Joining the $100,000 Club | A Week in the Life of a Dog Franchise Owner

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The founder of TipTop K9 (Ryan Wimpey) shares how the Tip Top K9 Southlake franchise was able to generate $48,000 of gross revenue during just their 12th month in business.

The $100,000 Club: How to Make a Six-Figure Income

  1. Find a problem that you can solve that customers will pay you for 
  2. You have to be able to nail it before you scale it 
  3. Learn how to sell well 

FUN FACT – $42,723 – The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of University of Tulsa (Tulsa) are $42,723 for their students and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $23,386. 90 students (2.75% of the enrolled undergraduate students) have received grant or scholarships aid and the average amount is $30,065. 

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Many people dream of making $100,000 a year. Making six figures is a goal for so many self-employed people. And on today’s show, we share the specific steps that you need to take to make $100,000 a year. And to do it, we’re joined with dr Breck, the chiropractor and the founder of tiptop k9 Ryan wimpy.

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Some shows don’t need a celebrity in narrator writer to introduce the show, but this show does too, man. Eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 time million-dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

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My name is clay Clark and you are listening to the thrive time show on both your radio and podcast downloads. And on today’s show we are joined with some great folks with some incredible people. Uh, Jason, we have dr Breck in the house. That’s true written. I just a great American, just a great chiropractor. Dr Breck D R B R E C Dr Brooke, how you doing? I’m great. How are you doing? All right, well I’m fired up to see you. Did you have a good Saturday? I did always love us. Give us a highlight. What is one? I actually had a massage on Saturday, which is something I don’t do very often, but it was great. Um, did you and Jason talk about the massage before or did he just randomly give you a massage? It’s just surprise. Massages. Well, no, so this is actually in my office and so, uh, yeah, I’ve got to make sure that my massage therapists are doing a great job.

You know, every once in a while I’ll just check in. I didn’t know he liked it though. It was really good. Um, it was an hour and then my wife also got a massage. Cool. So that was part of her Valentine’s gift really. Okay. Okay. And uh, Ryan wimpy here, the founder of tip top canine. How’s it going? How was your Saturday? Uh, my Saturday was busy. You are, you are selling the heck out of dog training. I had eight appointments, lunch in between, but they were all back to back to back to back. Lots of crazy dogs all over the place. Dude. One of my favorite activities in the world is sales. Yeah. So when you’re selling, I get jealous cause I watch it and he’s working. Let me tell you what he does. He was for a dollar, someone could, someone pays a dollar.

They have a dog that desperately needs training of some kind. I’ve seen everything from like a white Fang to a Cujo to will be different dogs, spuds, Mackenzie, all the different dogs show up. Right. And then Ryan has about an hour, I think about an hour to show his dog whispering his dog training skill. You have like an hour to basically showcase what you could do for the dog. Yes. And usually people are so wowed and so blown away. I’d say usually I’d say I’d say pretty much every time that they go, no, I want to pay it. Oh yeah, I’m going to work that dog until they are. We work them until they get a wild moment. So he’s running around. I see Ryan running around the office physically running. I see him sitting down doing different moves. I hear all these things he’s doing, I don’t know what he’s doing, but it’s impressive.

Right, and then it comes down to just PIP. Can people afford it? I mean, almost every time people were like, Oh, this is, this is good. No, Jason, years ago, there’s a book I read, it was called the hundred thousand dollar club and I don’t know why. I haven’t talked about that book on the air before, but it was a great book. So I was reading the book and it was basically about, Hey, if you want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, you just have to solve a certain number of problems for people and then you can, you can make a hundred thousand dollars so I’m going to pick on Andrew, a member of our team. Andrew is right there. He’s right now on the a hundred thousand dollars club, which means as an employee, he’s going to make a hundred thousand dollars because he’s part of the a hundred thousand dollar club.

But there’s a certain mathematical equation that exists. It’s, you have to see a certain number of clients and help our clients in order to get to that number. And so Andrew knows the number, he wanted the number, he goes for the number, um, Breck and your business, you probably, you know, are excited to be in the hundred thousand dollar club, but you probably know, I mean, how many patients you have to adjust, talk to about the economics of chiropractic care because people, they want to become a chiropractor to make good money, but they often don’t think about how many patients they have to see. Yeah. So I actually had a conversation about this with somebody two days ago who’s looking to go to chiropractic school, wanted to ask a couple of questions. Um, and uh, you know, yeah, there’s a definite economics to it all as far as how much your chiropractic adjustment costs, uh, a to deliver.

But then also what does it cost the patient? And then you start doing the mathematics on, you know, if you want to make a hundred thousand dollars and your adjustment costs $50 and of that 50, you make 25, then you know exactly how many adjustments you have to deliver in order to make that. Is that about what you get to keep for, do you get to see about 25 bucks per adjustment? Is that about where you get to keep? No, for me, um, it’s a at about 40, 40 bucks is what you get to keep roughly. And um, are you, are you a franchise or are you an individual? I’m an individual for right now. Okay. And I wanna make sure the listeners get this because I’m about ready to ask Ryan a bunch of questions. Sure. And because Tiptop K9 is a franchise.

There are certain statements he cannot make sure because it’s regulated by the federal government. So there’s a document called a franchise disclosure document, which he and I would freely send you, but we just cannot make a claim about how much money I did bring my number page in case you asked me a question. One of the things that I remember Jack Canfield, the author of the chicken soup for the soul series of books, he actually came and spoke to my chiropractic college because he did write a chicken soup for the chiropractic. So really, uh, so if you guys are looking for some great reading, it’s out there somewhere. Previous episode where you break down every single title under the chicken soup. And it was great. But he basically said he was looking for that million dollar idea and it wasn’t coming to him, wasn’t coming to me.

And he was like in a, I don’t know, grocery store or something and he sees like a little dime novel and he realizes, you know, I don’t have to sell, you know, one idea for a million dollars I need to sell. Like, you know, a $10 idea a hundred thousand times, you know, and it’s like, you know, all of a sudden the dynamics shifted and changed and, and he’s doing very well. I’m sure by the way, Jack Canfield has sold more books than any other author in the self help genre ever. Is that right? And he has surpassed down Napoleon Hill. Wow. Jason, I want you to look up real quick how many books Jack Canfield has sold. And here’s the rule. I am not going to stop reading off titles until you tell me how many books he’s sold. So chicken soup for the soul. My cat,

it’s life chicken soup for the teenage soul. Stories of love and

messages from heaven and other miracles. Chicken soup

for the soul. Chicken soup for the soul. I can’t believe my dog did that. Chicken soup for the soul. The forgiveness fix chicken soup for the soul. Chicken soup for the soul. The dog did what? See, I have the number, but I want to keep checking out a book of miracles. Chicken soup for the soul man. Chicken soup for the soul. The original chicken soup for the soul. All your favorite original stories plus 20 bonus stories over the next 20 years. Chicken soup for them.

Oh, chicken soup. This is a sixth bowl of chicken soup. Chicken soup. Think positive. I mean there’s just so many chicken soup book for Christmas. Miracles, chicken soup for the teenage soul part two. I now know the number and chicken soup for the woman’s soul. Chicken soup for the African American soul. Oh, I need that one. Chicken soup. You can’t have that. Well, that’s what I read. Oh, okay. I’ll take half of it. For some reason I could only identify with chicken soup for the African American soul. There’s some reason I don’t get what Jason, how many books has he ever sold? So his website reports that he has sold well over 500 million books.

That is more than 250 titles in prints and translations in more than 43 languages. I want to say this. Great job. Good job. I want to make sure you feel good about that, sir. Great, great job. You know what I’m gonna do here? I’m gonna play my, my, my, my intro music that I like to play. Whenever someone has a huge wins, let me play this here. Here we go. Broadcasting live from the center centers out to you, Jack. It’s business school without the BS. We’re going to win with every single facet. We’re going to win so much. He’s winning. Even get tired

of winning and you’ll say, please, please, it’s too much. We can’t take it anymore, mr president, it’s too much. And I’ll say, no, it isn’t. We have to keep winning. We have to win more. We’re going to win more.

The best part is the stories I’ve read or other people’s stories just relate. That’s the most amazing part is I don’t know that he wrote much of any of it except that it’s just like all packaged, packaged. Yeah. Great. Jack Canfield, great job. I just want to say you, my friend are getting it done now. We’ll get, we’re talking about joining the hundred thousand dollar club now. Let’s just get into entrepreneurship. Let’s make it very simple. I don’t want anyone to be confused. This is what entrepreneurship is and Jason takes some notes. If you can hear, all you have to do is find a problem that you can solve, that customers are willing to pay you for. Period. Period. Stop. Spiritualizing it. I talked to someone the other day that really I love this person. They’re a Christian person. They’re not a good fit for the program.

I talked to them for a good half hour and their business plan is so crazy. Let me tell you what their plan is. You know, like you go to a, um, a, a restaurant that has a theme like Mexican food, you say, or a theme, like a seafood or a theme like pizza. Sure. Or some kind of thing. Yeah. This person has gone into bankruptcy three times is North of 50, and they continue to want to have a menu that is two times as diverse as the, um, what’s the, the, the, as the cheesecake factory get outta here. This is now their fourth attempt to have a menu that is twice as diverse. You know when you go to the cheesecake factory, it’s the Bible. They give you a food options there. I’m going today, they’re really there. It’s a Valentine’s thing. Uh, it’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow, so we’re going out family tonight. Nice birthday. There it is.

But this is what happens is he wants to make money. This, I’m not kidding, this is the fourth time he’s tried to make a menu twice as diverse as the cheesecake factory now. And I’m on the phone with the guy that should be very nice. Um, and I’ve said, Hey, I care about you. And it sounds as though you can make really good pizza. You could also make really good, um, uh, seafood. You can make great hamburgers. My understanding is you’re telling me that people love the food. He goes, yeah, and this guy got some great Google reviews too. And he goes, yeah. He goes, yeah, yeah, that’s why. Why do you insist on making a menu twice as diverse as the cheesecake factory? And he’s like, I just, it has to happen. I’m going note ms serious, this is a promise adjacent. You come from a culinary background.

What’s the problem with managing food costs when you have literally of different options? Um, which I talked about him yesterday, but a chef Jay, the guy he used to cook, fuck the grateful dead dudes at rockstar when we were going through our cost in class, he had us put together mock menus and he’s like, don’t make it too diverse because you have to be able to control that cost. And so somebody said, well, how does cheesecake factory do it? And he said, I never want to hear that name in my building again. Because if you try that model, you will fail. They, they have done it and they have proven to do it, but nobody other than them can do it. So don’t talk about the cheesecake factory. First off, step one, build about a $2 million building. It’s true that things like the Taj Mahal, the busiest place in every city, right?

It attracts a huge crowd right in front of the busiest place in front of the mall. You okay? But again, you’ve got to find a problem that you can solve, that customers will pay you for step two. You have to be able, once you nail it, you have to build to scale it. If you cannot teach it to somebody else, it is not a business. It is an art. So that is why so many people have gotten infinitely frustrated with me about this. I’ve had probably a hundred people there, so I’ve talked to, they say, I want to build a podcast, and I go, okay, it’s an art. And they said, what do you mean it’s an art? I’m like, well, let me look at this book. Look at this book. Look at that. Look at the Trump book here. Look at all the freaking tabs in this book, right?

Step one, read the hell out of every book and really take notes and really get into the marrow of it. I don’t know that anyone else. I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s no men that I know who are married to women that say, sure honey, you spend the entire day by yourself in a hot tub tabbing a Donald Trump jr book. That’s, that’s accepted. I mean, if I wasn’t married to my wife, that couldn’t happen. She is the same, you know, and too, I don’t know a lot of men who say, I have no other interests. This is what I want to do all day. I mean, it’s again, and then making the intros and booking the guests and I’d have to tell people, Hey listen, you want to build a podcast with a half million listeners, exchange your entire life for it because that’s what I do.

Okay. I mean, it’s just not scalable. It’s not a business model. It’s an art. So I want to get into a business model that has the potential to make you a hundred thousand dollars a year. All right. Brett, how long did you have to go to school to become a chiropractor? Uh, I, it’s about eight years. So depends on kind of the program and how you go through it. But yeah, seven, eight years. So we’re going to go side by side here. We go back to it. We’ll do comparisons. Right. How long does it take you to become a dog trainer? Assuming that you approve them to be a good candidate. And assuming that you know, you and your wife have met them and you’ve decided that you would like to award them a Tiptop K9 territory, how long does it take you to train somebody?

We can change someone in all the facets and about six weeks. Six weeks? Yup. So we have a Tim people may take just a little bit longer, but it is about six weeks. If they have a good work ethic. Hand eye coordination then yes. So, right. So right there, I just wanna make sure we’re getting this right there. I’m out, I don’t have headlight coordination and they liked dogs, which also this just didn’t, I’m out again. Okay. I’m not, I’m not in the running here, but this is the thing. We have a a man from Michigan I just talked to on Saturday. Yeah. Who wants to open a Tiptop K9 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes. And my understanding is that he knows you. Yes, he does. And he likes dogs. Yes. How long will it take you to train him on how to train dogs?

I don’t think he’ll take longer than six weeks. About six weeks? Yeah. And we’re talking about 40 hours a week. 10 hours a week. We’re talking 60 hours a week. So you’re going to fly to Tulsa. You fly to Tulsa, you land here, right? They’re going to train with you 10 hours a day, six days a week, and Sundays if you fall behind. So you’re fully trained in six weeks. Correct. Now, once somebody is trained on how to train dogs, you also have to teach him how to sell well, right? Yes. Okay. So step three on this path to, to make it a hundred thousand dollars, you gotta learn how to sell. When ours, we took a lot, we took all the art out of it. There’s a few things that are a little financy, but everything is scripted. So our packages are scripted. How we train the dog, how we do our sales, and every single part of it is all manualized.

I don’t know if that’s a word or not. I’ll go with it. Okay. It’s all in a manual. It’s all stepped out and it’s working about 95 to 98% of the time. And you’re going to know when you work that dog within 10 to 15 minutes, right? You said 95 to 98% there’s a few dogs. Yeah. Well you have like a Wolf’s Wolf hybrids. They’re not dogs, right? They don’t respond well to a dog training method. And you have some Nordic breeds. They’re a little more wild like Akitas Malamutes. Um, this just if you have a Wolf, don’t bring it to tips. Don’t, don’t bring it. If you have a velociraptor. Also don’t bring that to my dry. Or what is the, what is a prehistoric animal that’s still roaming the earth right now? We have a couple of those crocodiles don’t bring that. So they just trained dogs.

Okay. Yes. But again, there was a mortgage guy in South Lake tech, Texas. He used to sell mortgages. Correct. And you’ve taught Adam how to train a dogs. Yes. He’s actually a husband, wife team. Both of them. So adamant. Kat, you taught both of them how to train dogs? I think cat does most of the dog training on correct. So you’ve taught those two, um, you’ve taught a former customer, um, Adam, uh, with a tip top WASO correct. How to train dogs. Yep. You’ve taught a wonderful lady who loves dogs up in Boise, Idaho had a trained dogs. Yes. You have taught, um, who’s the other gentlemen there in, in uh, Utah. You’ve taught how to train dogs. Uh, Josh, Josh, and he was doing more door door sales. Okay. And so, and by the way, if you guys want to crack open that door, I’m so sorry.

I’m rushing it. He’s crushing. He is crushing it. So anybody out there you can learn how to train dogs. If you like. Dogs, love dogs. If you’re into dogs. Jason, do you like dogs? Love dogs? I do. I’ve got, I’ve got two dogs. You do love dogs? Yeah. Okay. So you would be pre qualified to train dogs. Oh man. Sign me up. Okay. But then you’d have to sit down with Brian and Rachel and make sure it’s a good fit. All right. But then at this point you’re going to have to learn how to do six weeks of dog training. Right? And then you have to learn sales. So even if you are great at training dogs and you can’t sell, you’re going to lose. Oh yeah. Breck you’ve met chiropractors that can’t sell. Yes. Did they teach sales at chiropractic school? No. So what kind of things did you have to get over?

What kind of emotional hurdles did you have to get over it? Did you have or, or intellectual hurdles, did you have to get over in order to learn how to become a best selling chiropractor? Well, I was definitely one of those chiropractors who could not sell. I’m not a natural salesperson. Um, and so, uh, yeah, I had to overcome people pleasing and uh, rejection and all kinds of things, uh, to be able to sell. Jason, why is there such an adversion like when someone comes to work at elephant in the room? Yeah, we’re a membership based men’s grooming establishment. We have to get guys to buy memberships in order to, it’s like prepaying for your next haircut is what it is. And so it allows us to provide consistent hours for the stylists cause we’re never slow or busy. We’re always booked out. Why is there that initial pushback from every person every single time when we try to teach them how to do sales?

Well if they’re coming from a previous job, there are a lot of places that don’t teach sales. But um, as human beings, a lot of people are just afraid of getting rejected so they just don’t try. So again, think about this. In six weeks Ryan is going to teach you things that Brett, how many years? Cause you went to school for eight years to become a chiropractor. Well for me it was about seven, seven years. Yeah. But then how many years of running a business did it take you before you could sell? Well, I don’t know that I still qualify. What do you think? Um, well that’s what I mean. I don’t know that I’m selling well now I think I’m doing better than I used to do. Um, I won’t ask you to share how much money you pay yourself per month on the show.

I’m just saying wait, how long did it take you before you got to a place financially where you thought I finally am doing well? Um, it took me a solid 13 years after getting out of school after the seven years. So yeah, I mean we’re talking about a 20 year investment, so you could go 21 years into a career before you learn how to sell well or Ryan could teach you in six weeks. Yeah. So it took me probably seven, eight years to get there, but now we have locations that are getting where I was at in five years and eight years and they’re getting there in like a year, year and a half. Now let’s, I want to make kind of like a pie chart here, Jason mentally picture this. Okay, I’m ready. Um, so somebody comes in, they bring in their dog for the $1, uh, they go to tip top,

Again, tip top, They go up there and they scheduled a $1 less than they, they’ve read all the reviews, they’ve done their research and they’re like, it’s a dollar. How could we possibly lose money on this? How is this not a good idea? So they show up to meet with you, the franchisee and you for a dollar. You put on a laser show, you wow, that personnel, and they’re just going, Oh my gosh, this guy get trained. This guy’s going to train white Fang. This guy is going to train Turner and hooch, the whole thing. It’s going to happen. This guys, Milo and Otis, he’s going to train him to. Awesome. Um, and then when they, when they did, when they decided to pay you, how much do your packages costs? Like for the dog training, they had packages cost anywhere from 400 to 4,400 to 4,000.

Yeah. So picture this pie chart in your mind, let’s say that, let’s say it was a thousand dollars. Let’s say that the average ticket, average price average right now in Tulsa is 1700. Okay. This is the average and Tulsa is $1,700. Um, I don’t know what profit margin there is. I don’t know when you’re charging someone $1,700 to train a dog. And I can’t make a claim about it because I don’t know if you’re going to be training, um, you know, dogs in a mansion. I mean, maybe you say as part of my tip top canine, I’m going to train all the dogs in a mansion. Why? Cause I can, I mean you could hypothetically go build a mansion and you could get a mortgage for about 9,000 a month and you could train dogs in an opulent courtyard. And therefore as a pie chart, the percentage of your sales that would be going into the real estate expense column would be huge.

Right? You could also train dogs in an undisclosed bomb shelter used by Al Qaeda. And again, there’s different places, but then would any customer want to work with you if you were 47 miles away from them and they had to drive out to an undisclosed Al Qaeda Al Qaeda training center? You know, uh, probably not. So we have a guy, he’s doing it out of his house and he’s making almost the same amount grossing like not profit, but he’s grossing similar to the same amount as someone else that has a physical location and two employees. And each, um, each local city has their own laws. Correct. So in broken arrow where, um, we’re broadcasting from right now, there are certain things I can’t do and certain things I can do. So we’re building this, uh, the building right now in, in Jenks actually it’s in Creek County, so it’s four miles West of our current office.

Dude, I love Creek County. It’s the wild, wild West. It is. Yeah. I mean, we’re, we’re building it to Tulsa code and we’re getting all the appropriate permits. But I was thinking, don’t we have to pull a permit for that or don’t we have to? Not in Creek County. It’s sweet dude. It’s awesome. But again, if I was moved, if I’m, if I moved my office, the location we’re building just four miles, uh, East, it’s an entirely different set of rules for sure. So before you go out there and say, I’m going to open a tip top canine in my house or in an office, you have to find out the local rules. But again, you go to, how long does it hold on? Do you have to be a good to go to dog training school to learn this? Six weeks, six weeks, six weeks, and then how much crap do we have to buy upfront to how much of an investment, how much money do we have to spend on the dog, the callers, food, auto wrapping a vehicle, all that crap to open a tip top canine.

Uh, the initial franchise fee is $43,000. Four to $3,000. Yes. And that includes all your gear, your wrap training, initial grand opening, advertising, SEO. It includes everything. Literally shipped to your house. Include your training here and everything. What I want to do, if we can hear Jason, cause I want to put you to the test, you and dr Breck, this is a chance for you guys to win mega points. How much money does it cost to attend the university of Tulsa for a year? Right now. Now this is tuition for it. Just don’t look that up. No, no, no. Hey, Hey, what are you doing on the nose? I thought you were having me research. I know what you’re doing over there. I’m asking you, how much money do you think it costs to go to the university of Tulsa for one year as a, you know, just, just, just, let’s go 2020. I’m going to say a state school is probably like 20 I don’t know, 25 to use private. It’s gotta be more so don’t try to work. Don’t talk. Don’t try to work together on this. Oh, I thought we were trying. We were in a partnership, let alone somebody who’s going to win this and someone’s going to lose this thing. Okay. So you gotta make a point where you get booed. Let me queue up the sound effects. You know what you’re going to face here.

I’ve heard that.

Okay. So how much money do you think it costs per year, Brett, to go? I, I’m going to guess forty five thousand forty five thousand. Jason, what do you think? $45,001. Both of you lose all the makeup.

Is it more? It’s 42,723

per year to go to you. But they give you everything to start your career, right? Like all the gear you’ll need. That’s the one thing they don’t teach. They give you that sweet tea. You rap though. But you do get a foiling boss piece of paper at the end. Real foil I think. I think, not, not gold leaf, but a stamp on it, Erin. It’s really one thing. It’s kind of cool because of all the uh, um, you know, the, the basically the four year party that is college. You might also get a complimentary STD. Oh yeah. That’s something a lot of people are getting these days. It’s a beautiful thing. Okay, so let’s continue. I’ve got this rash and this diploma. Okay, so again, for $42,000, you could attend Tulsa university. Now, um, I would ask the question again, Ryan. How much does it cost to buy a tip top?

Canine location is 43,000. Dr brekkie you a hot tech? Well, I just, I know someone who went to college and um, yeah, they got a degree in, uh, I think it was musical theater. How’s that working? Well, I’m not sure they’ve made back their initial investment yet. Oh man. Now if you go to oral Roberts university, um, right now it’s only going to cost you $30,000 according to what I’m finding right now at 30,000. I think it’s, I think it’s more than that though, but I’m finding right now 30 Oh no. Oh this is on the ORU website. They said right now the total estimated direct cost is $39,580. That, yeah, that sounds probably more for one year. How’s that possible? I’ll tell you it’s possible cause he’s administrators make a lot of money. These teachers and it’s, it’s a deal where everything costs a lot.

You got to have a gold plated shower, you got to have a I D, I don’t know how they do it, but they found a way to make it that expensive. Right? So we go back to tip top canine. I’m just, I’m just trying to tee up this idea. So if I want to join the a hundred thousand dollars club today, I’m saying I wasn’t a show every week. I listen every day. I don’t know why I’m stuck on it. I can’t get off it. I try to listen to other shows, but I’ve drawn to when I come back and I just want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year. That’s all I want to do. I want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year and I like dogs. I can’t stop watching Turner and hooch. I watch it every night. I love dogs.

Um, you got to six weeks of training again. How much does it cost? Two 43,000. Hey, let’s share the CR. What numbers can you share with us? Share with us the gross sales for some of the locations in their first year, the ones that you’re allowed to share, but then there are documented in the franchise disclosure document that is regulated by the federal trade commission. Absolutely. And this is just a first your numbers. So, um, startup South Lake, Texas in May, 2019, this is their one, two, three, 10, 11, 12. So they’re after one year, um, their 12th month in business, they did $48,847 of revenue. Yes. Okay. Now w we will give us another location. 48,000 of revenue. Yeah. So the um, uh, WASO Oklahoma they did is same thing. That was 31,865. Gilbert, Arizona did 27,263. Yes. Um, let’s see, the twin falls, Idaho did 20,319, let’s see, West Jordan, uh, 19,575 and this is after one to two.

Three, four, five. This is after nine months. Nine months, 19,575 so that’s awesome. That was the guy, I said who’s crushing it. Now the thing is about himself, about these numbers here. One of the things that it kind of irritated me about tip top canine, when I first heard about the business model and started working with Brian and Rachel is it took me with the DJ business a long time to ever generate 50,000 a month of sales like yours. There’s so many dogs out there, man. And they’re doing this and like they’re doing this at nine months. Yeah. Um, Brett, how long did it take you to get to where you were doing? $40,000 a month of revenue? Was it years, years, decades. It took me, you know, it wasn’t until I was finally kind of making some money. Um, so about, you know, 13, 14 years.

So let’s say that you’re out there today and you’re contemplating buying a tip top canine franchise, um, a couple of disclaimers here. You buy one for your kid, Ryan, why can’t you buy a tiptop for your kid? Cause somebody out there is going, this is a great idea. I just finished paying for college for my kid. They still live on my couch. I want them to become a dog. It is a lot of hard work. And so whoever’s running it, they need to be sold out to it. And that’s one of the reasons why we go 60 hours a week for six weeks is because we want people that are workers. Cause it’s not just an easy, I work six hours a day, you’re going to have to hustle. You can make really good money, but it is a business. So why can’t someone be an absent owner?

Why can’t somebody be someone who buys the business for, for somebody else? They, they invest it and then someone else runs it for them because we’re dealing with living creatures. So all the responsibility needs to be on whoever’s running it. Got it. The owner. Okay. So now dr Breck, let us begin interrogating Ryan. Jason, let’s begin interrogating him. We’re gonna interrogate him here. So, um, I wanna I’ll, I’ll, I’ll start off here. If I were to buy a franchise, and I can’t because I don’t like dogs, but if I did and I was approved and I was trained, I was bonafide. I’ve been to six weeks of trading. What does my day look like? Like Monday? What does, what does Monday look like for me, Ryan? If I’m a dog trainer, well Monday you’re going to have a team meeting and you’re going to have a coaching call.

Okay. Right? So you’re going to meet with your business coach. Yup. Right. So all the locations, they have a business coach. And then if they have a team, Monday’s going to be their team meeting day and then after that they’re going to be working their bootcamp dog. So they’re going to start at like 7:00 AM pottying dogs potty and dogs feeding hot dogs. Yes. You say partying. Dogs not partying. What is, what is potty mean? So they’re going to let the dogs out of their, their, their kennels. They’re gonna take them outside. They’re going to make sure they use the restroom. Then they’re going to start to feed water, bathe, whatever the dogs need, take them on a walk. Um, so they’re going to care for them. Cause some we do in-home lessons where or lessons at a location where we do one on ones with the client.

But we also bootcamp the dogs and take them a group training. No, the bootcamp, they stay with us and we work two, three, four hours a day, every day or whatever they can take one-on-one or like four or five dogs at a time. Yeah. Four or five dogs at a time. Okay. And how much sales did Southlake generate? You sell them their ninth month, you said it was 40 something thousand dollars. That was our 12th month. $48,000. $48,000 of gross sales during their 12 month. Okay. Well Breck um, what questions would you have for rice? We’re going through the week, right? Kind of a week in the life of a tip top canine franchise owner. Yeah. So I mean, how much of it happens, um, like on location for individual owners versus uh, you know, having a facility or doing it in your own home?

Yeah, that’s a good question. So, um, the private lessons, sometimes some people have a facility and they do them at the facility, but most of them we go out to the client’s home where everything’s happening and we do them out there. And then the bootcamps we actually take to either a home, depending on the location of it or facility. And we train them there. And it’s a, it’s a pretty good split. It’s a half and half thing. So half or 60% of the people do the in-home privates. And then the other 40, 30%, they vary a little bit, but it’s similar to those numbers for most locations. We’re doing the bootcamp and taking their dog. Okay. I am, um, as we talk about this, um, I, my mind is blown because I, I think about the DJ business where we would charge you $600 for your wedding.

Um, and so Jason, you, you, you were recently married and, um, your wife, great lady was a great wedding reception. Your mother-in-law did a great job at it. Um, but I’ll tell you what, I can tell you that the stuff that happened, yes you were, you were looking handsome. Thank you. You still looking at me? You were looking no, seriously, you were dressed up sharp. Um, it was, it was at the botanical gardens. And by the way, that location, your wedding reception inspired the creation of our new building. We hired the people that built the botanical gardens to build our new building. So a lot of the look will be copied. Your, your, so you, you are the reason man. Inspiration. We go to the wedding reception and my son was deejaying there and behind the scenes, cause you’re a guide as you’re just, you know, getting ready for the wedding, talking to your buddies, you’re kind of casual.

The women, some of the women, Oh you’re stressed out. I never saw your wife. I didn’t see your wife. I didn’t see her. Um, but there was a lot of women who were like, Oh my gosh, where are the, where are the faces, where are the flowers? And I can tell you why. It’s because the bridesmaids were 30 minutes late. Okay. There was a lot. I mean it’s, there’s a lot of anxiety that was creeping up in that place. No palpable. And my son, I dropped him off. Now I’ll tell you, I’m just telling you this. Someone’s going to say, why did clay Clark drop dead at the age of 50? I’ll tell you why. Because I deejayed weddings homeys for years. So let me tell you what that looks like. One, you have to Mark it at bridal shows and on Google and yellow pages, and then the mother of the bride or the bride, typically the mother of the bride or the bride would call me and we’d want to do a better packages.

I had a script and a system. I book an appointment, a consultation where I would help them plan things like, um, so what time will your ceremony start? And no one’s thought about that. Okay, so what time can we get there to set up the sound equipment? And no one’s thought about that. When you come down the aisle, what song do you want to have played for the bridesmaids? And no one thought about that. What song do you wanna play for the groomsmen? No one’s thought about that. Do you? What time do you want, what song do you wanna play when the bride comes down the aisle? No one has thought about that. What music do you want to play when the guests are arriving? No one’s thought about that. Do you want to wear a lavalier mic? Uh, no one’s thought about that. Do you not want to wear one?

But then people can’t hear you? Are you sure you want to have your wedding reception at the golf club of Oklahoma outside in July? No one’s thought about that. And you go through and you plan this wedding and the bride says, I do want to have it in July outside in Oklahoma on the golf, the golf green. Now the, the day of the wedding comes and the brightest sweating the makeup melting off her face, melting off her face. Bad things are going on. And then you as the DJ and the sound guy are the hosts that the quarterback of this laser show. So the photographer is like, we need to start this right away because the bride is sweating and I’m going, yeah, yeah. Also, she’s wearing a super tight corset. She hasn’t, she hasn’t breathed in an hour she has a kid breathe and then every bride buys a dress that’s five pounds too small.

Yes. And they’re all like, I’m going to lose that weight. No, you’re not. I’m going to lose it with, no, you didn’t. And now that kid can’t breathe. It’s craziness. Yeah. And this was my life and there’s 80 of them every week in 89 it’s only taken 25 years of planning to this one moment. So no pressure. And I’m thinking the whole time, like I hope I don’t screw it up, but only am I having that thought. I’ve got 80 dudes DJ and they’re all calling me. Boom, boom, boom, boom. And I answered the phone. My phone number used to be (918) 519-4846. I hated that phone. I didn’t answer that phone. This is clay. What’s up clay? The sound is cutting out on the left speaker and the wedding starting in seven minutes. I’m going. Okay. I have to reattach to speak on cable. Yes. Have you hooked up the backup amplifier? No, I didn’t think so. Boss. Next call. Thank you for calling. This is Clive. What’s up? What’s the song you play after Billie Jean Rapper’s delight. Play that after budget matches only. Thanks. Next call, clay. I can’t find the party starter for what’s a sewn to get the crowd grown. There’s a lot of black people here.

They’ll say, Hey, we got a lot of Indian people at this wedding. What’s the one song? And I’m like, it’s kid to WIC. Play that song. Turn the light bulb dance next. It’s all night. It’s just craziness while you’re still trying to do your own thing and then they finish at four in the morning. Then you got to unload all the guys and what kind of man wants to be at this jockey? I’ll tell you, he’s a guy with a problem. They got some issues. It’s a pirate culture. So the guys come back at two or three in the morning. Go ahead, Brett. Browse. Bridesmaids were hot man, and these are real real situations. Sure. One of the guys, I said, dude, did you, what’s going on in your car back there? And he goes, what is that a bridesmaid in your car? Oh no.

Yeah. He’s like, Oh, I was going to bring her home after the like, no you’re not. But seriously guys, we’re bringing home bridesmaids in the DJ vans and you can see the dress in the background. I’m like, is there a bridesmaid in your car? I mean, this is real stuff. I mean, this is guys who are, are, have drank all of the margarita mix and then driven home. And I’m like, how did you get here? I don’t know man. Can I sleep at your house? I mean, it’s craziness. This is my life. So I mean, I made my money as a DJ, but dog training is hella easier than uh, trading, trading DJs. I mean, but it’s not easy. You got to learn a skill. It’s tough. Yeah. But you don’t have that wedding day feel. What are the challenges of owning a tip topic?

What’s the hard part? The part where you go, let’s not candy coat it. Let’s not sugarcoat it. What’s the part where you say, this is not what you have someone’s dog. Right? And that dog on Sunday, you still got to walk it. You’ve still got to potty it. Right. So where dr Breck, he doesn’t necessarily have to work the weekends. As a dog trainer, you’re going to have to work some weekends until you build your staff up. That’s just, it’s going to be seven days some. So that can be rough. Right now, obviously you get to choose what you sell in your mix so you can sell more private lessons and less bootcamps. But it’s, you know, so you have, we have a ton of medical issues, right? You have to, you have someone’s child, right? You have their furry child and do people actually view their dog?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah, they do. Yeah. How emotional do people get all the time? People were like, yeah, he’s really like a people person. And I’m just looking at him like that’s, it’s a dog. But people do, they do feel like it’s a person. Oh yeah, the dog or the owner w it’s pretty systemized right now. So it’s not that hard. Normally if it’s a really hard owner, sometimes we have to bounce him and that’s the one thing. So our system works really good. It’s sometimes I have to tell people no because of the dog, just a few percent of the time. And then sometimes I’m like, you’re not a good fit. It’s a little more, more often than not, it’s the owner. That’s the problem. Not the dog. I mean as far as being able to train them. Yeah, it’s both. It’s normally both.

Sometimes it’s just the owner and the dog. Super easy. Right. And then so like the other day there was two and I was like, Hey, at the, they were totally unrealistic. Right. And they have some monster German shepherds and I’m like, Oh no, I don’t think we’re going to be a good fit. And they’re super mad because they want to give me three grand to train their dogs. And I’m like, I’m sorry. It’s not going to, that’s tough. No full disclosure. You know the reason why my wife and I decided to team up with Ryan and Rachel and invest money in the franchising of this business is that I understand franchising and I get it. And there’s a lot of things that are not franchisable. I mean a lot like as an example, podcasting, if you’re listening right now, I’m telling you, you can right now pay thousands of dollars to attend podcast workshops.

True. And they will teach you about podcasting. I interviewed Mark Manson, the author of the subtle art of not giving an F on Friday and he said something in the interview that was so good, it was so hot. He says, it’s the orange covered book that you find in all the bookstores. He said, clay, people reach out to me all the time and ask me how I became a blogger with a million people on my blog every week or whatever. He said, people ask me all the time, and I say, step one is you need to do your first 50 posts and then come back and we’ll talk. But you’ve got to post like daily, you know, you gotta be, you gotta do your first 50 posts and then we’ll talk. And he said, only one person has ever come back. This is a guy who sold over 11 million copies.

11. Just so you guys get this, John Maxwell in his entire career has sold 20 million books. Wow. And he’s, um, you know, been doing this for 40 years. Mark Manson has only been on the scene for like just under a decade and homeboy has sold 11 million copies. Wild. Yeah. And he has spoken to huge groups all over the world. And people come up to him and say, Hey, I want to do what you do. I want to become a blogger that has a million and a half views every month. I want to be a bit of celebrity blogger. And he says, okay, well I will teach you the moves. I will personally carve out time in my schedule to help you, but I just need you to write the first 50 posts and one time it’s happened. So again, I’m saying this because blogging, I don’t know how scalable that is.

If you, if you reached out to me and said I want to build a podcast business, I would, I would tell you, I could teach you the technical skills. But Jason, after I teach the technical skills, what’s the problem doing the podcast every day. Yeah, that’s the hard part. So now let’s talk about the tip top. And this is so cool. When you buy the business, you also get the accountability, which in my mind pushes past the insurmountable of being on your own Island. So let me explain this to you. You have to, it’s in the franchise disclosure document. You have to advertise every week, correct? Right. So you can’t just buy it and then not launch ads. No, you have to. You have to. So the leads are going to start coming, but you want to, but you want to, a lot of people want to buy a franchise and not advertise, but you have to.

Right. But some people want to buy a business and not advertise. Jason, how many people have you worked with that are now doing well though? But think about clients that you’ve worked with who own a business that don’t want to advertise. Oh, there’s, there’ve been so many. But then now once they finally have the ads on and they’ve been running for a while, they realize cause like before, like, Oh no one’s going to my site. No one’s going to your site because there’s nothing pointing them to your site. So tip top canine, it’s in the agreement. You have to advertise. Correct. Um, how much money per week roughly is, is it 400 bucks a week or something like that? It’s 1500 a month. A minimum. You have to spend 5,000 a month on advertising, Google, Facebook, that kind of thing. So the leads start coming in.

So if you’re out there to do a Google search right now for Tulsa dog training, do a search for Tulsa dog training. If you live in the Tulsa area and you do a search for Tulsa dog training, I don’t know about you, but most people, according to Forbes, 90% of people read reviews before they hire a company. 90% of people. So tip top canine has 710 reviews. Uh, your nearest competition has 80. All right. Yeah. If you type in South Lake dog training, South Lake dog training, um, you’ve got a tip top canine with 281 reviews coming up the top there. So again, you talk about this, the phone’s gonna ring when the phone rings. Who answers that phone, right? Our call center, we have a scheduling center. So if I have a dog trainer, like you answered your own phone as a DJ, our dog trainers do not do that.

I’m so jealous of the system. That’s why I’m like, this is the business. That’s good. That can scale. So someone else answers your phone. Correct. And then someone books an appointment for you. Yes. So now all you have to do is show up. Yes. And wow, that person. Correct. And use the systems. Yeah. You just have to use the system while the person, and you’re should sell over half of them if we just follow the path. And you knew who I used to call Jason when I was in a bind doing the DJ business. Who? Jesus. Yeah. Direct line. Wow. No, I’m telling you this. This is real stuff. That’s what I would do. I’d be in the van and I go, Jesus. Um, I have 80 guys out deejaying right now, two of which can’t get their sound systems on. And if you could do something right now, that would be helpful because right now I feel like I’m ruining people’s weddings.

If there’s any way in, a lot of times this is what I would hear, but I never actually heard an audible response and I wanted to hear, all right, my son, who’s chosen to be a pirate for your profession, this is what you do. You plugged on the empty plug in the amplifier and I think there’s no tech support, right? When you own a tiptop, there’s tech support, right? When you’re stuck, you can call your coach about business systems and who can you call when you have dog-related questions? Yeah, you just call the office and they’ll make sure one of our head trainers calls you back. Mind-boggling. Mind-boggling. Now again, full disclosure, I want you to know this. If you’re out there listening, I am going to make 2% of whatever you make. If you buy a tip top canine. So if you’re doing a hundred let’s just say that you did 48,000 of sales last month.

If you bought, if you bought a tip top and you did 48,000 of sales, I’m going to make $960 okay? I’m going to make nine. That’s what I make. So if you do that 12 months a year, I’m going to make $11,520 okay? So that’s what I make. Now what you’re going to make, we can’t disclose that because how you manage your budget is entirely different than how I manage my budget. So like for this podcast, I personally produced the show myself. But Breck I’m sure you’ve seen this. I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen people that that uh, they could do it themselves, but instead they want a big staff. Absolutely. That’s actually one of the biggest problems with a startup chiropractic clinics is they want to look big before they are big and they get a nice big location, great signage. So all new equipment, big staff, and then nobody to treat.

And I could, I mean, Jason, we could have a huge entourage of people that could sit there and form committees with me and say, this is how the intro should be. This is how the intro shouldn’t be. And I just want all the listeners to know. When I produced the show, I personally do all the voices, all the music. I decide what sound clips go in, what sound clips come out. I’ve never seen anybody else touch the editing other than like when it freezes me. Okay, okay, fix this. Yeah, I do it because it’s my art. Right, right. This is your baby. But it could be an expensive thing. So again, we get into questions. Jason assume, let’s say for a second that you were, that you owned a tip top where you, you, you were thinking about buying a tip top can. What other questions would you like to ask for Ryan?

About a day in the life of a tip top canine dog trade or a week in the life of a tip top being a tip top canine franchise. That’s when it comes to people like running into problems. As far as a franchise owner, would you say the biggest problem between, I guess the two I’m going to give you is they’re not great with training the dogs or they’re not good with selling what tip-top has to offer? I, I would say the biggest one is not the selling. So even our people that came here and then they, when we worked sales with them, they were doing pretty bad once they got like 20 or 40 of them under their belt. Even the people that I thought like, Oh well I hope they’re going to do good. They’re all selling above sick. Most of all of our locations, they’re selling above 60% Oh wow.

Yeah. So even the people that had zero sales experience, they’re still doing good once they get confidence in the system. Yeah, I don’t think we have a lot of dog training. The bigger issue that I see is the entrepreneurial almost like shiny ball syndrome or they want to start customizing and doing other studies mean by this shiny ball. I understand that, but some people don’t. Yeah, they were like, you know what, I have an idea and I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This system works really good. I had a lot of ideas and did a lot of dumb things for a long time and we really refined everything. So if you will follow the path, it will work really, really good. And then once you’re solid in a few years and you have some ideas or you want to optimize it, then that’s when, but you need to just make sure you own this system like 100% and you’re not doing anything else.

Because a lot of the dog training is more like art, right? So like a lot of the top, um, competition trainers right now, they train dogs by themselves. You, um, Jason, you heard this, we talked to a person yesterday. It was a sad situation, but they were wanting to do something in their business that wasn’t needed at all. Just to have something to do. Oh yeah. And they said, do you recommend that I do this to my website? And I said, no, you won’t actually will increase your sales at all and it will make you perpetually busy. But you know, when you start a blog on your site, you have to tend to that garden once you put you, so the seeds of a garden, you’ve got to pull the weeds, you know, so if you’re going to write a blog, you got to update the blog, you know, and I’m telling this person, Hey, I know you want to do this, but this won’t make you money.

And the question was, why I just want to do something. Yeah. I don’t know. And your response was, well, there’s like a hard number we need to figure out in order to save your business. You could spend all the time making this new thing, finding that number. And they were like, and I had this conversation a lot. So again, if you’re out there and you buy a tip top canine and your goal is to get financial freedom and time freedom, if that’s your goal, okay. And you get there, the worst thing you could possibly do is come up with a new thing that doesn’t need to be done just to be creative. So if you’re looking for a creative outlet that is not owning the tip top canine well or any franchise for that matter. Right, right. Because that’s the whole goal of having a franchise is you don’t have to create the wheel.

It’s created for you. You just gotta follow the steps. It would be a lot like if you bought the music, just bought my daughter the sheet music for Taylor Swift’s new music by daughter buys the sheet music and it shows her the specific notes to play and the lyrics to sing. It would, it’ll be a lot like me playing entirely different keys with different lyrics and wondering why it doesn’t work or sound well. Sound good. You know? So what I want to do is Nathan, we have Nathan with complete carpet here. And Nathan, I would like for you to have an opportunity to steal Jason’s mic for a second and you can ask Ryan any questions that you have about owning a tip top canine franchise because there’s so, yeah, go for it. Yeah. So, uh, you know the van on dumb and dumber, have we considered wrapping a van?

We have a bright yellow van. Yes. I’ve seen it doesn’t look like that. I know it. So they have one of those in Branson, right? Oh yes. It’s almost an exact replica and it is amazing to do that. Look at this. I don’t want to put my goals on you, but, and then when it rains, it really does smell like what? No, this is cool. I’m looking at it right now. This Shagun we try to do stuff that’s highly replicatable and if it’s not, we don’t, uh, I don’t know any rap companies that actually would do that. Oh man. If you’re not going to do that, at least put carpet in your shower, put carpet in your shower. Yeah. Have you ever had to turn away someone who was interested in a franchise because they were like solely a dog person and had no people skills?

I mean like do you have to have a little bit about a lot of people? I’ve talked to a lot of people. You probably filters those people out on the phone to be honest. Yeah. Like where they’re just like so introverted or like reclusive because they’re like, I love dogs. I’ve dealt with probably dozens cause they’ll usually go to thrive time and reach out to me in some capacity. I would recommend, by the way, if you want to buy a tip top canine franchise or interested in learning more, go to tip top that’s tip top, Go there, fill out the form there. Um, but a lot of people have just reached out to me directly and it’s people that, um, like one particular guy, this was a fun story. He says it’s craziest call ever. He goes, I want to know how much are you going to pay me to open a franchise?

And I said, what? He goes, I want to know I’m a dog trainer. How much are you gonna pay me to train dogs? And I said, what? He goes, I want to know you. And he’s like getting really passionate. I’m like, so you want me to pay you? That’s what I’m saying. And I don’t think he understands that. Just because you’re a dog trainer doesn’t mean that Ryan and Rachel stroke you checks, right? The way it works is you pay money to buy all the stuff you need and then Ryan and Rachel make a percentage of the gross revenue and you have to follow the system. Yeah. Because basically we’re doing all of the work on the business and they’re paying us to do that so they can work in the business and actually run their business. This dude wanted to answer his own phone.

He’s like, Oh, I liked the whole thing, but I got to answer my own phone. And I’m like, that’s not the thing. No, you don’t want to man. So I’m working another day, I’m working a 90 pound aggressive pit bull that wants to bite me. So it used to be first I’m answering my own phone. So what am I going to do? I’m going to wait until I’m done or I’m going to pause and hope he’s going to be cool sitting next to me like no. So then I would get my van and then I would, uh, pick up the phone and try to call everyone back. All the calls I missed while I was training. And then if they call me back while I’m at my next appointment and it just didn’t work. So do you keep the dog on the outside, hold the leash through the door and you shut the door.

That’s the move right there. Give it to the client and be like, I gotta call this guy back real quick. I really need to schedule another appointment to chew my leg. So Nathan, I’m going to give you the floor here. You can ask any uh, questions that you want to Ryan about running a tiptop Kaylee questions you would have about running a tip top canine franchise. You know, you said that there’s a $43,000 franchise fee with that fee. How many dogs do I get? So you’d actually don’t get a dog with that. We do help people. Source dogs and your personal dogs is actually really important because you’re going to have a demonstration dog. Like, um, whenever I’m like on Saturday I’m showing people with my dog what he can do, right? That I am a professional trainer, that my dog has better obedience than any dog I’ve ever seen.

And so will you do need a dog and you need a high energy dog. Like we were at the boat show for 12 hours. It’s like you got to have a dog. It’s not just going to let you guys feed. Does not include the purchase of it does not include a dog. Okay. But it does include the manual. Does it include the training, the six weeks training? Yeah. It includes the six weeks training. It includes all your SEO, a grand opening, advertising, and it includes, uh, tons of gear, uh, crates, bowls, leashes, training, callers, online ads, online ads. Yeah. Tons of [inaudible]. Oh yeah. Everything you’re going to need to start everything. All of your gear will be shipped to the house. How much? Um, uh, what kind of dog do I have to buy to become a tip top canine dog trainer? Ideally, we’ve had the best luck with hunting field, trial type Labradors, Labradors, great attitude.

Awesome with kids. Um, our insurance as a dog trainer is high. So you w you can not have any sort of aggression at all in your dog that you’re taking over to people’s houses. And uh, this Labrador I rumor has it, they are Republicans. So amazing. What questions would you have? Labradors are awesome. They’re like, yeah, giant kids. We get a lot of them in the customer’s house that we’re cleaning. The, what is the biggest mind shift that you had going from running a tip top canine to, at franchising? So what was the big switch you had to do to make that switch over to where you’re now running it? Doing it every day, but now trying to teach others to do it well, so doing my like craft is really easy for me. I’ve been doing it for a long time, like 11 years or so now, maybe 12.

So yeah, so doing my actual job is a lot easier than sitting down and literally stepping out every single little thing I’m doing and systemizing every single little thing. Like my wife or clay would be like, Hey, you need to make the system. And I’d be like, Oh, I want to train this dog. Oh, this one’s so aggressive. I want to train this one. This was in school or whatever. So the systems weren’t sexy? No, not really. And then also when we first started, clay just helping me with like the consistency of ads, the consistency of the group interview that consists, he’s like a super consistent man. So just being consistent in every single little thing and systemizing every single little thing, even if it was boring. Um, and that was probably the hardest part. I want to help the listeners out there. I want somebody to get this idea, and maybe this is a reverse commercial as to why you probably wouldn’t like me, but here we go.

Um, when you have, think about your friends, think about the people you like to be around. Okay. They’re usually people that you share the same values with them. Check and you share time with them. But usually the most fun people to hang out with kind of bring a certain element of fun or randomness, kind of a playfulness to it. You know what I mean? If you think about who you want to hang out with, it’s like, you know, they’re there. They have the same values as me, right? I enjoy spending time with them, but they’re like fun. You know, it’s like you think about who you want to hang out with. They say, well, I would want to go skiing with them. Or Hey man, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with that person, it’s going to be fun because they’re just random. They enjoy variety, you know?

And most people that I know, when they think about their friends, that’s what they like. Somebody who’s, it’s like they share the values, they share time, but they liked the fact that this person, they could go out to Italian food with them or to see food and it would still be fun because they’re that kind of variety person. Right? Maybe someone you could travel with. Maybe if you’re a couple out there, maybe it’s another couple you could travel with or you could go see movies with. Well, um, to be a successful business person, you have to be, I have to have three character traits that are not normal. Um, one, you have to be very, very consistent. I mean, very consistent. Two, you have to have a very unique relationship with time. You have to be on time all the time. And three, you have to do what you say you’re going to do.

So like with your friends, if you’re like, dude, let’s go see a movie tonight at seven. I see a lot of people who are friends and they go, dude, I’m so sorry I’m running behind seven 10. But can we see a different movie or just come in after the trailers? Right. You see a lot of people that are like that. It doesn’t bother them. It’s like, Hey, let’s go out to dinner tonight at six and then your friend calls you at six Oh two I’m so sorry we’re running behind it. It doesn’t irritate anybody. That stuff kills me. Yeah. You know, and so for me, I’m naturally like a robot variable, very consistent where I just enjoy the same time, the same schedule, the same stop. And I would say Ryan and Rachel came from team normal where the idea of doing a group interview every single week is not normal.

And I would say if you talk to a hundred people out there and said, you need to interview people every single week, even if you’re fully staffed and you have like four people to call in the drawer right now, they would say in the beginning why? Or Hey, you need to never turn your online ads off. Even if you’re fully booked out and you can’t, you have a waiting list. Hey, you need to have a same meeting at the same time every week to look at your finances. Are you talking about me? I mean this is, but I mean this is for everybody. And I think that’s what’s interesting is that that um, eight time I quit doing it about, it’s about 12 years ago, but some buddies of mine from business said, why don’t we all go to Florida together? And I go, okay.

And Vanessa’s like, you should do it, honey, be fun guy time. You guys will go. And I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know. During spring break, I know this was, um, so bunch of dudes who we all had built multimillion dollar companies and we decided to go to Florida together to go to a conference and I’ll, we’ll get into the details. Sure. By the time we got back to Tulsa, every man hated me. I was gonna say, you’re not friends with any of them. It took me years to apologize for my behaviors on this trip because they were like, we said, we’re going to leave at 6:00 AM to go to the conference. And it’s like at six 10 and they’re not ready. And the first day I was like, guys, come on, we gotta go. But the second day I’m like, you a-holes move it.

And they’re like, well you’re not our boss. And I’m like, but anyway, but we went out on time and they were like, we hate you. You know. And it became a weird thing cause I’m fastidious about being on time. And again, if you’re going to buy a franchise, you’re not joining a military operation here. But there are certain things you have to do every week in the group interviews, word of them. And if you’re somebody who can’t grasp the idea that to get time freedom and financial freedom, you have to do the group interview where you have to look at your numbers every week or you have to follow the system. Don’t buy a tiptop, it’s going to be a bad thing for you because your coach’s job is to hold you accountable, keep you on the path, like the guard rails to keep it from going off the road. Nathan, what other questions do you have for me?

Yes. You said that some of the customers treat their dogs as if they’re their own children. Oh, I actually have seen, I think you’ve got a little one on the way, don’t you?

Yeah, so we have a two year old right now and then my wife,

she’s pregnant right now. So with this new knowledge, is there going to be a tip top baby, like you new training or did you just apply the dog training to the kids?

No, it’s a little different at step slightly, just slightly. I think that uh, um, by the way, I don’t know if you agree with this. There’s a science to raising kids and there’s a science to training dogs and that was one of the things that I learned the most from you guys. I was like, there is actually a proven path, right? So where the dogs are easier is that the dogs max out, like their emotional intellect level is, it’s debated but it’s somewhere between like a four to seven year old child range. And so they stay there where and so their worldview, everything else stays basically like a five year old child or maybe the smartest dogs might get up to like a seven year old. You don’t see like a dog freaking out because they don’t agree that you don’t see a dog wanting you to become a Bernie Sanders fan or a Trump supporter.

You don’t see them having a political or religious worldview mentally. They max out where the kids keep growing and so they change and your relationship with them changes come on dog that you’ve maxed out like max max down. That’s I am. Yeah. So that makes it a lot easier with dog training where the kids, they’re going to grow and you’re going to have to adapt. So in the training, like you’ve, you’ve put all this into a systematic process, like how many categories do dogs kind of fit into? So like you’ve talked about, you know, you might have aggressive dogs, you might have like the uh, the lap dogs. You might have, um, you know, sporting dogs or anxious dogs or like how many different categories does somebody have to like kind of be able to train, like to see, okay this dog fits into this category so I need to kind of go down this path versus they’re in this other category and I would approach it.

That’s a really good question. So there’s probably like 20 or 30 categories or different issues and different types of dogs, different breeds, energy levels. So you kind of breed specific to no, no, no, no. So our training is all systemized and basically what that enables someone to do, so say they’re teaching a dog to heal loose leash walk. So we’ve got 62 what to loose leash walk with a dog leash. They stay beside them, they stay beside them where the dogs shoulders lined up to my left leg or my left it. Got it. Okay. So I have a system and everyone is going to know exactly what to do with that dog. And then basically they’re using all their creative energy on the issues and the breed specific or the dog specific stuff. So instead of going in, in the beginning it was like was art and sort of like, how am I gonna do with this dog?

Well, I’ll try this, I’ll try this. So I know exactly how I’m going to teach the dog to jump on a box and stay right to do a doggy time out. And then if I have a dog that’s scared and they’re scared of the box, or they’re aggressive and they want to bite me, all my energy goes into problem solving. That takes a little bit of time. But that way I know exactly what I’m going to do on every, on my boot camps, on my lessons, all my creative energy goes into the hard dog with issues or the people with issues. Okay, so I want to buy a tip top canine. What are, after I’ve gotten trained a dry up and going, what are my first one to five hires? What are the thing that I’m going to be looking for so I can expand to, like you said, Sundays, you’ll just have to work all week until you’ve got the hires.

What are those hires that you’re gonna be looking for? Question. So the first hire is a, is going to be a trainer, right? So you’re training dogs, you’re like, Hey, I’m working 50 hours plus, um, I’m going to bring on a trainer and I’m going to start training them on the dogs that I have. Do you recommend that they find somebody and then train someone how to train dogs or someone who already knows how to train talks? Ah, we’ve not had good success with the people that already know how to train dogs. Yeah. They find a good person. Teach them to follow the system cause they’ve almost everyone’s art. And that’s why their business stays. Most dog trainers have themself in one or two helpers and they, even if they’re world class, that’s where they hire for character and then train the skill. Correct. So we’re hiring for character, we’re training for skill.

So first one, I maxed out on my time, on my hours. I’m going to start training someone on the system and then I’m going to start to move that person. As they do better and better, I’m going to start to move them into private lessons. Once they’re able to train the dogs quickly, I’m going to still stay on sales and then I’m going to my second person, I’m going to bring them in and start training them on the bootcamps too. Right? Um, and my, my first is going to be part time, bootcamps and part time private lessons, people’s houses. And you said training. Is that something that you expect the franchisee to do or is that something they send to you? Correct. So they’re going to train their own people. Oh, right. Bam. Yeah. Yeah. So if you’re out there today, again, you’re thinking about buying a tip top canine franchise.

Here’s the process. Step one, go to tip top that’s tip top, do your research. Look up all the reviews, look up all of the locations, look at the reviews for each location. Look for the good look for the bad. Do your research, maybe go to YouTube and type in tip top canine reviews, see what the customers have to say. Go in with a skeptical mind. Do not go in with a mind that believes that it’s a good idea just because you like this show. And I’ll just give you an example of why that is so dangerous to do that. Um, we live in a world now where you can pay um, people to say stuff you can pay. You can now pay people to say stuff. I think everybody knows that. But as an example, John, as a fun, fun gift to me, he reached out to a Bret farm and asked, uh, mr mr Brett Farve if Brett Farve would say some encouraging words to me. So I’m going to hit play. You can watch this video. This is Brett farm. Here we go. Brett farm.

Hey clay Clark. It’s your favorite gunslinger bread farm, just reminding you you are a great American cookie bread, I mean, great, thank you. So keep slinging those hail Marys. God bless.

There he is. And for those at home, can’t see on this audio only podcast. This is actually a video you can see of him. It’s not just like, no, that’s not a voice in person. But I’m saying as you can pay people, I mean, you know, again, um, Johnny has, he’s listened to the show. He probably knows that he’s not your favorite gunslinger. I will. Yeah, that’s the word. Well, let me say this real quick. Um, far Breck I had a inappropriate relationship with the Brett Farve character in my life when he, cause I just love the fact he never ever was sick. He always pulled, he never missed a game for injury. Like, I mean, cause that’s me. So he is your favorite retired gun and he was the guy. I just loved the fact that he would never miss a game. And I also loved the fact that he had the most interceptions and the most touchdown passes.

And so he was like me before systems. So Brett Farve was like an ode to my former self. He personified this idea of like, cause when I built the DJ business, at first I had no systems. I never was. I never would miss work, but I had no systems and I would just sleep. I was just gonna gunslinger and I would, some shows were good, some were bad, some were great, some were terrible. But I’m not going to stand. That was interesting. I’m not going to use a system, no way. Not using a system. I’m going to, every show’s good. Some shows are bad. And that’s when I changed to become a systems guy. Pardon me? Had to die. Oh, but it was the bad ones were from you or did you imply, I think a lot of guys do this, that the bad ones was, Oh, it was just the audience.

The next one will be good because I bought into that lie just like dog trainers could do the thing. I bought into the lie that, Oh, it was about audience. Um, for about three or four years. And then I started watching, uh, um, more interviews with Steve Martin where he was explaining that there is no bad audiences. There are just bad comedians. I started reading more about, uh, Jerry Seinfeld. I started reading more about Jim Gaffigan. I started reading more about these people like Spielberg who said, listen, if you make a good movie, it’ll move everybody. It’s not a bad crowd. It’s a bad movie. And I’m just going, Oh man, I got to, so long story short, Brett Farve when he retired I was like, no, no. And then he said I might come back. And I was like, watch like every night. I’m like, is he back?

Is he coming back? And he would go out to Hattiesburg and he was throwing footballs to high school players cause he might come back. And then when he went and signed with the Vikings, Vanessa bought me tickets to go see him. So I was like, I’m going to 47 or 46 yard yard line, like road tin. I watched him throw versus the Cardinals. And his coach at the time was Freddy Childress and I got the entire Metrodome to cheer fire Freddy for fire Childers fire Childress. Cause it was like, he was like, he was on the verge of getting fired. Right. And so my buddy Joe and I, we’d had way too many adult beverages. We’re like fire Joe dress. We got the whole Metro like 80,000 people intend. That happened. But we were really close to the sideline and I got a chance to see Brett and it was hilarious dude.

Some of the stuff like the stuff he would say cause you could hear him like it was awesome though. But yeah, I’m just saying we live in a world though where you can pay people to say stuff. Absolutely. And you shouldn’t want to buy a tiptop because you like the show, right? You should look at it for its merits and say, I don’t want to buy a tiptop because of the money up front because of the requirements to what I have to learn. Or you say I want to because of its merits, but don’t prejudge it. I’m just exposing you to that opportunity there. I think it’s a great program, a great idea, a great opportunity, but it doesn’t fit for me. I don’t have 60 hours a week for six weeks to get to it. I love dogs, I love people. I love to have a product that makes money but it still doesn’t work for me.

And that’s in Tulsa. So some people are like, I don’t know if I want to live in Tulsa for six weeks. It’s not that bad. But I mean if you want to join the hundred thousand dollar club, um, whether it’s by buying an Oxy fresh franchise or a tip top canine, I mean, um, you gotta you gotta find a way. What is the problem that you’re going to solve for this world in exchange for the money that you seek? And Jason, I wanted you to hop back on the mic here real quick to ask any final questions you had because again, somebody out there is thinking about reaching out to learn more about buying a tip top canine. And I just want to make sure that we ask some of those rude questions or questions on the outside of before we, they reach out by going to tip top I want to ask some of those questions that maybe people should ask before reaching out.

Yeah. So with the initial franchise fee of the 43,000 rent. Yes. Um, I know you probably get this question a lot, but, um, if somebody were, let’s say as diligence is clay, how many appointments would they have to do in order to make that back? And have you seen anybody do it within the first year? Again, it’s going to depend because we’ve had some people like, uh, the guy in West Jordan, Utah, like he is completely maxed out on his machine. Yeah. And so love that guy. He definitely can wear someone else. If they want to hire multiple people and get a location right off the bat, then it’s going to take extra time. So it’s really going to depend on the individual and how they want to structure it. And let me get a definitely doable. Let me give a, um, a franchise compliant, um, answer here real quick.

Let’s just say that your average dog that you trained was a thousand dollars. And again, you’re an average of 1700. Correct? I’m just making up a number. Let’s say after you make your own performance, you do the math, you realize, Hey, I’m gonna make 10% per dog. Maybe somebody else out there is listening to this. I can make 30% profit. Maybe that’s what else is 5% it’s going to be totally based upon your overhead, right? But if you do the math and you’re training dogs out of your house and you go, look, I can make the 10% profit. Let’s just say that was the case and your average dog was a thousand you could go out to a hundred dollars per dog of profit. Okay, so how many times does a hundred go into 43,000 and you didn’t do the math and kind of worked that way?

Somebody out there might say, ugly, a 50% profit margin. I want to train dogs out of my house and train them all myself. Okay, fine. And I’ve seen people go into an Oxy fresh franchise purchase with that mindset of like, I’m going to clean all the carpets myself. I’m going to keep all the money myself and I’m going to pay this thing back. We just had a, uh, Oxi fresh owner in Oregon. I think it’s in Oregon. Yes. In Oregon. Home of the world’s largest nude bicycle ride. Awesome. Are you aware of that? I wasn’t, but uh, what, what month is that?

I broke it cause people don’t believe me, Jason, there is this, it’s in Portland. World’s largest new bike ride by the way. I mean, what kind of seats are you, I’m looking at this. There they are. There. Sounds like a dangerous sport. It’s not the move. It’s a thing though. Bicycle wreck would be just be ugly, ugly. I got it caught in the spokes. But anyway, so what happens is this guy that would Oregon, he bought it Oxi fresh and decided to run it like a boss for three years with the game plan, I think to sell it. And on the last show Matt joined us and shared with us, Matt Klein was sharing with us that the guy has now sold his company. And so that’s a, that’s a move. Um, but again, if you’re out there today, we want to help you, but I don’t want you to buy something that’s the absolute wrong fit for you or your family.

So there is a vetting process. You go to tip top, tip top, You will inevitably speak with me and I’m gonna figure out what are your goals? Do you like dogs? What’s your vision? What? What do, what do you want to do with your life? Then we would schedule a discovery day for you to actually come to Tulsa, Oklahoma and to meet with Ryan and Rachel and they would figure out are you a good fit? You would ask if you’re a good fit. You’re going to see Ryan and Rachel train dogs. You’re going to meet their head trainers, your it’s hands on. It’s not going to actually train dogs with us, right? You’re going to see Ryan actually work with real customers. It’s not a classroom setting. Right? Then after you go through that, if they decide to award you a location, then you have to sign a franchise disclosure document and your, you have to have that document in your hands for 15 days before you’re allowed to even sign that thing.

So don’t think this is like, I heard the show today, sign up tomorrow. This is about a several month process. I’m the fastest you could move forward would be about 30 days cause you’re going to do that initial phone call, received the franchise disclosure document, fly out, there’s a vetting process and we have to have time scheduled cause we can only train a few at a time. That is the move. And I would say see you want to check to see if your territory is open, if your correct location is available. Cause right now in Oklahoma we’re pretty much almost booked out. Yes. And so let’s say in the show with the boom where you guys, yeah. So as far as if somebody wants to do this and their territory is open, I mean, is this something where they could, uh, take a business plan to a bank and finance, they just don’t have the 43 or $50,000 to kind of get started?

I would advise against that. That somebody could do or is it more they need to come with their money? I would advise against that and I will just tell you why personally. Yeah, you can do it. But I would advise you because not having any money at all yup. Saved is an indication of a habitual nature. Um, where you, if you haven’t saved any money at all in your life, it’s, it’s 48,000. And so I would recommend that you’d be the kind of person that has saved up about that much money and you might get a loan for part of it or some of it. But if you have to have this thing work, like if this is every dime you have and you put all your chips on this and you have nothing saved, it’s too emotional to have you run it. I mean it’s like when you agree, right?

I mean it’s very emotional. Especially different locations are different amounts of time to rank on Google. It’s true, right? So that means our lead flow is different in the first three to six months and we can’t like guarantee uh, exactly how they’re going to start up. So if they’re at zero on the very beginning and they have to weather a storm, like one of our locations in Michigan, they’re rocking it right off. Right. Well the guy in Utah, he had a pretty slow start right off the bat. We don’t have any idea why Michigan started off so well to do the exact same plan right away in Michigan. Leads are coming in. Yeah. It’s like the market was hungry for a tip top. Where in other markets there might be stiffer competition. I just never want someone to become a pressure cooker entrepreneur as a result of me.

Yeah. So maybe you save up money for a couple years and then reach out and I’d say we at least want to have half down. If you’re gonna borrow money. Sure. Just don’t get in a spot where you’re cash poor as you’re trying to train those dogs. Yeah, that’s good. I think it’s now time to end with the boom. Without any further ado, Jason, are you prepared? Oh yeah. Dr. Becker, you chiropractically prepared. Okay, and Ryan are you, are you ready? Are you ready to bring the boom? I’m ready. Here we go without any further idea to make sure we step back from the mic. So I was my, sorry. Here we go.

I am Ryan wipey and I’m Rachel and beak and the name of our business has kept tapping. Our business is a dog training business. We help people with behavioral issues and teach their dog how to, when I was learning to become a dog trainer, we didn’t learn anything about internet marketing or advertising or anything at all. Just dog training and that’s what’s so great about working with clay and his team because they do it all for us so that we can focus on our passion and claim. His team here, they’re so enthusiastic. Their energy is off the charged. Never a dull moment. Very great. We’ve been working with clay and his team for the last five months, two of which has been our biggest months ever. One our biggest gross by 35% Clay’s helped us make anything from brochures to stickers, new business cards, new logos, scripts for phones, script for emails, script or text message scripting for everything.

How I would describe the weekly meetings with Craig and his team are awesome. They’re so effective. It’s worth every minute things get done. We’ll ask for beings like different flyers and they’re done before our hours now, so it’s just awesome. Extremely effective. If you don’t use clay and his team, you’re probably going to be pulling your hair out or you’re going to spend half of your time trying to figure out the online marketing game and producing your own flyers and marketing materials, printed materials, all the stuff like that. You’re really losing a lot as far as lost productivity and lost time. Not having a professional do it has a real sense of urgency and that actually knows what they’re doing. When you already have something that’s your core focus, can you already know? You can also be missing out with all that financial freedom that you would have working with clay and his team.

We would recommend clay and his team to other business owners because they need to be working on in their business, not just trying to figure out the online game which is complex and changing daily so no one has a marketing theme to most people don’t. They can’t afford one and their local web guy or a local person that they know probably can’t do everything that a whole team and a whole floor of people can do and hours and not just weeks or months. There’s a definite sense of urgency with clay and his team. I used to have to ride other web people really, I mean really ride them to get stuff done and stuffed has done so fast here. People, there’s a real sense of urgency to get it done. Great.

I’m Rachel with tip top canine and we just want to give a huge thank you to clay. Vanessa Clark. Hey guys, I’m Ryan with tip top canine. Just want to say a big thank you to thrive 15 thank you. To make your life Epic. We love you guys. We appreciate you and really just appreciate how far you’ve taken us. This is our own house, right? This is where we used to live. This is their old neighborhood, right? So this is my old van and our old school marketing and this is our old team. And by team, I mean it’s been another guy with our neighborhood.

This is our new van with our new marketing. And this is our new team. We went from four to 14 and I took this beautiful photo. We worked with several different business coaches in the past and they were all about helping Ryan sell better and um, just teaching sales, which is awesome. But Ryan is a really great salesman, so we didn’t need that. We needed somebody to help us get everything that was in his head out into systems, into manuals and scripts and actually build a team. So now that we have systems in place, we’ve gone from one to 10 locations and only a year

in October, 2016 we’ve got us 13 grand for the whole month right now, 2018 the month of October. It’s only the 22nd we’ve already grossed a little over 50 grand for the whole month and we still have time to go. We’re just thankful for you, thankful for thrive and your mentorship, and we’re really thankful that you guys have helped us to grow a business that we run now instead of the business running us. Just thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Times a thousand.

We really just want to thank you clay, and thank you Vanessa for everything you’ve done. Everything you’ve helped us with. We love you guys.


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