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Best-selling author Matt Wallaert shares how to change the behavior of others, how to get chronically late people to be on time consistency, and why he automates everything.

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Matt Wallaert welcome onto the Thrivetime Show, how are you sir?
  2. Matt, I know that throughout your career, you’ve been able to achieve tremendous success, but I would love for you to share about your journey and what your life was like growing up?
    1. I am a first-generation college student from Oregon
    2. I found that Psychology was groups of people who get together and change behavior.
    3. I have spent the last 15 years studying how to make the world a better place.
    4. I am currently the Chief Behavior Officer at our health insurance company
  3. If you could change one thing about your market, what would you change?
    1. I would get the older adults that we work with to talk to each other.
    2. It is a world that many people don’t see. Most of the older people live stowed away in apartments and homes and never communicate.
  4. Matt Wallaert, when did you first figure out what you wanted to do with your career and when did you first feel like you were beginning to gain traction with your career?
  5. Matt, what inspired you to write your new book, START AT THE END: How to Build Products That Create Change?
    1. I have been obsessed with these problems of behavior change.
    2. I believe that anyone can be a behavioural scientist.
    3. Facebook is very good at reprogramming people’s behavior. If we want to fight it, we have to learn those arts to fight it.
    4. I wanted to write a very accessible book that tells people how behavior is changed and how anyone can do it.
    5. The first mistake that we all make is that we fall in love with the idea and not the outcome. We have to start with the thought of what the world will look like when people do what we want them to do.
    6. We have to describe our current reality. Why do things look like the way they do now and why are people behaving this way?
  6. Matt, in your book, you provide readers with a step-by-step roadmap for creating products and services that actually have the power to effectively change human behavior…I would love for you to share with our listeners a few examples of products or services that have changed people’s behavior?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”- Albert Einstein (One of the most brilliant men in American and German history)

  1. Matt, I would love for you to share why it’s more effective to start with outcomes instead of the process?
    1. Work has saved so many of us by providing a purpose.
    2. If you envision the world as it exists for you now, you will be able to see if you will actually like where you are going.
    3. Ask yourself “What are you going to do when you achieve your goal?”
  2. Matt Wallaert, I would love for you to share how countdown clocks are helping relieve passenger stress in New York City subway stations?
  3. Matt, I would love for you to share how the successful decline of cigarette smokers was a result of ads depicting smokers as no longer “cool,” turning to smoke into a private activity instead of a public one, and the importance of killing Camel Cigarette’s Joe Camel character?
    1. Our behaviors are defined by competitive pressures.
    2. When we try to eliminate a behavior using pressure, it works but not as well as eliminating promotion pressure.
    3. Once something is not socially attractive, people stop doing it.
    4. Once something is socially attractive, people start doing it.
  4. Why should we buy the book?
    1. This book helps you learn how to change people’s behavior
  5. How do we change the behavior of chronically late people?
    1. Why do they have to be on time?
    2. Ask yourself “Why is this person late in the first place?”
      1. The number one reason a flight attendant didn’t show up was sick children.
      2. Instead of punishing people who don’t show up, they started sending a certified babysitter to solve the problem 
  6. What music artists do you love or hate?
    1. I love: Johnny Cash
    2. I hate: Modern overproduced country music
  7. What are a few of the daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success?
    1. Automate your life
    2. I have a bot on eBay that buys the clothes I wear all of the time
    3. There has been an over-reliance on a unique expression of your identity
    4. I had a vivid experience in my early 20’s where I had long hair and I shaved it all off. I loved it because I had so much more brainpower after I stopped worrying about my hair.
  8. Matt Wallaert, what mentor has made the biggest impact on your career thus far?
  9. Matt, what has been the biggest adversity that you’ve had to fight through during your career?
  10. What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?
  11. Matt Wallaert, you come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  12. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  13. What is a principle or concept that you teach people most that VERY FEW people actually ever apply?
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