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Clay breaks down the EPIC IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS with Matt Kline the franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh while also discussing our shared love for billboard advertising, tips for marital procreation, what song he was conceived to and so much more.

  1. Know what you are paying for in terms of marketing?
  2. Track what marketing is working
  3. Track feedback/quality control
  4. Know your product cost
  5. Upsell Percentage
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Josh on today’s show, we’re going to give tips to listeners out there about knowing your numbers and knowing your numbers with Oxi fresh, isn’t that client? Yes sir. And I snuck in a little tip pro tip on how to procreate within the context of marital bliss and your fascination with Carmelo Anthony

grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes. Yes, yes and yes. Matt Klein, Denver, Colorado. How are you sir?

I’m doing wonderful. How’s everybody over there?

Uh, Josh with living water irrigation, Dateline Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jinx America. Thrive time show dojo of mojo. How are you sir? I’m well, I’m well. Thank you clay. Well, we’re talking today about knowing your numbers and if for a second I wanna I want it. Matt, can I, can I be honest with you? Usually I’m just totally bogus and braggadocious and totally off the rails. But can I, can I be honest with you for a second? Sure. I make immediately that when I say we’re going to talk about knowing your numbers, nobody wants to listen to anymore.

Well they should,

but they, they should. And I, and I want to ask you this because, um, we have just booked Tilman Fertitta to be on the thrive time show. He owns the Houston rockets. He owns the Bubba Gump restaurants. He owns the golden nugget to casinos. He owns Landry’s. He owns this a lot. He’s, he’s doing well for himself there. I, and, and you know with, with a net worth of $4 billion, he owns the rainforest cafe. Uh, have you, have you ever heard of the Houston rockets basketball team there? Have you heard of these, these guys there, Matt Glenn?

I have, yeah. Really shuffled a little bit this year. So,

so what do you think about their new acquisition of a Russell a Westbrook?

I think it’s exciting. Well, it’s one of those wait and Tennessee’s things

did he, it’s going to implode in an epilogue.

The core, it’s going to be interesting to see how they play together.

Do you think they are going to play together or will they just rip the ball in half?

Well, it may not play together actually. They just made, you know, individually. Take everyone one-on-one and that might work actually.

All right, so what I’m going to do is I am going to up appreciate you by the way, pontificating about the game of basketball. Met Klein, did play division one basketball, Matt you play all four years or did you play a third of a year or half a year or did you actually get playing time

early for four years? Kind of just ran around the court for about four years.

For the listeners out there that don’t know much about you, can we go on YouTube right now and see footage of you playing?

It might seem like ESPN getting dunk on a few times.

Well what do we need to type in?

Maybe that made it online.

What do we need to type in? We talked to Matt, Matt Klein. What college did you play for?

I played for the university of Northern Colorado.

University of Northern Colorado. Okay. Okay. Northern Colorado. Um, okay. Let me pull this up here. I’m looking it up here. Let me type of a basketball maybe. Maybe that’s, I need to type it cause I, you know, your, your career was large and you had to go deep.

I’m about to connect, gave removed here.

No. Yeah, we got to go deep. I mean this thing is, your life was largely pre YouTube, you know, and so, uh, let’s see. Is it, you know, that wouldn’t be, it was a year ago, throws down a ridiculously powerful post, rising dunk. That wasn’t you, but you could, you could dunk Mack, could you dunk?

I never done it in a game. You could be hard pressed to say if I could consistently dunk. I’m not very tall. How tall are you? If you’re not very salt and you don’t, don’t jump very high. It’s hard to get up.

Wait a minute. Could you, how, how tall are you?

I’m about five. 10.

And you played basketball at the, at the D one level. And uh, did you, did you ever get a a dunk? I mean in like a high school game?

Nope. Never dunked in a game. Really like a dog and practice sometimes, but I couldn’t. Oh really? Well that’s going to take the Flint heart. They’re really stacked against me, you know? Okay. Well I’ll tell you what. Ball short can’t jump. You kind of play with long hair. Nope. I know I’ve had long hair.

You were rock and the Steve Nash. Look, now, how many points a game did you average during high school your senior year? In junior year? Tell me, give me the stats.

Uh, junior year was about 2021 senior year was about 29,

29 points a game your senior year now were you shooting like an unbelievable three ball where you really good at like the scoop shot? Were you doing layups? Did you have the old man hook? What was working for you?

My thing was just dribbled down and before the defender got to shoot like three feet behind the line and then if I made the first one, I knew I was going to be good the rest of the game. If not, then I would just bulldog my way with the rent. Do you remember the little mental mental game? I played with myself all the time. I made the first one. You better watch out cause I may not miss if I didn’t make

played a mental game with himself. Remember, don’t play with yourself but play a game with us. Okay. Now I want to ask you, what was your record your last year. What was your record here last year in high school?

In high school. Oh gosh. I don’t even know. No, we’ll go to the, we went to the state. We didn’t go to the chubby chick. We were, I think we’re in like the sweet 16 minutes maybe. Okay. I like that. What was your, how many points were they making? Because I fouled out in like the first half. Oh really? For offensive fouls that half court said, why aren’t you out there man? Come on. Diversey if you will.

Just so we’re clear, you again average 29 points a game your senior year and how much your junior year?

About 2021 my dad says my junior year I had a girlfriend and then my senior year I didn’t and he just says [inaudible] and I told ya, there it so,

so man,

any facts on that though?

So Matt Klein, there’s, there’s three things I want to teach the listeners out there. One, if you want to take your basketball game to the next level, do not have a girlfriend too. Don’t play with yourself. And three, know your numbers. That’s a great segue. Great segue. Matt. Matt

first, I want a pop up line.

No, Matt knew his, uh, Matt knew his numbers when he played basketball. He just told you his numbers. Now Tilman Fertitta, who’s going to be on the show here soon? He just wrote this new book called shut up and listen. Uh, I have a, I have a part two of the book coming, coming out called shut up when you’re talking to me. But his book is called shut up and listen hard business truths that will help you succeed. And he writes here, one overriding factor determines whether any business is decide, is destined to rise to the next level or struggle endlessly. Your numbers. This is something I emphasize not only in my own businesses as I like to say, ask me anything about my businesses and I’ll be able to answer you. But to entrepreneurs of all sorts, you need to know your numbers, you need to know them cold.

If you ask me why I’m successful, I usually break it down into four reasons. One, I know my numbers. Two, I understand operations. Three, I know the developmental side, how to grow your business. And four, I change, change, change with the times. So Matt, I want to talk today about Oxi fresh, the Oxi fresh franchise with 400 locations now all over this great country. And I want to talk about what numbers do you need to know every week to be a successful Oxi fresh franchise operator. And then I want to ask you how successful operators fight through the monotony of having to do the same repetitive tasks over and over in exchange for financial freedom and time freedom. Talk to us about these.

Yeah. So, and, and I think there’s a few things when it comes to occupants that are very simple to track and these are the ones I feel like have the most impact on your business. And I broke them down into a few different categories. And then at the end of it, I want to talk about one that I actually went through in the last three months that has had an a very profound impact on my business and how much money my employees make and what we can produce in a month by a very simple change that even though I worked from home office, we were saying to be sewed. So make sure that I get to back. And I think it’s very important. It does segue into it, however. So let’s talk about a few of them, right? And then the easy one is you gotta know what you’re paying for when it comes to marketing, right?

There’s so many small companies out there that they have their marketing program or lack thereof, right? But everyone’s spending a certain amount of money on marketing. If you’re not, you better start, right? And the spend is what you first want to do. The tracking of it, right? With Aussie express specifically, I very fortunate to work with a company that puts emphasis on exactly this, knowing where you’re putting your money. Got it. So if you have five different marketing campaigns and you’re spreading that money, your marketing budget out through them, you need to know what your high performers are. You need to know how to actually make those high performers even better, right? You also need to know where you’re not really proficient at. So if you have a marketing campaign and you’re spending $500 and you’re getting $500 back, if you don’t know that and you just assume that it’s doing well, you’re going backwards, right? That money is not actually helping you. So you’re, you’re actually putting your money into a well, that’s not going to give you a very good return. So you need to know what gives you the best return. You need to be able to track what actual marketing is doing for you. And the nice thing is when we actually have a scheduling center or on a scheduling platform, every single job across the country that’s booked is tracks or a coupon code. It doesn’t matter where the job came from. Every time.

Wait, wait, stop. No, stop. No, no. Stop. There’s too much. There’s too much good information. We have to stop. It’s too good. It’s too, it’s too, it’s so good. It’s bad. So good. It’s like how Michael Jackson said it’s bad, but it was good. That’s how good. And it’s so good. It’s bad. It’s so good. It’s like, you know, sick is like means healthy. That sick means Oh, it’s great. It’s, you’re so good. It’s bad though. I want, okay. I’m just, I’m trying to get it together here. You’re saying that if I buy an Oxi fresh franchise that you sick freaks and Denver, Colorado track where all of the deals come from each and every week. Are you saying you guys track?

Absolutely and not every week, every single minute


to book a job, you have to have a coupon code from a ValPack boom. BP zero seven zero zero seven one nine right? That’s a ValPack for July of 2019 boom. You know it, you can pull a report and know exactly how that comes. Importantly for that one is people might actually in three years pull out of their junk drawer, a ValPack run from July, 2019 that’s still should count towards that budget, right? But if you don’t know where it’s coming from and you don’t have the specific campaign for like the bowel pack, the very easy one to track because you can mail them out individually whenever you want to and you can associate a code to that specific one, right? When it comes to Facebook ads and you do a targeted marketing Facebook campaign, use a unique code because if you spent $500 on that and you got 1500 2020 500 back, then you need to know that. You can repeat that better. So the next time you get four thousand five thousand bucks now at to have the numbers, you have to be able to track it.

Well, let me tell you, things are so sick at Oxi fresh right now. They’re so good. They’re so, they’re so good. They’re so bad. You know, so, so great. It’s so sick. Um, I’ve got audio all of your call center, uh, taking phone calls and it could be audio. I, I a doctor sees out of town. And so I said, is it possible that you could just record, you know, give me some audio or something, you know, to kind of fill in when you’re gone. And he, and he said, clay, I’ll, I’ll, you know, I’ll see what I can do. Um, and uh, this is the audio file. I found it. It’s, it’s, I don’t know whether it’s labeled sick. So let me queue it up and just see if this is audio of your call center and just how sick it really is right now. Let me queue it up real quick. Let me see if this is the right audio. I think it is. I don’t know. See, it’s kind of quiet so far. I don’t know if this one’s working today. Oh, there it is. Let me, let me see. No, that’s not it. That’s not, Oh well I found it. I think I found the audio. There it is. Gosh. Wow. It’s so sick. They’re in Denver. What’s going on up there? You guys have like swine flu or something? How do you track every time?



You cannot put a marketing campaign out there without a sick tracking number.

Okay. Now, so numbers, you said one, we have to know what we’re paying for in terms of marketing. I got it too. We want to track what marketing is working. What else, what other numbers do we need to track?

Yeah, so once you actually get jobs on the scheduling and start growing it, right? The next thing is your performance. Do you want to be able to track your actual technicians performance? Because if you don’t know how your customers are doing with actual feedback, it’s very hard to manage that situation, right? So if you have three or four technicians, you need to be able to segment each one of them individually on what they are doing. Now you don’t want to have, you want to have a blanket of your whole business. Just so you kind of have a gauge on it, but it’s more important to know how your individual employees are off their day, right? So being able to track customer satisfaction as occupy specifically, we actually automate this for you. So every single night, once a customer has been done all across the country, everyone that day gets a survey sent to them.

We get an incredible click through rate on these, right? And we actually let these customers know that they’re going to be getting it and if they can please let us, you know, give their feedback. Cause what we do on the back end is we take that information, it’s already categorized through our scheduling software to know what technician did it right, what the job is and all the information on it. But then it has a running tally of that technicians, customer satisfaction score all time. You can actually pull a segment of period of time there that’s a month or a quarter and figure out how they perform that quarter. You can look at individual comments from customers in that period of time. Maybe they had a bad month and see what their actual problem with. Right. And I always use the the time, the time of the job or being on time is what I mean to say.

So if you know that your customer is doing well and he had a hundred reviews and three of them were bad and all three of them are because you can’t show up on time, you have a time issue. And I’ve said that before, that is going to be managed by you as the owner. But if you don’t know that because you’re not tracking your customer satisfaction scores, you’re just going to start guessing. If you’re guessing at that, then you’re going to have a weird relationship with your, with your technician. It’s not going to work out. Right. So having real numbers on a percentage basis of performance and being able to track what their actual flaws are so you can help them as an owner make their job better so they can be more efficient and make more money.

You know, I was doing a Google search, I was doing a Google search earlier today and Oxi fresh down has 163,000 reviews based upon you guys being insistent on tracking feedback. I mean, you don’t get a 163,000 reviews without somebody following up relentlessly every time. And for your franchisees, you largely automate that. Now you might say clay, it’s dangerous to automate feedback. Oh, it is dangerous. But what’s neat is you guys make it right. So if you actually find out that one of your techs showed up late or something bad happened, you guys really do your best to, to fix the situation and there’s some accountability there. Um, and I, I would just say do a Google search right now for carpet cleaning quotes. If you’re listening right now, do a search for carpet cleaning quotes. So you’re going to see the Oxi fresh is the world’s highest rated carpet cleaning company, which is sick and met.

I’ve got audio. The call center got a little messy there, but I’ve got some audio. This is apparently a conversation that Rob was having with Chris when they discovered you inch to head 163,000 reviews. So this is my understanding is Rob walks up and says, Hey, uh, Chris, are you aware where over 163,000 reviews, and I tried to do like you on Musk has neuro link where they’re putting a little thread size a electrode into the human brain, you know, and it’s trying to connect humans to AI kind of freaky stuff. I’ve got a similar technology for human miking, the human body. And so I believe this is the audio from a conversation, a very, uh, thoughtful conversation between Chris and TOLAC. What’s Chris’s title right now? Is he, is he the vice president? Is he the pool boy? What’s his title? Oxi fresh.

He is upgraded from pool boy to vice grace

vice president. And he’s talking to Rob. What’s, what’s Rob’s title up there at Oxi fresh?

So Rob is our director of cleaning systems, but he’s also our internal franchise coach. Um, so basically when you start the franchise, you go through all the training. Rob is going to essentially sit down with you and he’s going to be your first line of the fed. He’s going to go through everything, a whole checklist of onboarding, vendor relations, um, call center, um, training, all of that. So if he leaves the legal liaison for that. Um, and the reason we wanted Rob to do that is cause there’s so many questions throughout the process on each level of that. Robin’s spent about 10 years running the corporate franchise, Rocky fresh. Yup. So there’s really nothing you can ask him. He takes you through the entire process, but he also is there to go through any of the, you know, in this field questions or cleaning system questions that you need. So he’s an all in one type guy. He is your first, like I said, first line of defense.

All right. And just for everyone out there who knows, Oxi fresh does have a longstanding practice of discriminating against people that are not former division one basketball players. And so Rob is also a former division one basketball player, which continues. I have filed a lawsuit. It was, uh, it was, it was tossed out, but I’m coming back. I’m going to file that thing cause it just because you’re not a division one basketball player, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fancy title at Oxi fresh. Let me queue up the audio here between Chris and TOLAC and Robin. It’s gonna take about a minute to really to know if it’s them or not. Okay. And you can tell us, I’ll get about 30 seconds and you tell me if this is Rob and Chris talking. We’ll say one. I feel fine. I guess that means, Oh God. Oh God. Okay. I don’t know. Was that the right audio files? He left me. These files. Turns out audio

from the last time we tried to have a corporate basketball team.

Oh, we played together. Did you guys actually get sick?

We might. Oh, we did not look good, Michael.

None of us have worked out in seven years. Let’s get out there and do it. I love it. Okay, so what are other numbers that we should be tracking? My friend, I, I, we’re so far we’ve got, we’re tracking the feedback, the quality control, we’re tracking what marketing is working. Uh, we’re tracking what we’re paying for in terms of marketing. What else should we be tracking?

Yeah. So there’s a few ones that aren’t as important, but I want to talk about them, right? I always talk about competitive reviews. You need to know where your competitors stand on the review front and you need to put goals pad. You, you should always be priming to be at least 50 to 100 views over them, not just on your website, but on Google, on Facebook, on Yelp. You get to that point, you’re going to dominate your market fully and no one’s going to be able to compete and they’re going to just quit doing it. Okay? So you need to know where your competition stand, right? And those are numbers that you can look at. Very easy. Just go online, boom,

wait, can you say, you just said, if you get a ton more than the competition, if you blow them out of the water, they might just eventually quit trying because they’re demoralized. Is that what you’re saying?

100% we see it all the time. There it is. Right. So absolutely your goal should be for them to just stop at 50 and never try anymore because they’re never going to catch it.

I had one, a basketball coach, one coach that I played with there that was a phenomenal but his whole deal Matt and and you, you, you, you remember basketball in the 90s but you didn’t have a lot of game films. It’s the 90s you know there wasn’t all these websites. You could watch high school players and we’d go into these tournaments where you’re playing against a bunch of small schools in Minnesota and he would have, he had this thing he would do where like if we were up, if we were winning, he kept wanting to run up the score. Like run it up. Like you know there’s like four minutes left to play and you’re up by eight points. He wants to get that thing up to 20 points a game and eventually the other team quits trying cause they think you’re trying to humiliate them, which you kind of are.

But also in the brackets, it looks pretty convincing when you see that this team won by 24 points. You know what I mean? And so the other team almost gets sucked out along the way. And I see the same thing in business. There’s some of my clients that have a, you know, 400 reviews. I think that Dr. Morrow, dr Mara, I’m looking at Dr. Mark Morrow right now. It’s a Morrow lion Kinnaman if you’re listening right now and you type in Tulsa pediatric dentistry, tell us a pediatric dentist drill one of the best podcasting slash Googlers on the planet. I’m doing it right now and I look it up here and he has a 1,152 reviews and the closest to him is 304 and the dude with 304 almost never adds more reviews because he’s a demoralized, you know, I think he just, he’s, he’s probably depressed and, and I want him to do well, but I, uh, not that well since he’s not my client. Now, Matt, what’s another key performance indicator or a number that we have to track if we want to be successful? Because Tilman Fertitta says, know your numbers, know your numbers and know your numbers and if you have time, know your freaking numbers. Matt, help us out.

Yup. So one is very simple to go through, but also can really change your bottom line is your product costs. Every single job has a product cost to it, right? And we know in ours we always want to be around 5% so if you’re not at 5% take out the, you know the situation where you have someone training cause they have to get efficient at it. If you have a product cost of 5% you know there’s an issue, right? You’re either know there’s an issue with them being not trained appropriately or they might be doing jobs on the side, right? But if you don’t know that that’s 5% of your bottom line, that’s going to nowhere.

So you’re saying your product costs cannot be over yet. You have to know your product costs, your product costs cannot be over 5%

it shouldn’t be, I mean it can fluctuate a little bit, but if you have a consistent 10% something is happening in your business, if you don’t know that, right, and that 10% goes on for years, right? You’re talking thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs that are coming out of your bottom line just because you have no idea how much it’s actually costing you with your act. You know, two things are happening here. You don’t know how much it’s costing you, but you’re also not paying attention to your customer or your technician efficiency, right? Where you’re missing something, right? But knowing that number and know, letting your technician know that, you know, that number allows them to understand that, okay, I need to be a little bit more aware of what I’m doing. Maybe I don’t need to use three scoops of products here because I don’t need to. And it’s not necessary, right? And maybe you, you manage them better at how they’re actually right. Cause I imagine if they’re using more product than needed, their results are going to be a little less,

no. I have a question. When you played basketball, who is your coach at the division one level? Who was your coach?

So I had two of them. I had Craig Rasmussen and I also had tad Boyle who is now the head coach of a CU Boulder. CU Boulder.

Okay. Okay. So I, and what was his name again? That the CU Boulder guy. Now, I don’t know if this, I have a list here of what appears to be a Ted boils. Is it fat or tat?

Tad. Dad.

Okay. I, this appears to be Tad’s rules for basketball success and I want you to tell me if this was in fact some of the things he said. Step one, don’t wear that arm sleeve thing that Carmelo Anthony uses to compensate for not for not hustling. Don’t where that is. That was that one is now that was real one and then two, don’t wear it. Don’t wear a headband that Carmelo Anthony uses to compensate for not hustling. Three don’t buy jewelry that Carmelo Anthony uses instead of using his brain for, don’t wear the goggles that are [inaudible] Stottlemyre used. Instead of learning how to shoot free throws. Five don’t wear accessories to compensate for lack of understanding the game of basketball or those. Any of his rules or those? Or is that just my list of things that I wrote down?

I think he might’ve taken his rules and just put Carmelo Anthony in there.

Now this is, this is, I have audio of you though, walking in for your last game. This is your last game. This is, this is the music that queued up a lot of players, you know, in professional baseball, they get to choose a song they come into on the minor league level a lot, you know, and a MADEC medic Klein, they call them MP or Moz. MK, the MK, you know, the MK and he comes into the court and the Fe fan favorite. You know, this guy’s a legend here at the what? What college was it again here at the college? I wasn’t sure. I get the right audio here.

Here’s the Northern car.

Yeah, huge fan. Huge fans up there. People, people who were very high up into the mountain regions would look down and watch the games they love. Matt met Matt Klein, MK, he comes out there and that cue up his audio because Matt would straight, if you could picture this tribe nation, he would put on the Omari Stottlemyre goggles, he’d have Carmelo Anthony’s, those, what do you call those? Those tension sleeves. His attention sleeve and then, and then you were like, and then he would wear the [inaudible], the LeBron move where he wears like the Superman tights underneath his shorts and then he wore like an under armor shirt that would [inaudible]. It would repel the sweat and then he had like a headband on and a Matt man out of the whole thing going and then he had all he, a lot of people have tattoos that mean things. He had tattoos that meant things that meant things. It was like a Jay Z lyric. It was like a double entendre. It was like a metaphor. Matt Klein had the whole thing going on. This is what they would play every time he’d walk on the court. Oh yeah. Very decent gentleman. Our starting point guard standing at, how tall are you, Matt?

Five. 10. He’s a beautiful man. He’s so, so fine. He’s got an uplink laying for all of us. It’s MADEC Klein. And then the crowd would go boom, because they knew you’re spending 6% of your gross revenue on accessories.


Right. That’s what happened. The coach knew the numbers, the eye. That’s the coach do the numbers and he’s like, listen here, this guy, how many points game did you have at your senior year, Matt?

Uh, uh, college. College. Yeah. Oh gosh. 10 maybe

he does. He’s like this and then ended the announcer was really pretty rough on you, but he’s like averaging 10 points a game and spinning 10 grand per week on a pero it’s mad at Klein. You know what I’m saying though? There’s certain players like that. Is it not a, were you a big cause Carmelo played in your neck of the woods in Denver there, um, D what were your thoughts about watching the great black hole of basketball? Receive a ball, count to 23 and then shoot it last minute. Did you enjoy that? Was it fun? Was it fun to watch? The man who couldn’t find the gym, he could never find the workout center. He’s like, Hey, I have a Carmelo typically run around, run around the, the, the Pepsi center and go guys, do you know where the weight room is? Cause I haven’t been able to find it. Did you enjoy watching Carmelo Anthony? I love it.

No. We were actually pretty good and he was there, but I will tell you it’s a dissent in the whole NBA after that’s been,

you’re not, you’re not as critical. You’re not critical. Carmelo Anthony, you don’t, you’re not, you’re not, you’re, you don’t, you don’t dislike Carmelo Anthony. I love, I love Carmella. I don’t want to come across like, I don’t like him. I’m just saying he’s seriously, could you watch a game? Did you fall asleep? It’s like watching baseball. He turned basketball into baseball.

I did watch him score 33 points in a quarter. One time buck.

Did he shoot the ball 33 times during that quarter?

It could have been 50

unbelievable. Okay. What’s it, what’s another number that we need to know on the bling bling edition of the, know your numbers, know your numbers and know your numbers. Maddie Klein from way downtown behind the line. Addition of the thrive time show on your radio.

Sir, I got one more and then I want to talk about something that happened with my franchise here. So the next one here is upsells. Right? Again, we’re always trying to increase your bottom line and make your employees more money. Often incentivized pay. So upsells, being able to take a job from 200 quoted 250 completed and basically it’s just going above and beyond, right? And we go by the three while systems, while you’re in the home, we also want to make sure that that customer knows what you are capable of as a company. So if they call to get five rooms done and then you realize they have three dogs and they don’t know that you can actually do an odor treatments and a protected treatment spot treating kits where you can actually service the, the upholstery, maybe they got four couches and dogs sit on them all day long, right?

They don’t know you do that. They’re not going to just ask you don’t assume that they know. Take them through the five minute processes with the walkthrough. Show them everything that you’re capable and let them know what you’re, what you can do. Right? And if you can add something to them that they want, that they see value too, and you can add that, then you are going to increase your bottom line. I mean, and if the technician can, it can get to about a 20% upsell. I mean they just basically gave themselves a $10,000 raise at the end of the year. Right? That’ll make you about 24,000 more dollars a year per technician just by having about a 20% upsells, even if they’re not at a full schedule.

Now you my understood Oxi fresh. If you buy a franchise, you’re to, you’re going to train the franchisee. If it helps someone out there is listening and they invest about $57,000, they can buy an Oxi fresh franchise and you’re going to teach them how to up sell, how to market, how to clean the carpets, how to hire techs. And I understand that you have actually developed a great a video series training videos, right? You have training videos, right?

Yeah. We have actually an Oxi press university. It’s a very scripted by department of your franchise. What you need to do. You actually cannot open your schedule until you complete that university. The 90%

no, I have audio.

I had a guideline. It’s a necessary, necessary course that needs to be [inaudible]

on the necessary videos to watch. There are sort of like an Easter egg, you know, it’s like you get to the end. Do you get to see it? It’s like the funny stuff after the credits and a Matt, this is a serious excerpt from one of the videos. This is, this is called a Oxi fresh. Um, how to know if your customer has dogs in their home. And I’m going, okay, I want to watch this. And I know it’s an audio only ship. Let me just queue it up here. And uh, Josh, you can chime in and tell me, let it, let it play for a minute. But tell me, when do you wouldn’t know if there was a dog in the home that well you would know if you needed to ask you, you know. Okay. When we queued up here and we can we get them?

Yeah. Spanish. I don’t know.

This part here

sounds like they might that Mandarin. That’s probably what I’d say, ma’am. Do you have a dog here? Do you need D? Do you? You have a dog? Sounds like a dog, Josh. That’s how thorough Oxi fresh is though. They’re going to make sure you have that so that you can understand what it sounds like. This sort of audio training is not available there. Their places here.

Seriously upselling. If you do it consistently, you said $10,000 more a year, you can make 10,000.

Yeah, I mean typically a technician could do about 13 to very high, high efficient technician do about 13 to 15,000 a month in sales. So if you’re actually doing a lot less than just 10,000 you do 20% that’s $2,000 in sales, right? If you’re doing incentivize pay, that’s after the fact that we paid 40% of any upsell to the technician. They can really kind of affect their year and their month. Um, but also, you know, your bottom line again increases by about $4,000. Um, you know, just by paying attention to what that customer’s needs are so that, that one’s a big one. And all you need to do is look, we already track upsells just by when you close out your work orders, but you can go there and you just look at what it is, look at what’s your upsell percentages and you know exactly what it is. And if there are 3%, let’s try to get them to 10%. Right? Once they’re consistently at 10% let’s try to get them to 15% right. Cause they, if they’re at 3% they’re not asking anybody for anything. They’re just doing the job.

You know, before I get into, before I get into your story, uh, I, I wanna I want to ask you this here, the confidence issue, the, the training issue. You see this a lot where a sales representative is just, they’re not, they’re not asking, they’re coming back. You know, they’re unloading the vehicle and loading the truck. They’re coming back there in the Monday meeting and they’re in the staff meeting. They’re watching the training videos, but you know, they’re not asking, you know what I mean? You know, they’re not asking, how do you improve that? The competence. Do you still believe in taser technology, waterboarding? What’s your moves?

Taser technology works very well.

Yeah. Wow. Great. I know. Caden’s amazing. Okay. All right.

But no, I mean, you know, not everybody has these skills, so some will really be able to develop them and thrive. The confidence is important. I feel like most people, if they’re not with a company but they actually trust the product, they’re never going to ask. Right? Cause if they’re actually know that they’re being viewed and watched and looked at and their performance is being tracked, right, they’re not going to go above and beyond and open up the window if they’re not confident in what they’re doing. So you need to make sure that that person is trained enough to where you can send them to your grandma’s home. You can send it to your friend’s home and you have no concern that they’re going to do a good job. Come on now, if you have any type of inkling that there’s, I’m not really sure, then you need to just train them.

Right? It doesn’t cost a lot for us to train. Take a day out, don’t have jobs, just most of it, right? If you don’t spend enough time with them to know what they’re good at and what they’re bad at, but it’s going to be pretty hard to train them. Just spend a little time, develop their skill sets because at the end of the day, once they start and they get competent, they are going to make more money. Come on, they are going to be happier and everybody else in your company is going to thrive. By the way, if they have other technicians in there, they’re going to see that because it’s important to know how your peers are doing to in a comparison fashion, right? So if you have guys in the 20%, you haven’t got five by nature, he’s going to want to be at 20%. Nobody wants to be the 3% guy. And if they’re okay at that and you need to replace it,

Oh, before I, I’ll ask, uh, Josh with living water irrigation, one of our shows sponsors to interrogate you with questions. I have audio of a, of Rob who I affectionately call black Rob. I’ve audio of black Rob celebrating these, the successful of a member of your team. And again, if I’ve confused the audio files, then you can you call me out here? I’m just going to queue it up here. May make, move the mic when Z is gone. He’s a doctor, you know, he writes in that doctor kinda, you know the doctor font where you’re not really sure and I’m just reading these files here and this one says sound effects glory. Let me queue it up. I think this is it.


that that’s, that’s the kind of training Rob Rob gives you. It’s just unbelievable. It’s thorough. It’s, it’s almost biblical. It’s, it’s like a, it’s taken us back to a time in America when life was good. So uh, Josh, take us back to a time and, or take us into the future and a time in American when life is good. And ask us, ask Matt any questions you want to ask him about tracking numbers because you run a business, you guys had a, did you ever record sales week this week? I mean it was a, when you have a six figure week, it’s a great week. It was a very, very, very good week. So things are going well here for living water, irrigation. It’s a great business where they put in your irrigation systems for lawns and so you can stop dragging hoses around and they do a dollar for the first service call. It’s living water. Irrigation. Okay. Dot com right. Living water irrigation. Okay. Josh, what question do you have for, for Matt Klein, ms?

So, uh, I guess we could ask first why the nuggets didn’t get on the uh, thunder fire sale. I mean I guess y’all had some opportunities there.

Yeah. Now the other thing is the season. Oh, y’all are set. Like y’all are ready to go. Okay. So yeah,

he’s got to be, you didn’t just watch,

I thought it was pretty low when the thunder, Hey, when the thunder were selling, when they’re offering to sell the services of their, of the, of the ball, boy, I knew they were having a fire. So that’s how I knew. And they were like all the parking attendants, they’re like, take up second round pick for him though with the general managers down there offering the NBA. I know the NFL goes, what, six, six rounds? How many rounds does the NBA go to? Two rounds. Yeah. I knew it was pretty bad when they’re offering, you know, the services of the Waterboy, you know for a second round pick. Okay. Back to you, Josh. What question do you have for,

so I know there at Oxi fresh, obviously I’ll have all the systems and the processes in place and stuff, so you know you’re, you’re going to have all the spreadsheets and all those things for your franchisees to be able to input their numbers. As far as a lot of other small business owners out there, how often do you think they should be addressing these points that you came up with with the marketing and tracking each individual tech and all those things? How often do you think a business owner should be reviewing their numbers or looking at their numbers? Are spending time on them?

Yeah. I think if you’re a small business and you do not have the ability to just pull a report, then I think you need to stay on this almost daily, if not weekly. Because the biggest thing that people do is once they get behind, they go, Oh, I’m going to too much work to get [inaudible]

too much work, get off, I’m off the wagon. I’m gonna stay off the wagon. Yeah, it’s too much work. What’s your, once you’ve said, you know what, I’m gonna let, let’s let it go. Let’s let it flow. Then you kind of get into this where you’re kind of like a freestyle rapper of business and you’re just like, I’m not going to write down my lyrics. I’m like the JZ of, of my industry. But then you realize you’re not Jay Z and that’s a bad place to be there. But back to you, mr living water. So the other question I’d have for you, so, uh, you know, if, and this is just a, your opinion, so if by knowing your numbers, if, let’s say you went and signed a contract for a billboard, Oh, and you’re, you’re paying $400 a week for this bad boy, that’s a hot thing. And over six months, put your wife on it, over six put on the thing. Come on, you’ve got zero return. What are on there? Like what? Oxi fresh probably continued down that road and say, man, that’s a really smart investment. It’s a hot deal.

Yeah. Well there’s two things is a great question, Josh. One before you go down that road, have a conversation with our marketing department because we have 13 years of marketing experience and what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, it is your business completely. You can make that decision, but billboards is a great, great example. We know they don’t work. I can express that openly. We’ve, we’ve seen it doesn’t work, so we would tell you,

wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait.




Oh, you say I broadly are you try. You tried to say on this show right now.


right here on this show. You’re going to come out here throwing freaking haymakers. I’ve got audio. This is what doctors, he wanted me to say to you.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

This is the thing. Doctors. He had one more audio clip he wanted me to share with you from his vacation resort. He said this, he said, play this for Matt Klein. If he’d start saying that billboards don’t work,

it’s like I picked the wrong week. Quit smoking. I took the wrong week. Quit drinking

like I picked the wrong week. Okay, here’s the deal. I don’t have any clients I’ve ever worked with, ever had ever had successful billboards. Never ever. But there’s always a hook and it’s a vanity move, right? I mean, isn’t it awesome when you go to the Pepsi center and you’re out there taking an a whiz and you look up and your picture and your ad is right there above the urinals and you’re going, look at me. I’m the DUI guy. And then your mom calls you and your mom says, Hey, I saw your billboard. Hey, Dell was peeing right on your face right there in the, in the bathroom, the urinal. He goes, huh, mom, can you buy something? The billboard, I mean, look, I saw the billboard like I see you everywhere. I mean, that’s like, I dunno. That’s like men. I see a lot of men sometimes who get be dazzled T jeans that are very tight and they get one good black shirt and they get a truck with the biggest tires in the whole world to make up for the fact they’ve had no sales this month ever. Can you talk to me about this phenomenon, the billboard game man cause you, you really took this shit to a dark place. Very dark.

Yeah. Well your actual question is if you go six months, you don’t get any return on anything. You either need to cut it off completely and reinvest somewhere else. You need to go back to the drawing board of the vendor that is actually behind it and say what is going on? Turn this around here and money is my money’s going elsewhere. Right. So the question you posed, you know, Joshua, would we continue to do that? I would certainly hope not.

And when I was, the reason why I brought that up, that was yours truly I have to take, I have to take ownership for that. That was me fell into the whole brand recognition in the billboard. It’ll be great nonsense. So, but with that being said, I think there’s a lot of listeners out there that need to hear this. Yes, make sure you get a true valuation and what your return is going to be off of that billboard that you drive down one 69 and look at, but nobody’s ever called you.

Tell ya. I have audio here. I got a lot of audio clips today cause he’s gone and he’s just given me access to all his files. And uh, and he, he’s, he’s a, he’s a kind of benevolent doctor. He says, I can’t be there to treat the patients, but I give you my tools, you know what I mean? And I have access to a nurse practitioner who can help me administer the, the stuff. Man. I’m going to play audio. This was audio of Josh actually when he drove by his, uh, uh, billboard after what, two months of running the billboards. He looked, he got out of his car on one 69. John, if you can picture this, Matt, you picture this one 69. Tulsa, Oklahoma highway one 69 are saying overpass area. He gets out of his car. He looks at the majestic billboard while also sparkling, while also comparing stats. He realizes he’s got no deals. If you’ve got like one deal off that.

So we had three really small deals. And how much did it cost? Oh, I’m into it. I’m into it now for like 12 grand. So this is, Oh yeah, this is audio. Like I could have had a Prius. So after Josh, no, no, no. He’s

busy selling ice to Eskimos right now. So anyway, so what happens is after Josh saw that he was doing the tracking, he’s like, Matt clients has the track, I’m gonna track. He’s track it. He’s looking at the billboard, he pulls over his mom calls.

How do you look? I see

he’s so excited. His mom calls him the numbers. He realizes he’s got three deals for $12,000 and this is audio of what he did next. And you’re gonna have to let the audio kind of work its magic here. It’s kind of like a good marination. Okay. It’s like a good rotisserie. We’ve got to let this happen. Okay. This is a good, Stu. Listen to this, Matt, and, and, and maybe give all the listeners out there advice about why not to use billboards after we finished the next one minute and 48 seconds. Here we go.

Progress. He’s driving, he’s driving, he’s on the phone. His mom, he’s trying to get to the billboard. He looks at the stats and he realized it off the overpass. Shouldn’t have just driven off the clip. Still tumbling. Still tell them just like the revenue numbers. Just humbling. He gets there. He’s like, are you saying I got three calls, I’m so happy.

And then he kinda gets gathers. He’s looking. He’s like, yeah, I got three calls

and it’s still not over. I still got six months in the contract left. He’s got six months. He’s a Nepal, his mom. And she’s like, Oh, Oh.

And that’s it. That’s it. Oh no. He gets a text message from your office assistant and she says, we did get one call. We did get one call.

There it comes.

Matt, what would you say to the business owners out there that feel like that when they discovered after tracking that their sales are lacking?

Yeah, I mean, um, don’t sign longterm contracts. That’s a hard one, right? Negotiating. You have to pay a little bit more for a smaller period of time. That’ll be worth it for you to figure out if it works, right? What, six months, 12 months. Most marketing companies want in your business, negotiate and be a very good negotiator for your money and track it, right? Even after two months, if you get zero sales, you need to figure out why. So you just need to put that vendor on the spot or you needed to just adjust and move your funds elsewhere. Right? We live in the age of, of online marketing, so start there, right? Start there. That works. We know it works and when it comes to service brands where you have a vehicle going to customers, that is your billboard. That’s it. That is your billboard. You’re actually taking your billboard to customers that have already asked for your service. Come on. In the neighborhoods where you’re going to have like minded people, you already have multiple billboards out every single day. You don’t need to put one that’s stagnant because no one’s going to call it. You’re basically giving every other company their business because it’s not, they’re not calling that number, right. They’re not pulling over. There’s theirs. Maybe I need a pizza, maybe I need to get my carpet cleaned. Maybe I need to get my roof clean.

People are not pulling over. Just like a lot of dads wouldn’t let their kids pull over on road trips. You’re like, dad, I gotta pee. I gotta I got a severe bladder infection. We’re coming back from the Mayo clinic and your dad’s like pee in a cup or hold it. You know what I mean? There’s just like that. Just so we’re clear here, Matt, just just so I understand, so you’re saying the billboard was a good investment?

Yes. If you put that building there, non two vehicle, no, but just, you know, just ask us hopscotch or do the research, but there’s a lot of company, he’s actually, even if they’re your competitors, just call him

dad. Can I pull over and look at,

do as much research as possible.

Dad. Can I pull over and look at the billboard? No son, here’s some tape. Dad, why are you giving me a day? I’m not pulling over till we get to Des Moines son. There’s certain people like that called everybody. They’re not pulling over to look at that billboard and happening. Holy crap, it’s a billboard. Let’s pull over. Okay. So Matt, I’m going to, I’m going to give you time to share the story and I just want to know the story. Is it an uplifting story? Cause I need to know what kind of music to have. Ready.

Yup. Nope, that’s lifting. It’s very short. Go back to the numbers. Um, and you know, this just happened to me about three months ago. Um, and I live this every day. So it just tells you there’s so many things about a business that, um, you know, you need to pay attention to. Like all those things I mentioned, we’re very good at all those things, right? And I got stuck with looking on all the things, but I was missing one key thing that I just had to start talking to other people. Right. Cause I look at these other franchise, they were getting a lot more sales per month per employee. So I was like well maybe my employees aren’t doing well or maybe my, you know, whatever. And so I just started doing a little research talking to people and I was doing about 12 13,000 a month per technician per technician.

But then our team at AKI for us, they said well what’s your, what’s your um, time per room, right. Cause we actually in the scheduling software to get the appropriate amount per job that it takes, you have to put a time assessment in each service. So if it’s one room, it’s got a time. If it’s a staircase, it’s got a time. If it’s a hallway, it’s got a time. And I was still at the default time schedule for when Mike first started my business. That should be something to where it’s just a training. Like one room would be 20 minutes, their case would be 25 I moved all those down to a more manageable cause. I also, my employees, I said, do you think you guys could do more jobs? In our day. And they go, Oh yeah, we’re always gonna hang around. And I’m like, Oh, what video? Right. So I took my, all my numbers instead of 20 I took them to 10 then 25 for steroids went to 15. I am able to produce three to $4,000 per technician more per month just by understanding where my time is.

Aw dude, you get some mega points

started going to make so much more money and they want to and they don’t want to be sitting around. So that’s a like a kick. Yeah. Moment. Right?

Yeah. That’s,

it just goes to tell you I was being stubborn in the fact that I thought I knew it all and I just wasn’t asking those questions. All I needed to do is just ask, I could’ve done this a year ago.

Right. Real quick question I want to ask, I’m not going to ask you your routing number like I normally do on the show, but where do you, where do you bank and what’s the name of your bank that you bank at?

Wells Fargo.

Um, you know, Wells Fargo, I don’t know if the listeners are out there familiar with this, but you have the new Wells Fargo. I’ve heard, I have no proof of this. I have not talked to anybody about it. It’s more of a feeling I have. But I understand you have the Wells Fargo app and whenever money goes into your account, you get like a sound effect like a Gallagher, you know, sound effect. You know, every time a dollar comes in, it’s like a whoo. You know, and man, I’ve got audio. Oh, for the app of the money coming into your account, since you improve the efficiency by tracking your numbers. Let me queue it up real quick. $4 five, it’s like nine. Oh. It’s like, Oh, that’s like a 10 pointer.

Oh, wait a minute. These are all putting any point at all. It’s a good point.

Well that’s, that’s dirty.


here we go.

Dude. You’re making a ton of money,

man. You’re making, it’s like you’re getting, Oh Whoa. That was a sneaky dollar. Oh, well online booking. Oh, that was a hundred. Oh, how’s a hundred? Oh, track your being. That’s yo. Oh, you’re going to the lady with the cats. [inaudible] you’re the lady, the cat lady who has like 47 cats. You’re going to be there forever. Oh, Oh, Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait. She says no, it’s the house next door. It’s the house next door. We have a dog video. Oh, there we go. Audio. That’s unbelievable audio man. I love that app. Yep. It’s a good app. It’s a great app. It’s a great app. Now, Matt, Matt, final question here.

Think about this one last night. Just that change alone, if you have four employees, right, that will make you an extra $120,000 a year without actually hiring another person.

Man, I got one more question for you. This is from Josh. We were talking today about monotony and because I have no hobbies, interests, a need for vacation, uh, I’m really good. Business has always been easy for me cause I just love stupid repetitive tasks. But for normal people, I mean people with, um, a soul, you know, or, or hobbies or interests or any type of a well-roundedness to them, they might say, I don’t want to eat it, mr Mambos every single night. And I don’t want to have the same schedule every day. And I want to, you know, enjoy trips. Like you just went to a trip. Where’d you go, Matt? Did you go to, uh, Claremore or where’d you go?

I went to Exuma in The Bahamas,

right to the left of Claremore. So go people who like to travel and enjoy big things, a book, the great trips and, and fun with family and playing sports and outdoors activities. Um, what advice would you have? Uh, cause Josh and I were talking about that maybe, maybe Josh, maybe you can tee up the question about ministry better than I can. Yeah. So what I was, uh, what clay and I were talking about earlier is what do you do when the new wears off? So you know, that those folks have been in business for a few years and when it started it was all super exciting. And it was like the new girlfriend in high school and she was better looking than the old girlfriend and Whoa. And you know, and now, but once you’re intuitive for a few years and it’s the same routine day in, day out, same thing.

Well first off you listen to some Kenny G. Oh, I’ll tell you, that’s what you do right away. If you’re, if you’re going through a dry spell, if you’re out there and you’re listening to me and you’re in, you’re in a monogamous relationship and the in the context of marriage and you’re trying to get up your, um, sexual performance, what you do is you just put in this album, this is like, this is like that happy Saturday morning stuff. That’s the morning glory. That’s not what I’m looking for. No, no. Uh, anyway, back back to you. Matt vault. Pull that up. Was I looked for more. Oh, here it is. This is the music. This is the music I was conceived to. This song came out. This is a, yeah, this is the song I was conceived to. Great job dad. Okay. Back to you man.

Yeah. So I mean, yeah, if you’re getting to a point where you’re not enjoying what you’re doing or you’re going, you know, the repetitive tasks, I mean, you are the owner of this business, right? And it’s going to be driven by you and how, how successful it’s going to be. I would hope that if you get into this business and you’re going through, you have opportunities to either do other businesses or you have opportunities to scale. I mean, if you’re not regularly having conversations with other franchisees within the system, right. I think that would be, um, I, I don’t think you’re taking advantage of protected territories like with AKI fresh and being able to stay motivated and stay upbeat. I mean, if you’re not motivated by adding more employees, we, that’s probably another conversation. Um, but you should be able to, as an entrepreneur, specifically with AKI fresh to be open to any opportunity that comes down the road.

I mean, so if you’re tired of monotony and you’re just getting the same, you know, money every single week, you know, give yourself another, give yourself another opportunity, right? Give yourself a hobby. Find likeminded companies that you can be successful out. Maybe add another service to what we already have. We do carpet, upholstery, tile, grout, hardwood floor. If you’re only doing a few of those, add another one. That could be another challenge. You know, you just don’t like to do it. Sell your business for a profit and go do something else because you know there’s nothing worse than being bored.

You know, nine out of 10 small businesses fail. According to Forbes. Nine out of 10 startups fail according to Forbes, and nine out of 10 franchises don’t fail. So if you’re interested today in buying a business, buying a job, buying time, freedom and financial freedom, I’m looking into the Oxi fresh opportunity. If you go to thrive time forward slash Oxi fresh, that’s thrive time show Ford slash Oxi fresh. Wait a minute. I’m trying to pull over at the billboard for the first time in American history. Uh, it’s nine one it’s a, again, it’s thrive time forward slash dad wait a minute, and I’ve tried to go. Now it’s thrive time port slash Oxi fresh. Write down that number or write down that web address, write it down. And then if you fill out the form, Matt Klein and the team in Denver, Colorado, they’ll get in touch with you and a Matt, can we get into the game for a under 60? Geez, it’s like death row records had a lot of GS for under 60. Geez. Can we get into an Oxi fresh or do we need more GS than death row records?

Right? At 60, it will be very good. Anything above that. Um, you know, there is a different investment if you’re not going to do jobs at all in the very beginning, right? Cause you’re going to need it, need some funds really, you know, have that employee, um, get up and operate. So I always, the sweet 60 and 65 is a very good number for us. That’ll take care of the franchise fee up front, all the training, the equipment on your, your ramp up investment to get you to a cashflow positive state. So 60 to 65 is a very good number to think about.

Uh, I’m going to read this off here, Matt. Then we’ll wrap up today’s show. Okay. Um, I think about 60 GS. I want to count. Can you, I’m going to say their name and then you count them out and you’ll tell me whether it costs more. Jeez. To buy an Oxi fresh or it takes more GS to go on death row records. Okay, so Josh and Matt, you keep track of. Here we go. So second to none. That’s [inaudible] above the law. G two. These are all artists bad as AZZ. Clever’s who he did there. He didn’t curse. It’s a family show. Big C style. That’s a four big Pimpin [inaudible]. That’s five big trade D at six Butch Cassidy, seven Chile. Chill eight chocolate nine chocolate bandit. Oh 10 11 CPO boss hog. Crooked a one is a a 12 cause big H Lauren, Danny H. that’s 14 Daz Dillinger.

That’s 15 I’m adding it up here. It looks like, you know MC hammer ended up on death row records from 95 to 96. Did you know that things got bad over there? Geez, he’s got better. Then they’re like, well let’s sign ed McMahon and MC hammer. We’ve got to fix this record label. All right, Maddie Klein. I appreciate you Carl mill. Carmelo Anthony. I tell you what, buddy, if you’re out there wanting to go one on one, I challenge you. I challenge you one-on-one. A five on five on five, five on five. I could beat you one-on-one and you’re going to beat me, but then we go five on five and no matter what squad I have, we’re going to beat you because you need to learn the pass the ball, my friend. May you get a deal in China or something. All right, Matt Klein, you take care. Have a great

and now without any further ed to what?


All right, let’s just say that you’re out there listening today and you have a website for your business. The question I would have for you is, are you getting the most number of leads possible? Are you ranking high?

Wow. Touching the canvas. Can’t feel my face or are you ranking? Whoa, and the Google search engine results are going to ask, are you ranking high or are you ranking low on the Google search engine, a search result? Take a moment today and do a Google search, the keywords that you want to come up top for and see where you are ranking.

We have a Josh Sperl, a CPA from Canada, and we have Dr. Timothy Johnson here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Uh, Josh Spurl. How in the heck are you doing? Pretty good clay yourself? I’m doing well man. Doing well here. I, I, uh, we’re not broadcasting from the man-cave studios as normal, so we’ve got a little bit of background noise there to contend with, but we’re here and I wanted to see if you could share with the thrive nation approximately how long you and I have been working together and how that’s impacted the number of inbound leads that you’re generating as a result of your Google search engine ranking in internet marketing.

Well, we’ve been working together, clay now for almost a year, is about a year ago. I came out to my first conference and then we, uh, uh, started with the coaching program shortly after that. And you know, our, our, our Google leads have gone from, you know, something that we would generate. Um, you know, maybe one or two or three leads a year to

talking about three to nine leads every single week. And now we have Dr. Timothy Johnson in the box from Alabama. Tuscaloosa.

Yes, I’m at Southern eye consultants. It’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We heard about you on the podcast and I had a lot of trepidation at first about getting involved, just making sure it was legit, but all my expectations have been exceeded. What concerns did you have about our legitimacy or lack thereof? Uh, I was just concerned about, uh, backend, uh, upselling, um, what I was getting into.

No, that’s what I’ve found my entire career. I had been. Had you, had you guys been to a doctor, Tim, had you been to other workshops or had other industry coaching before? Cause I, I had hired a lot of them, frankly, and I, I’ve just found I’d spent [inaudible] I would be lying if I said hundreds of thousands. It’s been more than that.

Oh, we, uh, we hired somebody to do our website right before we found you. Yeah. And it was three or four months of your coaching service. And they, we still haven’t launched that website yet. Oh, beautiful.

Beautiful. So if somebody out there is thinking about filling out the form that if someone’s thinking about emailing us to info at thrive time,, that’s info at thrive time,, and they have a little bit of hesitation, just a little bit, I don’t know, just a little bit. Uh, uh, what, what advice would you have for them?

Dr Tim? First of all, come to one of the conferences you’ll see that he may dress like bill Bellacheck, but he, uh, he, my wife’s a pats fan, so that was a real selling point. Nice. She thought you were a hobo, but I said, no, he’s just bill Bellacheck. She goes, okay, you can go. Um, but it’s also month to month, so try it. And if you don’t like it, cancel.

That deserves a mega point. So again, what, what is, how has your sales gone up? Have you, have you increased your sales? I mean where, where’s your financial as, I’m not asking the hard number here, but as a percentage, how much are you up since, since you started with the program? What, four months ago?

Yeah. Versus now. Our sales have gone up 20% we’re looking to scale Southern eye consultants and, uh, are just the number of patients who come in cause they found us on Google has gone up a lot. I text you once a week. You paid for yourself just in somebody walking out. So, Oh,

Oh, it’s so good. It’s so good. If you’re out there today and you feel stuck, just email us to info at thrive time. info at thrive time, Let us begin to do a deep dive analysis on your website. We’ll, we’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. We do a 37 point audit of your website. Our member of our team will call you. They’ll go over it with you, they’ll break it down, you’ll understand what you need to do to improve. I’ll give you the final a words here, guys. So we’ll start with you. A captain Sperl, Josh Sperl CPI, uh, as captain Canada and as a man who’s been to two workshops now we got a audience picture, a half million people listening here. What would, what is the advice that you would tell them?

I think they got to come out too. They got to come up to a workshop and you know, what’s the best one that, uh, that I’ve ever seen? You know, I find that most of the workshops I’ve been to, you’re sitting around all day for one good idea and you’re getting a good idea every single hour at these workshops.

Dr Tim, what is the, a word of encouragement? Maybe discouragement, maybe the motivation, maybe the, the verbal tasering. Uh, what advice would you give for the listeners

there today? I’d say the worst idea you can do is not starting now. Just call and start now and you’ll be better off for it.

You heard them right there. Thrive nation. Go to info at thrive time, Email us to info at thrive time, Allow us to do a free 37 point analysis of your website. We’ll tell you what’s wrong, we’ll tell you how to fix it. If you’re not ranking high enough and those Google’s search engine results, it will literally cost your company millions and millions and millions of dollars. But don’t take my word for it. Uh, go to thrive time, and click on the testimonials button. And as of the time of this recording, we have over 1000 video reviews from my clients I’ve had from 2008 up until now for conference attendees. You, you’re just, you’re just an email away from a game changing us becoming a game changing success story. Email us today at info, at thrive time, and we’d like to end every show and every, a shameless testimonial session with a boom. And so now with that, he further ed do three, two, one, boom.


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