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“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney

Small business, poor quality

  • Poor Customer Service is costing businesses more than $75 Billion a year.


  • 14% of startups fail because they ignore their customers. 17% offer an un-user friendly product. 23% do not provide the right team.


  • According to Entreprenuer.com – “To a customer, your support team is your business.”
  • 90% of customers who are not satisfied will leave rather than telling you so that you can fix the issue.

https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/313463 (Stat specifically from a clinical psychologist and innovator at Talk Desk)

  • 92% of customers would switch to another company after three bad experiences.


  • 66% of B2B and 52% of B2C customers stopped buying after a bad customer service interaction.(2013)



  • “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett


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Grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind-expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes. Yes, yes. Oh, and yes. Andrew, on today’s show, we’re talking about a subject that I’m passionate about. That subject is don’t just, just don’t Suck, I can’t you almost say it just don’t suck. Ugh. Just don’t suck. Quality leads to quantity. Josh Living Water, irrigation. How long have you been doing the living water irrigation business that you started? Uh, we’ve been in business about two years now. All right. Let me just throw it out. Uh, I don’t know your business in terms of like, I don’t, I’ve never hired you, so I’m just speaking about it. Just objective. Only like a block of wood, like a, like, I don’t know you, it’s a nameless, faceless, nameless, faceless company. Your company is living water. Irrigation. Okay. My company’s elephant in the room. But let’s look at it objectively. If you came into the elephant in the room today, my business, and you came in and you got a bad haircut, would you come back first time in? Yeah. First. All we did for the first haircut’s a dollar. Would you have come back? No Sir. Interesting. Andrew, would you come back first time into a haircut place? The first haircut’s a dollar and it’s a bad experience. Would you come back? No. Why? Because it’s the first impression.

This idea escapes a lot of people. Let me give an example. Ah, you know, I was trying to put in a pool or something. I talked to, to Poole vendors that I thought were good. You know, I called [inaudible] guys, I’m not exaggerating, I’m not making up a number here. I’m not going to say I can’t say I called, you know, dozens of pool companies. I did call at least 10, I would say, uh, caught in called dozens though. And I, I thought I’d call them all and leave a voicemail if they didn’t answer no guys up. People that I called Oh. Less than like I think five, maybe six of that elite group of 10. Call me back at all. Now this is what’s cool. One guy says, I’m going to come out there and get you a quote. My process is I come out there, I’ll get you a quote and I’ll tell you what it is and talk about if it’s fair and if you want to move forward, you know, we’ll do it. I set a specific time to meet on Saturday. Josh, he didn’t show up. No, I’m just curious. Would you hire the person who doesn’t show up for the very first interaction? No Sir.


no. Andrew two two, two of the of the companies did show up on time too. There we go. We’re talking about guys at a 10 we’re down to like six that even maybe call you back and then two that show up on time guys. I mean sometimes the key to winning is just not sucking. Another example, I’ve got a client I work with WHO’s a dentist and he said, can you mystery shop other dental practices for me? I’d like to know how they’re doing, you know? So sure. So I called the competition. Here’s one dentist man. They did a great job, Andrew. I played the call, the calls, they re record the calls for quality assurance. They answered the phone professionally. They asked how you heard about us, they say, uh, so I asked you how much do you charge? And the knaves responded. Uh, we have a lot of different options.

But let me ask you this real quick. How’d you hear about us? They followed the script. Andrew. So good. Isn’t it amazing that they’re growing? Yeah. Once you follow your system and follow your scripts and follow your processes, you’re going to grow. It’s a minute. So again, I see a lot of mortgage professionals, a lot of real estate agents who get leads and they don’t call their leads. Is it shocking that they’re not growing and they don’t call your leads? Now, Andrew, you have been co coaching, consulting, working with clients now for awhile. Yep. Uh, and I know all your clients are great, right? But if you had to speculate, what percentage of the business owners that you’ve shadowed and seen in none of our clients, now we’re talking about when the past that Veritas deepened the past, what percentage of them just never call their leads?

I mean, just ever, I don’t know, like 160 or so. Uh, and you 65% don’t call their leads. 65% do not call their leads. Really? I would say it’s pretty negative. It is, but true. That’s very true. Now what’s cool is all of our clients do call their leads. Now we’ve got a great, great young people. Now I have to think about papa gallows. They call their leads. Oh yeah. I like to think about justice. A tumbling may call their leads, like to think about Thomas and full package media. They call their leads. I don’t like to talk about other people who don’t call the leads. Josh, why don’t people call their leads?

You know, it’s really funny. It’s a real world example and this may help somebody out there listening to this show. Here we go at least once or twice a week I get a job. I sign a contract simply because I show up like not because of the Google reviews, not because of our processes are just showed up. Like I literally just knocked on the door. The homeowner walked around the yard with me and said, well, the other three guys never showed up. One never called me back. This guy said he was going to be here and then he had a flat tire and then the next time his grandma died and the third time was grandma died again. And uh, so we’d like to go with you. So this is great for other contractors out there. Just show up, just call your leads, call them back, say hey, love to set an appointment with you, be on time for the appointment dress. Well, I understand where we were, boots and jeans when we’re contractors, but you know, maybe don’t spill a bucket of paint on you and then go to a sales call.

No. If I ask, if I ask for, um, examples, if I ask for examples of things that people need to do that will help grow their business. Um, Andrew, they’re easy to come up with a ton of examples, but I want to, uh, I’m just going to fire off examples. Yep. And then taught, uh, Josh, I’d like for you to explain how I’m implementing this move has helped your company grow. Yes sir. Cause these are things that we need to do. We, we just, it’s important that we just don’t suck. Okay? We have, we have to do it. Okay? So you have to get Google reviews from a real client shipped to gather objective Google reviews from real clients because it’s part of the Google Algorithm that affects your search engine rank. Someone might say, well, that’s not true. I ran it on a blog. Okay, you’re wrong. But the point is, when you get reviews, um, how has that helped your company?

So undeniably daily. So unlike the other one where we just show up daily, we get jobs solely because of the volume of our reviews. So we have three times more reviews than anybody and all of our five stars, which is awesome. But just simply by going out on a daily basis, when we finish the job, we ask for a review and they give us her view. But not everybody does. But I wish everybody would. So we give reviews and people simply say, well, we saw the overwhelming amount of five star reviews that you have. So we’d like to go with you.

Now let’s think about this. So I’ve got Google search, living water irrigation right now. Yes sir. Um, I shouldn’t Tulsa living water, irrigation, Tulsa. You have 212 reviews. Um, if I Google Sprinkler Repair Tulsa, it looks like you come up top in Google. That’s affirmative. Have you grown in the last couple of years since you’ve been listening to this show? And uh, I received one on one coaching and gone to workshops.

Yeah. So like since before I met you.

Yeah. How have you grown at all? I mean it all. Any,

so we have done a, what’s real world numbers were up a 700% since the first time I heard you talk.

Now the no brainer. No brainer. You got to have a no brainer. I deal so good that people almost can’t say no to it. It’s just people say I just, I don’t know if I’ve been wanting to, but I have to. I gotta fill out the form. Why not? Might as well don’t you want the customers? They might as well. I mean, I got nothing to lose here. Um, you know, since you come up with, since you came in with a no brainer, we talked about the no brainer probably eight weeks ago here in the studio. Uh, can you tell the listeners what your no brainer is and how it’s impacted sales?

So are no brainer is a $1 service call. So a, all the competition including us, charge a arrival fee to come out to your home to take a look at your sprinkler system to diagnose it and do your payers. So as opposed to the standard $75 call that we used to have before, a lot of other folks are 85 or $95 somewhere in that area. So now as oppose that $75 charge, we charge $8.

Okay. So let me throw this out here for you. A lot of people say to me and say, Clevis, Clevis, gosh, I want, I know I need to write the content on my website, but I am so busy and I don’t, and I just don’t like to, I don’t like to, I have anxiety, I am stressed, I’m overwhelmed. I just don’t want, I want, I want to get to reviews. I want to do, I do. I want to, I know I want to get reviews. I want to write the content. I want to call my leads. I want to do it. I want to make a no brainer, but I just have anxiety. I just don’t suck, I come over well. I’m all right. A little, a little, a little thought to hear a little, just a little. Dot. Um, I’ve hired a lot of people throughout my lifetime at this point, you know, over a thousand probably.

And Andrew, you know, every time I hire an employee I’ve noticed patterns. Yup. Like go. Whenever I hire, I’m a white guy. Somebody up on white people. Okay. It’s time I’ve ever hired a white guy. Ever. Ever. I got a 50, 50 chance he’s not going to get it done. White guys, just in general white guys. It’s a pretty rough, rough, rough group there. Let me tell you why. Entitlement. Daddy had some money. Daddy has a trust fund. Daddy was a doctor. Son Doesn’t want to work too hard, sudden wants to talk back. Son has a degree. Did has a degree. Dad, as a dad, he has a degree. Dead paid for your degree. Now your entitlement, you know, had a landscaping company. Guess what percentage of the white employees agreed to mow the lawns? Uh, I’m going to be negative and goes in the euro.

Right? Every single one. I’ve wanted to be a manager. Crazy. Nice. Now, uh, I’ve hired the subset of the white people that I’ve never had a problem with is Mormons. Every single Mormon I’ve ever hired just works hard. A work as unto the Lord. Kind of hard. I’m not a Mormon, but it’s unbelievable. The work ethic there. It’s crazy how they don’t say, oh I have anxiety that keeps me from making phone calls. Yeah. Cause they’re not allowed to drink. I have anxiety. Yeah. Because they’re not worried about who’s pregnant today. Why they don’t have things. Why don’t they have anxiety? Yeah. Cause they, they’re not coming to work trying to quit their newest addiction. You have it. Why don’t they have anxiety? Because they’re not trying to stop vaping and dealing with the paranoia and the tension of wanting to find more vape supplies every five seconds.

Well, they find out they have anxiety because they’re not trying to kick it addiction. Why don’t they have anxiety? Because they’re not cheating on their spouse. Why don’t they have anxiety? Because they’re not dating people. They’re not married to on the weekends while being married. Why don’t they have anxiety? They don’t feel cognitive dissonance. You feel bad. It’s a consequence. It’s how it’s supposed to work. You’re supposed to feel bad when you do the wrong thing. If you know you need to get Google reviews and you don’t get Google reviews, you should feel like a pathetic loser because you are a pathetic loser. That’s the point cause and effect, man. Josh, another thing on your website, I’ve noticed you decided to put a contact us button on your website top right, right there. Yes sir. I’ve had entrepreneurs fight me going, I don’t want to put my phone number on the top left to my side or the contact us button there and I’m like, why?

I don’t like it. Everyone does it. You don’t like putting your phone number on your site because Ah, John doesn’t have a megaphone today, but I remember we were dealing with a company in the medical, the medical industry that had ads that ran to a page where they would not put their phone number or their address and right. No one’s coming to our place. I know cause you’re a freaking hospital. God just unbelievable. I don’t want, I have anxiety. Cloudy. Find time to get it done. Listen, you want to talk about some anxiety? When I write books, I have anxiety. I hate reading and writing categorically. I hate reading. Am I reading? I it takes me for, it takes me forever to read and retain. I am done with reading books and then not knowing what it was about. That was called college. College was cool.

I’d, I read a book last night. What’d you get out of it? Some good things I’m done with going to church and coming back and saying, what’d you get out of it? Some good things I’m about applying what I learned. Knowledge without application is meaningless. And so if you’re out there and you’re just listening to have a, the reason why we do this show free show is to help you achieve your goals. Now you might be saying, ah, I don’t, I don’t want to achieve my goals. I just like to laugh. Oh Wow. Might be the wrong show. Can I offer something? Offer it, please. So this is what I hear all the time. Well, that wouldn’t work in my industry, my industry. So you don’t understand kind of industries, by the way, have you heard this kinds of these, cause it’s, I hear it from my own, I hear it.

I’ve heard it in a lot of medical, lot of medical people say, well, I’m a doctor. I just would never work. What kind of industries do you hear this? And just cause there’s somebody out there, I want to have this issue solved for you. So there’s a, uh, he used to be competition. Not really anymore. Sorry. That was rude. Um, so he, he didn’t think it would work in the sprinkler industry. Oh yeah. I’ve got a guy just talked to a couple of weeks ago who said that it’s not applicable in the lawn industry when going yards. Um, hey, real quick on the lawn story. Yeah, I had a client, funny story. Uh, you know, when we work with clients a lot of times I helped them, I helped them manage your online reputation. I let them know, hey, we got to get reviews, we’ve got to make sure we got a good review of good, good reviews from real customers online.

And I said, hey, there’s somebody on here just hating y’all every day, every day. Like everybody, somebody who’s always hitting you everyday like a new hater, but like big hater, like they got a lot of time on their hands and it’s not like some of your customers, it’s like all of them. So I just need to know, I need to resolve this in this meeting. Why does so many people hate your service? You know? Because for me, typically quality leads to quantity and landscaping and other industries and they go, well one of our guys had to pee so we peed in the morning and their lawn. And I’m like, okay, fair enough. And I’m like, was he facing the window at her? Like, yeah. And I’m like, how do you talk to him about not showing his unit? And they go, well we talked to him.

He said he would try, but he just, I guess he just had to go, he’s got an overactive bladder or something. And their answer was, we have talked to him about this before, but he must have an over black overactive bladder or something. Well the customer’s the boss cause we can fire you, the customer will fire you, the customer is going to fire you. Just like buying from somebody else. And it was crazy stuff. I’m like, did you actually over invoice people? Like they said, did you actually charge people more than you said? Oh yeah. But there was a unique situation I’m like called every time. Yeah. It’s really hard to bid in our industry. It’s hard to get accurate quotes. Josh. I mean, I see a lot of landscapers fight me over these things. Yes sir. Why? Um, I, I think it’s just here to use your term Jackass or oh, check ass.

Right? And people just flat out don’t truly sincerely want to succeed. They just want to make excuses. Yeah, just don’t suck cause quality leads to quantity. Let me quote a Walt Disney hero quick. I want to end the show on a high note from Walt Disney. He says, whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, not paying. And lawns, when people see you do it, they want to come back and see you do it again. Well God, he fell but ping in our backyard. He just told me if unit, let’s have him do it again. No, that’s weird. Look honey, this company gets bad reviews. We should call them. No, I’m talking about people. See you. It says whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again.

And I want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do. That is how it works. Nothing sucks more than sucking. You know what? If you want to be a selfish person today, if you want to be selfish, Andrew, if somebody out there says, I want to be selfish, I want to take a photo of myself, post it myself, I’ll selfie. I want to make as much money on my cell phone, my cell phone for my, my goal was fun by myself. I said, wow, how do I do it? The most selfish thing you can do is to over deliver every time. Just wow your customers. Even if you hate your customers, even if it’s just a game for you. I worked two years ago with a dentist. One time I asked him, I said, you like being a dentist? He goes, I hate it.

You hate me and a desk. Ah, yeah. I hate it. Hate the human mouth actually. Why do you do it? A lot of people don’t brush your teeth, so it’s kind of goldmine is how I look at it. You know, you go down that gold mine, you get in there, you’re, you know, blowing up rock digging down there looking for gold. You know, people sacrificed their lives to get gold. I only got to go a couple of inches, you know, deepen their, but I hate it. I hate that. Hate the human mouth. Hey, hey. I’m like, you hate being a dentist. Yup. But I do. It pays a lot. What did you, I’m like when did you discover the passion for dental school? You know, I never did have a passion. Don’t like it at all, but you wouldn’t know. I have no idea cause he’s like always happy when patients walk in.

Hey, good to see how you guys do. Great to see you know, upbeat guy. But I’m like, do you like me to Dennis? No, we got into it. I’m like, seriously, you don’t like it? He’s like, clay, what other job can I work? Three and a half days a week and it’d be respected in my industry. He’s like, all of us are closed on Fridays and we all leave early on Thursdays too. He’s like, I’ve worked three and a half, four hours for four days a week and I don’t even really get done. Even, sorry, he let my employees get there before me. I just show up my first patient and I don’t take a lunch. I leave around three or four, I make a ton of money. And I’m like, so that’s why you’re a dentist. Oh yeah. I’m just a young guy and I realize I can make a lot of money goldmine in those teeth, you know?

And I’m like, God, it’s awesome. It’s amazing. You know, you don’t have to like love what you do. I remember I interviewed a guy years ago, a professional athlete who told me he did not like his pro sport. I won’t mention his name because it’s kind of private conversation and I’m like, you were one of the best of all time at that thing. And he said, I don’t like it though. I’m like, so do you ever let go now that you’re retired and go see the pro game, do you watch him? Nope. Not really. Why? I don’t like the game. I don’t like it. I just was good at it. I really don’t like the game. No, not at all. Well, why you do it? Oh, you’re a freak athlete and make a lot of money. I can do it. I want, you know, no, I don’t want to do it cause I didn’t like doing it.

Then like he’s like, what other career could you give up 10 years of your life and retire with millions of dollars in the bank and then do it everyone. I mean, I’m like, that’s a good point. You know? So a lot of times you just have to do what you don’t want to do, right. Do what you don’t want to do. So good. If you want to do you want to grow your business, the most selfish thing you could possibly do for yourself this year is to over. Cause when you overdeliver, eventually you will be overpaid. My name is Clay Clark, but at the end of the show with the boom, Andrew, are you ready? So ready, Josh, are you ready? Absolutely can’t do it yet. If you’re other and you live in Tulsa and you have a sprinkler that needs to be repaired, you have a lawn. How many people out there by show of hands have a lawn co put your hands up.

Come on. I know, I know. I know you’re driving right now. Going to. You can’t even see like, oh, I can see. All right, I, I put it up. Come on. Wait. Okay. If you’re right there driving your car right now and you have a lawn, put your hand up. Great. Now if you’ve got a dollars, if you’ve got a dollar in your pocket right now, if you’ve got no one in your pocket right now, put your other hand up while driving. No, no. We’re work with be on this. Seriously. They think about this for a second. Now, pull her in the shoulder when you’re both both hands up to time it, right, but why do you have to do sprinkler maintenance? Why should you pay the dollar to have somebody just look at it before it blows up every year? The most important thing is you’re just going to save water.

Every, the, the absolute positive, most important thing is just preventing any major breaks, any major problems. So you don’t have major repairs and major water loss and then your yards dead. I’ve seen somebody actually who had a leaking sprinkler system, they didn’t know about it for years. Oh, can it totally ruined their foundation. Excellent. That’s it. That’s the thing that can happen. That’s the thing. Had a guy I know fairly well at its big Sinkhole, I’m sure you’ve seen this before with water’s leaking and eroding the soil underneath the surface to crazy like car size sinkhole. Like boom. I’m sure you’ve seen that kind of thing. I’ve seen that. I’ve seen a, a person to have like an animal that got into their uh, you know, start gnawing away at things and broke it all and it just collapsed in the winter. I mean, it’s a dollar. It’s a dollar. Why would you not cloud live in Michigan? It might be worth it. I go, what’s the website there, Josh? It is living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot Com one more time. So somebody out there was trying to put the hand up while they’re trying to wave the dollar, and there’s a lot of stuff going on there. Living Water, irrigation. OK. Dot. Go. Alright, here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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