Kate Jerome | Children’s Book Author and Intergenerational Product Expert

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Kate Jerome shares about her new product, Little Bridges, and why

problems mean progress, and why we are judged by how we respond to the problems that life throws at us.



  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! On today’s edition of the Thrivetime Show we are interviewing Kate Jerome who is a veteran publishing executive, children’s book author, and intergenerational product expert Kate Jerome!!!
  2. Kate, so I would love to hear about Little Bridges….what is Little Bridges all about and where did the idea for Little Bridges come from? 
  3. Kate, so the way I understand it each kit provides a set of fun-filled activities intentionally designed to inspire meaningful conversations, connections, and delightful legacy moments between kids and their favorite adults…tell us more?
  4. Kate Jerome, how does Little Bridges help to Jump Start meaningful conversations?
    1. NOTE: With custom products like picture storybooks, keepsakes to craft and personalize, journals that capture family traditions and the cherished stories behind them, all of the activities in their kits are interactive and intentionally designed to jump-start meaningful conversations between grandparents and their grandchildren.
  5. Kate, I’m going to put a link to your unboxing video on today’s show notes…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_j8mZcooNc&feature=youtu.be why do you believe that people love your product so much?
  6. So Kate, as a follow-up to Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen, Little Bridges is planning to release a second kit in 2021…tell us about this?
    1. Grandma & Me: Explore Outdoors. The company will also expand the intergenerational activity kit concept to include future products branded around…I’d love for you to share about this product? such groupings as “Mama & Me” and “Grandpa & Me.”
  7. Kate Jerome, what is a message that you want to make sure to communicate to our half million listeners from coast to coast?
  8. What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?
  9. We find that most successful entrepreneurs tend to have idiosyncrasies that are actually their super powers…what idiosyncrasy do you have?
  10. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  11. You are super successful, but what do you struggle with the most…what is your weakness…what is your kryptonite? 
  12. What are a couple of books that you believe that all of our listeners should read?
  13. Kate Jerome You’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?
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