Just Say No to Jackassery and Socialism | Confronting the Uncoachable Mindsets That Produce Poverty with Josh Spurrell CPA

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Dr. Breck Kasbaum and Josh Spurrell the Canadian CPA join us to confront the uncoachable and cash killing mindsets that cause 96% of businesses to fail. On this SPECIAL show Clay is joined with 25 + guests.

Clay Clark attempts to coach the “The Uncoachables” on how Google works, the importance of the group interview and that a business exists to serve the owner.


How Google Ranks Your Website:


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20 (The Bible Verse)

Potentially Uncoachable Moments:

  1. Calling their leads – Yoda – Step 7 Page 139
  2. Calling recording – The Old – Step 7 Page 139
  3. Firing people – Epic Voice – Step 8 Page 168 (Elon Musk Quote)
  4. Online marketing – Redneck – Step 6 Page 121
  5. A business exists to serve the owner – English Voice – Step 11 Page 175 
  6. Gathering Google reviews – Ladies Man – Step 5 Page 118

FUN FACT – “Almost 90% of consumers said they read reviews for local businesses.” – https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2019/01/15/online-reviews-and-their-impact-on-the-bottom-line/#6a0510d35bde 

  1. Writing content – Ladies Man – Step 6 Page 130 
  2. Google reviews – Arnold
  3. Tracking – Gerardo 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Use it! You must review your Scorecard every week to ensure that you’re on track for your vision. The real magic of using a Scorecard is not limited to managing it on a weekly basis. You will soon see 13 weeks (three months) at a glance, which enables you to see patterns and trends.”- Gino Wickman, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

  1. Keeping a schedule – Gerardo  

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” – John 8:44

  1. Spending money on SEO 
  2. Call recording – Aunt Mabel
  3. Accountability – Aunt Mabel
  4. Hiring the right people – The Pirate
  5. Consistent meetings – Rock in your  schedule – The Mentally Impaired Man
  6. Daily planning – The Fabulous Cowboy
  7. Training – Yoga Studio Guy
  8. Invoicing – The Fabulous Cowboy
  9. Tracking Numbers / Sharing Financials – Batman
  10. Merit-based Pay – Nervous Garth
  11. Using Accurate and Consistent File Nomenclature – The Surfer
  12. Having a Weekly Team Meeting and/or Daily Huddles – The Italian Mafia Boss
  • The importance of knowing your numbers.
    1. Entrepreneurs work 63% more than employees (Real Business) yet entrepreneurs make less than employees 61% of the time (Fundera)
    2. Ultimately this leads to 9 out of 10 businesses failing (Forbes)
    3. 29% of the time failed businesses owners will say they run out of cash which makes running out of cash the second most common reason for going out of business (Palo Alto)
    4. Most people never see what happens to failed business owners. They just see a sign taken down at a location one day and think that the situation is like a video game where you can hit the reset button. As a CPA I have to continue to complete tax filings for these business owners for at least a year or 2 after in most circumstances. I see what actually happens to these business owners after someone goes out of business. I can tell you that the results are usually ugly. Significant life savings are lost, families often break up over it, and significant mental health issues become common.
  • The 10 biggest mistakes that most small business owners make with their accounting. 

1 – The most common mistake I see is the same mistake that is likely affecting every area of their business is that they can not keep appointments. This includes keeping appointments with themselves and their accountant to review their numbers. My millionaire clients rarely miss appointments but broke clients often have emergencies that prevent them from making their scheduled appointments. I had a client who I worked with for years, who was in the middle of selling his business for a 7 figure payout. He was having kidney issues that caused significant swelling. He gets out of the hospital and shows up to my office looking like Rocky after a fight rather than miss his appointment.

2 – Not having separate business and personal accounts.

3 – Using accounting software too early. If you are a solopreneur, all you need to do is keep separate business accounts. Print your statements out every month, review them, make notes on  them, and then hand those statements into your accountant at the end of the year. If you don’t have enough work to hire your first employee you need to be spending more of your time on selling rather than learning QuickBooks.

4 – Once you have employees – Not hiring an accountant or professional bookkeeper to help them during the year not just at year end once they have employees. The software companies make you think that the programs are easy to learn but that’s a lie. I hire university graduates with a 4 year degree in accounting and it takes a minimum of year working for me full time before I am somewhat happy with their level of competency. Yet we get business owners who think they can learn accounting or their spouse can learn accounting in a weekend. It’s common for us to get a business owner who has a spouse who quits their job bringing in $3,000 to $5,000 a month to do the books. Then we take a look at their work and tell them that we can do a better job for $200 to $300 per month. When you are a business owner you need as much time devoted to playing offense as possible.

5 – Once you have employees – Not reconciling all the accounts and updating the accounting records each every time you run payroll which will likely be every week or bi-weekly.

6 – Once you have employees – Not reviewing a 6-month comparative balance sheet before you look at your profit and loss statement. The mistakes are usually obvious when you review a balance sheet and if the balance sheet is off, most of the time the profit and loss statement is unreliable. You need to see a month by month comparison on the balance sheet to recognize potential errors.

7 – Once you have employees – Not reviewing a 6 month comparative profit and loss statements. You should not look at an interim financial statement and assume its correct. Interim statements do not have the same level of due diligence as annual statements. You need to see a 6 month comparative profit and loss statement to in order to identify variances and you should be able to explain the variances before you rely on the information to make major decisions like hiring more staff or buying equipment. 

8 – Once you have employees – Having too many accounts on your chart of accounts. The more accounts you have, the more costly it is to maintain the accounting records and the more time you will have to spend in order to review the records in order to make business decisions. Most people keep adding accounts and end up with extensive classification errors. For example one year they classify the ink cartridge as ink and the next year they classify it as office supplies. Then you end up with variances that don’t amount to anything other than classification differences. You should get your profit and loss statement down to one page to make good business decisions quickly.

9 – Not ordering your profit and loss statement in numerically descending order and devoting your time accordingly. Most businesses are won and lost in revenue, cost of products sold, direct labour, rent, and admin accounts. Most of the other accounts are optimization items not the difference between winning and losing. Yet we find business owners who aren’t generating and sales or who are not making any money off of each new transaction who are spending all their time on minimizing their phone bill or reducing their interest and bank charges.

10 – Thinking that minimizing your advertising expenses is a good idea. We’ve found that anything less than 2% of revenue will more often than not result in a revenue contraction year after year. This is 2% of revenue on real advertising expenses like Google ads, Adroll retargeting ads, YouTube ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn not advertising expenses like wine of the month club or sponsoring your kids soccer team. 

Our Russian Listener – First of all, if it is possible, tell Clay that his podcast helps me to get motivated, much like TD Jakes does for him. I’m a humble student from Yekaterinburg, Russia, and I am striving to achieve my goals. I got up today at 5 a.m. Please tell Clay I’d send him a high five message but sadly I cannot as I do not live in the United States. Start Here and Jackassery were miraculous, and they helped me find the time to read your other books. I am interested in reading Search engine domination next, but I can’t quite fathom it during the podcast.

In the previous message, you told me that it’s possible to ask a question for «Ask Clay anything» category and maybe Clay will answer it, so, I have read books of Seth Godin: Purple cow, Unleash Ideavirus, Bootstrap, Permission Marketing, Stop Stealing Dreams; and he preaches that cold calling and stuff like that is useless, but Clay vouches that it’s essential (can’t disagree with Clay). Why does Seth say the aforementioned words?

Daniil S

  1. Seth Godin does not share the same passion for cold calling as Clay does in his books. Why Does Seth Godin believe cold calling is useless? –

 1) Shortly will delineate the whole situation here so as not to clutter the air time and in the point, 2 will add all the pertinent links: I have started reading Seth’s books in the March of 2019 (before it had read books which Clay highly recommends like ‘’Winning’’ by Welch and ‘’Straight from the Gut’’, ‘’Outwitting the Devil’’ and ‘’Think and grow rich’’ by Napoleon Hill etc), which were pretty nice as the unveiled the stated topic (only ‘’Straight from the Gut’’ was a little bit monotonous), and I decided to grab at least some smattering of marketing from Seth (due to the cost of ordinary books I have to download e-versions and write down all the salient stuff in the special notebook, like Clay does with highlighter). But having read the aforementioned books and watched videos featuring him, I got confused about marketing even more as he is a very interesting person to listen to, but i just can’t grasp lots of time the main gist of his speech. 

2) In the case of “Purple Cow”, Thrive team fully reconciles with Seth in every aspect: from being bold (being partially loved, partially berated) to finding a particular niche or looking at another industries to bolster your business (as was preached in this podcast: https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/business-podcasts/kevin-freiberg-teaches-the-southwest-airlines-super-systems-for-success/)  . Speaking about “Ideavirus”, practically everything is OKAY, because Seth showed there some studies on how to improve the incoming leads(Like the guy who allowed only groups of friends to come in or there was a case-study of the Toyota Prius first generation and why it had failed). BUT: he constantly preached there that word of mouth will smash everything and creating somewhat intimate relationships with customers will do you good. And in ‘’Permission marketing” he couldn’t stand but vouching that your emails must be anticipated, personal and relevant. Here is a post from his official site which partially depicts the idea of the book: https://seths.blog/2008/01/permission-mark/. About cold-calling: There seems to be a consensus that cold calling is an old-school marketing idea. Should a small-business owner abandon this practice altogether? How about email marketing?

Do you mean spam? Should small-business people spam by phone or by email?

Next question! Article: https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/business/trends-and-insights/articles/seth-godin-interview-marketing/

  • There is an adage of he’s where he stipulates that you don’t need to try to cover a wide scope of people: “It’s hard for me to imagine how a $50 million marketing campaign is ever appropriate for any business to launch an ideavirus. If you need to interrupt that many people, you’re doing something wrong.” 

Seth Godin, Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus

I can’t disagree that marketing can be cost-effective and more up to the particular niche, but you need, at least on the first stages of the business, to lure the customers and percolate in all the possible places either in the real or internet world. 

And in his book “Ideavirus” he also said that you’re to include so-called virus in the main product or service and compare a couple of companies (I have found it in the book and will paste it here. From: https://seths.blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/2000Ideavirus.pdf): Hotmail and Blue Mountain Arts are self-referencing idea viruses. The virus spreads with the use of the product whether the user wants it to or not. When you first start using Hotmail, the self-promoting signature line promoting Hotmail is automatically included in every email you send. You didn’t choose to do that (though you can turn it off), it just goes along anyway. In the case of Blue Mountain, the symbiotic relationship between the product and the marketing is even more obvious. The card is the marketing, so using it is, by definition, promoting it.

Ofoto, on the other hand, does no such thing. You could quite happily use Ofoto for developing, sorting and storing your photos and never recommend it to anyone. 

But isn’t it too complicated? For example,Oxi Fresh initially was bootstrapped by the door to door, but then good internet marketing has been aiding it to flourish.  

But how could you create word of mouth without initial marketing on the internet or old-fashioned, but sturdy cold-calling? Especially when we speak about general business, like DJ Connection or Hood CPA’S, and not some luxurious businesses.  Maybe he speaks from the standpoint of freelancer, but I once more time can’t even fancy myself the idea that you could create a pool of customers without disturbing someone and receiving rejections. 

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Audio Transcription

Facebook Just Say No To Jackassery And Socialism Thrivetime Show

According to inc magazine, 96% of businesses fail. That’s a massive percentage obviously, but when you stop and consider that our country now has 327 million citizens who all claim that they want to become successful, it becomes sadly and abundantly clear that most people are wrong when it comes to business. In fact, the small business administration, the U S small business administration reports, there are 27.9 million businesses in our country. However, a lot of data would suggest that many people form an LLC and never actually do anything with the business. So let’s work off the assumption though that in our country there’s 16 million active businesses out there and all of that, 16 million, 96% of those businesses are going to fail. That means by default, we all have just a 0.00193% chance of being successful. And it is my hope,

today’s show and with the help of dr Breck CAS balm, the chiropractor and Josh borough, the Canadian CPA, that we can teach you the proven path and the proven moves that you can use to become successful. However,

what? What do you call somebody who knows the moves that they can use and who has seen proof that the moves work? They’ve researched our clients and they’ve seen the success of companies like SHA homes.com or full package media.com or dr breck.com or Sperl CPAs. What do you call somebody who now knows what to do and then chooses not to do it? W w would you go as far as to call me an idiot? Would you call him a a moron? What do you call somebody who knows the proven moves that they need to use to grow their business, but they simply just choose not to do it? I call these people something worse than being an idiot and something worse than being a moron. I call these people the coachable. Show your Shannon took it on top of the Google search towards your house. I got to have the most reviews, the most content, the most canonical compliance, and the most mobile comprise. Well, I ain’t going to do it. I going to do what you’re telling me to do. I don’t want to be a copycat. So he’s saying the dude, the key to sustainable human resources, successes, doing the group interview every ViQ. I don’t plan to do it every week.

So you’re telling me the irrefutable fact that 85% of employees lie on their resumes. So according to eco America, well, that doesn’t change me because at my heart I believe that people are good and I will read all resumes. I categorically reject the idea of doing a group interview, complete successful. Dare you type. You’ll say, I must have [inaudible]. I must guard. I choose not to use a type block or to do worse. I show you first successful person in the history of galaxy without a day platter. I shall recogn

[inaudible] yes, yes. And yes. Jason, on today’s show,

I’m excited because we have 29

guests booked. That’s huge. 29 guests on one show. Only. Only one of the guests though is going to be in the studio in person today. Right. And we have, so we have dr Breck here in person in the studio. How are you sir? I’m doing great. Clay, how are you doing? I’m excited to have the, there are one guest in, in person and in rumor has it you have a set, a record of [inaudible]. Tell us about, tell us about the wind. Cause the way we live here for wins of the week. So much so that I have music always ready to celebrate the wins of the week because now it is time for


All right, dr Breck, tell us what is your big win of the week? So clay, I had challenged my staff to, uh, you know, push themselves and to push me and, uh, for us to help as many people as we can. And, uh, so our goal was to, uh, see over 80 patients in a single day and we have now seen 90 patients in a single day. Your goal was to see 80 our goal. Yeah, that’s a lady. Patients consistently see 80 patients in a day. Um, but we hadn’t broken that little seal there at 80. And so, uh, I felt like we could do more and that, uh, we could help more people and so I challenge them and they, they Rose to the occasion and kick that challenge to the Caribbean. It’s all 90. Before I lose my mind and start cheering excessively. Um, what was the previous record? 77, 77. And your new record is what has what now is now 90.

Yes. Yes. That’s impressive. Jason. That right there is why we do this. So, um, did you,

uh, use your, your, your earnings to go buy yourself a bunch of shoes? No, I did not buy herself a pair of Yeezys to celebrate them. I didn’t. Okay. Now what we want to do on today’s show is we’re going to talk about calling leads. The importance of call recording, firing online marketing. A business exists to serve the owner gathering Google reviews the importance of writing content, tracking, keeping a schedule, spending money on SEO, call recording accountability, hiring the right people, the importance of consistent meetings, daily planning, training, the dangers of invoicing, tracking numbers, launching ads, the group interview, merit based pay, obsessing on logos and print pieces as opposed to getting something done company-wide to do lists, maybe being accurate on your followup, having high quality branding, team training, and delaying gratification. All this and more. So let’s start here with calling your leads.

When people fill out the [email protected], that would mean that they are trying to schedule their first, um, exam their first adjustment. And what does that cost the listeners? It doesn’t cost them anything. So their first exam is, is free. Correct. And that is the exam, uh, the, the x-ray right, and the, uh, adjustment, right? Yes, sir. Okay. And it’s free. It’s all free. And, um, Jason, let’s start right there. Let’s start, let’s start there. It’s a no brainer. If everybody could just do the no brainer, wouldn’t life be a better place? They would get so many more leads. So let’s talk about this dark brick. Most chiropractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers, people that we work with who are professionals like you, right? They will not do a no brainer, right? They just said, I don’t want to cheapen the brand. And therefore, even though they’re top in Google, they get far less leads, right? Then people like you who have a no brainer, a deal, so good and so hot, the world can simply not say no to it. Um, talk about this. What encouragement would you have for anybody out there who just doesn’t want to implement a no brainer? I had been at that place

before, um, where I also didn’t want to achieve in my brand. I didn’t want to, um, uh, come across, uh, differently than, uh, how I viewed myself. But, uh, as you said, I mean, when you put something out there that is so good that people can’t say no to, then you have that many more opportunities to actually interact with those people. So I’m interacting now with people that I would have never met prior to doing a no brainer. And so there is that I tried different calls to action previously and they didn’t actually call anybody to action, but now this does. And so we’re getting leads that were, I mean, we understand that we also have to follow up those leads quickly because when people are hurting, they want, you know, immediate response. And so the better your systems are to to reach back out to those people, to connect with those people, answer the phones, um, the better opportunity you have to actually interact and get those people in your door and have them become your patient, your customer.

I always like to tell people this little, a fun little kind of rhyme, Jason, it’s when you can’t sell your business goes to hell. I don’t why that’s always so fun for me to say or to teach. But it is, it’s true. And dr Breck, before you teamed up with, uh, Tim Redmond, for those who are not familiar with the, the story, um, how long ago was it when you teamed up with Tim Redmond over at Redmond to growth? Um, if I remember right out two years now. Okay. And just so the listeners know this, um, we, my team, we provide all the backend systems for Tim’s clients. So we do all the photography, videography, graphic design, we make the business plans and Tim helps implement that and help clients lead, lead them down the path. And it’s a really good relationship there. Um, how much have you grown since working with a coach?

As double doubled. Yeah. So you’ve doubled since working with the coach, right? Yeah, I mean, we’re just talking about, you know, a new record a day, but consistently we’re seeing, you know, twice as many patients as we did prior to this time. So, um, you know, prior to two years ago, uh, we were seeing on average about 35, maybe 40 patients in a day. So we’re going to go rapid fire through all these teaching points. But, um, what would you say dr Breck to anybody right now? Let’s say that somebody was in the studio right now, or maybe a, a guest will be on the phone line here in just a minute, who refuses to offer a no brainer deal and they’re, and they’re not getting leads. What would you say to them if they absolutely refuse to? Yeah, it’s weird cause they’re out there paying for coaching. You tell them they need to make a no brainer, but they just won’t do it.

What would you say to you? I mean, you’re severely handicapping yourself. You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Um, if you’re not going to be coachable, then I don’t understand why you have a coach. Um, Oh man. So, uh, yeah, I mean I just, it’s a proven system. I talked to the patients about this all the time. Yeah. There are a lot of ways to go about losing weight. There’s a lot of systems that you can use to lose weight. Uh, so whether that be like a WeightWatchers, a Ginny Craig, these systems have worked for other people and if you implement the systems, they work. And so, you know, you’re just handicapping yourself within the system if you’re only using a part of it. So I would say jump in with both feet and absolutely, you know, apply what you’re learning, apply what you’re being told, uh, follow the proven path.

Because if you are, then it’s just a matter of time to find that success. Now, Jason, on page one 39 of the boom book, we talk about sales. And when a lead comes in, we have to call the lead a lot. Yeah. It’s called the same lead over and over and over. Why? Because typically people aren’t gonna answer on the first go around, like let’s say, why decide to, well, because they don’t know the number. Oh yeah. Now let’s talk about this. I was talking about this just last night with my beautiful, wonderful bride. We were talking about this. Um, there’s a phenomenon right now that the average person has over a thousand emails in their inbox and the average person no longer listens to voicemails. True. And the average person checks their Facebook messenger and the average person. Now this is, it just, it just happened a few months ago.

It’s crazy. It’s become a new thing. The average person doesn’t respond to text messages either. And the average person does not respond to phone calls from numbers. They don’t know. So how are you supposed to reach the average person? Seriously, we’re just, we’re just talking about this because we have a very dear friend who, um, reached out to us and said, Hey, let’s get together and do ABC one, two, three. And we said, let’s do it. Let’s plan it. And so we’re calling the guy and, uh, pretty consistently, you know, like once a once a day. Yeah. And then he calls me back out of the blue and says, Hey, we’re, where have you been? And I said, what man, I’ve been calling you, I’ve been sending you text messages. I called you, texted, I probably at this price 10 times. And I’m not mad or anything.

He goes, Oh man, I don’t check the text messages anymore cause I’m on these group texts and I get so many, I just quit checking. So how are we to reach the average person? Right. I mean that is the question. So dr Breck, what would you say to a listener out there who just refuses to call the same lead until I get, if somebody fills out your form, right, what would you say to the average person who does not want to call their lead on a consistent basis? Well, I mean, why would you advertise if you don’t want to follow up on it? I mean, why do you put yourself out there to uh, to have business or a service or have a product that you’re trying to sell if you’re not going to Jason, why is this follow up on that? Because in my honest opinion, well, I would say it’s, it’s more than an opinion because I’ve proven it.

I need to write a dissertation on this. It’s most of the small business owners nowadays believe that just because, not to say that Brooke has done this, let’s use Breck as an example. He’s got his form. You fill out on the website, the phone number on the website, potentially some sort of social media link that you can reach out to them. Every business owner thinks the customer is going to come directly to them. They do. What happens is they fill the form out and now it’s on the business owner or their team to call them back and they’re like, that’s not how this works is like a fish. Your business is like a boat, right? You have to get the fish in the boat. The fish typically don’t just jump into the boat, right? Right, and you cannot have a passive mentality. Now, point number two, um, call recording Jason clarity.

voice.com is who we recommend. Clarity, voice.com all of the clients who’ve implemented call recording, all of them, whenever they start listening to the calls, are they pleasantly surprised at the quality of the calls before, you know, once, once they start hearing the calls for the first time? Or are they shocked at how bad the calls are? It’s somewhere right in the middle. Typically it leans more towards shocked and they just, they listen to the first call and they go, dear God. Or I listened to it with him in the meeting and they think, pause halfway through. Is this what’s happening in my office? Yeah, it is. But now we know every day there was one particular sports facility that I worked with in Tulsa and we pulled the calls for the first time. Oh. And this is how the calls went. Jason, pretend like I’m calling you.

Okay. And you’re a lead. Got it. Ah, yes. This is Jason. Uh, it is, who is this by the way? This person sounded just like this. Yeah. Um, so I was calling you about a program and yeah. And the customer again, what would you do to continue? So, yeah. So I was calling about the program. Your, your, your, is it like a computer program? What kind of program? We talking, we do sports and um, so what’d you want to do? Uh, I’m confused as to what this is about. Uh, this is what they did every call and it sounded like this person had been smoking a lot of stuff before making calls. Right? I played the calls for the owner and that’s what was happening. The dude was blazed just high as a kite. Jason, have you, have you been around a lot of people that are high as a kite?

Have you ever seen this phenomenon more than I’d like to acknowledge. And when you’re around somebody who, by the way, people out there, if you’re, if you’re smoking a lot of pot, this is what’s happening to your brain. It dramatically slows down your ability to process the law of cause and effect or, or, or conclusions. Well also numbing you emotionally to your surroundings and numbing you slightly to pain and the adversity of life. So brick, I’m sure you’ve seen somebody who’s high as a kite. Absolutely. And when somebody is high as a kite, why can’t they process things emotionally the right way? What happens if someone’s smoking too much pot for any pot consistently? I mean that’s how it works. That’s what the effect of it is on your brain is that you are no longer connecting the dots between certain activities and, and like you said, cause and effect, right?

Then also, you know, there is that, uh, numbing aspect that happens and it’s not just the numbing of your body, it’s the numbing of your mind. And so, uh, you know, that’s a big deal here in Oklahoma right now with our new medicinal marijuana laws. Everybody is, is, you know, going out and numbing not only the body but also the mind in the process. And what we’ve found, and this is a sad thing, but it’s true, is a lot of these business owners in Oklahoma have people that have medical marijuana cards and they are high while working for them and they’re terrified to firearm. And I’m just telling you, if you don’t listen to the calls, you won’t know how good or bad your team is. But Jason, if you’re out there, assuming your team is on it right now as it relates to the calls and not recall, call recording, would you not agree you’re throwing away thousands, potentially millions of dollars.

Oh, 100%. Any of the clients that I’ve had, I’m not to drag anybody into the bus or anything like we fixed the problem since, but they didn’t realize that they thought that they were not getting leads. They thought that their lead conversion system was broken. They thought that their form was broken. Oh, turns out you have people that either one, don’t call them back or two. When they do call them, they’re not following the script. So the customers are confused and they just decided to go somewhere else. Now, Elon Musk, who could not be here with us on today’s show because he has class, uh, page one 68, he says, um, he says, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. That sounds awful. But if I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later.

It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t work. This is, this is Elon Musk, the founder of, of [inaudible]. He’s the guy behind, uh, PayPal, the man behind Tesla, the man behind space X. Let’s talk about this Breck. For the listeners out there that just won’t fire people that treat customers and patients wrong wrongly, what would you say, what advice would you have for somebody out there that just refuses to fire people? I don’t mean you do. You have to, uh, you just have to get over that fear of wanting to be their friend and, uh, actually, you know, lead your company and B, be the boss. Sometimes that’s fun and sometimes it’s not fun. Um, but when you, um, have a passion for what you’re doing, you have a mission statement, you are on purpose, then you start to very quickly connect the dots that this person is not on your, on your passion.

They’re not on your purpose and they’re not in your organization. And so you, you, you’re able to better remove yourself from the emotional side of that. And, uh, you know, you just put on your big boy pants, big girl pants and you, you get it done. And you know, over time it does get a little bit easier. I know, clay, that you’ve had to do this several times so many times and, uh, that it’s not an emotional, a roadblock for you at all anymore, three times this week, three times. And so, uh, yeah, I mean it’s, it’s part of the process and you, you have to embrace that it is going to happen. And, uh, sometimes that person may be a friend, but, uh, and they can still be a friend and you can let them be a friend in another work position. You know, they can be a friend and in personal life and no longer somebody you see at the office, Carl, it’s not you.

It’s me. What’s, you can still be friends. Um, what happens is that when business is that we all go out there, we start a business and we’re fired up about the idea. Oh yeah, we’re passionate. We care about our patients, our customers. And what happens is, is it from each person who’s not you as, as, as the company scales, each person who is not you is a little less passionate than you are. Sure. So by the time you get to about 50 employees, the guy at the very entry level usually doesn’t care at all about the mission, right? Right. Or the passion. And it’s your job as an owner to make sure that the bozo effect, it doesn’t happen where a players hire B players and B players hire C players and presenter. You have D and F players on your team, right? So you’ve got to do is set the standard and Sam Walton is w he couldn’t be here, Jason, because he is a dead.

That is true. There’s only one boss, the customer and he can fire anybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else. So if you don’t fire bad people, you will lose right now. Brick, you are having great success now, but, but tell the listeners out there about the pain of not being successful and how long it took you guys to figure it. Cause there’s somebody out there who’s not going to act today unless they experience pain, right? They cannot hit the, that your success story is not motivational enough. So they’re, they’re kind of going, yeah, I’m not motivated by a great story of gain. I need to hear about the pain of not implementing this. And how long were did were you stuck in the pain

pain? Yeah. I’ve been in practice for a, we’re going on 16 years now and I struggled in the pain, the, the bottom depths of a abysmal business since, um, for about 12 years. Um,

12 years folks. So I’m telling him part of it, I mean, over a decade for sure. If you’ve been stuck, you can get on stuck. But if you don’t implement all the things we’re telling you today, it’s not going to work. Because even if you, let’s say you said, okay, I’m going to start calling my leads every time I’m gonna install call recording. I’m going to do all the marketing, but I’m not going to fire people. That’s not going to work. You’ve got to fight you. What would, what would, what would the, a, a you like OSU football, Oklahoma state football. What would the team look like if anyone who tried out got to play?

Well, unfortunately, maybe like it does now. [inaudible] would be terrible. Yeah. I mean, I didn’t get to play because I’m, I’m not at the caliber athlete that needs to be on the field. And so you’ve got to have a criteria that you want to, you know, Excel. And if, I mean you’ve got to hire the team that you want to be, not the team that you currently are or have been, and then, uh, you know, you have people on your team that don’t meet that standard. Um, then you need to continue to do the group interviews. You need to find better quality players and bring them into your team so that you can let lesser quality players go and seek their passion elsewhere.

Now, uh, let’s say that, okay, you’ve embraced calling leads, call recording, firing people. Now online marketing, you know, on step six and page one 21 of the boom book, we talk about this all the time, but yet I have met a hand surgeon, hand surgeon, Oh, and the upper Midwest as recently as, let’s not get myself in trouble, let’s say three years ago, ish, who told me that people do not use the internet when looking for a surgeon. Now he was referred to me by his friend who is killing it, who’s making a ton of money, who’s been an active long time client. And he says, dear friend, friend, you’re rolling. How are you rolling? You’re doing so great. How are you doing so great. And the friend says, well, I’ve been using clay Clark and his coaching system for a long time now and we kill the game on online marketing man.

And he says, well, you kill the game. And he says, yes. And he says, but you’re a doctor. Do people actually look online for you? And he says, yes. And he says, that’s why you should use them. This is the story. And then the hand surgeon says this, it’s crazy. He says, yeah, but all my business comes in of mouth to which the other doctor says, I know because you’re not on the internet. And he says, yeah, but all my leads come in from referral. Nothing comes in off the internet. And he’s like, I know cause you’re not on the internet. I can’t imagine how fit God. You know, my hands feeling weird. Oh you know what you should do is go to this guy and he’ll cut it open with a scalpel is the only guy used to cut my hands open. Think about this, think about this for a second. Think about this for a second. Brick, try to help me understand the mindset because doctors say, I don’t do online marketing because all of my business currently comes in from word of mouth, which I would say that’s why you need to do online marketing. But how can someone not see that conclusion?

Well, I mean referral patients are the best patients you know. So you have a patient that’s out there talking about your services because they’ve experienced it firsthand. And when they do, they’ve already pre-sold their friend, their family member on you and your services. Right. So they are the best just like with, with your business. I mean that was the best type of lead is because you had helped his friends. So now he’s telling his friend, um, you know, the, the one doctor is telling doctor the hand surgeon. Yes. And so, uh, I mean those are the best types of patients. And so yes, you want to do what you can internally, externally to, um, continue to grow that area of your business. But yet if you’re not playing the game, of course you’re, you’re losing every game. You don’t play. Like I had a coach that said, you miss every shot. You don’t take true. Um, and so, you know, yeah. I mean he’s, he’s just doesn’t even realize what he doesn’t know because he’s not in a segment of opportunity. Like, if he gets online, then all of a sudden, no,

you may be less than half of his union is going to have a website that was almost hidden from the internet. If you typed in my name, you couldn’t find dr Breck, they couldn’t find it at all.

Thank you. Could find my name because it was so lost in the nether worlds of the [inaudible].

And now it seems as though, and I could be wrong, but it seems as though you’re getting, uh, at least a qualified patient every day. Yes. Every day. Every day. Multiple, multiple mean cathartic cause I’ve done everything the wrong way before. Okay. So if you’re out there listening and you’re late, we’re going to, we’re going to take some calls here in a little bit. Um, and Jason, I believe we’re going to be, we’re actually be calling a Canadian who is coachable. Josh Sperl here at seven C a Mountie. Uh, he, he might be down with a Mountie conspiracy. I know. I can for sure tell you, because he’s from up there. He’s into Bieber and he’s into Bryan Adams and he’s into the blue Jays. And he’s into Molson ice and hockey. I can tell you that all those stereotypes are true. I can tell you that.

But we’ll be calling Josh Spurl, the Canadian CPA who’s very coachable as well here at seven. And then we will take calls from people who, um, maybe are less than coachable according to our call screener. Okay. So here we go. Now gathering Google reviews, gathering Google reviews and a business existing to serve the owner, dr Breck. If you do not fundamentally believe that the business exists to serve you, what does your life look like as a business if you do not believe that the business serves you? What, what does that look like? This alone was a paradigm shift for me. Um, cause I did not ever consider the business to exist to serve me, uh, prior to getting coaching. And so I hadn’t, uh, really read that. I hadn’t come across that prior to, uh, working with Tim Redmond and you guys at thrive. Yup. And, uh, so I had to kind of sit and wrestle with that a little bit, but, um, no, I totally am on board with the idea.

I get that now. Um, because I have goals, I have passions, and I did create the business to feed those goals and passions and um, you know, prior to that it was just me slaving away, trying to help every patient that I could, but at the same time running more and more on empty. If you do not embrace this idea, your life will be held. And let me give you an example. We have an elected official who’s a, uh, most people, if I mentioned his name, they would go, Oh, okay. I know him. If you, if you live in Oklahoma, you’d know his name. Sure. And he has determined that we are the best marketing team in our state. That’s his worldview. And so he’s, he sends me a text, Hey, can we meet for dinner? I’d like to discuss about how you could help me during the remaining two years of my term to market my reelection, basically.

Yeah. And, uh, so I said, uh, we have a 13 point assessment. I can schedule it. And I gave him times. So it’s like, you know, I think 9:00 AM on a Saturday or Tuesday at three. I have like five spots open. Right. And he said, no, no, I want to meet for dinner. And I said, I appreciate you and uh, um, I just don’t do dinners anymore. I used to do a lot of that, but you know, cause I’m with the kids and the wife now and hanging out. So if we could do during these five times and he says, well if you want my business then you’re going to have to meet me for dinner. And I said, well I guess I just don’t want them. So that happens though. Yeah. And so I’m turning down okay. Business for great business. Right. Cause I just had another elected official who reached out to me, who he, we went up, we went over the boundaries, we went over the times I was available and he said, sure, let’s do it then.

Then that’s great right now. But if you’re not careful, you’re going to run around having nine o’clock meetings every night. You’re going to be rescheduling every day for the patient. That just has to, they can’t come in on Monday through Friday. They can’t get in nine to five. They can’t get in and break. Everybody wants me to work on Saturday. Everybody does. Of course. There’s very few people that say, you should be closed on Saturday. No, no one thinks I should be closed. Yeah, I should live at the office. You could be now, as an example, dr Zellner is open seven days a week, right? But he’s not there. Right. He has people that are there who work different shifts and they rotate on the weekends. But Jason, if somebody does not believe that a business exists to serve them, what’s going to happen? They will exist to serve their business and they will just do that 24 seven they will become the hardest working employee in their business and they will never have time for any of like Brexit.

The goals that they originally started the business to accomplish. And then they can’t sell the business because if someone wanted to buy the business and they discovered that you have to work a hundred hours a week to make it happen, you’re not sellable. I’m serious. This is one, it’s a deal on your own personality. You know, I mean, for me in a service that I’m in, in chiropractic, I mean I can have a practice that’s staff-driven, which is something that we’re working towards. Um, or it can be totally personality driven where I am the commodity that people are, are really purchasing rather than the service itself. And so that has to be something that people are, that are in a service definitely have to consider. Now, we talk about this a lot on the show. We talk about the importance of gathering objective reviews. Okay? So if you’re a podcast, you’d want to get reviews on iTunes and Stitcher and Google and you know, or if you’re a chiropractor, I would argue that Google’s very, very important to get Google reviews.

Um, dr Breck there’s gotta be somebody out there saying to themselves, yeah, but I’m a doctor and uh, reviews don’t necessarily, um, impact to me. And I know there’s somebody out there because we have a listener who listens to almost every show who came up to me at the conference and was very nice about it, but they said, Hey, I want you to know in my industry, reviews don’t really work. Um, Jason, how often have you heard this? They’re getting Google reviews really doesn’t matter. Um, and maybe you heard it as recently as yesterday morning. We won’t mention anyone’s name, but I mean, talk to me about the excuses people give for not getting reviews and the kind of pushback people have about reviews. A lot of people don’t understand that. That is how everybody finds you. Like if somebody, if I’m going online to find a chiropractor, if I don’t even know I’m looking for Breck yet, I’m just looking for somebody.

I’m going to see who comes up first cause I’m not going past that first page Google. But more importantly, I’m going to look at that map because it’s the first thing that pops up and Brett is going to be at that top of the map. So I’m clicking on him first one because he is the fastest person to get to two he’s got the highest and most reviews and if I see that he has, what are you guys at like 370 some odd reviews? I’ll pull it up right now if I, if I see that compared to you know, a best choice chiropractic just because they wanted to be ranked alphabetically top and they have three reviews and it’s 2.5 I’m not going there is 323 reviews but I mean it’s massive and as you know, just to answer your question, I hear that more frequently than I’d like to, but the best part is when you’re able to show somebody, I always pull the Cola example, I’m like, look, they are beating a multinational corporation as far as overall reviews, content and visitors because they are just honest.

If I Google Joplin gyms, I’m going to check out Cola before check out planet fitness. Now think about this for a second. I’m going to do a Google search. I want all the listeners to do a search right now for the phrase Joplin gyms. J O P L I N gyms. Um, Jason, again, I don’t want to mention the name of the company, but we were on the phone yesterday with somebody who mentioned it’s possible to get reviews because they’re so busy. Yeah. Which is the best time to get reviews. Correct. Somebody out there who for whatever reason is saying, I’m so busy right now. We can’t get reviews.

No. You have to get reviews. I didn’t use to have hardly any reviews. I think organically we had like 15 reviews and best for 12 years. Yeah. That had 15 organic reviews. Right. I mean that, that’s just what happened to come in over a decade period. Um, but then we started to actually, you know, have a system of asking our patients to review us. Um, you know, and, and we do our best to make sure every patient is happy. And so, you know, we feel comfortable asking every patient that’s in the office to give us, uh, an honest review. But now we have 323, I think you said. Yup. Um, and uh, you know, that that momentum just builds. Now I have patients who come in for the very first time who’ve never met me before that say I was online, I was checking you out and you have great reviews.

Your people love you. I read, you know, four or five of them, they all consistently said, you guys care. You guys take care of people. You guys are the best place to be. And I didn’t want to go anywhere else. Um, and so you have to get those reviews. It matters. And then also your competitors are out doing the same thing. You know, that’s the biggest challenge for me is that there’s a competitor that has, you know, 150 reviews. I want to have, you know, five times as many. Um, just so like Jason said, so the, the, the difference is so great that it’s again, a different type of no-brainer. Now you’re clicking on our website rather than than the other one because it’s a no brainer. 5,000 people say this place is the place to be. They can’t all be wrong.

If you search for Joplin, Jim’s J, O P, L I N Joplin gyms, and you search for it, look at Cola. They come up top with 3,787 reviews. You got planet fitness rocket in a two 46 okay, so if we’re keeping score, the score is 3,787 versus two 46 okay. Pretty convincing score. They do pizza on Monday and they did. They have video reviews. They look, they have video reviews, they’ve got the website. Jason, if now the next moment here, okay, the next, the next potentially uncoachable moment that we hear from people all the time is they say, yeah, but I don’t have time to write content for my website and I don’t want to add content to my website. Coladas do it. They come up top and Google. There’s only four variables that impact your rank in the Google search engine results. True. One is you build your website to be canonically compliant.

Two, you make sure it’s mobile compliant. Three, you get the most reviews, and four, you write the most content. Yep. So if you own a business today, you have to do the following. Four action steps. One, get a video review on a daily basis if possible to Ooh, add an image to your website that is optimized. Three, right? Search engine content, and four, get more reviews. V I S. M. B, get more video reviews. I add those images and optimize them. S right. Search engine content, a thousand words per page. M. M get more reviews. V I. S. M. without a victim, your online presence will perish. It will happen. You will die. You’ll diminish BRAC. Somebody out there is going, yep, I just don’t have time to write the content. And I also don’t want to pay your team clay, to write the content. What would you say to someone who says, I don’t want to write the content myself.

I don’t have time. Right? But I also don’t want your team right in the content. What would you, what would you say to that person? I mean, there are a couple of different things that, uh, that we’ve talked about, uh, through the coaching. Uh, one of those is to do kind of like a video blog and then you have it transcribed. There we go. So that becomes part of that content, you know, word wise in your website. Yep. But yeah, I mean, you either do it yourself and you, as Jason just said, you are, you’re, um, you know, most expensive, uh, hardest working employee in your business or you delegate. Um, you know, you’ve got to to, these are things that have to happen. You’ve got to find a way to do it. And it doesn’t all have to be you wearing every hat in the business.

Uh, if you’re going to grow, you’ve got to create some systems that allow you to scale. And some of those are, a big part of that is delegation now, Jason tracking. Oh yeah. Tracking. There are some people out there that just, Oh, they hate tracking. Yeah, that’s, it’s a numbers thing I think they don’t want to track. Nope. And how tough could it be? Let’s contrast a very easy to coach client. Think of a client your mind. Yeah, that tracks consistently tracks they’re tracking all the time. I actually got to, okay, so think about these two in your mind. They’re just right there in your cranium. Let’s, let’s put them on blast. The person who tracks and does a great job. Who is this person? A number one? It’s going to be the super attorney, Blake Johnson, Johnson, when he tracks, uh, there’s all sorts of all sorts of notable quotable.

So essentially you measure what you treasure. Yup. So by treasuring something, by measuring what he’s treasuring, how does that impact your relationship in a positive way and how does that help him grow his company? It impacts the relationship between us as coach and coachee, whereas he can see tracking and going over all of the ads and the systems that we’re doing. That dollar amount go up every single week. So when he looks back at it, he’s like, Oh, this makes sense. I can see the forward progression of my company because I’m tracking where the numbers are and it helps them personally, like a, this past year he’s seen massive wins cause he’s found areas where he wasn’t hitting his personal weekly goal. So he decided to ramp it up and then shoot for a higher number that way he’s out or he’s, and he’s overachieving and he, uh, he kinda pulled the old reap technique and started doing like a, like a monthly subscription.

And now that he’s tracking that and he’s seeing, Oh, I have all this extra money coming in. And I didn’t even think about that before. Breck there’s somebody out there who is in the doom loop where you used to be. Right. And for whatever reason they don’t want to track. I don’t, I don’t get it. I need your help here. Yeah. I’ve read some things recently that kind of spoke to this. Um, there’s a great book. Um, the, uh, let’s see. I’m trying to think of the, the title. It just escaped me, the Bible. Um, that’s a, that’s a great book. I’ll, that’s always my backup book suggestion. Yeah, it’s a four disciplines of execution, four disciplines of execution and uh, you know, I mean, part of that talks about the need for a scoreboard. I mean, if you ever watch sports without a scoreboard, sports are far less entertaining. They’re far less interesting. My fundamental beef with cheerleading, no idea. It’s totally subjective. What the score as a former cheerleader. Yeah. You never know. Some people will say, man, that your kids are killing it today. Yeah.

I appreciate that. Sometimes I think my kids are doing great. They’re like, no, no, they’re losing. They’re losing. Yeah. We just lost. I mean, you talk again, you’ve got to have a scoreboard. And so for me, one of the things that we’re working on implementing is different games that the employees can win. Um, and so you make it fun, you make it challenging and you also have a reward that they’re shooting for. Um, you know, right now we’re in the college playoffs and uh, you know, these guys are playing to get the gold ball. They’re playing to get the trophy and people play harder. People are naturally competitive when there’s something to win. And so, you know, we, we create weekly games and then we create, you know, monthly games. We create quarterly games when then we have an annual game and then, you know, we can reset those games and we keep the score.

And so we know what we have to do each week in order to meet our monthly goals. And then we, you know, what we’re going to do each month to meet our quarterly and the quarterly for the year. And that’s how you keep the engine running forward. And the average person, um, who is not a successful entrepreneur cause the murder in our country in America right now we have 327 million Americans. We only have 16 million of which you have an active LLC, an active business. Um, and according to inc magazine, 96% of businesses fail. So that means there’s 0.00193 percentage chance that you will be a successful entrepreneur. That’s 0.00193. So, and I, when I’m in a room of a thousand people, there’s usually one of you who’s going, that’s right track. Now. Meanwhile, the whole audience, you, you, you say folks, how many of you out there

track? You’re like, Hey guys, guys, guys, Hey, how many of you enters one, the

guy in the back going, that’s right, we got track. Cause most people are passionately go in the wrong direction, right? Gino Wickman and his book, traction says, use it. Exclamation point. You must review your scorecard every week to ensure that you’re on track for your vision. The real magic of using a scorecard is not limited to managing on a week. Managing it on a weekly basis. You will see 13 weeks, three months at a glance, which enables you to see patterns and trends, do some tracking. Everyone’s got to track this, this next thing. And these are all, all things that you would only do if you’re um, getting, and this is how the world’s going to label you. If you start doing these, this is what your extended family is going to say about you. This is what the employees are going to say about you. They’re going to say, you’re so anal.

You’re so type a, yeah, you’re such a jerk. I mean, you mean you want us to be accountable to a set quota of reviews per day? Who do you think you are? You want us to write content on a daily basis and you’re gonna fire us if we don’t do it. You mean you mean that the business exists to serve you and not me? You mean that you’re going to hold us accountable to having a website that’s not terrible? You mean we have to follow a call script because you’re listening to our calls? You mean we have to call our leads over and over and over. The only person that would do these kinds of things is a successful person. Now keeping a schedule, dr Brackett, there’s somebody out there that for whatever reason, part of their, their their demon mind. It’s part of their, it’s like a say tannic wealth Repole wealth repelling thing called Jack [inaudible]. Yeah. Makes them not want to start their meetings on time. Right, and I am a recovering jackass. I’m sure everybody out there, we’ve gone through this. [inaudible] talk to me about what happens at a company where the owner starts everything late and doesn’t value the time of everybody else. What happens?

Well, it absolutely sets the tone for so many things and I think, I mean it’s, it’s starts well before that late meeting, you know what I mean? The schedule is, needs to be consistent. The schedule needs to be pre-thought out, preplanned. And you know, like you’ve talked about, you need to start every day with at least an hour before you, you’re talking and communicating, interacting with another human. Um, you know, I start my day at around four 30 in the morning. Um, that’s when I have my quiet time, go get some time in the gym and then, you know, after six, six 30, now I’m interacting with other people. Um, but you know, I’ve been doing that consistently for years now. And so initially it was tough. Um, I’m an, um, a naturally a night owl. I’m not a morning person, so I had to coach myself into being a morning person.

But those are some of the best hours of the day. And so, you know, my schedule is consistent. Um, I’m here on Monday, I’m there on Tuesday, I’m doing this Wednesday, but between the hours of nine and 12, I’m with patients between the hours of two 30 and six. I’m with patients. My wife doesn’t call me, my kids don’t call me. Um, you know, if there’s an emergency they call nine one one. Um, I’ll hear about it in a little while because I can’t do anything about it. During those times. My attention is 100% focused on the patient that’s in front of me. And, uh, then, you know, my staff is taking care of everything outside of my room. Um, do you know, in the office. And then, you know, the rest of the world is operating somewhere outside of my office. And so I can’t be everyone’s savior and I can’t solve every problem.

And so I don’t even attempt to, but, uh, you know, you’ve got to protect your schedule and you’ve got to, well, first you have to have a schedule and then you have to protect the schedule. And you have to be able to say no. So to certain things so that you can say yes to better things. And that starts with, you know, starting your day on time, starting your meeting on time. Um, you know, having the agenda for the meeting, having a plan, a set of things that you need to talk about and then you’re going to end the meeting on time. Uh, and you’ve got action steps ready to happen and roll out when you leave the meeting. Not having meetings upon meetings to have another meeting and a committee to form another meeting. Those are things that just, you know, it’s terrible in it. It weighs your company down and nobody wants to come to the meeting because it’s pointless. You need to have a meeting that, that has energy, that has a point and get something accomplished.

This is so important for somebody out there. If you were to open up your Bible to John 10, 10, and if you don’t believe in the Bible, it’s fine. I just wanna make sure you get this idea. Um, cause I want you to understand how passionate I am. I am about this. Um, the Bible, um, teaches us these, these universal truths that uh, if you don’t believe in the Bible, it’s fine, but these, these particular verses I think will resonate with you. Um, there’s uh, uh, John 10 10 is the Bible verse and it says, the thief has come to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it to the full known to the full. Um, what that means again, the thief comes only to steal and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. Is that I really do believe that it is a satanic idea to be perpetually late. Yes, I do believe it is. I say tannic idea and he might say that’s harsh. Well, if Satan in the Bible, if John describes it, he says, the thief comes to kill and destroy. You will destroy your business and you will kill your business and you will be robbing your own family of potential financial success if you’re always late. Right? So it could not be a Christian idea and a Christ like idea to constantly be late.

Well, and part of the idea of being a Christian is daily dying to oneself. And I believe that being late and especially perpetually late is just a very selfish action, you know, [inaudible] self center because you’re not taking into account the other people that are now waiting on you.

See, and I’ll think about this for a second. We talked about call recording. There’s nothing dishonest about telling your team, Jason, you’re listening to the calls and that you’re gonna use those for trading purposes. American express. Does it go to Walmart? See how many cameras are up there? Do you see? Lowe’s now has cameras everywhere on every aisle. It’s true. There’s nothing to look up. Everybody’s doing it. There’s nothing wrong about it. Right. It allows you to see what’s going on. Right, right. Cause otherwise, I mean, nobody’s going to tell you until it’s too late. Right. I was at a Lowe’s yesterday. No, no, no, I wasn’t. It was, I did go to Lowe’s, but I was at, um, Walmart, the one that’s East of the County line on a 71st yeah, it’s a new Walmart and there’s cameras up and I was messing around with my daughter, but it was with Aubrey and Havana.

And there’s your, your, your, your face is on a huge screen now in interviews. Have you seen that? So I’m like, guys, I think we’re being watched, but there’s like a camera where you obviously know and the lady who works at Walmart, you know the lady who kind of mans the self checkout area, right? Sure. You can get help if you need. She doesn’t know that I’m messing with her, but I’m like, I feel like they’re watching this and I’m looking right into the camera and I can see my face on the big screen. I’m like, guys, I think that’s me. Oh no. What about all the things I’ve been saying? And so it was just really funny. And so I was like, swiping my card, my credit card. I’m like, I don’t want them to see my credit card number. So I’m like swiping, I’m just playing this game and this lady’s just laughing because she thinks for the longest time that I am actually just now discovering that these cameras are up, but then your employees will try to flip it on you and make you feel like a bad person.

Why are you micromanaging me? Do you not trust that I can’t follow the script? Trust that you, that you cannot follow the script. Think about this. Think of, think about this, that that is like a perversion of truth, right? It’s somehow you feel bad when you record the calls on your team. Somebody out there needs to hear this. You should not feel bad for holding people accountable to do what they’re supposed to do. Somebody out there, Jason, feels bad right now. Yup. They’re holding their team accountable to doing a set number of Google reviews per day. Well, they just think I’m being too tyrannical and it’s the whole relationship dynamics. They’re not my friends anymore when I treat them that way. Right? I’ve never known anyone who’s doing the right thing to be bothered by accountability. Now look at this, John. Eight 44 reads, you belonged to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language for he is a liar and the father of lies. I’m telling how perverted and crazy is it that we have great clients that used to feel bad about making their team track their numbers. Man, my team used to make me feel bad about that. Back in the day when I was running DJ connection.com I would be on the guys about tracking and they would get mad and then they would go, what is your deal? What is your deal? Why do you, why do you have to make us track what you’ve never, you’ve never forgot to track before. They’d always do that. Or if I wrote them up for being late. Oh, so you’ve never been late before, right? There’s always that holier than thou thing.

Now I don’t have that problem at all cause I won’t get into that discussion. But man, I’m telling you what you’ve got to, if you’re out there feeling bad about holding your team accountable, we’ve got to work through that. Now the next thing a lot of people fight us about is hiring the right people, which would imply that some people are the wrong, right? Thus we have to do a group interview every week. Now the group interview is a game changer. And Jason, by default, what percentage of people have you talked to, whether it be at the conference or over the phone or in or in a coaching relationship. Yup. Did have given you some sort of pushback about doing the group interview, whether it’d be the ethics, the practicality, the Darwin, it, the, I’ve heard this one. It’s a Dar. It’s Darwinism. It’s just, it’s unbelievable.

I mean, could you please explain what percentage of people push back on the group interview? Um, will, every coaching client that I’ve ever worked with initially has pushed back on it. Yeah. And as far as the whole Darwinian thing goes, I mean, survival of the fittest. It’s, it exists for a reason. The strong survive. And so that’s the same. You need to look at your business the same way. Like why would you want to have the smallest specimen possible when you could have an Arnold Schwarzenegger on your team? I hear people say all the time, they’ll say, Oh my brother, you know, he’s, he’s very vital to our team. And I’m like, that’s, that’s fine. Um, stop talking like that. I’m not saying that my brother, he’s very fine. So what does he bring to the Dean and he’ll go, well, he, he, he calls all the leads and he’s a very effective manager.

And I’m like, well, maybe that was true a decade ago, but he’s not at the meeting today. Nope. Or any meeting. He’s chronically late. Yeah. Well my sister though, she’s helping him right now. The two of them are working together to try to get more functional in 2020 and you’re like, stop. No, get them outta here. Fire, fire. The incompetent people. Hire competent people. Dr Breck, what would you say for somebody out there that’s pushing back about doing the group interview? You just have to do it. Um, I initially pushed back, um, and you probably would argue against this clay, but I would say even if you’re not willing to do it once a week, um, do it every other week. Do it once a month. Uh, [inaudible] start somewhere. Yeah. I mean you’re going to have a much better team that you’re working with. If you at least start somewhere and you start to, when you have a person who needs to be fired, you’re able to do it.

You’re not being held hostage any longer. Um, or when a situation happens, uh, we had a woman who, uh, got pregnant, intended to come back to work, but then, you know, didn’t and uh, we needed to replace that person and no fault of her own. I mean, that’s great. That’s a situation real quick, I want to tee off on this for a second. Jason, you’re a recovering standup comedian guy. You’ve done standup comedy. Again, humor comes from honesty, honesty. So whenever you say something where they go, that’s so true. And they kind of laugh. That’s humor right now. Let me explain this to you real quick because somebody out there is going to get offended real fast and I’m not trying to offend you. I’m just trying to make sure we’re getting this idea because again, it’s a sick and perverted thing where you’re offended by truth. Yeah. So here’s an example. Um, Jerry Seinfeld is absolutely hilarious and one of the things that he discovered is that kids love candy. I mean, he talks about this at great length that kids love candy. I’m going to cue this up real quick. This is Seinfeld talking about how much kids love candy. Okay, and one second here. This is [inaudible].

One thing I do like about being with my older relatives, it makes me feel like a kid again. You know, they’re feeding you, you’re trying to steal candy. Candy was my whole life when I was a kid. That was first 10 years of my life. I think the only clear thought I had was get candy. That was a family, friends school. They’re just obstacles in the way of the candy. I’m out for the candy here. I’m just thinking good. Can they get, can they get, can they get, can they get candy? That’s why you have to teach kids not to take candy from a stranger if they’re playing in a playground because there’s such candy, moron, idiot brains, they’re just, this man has candy. I’m going with them. Goodbye. I don’t care what happens. Don’t go. They’ll talk to you, they’ll kidnap you. It doesn’t matter. He hasn’t. No. Henry, I have to take that chance.

It can take it.

So the first time you hear the, the concept of Halloween, when you’re a kid, your brain can’t even process the information. You’re like, what? What is this? What did you say? So what did you say about giving out candy? Who was giving out janitor? Everyone that we know is just getting out


Are you kidding me? When is this happening? Where, why you take me with you? I gotta be a part of this. I’ll do anything that they want. I can wear that.

That is

truth right there. True. Now, another thing that’s true, but it doesn’t get the same comedic reaction is most women who have kids don’t come back to work for a while. Now think about this for a second. You’re saying, why are you talking about this? Okay, we talk about the gender income gap. Think about this. If you played in a professional football, right, let’s, let’s, let’s say you’re Tom Brady and you’re really good at football and you’re 26 and you go, here’s the deal,  business coach Jason, I’ve got to leave on male maternity leave because I live in a socialistic economy and I would like for you to pay me full wages this year. I’m going to be gone for a year. And uh, but you know, don’t replace me. Don’t get another quarter back. I’ll be back. Why couldn’t you do that? Well, why could you not just not fill the position of quarterback during the year that Tom Brady’s gone?

Well, because we actually need somebody to hike and throw the ball. I mean, football’s all about forward progress. You’re not going to get that with that quarterback. So you, you think about this though for a second. Okay. So there are a lot of women, great women I know who have decided to leave the workplace for two to five years to have kids. Right? Does the world change when you’re gone? I mean, just to take this technology update, do things. So if you’re, if you’re, well, if you’re gone for five years, sure. Is it possible that you might have to work for less money? Yeah. Then another woman who didn’t leave for five years. Yeah. I mean we’re talking that’s like 10 I-phones right there. So we talked about the gender gap on income. I want to just deal with this for a second. People that leave the workplace every three years for one year deserve to be paid less than the person who doesn’t miss work for one year every three years.

So you see a lot of career women who don’t have kids and they make a lot more than women who do live leave with the kids. Right? And I see this all the time in my business is people will say, I’m going to leave to have a child. And I’m going to come back. And Jason, you worked with me at elephant in the room. It’s true. And we’ve had some women who have come back. What percentage of the people that say they’re going to leave and then come back after having a kid actually come back? I mean, the batting average of the people who come back are not high. In my what, almost three years of being there. We’ve had, how many did we do that? What percentage do you think actually come back? Half. Less than half. We had two out of five actually come back.

So BRAC, I mean you’ve seen that, right? So if you didn’t do the group interview and you accepted what someone said to you, I will come back. Right. And you trusted that statement, where would you be? Well, I mean, like you said, I mean as a quarterback you have a job that still needs to get done and so you have to have someone else to fulfill the that role. Um, and it can be for any number of reasons. I mean, you know, we’ve had, uh, spouses of employees that got another job offer in another state. Uh, you know, I mean, there’s going to be things in life. Life is going to happen as a business owner. You do not live in a vacuum. You don’t live in a utopia world. Uh, if you do, congratulations, great job if you’re doing that. But, uh, I do not.

And so there are things that are going to happen and so we want to be prepared for those things rather than, you know, now, uh, something falls in my lap on Monday and I’ve got to, uh, you know, get a, a, um, advertisement for position out on indeed or, um, you know, in other sources. Um, and, uh, then interview a ton of people and try to find the best candidate and read through resumes. And I mean, till I’m blue in the face, it’s, it’s a terrible process. The group couldn’t do that last minute group interview. We had a position that we had to fill recently and um, the previous group interview and had people that I did not have a position for but they were great candidates, people that I liked and I asked them if I could keep them on a short list. Here we go, have people that I wanted to visit, we brought him back in for a, a checkup kind of, you know, make sure that we’re still compatible.

Things are still on track, that the situation hasn’t changed and uh, they were hired, you know, kind of on the spot because we had already previously interviewed them. It is, I am telling you if you do the group interview, you just post the job post every week. We can help you. If you’re stuck, just reach out to us for one on one business coaching. We can help you ever get to a business conference. We can help you. You make a job post posted every week. Everybody who responds, just tell him, I’d love to interview you this Thursday at six or whatever time works good for you and your family. Interviewed them all at one time and save yourself the hell of going through 50 resumes because 85% of people lie on the resumes according to inc magazine, right? So you’re talking about reading, you’re basically reading this. This is how it works.

If you do one on one interviews, it’s like this. Step one, post the job post. Step two, the candidates will email you fiction pieces. People will email you pieces of fiction of good creative narrative. You will read the creative non-truth documents called resumes. Then based upon your ability to read fiction, you will then interview people who will say insincere statements to you for the same reason they wrote insincere statements to get the interview. My biggest win, my biggest weakness is I care too much. And then eventually you’re going to get worn out after interviewing 40 people, one on one, and you’re eventually just going to hire somebody out of desperation, right? And then your process is going to suck. But with a group interview, you have options, choices, and the person, the person with the most options wins. Now, Jason, we have, we’re going to call now, Josh Sperl. The Canadian longtime account and the client and

accountant who’s based in Edmonton,

Canada there. And you always worry when you call people on [inaudible]

a live show or a show, it’s being recorded if they’re not going to pick up.

And usually after two rings, there’s little hope for, for, for a pickup. Oh wait, yes. What’s going on dude?

He must have called them in that number. But I guess this is verse too.

Hey, and by the way, we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And are you, you, you’re in Edmonton right now? Or did you decide to drive down the little jaunt to be here for us?

I, I am actually in Vancouver, actually three at the moment.

Really. And what do you, what are you doing in Vancouver?

Oh, we’re just, you know, doing a little bit a sightseeing. We, we were harassing an influencer down here, so, uh, yeah, we got a little bit of a, I’ve got a bit of a meeting with them. Cell phones.

Oh, nice. Nice. Okay. So real quick for the listeners out there that are not familiar with, with you and uh, for you, just so you know, we’ve got dr Breck on the show. Dr Breck meet Josh Sperl. How are you doing sir?

Pretty good. Dr Breck yourself?

I’m doing well. Thank you. Great to meet you. Two professionals, Canadian CPA and a an American chiropractor and then Jason and I are what you would call non-professionals. That’s true. I bro fessionals yeah, I wore my Justin Trudeau shirt just for you. Now we’re going to talk today we’re doing today is we’re working through some of the uncoachable mindsets that listeners all around the world have and we’re trying to make sure everybody knows what they need to do and then we’re trying to convince everybody to do it. And my understanding is today, now we’re going to be talking about the importance of knowing your numbers. Are you, are you prepared my friend?

I am ready. Clay

and how long have you been in business for the listeners out there who don’t know?

Hopefully I have my practice now. So I had been running small businesses for, you know, more than two decades at this point. But I had my accounting practice, my CPA practice for just over eight years now.

And how did you, how did you first hear about me?

SEO clay, Google, Google is the key 88% of the time. And I was one of those 88% people.

Did you find our podcast or the website or what’d you find first on the website and then, and then you came to the conference and you and you, your flight, you flew from Edmonton to Minneapolis and your flight got canceled if I’m correct, right?

That’s right. Yup.

And then you drove from Minneapolis to Tulsa all night to attend the conference. Wow.

That’s, yeah. Yeah. Showed up looking like a homeless person.

You guys still let me in. And what was it? Was it worth it?

It was worth it. Yeah. I think it’s one of the best carpets that had been to.

And talk to me about, um, your, your, your growth in the last 18 months or so since we’ve started working with you.

I mean we’re in terms of revenue wise, you know, we’re, we’re up over over 30%, that’s for sure. So, uh, which is, uh, you know, a big statement coming from, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada because the economic situation, theirs is fairly Tufts. So 30% growth in Evanston is, uh, unheard of these days.

Explain to the listeners out there how tough your economy is because you, you almost deserve a merit badge and an award and then a, a, a buffet of cookies because you’ve survived the disastrous socialist economy up there. Explain what the economic climate is like up there in Edmonton.

The best way to explain it would be maybe if, uh, the people of Texas would understand if, uh, you know, all of a sudden your government decided that you, you, you weren’t going to build any pipelines. A ship oil, even with Texas is completely dependent on oil Alberta, uh, which is pretty much the same sort of economy. And our government decided that we don’t need pipelines anymore.

So talk to me who made that decision?

Uh, the, uh, uh, mr Trudeau, the, the, the, the T shirt that Jason Beasley,

he’s now burning it. That’s true. Now, again, would you describe your economy now as, as it is known as socialism? Is it, they’re calling it officially calling it socialism up there?

Um, I don’t know if they officially call it socialism, but I would certainly classify it as socialism for sure. So,

and is that, has it turned out to be a good thing? Would you like socialism?

Um, no, I, I think, uh, you know, pretty much the majority of Western Canada, uh, it feels very alienated with the socialistic practices that have been enforced on us from Eastern Canada.

So, um, how could you see socialism, uh, deteriorating your economy? I mean, what are practical examples where you go, man, socialism is really getting us?

Um, I think it would be, you know, when we look at the, the choices that are made, uh, you know, from the left at some point, or just completely disregard, you know, the importance of industry and the importance of business overall. And we’ve seen, um, an extraordinary amount of, of businesses actually just, you know, bleed. They actually just closed up shop and move jurisdictions. So, you know, people forget that, you know, the, what happens when you, when you go after businesses, you know, they’ll, they’ll simply stop working or they’ll engage in tax planning or they will just simply leave to another jurisdiction. And we’ve seen Neil and great S exit as a businesses of Western Canada.

Okay. So you have fought the good fight. You’re up there listening to Brian Adams wall listening to your a, it’s like a Bryan Adams Justin Bieber mix while sipping on Molson, fighting the good fight. Are the Mounties helping you to be successful? How much of your success would you credit to the Mounties?

I’m going to create it, you know, uh, maybe like zero point.


Zero 1% for the Mounties.

Okay. So now let’s talk about the importance of knowing your numbers. My friend John, Josh, we have a lot of listeners who for whatever reason, don’t like tracking their numbers.

Yeah, yeah, that’s a, you’ll be important. So let’s break down some numbers for business owners that you know, really business owners will work 63% more hours than regular employees and unfortunately 61% of the time business owners are probably making less than employees in their industry. And this leads to the fact that nine out of 10 businesses will fail and it’ll play. You point out this stat over and over again and it’s very, very true. And when you dissect these failed businesses, you’ll find that 29% of the time these failed business owners will list that they simply ran out of cash. And that makes it the second most common reason that businesses will go under, you know, right behind not having enough customers. And most people never really see what happens to these failed business owners. They just see the signs taken down at a location one day and they think that is more like a video game. But you know, as my work as a, as a CPA, I have to file the tax returns for these business owners for, you know, at least a year or two after these businesses go under it. I see what actually happens. These business owners, after they go into business and they clean, I can tell you that the results are, they’re actually pretty ugly. You know, uh, there’s significant life savings that are lost. You know, families break up significant mental health concerns, you know, become the norm. So, you know, not knowing your numbers has catastrophic consequences to most entrepreneurs.

You, um, help your clients with accounting, which is cool, but you also help them a little bit more than just accounting. You know, you don’t do just accounting. Can you explain what you would do if you’re sitting down with one of your clients who is refusing to track their numbers? I mean, how does that conversation go for let’s, let’s pretend for a moment that you’re talking to one of your clients who’s a newer client and they just will not track their numbers. Well, what, what, what kind of business coaching and mentorship do you provide people?

I mean, the most important thing that we’re going to do is we’re just going to set those appointments. Um, we’re going to block him into those appointments. So before an account, before a client leaves our office, we’re usually going to set that and very next appointment because that’s the, you know, the hardest thing that they’re going to have, uh, trouble with. Right? Um, you know, from there we’re going to actually, you know, pretty much dissect their personal financial situation. We do what’s called a financial plan for the business owners, and it’s different than the financial plan that a regular investment advisor would give you. It’s really specifically designed for an entrepreneur because the, the household finances are going to greatly affect the business owner. So we’re going to dissect those personal financial circumstance or the business owner, and then we’re going to, from there, once we understand what we have available to work with them, we’re going to dive into a business plan for those business owners.

Okay? So you are, you’re, you’re, you have your, if you’re out there listening today, you own a business and you don’t know your numbers, you, what’s going to happen? Sperl what’s going to happen if they don’t know their numbers?

You’re often just going to make poor choices. So you know, for example, you’re going to decide to hire this employee. You’re going to hire, decide to lay someone off or buy a piece of equipment or get into a leaf that you can’t afford. Um, you know, it’s going to cause you to make decisions that are going to cause you to run out of cash. Uh, you know, again, which is the second most common reason why businesses are going to go on it. I’m going to go under,

okay. Now I want to talk about this next idea. You, you have been doing this so long. You’ve been an accountant for so long. You’ve actually made a list of the 10 biggest mistakes that small business owners make with their accounting. You’ve kind of a, a reverse top 10 list here. This is like the bad, the bad 10. Um, walk us through your top 10 list of the biggest mistakes that most small business owners make with their accounting.

So let’s go with number one. I kind of alluded to it already. The most common mistake I see is, is probably mistake. It’s affecting every area of the business. And it’s that they cannot keep appointments. And this includes the keeping appointments with themselves and their accountant to review their numbers. You know, my millionaire clients, they rarely miss appointments, you know. But I had a client, for example, one of my millionaire clients, he was in the midst of selling his business for a seven figure deal and he was having some sort of kidney issue that was causing swelling all over his body. And he gets out of the hospital and shows up to my office looking like Rocky rather than, you know, miss a, an appointment with his account. But mind you, you have broke accountant, broke clients who, you know, they have come down with the sniffles or they have a, every emergency that you can imagine that prevents them from keeping appointments.

Oh, Jason, Jason, you, you know, you, you know, part of you wants to laugh right now because it is so true. Well, part of me also wants to go [inaudible] you’ve seen this Breck, Breck, how many, how many sick days do you give yourself for your brick? None. Zero. Interesting. So it’s, it’s interesting though that that some people who want to be successful entrepreneurs, they want to be successful entrepreneurs but they want to call in sick, they want to miss appointments. So if that’s you, it’s that same drive that gave Josh the initiative to get a rental car and drive down from Minnesota here or that’s what I told John. I said, John, cause Sprole wanted to work with me personally and I said, ah, I’ll work with him. And John said, why? And I go, cause he drove from Minnesota. Yeah. And John’s like 100% I agree with you man.

He found a way. He made it happen. I mean some people come up with solutions, some people just complain. We w we have a, a small city called Bixby, which is located 15 minutes away. Spurl from our conference center in jinx. Totally true story. About four months ago, so two conferences ago, we had a guy who showed up about 45 minutes late to session one and after the, we will only do 50 minute sessions and we take a break for 10 minutes. He comes up to me, he’s like, dude, you’re really hammering people for being late. And that I didn’t appreciate that because I live in Bixby and there was a little, I got a little bit lost, you know, and it was like, cause the first session we talk about the uncoachable mindsets and we talked about the importance of honoring your commitments and being on time.

It just so happened that he walked in during the part, Jason, and you’ve seen this before? Oh yeah. Nothing’s more awkward than when a guy shows up late to a conference where we’re teaching time management at seven 40 in the morning. I mean, it’s brutal. And so he went off on his tangent about how it was being mean to him. And I said, you know what, what’s your business background? We start talking, he’s failed at one business. He’s failed at another. And I said, you probably just need to leave, man. This is like a full contact sport. This is like business football. You know? And if you’re worried about getting your feelings hurt, I mean, this is not the place for you. So let’s talk about, uh, the biggest mistake, number two, Josh referral.

So the biggest mistake number two is a pretty simple one, but just not having separate business and personal accounts, it’s just going to make your life more complex. It’s going to create more errors and in my experience that it causes you to lose credibility with any government auditor. You know, any, uh, any transaction that could go either way. You know, if you haven’t demonstrated the discipline to separate your business and personal accounts, again, you’ll just lose credibility with any audit sort of procedure.

Okay, so let’s move on to a, uh, you know, dysfunction number three,

the function number three. I’m going to break the hearts of all the software providers because they will vehemently disagree with me on this one, but it’s using accounting software too early. So if you’re a solo preneur, all you need to do is keep separate business accounts. Print your statements though, once a month, review them, make notes on them, hand those statements into your accounts at the end of the year. And if, if you don’t have enough work yet to hire your first employee, you should be spending more time selling rather than learning.

Have Jason had

the a, have you ever had a meeting where you’ve worked with a client, they discovered they had no money. Has this ever happened to you? Yeah, and it’s awkward. So let me give you an example of the worst situation I’ve ever seen. It’s Pearl. I was working with a cosmetic surgeon years ago and this guy was doing about as much revenue as you’re doing. Okay. I mean, we’re talking, he was doing well, right? And uh, he had budgets, bought himself a new house. Um, he do doing well. Luxury car leads coming in and his card got declined for the monthly charge. And I said, Hey man, maybe we need to get a different card on file. Maybe the card expired. And he goes, okay. So he gives me an email, he sends me back, Hey, you use this card, doesn’t go through and you could sense kind of a panic in his voice.

And I said, what’s going on? He’s like, I don’t know. So his assistant who I worked very closely with, he tasked her with figuring out where the bank statement was, no exaggeration, homeboy was owed over a half a million dollars from insurance companies, but in his accounting system he was using a cruel based accounting Josh where he was factoring in his lifestyle based upon how much money can you get. Can you explain the difference between cash based accounting and accrual? Because this guy thought he had about a half million bucks in his bank account and he had like 500 bucks in his account and I had to point out to him this was bad because he used his numbers to get a bank loan for a big house and he found out that he didn’t mean to, but he had actually lied to the lenders because he told them he had a cash balance of this much, but he actually had a can’t cash balance of this much.

Let’s explain what the differences between accrual and cash based and how people can screw up that kind of accounting. Well, if you’re, for example, let’s talk about our revenue transaction. So if you’re looking straight on the bank statement, you’re not going to count it in a cash based system until that deposit hits the bank statement. But in an accrual system, you’re going to book the receivable. That income is going to show up on your profit and loss and things look great. But it kind of disregards the fact that is that, um, was that actual revenue collected or even collectible period?

[inaudible] okay, what’s our nest? What is our next disfunction, my friend.

So it kind of goes hand in hand with that example you’re just talking about. It is, you know, once you have employees not hiring an accountant or a professional bookkeeper to help them during the year, um, you know, the software companies make you think that the programs are easy to learn, but that’s a lie. They just want to study the program. You know, I hire university graduates with four year degrees and I would estimate it takes, uh, a minimum of a year working with me full time before I’m somewhat happy with their level of competency. But yet we get these business owners who think they can learn accounting or their spouse can learn accounting in a weekend. I mean, it’s, it’s not uncommon for us to get a business owner who, a spouse who quit their job, you know, bringing in three, four, $5,000 a month into the house to quote unquote do the books. Then we take a look at the work they’re doing and we have to tell them that, you know, we can do a better job for two to $300 a month.

Oh boy. Now those are fighting words right there. I see this all the time. I see it where it’s, it’s the husband of the entrepreneur quits his job to quote unquote help do the books and he doesn’t want to do the books. And the one thing he doesn’t do is the books, which creates all of the problems. So it’d be better just for your spouse to keep that job or to just pay him 3000 bucks a month to do nothing to Hawaii and hire an accounting firm. So let’s talk about this now. Move number four. What’s sold? What’s the fourth dysfunction?

Um, so, uh, you know, I believe that was four. So I think we’re under

Oh, number five, this just rounded number five here. Okay. So what’s dysfunction number five? This just in?

So dysfunction function number five is not reconciling all those accounts. You know, going back to your surgeon there, he didn’t realize how much money he had in his account, but you’ve got to reconcile those accounts in the software. Uh, and you, you should be reconciling them each and every time you do payroll. So I see people that are reconciling accounts at different times, they’re running payroll and that makes no sense to me whatsoever. You want to reconcile your accounts before you run payroll to make sure you actually have enough money to meet the payroll. Let’s start there. Um, and so if you’re paying people weekly, you need to reconcile the accounts weekly or biweekly. You know, at a minimum biweekly for paying people biweekly,

you are dropping some serious knowledge bombs. What’s the next dysfunction?

So once you have employees, so you have this accounting software working, you need to be reviewing six month compared to balance sheet and you should be looking at this balance sheet before you look at your profit and loss statements. You know, business owners, they always want to look at their profit and loss. But unfortunately the mistakes, they’re usually hiding on the balance sheet and they’re obvious. Once you review that balance sheet and you start to gain a level of comfort with that balance sheet, you’re going to start to identify these anomalies. And if you see these anomalies, you know that the profit and loss that you could be using to make significant business decisions, you know, it could be completely out of whack.

Well and Josh, I would assume you can also see those trends much earlier.

You can’t, yeah, yeah. Those, those comparative numbers and people are looking at these balance sheets, you know, just one balance sheet, one month, one moment in time. It’s very, very difficult to see the anomalies. But if you look at a six months comparative balance sheet and they have, you know, six months worth of numbers and six totals, you start to see those anomaly. You don’t have to be a CPA to feed them. They start to become obvious,

Oh, what is our next dysfunction, my friend?

So the, the next dysfunction is the same thing where we looked at the balance sheet six months comparative. We should also look at the income statement. We’re talking about interim financial statements. So this is the, the financial statements that are coming out of your QuickBooks software. Uh, we should be looking at a six month comparative profit and loss statement because we don’t have the same level of due diligence that goes into interim financial statements, whether you’re doing them yourself or even if you’re having an accountant help you with them. You know, when year end statements get a whole heap of extra due diligence in their work done to make sure the information is correct. But interim financial statements don’t have that. So by having a six month comparative profit and loss statement, you know, you’d be able to recognize the anomalies yourself and start to understand if this information is accurate enough to make major business decisions on.

Okay. Okay. So, so now if I’m listening here and uh, I don’t like, I don’t like this, you know, I, I’m saying I don’t, I don’t want to like it. I mean this is all, I don’t, I don’t, I mean we’re talking about accounting and I’m going, you know, I mean, I’m like come on, come on. Really. I mean I’m talking about business cause I think a lot of people view business as just offense. They go, let’s talk about vision. Let’s talk about marketing. Let’s talk about sales, vision, marketing, sales, vision, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, woo. Vision, your purpose. P, find your why. Find your with B, B, B. Don’t be a B player. Be an a player. Find your why. Whoo. Brett, you’ve seen this. Oh yeah. People view when they talk about entrepreneurship. Jason, do you have a lot of your clients that want a hard charge into accounting?

They’re like, Hey, let’s start up this meeting by first double, let’s grab a beer, then let’s talk about a gun. I mean, do people get really fired up about accounting? Like I said, out of my 20 clients, I have two where they immediately want to talk about their accounting so they can get it out of the way. Everybody else is just like, you can’t. So about that logo update that we were talking about, people want to hide behind the logo updates and branding and marketing pieces. Yup. And not talk about accounting every time. But again, if we’re playing football, Aw, you got offense, you got defense and you got special teams. So the way I look at it as offense, as marketing and sales and branding defense is accounting and legal compliance and special teams. Is that special service or product that you provide, that’s the product or service you provide? That’s the special teams. Josh, why do people want to avoid accounting so much? What is it?

Um, it’s, it’s complicated and I think a lot of times they make it overly complicated. Um, and it’s like anything else when things aren’t going so well, they want to stick their head in the sand and pretend to, you know, nothing’s wrong.

So let’s talk about dysfunction. Our next dysfunction, my friend, what number are we on? Number eight,

number eight, number eight. So, and this will help, this number eight is going to help the client who doesn’t want to deal with their accounting. But you know, most clients, they come to us and they have way too many accounts on their chart of accounts. You know, they have a profit and loss statement that’s two, three, four, five pages long. And the more account that you have, the more costly it is to maintain the accounting records. And you know, the more time you’re going to have to spend reviewing these records in order to make business decisions. And most people just keep adding these accounts and all it ends up with is extensive classification errors. You know, for example, let’s say someone buys ink one year and one year they classify that ink is ink expense and the next year they classify it as an office supplies. And then you end up with these variances period over period, month over month, year over year. And you think that their variances that are all in all reality, they’re just classification differences.

Brett, you’re in the process of uh, uh, buying a building. Yes. Um, when you went to buy a building, do they just let you get a loan to buy a building without looking at your financials? Or does somebody have to look at your financials? Someone has to look at your financials. Do you mean they just won’t go in there and fist bump? You know, they don’t just hand you money on a smile and a wink. Now, uh, I’m sure Josh, I’m sure you’ve, you’ve never seen this before, but I think a lot of entrepreneurs never want to do accounting until they have to.


You know, they, they want to sell their company and now they have to look at the numbers for the first time in a decade. They want to buy a building and now they have to look at the numbers for the first time in a decade. They want to get a mortgage. So they have to look at the numbers for the first time in a decade. Can you talk about if somebody was your client, can you, can you work with American clients or do you just work with Canadian clients?

Well, we can work with American clients on the bookkeeping end, but not on the, on the tax end.

Why not? Why not?

Well, the, you know, I, I’m a, uh, you know, at this point, uh, very proficient in Canadian tax. Uh, but trying to know, it’s like anything, you can do something really well, uh, or you can do a lot of things just okay. So, uh, I’m, I’m really good at the Canadian tax.

Why don’t you move down here?

Um, well if they keep not building pipeline,

listen, listen, listen. You say you, you said that you’re proficient in the Canadian accounting and you’re not proficient in the American County and that is your, is that your reason for not coming down here for doing it? The taxes of Americans. So people want to hire you. You won’t, you won’t take them on right now. You will not do it.

Um, we can do bookkeeping for us clients, but we wouldn’t be able to look at the taxation issues for American sites.

What do you mean? What do you mean by that?

So bookkeeping, so the regular interim financial reports, a business owner hires a bookkeeper and then usually they pass it off to an accountant at year end who can do the year end taxes.

So there’s, there’s, there’s not a chance you will not take anybody who wants to be, there’s Americans right now who are dissatisfied with their accountants. Breck have you ever had a bad accountant? I have, yes. Some preparation. Josh, you are trying to fill our minds with excuses saying that you don’t want to take our American money. So what I’m going to do is I have been practicing the Canadian national Anthem and I’m going to cue it up and I’m going to sing along and I’m willing to, I was willing to invest the time needed to learn this incredible song. And you are not willing to learn our tax code. That’s a bunch of crap cause your song is about a minute and 27 seconds long. Right? Um, and I have, I have taken the at least 10 to 15 minutes to learn your song and you will not take even the thousands of hours needed to learn are thousands of pages of tax code and I call that as crap. So let me queue up your, your Anthem here. Let me, let me queue this up. I’ve got it. I’ll let me get it here. Let me try it. State farm commercial, which is not like your house. The Canadian national Anthem confusion there. I know it’s state farm is very influential up there. Let me queue it up here. Also, red and white theme. Yes.

Here we go. Please remain standing for the singing of Oak Canada led by universal music, multi-pronged, them selling recording artists, Clifton Fraser and Victor the tenor.

Now real quick, is the tenors a vocal group that matters up in Canada? Oh yeah. I have no idea. I’ve never heard of the Canadian tenors. You’re from Canada. Come on real quick Josh. Just George’s is absolutely full of crap up there. Let me tell you what the Dritan, the next election, Drake will be the president and the end, the tenors will be the vice president. You have a prime minister though, right? Yeah. Former drama teacher. Okay, let me, let me hit. He’s got a great job quitting drama. Here we go.

Your, you’re in here. Oh man. Hey, I bet he’s a cowbell there now. Doest in us commander. Oh, he’s changed it up. Crap. Justin Bieber. [inaudible] the warm weather. The [inaudible] Sparrow. Oh wow. Oh, he’s taking it home. More cowbell track. He’s coming down to America. We’ve sold him. He’s coming down to America. We’re all welcome. What are you,

we did it. We did that for you. So when you come down here,

so I, I can guarantee you that I will, I will devote at least a minute and 27 seconds.

All right, so what is the next dysfunction?

So now, now you have this well organized chart of accounts that have profit and loss statement. You can stick it on one page, but now you’ve got to take that profit and loss statement and order it in numerically descending order. You know, a lot of accountants will order things in alphabetical order, but you should order in numerical descending order because most businesses, they’re going to be one in law in the revenue cost, the product sold, direct labor, rent and admin labor accounts. Most of the other accounts are about optimization. They’re not going to be the difference between winning and losing. You’re going to find the business owners because they’re not generating any sales and not making any money off of each new transaction. And they’re spending an unfortunate amount of time on trying to minimize their phone bill or reducing their interest of bank charges. And then I got to sit with them in a meeting and tell them, Hey look, the phone company could pay you $1,000 a month. You’re still going out of business.

Uh, I agree, but let me hammer home why as an example. For my business, for my life, for what I do, my biggest expense is labor. And that’s going to hover for most of my companies. I like to keep that around 35% all right, so I just looked at the numbers last week and for one company we hit 38% and went up. Well what happened was, is that in the, I don’t, I’m sure it happens up there in Canada, but in America during the month of December, a lot of entrepreneurs are trying to find, um, you know, write-offs. So they’ll ask me, they’re like, Hey, can you guys write 500 pages of content for my website this month? And so we have a lot more labor intensive activities being ramrodded through the final month of the year. So when it went up, my wife said, Hey, it went up 3% I wasn’t scared because I was aware of the trend within the business. Right? But she pointed out to me, Hey, it did go up 3% and I said, well, that’s because we’re not, that’s a service we’re doing. That’s labor-based. She goes, okay, go. I just wanted you to know. But if you don’t have that as your TA, your labors at the top, and let’s say your, your second biggest expense is your office space or your, your rent or something. If you’re not aware of those things, you will, you spend all your time

on whatever you see first on the statement, right? So you’ll, I see people all the time were beaten up their vendors over a thousand dollar charge when their biggest issue is their labors. That that is powerful. Now my final, I think you have one final disfunction we want to hit here. This is dysfunction number 10 and a what famous Canadian would you like to dedicate this to?

Famous Canadians that we’re going to dedicate it to. Maybe it’s our old prime minister, Stephen Harper from, we had a, an economist as the prime minister and rather than a drama teacher, we’ll, we’ll donate the, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll give it to him.

Does the average person that there is, is over half the population in favor of socialism up there? What percentage of the Canadian population is, is a jackass?

Well, the, the current government in power actually lost the popular vote in the last election. So they were not actually the most popular party, but it’s, you know, it’s, it’s based on, uh, uh, on the writing system. So if you went enough, if you would, enough of the writings, you’re, you’re, you’re in power regardless of the positive mode.

Okay. All right. Okay. So number 10, what does, what does the 10 the final disfunction here?

So it’s thinking that minimizing your advertising expenses is a good idea. You know, we’ve found that anything less than 2% of revenue will more often than not result in a contraction and revenue year over year. And this is 2% of revenue on real advertising expenses like Google ads, Admiral retargeting, YouTube ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn advertising. This isn’t the wine of the month club or sponsoring a kid soccer team. Real advertising expenses, at least 2% of your revenue. This is not where you should be pinching penny

Michael Levine, uh, the former PR consultant of choice for Nike, uh, for, for prints, for um, uh, Michael Jackson for pizza Hudbay brands. He talks about how aggressive growth companies spend 10% of their revenue on marketing and advertising and companies that just don’t want to shrink, need to spend at least two to 5% so you’re in the same conversation here. Now we have a, a question from a listener, Josh who’s from Russia. Yeah, I’d like Jason to read the question. He is from Russia and he wrote us via email. And so Jason, could you read the email? Yeah. What the revised or the actual email. Read the actual email and then you can kind of break it down so I get it. Gotcha. Yeah. So he says, first of all, if there were a chance to a clay that his podcast helps me to chin up like TD Jakes.

Wait a second, you’re doing this crap. You’re not using your Russian accent. You have to use the Russian accent to do it and it’s getting better each time. So please like a fine wine. He gets better over time. So please try to read your stereotypical Russian accent. Please. Daniil I apologize in advance. Okay. First of all, if there are, if there were a chance delicately that his broadcast helps me to chin up like TD Jakes does for him. I’m a humble student from you. Get there in sure sounds right. But striving to achieve my goals got up today at 5:00 AM so can’t send a high five message as don’t live in USA. Tell him if possible also start here and [inaudible] or musical or where the Oculus. That’s why I found out the time to this one and probably will read search engine domination as very interested in it but can’t fathom it during podcast. So he was saying, first of all, if it’s possible, tell clay that his podcast helps me to get motivated. TD Jakes does for him. Cool. That’s awesome. And what’s his name again? His name is Danielle. Danielle. Danielle. I appreciate you saying that. I’m glad that you have suffered through two of my books. Start here and Jack ass, sorry. Many, many people all around the country, um, all around the world actually are buying that book. Um, sprawl. Have you read Jack ass your or start here?

I’ve read both of them actually.

Which one did you like the best and why?

I like to start here. It’s pretty comprehensive.

Did you laugh when you read your [inaudible]?

What was that? Sorry?

Did you laugh when you read jackass Ray? Did it make you laugh?

Yup. Yup. There’s some good stories in there,

but start, here’s your favorite one.

Start here has a huge amount of content from a lot of resources. I think it is kind of an all encompassing book that you designed it to be.

Okay. Okay, let’s continue. So Jason, continue reading. Oh, okay. And he says, uh, I was breaking it down to two. He is a humble students and Russia and he’s striving to achieve his goals. He got up at 5:00 AM and he wanted to, I believe this is a callback 20 of your, uh, previous episodes where you said if you wake up early, you’d send people a virtual high five. Yeah, do it if you wake up at five. Okay. What you want to do, get up at five and then tweet at me. It’s, it’s a Twitter. It’s Twitter. Ford slash the clay Clark V clay Clark just tweet at me high five at 5:00 AM you gotta get that going? I want to give him extra props cause 5:00 AM in Russia’s like I don’t know, one o’clock here. So they’re like, you know, 8:00 PM the day before. Yeah. He’s almost in the future.

He is in the future now. What’s the next portion of his email? Uh, let’s see. So yeah, so he’s breaking down how much he loves the books and he’s interested in search engine domination to read next, but it’s something he can’t quite fathom yet. Yup. Um, and then, okay, so going back to the accident again, I apologize. No, no. Did, I did not apologize. This is how we think you sound. Yeah. And then if you guys, I would like for Daniil to record a show where he, uh, Danielle get out your phone and record record. Um, uh, you, I want you to imitate Americans and you send me the audio and I’ll play it on the show because I know that there’s this awesome, I would love everybody. Everybody could imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like everyone. Everyone has their own Arnold even. Exactly. Everybody can go, everyone could take, you got to pump the DOB, you got to move your Bazi. We all can kind of do that, but he can’t imitate the average American cause if he did as governor, he might want to, he could struggle still to say the word California.

Anyway, continue. Jason. In the previous message you’ve told me that it’s possible to ask a question for ask Lee. Anything got to go to, and maybe clay will answer it. So I have read books of Seth Goden, purple cow unleash idea, virus, bootstraps. But our mission market things stop stealing dreams and he preaches that cold calling and stuff like this is useless. But Glenn vouchers that it’s essential gun disagree with Glenn. I liked that you put that in parentheses. Okay. So let’s, let’s, uh, let’s do this real quick. Uh, Sperl, how did you go out and get your first 10 clients?

Um, well let’s break down the, the cold calling. So, you know, my first business was a construction business and it was, it looked like opening up the phone book and calling people. So, uh, in terms of cold calling, I think it’s still a viable option. On the accounting practice. It was more, you know, going to networking events, you know, gathering the cards, it means they calling them up and booking out the console.

Um, now let’s talk about this for a second and I want to make sure that I’m not attacking Seth Goden who is, so we appreciate him being on the show and I love his books. Um, what happens is, is you are, this is Daniil how I would explain it. Imagine that you have a tool, a tool, uh, you’re like a, I’m a handyman and you have a bunch of tools and you’ve got a hammer and a screwdriver and a tape measure, and it’s got a hammer, screwdriver and tape measure. For certain jobs. A hammer is needed for certain tasks. A hammer is needed for certain tasks a screwdriver’s needed. So if you said, [inaudible], I need you to screw in this outlet that the screw the screw came loose on the outlet, can you screw it in? And I go, yep, let me get my hammer. And you’re like, I don’t think that’s going to go well and I poop and I break it.

That’s not a move. Right, but if you said, could you screw this in? I’ve got a screwdriver. That makes sense. So Seth Goden, a lot of what he teaches is cold calling maybe isn’t applicable for certain things he’s Reverend, he’s referencing, but I can tell you Redmond growth is a company that’s built entirely based upon word, word of mouth and cold calling the entire organization. Redmond growth is built based upon word of mouth and cold calling. I can say elephant in the room is not based on cold calling. When we started we started with cold calling and now as we’re going into Oklahoma city and expanding, we are doing more cold calling as well. We’re just calling random people in Oklahoma city and giving them free haircuts from the phone book pro and we’re still doing it now. So I would just say let’s not get hung up on. Seth Godin says don’t make cold calls. Clay Clark does. I would just say Seth Goden and clay Clark, each teacher, you, you tools. And because I’ve been business coaching clients now, uh, since really 2008, nine and now we’re 2020. I’ve been doing this for 11 years and I don’t think Seth Goden has worked with 160 simultaneous clients. Um, whereas he’s worked with different industries and different niches. So I think his experience is different. Brick, how did you go out there and get your first clients? So mine was

a little bit more like Josh says, he’s talking about the accounting practice. Um, it was more of, um, warm calling, so doing some networking and some cards and then having to follow up, uh, in a sense, sort of like cold calling, but I call it warm calling, so you have a little bit of a connection. Uh, maybe it’s a friend of a friend or some kind of, uh, you know, so many degrees of separation, but you’re still having to kinda kind of go out there and work. But, uh, yeah, I would say chiropractic as a rule is probably not the best industry for cold calling. Um, you know, but there are definitely some that that’s going to be a bigger factor depending on what you’re doing. Um, you know, it, it, some people don’t know that they need your service and so cold calling may be the very thing that that helps get them in the door.

So again, if you’re out there Daniil and you’re asking, you know, should I make cold calls or not? Um, each industry is different. Jason, can you think of one your clients right now that um, doesn’t make cold calls at all and is very successful? It does not. You make cold calls ever. Uh, yeah. So I work with a, a garage in Massachusetts and they don’t do cold calls. You got angels touch auto body repair. People could seek them yet people Googled them when they are looking for automotive repair, whereas most people are not looking for Josh. Why are most people not actually out there looking typically for an accountant? Why are they just why, why, why do most people just stick with their same accountant even if the relationship is dysfunctional? Why do most people stick with their accountant?

It’s a hassle to change really. So it’s a lot of work to change.

So I love cold calling for accountants because you call and you could get ahold of the, of the small business owner and you say, this is, this is a script. I’ll, I’ll cold call you Jason. Okay. All right. Let’s pretend that you own a roofing company. Cool. Hey, is this a Jason? It is. Who is this Jason? This is clay Clark with a Spurl CPAs America, the real edition where we spent thousands of hours, um, learning, um, uh, the American tax code. And so we moved here. We actually used to be in Canada. Uh, are you familiar with our American accounting practice? No, but that sounds impressive. Hey, on a scale of one to 10, seriously, 10 being the best, one being the worst, how highly would you rank your current accounting firm in terms of their quality accuracy, your, you know, your, your happiness with them?

Uh, I’d say a three. Three? Yeah. What does a 10 look like in your mind? Oh, I mean, my current guy doesn’t really meet me regularly. I’m very confused. By the time we get done with it. So somebody who kind of just like walks me through what all of these things mean and how I can get a better grasp on my accounting. Well I have a thing right now called the a hundred dollars guarantee. It’s I’m going to meet you for one hour. Okay, I’m going to pay you $100 for the first meeting and I guarantee you I’ll save you at least a hundred dollars a month on your taxes. Would you like to meet for an hour? I’ll, I’ll pay you, I’ll give you $100 cash when I get there and I’ll meet you for an hour and I will find where I can save you at least a hundred dollars a month. I would be an idiot not to accept that. Spurl don’t you think almost if anybody out there who’s listening who is listening from Canada reached out to you, you could save them at least a hundred dollars a month within just one hour of meeting with them.

Uh, most of the time people have very poor tax planning. So most of the time you would find that we found it all into monthly savings.

I’m just that, that’s the kind of pitch that works. So that pitch works very well for that industry. Now if you’re out there listening today and you want to learn more about Josh Sperl, Josh, can you, are you going to offer our guests anything or is there a place people can go to learn more about you? Or where, what is the action step that you would request from our half million listeners?

I mean, the half a million lists there. If you, if you want me bites that we have, we can probably direct you to our, our YouTube channel. Uh, so Spurl and associates, I think we’ve got over 160 videos up there now or which is good quality business information, whether you’re, whether you’re in the U S or Canada, they both work or you know, uh, on the, the, uh, the website will be spelled out CA.

Awesome. Well, I’ll tell you what, if you’re listening right now from, uh, Russia, uh, I appreciate you and I want you to know that a Rocky four was the best, uh, Iraqi out there. And, uh, you know, just because Ivan Drago the one of the main characters, that movie, um, killed our Apollo. It doesn’t mean we’re bitter. No, not bitter. Still sad. Just not that. And just because I personally don’t like Putin, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you to kneel. So I think you’re a great, you’re a great future American. Um, Spurl you keep up the fight up there, my friend in may, the, the pipeline be opened in the future. Is there any chance at all of them allowing oil production to happen again?

Um, they’re, they’re saying they’re going to build this pipeline, but it’s been years in the making, but we’ll see

the pie. The pipeline could actually be built though, like in six months. Right. But it just like takes years of bureaucracy to get through [inaudible]

years of bureaucracy. Yup.

Well, Sperl I appreciate you so much. Hope you have fun. And you’re sitting here in Vancouver right?

Vancouver Reno. Yup.

Educate our listeners. Where is that in relationship to, um, let’s say New York.

Um, Vancouver news. So Vancouver is just kind of a raid of both Seattle.

Okay. So far West Canada. And then where’s Edmonton as it relates to let’s say New York?

Oh, uh, well the, you think of Montana and then drive and North from Montana, from the Montana border for about eight to 10 hours. And that’s MPAA tendencies. The most northerly city in North America with more than a million people.

How many people live up there?

Uh, Edmonton. There’s, you know, just over a, just over a million to 1.3 in the greater Edmonton area. So similar sites, it’s also,

and don’t you homies have the biggest mall in the world up there?

We, I think it’s slightly smaller than the mall of America. And I think you guys just looked at it and thought, you know, we don’t want to lose seats. These Canadians so built the next wing on or something like that. But yeah, it’s pretty much one of the biggest malls.

We are a competitive bunch. Hey, are you awake? Are you aware how cold it is up there? I mean, are you aware or is your, or is your body unable to process cold weather?

Um, I, I’m, I’m kind of a kind of a polar bear. Doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me at all.

What was the coldest, what was the coldest temperature this year that you can remember and how many years of your life have you played hockey?

Whoa. Um, the coldest temperature this year. So I mean, global warming, I guess it’s, it is a thing. We can see it and you know, I’m, I’m continually idling my vehicle to try to make it accelerate the process a little bit. But, uh, I think that this year it was only about, I think we maybe had minus 25 or something like that. I, I’ve seen what minus 50 looks like

and how many years, how many years of your life, if have you played hockey? I’m just breaking down stereotypes real quick before I let you go.

Hmm. Breaking down stereotypes. So I’d definitely be the first 23 years of my life I played serious hockey. So, uh, that stereotypes are going to hold true here on that one.

Give me, uh, one stereotype or two stereotypes and I’ll let you go that most Canadians believe about Americans. That might even be, that might be true, but just stereotypes where we go. Cause we, we, we assume you love Bieber, you love Drake, you all play hockey, you love bolster maple syrup obviously this. Exactly. So what’s the stereotype that you guys all have about Americans

that we haven’t been American or American? Um, think that uh, we live in Eagle loose I think would be the stereotype.

Nice. Nice. Well I appreciate you so much my friend. Have a great rest of your day and we’ll talk to you soon.

You too guys. Thanks very much. Take care. Bye.

On today’s very special edition of the thrive time show crude tricks Kohl’s. Will he be able to teach the uncoachable how to optimize a website, how to implement a sales system, how to hire people, how to do accounting, how to organize their schedules, how to create a manager to do list, how to manage a meeting out of fixed or branding. And overall how to grow a business.

All right, we now have an all star lineup of a people that will be calling into the show. We have some people in the studio here. We’ve got a lot of people. We have dozens of people, dozens of questions. And here the word you thought had been saying plethora, if a great descriptive for this. Thank you for that early interruption. However, we’re not yet to the part of the show where I’m going to introduce you. So back to the monologue. It’s going to be a laser show here today. As we, as we tried to teach the uncoachable how to grow a successful company. Uh, you know, it’s a, it’s a show where I, I don’t know that we can teach the uncoachable is how to grow successful company, but we’re going to try. So, um, mr ladies, man, what come on to the thrive time show.

How are you sir? Yes. Don’t know. So what had happened was I was online looking for them thing and I’ve found your thing and I was like, this is offensive, you know, because it’s like Carlton effect. And if you don’t do the, if you don’t get that, and so I registered a complaint and then you called me to resolve it and I wasn’t to half of the problem solved. I were just looking at Belmont grievance teeth. Right. I just want to be heard. You want playing with, okay, well we’ll, we’ll start right now. We’ll, we’ll start by attempting to teach you how to get to the top of the Google search engine results. Does that, does that sound fair? That found fill in various things. So, um, you have a flower shop and you want to get your flower shop to the top of your Google search engine results.

Am I correct? Yes, that is, that’s what we taught. In order to get to the top of the Google search engine results, what you have to do is there are four variables. There are four variables that impact your Google search engine rank there. There are four E F now these to the fun fact for all your lifting of out there. They go though the youth, the families’ word for meat Quattro in faded. How could that possibly be helpful? Although hitting that bug, can we move on with what I love to hit now? The first variable is one, your website has to be canonically compliant. Who am I talking to Google right now because I know that myself and my friends self, we spent hours up on Squarespace doing all this editing and all this stuff and it is compliant to myself. Well just because you built it yourself doesn’t mean that the website is actually going to score well.

Well let me tell you a filter and there’s real quick. Hume is a claims I my thought looked beautiful and my friend, he built that website and it looks so nice and there was no way you could possibly be wrong cause I built it myself. I spent so much time on it mr ladies man, just because your, your, your friend who built the website and spend all the time on it, it doesn’t mean that the site actually adheres to Google’s canonical compliance rules. You with a very bad person. And I’ll tell you this, I read a blog on LinkedIn the other day and it was telling me that Google has changed Britain because I read it. It’s like half of that article. I didn’t read the whole thing. Now I read half of that article because I read half of that article, right? I will tell you this, Google has changed you with Raul and because I spent all my time on it.

Sure I did. I get through it. Most of them. Meanwhile in everybody, if you go to, if you go to the best SEO book.com the best SEO book.com if you go there, you can download. You can download right [email protected] you can download a free copy of my newest book there called search engine domination. Now, that particular book in chapter two of that book, it breaks down all of the specific steps, all it breaks down the entire checklist of what it means to be canonically compliant. Now, step number two is you have to be mobily. Your website has to be mobile. He has to be compliant. As it relates to Google’s mobile compliance standards. Now third, your website has to have the most objective reviews of any website. Yes, your website has to have the most objective reviews. Now, now again, the most objective reviews, you have to get real reviews from your real customers.

All right? That’s what you have to do. And number four, you have to have the most, you have to have the most, the most original content if the most original content, if you do in fact want to rank at the top of the Google search engine results. So mr ladies, man, what question do you have about, or what questions do you have about how to, how to optimize your websites so that your floral shop will be top in the Google search results in your city. So here’s the deal. This is the furthest claim up. I’ve been listening to this show for a long time and I have tried to get my sale from Google reviews, but the problem is move. People will not leave me a review when nothing them the email. So that is a problem, right? So what you say about them, if the Cray cog needs to be though business coach, I know everything.

Well, I will say this because I talk about on this show often, but I don’t think people, um, often, uh, you watch your failed, understand the profundity of the statement when you’re out there trying to get an objective Google review from a client, they’re not going to give it to you if you ask them via email what they’re just not going to, it just goes against human nature. People are not going to leave you every view, um, because you send them an email. No way. First off, the average person has thousands and thousands of emails in their inbox to the average person, doesn’t tend to tend to respond to most. So you have a lot of things going against you. So if you want to get a Google review, you have to ask your real customers who are really happy with you. If they wouldn’t be willing to leave an objective review at the point of purchase or sometime when they are actually interacting with you face to face or over the phone.

It’s very imperative that you ask actual people, yes, but I’ve got this new app and the new app fins people a reminder of via email and the text the month of June and I’m going to do that and stay cause I don’t like [inaudible] Jackson. If he was like, I just don’t like to be told no and I don’t like that rejection and so that’s just what I’m going to do. It didn’t, that’s why you’re going to lose. You have to actually ask people in front of you at the point of purchase to leave your review or over the phone. You have to do it. You have to be proactive about getting Google reviews every single day. You’re going to have to eat something or you will die. Right, right. Okay. Yes. That’s called being reactive. We have to eat something every day just to survive. Okay. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you.

Then as it relates to Google reviews, you have to go. Getting a Google review for your business is like breathing air or eating for the human condition. You have to eat and breathe to survive. Okay. That makes sense. If you want to survive as a business owner and or thrive, you have to get you an objective Google review from your real clients. At least one a day every day you have to do it. You have to. Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. I get it though. I testify that make fifth. I feel like I have moved to a new level. I am going to go out there and get my thoughts, some reviews every single day. It doesn’t matter what is going on but get mocktail for Google review because I that Kenny

a Google review is what is best for my business body. It’s best for my business. It failed in myself and just everybody’s said, but I just want to take a filter right now and just half tag that my health tech awesome health tech on my grind cause it is awesome. Yeah, this is good. Mr Clayborn you was nice

and I appreciate that but it’s not about a feeling. It’s about a commitment to being consistent. You have to get a Google review every day from your ideal and likely buyers. Now let’s move on to writing content. You’ve got to add at least one page of content to your website six days a week. You got to add at least 24 pages of content to your website. Every sing. Who did the IV? Why? Well, because Google checks for the freshness. Yes. I’ll give you the breath and it’s, I’ll give you the, I’ll, I’ll give you some friends and it’s right now played with the vet. I don’t know what you think. I’m talking to you. I know. I don’t know what you think I’m talking about, but right. What I’m going to say is I’m going to read to you, I’ll put it on the show notes.

I’m going to read to you an excerpt from a Google itself in Google is talking about how it, the actual page is called how search organizes information organizing information by indexing. This is from google.com itself. When it crawlers find a website, our system renders the content of the page just as a browser does. We take note of key signals from key words to website freshness and we keep track of all of it. In the search index. So you would say in that Google knows if I add content to my whip thought or not. That was you thing. So if you stay in that to get to the top of the Google thirds with vault and to make as much money as possible for my four business, I’ve got to add the 24 paid to the content per month.

I can do that. I can add 24 pages to my website every month. I’m going to do it every month. I feel like adding content to my website every month and I’m going to do it. I have been, and I’ve testified, I have been huge and I’ll testify right now. I’m going, yes, you can put that on the good book. You could put that on the bad book. Just write that down. Tell somebody slap, see people, slap sweet people next to you and tell them the ladies, man, it’s going to be [inaudible]

rotten. At least 24 pages of content every single month we’ll, and that’s how you get to the top of Google’s. That’s a good thing for you. I’m glad that you’ve made that choice and that is how you do it. Again, if you want to get to the top of the Google search engine results, you have to get an objective Google review every single day on your Google map. You have to do it according to Forbes, over 90% of people read reviews. You’ve got to get reviews, got to get reviews, just like you have to eat every day as a human or breathe to survive. You’ve got to get the Google reviews. Second second, you must. You’ve got to go out of your way. You have to do it. You have to add at least one page of content to your website 24 days per

month and so I’m so glad we’ve been able to to help the ladies man and now we’ll introduce our next guest onto the thrive time show George Mick Burnaby from the law firm of Burnaby and sons. Claimers I’ll start off by telling you, I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a deer. First off as it relates to Google row search engine optimization, I would be the first ask, is it legal? Is it ethical? Call a doctor, dentist for lawyer for a professional ask for Google reviews. I personally find it to be shady. Okay. I’m assuming that that was a question. Uh, what was the question where the question is this, is it ethical for my clients to ask their clients for review or should it happen more organically? Is it, is it ethical to encourage people to leave a Google review? I made at the end of the day I cannabis this, I mean we’ve got to answer to the the maker.

So you’re telling me that you would feel bad about asking for a Google review? Does this yard, this is a bad thing, it bothers you that you would have to ask for a Google reviews that what you’re saying is it, is it unethical to ask? Well, I don’t even understand the basis of your question. Well, Craig, what’s the thing is this, my employees are not going to get Google reviews. They know they’re supposed to, but I can’t make them do it. I mean, I asked them to, but I can’t make them do it. I mean, at the end of the day, you can’t force your employees to do something, right. Because with the current law, I mean, you don’t want to face an unemployment case ride, right? No. You want to force your employees to do what they need to do. As long as what you’re doing is legal.

Just hold them accountable and if they will not get reviews from your ideal and likely buyers, then fire them. Now you’re talking about firing my own family. I’m not. I’ve got family on my payroll that refuses to good Google reviews. Are you talking about firing your own brother, your own brother-in-law, your own blood? I mean Clavius I mean blood is thicker than water, right? I mean, are you counting just by your own family, right, right. No, you’ve got to fire people that refuse to do what is required. Bottom line, if people will not do what is required, they must be fired. Period. Bottom line. That’s how it works there. My family cravers I mean blood is thicker than water, right? I mean, blood is thicker than water, right? Think about blood is thicker than water, okay? If you’re going to go the high ethics route, let’s, let’s talk about Proverbs in the Bible, Proverbs, Proverbs, okay. Uh, Proverbs 13, 20, from the Bible reads, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Walk with the wise, it become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. What does that mean? What it means is that when you surround yourself with people who are jackasses worthy, you’re related to them or not, it’s going to hurt you. It’s going to hurt your life, hurt your business, hurt your success.

You cannot surround yourself with people that are not willing to do what it takes. Bottom line, bottom line. Look at the story of Abraham. He was asked to leave his town, leave his country, leave his family. The average person is wrong and not just wrong about business. They’re wrong about most things. Most of the time. Again, according to Forbes, only nine out of a hundred people ever start a company, but nine out of 10 startups fail, which means that less than 1% of people are ever going to figure it out in the game of business ever. So don’t ask feedback from the average person and they won’t get a Google review. Fire them. Wow. If they won’t write content for your website called fire them. But that is what has to happen. That is how it works. You know, you start quoting facts and talking about how 75% of employees stew from the workplace, according to the us chamber of commerce, 85% of employees lie on their resumes.

You come across as a negative person, a negative person. I mean, Craig Lewis, I mean, I’m involved in the, you know, I cared about the community. I care I to care about people. I don’t hate people. I, you know, that’s why I can’t fire people. Then you will never be successful. Bottom line. If you can’t fire the people, if you’re not willing to fire the people who are unwilling to do what is required to achieve that which you desire, you can’t win just because your people won’t get Google reviews or write content doesn’t in any way, shape or form change how Google works. That is how Google works. Please get out of here. You’re wearing me out. Alright. But I want you to know that my team does their best. They just can’t get Google reviews or write content, right? No. Right, right. No, no. You’re 100% wrong.

Get outta here. All right. Thrive nation. Our next guest here on on today’s show is a beautiful man from Essex, England by the name of Harry Matheran. Harry will come onto the show. How are you? Are you sir? Well, [inaudible] I’m doing very well. Um, however, I have a concern about your tone on all of the shows you do. You focus on building a business that serves the owner, which would imply that the owner is more important than to the people who work on the team. And it would cause people to believe that the goal of a business is not to build a community. It appears as though you believe that our business exists to all make a good profit and to work with people you like and to make a product you’re proud about. But at the end of the day, when you think about it, I mean, all great people out there that maybe have a bad attitude that you could spend your day business coaching.

Um, and you don’t have to be super profitable. I mean, you could live at the same standards as everyone else. You’re right. I, I could, you’re right, I could, and there’s a great book I would encourage you to read called start with why. Oh, I have read is such a great book. It’s really revolutionary and groundbreaking when you think about by Simon Sinek, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Well, I have found having business coached clients over the past 12 years and having worked with my partner to build now 16 multimillion dollar companies, I have found that it’s easier to just find people that have a good attitude, people who have a good attitude, who have great character and teach them what to do. It’s, it’s easier to hire character and then train skill as it is.

It’s easier to do that as opposed to finding people that lack character and trying to teach them character that that’s, that’s point number one and point number two, why would you go through the personal hell needed to build a business if you don’t build a business that will create time and financial freedom for you and your family? Well, real quick to quote a Simon Sinek case, he says, people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it and what you do simply proves that you believe it. That is absolutely crap. Everybody today bought gasoline for their car and they didn’t buy gasoline for their car because of why the petroleum companies are doing it. I bought a Mac computer in the last 15 days. Why? Because it works better than personal computers created by the other PC companies. That’s why I bought a Mac computer.

I listened to hip hop music that I enjoy because it is better. I don’t buy it because of why they make it. That is Jack ass hurry and that kind of worldview where you’re going to somehow flip the purpose of the business and make the business exist to serve your people. That’s Jack ass. Sorry. The inverted pyramid. That’s jackass free. A business exists to serve the owner and to create both time and financial freedom for the owner and if you view it differently, I disagree with you and you’re going to be traveling around all the time. Flying shoes, going to seminars, going to conferences. She’s always seeking the new thing, the new purpose. Meanwhile, I am going to have time and financial freedom while you’re out there traveling around trying to find 27 new ways to motivate your employees, I am going to be enjoying both my time and financial freedom.

Doing whatever I want to do will. Clave is a lot to interject for a second because Simon Sinek and his great book called start with why, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Um, he says, he says the only two ways to influence human behavior, you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. What? Say you. Okay. An example of this, uh, how I would disagree with that statement in that quote entirely is this, is this, um, I hire a lot of great people. We have African Americans, we have Asian-American Americans, we have Caucasians, we have all people, men and women who worked for us. And I will tell you that the Mormons as a general rule, work circles around the average person. Why? Because they come to work to work. They just get it done every single day. Why? I don’t know. I mean, their faith doesn’t allow them to drink caffeine or to drink alcohol.

They come to work ready to go every day and they’re sharp. And I could spend my whole day trying to inspire it or I could just hire Mormons. So when possible, I hire Mormons. Why? Because they’re already inspired with the desire that is required to become successful. I don’t need to tell them, all right guys, make sure you stay sober this weekend. I don’t have to encourage them to make good life choices. They just do it because it is part of their D in a and if you have a team right now and the team is unwilling to do what you require them to do, you’ve got to launch. You have to launch the group interview, you have to do the group interview every single week. You need to be interviewing a lot of candidates and you have to fire people quickly who are not a good fit.

If somebody is not a good fit, you have to fire them. You have to. In fact, guy Kawasaki, the American marketing specialist, author in silicone Valley venture capitalist who was once responsible for marketing the original Macintosh computer line in 1984 says, Steve jobs has a saying that a players hire a players, B players hire C players and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. This trickle down to effect causes bozo explosion in companies. Tony Shea, the CEO of Zappos says, we believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to and by commit we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.

Elan Musk, Elon Musk, the founder, CEO and the CTO of space X to co founder and CEO of Tesla motors, the cofounder and chairman of solar city, the co chairman of open AI, the co founder of zip two and the cofounder of x.com says one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. He said, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. That sounds awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. It’s a mistake to try to make something work that really couldn’t work. So Elon Musk, who’s a billionaire, he’s doing well. He’s doing very well. Guy, Kevin Asaki doing very well. Tony Shea doing very well. Steve jobs, the late great Steve jobs writes, some people

aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. Again, he says some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. All these people who are doing well would encourage you to fire people who absolutely refuse to do what is required. Therefore, you have to do the group interview each and every week, but clevis, what kind of messages that Cindy or people, I mean if you on a spot where you’re not hiring people right now, what could a message with that? Cindy, a core team, if you’re interviewing people that could be their replacements. Your people need to know that if they’re unwilling to do what is required, you will make them go. That’s how it works. You have to create a culture of accountability. You have to create a culture where people will do what they say they’re going to do, and if they don’t, they’re going to get fired.

All right, thrive nation. Our next guest to appear on today’s edition of the thrive time show is Randy from rural Arkansas. Randy, how are you, sir? Where I’m gonna to tell you what, I don’t appreciate all of them. Microphone apparatuses everywhere. It feels like you’re trying to trap me into some kind of trick. Now you do recognize that this is a radio show and a podcast that is broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. Or were you not aware of that? Oh, I don’t. Now they sent me an email that was a, it was mostly an overview of the show because that is what they want me to do. Right. We in a party in the munadi what, who’s the Illuminati that they’re speaking of? Who, who are these organizations specifically? Well, that’s crazy. Oh, that would be the, the, the Europe, um, Europe, uh, the, we, we, we, that’s the better business Bureau and the, the one world order, right.

Want me to check my email and I ain’t gonna do it. You know your, see I have a car garage where I fixed it. I maintained [inaudible] I’ll fix your mufflers and transmissions and that kinda thing, but I ain’t going to get on the internet. Clavius are all watching me everywhere. It’s like black helicopters are everywhere. Just the other day I was going to the store, I go to the store and I check out. I bought myself some soap, some good soap, you know, organic soap, you know, natural made that kind of land, you know, if something is Shaquila, my wife was not gonna. I go there and I check out and there are a sheet. When I bought the soap, the soap came out to $6 and 97 cents. Now six 97 when you divide the Mark of the beast by three, that comes out to six, nine, seven and there were three people working at the time. I don’t find that to be just a coincidence right now. I’m looking through the email, but it looks as though you’re, you’re trying to tell me on the show today that you don’t believe that the internet works for your industry, that people do not Google search muffler repair and your area. You believe that the internet is not a valid a way to market your business. Well, I’ll

tell you what. Right now I’m reading a book, but I want wrote and it’s about Abraham Lincoln. Are you familiar with Abraham Lincoln? Yeah. Are you familiar with Haber or yes. To originate? No. Abraham Lincoln. Oh, use a Google? No. All right. So there we go. Stop date Christopher Columbus, who found this great country and you know, 1492 when Columbus will share on the ocean blue did, did you, did you see, did you read about him using a blue toes? No. No. He used the internet. No. So did Brett Farve go to the hall of fame and football over there throwing a computer to other nerds? No. So I, I ain’t going to use the internet to market, you know. So my question is if I am out there and I’m going to allow good listener, a devoted listener to your show, I’ll listen, you know, non non, non shows a week. Now,

um, uh, what of, I don’t want to use the internet to market to my customers. What’s the best way to market as extreme as your worldview may seem to some people. I have people that I talk to on a daily basis that share your worldview. Doctors, dentists, hand surgeons who believe that for some reason because of their unique industry, nobody uses the internet to research and to look for the products and services that they need. I find this a lot with doctors. The vast majority of doctors that I’ve ever worked with believe that the internet is not something that they need to master in order to reach their ideal and likely buyers. And I would just say this categorically, if you will go to thrive time show.com and click on the podcasts button on the right column of that page. You can download the boom book for free and in the boom book I will teach you the specific moves that I know to use that will help you to grow a successful company.

I will teach you the moves, the boom book, you can download the ebook version of the boom book for free, but nothing works unless you work. You have to implement the proven systems in that book. And I just find that so many people, one of fight back about what works. It’s weird because they, they want to know what works. You tell them what works and then they want to argue with you about whether it will work for them. Look, putty, I’ve been waiting a long time for my opportunity to voice my concerns and my questions about your business coaching system. Okay. Okay. Okay. I I, I’m glad you’re in the studio. What, what is your name again, sir? I think the bigger question for you is what is my name? I feel like that’s the question I just asked you. Did I phrase that wrong? Oh, smarty smarty.

Yo smarty pants. I asked you what is my name and then you as I recall. Oh, where’s Mabel? Mabel. Oh, you’re there, sir. Mabel. Not there, but I think you had an issue with call recording. Do you recall the question about call recording? Oh yes, yes, I do recall. I, I personally take great offense to the concept of call recording. You. You will, you will on your show saying I should record my calls. True. I’m saying I know what to record my calls. Okay. And then y’all saying on your show record your calls quality control. I don’t want to do it. Do you think that Christopher Columbus recorded his call when he was on the phone with, with Prince Diana discussing some of the intricacies of what was going on at the Vatican? Did you say Prince Diana. Ah, okay. Okay, I get it now. I see what you’re doing.

He tried to paint me into a corner. Here’s my own words. Well, I’ll tell you this, you will fax me an MP3 of today’s transcript immediately. Oh hi. Will was Mabel, don’t know where Mabel is, but I think that call recording has been a proven method for, for a long time. As an example, I mean if you were to call American express today or a Southwest airlines or a lot of bigger companies, you would notice they have call recording in place for quality assurance. If you go into major retail stores like target or, or Walmart or other big establishment, you’ll notice they have video cameras that are recording what’s going on and they have a monitor. So you can actually see the video that they are capturing of you in the store. And they do that to minimize theft, to minimize inaccuracy, to uh, verify what was said actually happened.

Call recording. Can’t do anything but to help your team and that’s why I encourage you to use clarity, voice.com that’s who we use. Clarity, voice.com it dramatically increases your sales percentage. I’m not sure why you’re so hung up on, on call recording. All right, clevis. Let me ask you five questions right now. Point blank question, hon. Okay, I’m ready. Here we go. Why did the Incas not record their calls? If our call recording was so essential for a great civilization? Oh, they died early. Cushion number two wasn’t available if, if a call recording was so great. Hokum president Trump doesn’t want his calls recorded at all times and shared with the American people. He’s the commander in chief secrecy. Of course, you’re number three. Oh, where’s Mabel? I think it’s a good time to move on to another guest. [inaudible] for vena on the show. Whatever your name is. I really feel like you’ve contributed a lot today. Unbelievable. And where, Oh my pants. I get this guy out of the studio and I didn’t know until he just got out their but kicked him outta here. All right. I apologize that it was a little distracting. But the point is you have to record your calls. If you use clarity, voice.com you’ll soon discovered that the vast majority of American

do not follow call scripts and or systems unless they know that you are recording their calls for quality assurance. It is super vital to your success as a business owner to record your calls,

make it happen. A client, um, our next guest here on the show is wants to come in now. Is that okay? Can we send them an absolutely.

Please send them in. I’m excited to meet our next guest. Clay Clark, you are let looking. I thought you’d be a okay. I realized that you have come on the show with an agenda to uh, attack me or be a sort of a ridiculous person, but being the fact that you appear to be two and a half feet tall and green, I’ll give you the floor. What question do you do? Do you have for me? There are no time questions I shall ask right now. We know now we’re not going to eat. This is it podcast. We do teach business skills that pay the bills. I need you just what business questions do you have for me? Writer? What do time you must face? What are you talking about? And this is a business show. I’m not going to go face Darth Vader. You what? What is the business question that you have?

I’m too nice now. Sheriffs pretty much talk. Dude’s flow into my website. Convert by doing not conversion. I marched to improve. Do you, how often do you call the leads when a lead actually comes into your website? When someone fills out a form and you get their lead information, how often do you call the lead? Each and every day. One time I called each lead misery. I am teaching the force young patterns. Well here’s the deal. In order to actually convert leads into sales, you have to call each lead on average six times and that’s because the average person will not pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the number that’s calling them. So people will not pick up the phone unless they recognize the phone number that’s calling them. She need to text every lead immediately a link to your testimonials and something now lets them know who you are so the text should say, hi, this is such and such plumbing.

We will be in touch as soon as possible and then send them a link to testimonials. You’ve got to text your leads right away and then after you text your leads you need to call them on average of five times per day. That’s for inbound leads. I’m not talking about cold calling, I’m talking about when someone fills out your website form on average. Again, on average with the 160 clients I work with that are doing over two point $2 billion of gross revenue and annual sales. The average client says that they have to call their leads an average. Again, an average of picking up this for a second five times to get the other person to pick up the phone. No time. I have to call these five times I want to do business with me. They will travel Daigle to seek you out. They must ask specifically by name.

True. I’ll tell them technology I am. Well then you just won’t be successful. I don’t understand the question. If you, if, if you don’t have the tenacity needed to call each and every lead until they cry, buy or die are just not going to be successful. You’ve got to call your leads five times per day and send them a text and an email. You’ve got to send them a text and an email and call your leads five times per day. If you don’t do that, you just aren’t going to be successful. Our strength flows over the force. So does that mean you’re actually going to call your leads? No. Try Josh to what? Just happened for the longest time. You were telling me that you weren’t going to call your leads and and now you are going to call your leads my shelf. I demolished. I don’t get it. Okay, fine. You’re, you’re a sick freak. Let’s get up. Let’s get another, a listener on today’s show. Our, our next listener here, um, has a few questions about how to generate more leads for their new business, specifically with their website. I, I understand it. Is that correct? I have a very small business and I want to pump up the leads. How did you find a shirt that small? What size shirt is that big man, isn’t it? He’s small. It shows my [inaudible].

I’m here to pop them. Last sales leads. I want to know what do I have to do to get to the top of the Google search results. We’ll, as we talked about often on this show, what you need to do is you need to get the most objective Google reviews a step one. Step two. You need to write the most original content on your website, the most original relevant HTML content, and if you don’t know what that means, you can just download a free copy right now of my book called search engine domination. You can get that for free right now by going to thrive time show.com and clicking on the podcasts button. I do not have to use computers. Well, I do not. I glue technology. Okay? I’m old school. I realized it’s not what you want to do, but what you want to do and what you need to do are not related.

You’ve got to learn how to dominate the search engine marketing if you’re going to get leads. No, yes, no, you have to. Yes, you [inaudible] beat you to death once you own the head. I’m not going to sit there and debate with you, okay? Obviously you’re physically stronger. You could rip my head off, but the point is you have to write the most original HTML content and have the most objective reviews. You have to do that. It’s impossible to get to Google reviews. Okay? Even though the people I say gives me a Google review, I know, but we’ve talked about this on previous shows. I can’t email people and expect to get Google reviews. Most, most, most people will not by default lead a positive objective review. If the only reprompt that they receive is an email, they just will not leave an objective Google review.

If the only prompt that they receive is an email from your company asking them about your products or services, they just won’t leave a review. So you’ve got to ask people at the point of purchase how happy they were with the purchase and if they would be willing to leave an objective Google review. You have to ask in person face to face. If you ever want to gather actual objective Google reviews from your real clients, you have to do it. You have to understand it. You have to master it. If you want to get to be top in the Google search engine results. So right now, if you Google search Tulsa, let’s just say you Google search South Tulsa, personal trainers, South Tulsa personal trainers. My client comes up top Magnus fitness. If you Google search Joplin gyms, Joplin, Missouri, you know Joplin, Jim’s my client, colon fitness comes up top.

I’ll have you talk about these facts. You never talked about the feelings. True. What about the feelings of rejection? I feel, but I ask Google review. I don’t know how to push through those feelings of rejection. However, if you Google search Bartlesville, Jim’s, my client comes up top in the search results bar Cola, Git Macola fitness comes up top. When you’re searching for Bartlesville champs, if you search for a Topeka, Topeka, Kansas, T, O, P, E, K, a, Topeka, Kansas, my client comes up top in the search results. If you type in Tuscaloosa, ophthalmology, Tuscaloosa, ophthalmology, my client comes up top in these search results. It’s just, it’s just, it’s just how it works. Okay. I, I will do, I will do this. I knew that if I only eat meat and that it’s the blues and the Wata, I get pumped up and I don’t like it, but it’s evacs and so now I was there.

I will get to Google with you. I would write the content on a daily basis. Also, I can dominate and Papa DOP, we might silence. Thank you claims. I appreciate you for not ripping my head off and then killing me with my own head as previously mentioned. Now let’s, let’s bring it our next cast. I, I’m sorry about the, it’s I do. Sometimes I just get to the motion that I do to the threaten to rip people’s heads. I appreciate it. I wouldn’t have done it to Buffalo. Okay. Onto our next guest and our next guest is who? Hello. It’s so nice to be on the show. I have so many questions. Okay. Is that isn’t the almost every day I got this. Oh my God, I didn’t, I didn’t quite catch your name there. What’s your name sir? My name is Gerardo claimants. I have a question for you about, ah, okay.

How do I do tracking? I every time I sit down to do the tracking and track the numbers, I find myself, I’m thinking about an ice cream bar. I get distracted quickly and then all of a sudden I realized Tuesdays would come Wednesday, Wednesdays would come Monday and I do not do my tracking. What tips do you have for my tracking? Well, you just have to schedule time each and every week to sit down and to track where your leads are coming from. You want to know where you’re gaining traction. I mean, if you’re doing advertising on Google and then on Facebook and retargeting ads and networking events or whatever you’re doing to market your company, it’s very important that you know where your leads are coming from. It really comes down to a self discipline and just scheduling a set time each and every week to look at your numbers and to find out where each and every one of your leads came from. Right. I know that self discipline is a huge barge. It’s all of he training bras, but I wanted to ask you all of it. I just don’t have the time. You know? It’s like I run out of time.

You’re so negative about Instagram and then the Facebook and the tick of dog is this, that, but yet they’re all things I love to do. [inaudible] so come on now. Calm down. Okay, so, so I would ask you today, what are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing? According to Nielsen, right now, the average person is spending 11.3 hours, not nice, 11.3 hours per day or negative consuming meat media. That turns out to be a lot of media. So get out of there. Quick consuming media all day. According to the New York times, the average person is spending 5.3 hours per day watching TV. According to psychology today, the average person is receiving over 100 distractions per day from their smart phone. Turn the push notifications off, turn the TV off, turn the social media off in. Focus on what matters. You’ve got to block out time for the things you need to do by saying no to the things you don’t need to do.

Clay was every time I sit down to do something right, that’s like I sit down to do my tracking. I sit down to do my accounting. Okay. It’s like a message comes in from the Facebook or the Instagram and I need, there was fun. You don’t need to respond. You just don’t need to do it. But claimants, what if it’s my child and they’re screaming, they’re on a bus and they’re screaming like, Oh no. Oh no. The only way I know how to reach daddy is on Instagram. Well, how am I supposed to deal with the feelings of FOMO if feelings I’m missing? Oh, you just got to understand you cannot be 24 seven connected to your smart phone without becoming dumb and reactionary. You’ve got to learn to turn the phone off to say yes to the things that you need to do claims.

I’m going to try this. I, I, I think I can try to do it. I’ll turn to my phone offers. They will say it gains and I will see if I can find the time needed to do the things I need to know to do. You know, I, I need to say no to grow. Right. I mean, that’s what I need to do. Thank you for joining us on today’s show and I think we’re ready for our next guest clevis. Uh, first off, I just want to say I’m just a longtime listener and I slept, I love the show because the format is like, it’s fast paced but not like too fast paced, you know, cause I tend to listen to this show backwards. It’s how I learn. So I’ll download each show and I’ll play it backwards and it’s like, but I’ll do it like a half speed, um, which is like half the speed of normal, but it’s not like too fast. And if your voice is any faster than I couldn’t hear it when I was playing it backwards. You know? I, I appreciate that. Uh, did you have a question for me about how to grow your business? Yes. I’ve been coordinating weddings for several seasons and one of the biggest issues I have is with time management. It’s like, you know, I’ll set a time for like, let’s say, I’ll say, I’ll, I’ll going to call you back at

1:00 PM right. But then like at 12:59 PM somebody else calls me no. Yeah. And it’s like, they call me the exact time I was supposed to be calling someone Alice. And I’m like, Oh. And I say to myself, South, who are you going to answer that you gotta answer the phone or make the call? And so I answer the phone and I’ll try to like merge the calls or I’m talking to the person that called me, but also trying to merge it with the person who I, I called and it just, it’s weird, you know, it’s like hello. And they’re like, hello, what’s going on? How’s it going? And I’m like, I’m going doing good. And they’re like, who is this? And I’m like, well you know who this is? And they go, no, I don’t. Never person says you do too, cause you put me on hall and yeah, I was just talking to you.

And it’s just like a circle. And it’s so weird. Well, if you listen to this show for any amount of time at all, you’re going to discover that entrepreneurs have to have a different way in which they deal with time than the average person. Yes, the average person, you know, it can be late to a birthday party or late to an event and everybody can forgive whenever somebody’s paying you to solve a problem, uh, for them or to provide a product or a service for them, there’s usually a lot less patients. So what I would encourage you to do is whenever you, um, whatever you have scheduled, honor that in your calendar, but then say no to everything else that you did not put into your schedule. You must learn to say no to grow as, as we’ve mentioned on the show earlier. But it’s super important that you only do what you’re scheduled to do during your day.

You must design the life that you want to live or you must accept the, you’ll live the life that you don’t want by default. That is a fabulous tip and I’m going to go ahead and put that on a tee shirt and just block it off my counter right now. And I’ll tell you this next time I make an outbound call that I’ve scheduled and someone else calls me, I am not going to answer that phone and I am not going to merge the call. Well thank you for being on the thrive time show and now it’s time to move on to our next guest, ma’am. Uh, what brings you onto the thrive time show? What question do you have?

God, it’s so hard to get on your show. I’ve been trying to call you from, we didn’t ever answer the phone. Honey. Who booked? Man, I call you a cell phone number. He never answered it. I call you a mother and she tells me to call you. You never answer. Oh, mr big shot. Who did you take? You all missed a big shot. Whoa. Never going to get too far. All right, aunt Mabel, obviously you’ve somehow snuck your way onto the show. What? What question do you have or do you have a question? Feel good about Coby recording. It’s like American express records, the calls and Southwest airlines. We caught the cause. You go to a Walmart or you go to target and everyone’s recording and there’s video cameras everywhere. Why can’t you just let your peaceful? All right, calm down. It’s because the U S chamber of commerce and CBS news have reported that 75% of employees steal from the workplace. And I’ve run companies for for 23 years, and over the 23 years I’ve found over and over and over and over and over again that employees are going to lie, cheat, and steal when they do not believe that you are watching them. It’s all about accountability. It’s all about call recording. It’s about GPS

systems and work trucks. It’s all about recorded video in office office places. So if you’re out there today and you’re struggling to get your team to do what they’re supposed to do, I would encourage you to install the following four accountability systems, one in your office. I would encourage you to install call recording, call recording via clarity, voice.com install the call recording via clarity, voice.com to install GPS on your work vehicles to make sure you know that your employees are actually going to the job site. So often employees are not actually going to the job site. Three, get the video cameras installed in your business via the nest system. It’s nest, N E S t.com. Get those camera systems set up in your office, get it set up in your office and for install active track, that’s a C T I V T R aK active track act, I V T R a K on all of your office computers.

That way you can record the keystrokes of each and every one of your employees and you’ll know what they’re saying about you when you’re not there, what they’re typing about you, what websites that are going to, because right now most of the data out there shows that the average employee is wasting about 40% of their work day. That’s right. The average employee is wasting about 40% of their work day. So you can almost double the productivity of your team without doubling your work force, but with just installing the keystroke recorders, the the installing the GPS systems and work trucks so you know where the people are actually going and installing the call recording via clarity, voice.com why can’t you just trust people? Because if you do, you’re going to get robbed blind in your business. Installing these things in your company and in your business systems absolutely will change your life.

It’s unbelievable. The world is so different now. It’s so negative. I know when I was growing up, I used to go skinny dipping and what are you talking about? The vocal spring. It’s only local spraying. It’s like a pond and I would just, Mabel, you’re always so weird. Can you stop? No, when I was eight till we go. Let’s get it. When you talk crazy. We just skinny down. We didn’t want to close it. Oh, what does this have to do with, with the story we’re talking about installing call recording for accountability and nest cameras for accountability and keystroke recording and GPS systems for accountability. What does that story have to do with accountability? It has nothing to do with what you were talking about. I just like to hop on this show and say things. Stop. I just want to get off the ship.

What are you, where do you get on to hit him? You cannot believe I’m your third cousin on your mother’s side. Use this. This isn’t bad. Everything just don’t respect to elders. Maybe we’ll get off the phone and please put some clothes on. How did you know I wasn’t wearing anything? I guessed. And speaking of guests, our next guest comes to us. Uh, wow. I’m trying to lock that in my mind. Our next guest comes to us to talk to us about, uh, apparently they have a question about how to hire and how to find the right people. [inaudible] are you interrupting for a great question about time to find the right people? Absolutely. Uh, Jack, uh, what, what, what’s with the, the whole pirate asked you before we

answer your question, what, what’s going on with the whole, with the whole pirate motif? I already ready to know the secret. I’d like to know why you’re doing the whole pirate theme. If you could tell me, that’d be great. [inaudible] I will enter a question in the form of I Rachel. Oh, I can’t pirates and learn the alphabet. I don’t know. It is because the pirate has spent years on only the seas. I don’t think that’s very, very funny. But um, could you tell me for real, what is the question that you have for our, our, our guests. All right, fine. I’ll stop horsing around. Caris, why are you, do you always harp on the importance of having a players working on your business? T why can’t we have C players like we have on the pirate ship? Well, because Steve jobs, the, the cofounder of Apple talked about in, in Greg, in great length, the importance of hiring a players.

He talked about a players have the ability to run circles around B and C players. How a small team of a players can absolutely outproduce a team of B and C players. It’s because nothing works unless you do. According to Maya Angelou, it’s because John D Rockefeller, John D Rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime, said the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee. And I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun. It’s because most people just can’t manage C players. Most people can’t. And so whether you think it’s you know, mean or not, at the end of the day, you can’t have people on your, on your team that you can’t trust it. Uh, Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of the four hour work week book series says a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

Again, a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. Um, guy Kawasaki who once worked for Steve jobs said a Steve jobs has a saying that a players hire a players, B players hire C players and C players hire D players. It doesn’t take long to get to Z players. This trickle down effect causes bozo explosions in companies. Steve jobs said some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. Elon Musk the man behind space X Tesla. So we’re city, uh, PayPal. He reads one lesson. He writes, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. That sounds awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t.

My friend, let me ask you this. In your a a boat slash ah, a work environment, I know and I, I know that you guys work on a boat, but in your work environment, do any of the following things happen? Do people steal from the workplace? Yes. That clave is frequently where people lie. Yes. At the workplace, daily, famous day. Do people engage in sexual activity with other members of the employee team? For an occasion, it’s one of our favorite occupations. Is there an overall culture of distrust within your organization? That’s pirate LA. Can people within your organization believe that your meetings are going to start on time and that their checks are going to get paid on time? Are pirates. We don’t start meetings. We don’t have meetings. All we do is we we rape and we pillaged. Could you guys bless plus the treasurer, pillage lists height the map so that no one else can find it.

Okay, because you’re pirates. I could get it, but for the listeners out there who are not pirates, I don’t think you want C players working in your organization. You don’t want to create a culture or to work in an environment where we’re, we’re things can’t be trusted where people don’t know that they’re going to get, if they’re going to get paid or not or where corporate trust doesn’t exist. Where a pirate culture of of sorts exist. You don’t want to work in an environment where pirate culture exists. I take offense at this. I am a pirate ton. I don’t know why I want it to be on your show. I don’t know either this. I’ve got one last pirate joke. You are you. Are you ready for yet? Another pirate joke? Fine. I don’t want to hear it, but okay. Why couldn’t the pirate crew play cards? You have me stumped because the captain was standing on the deck right there and my friend was impressive. And now we move on to our next guest here on the thrive time show

podcast and download as we attempt to coach the uncoachable way out now claims. Thank you for having me on the show. I’m a longtime listener. Sure. I’m glad. Glad you’re on the show. And a what question do you do you have for me? Well, I just wanted to say, um, I have a big problem with your book. Okay. Um, on page one 75 of your boom book you wrote, the sacred has success is determined by your daily agenda. However, what if I do not hae a daily agenda? Well, you’re going to have to have a, a calendar note or, or to doula. Every successful person that I’ve ever interviewed who’s worth millions or billions of dollars, they all have a day timer. They all have a day timer and a to do list. I’ve never had a successful client that does not have these things now, now, now, now, now you’re not going to speak that over me.

I’m not going to be limited by the tyranny of time management. It’s not Tara not going to carry up to do lists, do it. I’m not going to carry a calendar. I ain’t going to do it, but I’m going to do is I’m going to be the first client in the history of America. What to be successful without a to do list and a counter on a daily basis. Why? Why don’t you just get it to do list in a day planner? What is so hard about being disciplined enough to carry a, to do list and a calendar on a daily basis? Because I had a dream and my dream consists of complete Tom freedom. I don’t want to be, this makes no sense. Hailed under the tropical rule of a calendar that’s telling me, Oh, you gotta be over here and you’ve got to go home with the hair.

I don’t want commitments. I don’t want responsibilities. I don’t want to have to show up or something that just cause I said I would look. I’ve been business coaching clients for a long, long time and I can tell you that sure. This past year we’ve had massive success and I’m actually going to document the success of our clients this year because if you go on the show notes to today’s show, I want you to see this. Don’t try to change me with your facts. I’m going to focus on how I feel and how I feel is a fact. Sure. Our average client grows their business by over 35% a year. That only matters if you care about numbers, whereas according to inc magazine, 96% of American businesses fail. 96% of American businesses fail. Think about that. Whereas our clients are growing by an average of more than 30% more than 30% I’m going to put the link here on the show notes to the name of the client, to the their website, into their growth percentage so that you can check it out.

Look, I do not care about your facts. It’s like LA, LA, LA. I can’t hear what you’re saying. I want to set a record. I want me to first entrepreneur doesn’t use it. People that are growing now carry a to do list and a calendar at all times. Why do you insist on being the only person that does not do this? I don’t. I don’t get it. So you’re telling me right now that Lee Bron Jamison, LeBron before he shoots a shop, he, he goes, Hey, Hey Coby. Hey, Hey Shaq. [inaudible] check with a timer real quick cause I want to look at my to do list or I shoot the ball in the hall as that. What you’re saying is that what I had, right? No, I’m just saying you’re an adult and at a very basic level, you reached out for help growing your company. I, I’m assuming.

Okay. And you can’t grow your company if you can’t grow yourself. And in order to improve yourself, you have to do what the most successful people do. You have to have a to do list and a calendar. Okay. Okay, fine. I’ll, I will get myself claims. In fact, I was, as you were talking, I was working on my to do list and I want to tell you what’s on it. Do you want to know what’s on my to do list? I’m sure it’s sarcastic, but sure. Well, you only want to put the most important things at the top of your to do list, right? You know things you really want to do. Sure. Am I correct that you to the top of your to do list that you want to do? Go ahead. Down to do what, what’s, what’s on your to do list now, Clovis, the number one most important thing on my to do list that I want to do in my complex laugh with all my complexities and all the requirements on myself is that, uh, I want to get done.

I want to make sure I commit to it. I don’t want to drop the ball. I want to do it. I just want to do what John Maxwell wants me to do. John Maxwell said in this pretty little book here, Hey, that the 21 laws of leadership he wrote there, he says, the secret to success is determined by your daily agenda. And I want to make sure I get it done. So I topped here, uh, [inaudible] and I’d like to have permission to read it to your listeners. Okay? Sure. What is it? Well, right here on my to do list item on number one. Sure. I put do clays, mom, come on, get outta here. Who booked this guy? Can we get some, can we get some decent guests on the show? I mean, I know today’s show is called the uncoachable, but I’d like to have at least one sane person who has a real business question for me.

Uh, go ahead caller. Welcome on to the thrive time show what? Say you. I like to be on the thrive time show. I’m so excited to be here and I’m excited to have you on the show. Uh, what question do you have, sir? It’s impossible to train people today. People today are idiots. They don’t want to allow me to transfer my karma. I tried to teach them how to look at my business and they will not transfer my karma. They not received my aura. Are you saying that you’re trying to teach your people how to uh, do what you do? You’re trying to teach them how to work in your company? Yes. Encouragement. What job are you wanting your people to, to do? What, what, what job is it? I want to teach my people to sell things, beautiful things to answer the phone and sell things to my customers.

That is what I want. Okay. I appreciate your passion. Um, I’m just going to ask you here if you have the following things in place, because if you don’t, it’s going to be very hard to train your people. Um, one, do you have a printed typed out, you know, a written script that you want all of your people to follow? I do not have this in place. Do you have a call recording system? Like clarity, voice.com a call recording system like clarity, voice.com installed so that you can hear what your people are actually saying on the phone versus what you want them to be saying. I do not have this technology. Do you actually have a weekly scheduled a appointment in your calendar blocked out just for training your people, you know, where you can teach your people the skills they need to be successful?

I did not believe in scripts and caller recording. I, I believe in transferring my karma. I didn’t not want to create the, a bunch of robots who can not think. Do you have a, a steady pipeline of new candidates coming in who are, um, capable and who want to work for you? You know, the, the people that have high character where you can train them a skill. You know, you, you, you want to hire for character and train for skill. Are you constantly recruiting new people? No. I believe the old dog can be taught new tricks. I believe that nine 11 was an inside job and I believe that cannabis can be used to help people. Do you, um, invest in your people emotionally, training them on a weekly basis or, or do you just sort of train them when they don’t understand the handbook and therefore fail to live up to your, to your standards?

I actually have great training programs. Oh wow. And I will play for you audio right now of my manager. I’d love to hear my, of my yoga studio training our people. We put the video cameras in there. It’s just the audio that he’s trained him training people and transferring his karma from him into them. Well, I, I’d love to hear it. Go ahead and hit it. I, before I hit play, I start with this. This is audio, um, played from a sacred time, sacred place. This is my dojo. I teach the yoga and uh, just I want everyone to picture themselves right now in my yoga studio so that the profundity of this moment is not lost. Okay. I will picture myself in your a yoga studio and a member of your team training your people.

I am so sorry I’m late. I just went from the other side of the Island. Please allow me to put on something more proper before we can begin. Thank God. There we go. Much better now. Who is ready for the yoga? My name’s Jason. Jason. Nice. The children’s position. Head down both up everybody on your minds. Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Very nice posture. Yes. Encouragement. So I wouldn’t transfer you my energy. I wouldn’t transfer my karma. Here is my karma on you. Jason. You have a great outcome. Yes, man. Yes. This is a great way to stretch. You see, you can do this with your partner at home. Let’s ride this energy out. Yes. This fire has just started and we will not put it out. What is, what is he doing? I don’t really know that pose. Okay, now we go and do the happy baby boast.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Please regard me. I’m sorry. Please allow me to do what? Regardless. Okay. Yes, you are doing fantastic, my dear. Thank you. Okay. See as I gently pulsate trying to go deeper and deeper and bring a deeper and deeper into a stretch. Yes. Okay. Fabio, that’s enough with the Paul said, please. Then do it. Yes. Encouraged me. My vent. Oh, look at this one. This little one is flexible. It’s really good. Oh, fantastic. So you do like the laser now is when we dreads for the energy, you see? Yup. And you just lay everything on top of her. Yes. Lay it on stretch. That feels pretty good, huh? Boom, boom, boom. Am I straight enough here? Do you think? Am I curving a little? Let me show you. You feel the transfer of the air. It feels solid. It is. Stand, drink, energy. This,

no. It sounds to me that your trainer is being inappropriate with the vast of your customers. D D D. do you agree? Oh yes, I agree. I, I, uh, have thought this for some time. Okay. So, so why don’t you fire him? Because he’s my brother in law and he’s all, although super sexual, he is a family of sorts. And I give a hall pass to my brother in law and my cousin, anybody I’m related to, I would never fire somebody. Well then you can’t be successful. I mean, doesn’t matter how good your system is, if you have bad people working for you, it doesn’t work. I mean, to quote Maya Angelou, the bestselling author and award winning actress, nothing works unless you do. I mean, it doesn’t matter how great of a system you have, if you have people on your team who won’t follow your systems, um, and who show up perpetually late and who are flirting with your clients, it’s just not gonna work.

I mean, why, why do they still work for you? Because the blood is thicker than water. Well, if you open up your Bible to Proverbs 1320, it’s Proverbs 1320, it reads, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Again, it says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm are. Why are you not aware of that verse? I mean, are you not aware that your, your network is your net worth, that you become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with? I mean, what, what, what, um, is, is the challenge and understanding this idea, there’s no challenge. I just would like to keep them on my payroll forever because he’s my brother in law. Well then it’s never going to get better. Oh, we become better because I have become,

what did, did you walk around your daily life carrying eight a sound effects machine. That is exactly right. That’s impressive. I want you to remember this day, you’ve taken my family’s honor for that. I must fight you. Maybe not now, but in a distant future. Every time you go

anywhere you want to look around

from side to side behind you wondering what does that offer there? Is that the guest I publicly shamed or is that somebody come into [inaudible] or is that both?

Well that’s the first a sound effects filled a death threat from a listener we’ve had in quite some time. Um, now let’s move on to our, our next guest to who, who do we have here on the thrive time show? Well, I can take it like this. My name is Kevin. Alright. I’m a little bit nervous to be on the show can be honest with you. A long time listener, first time and your stadia a lot of staff in your steady out here and I just wanted to give, will little push back about the merit based pay thing anyway, paying people if they do their jobs and then not paying them if they don’t do it because, all right. All right, so here’s the deal. I’m Sam Walton, member of the Illuminati founder of of Walmart and [inaudible] club. He talked about how the customer is the boss and they can fire everybody from the chairman on down simply by deciding to take their money elsewhere. Again, the customer is the boss who’s

the boss, the customer and that now, now is now the boss. Let me pull up the actual quote here for you. I’ll read it to you. My Sam Walton said there’s only one boss, the customer and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else. So if you have members of your team that simply will not do their homework, their, their tasks. In their daily checklists or follow their scripts or make the product the right way or ship it the right way, or if they’re just unwilling to do what they’re supposed to do, those are insubordinate people who need to be fired. Well, now the academia check pair a Bernie Sanders, uh, saying what being a socialist means is that you hold out a vision of a society where poverty is absolutely unnecessary. Where international relations, they’re not based upon greed, but on cooperation or human beings can own the means of production and work together rather than have to work as a semi slave to other people who can hire and fire.

Okay, let’s, let’s deal with this point by point. Uh, one Bernie Sanders is his state. He is that the socialism means to him a world where poverty is abolished. Proverbs 10, four States in the, in the Bible, let me, let me look it up here. I’d realize that Bernie Sanders doesn’t like the Bible or, or cause and effect or anything that actually makes sense. But in Proverbs ten four, it reads, lazy hands make for poverty. But diligent hands bring wealth. Again, lazy hands make for poverty. But diligent hands bring wealth. There’s another verse that talks about if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat. If you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat. Now I realize that doesn’t fit into Bernie Sanders is a ridiculous, a worldview where lazy people somehow get rewarded by being, by receiving subsidies from people who actually work hard. But this is a, from this would be second Thessalonians three 10 this would be, let me read the verse here to you.

It says, for even when we were with you this, we commanded you that if any would not work, neither should eat. So this idea that everybody deserves equal compensation and that net poverty should be abolished. I mean, poverty is the punishment for being a slackard. I’m frankly glad that there’s poverty in America. I am glad there are people in America that are poor if they’re lazy. No, nobody wants a a kid, uh, to, to be poor who’s raised in a, a poor family. But we’ve had a lot of guests on the show like JT McCormick, who grew up poor, who’s gone on to become successful. I grew up without money. But this whole idea of quoting Bernie Sanders is just ridiculous. And then the final point is that it says where human beings can own the means of production and work together rather than having to work as semi slaves to other people who can hire and fire. What are you kidding me? That’s where the service that’s provided almost any government institution is terrible because they can’t hire

and fire people. That’s why it’s awful. It’s because they can’t fire people. That is why school teachers, by and large, the American public school system is a disaster because they can’t hire and fire people and listen. Although we could not get just Steve jobs on the show today because he is dead. I do want to make sure that cue up this sound clip right here because this sound clip right here is what Steve jobs would have to say to you right now. If you were interjecting that kind of jackass, hurry onto a program or, or an interview featuring him

problem there of course is the unions. The unions are the worst thing that ever happened. Education. Um, because it’s not a meritocracy, it turns into a bureaucracy, which is exactly what’s happened. And teachers can’t teach and administrators run the place and nobody can be fired. It’s terrible

if you run a business right now, okay, if you run a company and you do not fire poor performers, you’re going to lose, say, here’s sane right now. They didn’t. If I’m a socialist, then I’m a jackass. True. And if I, uh, enlight say I deserve poverty as a punishment, is that, is that correct sir? That is absolutely right. Well, I do strongly disagree with you, but, um, I don’t care. Can I borrow your phone? I need to get, get her at home. I just need to borrow that fat. Okay. And you guys got anything? Dayton in the stadium here. Get outta here. Get, get him outta here. Uh, who do we have up next? [inaudible] honored to be on your show, bruh. Yeah, and I wanted to talk about running on that ass. It’s okay. Everybody says, Oh, you gotta run ads and za, but then it’s like I would never click on an ad, you know, cause I, I don’t, you know.

Okay. Let’s talk about the, we have some time I want to talk about medical marijuana helps me with anxiety. Seems to be what I also want to talk about this new thing I’m working on, it’s a three D printer app where like you just watch Bob Ross, he’ll pay and then like he’ll tell you what to do and then the app would transcribe what Bob saying and it’ll actually paint for you. It’s like everyone could be a painter, you know, and then I pull it through the paint. That’s right. It’s by Bob backwards big, bruh. If you have any time at all, I know you’re busy. I want to talk about the power of silence in a sec. So just be in there alone with your thoughts. You know, just like,


I guess it made a little noise there, but it’s more of like, I mean, you know what I’m saying? You got to breathe. This is, I guess not total silence, but it’s, we’re talking about those days. There’s a big, big, the only, uh, coherent thing that I think everything was clear at. I was at a DRI while talking for whatever reason, a lot of people are very adverse. I am adverse. Can we turn off his mic please? That’s so cool. Please. You’re taking away my beliefs, man. Again,

again, most people are adverse to running ads. They feel like the ads won’t work in their industry and the advertisements aren’t going to work on their ideal and likely buyers. But I just want to share, um, with great clarity that all successful brands that I have ever worked with run advertisements and you want to run advertisements where your ideal and likely buyers are shopping so you don’t want to run. Um, as an example, if you had a cheerleading gym or a program that taught tumbling, you would want to run ads where, um, the mothers of the, of your potential students would be spending their time. So running ads on Facebook is very effective for gymnastics centers, cheerleading, trading facilities, that kind of thing. Um, also for pediatric dentists, Facebook is a very effective advertising platform. However, when it comes to advertising to, uh, let’s say for accountants, if you’re an accountant out there and you’re trying to gain extra, uh, clients or additional business clients, usually advertising on Facebook is not effective.

So guys like Josh Spurl and hood CPAs have found over time that not a lot of people go on Facebook, um, and, and spend their time on Facebook thinking about what accountant they want to choose or, or they’re not even open to thinking about, um, what accountant to use because they’re looking at a picture of a cat and commenting and engaging in comparison and political debates. But, uh, Google is a very effective place to advertise and the kind kinda kind of person that would type in, um, Tulsa CPAs or Tulsa accountants is probably somebody looking for an accountant. So that my friend is a, um, hopefully everything you need to know about advertising. We have a lot of shows about advertising and importance of advertising, but advertisement does work and you need to stop smoking pot. Uh, as we’re attempting to coach the uncoachable who, what other winners do we have a, uh, booked here? Uh, who, who, who’s next? Ah. He said, Oh nah, I, I appreciate that. Thank you. It’s an honor for me to welcome you onto my show. Uh, this is my show. You’re in my studio. No, no, not your show. No, it’s my show. That’s what it is. Impatience. I’m patient.

Your students, I saw your wrong track on NRT. Feels your body dragon energy is a good thing. Not important to stop on pipe. It is important to finish strong.

It’s important to be on time and end up in a strong, what’s wrong?

No, no. Not important to finish on time. Being present is a present.

Are you aware of how the economy works?

It’s a soccer ball. You argue in a circle. It’s, no, no, no, not you argue in a circle

for you. You welcome to me onto your show. But it’s my show you’ve about how you don’t have

to be on time. I mean you’ve not, you’ve yet to say anything that is accurate or to even ask a question that makes sense. No such thing as a, a bad bad teacher only bought, stood on. You have that in reverse. Yes. No, you just said [inaudible] we’d make a sacred pot. Okay. Comerica. How’s with North Korea? We don’t have a Pat upon them much. We can build relationships. No trust. SACA of trust like Dennis Rodman has with cubes on hood shirt that the detail of North Korea, that’s the cake. Kim Jong ruined North Korea. Now getting Giang North Korea. Stop saying this. Rodman. Stop saying this is the kind of pact we must make today. No, this is the pack. Calm down Claire. You’re just your absolute calm to come once. Once it does. Once feelings with one’s actions, success is around the cones. Success is about cause and effect around the corner. Your success is not about must align. It’s not mine. It’s cause and effect. T get this cock shuns like Dennis Rodman on North Korea. Can we get him out of here? Place Dennis Rodman, North Korea. Come on. We didn’t know Dennis Rodman, North cardio. How

does it take that long to mute that guy? Just get him outta here. I mean, listen, success is not a super spiritual thing. It’s about cause and effect. It’s about what you do on a daily basis. It’s about sowing and reaping. As an example, if you Google search right now, bill Bellacheck fan, you will find me at the top or near the top of Google search engine results. If you do a Google search right now for bill Bellicheck number one fan with the number sign I come up at the top or near the top. Why? Because I sowed the seeds. I got the reviews, I wrote the most original content, more more content than anybody else about the subject of bill Belichick. So I had the most content. I have the most reviews, the most canonical compliance, and the most mobile compliance. Therefore I rank the highest.

Why is it that some people want to spiritualize everything? The reason why elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge does well is because we offer a haircut experience that is far superior to that of our competition. And the first haircut is a dollar. Why is it so hard for somebody to grasp the idea that success is not as super spiritual woo woo thing? I cannot tell you how many people have come into my life and have told me that the reason why they’re not having success is because Jesus doesn’t want them to, or in the reverse. People who are not having success will say the reason why they haven’t had success, but they’re going to have success in the is because

Jesus has told them they’re going to. I can’t speak to the various spiritual Epiphanes that you’ve had or haven’t had. I can only speak to the a plus B. Uh, law of cause and effect. I can only speak to the scientific approach I teach specifically the super moves that you can use that work and I document the successes. If you go to thrive time show.com forward slash, testimonials, you can click there and see the documented success stories of our clients. Now, some of our clients are outspoken Christians, some of them are not. But the point is, it’s the law of cause and effect. The reason why Josh was living water irrigation is top in the Google search engine results is not because he’s a good guy, but he is a good guy. It’s he grew from $300,000 of revenue to one point $9 million of revenue as a result of consistently doing the following four things as it relates to digital marketing.

One he’s gathering consistent video reviews. That’s V. V he’s consistently gathering consistent objective video reviews. He’s adding images that have been optimized for Google search results. S he’s adding consistent search engine content. He’s adding consistent original, relevant HTML text to his website and him. He’s getting more reviews. V he’s getting the great video reviews. I he’s adding images that are optimized. S. S he’s adding search engine content that’s original and relevant and related to the keyword and M he’s getting more reviews than everybody else. V I. S. M that is how you dominate search engine results. But for all 13 points in the proven system that dr Z and I have documented and I’ve used time and time again to build at this point 16 multimillion dollar companies. There is a proven path for each step. So step one, establish revenue goals. We’ll walk you through the proven path to establish the number of customers you need to break even into achieve financial freedom. That is documented. Step three, establish the number of hours you’re willing to work on your business. This is all documented in the boom book, which is available for you to download for free right now. There’s no catch to it. Just go to thrive time, show.com forward slash free resources and download the boom book. And if you say, I’ve already read the boom book, then I would ask you this. Are you implementing the things in the boom book? Are you actually implementing the things in the boom?

Knowledge is just potential power. Action is the real measure of intelligence according to Napoleon Hill. Again, knowledge is just potential power,

but action is the real measure of intelligence. That’s what Napoleon Hill says. Napoleon Hill, the best selling self-help author of all time, says that knowledge without application is he said that action is a real measure of intelligence and it is up to you to implement what you’re learning. You just cannot keep gathering information and not acting upon it. You can do it. And for the 160 of you that are, have been fortunate enough to be into our business coaching program, you’ve seen the successes and I appreciate you for sharing and documenting your successes, which everybody can now watch and see it. Thrive time, show.com forward slash, testimonials. But if you want to become a millionaire, you can do it. If you were to become a billionaire, you can do it, but you’ve got to apply the proven systems. Man, that guy got me super pissed. Well, let me read this, a notable quotable to you from Napoleon Hill, the best selling author of think and grow rich, the personal apprentice of Andrew Carnegie and the personal mentor of oral Roberts.

He writes, a Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill or a Marshall field accumulates a fortune through the application of the same principles available to all of us, but we envy them and their wealth without ever thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to our selves. We look at a successful person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it, but we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods and we forget the price they had to pay and the careful, well organized preparation that had to be made before they could reap the fruits of their efforts. Well said, mr Napoleon Hill, and now we have yet another guest here on this a uncoachable edition of the thrive time show. Sir, I love the costume. Um, what question would you possibly have for myself? I find crime. I get it. That, that is awesome.

I destroy villains. I bring justice to the world, but my wife will not do the accounting.

So you mean that you fight, uh, people with weapons who might want to kill you, um, on a daily basis. But you can’t make your wife do the accounting.

This is true. I don’t do well with uncomfortable conversations. What advice do you have?

Well, uh, the bestselling author of the four hour workweek, the former startup venture capitalist and the award winning podcaster Tim Ferriss has written a person’s success in life, can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have a person success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have a can’t have that conversation. She tresses me and tells me harsh cut my air. Well then unfortunately my friend,

you are going to lose if you want to win as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to find your biggest

limiting factor and hold them accountable, which is why I would highly recommend, highly recommend, do not go into business with your girlfriend, with your wife, with your best friend or anybody that you know, unless you are prepared to fire them. And unless you are prepared to fire them. If you’re, if you’re, if you’re prepared to fire them and you’re okay with firing them, and somehow in your weird relationship that firing your significant other or your best friend wouldn’t harm the relationship, then by all means go into business with family and friends. But John D Rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime, once wrote a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. Why did he say that? A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. It’s because when you start holding people accountable for getting things done, man, their relationship can get weird real fast. Okay, so we do, we have a, I think we have time now for, uh, two more guests on this Epic edition of the thrive time show as we’re teaching you to, to just say no to Jack ass, hurry and socialism and confronting the uncoachable mindsets that predictably produce poverty. Um, who is the next guest on the thrive time show?

Let me start by saying this. Cliff is, your show was smooth like butter. Look for young Joan Rivers was the leg specular day. It’s like your legs are your, your voice is as smooth as Joan Rivers. Young likes what’s, Woah. I just want to start off by saying I’m having a hard time. Ah, keeping and retaining key employees, keeping my top people in Cayston, the task at hand. What advice would you have? Will OD I guess, or like to ask, when do your key employees typically leave your company? When do I have an employee that fails to meet a deadline? How is will lever to Capitan it horse head in the bed? I have found that when you wake up with a horse head in your bed, you never forget. That’s a little too intense. I mean, why don’t you just write, write somebody up, you know, and say in the future, no longer do this. This is not acceptable. [inaudible] how many good threats to I could choose to motivate my employees to maybe we’re not involved now actually the capitated go horse head. I think that’s the problem. I think now, now it looks like the capitate the horse head, and I put it in the Patty though. People always get my motives wrong. They’re always, Oh, they always misunderstand what I’m trying to say.

Okay, well we’re going to, we’re going to mute your mic, but th the main issue is that you have to have a carrot and a stick. You have to every have a reward in place to incentivize your employees to want to do well, right? You have to have an aid, an incentive or a bonus or something they’re chasing. It’s like if you do this, then this great thing happens. But then you have to have a stick

in place. Um, where if they don’t do their job, this bad thing happens. But I think D and B, I don’t think, I know that, that threatening your employees with physical violence is not a move. And I, I mentioned this because a lot of bosses out there are just infinitely upset that their employees are not as passionate as they are. And they intimidate him and they threaten them. And it’s not going to work. You have to have a carrot in place to motivate your top people and a stick to prevent people from drifting, a carrot and a stick, a reward and a penalty. You have to have that in place to sustainably motivate and to retain top people. Will. Now, we still have time for one more guest on this uncoachable edition of the thrive time show. Uh, sir, we’ll come onto the show and hopefully you are more coachable than the last few guests are.

Dr, uh, thank you for having me on the show. I appreciate you. Uh, my name is, uh, Al, uh, from Aus go Raj. I just checked me out on Instagram, you know, it’s like whatever. I’m huge, you know, it’s like just hashtag Al’s garage, you know what I’m saying? It’s like Bo and da. I, uh, want to go viral, so, um, just tell me how to do it. Um, I would know I was born for greatness and it’s like, not even like possible to debate this, you know, so I just want to know the moves. Tell me the moves. Tell me the move to what to do and I’ll do the move ally, appreciate you. Uh, and it’s not just a move, it’s a series of moves you have to implement, okay? All of the proven moves, okay, well, I know a guy, okay, I know a guy who knows how to do it.

I’m not sure what it is, but let me recap what you have to do to build a successful company. All right, and this is from page four of the boom book that all of our listeners can download for free right now. You can download the book for free by going to thrive time show.com free resources, thrive time show.com/free-resources one you’ve got to define your goals. You’ve got to know why you’re doing this, how many customers you need to achieve your goal, and the number of customers needed to break even to, you’ve got to determine the number of hours you’re willing to work on the business. All right? Three, you need to determine your unique value proposition for you. Want to improve your branding so that you look world-class. Five you’ve got to create a three legged marketing stool, a system for marketing your business that does not involve your time.

You’ve got to create systems that are in place that will allow you to market without exchanging your time for dollars. There’s gotta be a turnkey way that your marketing six, you’ve got to nail the sales conversion process. You’ve got to learn the proven process for sales. You have to nail the scripts, right? You gotta have the call in place. Everything has to be repeatable and scaled. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [inaudible] I want to know what is the move? What is the move I need to do? I like, I know. It’s like, I know, I know a guy who can knock out your 13 steps. I know a guy, but what is the move? Okay, so, so who, who is your guy? Ah, sneak. So Fallon. Really? Yeah, he’s a great guy. He’s a good guy. What does he do for a living? He does a profiteering. Okay.

He has a series of business ventures that he does up on the Cape that allows him to, uh, generate, um, an economically viable, uh, business situation for himself. So you’re saying that this guy is going to knock everything out for you, but you just want to know what the, what the secret move is. Okay. So you as wicked. Awesome. All right. So you’re gonna treat me like a townie who’s never left the Cape before I have explored this vast. Well, now I will tell you, I know a guy. I just want to know the move. This uncoachable show has almost pushed me to the point of insanity. Please meet this guys. Mike, success is not about a singular move or a singular action. It’s about figuring out, in determining the best practice systems that work and diligently implementing them until success. You have to learn the proven moves and then implement those moves until you achieve success.

That’s what we do here. We teach you the proven systems that you need to know to grow your business. But if you’re looking for a hack or a move or you quote unquote know a guy, it’s not gonna work for you. But if you’re somebody who is like our 160 clients who wants to implement proven systems that are scalable and sustainable, the same systems that dr Zellner and I have used to build 16 multimillion dollar companies, then this is the show for you and I don’t, I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. I’ve been business coaching clients for 12 almost 13 years now. I don’t quite understand it, but if you’re out there today and you feel stuck and you want to get unstuck and you are coachable, you are trainable. Unlike today’s guests, I would encourage you to book your tickets to our next in-person thrive time show workshop.

Again, book your tickets to our next in-person thrive time show workshop by going to thrive time show.com and clicking on the conferences button. Just click on the conferences button and book your tickets there. You can book your tickets for $250 if you’d like to attend or if you’ll leave us an objective review about what you’ve learned about the thrive time show on our, on our Google map or on our iTunes account for the thrive time show. Either way, just leave us a review and, and take a screenshot of the review and email us to info at thrive time. show.com email us a screenshot of your review to info at thrive time. show.com we will give you tickets for as little as $37 your will just be

$37. That means you can attend the world’s highest rated and most reviewed business workshop for $37. What’s keeping you from doing it? I don’t know, but we want to help you and uh, I want to encourage you that you can absolutely get on stuck. And so I wanted to leave today. Show wanted to. Well, I want it to end today’s show by playing an audio from a startup that we worked with three years ago that now has gone from a startup to doing over $1 million of revenue. Think about that. Nine out of 10 businesses fail, nine out of 10 fail. But this guy went from being a startup to a success story. His name is Thomas crossing. His company’s called full package media and you can learn more about his story today by going to full package media.com.

Hey, how’s it going on Thomas crossing, uh, owner and founder of full package media in Dallas, Texas. Uh, I’ve been a business coaching client with clay Clark since the beginning of our business. Um, we started about a year ago, August of last year and I had no clients, no idea what we were doing, no clue really what was going on. And now we’ve grown to where we’ve got six photographers. I’ve got office space here. Um, I have admin sales person that works for us full time, uh, developing an online system and a lot of that growth we attribute to clay helping us. And there are so many things that, Nope, I mean his stuff is not revolutionary. It’s not this crazy walk on hot coals and all this stuff. Uh, it’s just real real stuff. And like group interviews, we were totally against group interviews. Uh, we were like, no, we’re different and we’re, we’re special and we need to, you know, do one on one interviews so we can find good quality candidates and not just kind of do this group interview thing.

And, uh, we tried that and failed miserably. Uh, we did group interviews now we do them every two weeks. Uh, and it’s, it’s awesome. It works good. We always have kind of influx of new people that we can try and get going. Um, he’s helped us a lot with our website. Uh, graphic design. SEO. SEO is another thing that I thought before I started this business and before clay that was, it was kind of a, a joke or you know, some that only your apples of the world and Amazon get to the top of Google. Um, but clay said, no, just do these things. Um, follow these steps and you’ll get there. And I think now he’s look today and we’re a number two for Dallas real estate photography. You don’t believe that you can look. Uh, so we’re getting to the top of their, that’s really cool.

It’s, it’s really awesome to get leads that people will call you and say, Hey, found you on Google. Um, you know, we want to hear about your services. So that’s really great. Um, I’d say there’s nobody out there that’s not a good, uh, business coaching client for clay. Uh, I mean, you’re anyone regardless of the business, it’s not what the business is, what the specialty is. It’s about following the steps, doing what he says. Uh, you know, it’s, it’s a good thing, an hour a week. It, it gets you on track and keeps you kind of in line of what you’re doing and what you shouldn’t be doing. Um, and it’s good to kind of give you some flow and future goals of your business. And I remember our first meeting when we set our goals and our goal is just do 16 shoots a week. Um, and at the time me and my business partner slash girlfriend direction were like, Oh, that’s, we’re never going to do 16 a week. That’s just like crazy. Uh, and today we’re doing


nine, uh, and we did about 54 last week. So, uh, he’s helped us grow. You know, we’ve put in a lot of hours, a lot of hard work as well, but if you follow his steps and do what he duty says there’s a lot of principles that he’s kind of taught and still in us, uh, that help us. So, uh, yeah, clay Clark is the way to go. I want to venture out to find someone else. They’d be more expensive and a lot more fluff and no, no real actual work and things to get your business growing. So, uh, that’s the way to go. Thanks.

Over the past three years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shaw homes.com that’s the largest home builder in Oklahoma, that’s Shaw homes.com and we’ve been able to grow the company from just under $40 million of revenue to now over $80 million of sales and revenue within just the past three years. How well Aaron Antis reached out for business coaching one, two. He is coachable. Three I showed him the proven path for he diligently implemented everything that we taught him but don’t, but don’t take it from me. Let’s hear what Aaron antice has to say about what it’s like to follow the proven path, the, the, the path less traveled, what it’s like to follow the path that most people will never understand or go down. What does it like to go down the, the proven path, the path that very few people choose to follow the path that actually works. The DD path to the top of success, the path that leads to the top of the mountain of success. What does it feel like and sound like? And what kind of things do you have to do to actually implement the proven path?

Our sales have gone up eight point $2 million so far through the end of third quarter, which is a 20.3% increase from last year. So are our sales have gone up eight point $2 million so far through the end of third quarter, which is a 20.3% increase from last year. So pretty hot if you’re getting that. I want to talk about, have you talked about things and you don’t

have to look into him or you can just talk to the team. The three things you’re doing, they’re blending going. Well, there’s three things I think don’t want to hammer home on is one as you get Google reviews and you add content. So one is rubric reviews and content. Two is the group interview and three is scripting and firing the idiots that we’ll call the scripts. Cool. Let’s go with Google reviews and content. How do you do it? Um, how have you gotten your team to do it? Just the people in here can then take this knowledge and share with their phone.

So a year ago I had a 16 member sales team. Today I have two of those people still remaining on my team. So, um, I meet with them every single week and make sure that they’re doing Google reviews and we have 16 different locations on Google my business. So we have a lot of locations to get reviews for in the last 30 days. We have between all of those locations, uh, just under 200 Google reviews. And um, but I forced them to do a certain number every single week. And so, um, they saw a, you know, the people who were there have heard from the people or the people who are there heard from the people who used to be there, that when we started getting more Google reviews, we started having more people come in the doors. And actually our traffic in our models is way up. And if you look behind the scenes on insights, you can see where people are clicking on driving directions and showing up at our models because of Google and they’re ready to buy. Yeah, they’re convinced before they get there. Um, when we hit a hundred, it seemed like it was a tipping point on our main page that at a hundred the customers were convinced before they came in that they wanted a home from us, which I never saw before.

And we don’t change the ads pretty much the ads are the same know and uh, the ads work because of the reviews. You know, you guys are writing content, correct. Content.

Yeah. Same thing every week. I make sure that they do podcasts and I gave you, I don’t even know how many this last week, but lots of them. So everybody every week.

Well, the reason why here, the relationship I have with Aaron is really solid as far as the business coaching relationship goes, is that he does not bring in his employees and ask for their feedback about the things I’m done. No, he does not ask them, Hey, what do you guys think? And so I can say to him in a meeting, Hey, fire those people. And then one of the people that he fired goes to dr bricks chiropractic center. So he’s getting an adjustment and he’s like, you work with clay, don’t you? He goes, yes. He’s like, I hate that guy. He got me fired. So Breck says Sunday, the effect of did, uh, okay, well let me adjust your back. And he continues to share how he doesn’t like that he got fired. But it is the end of the day, the reason why, whoever it was, I didn’t know the person’s name, they got fires, they just would not write reviews and wouldn’t know. So that’s very important. And with your clients that they shouldn’t bring their employees to those meetings if at all possible. That’s a problem.

Yeah. And the other thing was at first I started by just doing the group interview when I needed somebody. And then it seemed like the more and more I held people accountable, the more and more I needed somebody all the time. So, um, you know that

crucible where I think we worked there about a year and a half and I remember we had a conversation and I am saying it wrong, correct me, but it was somebody effect of is having this much turnover. Good.

Yeah. I think I said it in that tone of voice,

I turn over your vent boss and I would tell you that if you’d have low turnover in your class.

So a really cool meeting that happened is one of the people that I most recently fired, um, who was demanded a meeting with Glen Shaw to complain about, um, the thrive method of doing things and that we had, we had turned over 31 people in two years. He had counted and he had gone and gotten transcripts from all of them to share with Mr. Shaw about how horrible the thrive way, uh, doesn’t work. And so as he sat down to start explaining this, he’s like, well, let me just explain that that system doesn’t work and there’s been so much turnover. And Glen goes, let me just stop you right there. The last three years have all been record setting years for us, both in volume and profitability. So that argument isn’t going to fly right here. So did you have something else you wanted to talk about? So that was the entirety of our conversation.

Just to give examples cause you and I are both Patriots fans and they got a guy, um, Dan Watson I believe was his name was who let’s raft it on the Patriots. He played in the patient strike three season or two seasons and then they let them go play somewhere else. And he’s been in the NFL for I think 15 years. And they convinced he and his wife and their seven kids to move back to England and unretired to this year is tied in and then they just cut him the other day because he wasn’t a good fit. So the point is, it’s like if you look at the roster of the Patriots or any team that wins at anything, you’re very loyal to people who perform and people who can’t get it done, you’re not meeting me mad. It’s just like I realize that you and your wife and your seven kids moved here and you came out of retirement, all these things are great, but we’re cutting. Yup. Because you’re not performing within the system. And the whole goal of a business is to grow the business, the goal of business businesses, not to create a fun camp environment for the employees to hang out. Does that make sense? So it’s very different though then. So, but if you hadn’t cut that, those people, we couldn’t do it. Now you have a great team. One of them had been there now six months or a year we’re starting to get and then those people should stick around for years.

Yeah. And like 50 people a week. Keep coming looking and everybody wants to work at our company and it’s pretty awesome.

So let’s recap the group interviews every week. How many candidates do you have every week with our showings?

I mean we get like 50 ish a week. Yeah. I mean, yeah, we had 70 something but like 50 show up. And then, um, that’s out of like 120 to 130 that apply every week.

And that’ll last week’s batch. We probably had eight people, I mean nine people that I think would be a great fit for shop. Yup. But um, it’s cause they want it not because they have experience selling houses, it’s about eight or nine from last week. And then content you’re getting every week reviews you’re getting every week. You’re not changing your ads every week.

I’m going to throw one more thing in here that you didn’t ask about, but that was really relevant for me and that is I feel like what we do is super specialized. When I first came in here I was like, but you don’t understand our business is different. I know you guys have all heard this, right? You don’t understand our business is different and this is so specialized. There’s so much training that needs to go into this. And I never in a million years thought that I could get people to like sell homes right away that hadn’t been here for a year. Going through intensive training. And the interesting part of it is we just hired a couple of people who have never done this, don’t know what they’re doing, plug them into the system. One of them did 1.5 million in sales his first 30 days, which is just nuts and he’s never done this before. The other one was like 1.2 million in 30 days and we’ve sold with tons of brand new people. By the way, while I was out of town in Alaska for two weeks, we sold in 60 days we sold 46 houses. So kind of crazy with all brand new people

and we have going on starting this week, I think you guys are bringing by workstations and then we’ll hire two people that’ll work in this building. But just calling just for you, your leads all the time and the scripting. Can you explain how the scripting is fixed? Thanks to tell there’s a script or anything.

Yeah, so that was the part about like them having to be like so proficient in what we do. I thought they needed to know everything about the entire company and all the massive amounts of data and charts and stuff we have. But interestingly, if I just give them four things they need to talk about in each home on a one sheet and then a, what we call the path, which explains how to buy a home. And I literally make them read the bullet points while pointing to each bullet point on this chart. The customer completely understands how to buy a home from us. And then we created a, what we call the John Kelly method of pricing out the customer. Thanks to John kudos. Um, for the, for the pricing out of the home, which was like the most complicated part cause you needed to know everything about how a home is built. Well you no longer do, it’s just literally a PowerPoint where they read what’s on every slide as they go through this slideshow. And it literally asks them the question, do you want this or this? This is how this works. Do you want this or this? And they don’t.

Right now, three years ago before we met, what were the sales for the year? Cause you’d already sold $100 million a thousand before that year. When I say we were at a 36 million and where are we going? What are we at right now? So far? Uh, today we are at 62 million and then we’re going to end the year. Unless we suck, I think we’ll be at 80 million this year. One thought for you and you saw a house, you made a profit of about 6% net after all expenses, although that number is up, we’re probably going to be at about eight and a half percent this year. So if a house is 300,000 the average house and the profit was 10% which is not, that would be 30,000 so it’s 8% would be 24,000 so $24,000 profit per house you sell. And then I make $2,000 per month. That’s what I charge you. Or 1700 we are 2,500 okay. Is your exclusive for houses? So you guys $2,500. So if he sells one house, he paid for me for the year and usually sell a house a week, which means I paid myself for the year every week. I’m pretty sure out of the extra 8.2 million this year, we can afford you. Which is why I have the easiest, what we did the math. I had our accounting department. Look at that real close. Eric’s gonna be auto shipping us. I’ll use the lab.

Any questions for Aaron? Because Shaw, this is an example of what the relationship should look like after three years. Does he have any questions for a real life when I have a question? Yeah.

So for you coming in with the mindset of we’re unique or different, how was it, what did they do? How did he get you to think differently

about your business?

Um, he mocked me with humor, um, and repeatedly over and over again and um, told me different stories of other examples from other industries. And um, I definitely had a pain threshold there that I was willing to at least look at it. I think I believed half of what he told me at the beginning and thought, prove it to me on the other half. And so as I started to get wins in certain areas, like the Google review thing really gave us wins and then the no brainer gave us a bunch of wins and we started getting a lot more leads coming in. So that credibility lended itself to going, okay, maybe he’s right about some of this other stuff too. Um, so I started like trying other parts of it. Like I remember the first time I did the group interview, I was shocked at how much time it saved me. And so it’s like 50

hours of time say yes, maybe even more than that. Oh yeah, for sure. It’s terrible. So you guys know you are Aaron and you didn’t have the group interview. You’d have to go through and read all the resumes and then guess who’s lying and who’s not based upon penmanship or the columns they went to or how they formatted it or whatever. And then you’d have to interview the people and then you’d have weed. It’s just terrible.

I can also remember like some meetings sitting in and it was like the fourth or fifth time he had told me the same thing, but just in a slightly different way, always with humor because if you’re going to be honest, you gotta be funny.

Can you look at Bible verses, and you and I have seen this before, we’ve been to church long enough to see this, but there are pastors in America today who advocate that money is bad because it’s the rebellion. I’m sure you’ve all heard that argument in parenting, and I’m sure you’ve heard pastors paraphrase parts of scripture that explained that you should basically before, because money is mad three partners. But if anybody here would actually read the context of it, you’d understand that the love of money over all is just money ended up itself. Just a thing. So bad or good. But anyway, like so when you guys are citing things, most marketing companies and Tulsa, either they do not cite things or they cite emotional arguments. So it’d be like this. If you’re dealing with most marketing companies in Tulsa, they would say, I’m asking for reviews.

Doesn’t work. And furthermore, you can’t ask in the home because if you ask them in the home, it’s going to show up as a review from the same IP address and then the reviews won’t count. And so really what we want to do is make this app for you and this app called pilot, what’s it called? Pilot. Pilot. Trustpilot. What’s another one? Just like wait, it’s going to text people or email them and ask them how their experience was and then they’ll leave a review that way. And so when I’m telling my client you have to get reviews in the home, right. Then boom, boom, boom. It is flying in the face of every other marketing firm in Tulsa. Everybody else is saying opposite of what I’m saying. Your employees are saying the opposite of what I’m saying. Articles online that are written by randos who have blogs are also saying stuff. And then I had a couple that thought you were nuts. Yeah, yeah. But if I didn’t sign it, there’s zero hope. Yeah. You can’t just go in there and say [inaudible] you cannot not be funny. Like, not being funny is a really bad thing. You have to be very honest with people.

I mean, you had some painful conversations with me through the process. Um, you know, I mean probably out of the first 20 times we met, I only cried like eight times. So, um, but during those painful conversations when you mix it with humor, made it a little bit easier to palate. So, um, and then it was logical argument too. So I would go home and like think through the logic of what you mentioned and then think about the cited stuff. But false logic

is what other marketing firms use. I’m going to show you, understand you can’t just say, well ma, a nine out of 10 business owners are using Trustpilot to get from painters and you can’t, that’s not a, that’s false logic. You know what I mean? It’s like, yeah, they are, which is why they’re wrong. Or you can’t say that nine out of 10 business owners think that a group interview is unethical and it doesn’t work. Yeah. That’s also false logic. Of course they don’t because they’re wrong. Um, and so it’s almost like I told you that today, Nick. I said, if anybody said, if everybody says something, I always then go the opposite of what they think is true. Does so make sense? Ooh. And so we have to teach these clients this stuff. It’s, you gotta sign it. Otherwise, I’m just telling you, cause other marketing firms are teaching false logic coaches, nine out of 10 people say you shouldn’t use a script because you don’t want to make your employees feel like robots.

Well that’s great. That is a great step. You know. But you shouldn’t be asking your employees if they want to feel like robots or not. That’s a false question. So any questions for Aaron? Because Aaron’s been out down in the past. You have a system for years now and doing a great job. I didn’t. The next year if the Trump wins, I think you do $100 million of sales. If you lose loses, I think you’ll probably do 80 again. We’ll see. But I mean, what do you, what do you, do you agree with that? I would agree with that. But I’ll say either way we’re doing 100 million. Uh, I have a question about the sales scripting process and also the John Kelly method process. When you go to do that project to work on your business, was that harder than you thought it was going to be initially? Like once you’ve been through the process, what was that like compared to what you thought it would be like?

Oh, um, I wouldn’t say it was harder. I mean the one thing, you know the, the phrase first, you nail it, then you scale it. Like I already had all the information in my brain. It was more of a thing of like putting it all down on paper and it really helped like having John live to talk to because he had just been through our old process. And so he was like, I can’t picture what you’re talking about. You’re trying to describe to me what crown molding on top of these windows looks like. And I don’t have a picture in front of me. I can’t see it. So it was a delegation of getting all these photos brought together, but then literally what clay said is write down exactly what they, what you would say and then make them say what you would say, but you have it all written down. And so that part was pretty easy. Although it took a little bit of time, the content was easy. And I think for most people, if they’re like they come from the place of being a technician,

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