How Do You Know It Is Time to Rehire Someone That You Have Fired?

Show Notes

Are you thinking of rehiring someone that you have previously fired? If you find yourself in this situation then you have listen in to this podcast version of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark will break down the dangers of rehiring bad hires.

How Do You Know It Is Time To Rehire Someone That You Have Fired?

  1. Why Clay would fire someone
    1. Chronically late
    2. Lying
    3. Stealing
    4. Sexual harassment
    5. Physically threatened another employee
    6. If you made his wife feel uncomfortable
    7. If you have an ankle bracelet going of during a team meeting because…..
    8. Dealing drugs to other employees
    9. Doing drugs (warning first – then fire when has a replacement)
  2. How Clay fires people
    1. Clay believes that God would want to have a reparative relationship with you.
      1. I Give Myself To You
      2. Prodigal
    2. Clay also believes that of you fire someone you have fired them for a reason and you should never rehire them.
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Audio Transcription

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How do you know when it’s time to hire somebody? You fired I’m, excited to hear what you have to put that business coach question on the show notes I want to just type. It is a question was why I was asked to me:i want to just make sure we get it. They said. How do you know it’s time to hire somebody that you fired so I just want to make sure that nobody’s misunderstands question. If I fired you I’m going to list out all the reasons real, quick chat, why won’t why I would fire you, okay, so I’m going to let those out real, quick that way, it’s fair I would fire you if you are chronically late. So if you disrespect the customer so much that you make them wait every time or your boss, your team, being late consistently is a nautical think. We all are late occasionally and things come up, I get better. Maybe it’s what you do then I would part your habitually late on the last. You are a super talent. I don’t have a replacement. Second reason:i would fire you i. Would fire you for lying to me? If you are not honest with me, I’d fire you unless you’re a super talent, i, don’t have replacement. Third i. Would fire you, if you’re stealing from me, unless you’re a super talent and i, don’t have replaced me yet I would fire you if you sexually harassed and other employee immediately and even if I don’t have a replacement I would fire you i, would fire you if you threatened physically another employee, even if I don’t have a replacement, I would fire you. If you made my wife feel uncomfortable, even if I don’t have a replacement, I would fire you.

If you have an ankle bracelet, that’s going off in a team meeting, because you are a sex offender who is occupying my business coach office space while using a false name, and that is happened twice so I was in a staff meeting and in the meeting I’m, not exaggerating in the staff meeting in this-is not here chapel here and he says what I think your phone’s going off it’s going off now this same exact situation happened with a sales guy back there dj connection. So then I pull the guy inside cuz I’m, not super familiar with like ankle bracelets do I can tell her the sound was coming from and he had an ankle brace a lot and I said what are you doing and he said what he has said. You have an ankle bracelet me. What have you done? You cuz, you said your name is mike such and such you had no criminal background, but you have to believe you don’t get one of those like a commemorative little gift. State penitentiary and I want to learn that museum I found out that he had had sex with a 15 year old after pvc having sex with a 14 year old and he was convicted of it, but he was let go or let out and whatever and if he had we had when he was younger, she was like 21 or 22 and she was 14. He said she thought she was 18 or whatever happened again or twice too much so I just said:okay, you’re fired now, I want to tell you this. Every person who worked in my office, except for me that we should keep him because they said is he was he’s a good guy, I’m serious. It really happened. Then there is not., sean elliott tournament, a great guy, but a different sean’s, the different sean. He also the same business coach problem and in that case they session. Finally, really good at sales. Are you if you’re dealing drugs to other employees that you’re dealing drugs, other employees i, would fire you immediately cuz you’re killing the culture? Okay? Now, if you are doing drugs, I would warn you and I would not fire you until I have replacement what, if you’re dealing drugs. So this might guy I find out this might guy mr.

Ankle bracelet that he has a all sorts of issues with pedophilia in the past and so I have no tolerance for it. So i, let him go. You know what imma do charles before I find out what what you think I would find out for a guy like that, and what do you want to do? Recon I checked it out he’s been spending time with another guy coming by the way. This jackass tried to use me as a letter of recommendation this week when applying for a job at a local. Prominent tulsa hotel just happened last time with this guy, so if you’re spending time with them all the time, you’re, probably after time, you’re, probably okay with the behavior so I find out, did that guy and michael doing drugs together and that we that they took the team on a rafting trip and tried to convince them all. Take truck so I realized I got a two-for-one special going on now, I ask one of the I asked one of the ladies who works there. I said hey:he has this person ever threatened you or made you feel uncomfortable and she said yeah. We were driving back from dallas and he yelled at me cuz. He said that I shouldn’t have talked back to him. Remember driving from a photoshoot. This is a male photographer with two women photographers is 313 driving out of dallas, not that uncommon, and he said you’re not supposed to talk back to me and you literally broke the business coach side, mirror with his hand by hitting it so hard and he ripped off the rear-view mirror and he broke something else. Hanger and rage and I said. Why didn’t you tell me this if we want to get him in trouble? Cuz he’s a good guy, but he’s yelling at you. This is how I deal with fire. Don’t make sure you get this I believe I did it’s very important I believe that christ wants to have a reparative relationship with you. So if you look in the bible and you find people that led nations like moses, david or different I mean david, he had a lot of extramarital affairs. You had 200 fairs and you came to me and said:god wants me to be in charge:cuz I’m a guy after his own heart, on a process that so we can have a reparative relationship. I want to put this on the show notes, I believe that I believe this is me:i believe that god would want to have it repaired. A relationship with you I believe that god wants to restore you. Cuz god died. I, believe that god would want you to sing a song which you can find one to put on.

The show notes is called i, give myself away, but it says it’s long as I give myself, away lord, so you can use me and I believe it did. God would want to say to you. You know what come on back and i. Forgive you there’s a story in the bible about the prodigal son prodigal son by person who was there’s a business coach red one republic song called prodigal son I want to put a link to the prodigal son song by onerepublic as well, so they can hear the song, but the song says:run away, run away, run away like a prodigal right. But yet you wait for me:i ran away, I ran away, I ran away like a prodigal, but you waited for me. You waited for me. So that’s what god would do right god would let you back in if I want to hear that song because of somebody’s listening to this right now and you’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes and god wants to have a reparative relationship, don’t get that twisted, but then the business if I had to fire you it’s done like it’s not coming back, because that’s the only reason I would fire you like i, wouldn’t fire you for making mistakes. I, wouldn’t fire you for not being good at your job when I was trying to find another job for you. So this isn’t like a ministry, but you try hard. You see me check something else. I have seen it or try to help someone find another job or whatever it’s it’s. If you’re really trying you’re honest, you’re, hard-working a good character, it’s okay! It’s just not a good fit. Bless her with a person on our team at the thrive to the one of the businesses. Yeah I don’t know if, if, if she’s mildly, retarded i, don’t know if she’s just unable to function how life works, but she’s got a degree and she went to college and she just when you’re talking it’s just like you. Do you almost have to say. Are you getting this thing on and so do make conclusions from team meetings or statements that I would say so as a result of me saying this, what does that mean to you and they’ll say something that it no point related to what I was saying when you’re doing a puzzle, you want to do the outside the border. This person true story this person. This is a busy person about a year ago, I asked him to read think and grow rich and write me a summer. That’s very normal task. Mouth is read:think and grow rich by napoleon hill write a summary. Cuz I want to see how you can think and if you can’t do it I know you’re, not in a player just so you get that I’m asking someone to do that pretty quickly and if they can’t do it or not. In any player this person wrote me back. I brought the lunch with this person shop, we went out to a downtown coffee shop yeah, it was awesome, they go so basically, napoleon hill is like wanting you to view your life like a ship.

You got to steer the ship. You like a ship, it’s like made out of like wood and wood is external. You got to have like a rudder cuz if you’re not would like a rudder that studio, spin out of control, and so like really it comes down to like building a ship, and it takes a long time to go to ship. It’s like way too much like nautical information at the way too much sexy bearing vessel type of stuff I’m going. Did you read the whole book and they open up the notes, there’s notes everywhere and I’m like what else did you get like me know? How can you apply this to your life? The person goes downhill. Sex transmutation part is like crazy, so I’m practicing abstinence with my wife right now, but she’s, just not feeling it literally literally and I’m, like so you’re telling me as a result of reading think and grow rich you’re, not having sex with your wife and he’s like yeah I did I took it. I mean i, just totally changed my life, no wrong message, I totally off, and if you read that book the whole point I was saying that people that cannot be disciplined in her sexual lives make poor decisions in business. So the energy you would exude to chase some of the opposite. Sex chivalry use that to your action items, delayed gratification, xcetera, but they’re. Just certain people they just don’t you’ll, tell a joke. That’s who I am every time you tell a joke on the shelf i, never forget the joke. Until I hear the podcast tonight, I just move on I hear you not laughing i, just move on to the podcast of mike. How do I not get that? We were good together, if you had to fire somebody for being chronically late lying stealing sexual harassment, physically threatening employees, making your wife feel uncomfortable and ankle bracelet going off doing drugs to employees or doing drugs. Would you ever hired back? Charles I would probably not have them back I’m the mean one I mean I mean, but you say business owner that we have worked with currently in the past now, but in the future that have said with only reason, I bring in the back is cuz their family too bad. For that person. It’s it’s just such a bad move and I get it, and if you have that empathy and you feel for people, that’s more like my personality types, I totally understand start at church who started church start. Something else donate do something because you’re fighting for a reason. If they, if there’s no reason to fight him, don’t fire them in the first place, but I just it. It makes my head hurt kind of thinking about like you’re going to go through. You know firing somebody just to rehire them. You know you’re going to have to do it again and I’ve done it so, and every time I have to I have to have the concrete business elite guy. That was with us for a long time. We fired him. He went somewhere else and came back. We were looking for someone, that’s what are the hardest ones for me, not to rehire and I’m just going to share with you. This is how it goes down. Every time they go, I just i, just I just want you know. I, just I left work at here. So much to have I have a baby I’m like okay. If you filed for unemployment, cuz I gladly pay it like I’m, not working that shift. I am where I am working next year. I’d love to come to work, but I need a $2. An hour raise I ain’t working that shift. I am not about. 6 months ago, I will paraphrase her, She says I ain’t working that shift I’ll tell you that I ain’t, no slave, I ain’t, no I ain’t been working for you and I’m gonna pyramid. You want me to work that shift. You will pay and I’m like listen to this conversation. Okay, so you’re saying you won’t work. The shift I just said:i ain’t, no pyramid, builder, kept saying that I mean you’re getting paid like an hour plus tips me i, think you’re, making like 40 an hour. You know I’m getting something wrong. I said it very nice. I just telling you I ain’t, I ain’t, I ain’t working, downtown, either I ain’t going down. Now you don’t want to drive those 15 minutes right now, I’m not going to have her school. So this is, you won’t drive to be a or downtown him and you won’t work of that business coach manager and you won’t work. Your shift I get it right. You are so cool because I want you to do. Then you just so what hours? Would you like to work so I just like to work today? Shift and I’ll call now I’ll work the day shift and then I guess after I just have work today. I don’t know, go downtown, okay cool, so you don’t go downtown, so grant grant grant absolutely yeah. I have a great weekend with my mom and my wife. When arkansas had a great time in arkansas you known as hanging out there being rustic and join down times, then I came to work on monday I called up the person. I said:hey, hey, how’s it going to sit with brian, not going very good., cuz you’re fired. What are you watching all the sudden so shift it right?

Cuz I’m, not a horrible horrible guy I’m going to give you a couple weeks. Compensation never got to see you again baby that you’ve already have fired him and had to have gotten to that lived. That’s what I’m saying so you didn’t have to like warned, I love warning people have to say:hey, hey, hey dude, you smell weird in, like you, don’t take a shower and you don’t tuck your shirt in and you’re, not you know getting to work on time. I love it! When you do well, but you got to do that, I want to have it a couple conversation little secret business coach move, you just snuck in there trying not to let drive nation know about it, but hey it’s! The move of you begin a conversation with hey i, really want you to be successful. I want you to work here. You see me. Do that a lot yeah! You have to that’s how I do it? That’s how we do it. That’s how you should do it to the question was:do how do I know it is time to rehire. Someone that you have fired in the answer is never


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