John Lee Dumas (of Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast) Shares How to Launch a Podcast with Special Guest Chumbawamba’s Dunstan Bruce

Show Notes

Clay and John Lee Dumas from the EOFire podcast teach everything you need to know about how to launch a successful podcast while also interviewing Chumbawamba’s lead singer Dunstan Bruce.

Who is John Lee Dumas?

Now, known as one of the top earning podcasters on the planet (He brought in $182,208.00 of income during October of 2019), however, John Lee Dumas had to start somewhere just like you. Upon leaving the U.S. Army, he enrolled at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, Rhode Island. He then dropped out of college after only one semester. Dumas then took a job working in corporate finance for John Hancock in Boston before moving to New York City to begin working for a technology startup. He then moved to San Diego in 2009.

FUN FACT: Move To Puerto Rico, Slash Your Taxes To Zero? Not Exactly


In 2011 he moved back to Maine to start a career in commercial real estate. While getting started in this new career he found himself listening to podcasts during his long commute and he noticed that none of his favorite podcasts provided content daily, and that’s when he had his epiphany. He believed that if he could develop a daily podcast focused on interviewing successful entrepreneurs it would resonate with his target audience of entrepreneurs. He came up with the name, Entrepreneur On Fire and decided to call it EOFire for short.

Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas

Daily he continued to grind away after first launching his podcast in September 22, 2012. More and more subscribers began to flock to his podcast as a result of his consistent passionate delivery, the daily format, and his ever rising search engine rank (the more podcasts you produce and transcribe the higher you will rise in Google search results) he then created the book called, Podcast Launch, which he published in the Amazon bookstore. In 2013 fueled by the success of both his book and his podcast he launched the Podcasters’ Paradise (which is a community of podcasters).

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.[a] 28 An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends. 29 Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin.[b]” – Proverbs 16:27-29


Once you have built a loyal audience, companies that are looking to reach your audience will typically reach out to you about advertising on your show. As an example, if you listen to The Tim Ferriss Show titled #367: Eric Schmidt – Lessons from a Trillion-Dollar Coach (available to listen to at you are going to hear commercials for the first 5 minutes of his show) and that is how Tim Ferriss gets paid. However, the amount that you can charge advertisers per download ranges wildly depending upon the loyalty of a host’s audience. Some podcasts charge $20 per 1,000 downloads, while other successful podcasters like Tim Ferriss and John Lee Dumas have made up their own pricing structure that best serves them and their advertisers. At the end of the day you can charge advertisers what you want to charge them if you have a MASSIVE audience. However, you must have a MASSIVE audience before you can or should charge any advertisers anything.

Where is John Lee Dumas from? 

John Lee Dumas was born and raised for the first 18 years of his life in Maine. However he moved around quite a lot including stays in: Providence College, to moving around with the Army, tNew York , San Diego, and now ultimately to Puerto Rico. 

Who is John Lee Dumas?

John Lee Dumas is a self made success. He is the founder and the host of Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast. He has successfully interviewed many multi-million dollar entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Goadin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran and thousands of other successful entrepreneurs including me. He currently has over 2,300 interviews to date, while averaging  over 1 million listeners a month and making over seven figures of annual revenue. He was an active duty Army officer who served for four years. 

However, just like every other successful entrepreneur, John Lee Dumas had to start somewhere. His success blumed from experiencing the sinking feeling that he wasn’t doing what he was called to do with his career.  

Who is John Lee Dumas married to (partnered with)?

John Lee Dumas has partnered with Kate Lynn Erickson in both his business and his life. 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “So, Kate and I were neighbors in San Diego. I decided to move back to Maine for a job back in 2011. The last couple weeks of me living there, we had only been friends. We started a little tryst going. We had an amazing–I don’t actually know what that word means. We became lovers in the last two weeks of being in San Diego.

And then true to my word, I did move back to Maine for my job as a commercial broker. We decided that we wanted to continue to see each other, albeit from afar, so I invited her out to Maine in August, so just a couple months after I moved back. It was just one night lying in bed about to drift off to sleep and I turned to Kate and I said, “I love you.” – John Lee Dumas 

Why did John Lee Dumas move to Puerto Rico?

John Lee Dumas grew up in Maine for the first 18 years of his life. However, after highschool he moved often from Providence College to the Army, he’s lived in Boston, San Diego, New York, and now he calls Puerto Rico his home. 

FACT: California’s state income tax rates have a large range – from 1% to 12.3%. Another 1% surcharge, the mental health services tax, is collected from taxpayers whose incomes are over $1 million per year. This makes California’s top marginal income tax rate a whopping 13.3%

FACT: The federal individual income tax has seven tax rates ranging from 10 percent to 37 percent (table 1). The rates apply to taxable income—adjusted gross income minus either the standard deduction or allowable itemized deductions. Income up to the standard deduction (or itemized deductions) is thus taxed at a zero rate.

After much research, John Lee Dumas decided his new home should be in Puerto Rico where his income tax would be just 4% as opposed to his combined income tax rate of 50.3% (after you factor in both federal and California state income tax). 

What does John Lee Dumas’ house look like? 

After somehow convincing his girlfriend Kate Lynn Erickson to move with him (by only promising they would relocate back to San Diego if she didn’t like Puerto Rico) he began producing his show out of his home studio in beautiful Puerto Rico. Out of all the beautiful countries and cities in the world, why did he choose Puerto Rico? He mainly chose Puerto Rico because he wanted to dramatically lower his taxes by taking advantage of the Act 22 of 2012. Which offers tax shelter for entrepreneurs.

John Lee Dumas and Kate lynn Erickson have found a beautiful five bedroom, five bathroom, 5,000 sq ft home that over looks gorgeous scenery! If you would like to have a virtual tour of their home click on the link below: 

How long did it take John Lee Dumas to earn income from his podcast?

John Lee Dumas recorded shows for nine months before he earned any income from his podcast.

How did John Lee Dumas grow his audience?
Step 1 – He went after big time guests and asked them unique questions that they had previously never been asked. 

Step 2 – He sent his guests a helpful email after each and every show filled with easy to share links so that the guest could easily share the interview with their audience. Because the guests enjoyed being on the show and because John Lee Dumas asked them questions that had not previously answered many guests did share his show with their audience. 

Step 3 – He hired mentors to speed up his learning curve.

Who mentored John Lee Dumas?

Cliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man has been podcasting since the year of 2005 and has earned a reputation for being the “go to guy” in the world of podcasting. Cliff produces a variety of podcast shows and has put together very practical tutorials on how to podcast. Check out “” to learn more about Cliff Ravenscraft. 

Lewis Howes of The School of Greatness Podcast mentored John Lee Dumas during the first 6 months of 2014. At the time John Lee Dumas had the goal of earning $500,000 per year and Lewis challenged him to set a goal to earn $500,000 per month. Learn more about Lewis Howes at: 

Where is John Lee Dumas originally from?

John Lee Dumas spent the first 18 years of his life living in Maine.

What is John Lee Dumas routine for producing podcasts?

John Lee Dumas batch records eight back to back interviews every Tuesday from 9 to 5.

How many podcasts has John Lee Dumas recorded? 

John Lee Dumas has recorded over 2,300 podcasts. In each of his podcasts he interviews a successful Entrepreneur who can share their knowledge and tools of how they’ve reached their success in life. John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs from every industry because he believes his guests each have learned a tool, skillset, or mindset that they can share with his millions of listeners. 

What big names have appeared on the John Lee Dumas podcast?

John Lee Dumas has interviewed over 2,000 incredible entrepreneurs since he started his podcast. Some of his incredible guests include Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and American Entrepreneur, author and owner and host of the Tim Ferriss, and Barbara Corcoran.

Where can I find the John Lee Dumas blog?

You can find John Lee Dumas Fire Nation blog on his website by clicking the link below:

Why is John Lee Dumas a Podcast pioneer?

Many would consider John Lee Dumas to be a pioneer in the podcast industry, because before he created the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, there was not a single podcaster who was releasing podcasts on a daily basis. 

When did John Lee Dumas start podcasting?

John Lee Dumas started podcasting in 2012. He first launched his website in July of 2012. It has been reported that when he launched his website he had 146 visitors, and then went on to launch his podcast in September 2012. He has created multiple show themes and podcasts including: Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Daily Refresh, and Daily Fire, as well as Kate’s Take.

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a podcasts where John Lee Dumas interviews and records many successful Entrepreneurs and has them deep dive into successful habits, tools mindsets and skills sets that every entrepreneur who is willing to put in the work can benefit from.

The Daily Refresh this podcast was created to really benefit and encourage his listeners to slow down, to become mindful and to become a more gracious and grateful person. daily benefit of it’s listeners. On The Daily Refresh, John Lee Dumas shares a quote that will assist you in creating an inspired mind, gratuitous soul, and guided breathing exercises to energize your mind and body!

The Daily Fire provides quick rapid fire inspiration and motivation for listeners! Each Daily Fire podcast / show lasts for approximately 60 seconds, and during these shows JLD (John Lee Dumas) brings the fire, the encouragement, the knowledge bombs and the passion.

In Kate’s Take, his business and life partner Kate Lynn Erickson takes you behind the scenes of what it is like to run a 7 figure business./

When, how and where did he start?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One mistake I see entrepreneurs make again and again is thinking that starting an online business happens fast, and that you get to just skip to the generating revenue part.” – John Lee Dumas

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I didn’t run fancy ads or build multi-level funnels or have a PR representative. I put my head down, created insanely valuable content for Fire Nation, and I made myself present whenever possible in order to build real relationships and partnerships.” – John Lee Dumas 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In 2015, I was ready to try something different. We had created the online mastermind, and then two online communities and training courses.

A recurring question I kept hearing from Fire Nation was: “You’ve interviewed over 1,000 inspiring and successful entrepreneurs – what do they all have in common?”  – John Lee Dumas

It didn’t happen overnight, but that question gave me a BIG idea: the one thing my interviewees had in common: they knew how to set and accomplish goals.

That’s when I started working on my first physical Journal, The Freedom Journal: Accomplish your #1 Goal in 100 Days.” – John Lee Dumas

What are the most important books or educational tools for John Lee Dumas?

    1. The One Thing by Gary Keller
    2. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker 

Where does John Lee Dumas Broadcast from?

He currently broadcasts from Puerto Rico! Now of course you can find all of his podcasts available on Spotify, apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and on Entrepreneurs on Fire’s website. 

What Guests Has John Lee Dumas Interviewed?

John Lee Dumas has had some amazing guests on his podcasts! He interviews successful entrepreneurs that have skill sets, mindsets, tools, and resources that they offer insight to John Lee Dumas listeners. He’s interviewed and had guest stars such as Gary Vaynerchuck who is a successful entrepreneur, wine critic, New York Times bestselling author and internet personality and sensation! Barbara Corcoran who founded an extremely successful real estate brokerage group named The Corcoran Group. She then sold The Corcoran Group for $66 million in the year 2001!

With all the successful entrepreneurs he’s interviewed, he’s found that there are underlying principles that they each share! One consistent principle that John Lee Dumas has found, is every successful entrepreneur  is they all WORK HARD! They really put in the elbow grease to get them to where them want to go! It’s all in your mindset. You have to see where your business will go. You Have to hustle hard every day in the beginning. In fact in 2012 when Entrepreneur on Fire was just starting, John and Kate worked hard every single day. And now, John Lee Dumas really only works a few days a month. He often has his days where he really hustles. For instance, he’ll have anywhere up to 16 interviews a day! But then once he’s done, he can spend time really on whatever he wants the rest of the time.

What is the best way to contact John Lee Dumas?

If you are a successful entrepreneur and are looking to get in touch with John Lee Dumas, the  first step is easy, go online to his website at:

You can then fill out a form with all of your contact information. If you want to be featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire, you can visit:

If you want to call John Lee Dumas you can reach his team by dialing: Entrepreneurs on Fire phone number: (888) 207- 5942

If you desire to mail John Lee Dumas, you can send him mail to John Lee Dumas mail you can send it to his Entrepreneurs On Fire headquarters in beautiful Puerto Rico and the following address?

295 Palmas Inn Way, Ste 104 PMB 111 Humacao, PR 00791

Does John Lee Dumas have a blog and where can I find a link to it?

If you are searching for a blog from John Lee Dumas, you are in luck! If you go online to Entrepreneurs on Fire’s website, you’ll find his blog on his website. If you click on this link, it will take you to Entrepreneurs on Fire’s website : 

And if you click the following link, it will take you directly to the blog:

What is the John Lee Dumas income report and why is it important?

Paraphrase the following:

One reason why John Lee dumas wanted to create his own podcast, was so that those on daily commutes to work could be consuming something more beneficial, and productive rather than just listening to the same songs on loop all day. He wanted to create a podcast where listeners could hear about the nitty gritty details of starting your own business. Not just the light fluffy piece about how they’re successful. 

John Lee Dumas wasn’t even making money off his podcasts until 9 months of creating, interviewing, and releasing podcasts everyday. There were many people and even some mentors, who told him that his daily podcast model would never be successful. However he persevered, was determined, and stayed Focused! Focus is a word that he has repeatedly found to be at the root of many entrepreneurs success. He even created an acronym for the word. Follow One Course Until Success.

Once John Lee Dumas started making $50,000-$100,000 revenue on his podcasts, he wanted all of his financial reports to be transparent. He wanted to inspire others who were interested in creating a podcast of their own.

He also wanted those who were participating in his webinars/courses to see that he wasn’t just a slimy, dishonest salesperson. Because those are the same thoughts he used to have regarding online courses. 

He also offers free, valuable, deliverable. And consistent content.  If you are signing up for a free course, not only are you receiving great knowledge at zero expense! But it’s a;so a great marketing tool for the company. 

What is John Lee Dumas’ morning routine?

According to John Lee Dumas, the most important part of your morning routine is preparing THE NIGHT BEFORE! John Lee Dumas writes and records in his Freedom Journal every single day. The night before he opens up his Freedom Journal, writes down things he learned, things he struggled with. Then he sits down and makes his action plan for the next day.

Those who truly respect themselves, respect their time. Which is why when John Lee Dumas wakes up at 5:30 or 6:30 he first spends an hour and a half to himself. He begins by writing in his freedom journal, meditating, and exercising daily. Then he showers, eats and gets ready for the day. By 7 in the morning, he is ready to ROCK and ROLL! He then has time set aside to focus on creating interviews, podcasts and working on his business. 

How does John Lee Dumas stay fired up and motivated while creating Entrepreneurs of Fire. According to John Lee Dumas, one incredible benefit of creating a podcast where you interview hundreds of successful, inspiring and driven entrepreneurs, is you get TO INTERVIEW THOUSANDS OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS! After speaking with these inspiring successful men and women, you get to ask them questions about how, and why they got started. What keeps them going, and you get to hear about the nitty gritty about the road to success. So after every single interview John Lee Dumas was left feeling fired up and determined!

Why does John Lee Dumas record 8 business podcasts per week?

John Lee Dumas is committed to releasing 7 shows per week no matter what, which is why he records 8 business podcasts per week because he always wants to be ahead in case a guest cancels or he wants to travel. 

When did John Lee Dumas write Podcast Launch: How to Create & Launch Your Podcast: Plus!?

John Lee dumas wrote Podcast Launch: How to create  & Launch Your Podcast in February of 2013. In this book, John Lee Dumas breaks down, what a podcast is, what kind of equipment is needed, how to come up with the perfect name, topic, and avatar. How to record and edit your podcast…basically anything you need to know about creating and producing your own podcast. 

John Lee Dumas launched the free Podcast course that is broken down into 10 models in November of 2014. You can access these free courses by going online to

How John Lee Dumas built a $200,000 per month podcast business

If you’re wondering, how in the world did John Lee Dumas build his $ 200,000 a month revenue podcast…I’m going to tell you a secret. He wasn’t profitable till 9 months in to recording and releasing podcasts. He became successful even when everyone else told him he wouldn’t because he stayed focused, he stayed determined, and he stayed consistent. John Lee Dumas admits that when he first quit his job and started Entrepreneurs on Fire, he would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat nervous and worried that he wouldn’t make it as a successful entrepreneur. That he would be stuck in the cubicle life that just wasn’t for him. It was then in the middle of the night that he would convince himself that in the morning, he would give it all up for the financial security a corporate job offered. However every morning he woke up, and found within himself the determination to keep going for just He kept that up until he saw the success he dreamt of. You have to believe in yourself because no one else will! When he first started his business podcasts weren’t quite the craze they are now. Many people still didn’t know they existed or what the really were! So many of his friends and family members including mentors doubted him.

He also hustled harder than anyone he knew! He automated his savings, he would complete up to 16 interviews per day! He had a rigorous morning and daily schedule where he would spend an hour and a half taking care of himself, meditating, exercising, and planning his day. He got 8 hours of sleep every night, because a well rested mind can think more clearly and work harder. He would email a possible candidate for the show or reach out and inquire about an interview every single day. From 2012 to 2015/2016 he worked hard every single day. He knew that unless he worked hard, and put forth the effort, and wouldn’t cross the finish line of success he created in his mind.  Any time he felt less motivated, or discouraged it always helped that what he did for a living was interviewed some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs! He got to ask them numerous questions to find out how they did it! 

What are links to purchase John Lee Dumas’ books?

You can find books written by John Lee Dumas, on Amazon, and even two of his books for free on his website.

The Freedom Journal :

The Mastery Journal: 

Here are links to John Lee Dumas books which are found on Amazon:

The 100- day Goal Journal:Accomplish What Matters to You: 

Entrepreneur on Fire: Conversations with Visionary Leaders: 

The Fire Path: a Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Online Business: 

What free resources does John Lee Dumas make available to his listeners?

John Lee Dumas offers many free resources to his listeners. Not only do they give you a leg up, but he gives you unlimited access to thousands of hours of helpful tips, tricks, and honest feedback on how you can get started with your big idea, and how to be a successful entrepreneur. Here are two links to copies of the Freedom Journal, and The Mastery Journal for free. 

The Freedom Journal:

The Mastery Journal:

John Lee Dumas also offers many other free resources such as:

The Free Podcast Course: Create and launch your own podcast: 

This is excellent for those who are thinking about creating and starting their own podcast. 

The Podcast Masterclass Register for free:

From the podcast masterclass you will learn how to identify the perfect topic for your podcast, what equipment you’ll need to produce your podcast, how to grow your audience, the 7 steps to podcast workflow, the top 5 ways to monetize your podcast, and much much more!

Your Big Idea:

Funnel On Fire:

Mastermind On Fire:

In these courses which are provided for free! You’ll be able to fine tune, and pinpoint your big idea. Learn why masterminds are powerful, how to run a mastermind, and how to ignite your mastermind! 

John Lee Dumas free podcast course

John Lee Dumas offers a free podcast course where he will show you the ropes and teach you how to create your own podcast. How to launch your podcast, adn how to grow your audience:

What does a typical day in the life of John Lee Dumas look like?

He wakes up at 5:30 to 5:55. He likes to wake up in Puerto Rico at civil twilight because planes are legally allowed to fly without lights. The first 90 minutes of his day are very specific. He works out and hops in his infrared sauna. He then reads and journals first thing in the morning. After he has done all of these activities, then he showers and gets ready for his day. 

The first thing he drinks every day is a full lemon squeeze into a 16 ounce glass of water. The drinks water that has been alkalized

He sets a timer for activities because he believes that tasks will expand to the time that you alot for them. He likes to have no more than 4 focused activities per day.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Tasks will expand to the time that you alot for them.” – John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas shares 8 steps to guarantee your success 

  1. Figure out what is holding you back and burn that bridge
  2. Be 100% Committed
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Be Patient
  5. Move Forward As If Your Success Was Guaranteed 
  6. Rejection is Part of the Process
  7. Stick to Daily Plans in Hard Times
  8. Mastermind Accountability

FUN FACT – Statistics of children that are affected by divorce – 


What is John Lee Dumas’ net worth?

Since the 2012 launch of EOFire John Lee Dumas has earned $16,673,969 of gross income and he has earned a net income: $12,335,792 – 

Where can you find John Lee Dumas on Linkedin?

Find John Lee Dumas on Linkedin: 

Where can you find John Lee Dumas on Youtube?

Listen and watch hundreds of videos and interviews with John Lee Dumas: 

Where can you find John Lee Dumas Twitter?

Stay up to date with tweets from John Lee Dumas: 

John Lee Dumas on the Smart Passive Income podcast 

How John Lee Dumas built his dream job and incoming producing business

How John Lee Dumas built his fortune while starting with nothing

John Lee Dumas on the power of self-publishing and ambitious goal setting

Why John Lee Dumas believes that life is a marathon and not a sprint

John Lee Dumas on how to use podcasting to grow your membership-based business

What is the Freedom Journal: 

Where can you find John Lee Dumas on social media?

You can find John Lee Dumas on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.





Why is change super important when building your business? 

How did John Lee Dumas build his multi-million dollar podcast following?

What does John Lee Dumas’ house look like and where is it located? 

What is the Join the Fire Newsletter?

The EOFire Newsletter is a free resource provided by John Lee Dumas of EOFire. It provides the followers of the EOFire podcast with regular updates regarding all things EOFire! On top of that, it is catered to his listeners that are interested in starting their own podcast. John typically sends the newsletter to his subscribers every 3 to seven days. 

What is the John Lee Dumas Course?

The free podcast course provided by John Lee Dumas of EOFire is the ultimate free resources for those looking to break into the world of podcasting. 


If you have ever been interested in starting your own podcast but were not sure where to begin, this free podcast course is for you. If you already have a podcast but are wanting to beef up your content game this course will also benefit you! John Lee Dumas has released over 2,000 podcasts that have been downloaded over 70 million times. That means you are getting real, actionable knowledge from a professional in the podcast industry. 

Free Podcast Course

Gary Vaynerchuck on John Lee Dumas

Focus on what you can control

Who has John Lee Dumas interviewed?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times best-selling author, marketing expert, internet personality who first created his success by becoming a wine critic and Youtube star to promote his family’s business. His story is epic and I would encourage you to read his book Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here: 

Amy Porterfield on John Lee Dumas

Amy porterfield is a self-described overworked “yes girl” who now is able to help thousands of people online to build a life and a business that they love.

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here:

Lewis Howes on John Lee Dumas

Lewis Howes is a motivational and inspirational host of Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes a web-based television show that was released on August 6th of 2018. Prior to releasing the show, Lewis has been known around the planet as a successful podcaster and online educator. Lewis was a talented high school football player who went on to have a brief stint playing arena-league football for theTennessee Valley Vipers. 

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here:

Nir Eyal on John Lee Dumas

Nir is an American author who was originally born in Israel. He is best known for his best-selling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree from the prestigious Stanford University. In the year 2012, Nir decided to teach a course that focused on product design at the University of Stanford School of Engineering. He has also been a guest on The Thrivetime Show.

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here:

Jen Sincero on John Lee Dumas

Jen Sincero is a #1 New York Times best-selling author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. Throughout her career she has made appearances in Forbes, Money, Success, Dr. Oz, Entrepreneur, The Today Show, CNBC, Fast Company, Market Watch, and countless additional media outlets. Jen and I share the same literary agency, big shout out to: 

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here: 

Jillian Michaels on John Lee Dumas

Jillian Michaels is a celebrity personal trainer, TV personality and successful business woman who has made legendary appearances on The Biggest Loser and The Doctors. She is also an accomplished New York Times best-selling author a woman who has released a total of 20 fitness DVDs which have now sold over 100 million copies on the planet earth. 

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here:

Tony Robbins on John Lee Dumas

Tony Robbins is a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author, and legendary self-help speaker and coach. 

Check it out the interview with John Lee Dumas here:


“At the Thrivetime Show we focus on results and not feelings, which is why we feel good about the results of our clients listed below. “ – Clay Clark

Fact: 96% of businesses fail.

Fact: Our clients grow on average of 35% per year and above. (It is harder to grow at a large percentage as the size of a company increases)

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Handy Bros Services

  1. David Visser
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 86%


  1. Ryan Graff 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 10% 

Healthworks Chiropractic 

  1. Jay Schroeder 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 24%

Hood and Associates CPA’s, PC

  1. Paul Hood
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 61% 

The Hub Gym

  1. Luke Owens
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 66.38%

Impressions Painting

  1. Manuel Mora
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 41%

Inspired Spaces

  1. Josh Fellman and Jerome Garrett 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 40%

Jameson Fine Cabinetry 

  1. Jamie Fagel
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 31%

Jean Briese

  1. Jean Briese
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 90%

KAE Edward Plumbing

  1. Ron & Jacqueline Mader
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 46%

Kelly Construction Group

  1. Jon Kelly
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 38%

Kona Honu 

  1. Byron Kay
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 14% 

Kurb to Kitchen

  1. Lonny & Rinda Myers
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 81%

Kvell Fitness & Nutrition 

  1. Brett Denton
  3. 2018-2019 Up 35%+

Lake Martin Mini Mall

  1. Jason Lett
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 13%

Lakeshore Plumbing

  1. Mike Boulte
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 100%

Laundry Barn

  1. Josh Fellman
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 100%

Living Water Irrigation

  1. Josh Wilson
  3. 2017 – 2019 Up 600%

Mennis Heating

  1. Mike Ennis
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 400%


Metal Roof Contractors

  1. Doug Yarholar
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 14%

Mod Scenes 

  1. Steven Hall
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 83%

Morrow, Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry

  1. Dr. Mark Morrow, Dr. April Lai, and Dr. Kerry Kitterman
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 42% 

Mr. Rooter 

  1. Joshua Creasy
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 75%


  1. Kevin Thomas
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 14%

OK Roof Nerds

  1. Marty Grisham
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 74%

One Way Plumbing

  1. Chad Ward
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 11%

Oxi Fresh 

  1. Jonathan Barnett 
  2. Matt Kline – Franchise Developer
  4. 2007 to 2019 – 400 Locations Opened

Pappagallo’s Pizza

  1. Dave Rich
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 15% 

Platinum Pest 

  1. Jennifer and Jared Johnson
  3. 2018-2019 – 25% Growth
  4. 2017-2018 – 43% Growth


  1. Randy Antrikan 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 70%

Precision Calibration

  1. Nathan Saylor
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 62%

Quality Surfaces

  1. John Cook
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 76%

Rescue Roofer TX

  1. Wesley Cannon
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 61%

Revitalize Medical Spa 

  1. Lindsey Blankenship and Crista Hobbs
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 36%

Roofing & Siding Smiths

  1. Zach Potts
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 46%

Rogers Plumbing

  1. Roger Patterson
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 33%

Scotch Construction

  1. Tim Scotch
  3. 2017 – 2019 Up 492%

Shaw Homes

  1. Aaron Antis
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 116% 

Sierra Pools

  1. Cody Albright
  3. 2017 – 2019 Up 309%

Snow Bear Air

  1. Daniel Ramos
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 41%

Spot-On Plumbing

  1. Brandon Brown
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 120%

Spurrell & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

  1. Josh Spurrell 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 50%

Struct Construction

  1. Brandon Haaga
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 60%

Tesla Electric

  1. Felix Keil
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 60%

Tip Top K9

  1. Ryan and Rachel Wimpey
  3. 1 Location – 10 Locations

Trinity Employment 

  1. Cory Minter
  3. 2018-2019 Up 35%

Turley Solutions & Innovations

  1. Rance Turley
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 300% 

Tuscaloosa Ophthalmology

  1. Doctor Timothy Johnson
  3. 2018 – 2019  Up 16%

Viva Med

  1. Chris Lacroix
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 90%

Veteran Home Exterior

  1. James Peterson
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 145%

Williams Contracting

  1. Travis Williams 
  3. 2018 – 2019 Up 33%

Witness Security

  1. Keith Schultz
  3. 2017 – 2019 Up 300%

Chumbawumba’s Lead Singer (Duncan “Dunstan” Bruce) | The Man Who Dominated the 1997 Radio Airwaves | Tubthumping Lyrics

Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down) – 

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing the lead singer of Chumbawumba, Duncan “Dunstan” Bruce. Duncan, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show how are you sir?!
  2. Duncan, the song “Tubthumping” that most people call “I Get Knocked Down” was on your 8th studio album…why do you think that this song caught on like it did?
  3. What is the story behind the idea for the song and what inspired you guys writing it?
  4. When you finished writing it, did you know immediately that it was going to be a hit?
  5. Duncan, Tubthumping dominated the charts in 1997…what was it like hearing your song and your voice on the radio that much?
  6. As a music artist how do you get paid?
  7. What projects are you working on now?

Recommended Items for Podcasting

  1. Buy Adobe Audition 

SEO Checklist 

  1. Host your website on GoDaddy or a reliable hosting service 
  2. Host your website with the fastest package you can afford (GoDaddy Grow) 
  3. Build your website on 
  4. Build your website and make sure it’s mobile friendly 
  5. Must have https encryption on your website 
  6. Install the Yoast plugin 
  7. Uniquely optimize every meta title on every page of your website 
  8. Optimize every meta description on every page of your website
  9. Optimize every keyword on every page of your website
  10. Have 1,000 words of content per page 
  11. Search Engine Domination Book –
  12. Create a google XML compliant sitemap 
  13. Create a google HTML compliant sitemap
  14. Must have a clickable phone number 
  15. Include true social proof on your website 
  16. Must have a logo that looks good 
  17. Feature testimonials and case studies on your website 
  18. Feature a 60 second compelling video on the homepage of your website 
  19. Create a “top of the fold” call to action 
  20. Must feature a no-brainer on your website

Research the G.O.A.T.S. and What Makes Them Great

As soon as possible I would encourage you to OBSESSIVELY LISTEN TO THE SHOWS that are currently dominating your podcast niche and ask yourself why they are considered to be so great. As a business podcaster, I consistently listening to the business and life-optimization podcasts created by John Lee Dumas and his Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, Tim Ferriss and his The Tim Ferriss Show, or Joe Rogan and his The Joe Rogan Experience. As I listen I ask myself, “Why do I only have 500,000 downloads per month when these guys have millions of downloads per week?” As I’ve asked myself that question, I have always found an obvious answer and something better that I could be doing.

Make Sure That Your Podcast Can Be Heard On:

  1. iTunes
  2. Spotify
  3. iHeartRadio
  4. Youtube
  5. Podbean 
  6. Stitcher
  7. Google Podcast

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right.” – Henry Ford

What equipment does John Lee Dumas recommend to record a podcast?

Learn more by visiting – 

This list was last updated in July 2019

On John Lee Dumas’s website he has taken the time needed to actually list out all of the podcast gear and equipment that you will need in order to produce a high quality podcast.

John Lee Dumas believes that many start-up podcasters tend to make things too complicated and that it really does not have to be super expensive to successfully launch and sustain a world-class podcast. 

Listed below John Lee Dumas personally took the time to list out and link to each and every product that he recommends and he will earn a commission for every product that you decide to buy if you decide to purchase through his links. So purchase through his links.

“On a Tight Budget” / Low End Budget:

Use Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390

This will provide you with a noise noise-canceling podcast microphone that typically costs around just $20. Although it is fairly unbelievable, for $20 you are actually buying both an actual headset, and your podcast microphone at the same time. This microphone plugs into your computer using a USB port so it is super easy to set up.

On a Middle-of-the-Road / Medium Range Budget:

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone

The ATR2100 USB is a microphone that was created to be simple, effective and as high-quality as it can possibly be for under $100. Because this microphone also plugs in via your computer’s USB input, it functions very easily with nearly all recording software.

John Lee Dumas’ life partner and business partner, Kate has chosen to use this microphone since 2014 and both John Lee Dumas and Kate believe that this microphone is the best microphone when you factor in quality, price and ease of use. 

What does the ATR2100 cost?

This microphone usually costs around $70 to $80. 

What accessories are available and needed for the ATR-2100?

To get the most out of your audio experience with the ATR-2100 you may want to consider using the 

NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This is essentially a basic and simple boom arm with zero cables includes and it is designed to work perfectly with the ATR2100 microphone when mounted on a desk. 

The ATR2100 microphone also comes standard with a desktop mounted stand, so you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase a boom arm, it really just depends on your preferences and your overall podcast setup.

The ATR2100 also comes with its own desktop stand, so a boom arm isn’t necessary. It just depends on your podcast setup.

Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen

One great tool that you can use to keep your podcast microphone sound quality from being impacted by interference is to use a simple foam ball cover. 

This particular foam ball piece of equipment produces sound quality that is very similar to the sound quality you would experience when adding a screen pop-filter to your microphone. This foam ball piece is perfect for the ATR2100 microphone.

The “Money Is No-Problem” The High End Setup:

Heil Sound PR40 Multipurpose Dynamic Microphone

If you are in a spot in life where money is no problem you may want to consider using the Heil Sound PR40. This microphone is ideal for live sound, recording, and broadcast applications.

However, please take note: You will need this specific XLR cord if you want to plug your microphone into a mixer, and this XLR to USB cord if you want to plug directly into your personal computer.

This microphone is not the microphone that John Lee Dumas would recommend for a podcaster who is just getting started because of the complexity and the price associated with the microphone. 

“The Heil PR40 is for the more advanced podcaster who knows their way around a higher level podcast setup, and the price proves it. This podcast microphone typically costs around $325.” – John Lee Dumas

Optional Accessories for the Heil PR40 Microphone

Heil Sound Shockmount for Heil PR30 and PR40 Mics

The PRSM Shock Mount was designed to become a very flexible support system that makes it easier for podcasters and broadcasters to decrease low-frequency sounds and rumbles that can be heard by the microphone by both damping and absorbing vibrations that will inevitably be detected from your podcast setup and studio. 

Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom

The best boom stand available for podcasters is The Heil Sound PL-2T. This overhead boom stand was created to use a system involving the use of perfectly tuned and and balanced internal springs rather than those unsightly and mechanically unreliable outboard springs used by boom stand makers of much less quality. 

BSW RE27POP Pop Filter for the Heil PR-40

This pop filter provides a truly an incredible tool for broadcasters and podcasters alike. The fine mesh metal screen DRAMATICALLY reduces the amount of undesirable P-Popping while also maintaining and elevating the level of high-end frequency response.

Audio Podcast Recording and Editing Software:

Adobe Audition

John Lee Dumas’ favorite audio editing software is Adobe’s Audition, which I also LOVE. Adobe Audition does work on both the MAC and PC computers. Adobe Audition is now available for an incredibly low price of just $20 per month. 

Adobe Premier: If you are looking to produce first class videos, Adobe Premier provides everything that you would ever need. Currently it is also available via the Adobe Creative Cloud for a small monthly fee of just $19.99 per month.


This is the podcast player that we use at The Thrivetime Show and if you will be willing to use the promo code FIRE when you sign up with Libsyn, you will actually get the remainder of this month and the next month 100% free. 

**DEEP THOUGHT and NOTE: You cannot change plans DURING the free period, otherwise the offer will expire immediately.

microphone-compatible cameras (3.5mm Jack).

Where can I find Inspirational and motivational quotes from John Lee Dumas? 37 John Lee Dumas quotes:

John Lee Dumas Quote #1 – “We all want gold, but where’s your pick-axe, blood, sweat, and tears?  If you want to gain in this world, you must know pain.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #2 – “Just following your passion is too self-serving.  It’s only focused on what you love, instead of the value you’re bringing to this world.  And just providing value is a sure way to get bored, burned out, and sick of your topic of choice.  But when you combine the two? Watch out!”

John Lee Dumas Quote #3 – “All the magic happens outside your comfort zone, and in order to get to that magic, you have to change.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #4 – “When you bring leads into your universe, whether via social media, email, podcasting etc…what is the journey you’re taking them on?”

John Lee Dumas Quote #5 – “You need to try to put yourself out of business daily.  This will ensure you stay in business.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #6 – “The mind is everything.  Be intentional with your thoughts.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #7 – “Every single person can absolutely become financially independent, if they so desire. I have no doubt about that. What will hold them back will be the imposter syndrome.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #8 – “Success is a journey.  Success takes time. Success takes guidance.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #9 – “In the Army, we learned a good decision now is better than a great decision later.  On the battlefield, later may never come. So make a commitment to shrug off your indecision.  Take decisive action and be willing to clean up the mess and learn from your mistakes.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #10 – “Set a goal.  Make it big. Then look at the grind it’s going to take to get there.  Fall in love with that grind. Then start grinding.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #11 – “At the end of the day, you’ve got to find your own, special, unique niche.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #12 – “Are you winning the comparison of yourself yesterday?  If yes, then keep up the heat.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #13 – “Any entrepreneur who achieves sustained success has systems and automation in place to ensure stuff gets done.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #15 – “Life is about how you react when you get knocked down, not if.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #16 – “Hard work, hustle, and grit are three things it takes to become financially and location independent.  Commit to all three.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #17 – “If I had let that one setback lead me to quit, the thousands of impacted lives, the $10 million dollars in revenue, the incredible journey; all would have vanished in an instant.  So many quit too quick. So many give up too early. The sad thing is, they’ll never know what could’ve been. Don’t let this be you.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #18 – “The world was my oyster – but then I promptly failed for the next six years.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #19 – “There is so much sunshine in life.  Sadly, so many people live in the shadows. Past regret, past failure, past mistakes.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #20 – “Find somebody who is where you want to be right now – and then reach out to that person for mentorship.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #21 – “Some people don’t love that I’m super energetic on the EntrepreneurOnFire interviews, and you know what? My response is, ‘well this is not the show for you.’ I’m looking to inspire people that are looking for that dose of ignition – for that dose of enthusiasm.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #22 – “Disappointment is a possible result of every action.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #23 – “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #24 – “It’s not about how not to lose.  It’s about how to finally win. I lose every day. Do I let that stop me?  No. Because I know all I need is one win, and all the losses are erased. More so, I need those losses to learn from so I can achieve my win.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #25 – “If you can imagine a better future, you’ll naturally become more optimistic.  Notice I said better. Not imagining a great future. Not imagining your dream future. Simply imagining a better future.  That’s what it’s all about.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #26 – “Yes life is tough.  Yes entrepreneurship is hard. So why complicate things?  Focus on one goal, turn the difficulties and challenges into strength, and crush it!”

John Lee Dumas Quote – “I’m crappy at a lot of things.  I spend zero time improving in those areas. Instead, I spend my time improving at the things I already know and excel at.  That is a good use of time. The world wants greatness, not mediocrity. Give up becoming mediocre at 99% of things and become great at your 1%.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #27 – “The world is a collision of ideas. The world is a collision of opportunity. The world is a collision of people.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #28 – “Whiners love to point out the problems, and they love to do nothing about it.  When I was a Platoon Leader in the U.S. Army, I had a great tactic for whiners in my troop: push-ups. You can’t whine when you’re ripping out 100 reps.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #29 – “If you’re a giver, success will find you.  If you’re a taker, success will elude you. Perform a quick, honest assessment of yourself, right now.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #30 – “The key component that people miss is that by ‘doing things that don’t scale,’ they can learn priceless information that can be scaled into products, services, communities, fill in the blank.  For example, all of my greatest ideas have come from one-on-one conversations.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #31 -“As entrepreneurs, we love getting to the finish line, but never crossing it.  It’s true. If we never cross the finish line — aka launch, publish, make it real — then our biggest fears can’t come true.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #32 – “Nothing was near the realm of me having the skill that I needed. So I looked for somebody who was where I wanted to be.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #33 – “All the magic happens outside your comfort zone, and in order to get to that magic, you have to change.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #34 -“Disappointment is a possible result of every action.  But what’s the result of no action? Nothing. Is that what you hope to accomplish in life?  Nothing? Didn’t think so.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #35 – “Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #36 – “You will build your business one block at a time.  One conversation at a time. One interaction at a time. One human being at a time.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #37 – “Self-mastery is a difficult step, but a necessary one.  EOFire came to life because I set and accomplished a goal, and was built into a 7-figure a year business because I mastered productivity, discipline, and focus.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #38 – “Well, the one horrible time would be the August 15th to September 22nd, those few weeks, where Jaime was riding me hard to launch the podcast. I was in a mastermind with Cliff Ravenscraft. He was saying, “You’ve just got to launch this thing,” but I was coming up with all these excuses of why I shouldn’t. “I need more time. I need more social media followers. I need to get my website more squared away.” 


John Lee Dumas Quote #39 – “One thing I was always been disappointed by is I don’t have a passion outside of business. I’ve tried a bunch of different things, but I’ve never given it enough. I’ve tried surfing in San Diego, paddle boarding. I’ve given golf a try.” 

John Lee Dumas Quote #40 – “So, every single day my VA has to send me an end of day report, which he documents everything that he’s worked on throughout the day. He always has to end with a last sentence of something he’s learned today, something that he’s improved upon today and something that he thinks that he can make better as part of the business. So, that’s happening five days a week. I’m reading these things and we’re continuing that open line of communication. So, every single time I get one of those emails, our processes get just a little bit better.” 

John Lee Dumas Quote #41 – “Focus on things that matter, that move the needle forward.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #42 – “Cut out the distractions, the escapist TV, and pay attention instead to where you want to be.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #43 – “Join communities of like-minded people who can keep you energized, motivated and on fire.”

John Lee Dumas Quote #44 – “Listen to podcasts that inspire and ignite you to sharpen your goals and move forward.”

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