Knowing Yourself And Taking Yourself Seriously

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Do you know yourself and take yourself seriously? Are you trying to get to the next level in business but having a hard time getting people to follow you? If this is you then you need to find out what Clay and Z have to say about taking yourself seriously on this Thrivetime Show Podcast.

  1. In order for others to take you seriously you must first take yourself seriously.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The billionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, SolarCity, etc.)

  1. “Support every claim with facts.” – Clay Clark
  2. “When you prepare more than anybody else and you deserve to be confident.” – Clay Clark
  3. Do what you say you are going to do.
  4. You can’t be “playing” business.

2.You know more about yourself than others do. Use this toward your advantage, don’t speak of your doubts, shortcomings, weaknesses or insecurities.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” – Socrates (A classical Greek philosopher who was credited as being one of the founders of modern Western Philosophy)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” Jack Welch

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Want to attend the legendary Thrive time show best business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true, spectacular, chattahoochee people are trying again now, finally fulfill a lifelong dream to live in a van down by the river. It’s pristine real estate. Now not at this past workshop chuck, the the river at one point actually had water flowing in it, which is rare for the arkansas river, but I was very impressed. The river was at least half full half the time. It’s like that. The river like to play little games like you’re in elementary school with us, but didn’t it rain on it rain on saturday morning, right cuz, they could shoot. They wanted to reenact the first scene from the first george lucas star wars, filming at where he goes back to that desert. Planet. I can shoot that really, you continue to say, they’ve never seen star wars, but yet I don’t believe it I never have we have jason on the show that he is a manager for one of the elephant in the room locations in broken arrow jason. How are you my friend, I’m doing fantastic, glad to be a part of this best business coach podcast. Have you seen the star wars movies, all, but the newest one? You have a question that was asked from the tribe nation and they wanted to know what are the five characteristics every business owner needs to be successful, and so the forties or not. My creation they are theirs is what jack welch has defied the number one ceo of all time.

He just says this is what he looks for when he hired people as the ceo of GE. This is what he looks for when you partnering people who partners with you any business venture he’s involved in this is what he’s looking for each of the five characteristics that you need to become successful if you’re listening to the show to make a break impractical I would encourage you to ask yourself which one of these are for ease and then his final, the spinal me which one of these five attributes are you. Maybe we can chat and give yourself a grade on a scale of 1 to 10, okay, so the first e is energy. That’s your jack webb cause! You just have to bring energy to your best business coach job if you’re running all the time and always looking like everything’s too tough to overcome, and it just it just a mindset. But if you are at the workplace, that’s not going to go over now to help you’ve. Seen this time and time again with client to work within the 1/2 are successful, bring a consistent level of proactivity and energy. Every single day explain how that works. Well, if you can’t motivate yourself you’re not going to go to motivate anybody else, hate that we can’t motivate yourself. So if you can’t bring your own amount of energy nobody’s going to want to be around you hear if your slow-walking dragging your feet all over the place yawning all the time, nobody wants to work for somebody who is just low energy, like that and you’ve created a tie, unbelievable tip for yourself. You would like to share the drivers I think about what time you have to go to bed or what time are you going to bed now I’ve started to operate out the philosophy of whatever my daughter’s bedtime and I think. That’s that that’s pretty pretty good bedtime for me as well, so 8, 830 or 8:30, if at all possible for elephant in the room there, a jason you manage a team of people speak to the people on the team that are energetic, I mean describe what that looks like when you’re cutting hair so was working in the in the in the one of the grooming lounge is for you and you say when a person is good energy.

What is that look like from your perspective so that somebody who can not only go back and forth across the floor, but they have this like contagious optimism that they just bring everything that they have is full force energy. It doesn’t seem like they’re, even if they’re faking it it’s something that it ralph people up there. Energy is contagious to people because it is just so overwhelming if you are in a best business coach situation where you, you know our listen to the show. Today you said gosh I am looking for high-energy people, we have other trainings and other pop podcast. That will teach you how to do. The group interview how to find energetic people but I’m just going to tell you this. If you are not energetic, energetic people are not going to want to work for you. It’s not going to happen, so you got to bring some passion to the workplace now the second move they get. The question was:what are the five characteristics of every business owner needs to be successful? Texas energize, you got to energize other people. You’ve got to be the kind of person that can energize other people. If you hire somebody and you are not able to get them to play at the perform at 10% better than they would by default to do if you hire somebody for the owner of a business and you can’t get people to perform at a level-that’s at least 10 to 20% higher than they would if they work somewhere else. Then you, my friend, have a problem. You need to learn how to energize other people shop. It’s nice, it’s easier for me to say that, but you sent me during the day do that with actual employees and team members strategize as a manager right, you know what team members they respond to what technique.

So maybe it’s you make a make a point to walk over and give somebody a pat on the back and that really lift them up, or maybe you got to get into somebody’s butt that day to get them energized, but whatever that is a manager. You have to do that. You’ve got to figure out everybody’s love when you want to energize. That’s what I was some people need intensity. Some people need you to just listen to them and let him know you care if they are running late. They want you to know that you actually care. Some people just send me that they need to be pushed, and you be really inspired and pushed hard some people, you need to just micromanage the crap out of it just do micromanager tucson and every second of the day your does micromanaging them. Some people need a little space. They said you just tell me what to do and I’ll knock it out. But one of these I wanted to say here was that, when working with clients, what I’d have to tell them is that you have to be intentional about this as a manager, you can’t just kind of float through the day and hope that you’re hitting all those love languages. If you really want to have a team, that’s performing high for you and helping the best business coach company make money. You got to be intentional about how you interact with him. So you got to take time in your schedule and actually think about and strategize on how you’re going to interact with each team member jack welch talks about you must execute. You must actually get the job done, it’s overrated, so I would say for jason. You know if, in the room in the end of the day, you guys have to cut hair on time, you got to charge people when they are there. You got to make sure that the doors are locked. When you leave, you got to keep it clean. You got a lot of plates that you’re juggling in am i, saying you’re, perfect know who he is. But how do you have you learned? How do you gotten better at at executing a daily basis to what you know these leadership principles and these magic commands? What concept was coming down to getting it done? You gotten better at that over the last few months, they’re!

Well, oh, really! Why’s person in a boom hat once told me. The pin is for remembering the brain is for thinking and so ever since then, what I do is I game plan. What I need to get done for that day and I’ll jot it down, and then I’ll just go through the line items we have checklist, that we use it elephant everyday hourly, every 2 hours and what will do is I’ll knock those out in that down time. If we have nothing else, I’ll try to be as efficient as possible and then knock out everything that I’ve written down for myself that I know I need to take care of that day. Okay, so the pandas bring them bring in the mind, is for thinking I want to free somebody else out. There is one for you, because there’s somebody out there who’s trying to memorize everything all the time, because you were told in our school system that that’s the best way, but you’re told you need to memorize, because the school system really does put a bias on memorization and they they really really do beat it in your head. That memorization is the key to best business coach success when in fact, it is your biggest limiting. Why do they do that? Woody’s? What’s your take on that? What why yeah? Why is that? Like? Let’s memorize all these things and it we’re not going to teach you how to critically think you just asked a dangerous question. Originally the public school system originally was designed to get a literacy up there. I think I did a good job doing that the literacy rate is obviously fought for higher than it used to be pleased to be completely illiterate. I’m also how they want to get base basic mathematics.

Very few people could do basic mathematics answer. That’s why I’m entire people groups could be enslaved back in the day or taken advantage of, because you know back in the day. No one can actually read the bible of people. Couldn’t read documents i, didn’t know what they didn’t know, and so we got the literacy improve public schools did that we really did improve the basic math. It was good, but you only really need to learn:amaya, amaya pinion. You know five skills to be successful and I’ll fire him off here. For you, I’m, okay and I talked a lot about this with people that junior achievement I told you. This was five skills and chubby puppies on the on the show notes there. You must know how to read and process what you’re learning you need to read in process you to understand what you reading. So you need to go to read and process information. The second thing is:you have to have communication skills. You just have to learn how to communicate. Effectively. In order to be successful. You really do if you cannot read and you cannot communicate effectively, you’re going to really really struggle. I mean you just have to write, got to learn. You have to learn basic math. If you don’t have math skills, we can add up. 1 + 1 is 2 + 10, – 1 as 9 that kind of thing you’re just going to struggle, so you really have to get that nail down and he was working. The 4th is you need to learn how to be consistent? You need to learn diligence and it did. What did you call work ethic, but you need to learn to have a great work ethic.

You know what you just at work:everybody, everybody, that’s what you do right and then the final skill that you need to learn to be successful in game of life. Is you need to learn how to sell or influence people you have to the influence people. You have to have a cell. You might have a house that differ from communication communication when jason’s managing a team not try to sell your own team products are trying to convince them to buy anything, but you got to give it to buy into, you, there lyrics of communication, but learning to actually sell and get people to buy things. That’s what you need to learn now school they designed workwear. This is where gets weird. This is where it gets. Will fence up shop and I apologize for any listing you a lot of people want the school system. Now that you have is all you do those things you know, so you don’t need to learn everything you to learn. Those are the five things you can learn and so again you got to learn how to read and process what you’re learning to learn to communicate as a best business coach. Communication skills you learn to do basic math, you gotta, learn, have a great worth. It work ethic and you got to learn how to say, but you don’t really need to learn anything else, but the parents want someone to watch their kids and so school has created a mindless list of a stupid things that don’t matter for you to do for 18 years, and so you need to like I said:do you like 6, *, 14 years or 13? If they want you to have a mindless list of stupid things to do so that way it takes longer and it the whole point of taking longer is it justifies parents no longer raising their kids to the school can do for you to go to work all day in the in the school can raise your kids for you and that’s actually part of the problem and the reason why we have the economies are falling apart. If you look at the inner cities were the problems, it’s the breakdown of the family, there’s no parents home, and so you know parents are very few people that are able to take care of their kids and they want the school system to do it for them in so you’re. Seeing that it so I would just ask you guys on the spot.

Are you at the high school to think about your senior year of high school high school jason where’d you go to high school at edison, edison high school senior year of high school I’m. Sorry, you have to eat that microphone, but it’s working now. So your senior high school start with you. What did you do your entire senior year of high school, because I’m telling you most of my high school was spent absolutely doing nothing because I already had to learn the things that the school is going to teach me. They did not teach me selling, they weren’t going to teach me selling, they hadn’t teach taught me work ethic and they weren’t going to I didn’t know basic math I did a basic communication and it didn’t know how to read and process when I was learning. So there was a couple things like sales and work at it. They were never going to get to, but they need to keep me in school for dinner for five years and so pretty funny that you brought that up pretty much didn’t, learn anything like junior or senior I know for a fact, my schedule, my senior year, i, had out of 7 hour. You know hours worth of classes to wear actual classes, the other ones I would like a yearbook. So we drove to the town next to 1/8 lunch everyday. The other two I was teacher’s aide for an elementary school teacher in a junior high teacher, I just went and hung out with my buddy and threw a football in the gym. Every single day for multiple hours, literally two out of seven classes in the last was like athletics did nothing but work app. Hardcore artist recap is it:you didn’t go home, which is what they school wanted. They wanted you to be able to true that have daycare full-time daycare, so you didn’t put a burden on the family. You could be home in end whenever the school day was done, but basically school is is a raising people today, and so, when you talk about the breakdown of the family, it’s because parents aren’t parenting and schools won’t, give you more best business coach advice, because the schools like, but we’re not here, to set the morals, but who is cuz, the parents aren’t doing it, and so now the school to become a nanny state where they basically I’ll, keep you occupied until you’re 18, and that’s what I’ve seen it. Maybe maybe jason give a different. Take you out to edison high school in your senior year. How was that? Well, let’s see I played a lot of marching snare, marching snare was the only real class that I had talking about wasting time senior year, one of the ones that basically describe the babysitting process right was where the class called a map of finance, which was supposed to teach you how to manage a stock portfolio. Teach you about how to invest. You know business, smart, everything, the first 3 days. They showed us how to setup a yahoo stock portfolio and then, after that the teacher said we’re to watch the dave ramsey videos for the entire year. Until we run out there going to start those dave ramsey videos over again you’re not going to take notes, you just going to sit here and watch these videos, and that is what happened in my woodshop class in high school.

That’s what happened to my spanish to class in my high school spanish 1 class in high school. That happened in my geography class in high school, my american history class in high school science class at night school. My communication teacher mr. Beckerman was great. Mrs. Janson was great the other teachers science class biology. They mailed all my math classes, except for one. They mailed it in my gym that my gym class, you did it, you required to take gym in minnesota, required to have a cup physical fitness class or some type of recreation class, and that was a joke and waste. My entire high school was a complete joke. You know what it sounds like most of those teachers needed a little bit more edge, but they’re not going to get any ads because they’re not going to work for jack welch the right way to work in a tenured environment where they can’t be fired. So their little game is just to make sure that your gps high enough to show their good teacher. That’s what they do. They make the test a little bit easier. They just make sure they’re going to get to be, and then they look good. So it’s actually I completely jacked up system, okay, so edge! Now this the fourth the fourth eat, jack welch says you have to have edge, which is the ability to make the tough guy once you’ve gathered all the facts. The ability to make the tough call once you have gathered all the facts now again, you shouldn’t be making the tough call before you have all the fact we want to do have all the facts. Then you want to make the tough call you get that twisted to get that wrong, because what they do is they feel like I as a best business coach team member need to make a decision now, but you don’t know the fax or you have all the fact that you won’t make a decision, because the decision might require irritating somebody’s at the end of the ability to make the tough call. Once you gather all the facts, you must act. So jason is a manager thinking about your managing the team there and it was probably the toughest aspect for you, as relates to edge with being a manager at an elephant in the room store wayzata. You want to not separate yourself emotionally, but you have to cuz again. You have to have that ad. You have to be able to make a judgement call, but when it comes to turn dating somebody, you also have to have your facts straight before you can do that.

What is your religious background like i, was raising a family christian family? So what’s your view now? What’s your view now? Are you are you have a certain religions view know I would say probably highly agnostic agnostic describe that mean to be bothered, or maybe don’t know what that means. It’s fully delve into the realm of atheist, where you deny any type of theology, because I love the idea of theology every kind they teach me something important every time, I do research on them. So it’s a little bit on the confuse side. I’d say:okay, just shorten it. So here’s here’s the deal on this is something that you could drop down to be good for you to know you have to get to voice in a life as a manager where you do decide whether someone is a good worker or a bad worker, good, employee or bad employee, and you have to really the company fishing help me to find that I should help you to find out what better clarity he doesn’t mean. You’re a bad person. It just means you’re a bad employees as an example. Whenever somebody is perpetually late that will cause a customer to be upset there for the customer always votes with their dollars, so universally a universal will call it blah or principle for customers, customers don’t like late service. They want prompt service, so you could be if you’re, late, you’re, just a bad employee, doesn’t mean a bad person and you have to kind of go through that ruled that that list of those things, what are those deal-breakers if someone stealing bad employee, if somebody’s, what happens? If you haven’t gone through that filter in your mind of what makes somebody about employee, then when it happens, the other positive attributes of their personality will make it almost impossible to fire best business coach people, and so eric chupp managed a team of construction people. And can you explain what happens when you, when you are in the heat of the moment, it’s time to fire somebody and you’re out there confusing them as a good person, you’re you’re, weaving in character, attributes of them as a person versus employee-related attributes, and you leave those two together. You might say stuff, like you know what they were:a good person, so I can’t fire that, were there a good parent or there are good mom, that’s an equation there, a good person so I can’t fire them equals they’re, going to continue to screw you and that’s what happens? Every single time we had I remember having guys that work for my dad for 17 years, 14 years, and then I said this on the show before, but they call in sick because they can’t come to a poor on a saturday morning, cuz they’re sick, but they have the work truck and then on the way home from the port. I see him filling up their boat with the company card behind the work truck right when you’re supposed to be sick at home and I went to your job that day and here’s what I’ll find people that have a bad work ethic usually to I have bad morality behind it too. So it’s usually, but I would just encourage you as a manager.

You come to make a list of things. We like okay, that right there is over the line and then it’s easier to deal with it once you’ve already resolved your mind. What the moral limit is and so I’d there’s there’s all different like things that you’re at 8 me like, we had a deal a couple months ago we had a guy on our team was like man, I’ll get that done by monday, kept saying that and every monday it wasn’t it by monday and i. Don’t hate the guy, but it let me know, like okay enjoy the business. This is not a dependable person and I probably need to move him out of a position which one do I did where they’re going to make a big impact, because there an impact position in every week. They keep impact negatively, but it took me way too long. I tried, 5 or 6 years to get to that level of clarity and again because I am, would you do a judeo-christian? Your best business coach work ethic in that particular book of the bible is tied also to your character. So in the bible it talks about, like somebody, who’s chronically late or god, obvious lacquered, and that they actually get punished by god is what proverbs explains so i. Look at it. It’s like to me. It’s like a moral faux pas and to work one, but for you, if you’re agnostic or your son has a different religious views out there, you might not be able to leave those two together as a two-for-one special. You might go there, a good person but I’m going to have to let him go because her bad employee just got to resolve in that shirt on edge. It’s not always like an ominous thing that you’re in the you have to be able to do. If you have ed when I see a lot of times with entrepreneurs that we work with is maybe they have this new system that they know that we were teaching them. They know it works. They seen the testimonials they’ve seen it work for our company’s up.

Let’s talk about hiring for a second, but they just don’t want to implement it. I would say you have to have the edge to actually make that business decision as well right. You actually have to jump in and actually do something instead of have that paralysis by analysis and wait for every system to be perfect before you start it, and once you have the fax, you absolutely have to act now we come back contour, next, seven or next podcast, where to be answering the question for my driver’s. What is the most upsetting thing that you have seen an unexperienced entrepreneur do? What is the most upsetting thing that you’ve seen an unexperienced entreprenuer do and I’m going to change the question slightly to say what is the most upsetting thing that I’ve seen an entreprenuer deal because I see this with unexperienced entrepreneurs as well as experienced entrepreneurs, and we come back. We will break those down there to listen to the thrive time show podcast possible


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