Killing Your Addiction to New is Long Overdue

Show Notes

Why super successful people bore down and implement best-practice systems while intenders stay busy trying to implement their “idea of the week.”

  1. Never top recruiting
    1. We get content with how things are going
    2. You are either moving forward or moving backward
    3. We get in such a flow with advertising and marketing that we forget about hiring and advertising for new employees
    4. You want to always make sure you have a good accountant and keep a good eye on your money.
  2. Why is it so important to Bore Down instead of getting Bored?
    1. Once you get into it, it isn’t always fun.
    2. There are things you are going to enjoy and you just have to decide to put your head down and delay gratification.
    3. You have to keep going. You have to Bore Down. Soon it becomes a snowball.
    4. We all want to see results very quickly. We have to teach ourselves to delay gratification.
    5. Elon Musk didn’t make a profit after 10 years with Tesla.
    6. At some point, you have met your goal. When you go beyond your goal, you start to decrease happiness.
    7. When you work so hard to make more money that you never see your family, then you have gone backwards.
    8. Not only are you neglecting your families, but you are als chasing the things you don’t need.
    9. People lose their happiness and constantly try to chase it in new things.
    10. 2002 I had my first award and I didn’t get my next award until 2007.
      1. I spent so much time on that award and in the limo, my wife asked me if I could schedule some time to see our own kids.
    11. That award didn’t earn me any money or time with my family.
  3. Never stop:
    1. Recruiting
      1. People always leave in groups
    2. Gathering Google and video reviews
      1. You can’t let these drift
    3. People who you allow into your life
      1. If you allow the wrong people into your life, they will be cancer to your life. They will destroy your good people and ruin the whole team.
      2. You can’t tolerate people not doing your system.
    4. Training
      1. You should always be striving to improve your process
    5. Wooing the one you’re with
      1. You can’t let that drift
      2. You have to align your why with your spouse’s why

Addiction To New Thrivetime Show Slides

 IT company that recently found out that one of the partners has been taking payment for the business and putting it in his own account. Since then, that person is no longer involved in the company. However, that partner’s girlfriend has been paying for different things in the business. The money went from her bank account to the partner’s bank account and then into the business. If the partner and the girlfriend break up, can she ask for that money back from the company itself?  

  1. You should always be careful when going into partnerships. You have to document everything, especially when partnering with someone you know.
    1. You want to have your:
      1. Operating agreement
      2. Separate agreements
  2. Less than half of the partnerships succeed.
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Okay. Thrive nation. And by the way, if you me on today’s show sounds a little different. Well, it’s because we’re officing here at the riverwalk and we’re broadcasting from the Riverwalk today. Typically we broadcast from the man cave at Camp Clark and chicken palace. But due to flash floods and four feet of water, uh, I get to buy a lot of new gear and you get to have a little different sound of today’s show, but we’ll be back in the studio soon. Uh, I’m sure within several months. So any further ado.

All right. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we’re talking about the importance of killing your addiction to new and why it is long overdue. So many people, not you, but so many people are looking for a new wife. What they’re looking for, a new business, a new marketing strategy. What I knew what you’re looking for, a new something. Why? Because the old something works and you like crazy. You just want to have a new strategy, a new car, a new girl, new, new, new. And what I really encourage you to do is to learn how to bore down when the rest of the world is struggling, struggling with boredom. Can you bore down, can you bore down and we have two great, incredible Americans on today’s show, Mr. Wes Carter, the legal eagle with winters and king. And we have Josh with living water on today’s show and we are going to have a blast. The blast. .

I’m going to ask you this question. Wes legal eagle, a, you’ve been an attorney now for how long?

Oh, a little over a decade.

When you started in law school when you enrolled in law school, how many years of school did you have to go to before you could get into law school?

Well, I undergrad and then obviously high school. So, um, 16

and how come you didn’t enroll in law school and then quit as most people do? As I know a lot of people that went to law school and you know, Bruce semester or two or three, and they thought, you know what, I’m going to become an architect. They do that for a semester or two and they’re like, oh, I want to become a dentist. And then you see them eight years later at a four year college and then you say, okay, I’m gonna switch my major. You talked about how did you decide to bore down into fight through the boredom? Well, it’s very good. It’s a great point. Yeah.

Uh, I know law school and I think a lot of professional schools you have that first year where at least in my experience, about a third of my class just dropped out, decided, hey, this isn’t for me. I don’t think being an attorney, um, which I guess is better than at the end and decided that after you’ve racked up all that debt, yeah. Um, I mean, once you get in, you decided you’re going to do it. It’s not all fun. I mean if everything we do was fun, um, you know, we were not doing probably what we should be doing. So there’s things you’re going to enjoy, there’s things that are going to be tedious and you just have to decide that I’m going to put my head down and get through it all because there’s some goal. I have that delayed gratification. I’m trying to reach a goal and to get there, I’ve got to go to the good times, the bad times, the hard times, and just keep moving forward.

Now, one thing that I could relate to as relates to law school, uh, I didn’t, you know, go to law school, but I’ve been doing a podcast for a years, nine a week, every week. And I, a lot of people, a lot of listeners that I meet at conferences will tell me, you know, I heard the show like four years ago, three years ago, and you guys have gotten better over there. And I’ll say, well that’s, thank you so much. I’ll go. Cause it used to be bad. I mean, it was, it’s the backhanded comment I can feel when someone says, I used to listen to you or hey, I saw you speak 10 years ago. It’s like, Oh, you’ve lost weight. Oh yeah. So I think it’s, I think the, the idea though is that you have to keep going and you board down and you get a little bit better and you book a little bit bigger guests and then you get more reviews and people said they like you and they, and pretty soon it’s a snowball and it starts to get that momentum. But you’ve got to keep the streak alive. You’ve got to keep it alive. How do you fight the demons with

Sunday? We struggle with, from a very early age. I mean, just last night I was having this conversation with my eight year old and I hear you saying the same things that I just was trying to preach to my eight year old. So I think this is just kind of innate that we want to see results very quickly. Quaint know, uh, you know, just, just part of our nature is we want to do something. And see a result. We want a franchise and like too much one, right? We want a business and be profitable, you know, in 60 days. Yeah. Um, and so we have to teach ourselves for that delayed gratification that we have to possibly survive a small business for two years without taking a salary to make a small business work if that’s what our dream is and we’re going to actually make it happen.

And that’s, if you’re a really, really successful entrepreneurs, I’ll tell you about some struggling, struggling entrepreneurs that I know. I mean, Elon Musk with Tesla for over a decade, those Tommy’s didn’t make any money. You think about, you know, companies like a Twitter, uh, not really making any money for a long, long time square. Uh, at this, the same founder, by the way, Jack Dorsey not making any money after seven years, uh, ESPN over a decade without making money. Fred Smith with Fedex didn’t make money for over a decade. I mean, ESPN didn’t make money for over a decade. Yeah. Ray KROC, really no discernible success until his fifties. I mean there’s so many Colonel Sanders, why does he look so old? Because he didn’t have any success until he was old. I mean there’s this, I mean Moses was, this wasn’t successful. He never saw the promised land there. So if you’re out there today and you feel like you’re going through some stress, maybe it time to board down, not to say I’m struggling with bore dumb Josh with living water, irrigation.

How long have we known of each other? Uh, almost two years. A year and a half. How did we originally connected? Did we, it was, were you at the miming convention that I’m so passionate about? Where you at the underwater basket weaving convention than I try to attend from time to time where you are. How did we, how do we connect to link the conversation to the mining convinced they’re right. This is a direct violation of all the rules here. Okay. Cause I stopped talking. Oh, I came to the conference in November of 2017. And where were you at with the business at that point versus where you’re at now? So we had, we had just started, we were just trying to eat a little bit more than ramen noodles and put some gas in the van and canceled the man. And now we’ve got eight trucks, 15 employees of whole bunch of overhead.

What percentage of growth have you had in the last couple of years? A 300% or 700% collectively, excuse me, 700% collectively this year we’re up 300% over 18 and if you could recap our coaching session today with the listeners out there who aren’t stuck in a room with me for an hour a week, can you explain what the, what the conversation was about essentially. So the most important thing that we discussed today was, uh, well actually we discussed a bunch of stuffs. I hate to say most important. Yeah. So we detailed today dream 100 so going of after you know, our ideal unlikely and going after our dream 100 clients, we need the detailed that today we went over talking about getting video reviews today. That’s a hot thing right now. But he reviews are hot. We talked about just being diligent on our 14 point mastery system, uh, and continuing to go after the reviews that we get.

And for you and your business and for oxi fresh and for any business out there, the biggest limiting factor is always finding good people and living water. I mean, if you had, let’s say if someone’s listening today, and by the way, are you hiring right now? Absolutely. If somebody is looking for a job right now, uh, approximately what does it, what does it pay and how can they get a job? So we a have a merit based pay system. Okay. So a starting out, you’re going to make a, we’ll go easy math starting out the easy maths, about 12 bucks an hour, 12 bucks an hour starting out. And what if I’m on fire? How much can I make? Maybe? Um, so we have a couple people that work force who make six figures. Wow. Yeah. Okay. So I’m listening right now. How can I apply for this job?

Uh, you can give us a call at our office, a nine one, eight two three seven six one eight one or send us a contact us on our website at living water, irrigation. Okaydo I feel like, and I want to get wes his take on this and I want to get your take on this Josh. I feel like there’s a lot of entrepreneurs. I feel like this, cause I talked to them every week. I’ll say, ah, how’s it going? Oh killing it. I got the Google reviews, I got the video reviews, I’m adding content to my site. My ads are so I’m going to go on a trip. I said that’s great. Go on that trip, have a good time. Reward yourself. And then the come back and got my whole team quit. Like your old team quit. What happened? They said, well why didn’t replace it? Cause I’m like, what do you mean? They said, well I quit doing interviews. Went well as soon as I got good people. So it’s, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a desire we have I think innately wes once we have a good team to stop recruiting. Once with something starts working, we want to stop.

Why Wes, the legal eagle by all of us? Well I think it’s sometimes it’s multiple things. I think one we get content without things are going in, which is always dangerous. I mean you’re either moving forward or moving backwards. Really no such thing in business. It’s just standing still. And then two, I think we do a good job on the advertising and getting new customers and we get mired down in doing the work. Daily work and I’m sorry by the way from hiring you so much. Uh, but you get so busy that if you’re not careful you spend all of your time working on the fires and the day to day stuff and not thinking about these other larger pictures.

And I think, I think too, um, if you’re out there, I was talking to Josh about this today. You got to figure out your lid or your goal or where you want to go cause you might already be there. And then if you are, it’s okay to be content with that. I, so many people have asked me, Clevis, how big do you want to make the conferences? And I’m like a hundred people. And I say, why? Cause I can’t answer all the questions when it’s like a beach ball bouncing loud music, motivational hype fest. I’d never want it to be a walk on hot coals thing. I want it to be interactive workshop. And they say, well how many clients do you want? I never want more than 160 clients. Why? Cause I write every business plan and west, you know, this was, we’re franchising tip top canine. Yeah. How much legal paperwork is there? My man is my goodness. Lots. And I mean you can’t do a real quick either, right? I mean, you’re right in the franchise disclosure document. I don’t want a quick one. I don’t want to fast and I want a good one. And you do great documents. But how many hours are you

depending on that, my man way too many for what I charge to. Oh, I had a conversation. Interesting conversation once with a client about, hey, you know, I told him we could do this. We could do that. We can do that. You could grow this, we could make more money. Boom. He said, Wes, all right, I got everything I need. I mean, I thought about getting in. What do I want a helicopter. I mean, you know, there’s at some point you’ve met your goal, which I think is a great point for listeners to hear that. And after you go above that, it’s a declining return. You start to cause unhappiness because now you’re busier than doing things you don’t want to do.

And let me tell you, I want to tell the listeners out there, ah, how I define happiness and maybe this is totally wrong. Maybe I’m a socialist Commie who happens to talk about capitalism a lot. Maybe that’s the deal I love. I love watching my son Dj on Sunday nights. He’s 12 and I love, we get a bunch of people over and he’s Dj in this past week and we worked on transitions and I’m like, listen man, no whack transitions. I’m serious. When you have two songs that don’t beat match, well you’ve got to do a scratch stop and announcement. Something has to happen, but you cannot do a whack transition a week transition. It cannot be lame. Come on, come on man. And when he nailed it the second time and the third time and the fourth time that it’s cool and watching my daughters do the flips and all that and watching Havana, Havana started her first job ever work in an elephant in the room.

That is cool to me. And I don’t know. I don’t know. You call people paying me to watch my son Dj. I don’t know that I’m going to win a Forbes award for that, for writing a an an a thank you appreciation note to my wife. I don’t, but I’ve kind of done with business goals. I do. I’m a, I feel like you’ve got to find out what the Lord wants you to do and then do it. I think there’s this, it gets to a certain point. That’s why I like franchising cause it’s like, hey the system works. If you want to use the system, you can franchise it. We’re going to make a small percentage of what you make. Go get him. But it West can you, I don’t want you to, and obviously you can’t share specifics about your clients, but I’d love to get your take on watching wealth destroy somebody who gives up their entire family and just everything for more money to only realize once all that obligation sets in, once they bought the big house. I don’t want this. Have you ever seen that happen?

Well, yeah, I think you see it with clients, with peers, um, you know, in multiple ways. One, you’re working so hard to grow, to make more money, to gain more respect that you neglect your family. And he mean, I think we’ve all been to that point where our y’s have had to remind us, hey, time to pay a little more attention at home.

My Kids, oh, Mike, well my, my kids, uh, you know, pop quizzed me. They said, what’s our, what are our names? And I’m like, I don’t really know. I knew I was working too much and then one time I couldn’t answer the pop.

And then the other thing, you know, is that Donnelley, do we neglect our family? Um, but we chase, uh, things that we don’t need that. So the neglect the family, maybe you get divorced and then I see a lot of wealthy clients that are on a second, a third or fourth wife and you think, well, why do you keep making the same mistakes? And when you look closely and talk to them, they’re just trying to find happiness. They’ve lost it and they got wrapped up in the wrong thing and now they’re chasing happiness and in all the wrong places. And so it turns into a rabbit hole if you’re not careful that you just keep chasing the wrong things rather than setting goals up front.

I used to chase awards. I’m so glad I’m done with that. Let me tell you how that works. You, the Chamber of Commerce, the first time it happened, I got nominated for the young entrepreneur of the year award and that was 20. And I’m going, Ooh, yes, they give you a big packet. And I’m like, well, who nominated me? And they said, Oh, well you’ve deejayed for a lot of events within the chamber and your name got nominated. But you know a couple dozen times, but you need to submit your financials in. I need some, it’s, I’m doing all this paperwork and all of this documentation and I mean a lot of paperwork. So then I wan to Tulsa Chamber entrepreneur of the year of the Tulsa Chamber West, the Tulsa Metro Chamber. Woo. So then I thought, man, what other awards are there? Well then nothing. Nothing. I, I had no, I was, I had no awards for a long time.

Now my made me andZ , not really stacking up awards but stacking up money. Yeah. And so I’m going, I feel, I’m not feeling adequate, you know, is that a ward? Pay Your rent. And there’s, so 2002 was the, the first was the first award and then it was like a five year winter, no awards. 20 2007 I get a call from Darla Booker with the U S S B a the US small business administration. And I remember I got presented with this nomination letter and they said, you have one of the finalists and blah, Blah Blah for year over year growth. We need to submit audited financials. And I spent so much time on that award and I remember when we were in the limo go into get the award, my wife turns to me and she says, Hey, do you think you could schedule a time to see the kids burn?

And I’m like, Oh, oh. And then I realized that award didn’t make me any more money. I’d already had the validation I needed in the industry or whatever. But then I went for the one for the Trifecta, the U s chamber Blue Ribbon Quality Award, which means you’re a service based business and you have a certain amount of errors or less, which is hard to do in service because it’s not a machine. So it’s Kinda like lean six sigma is kind of the deal. Right. And Man, I put a lot of energy into that. I went out to DC, I shook the hands of this guy and that guy and that senator in that congressmen and got the Blue Ribbon Award. High five got the, it’s like the give Ya a thing. Plaque west. They give you the letter, they get stamped, it’s embossed, the cocktail dinner, the cocktail hour, the dinner, the, the, the president of whatever it gets up to talk about the VP of who gives a crap.

They do the pledge, the flag west. You get the dinner, you get the VIP platinum that special. They say, do you want to be a VIP platinum presenting sponsors? Since you are one of the top 10 and you’re like, ah, I do want to do that, and so now you’re dropping money to celebrate the achievement of your own award and not never thinking, what am I even doing here? Then you’re on a tour bus touring DC with randos. You barely know because that’s what you do the day before the awards ceremony and then the chamber wants to take a photo of you. You get a photo, you’re in the Tulsa world and they want to interview you about the interview. Then you’re in the GTR, you’re in Kmg, you’re on glove and 70 and you’re going, I’m everywhere. Woo, and then your wife looks at you and says, I’m leaving.

If you leave again to get another award. And if you’re like me, you need a translator. It’s like the code of Hammurabi. What does this mean when you sit, when you say you might be leading, when you said you’re leaving, if I’m, if I keep leaving for how long? Let me, what is this like a Haiku or you are you hungry? You want hamburgers, you’re a vegetarian. I’m guessing. I’m guessing. And then it’s like, then you realize, oh, and you don’t trust me. Listen, I’m married to a saint. But if you’re out there today, don’t push your wife or husband to that level. Don’t do it. You will. I’m serious. You Jack up your whole life at Wesley. I see it all the time. You do see it all the and the time. Switch gears here a little bit. So maybe we got a list and say, Hey, I pay attention to my wife and my kids.

Um, you know, I don’t better, man. I don’t struggle with it. I’m not like you in clay. I’m good there. The other trap that I see a lot is, and you, you mentioned earlier, you said you’re growing now, now you got a lot of overhead. Awesome. So you’ve grown the business, you’ve got the Range Rover, you’ve got the big house, you’ve got a giant payroll to meet every week, less as buying me right then and now. Now you can’t stop because you’ve got this debt, you got to meet payroll, you’ve got to pay your mortgage. And if you’re not careful, you end up in that loop. So I, the depth, it is so awesome where we’re at. Like I honestly could not have imagined where we’re at right now. Like serious if you’d said, hey Yo Josh, so here’s the deal in two years, well first of all, you’re going to meet this dude and he’s really weird and people say a bunch of stuff about him.

But if you do it, this dude says, then here’s where you’re going to be at. I’d have been like, yeah, whatever. So, but with that being said, that people have made, I would have said, oh, you’re talking about cliff. So to go with that. It’s so the idea. So the last two days here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we had some of the most glorious weather ever. Beautiful, sunny and 75 gorgeous. I mean, just playing golf, 36 holes a day knows. So we haven’t worked the last two days we’ve worked, we’ve done a bunch of admin stuff. It does have checklists. We’ve done some training, we’ve done some content. We’d done some reviews, done some videos. Yeah, none of that stuff. Brought us a diamond yesterday, today. Ah, sick. So along that and so, and that’s where as as entrepreneurs, number one, make sure you get a dang good accountant.

Uh, I’m married to mine, so it’s pretty cool. Um, so number two, make sure that you’ve got somebody watching your six watching your money. Make sure you get a really good attorney, immature. You’ve got somebody who’s taking care of that so you don’t have to panic when you get eight inches of rain overnight. But yeah, it is. It is at times for me, it’s easier for her because she does it can’t. So for her, she’s like, oh no, we’re good. We got cash flow, you’ve got capital to get blah, blah, blah, blah. But for me, some days I’m like, yeah, it’d be nice. We’d go to work today. So I, I, if you’re out there today, I want to just give you kind of my top five list of things you can ever stop doing. All right? And then I’m going to get the final, final hot take.

I want to get from west Carter and Josh here. Okay, here’s my, here’s my five. You can never stop. There’s more things, but these are like the big five. If you want a business, you have a sound mind and you can hear my voice and you can understand what the words are coming out of my mouth. You need to understand, you can never stop recruiting. You can’t, you might want to, you might say, I have a good squad. I can trust these people. But Wes, don’t people typically leave in twos and threes? Do you? Do you not see this? Because you’re an attorney was so many businesses now that they go, they go in groups and uh, same way, if they’re going to sue you, they’re going to sue you in groups too. So that makes it to you in groups. Double the fun now.

Okay, so one, you can never stop recruiting. Secondly, you can never stop doing. You can never stop in this day and this day and age of digital reputation, you can never stop getting reviews and video reviews if you want to, you’ll lose. You just have to, I just, I it just, we had a wonderful man come in today and get his haircut at elephant in the room. Um, we checked off his mob. Oh, we, we, we, we, we jacked it up. He said, I want this. And we said, okay, I’ll give you that. And we, I think it was a miscommunication and uh, called the guy a days. He called the guy, talked to me. He’s very calm. He just let us know I’m very displeased. I’ve been going there for three years. Very upset. I called him up. I said, hey, I apologize. I know that we went one, one for 36 or whatever.

We messed up there a one and a 36 times or one out of three years or whatever that was for you. I am really sorry. Really sorry. Like oh I’m so sorry. Can I give you a free haircut in another free haircut and then can you, that’d be okay. He says, yeah, absolutely. He goes, get man, I tell you I’m going to take that review down. But I mean I’m on that stuff because people read those reviews, you know, and then he wrote something to effect of love, the way that they resolve the issue. We had an issue, he gave us like a four star, whatever. That’s cool. I like that. But you gotta be on top of that online reviews stuff. Third, you’ve got to be on top of the people that you’re allowing in your life. You gotta be proactive West. Cause if you allow a couple idiots in your life as I’ve done in the past, um, you can it not get a little crazy west if you’ll have the wrong people into your life,

their cancer. I mean they grow and then they spread that bad stuff to your decent people. The decent people spread it to your good people. And if you’re not careful, I mean the old saying, you know, one bad apple ruins the whole bunch. It’s just so true.

Ah, it’s vital. I, yes, there Josh. Along that respect is, it’s, you’ve got to make sure you don’t tolerate people being late, people getting high at work, people drinking at work, people just not doing your system, not asking for reviews, not taking payment. If you’re going to tolerate and compromise those things. And, and if you don’t have those non negotiables than eventually, next thing you know, you wake up one day and you go, my whole staff sucks. Oh my fault. Well, I tell you what a move number four, I want to make sure we hit on this. You can never stop training. You can never stop. Tryna goes along the lines with what you’re just saying. You can’t stop training west. I mean, you have new people on your team all the time. You have people that have worked with winters and king for years, but as you guys grow, you’re always onboarding new people, maybe new attorneys or new assistants. I mean, you’re just never done, right.

Yeah. Any of is not new people. I mean, he should always be striving to improve your process and not keeping things because that’s just the way we’ve always done it.

Now, my final little tip here for you, uh, and again, if you want to look for an example of what not to do, they just look at the air first 10 years of my marriage, I’ve been married 18 years now. Uh, but you can’t stop trying to woo the one you’re with and you can’t stop trying to woo the one you’re with. So you’ve got to Andrew [inaudible], Andrew taking notes today. He’s not on the mic, but Andrew sees memo is scaring my wife in the office. And there’s something about that. It just gets, gets the pheromones going. I know what it is, but there’s something just, just, just scaring her all the time. Ordering a Mariachi band for her in the office. I’m logging into her Facebook and pretending I’m her to write about how great I am. I mean, there’s just, it’s never, it’s never not fun when I log on and make, my husband is so nice, he’s just so kind.

And then, but the mating rituals of Clay Clark, there’s this, there’s never done. I’m taking her on a trip. It’s never, never done pretending like I didn’t get something for a birthday and then going all in. It’s just, it’s you gotta Woo the one you’re with because if not, you’re gonna end up, you know, snuggling with your Buddy Carl. And that’s just gets weird and up. That would be weird. Let me Tooso Joshua, am I correct that you wee wee wee. You two are great. I have things to work through. All I’m saying is we have been married a while now and why am I not correct here? You got to just make sure that your why lines up with the love of your life. Make sure that, so I think a lot of us men go chase our dreams and have no concern, no regard, no thought to, Hey, what does my wife want?

Oh, she does. She want this as she chasing is reading my wife’s diary. Is that what you’re doing over there? Me Be accurate. And subtles other guy, some other guy, gosh, may have been working at 14, 16 hours a day. Like, Hey, we’re getting this and we’re getting stuff and we’re getting customers and we’re getting reviews. And then may come home one day and been like, hey, and hey, can you just go to dinner with me? Ah, and then you’re like, man, I’m cool man. I’m a the rate dude. I am an awesome dude. Yeah. I, again, if you’re out there, hopefully you can learn from some mentors and avoid the mistakes. Now West one question that comes in hot and fresh from my member of the, uh, of the team here. Her name is Abby and she has a client who is a legal question for you.

All right, here’s the disclaimer. By the way, this does not take the place of legal advice. Okay? You’ve got to have a real attorney. Uh, west is just going to give you what West some, some, uh, feedback, some anecdotal wisdom, just general informational purposes. You know, that, uh, if you need legal advice, go get your own attorney West is not your attorney because you heard the words coming out of his mouth right now, here’s the question from Abby. She writes, there’s an it company that she’s worked with in the past and they found out that one of their partners has been, ah, basically these to start a business together and one partner says, I’m basically going to take all the clients on the side and not involve you in my clients who bridge Brett [inaudible] from the very beginning to start up mid together a few months. Partner one says, well, I’m just going to take all the business on the side partner to thinks they’re doing it together. Now they’re sideways. Now the partner who’s been taking clients, uh, on the side without anyone’s knowledge, whenever he now apparently discloses, Hey, by the way, not only are we going to break up this partnership, but my girlfriend has been the one paying all of the bills on her card. So now she wants her money back. What West? When it gets to this crazy, what do you do? Do you have to just call you and scream? Do you hit the panic button? Do you shave your head like Britney Spears? What do you do?

Well, yeah man, once it gets to this point, it gets really messy. And I think the, the lesson here is that’s why it’s important to have a lot of this in writing and agreements before you go into business with anyone, especially friends and family. Um, I would say you have to be less careful with strangers and you do friends and family. What percentage of partnerships survive from your experience? Now? Not a hard stat, but I mean, let’s just in half easily. Uh, I mean I think it’s way less than half people. People just you change, you change your mind, business goes poorly, you misjudged the other person’s character, me, all kinds of things happen. Someone decides just to be lazy and not work. I mean just there’s a multitude of reasons why these don’t work out, but if you have an agreement going in and saying, here’s how we’re going to split up, here’s how we’re going to divorce from the business, then it makes these issues much simpler.

It’s here’s who put in the capital, here’s who owns the business. I don’t care what your girlfriend paid her, what money she loaned you. This is, this is our agreement. Now there’s three or four core documents you want to have when you start that partnership, right? You want to have your operating agreement. Well, yeah, let’s make it when you start your business. So partnership from, you know my, my legal term, sure, it’s different than a company or a corporation, but when you start the business, you’re right. You’ve got some sort of usually called articles that you file with the state articles of incorporation, [inaudible] incorporation the organization. But you doc, you can follow the state started. Then you have an operating agreement. Got It. If you’re a company or primary laws, if you’re a corporation, but those are the rules and then sometimes you have a separate agreement or something that’s built into those where you do buy, sell. If I die, here’s what’s going to happen. If you die, here’s what’s going to happen if I kill you this, I’ve got the standalone agreement. Sometimes that’s built into the other ones. Um, but yeah, so I mean those are very important things to figure out while everyone’s in the honeymoon phase and we’ll negotiate fairly and in good faith because once everyone’s ticked off at each other, oh boy, you’re not going to get any, anything reasonable out of anybody.

Now here’s the deal. If you’re out there today and you’re saying, ah, gosh, I, I need, I need some legal advice. I need a legal eagle I can trust. I’ve used Wes Carter and winters and king and the law firm, it winters, for years. I haven’t used them because TD Jakes is used them in the past. I haven’t used them because a Joyce Myers is, you’ve worked with these guys haven’t used them because they represented some huge names. I’ve used them because I genuinely like Wes, the legal eagle. He never talks down to my wife or myself. He gives me common sense advice. He gives me the difficult, uh, words of wisdom. I don’t want to hear it. He is an attorney I can trust. I’d recommend that you find an attorney that you can trust before you need one. I’d encourage you to do that today. Go to winters,

Schedule a free consultation. They’re a west. Are you still given a eight hours free of your time first for first eight hours free or is it 15 minutes that we do do 15 okay. 15 consultation service still. I wasn’t sure if it was here. I wasn’t even referencing your business at all. That overnight consultation. Yeah. Okay, so 15 minutes to approve the minutes. No, no dream dates to waffle house anymore over there. Okay. Now, and then Joshua, no brand or your offering right now for the good folks out here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that’s a $1 service call for all of our new clients. So give us a call at a nominate two three seven, six one eight one and for us to come out and take a look at your [inaudible] system, it’s one whole dollar that deserves a burst of canned air. There it is right there. I’m just celebrating your legal eagle success. Oh, kitten. Doesn’t matter. I can hear when it hit the, okay, so again, it’s a dollar for the service call. What’s the website? One more time. Living water. Irrigation. OK. Dot Com one more burst of canned air. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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