JESUS MATTERS | Bevelyn Beatty | Meet the Black Woman Who Proudly Paints Over The Black Lives Matter Murals

Show Notes

Have you heard about the black woman who proudly paints over the BLACK LIVES MATTER murals? Her name is Bevelyn Beatty and she is changing the conversation about racism all across this great nation.

  • Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing the great American Patriot, Bevelyn Beatty!!! Bevelyn, welcome onto The Thrivetime Show, how are you sir?!
  1. Bevelyn, what made you decide to paint over the BLACK LIVES MATTER MURAL that was painted directly in front of TRUMP TOWER in New York City?
  2. Mam, for the listeners who don’t know, who are the people behind the BLACK LIVES MATTER organization?
  3. What does the BLACK LIVES MATTER organization want?
  4. Who is George Sorros and what is his connection to BLACK LIVES MATTER?
  5. What is like to be black and to not support the MARXIST BLACK LIVES MATTER organization?
  6. As a person sitting in the pews of a church with a pastor who is still remaining quiet on these important issues in our country, what is the message that I could send to my pastor directly from you?  What do you want them to hear?  I will call my pastor today and give them this message.
  7. Who is Jesus to you?
  8. Why does Jesus matter?
  9. What is your favorite Gospel song?
  11. How can our listeners best support you and learn more about you?
  12. Robert’s Questions:
  1. What do you think Jesus might say about BLACK LIVES MATTER? 
  2. Do you think the black community is disproportionately targeted by the police? 
  3. Is the race issue in America over-inflated by the media? If so, what is the best way to recognize real racism and combat it? 
  4. How would you coach white people who want to do the best way to fight against prejudice and injustice to minorities? 
  5. What is the answer to helping the black community in America? 
  1. Jason
    1. Why do you think it is so easy for the black community to blindly join organizations like Black Lives Matter? 
    2. Do you fundamentally believe that Black Lives Matter is a good organization that believes in its core statement? 
    3. How do you handle those in our community that would rather subjugate us for our more conservatives beliefs rather than educating themselves? 
    4. I firmly believe that fixing the single parent homes that plague black communities will greatly improve our way of life as well as opportunities in our future. Where do you stand on this? 
    5. Are you in support of the Covid-19 treatments that are being used by doctors such as Dr. Bartlett 

The Truth About Black Lives Matter (George Soros):

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