kids. Maybe that’s an idiosyncrasy or, or what is an idiosyncrasy something that you do that’s different than most people that you think has allowed you to have a certain level of success?

You mean not random? Like I play harmonica and play the blues, not like that right now. You mean like so I, I do think like, if you think of any secret thoughts, I think our organization has been so intentional with in being intentional. So with my kids, I do a when they are 16 to 18 years old I do unintentional apprenticeship program for two years with them and it’s not as intense as it sounds, but it’s informal and formal. And they have books. They have read, people that have to be with. So like my son right now at just finished climbing Mount Elbert and Colorado and I have a daughter who’s just finishing a, she’s at Stoney edge today and she’s in London in the summer. And so they all had different things had to do, they had to have a business by the time they were 15 years old, they had to do certain things. So that probably would make us my wife and I built a modern farmhouse community because we wanted to be more intentional in a community. So it’s 20 houses and Lake Arcadia area in Oklahoma city. It’s called the Prairie at post. So it’s like chip and Joanna Gaines, but a neighborhood of 20 farm houses. So we try things that most people wouldn’t with the whole who says you can’t mentality.

I love, I love it real quick. I love everything that you’re doing. I love it. I love, I just loved the whole thing. I can’t handle it. It’s too good. My wife and I homeschool our kids, but I love this. She got the apprenticeship for the kids. You’ve created your own weird community. It’s unbelievable. Do you make your own soap?

I don’t have soap. Is that what you said?

Yeah, I mean, cause to me that be, no, that would complete it. Make it perfect if you made your own soap and had a herd of silky chickens.

Not a cold. Okay. I didn’t clarify.

Oh, I thought you were a cold guy. I wanted to be. Okay. I can’t get, I can’t get bored now. I love this though. This is great.

It’s just like who says you can’t, right. And so that’s, that’s the idea. Well, if you’re walking free and you’re confronting your own weakness as like, Hey this is who I am, and yet, you know, that’s where faith comes in to go. If, you know, in my case, in our case, like I’m a son of the most high God and represent him and act like it, and don’t, don’t play to domination. Don’t play to the enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy you. So I’m like, yeah, play it. Play the other end. The other end is he’ll call up a call out and raise up. So if you can, if you can kill people, you can cast things out of them. If you can raise up things inside people, then people gravitate to that. And it’s just a much better way to live.

Wes, Josh, I’m going to give you guys the final word here. We’ll start with you. Josh, any final question for this man who says, who says you can’t and is doing it? This guy has been living intentionally from Oklahoma to Russia to London to a Mogi probably. I mean, unbelievable. Josh, what questions do you have? All right. So my, my final question would be for you, since you started so young and there’s so many young entrepreneurs out there and small business owners, if you had to identify, and I know West mentioned earlier and you were talking about earlier, but if you had to identify one mistake, if you could just tell everybody out there listening right now and just one on one with everybody, what would that one drastic mistake and drastic difference be that could set somebody’s life on a different trajectory?

I think it was, it was probably the in mindset is not knowing myself as well. Like I know my wiring. I know how God wired me. I know how I am. We used the five voices for that. I know how what my tendencies are. If I had known that way earlier, I could have kept myself from a lot of drama and relational drama primarily that I had to learn in my forties and I wish I had learned earlier.

Oh, for the listeners out there that can’t relate to that, I will make sure you’re getting this. I, if I’m hearing you right, it’s like when you don’t know who you are necessarily, or you choose not to live who you are, you might have hangar honors or be surrounded by people that don’t share your values and your goals or people that you may

Say the things you wish you wouldn’t have. You may yeah, you, you may try to be someone that you’re not because you see someone else’s being successful. So if you know how you’re wired and you can start finding you know, I always tell people in your 20s, it’s not, it’s not what you do in your 20s. It’s who you work for that’s most important. And on top of that, if you understand who you are in your 20s and worked for the right people, you’ve set yourself off for farm with much more success later in life because the most influential years are 55 to 70. So if you can play towards those in that marathon then that’s, that’s the game.

Oh, I want a rotisserie marinade on that. And it was, we wanna respect his time. Final question, Hamel. Very important business question. What is your cure one look like, Jeremy? I’m curious. I mean, how, what are you a golfer? You’re at the Lake, you’re just, that’ll be chickens. What’s your gear while you make soap

Problem? I, it’s my worst year and my problem is my gear one is to travel and hang with people. Today I’m with a sports, I’m with a sports psychologist who works with the Philadelphia flyers and is a dear friend and it’s, I’m, I’m here, I’m working with T prison speaking and I’m hanging with my buddy. So I like to meet people, I like to travel my wife and go places. So that’s my gear one really. But that’s hard to do on an everyday basis. So we our newest book is called the 100 X leader and we talk about these kinds of things. We talk about how to get 100% healthy and this is my, this is my weakness and my opportunity to grow.

Well, I’m going to buy that book right now on Amazon. Andrew, we’ve got to buy that book. You’re my accountability partner. We’re going to Amazon prime right now, a hundred X liters, a hundred X liter. I’m buying that book right now. And I know the listeners out there want to know why, why is this a must read for everybody out there?

Yeah, people have been telling us it just got voted the best business book of 2019 by sound you today. Okay. The reason it’s a field guide it we use as the Sherpa metaphor. I’m not Everest. And it gives a way deeper explanation of servant leadership because servant leadership doesn’t scale. The idea is you’re a Sherpa. You fight for the highest possible good or those that you’re helping climb and your job is to support them and then to challenge them. And so in it, we kind of just talking about the concepts with which really who Jesus was, he’s a lamb and Elian. And so the idea of support and challenge that we think it’s probably, it’s some field guide for anyone who’s leading people and we just think it’s, it’s that important.

You said that servant leadership, it’s a different perspective on uncertain leadership. Where do people get servant leadership wrong, wrong by default.

Servant leadership oftentimes leads to enabling and protecting because you want to be nice. So therefore then when you share expectations that don’t feel that way and then people go, Oh, I thought you were a servant leader, I thought this was all a blah, blah blah. Right? And you’re like, yeah, you know, Jesus turn over table. Yeah. And he was, he was Elian most of the times. So in servant leadership, there’s no real room for challenge. So we just simply put in the best leaders in the world or what we call liberator’s high support and high challenge. When you do that well in your family with your wife, spouse, with your team, then you become somebody people want to follow. Now have to follow.

Man, I appreciate you that you, you’ve, you’ve, you’ve just dropped him, input it, knowledge bombs. Today I’m going to have to just go home and just marinate on this Oh West. And this was a great interview. Great interview Jeremy. Thank you so much. And if you’re listening out there, I’m not going to go as far as to say that, that you’re a bad person if you don’t purchase the a hundred X later. I’m like, I wouldn’t say that cause what? That would be like a negative reinforcement to kind of, it’d be negative. It’s what I’m saying that some would say you are really hurting yourself if you don’t pick up this book. I just bought a copy right now for $16 and 51 cents and everybody out there, if you’re being honest and leadership is truly where if you’re stuck because you’re, you’re not able to lead a team of people, a $16 investment that can make you thousands or millions, it’s a no brainer. Go pick up the book today, 100 X later, how to become someone worth following. And if you don’t, I want you to feel bad all day. Just tell Pat, just get in your car and go by the random stuff it quick trip that you don’t need the tuxedos and the burritos and watch some random show on Showtime and just drift around and go. I could’ve been learning something. That’s how you should feel if you don’t buy that book. Jeremy, I appreciate you so much my friend.

Yeah, and when I say this to people always ask like, okay, how do we find out about you? It’s giant but it, if they want more information and you can even get it, get it there.

Giant worldwide. We’re, we’re getting better. It’s, it’s a West has been making sure I don’t have too much red bull before each and every interview. That’s one thing he’s been working with on. And thank you West. We’ll get there eventually. Going down to here. One take care of Jeremy. Thanks Jeremy. All right, bye West. We’d like to end each and every show with the boom, but before we do, that wasn’t this guy that one of the best interviews we’ve had in a while. There’s gonna be this guy was incredible just to them like a fountain of knowledge. I just kept being amazed. A little nuggets. He was dropping. It was kind of like we, we went in and I go, I’m expecting there to be like a buffet with maybe like chicken and then we went around the corner and there’s like

Beef and seafood. Z

Food is unbelievable. That’s Jeremie Kubicek on. No relationship, no connection to bill Bellacheck. I believe it’s Jeremy Quba check on that related to bill Belichick, but the names, it’s kinda rhymes. I think a lot of things remind you of bill Belichick, you know, speaking to bill Bellacheck let’s end the show with the booms. I think that’s what bill Bellacheck would do and I have no proof to support that. He wouldn’t end the show with a boom if he was hosting the show other than every interview he’s ever done where he usually sounds like he doesn’t want to be on the interview. But I’ll tell you what the Pope put, the Patriots are looking good this season. Have you said you watched the preseason? I have there they look like the Patriots as my attorney. Do you know how I can hack into cable to watch the preseason games? Cause right now I’m paying for the premium but I can’t watch it cause it says I’m my IP address is not in new England and you guys, you can only watch the preseason game if you’re in new England. So as my attorney, do you have an illegal way that I could log on to the internet? I didn’t change my IP address. I’ll hit you up after the show. We’ll talk about a VPN for you. Thanks man. I appreciate it. Here we go

Further. I do three, two, one.

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Hello, my name is Daniel Daniels heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. The way Google has affected my business we have got a lot of calls from Google right now. It’s July and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google and I’m glad we did.

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Hi, my name is Christina Nemus. I am the owner and operator of angels touch autobody and T in borne Massachusetts. We have been working with thrive and their coaching for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. And with their help with the website and marketing and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google and it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in. Phone calls coming in walk-ins, referrals, it’s just through the roof. And we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50% this year from the previous year. And not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and coaching. And yeah, so super grateful. Super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

This is your year to thrive. Today is your day and now is your time. Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth Proverbs tenfold. I’m here to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to up. The masses had to cut off of you. So on the days when I could run, they do a miss shape, a tree that I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at noon. The wave of knowledge monsoon, I can pay them, no permits. Those a doubt. And you, why you the next buck or the next blue roof for the next Dr. King who changed the rules your way like a one back. It’s up to you. I remember back to the two like the template to do well with the jobs that try to consume hook to the future that I could pursue.

What? From the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes your youth to thrive. Success today is your day and now it’s your year to success and now this moment is profound. Might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now even shut you out. But you gotta be discussed with the old plow. Started from the bottom and put my wave up. Been prayed up as a top. Then you got to get it. Don’t put it to you. Your YouTube come on. Success you say is your day and now it’s your youth to thrive today and now we use your term all went to Ken, but we cannot begin without self-discipline to fall with your face. Get yourself up the pin. Attach yourself to Kohl’s that pale with the phrase when the storm’s getting up in the scout and only be that with yourself.

What you believe we believe in you, but not as much as God does. If you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing applied. What you learned in Chris switchboard money to a bird, please. What you’ve heard in due time, you got money to increase what you burn in. Do tangent. Got money to sing it. Sing it increased due time. You got money to money. I looked the shutdown, the Dow ERs, silver weeds that became your dream flowers empower you to de devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to [inaudible] but now up on the microphone, smooth like if I can do it, I no you can do but you bust. Stick to it like posters too. And while Morgan’s on the [inaudible], I’m gonna carbon shoot two, three big dreams. Today is your day to day show. Okay? And now is your, it says, you will find today is your day to day and now it’s your time today and now we do a time sing it Barton today. [inaudible] The time I realized I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

Play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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