Kathy Garrett | Are You a Business Owner or a Landlord Seeking EMERGENCY Rescue Capital to Save Your Business and Your Real Estate Portfolio?

Show Notes

With a successful 30 year history in the real estate industry, Kathy Garrett shares about the rescue capital that she is providing to landlords and Brett Denton of A10Capital shares how to get IMMEDIATE access to the Paycheck Protection Program funding.

Website – https://charisg.com/about/ 

Website – www.GarrettMLLC.com 

Phone – 1-800-771-9676 

Kathy, you have had a successful 30-year history in real estate.  There are many aspects of real estate, but your specialty and what you have a passion for has been multi-family. So for the past 30 years, you have owned and managed multi-family assets ranging from a 30 unit property to a 250 unit property, from a $1M property to a $20M property.

But in 2020, something changed in your multi-family ownership/management model. It is that change, I wanted to talk about on the program today. 

  1. Can you tell the audience about your new company providing Rescue Capital to owners of multi-family properties?  What motivated you to form this company?
  2. I know Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have provided forbearance programs for their borrowers. Why is your Rescue Capital more attractive than the government forbearance programs?
  3. What is your company goal for Rescue Capital? And what is your client’s goal?
  4. Kathy, for our audience, who is your optimal client? 
  5. If I am a potential client listening to this broadcast, what would I do next to get in touch with you?

You are a seasoned, successful business owner and entrepreneur, what is the best advice you would give other business owners and those thinking about starting their business right now, 2021? 

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