Learn How Wayne Gretzky’s Chiropractor Built His Successful Chiropractic Business

Show Notes

On this episode of the Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark interviews Doctor John Sibley (who was once Wayne Gretzky’s chiropractor of choice) about how he grew his successful chiropractic business.

Conditions that Dr. John Sibley or a great chiropractor can help you with:

  1. Allergies
  2. Fertility
  3. Asthma
  4. Back Pain
  5. Elbow Pain
  6. Sciatica
  7. Numbness
  8. Shingles
  9. Plantar Fasciitis

What should you do if you are not at a financial spot where you thought you’d be as a professional?

  1. Dr Sibley
    1. Create systems for every aspect of your practice.
    2. Get out in the community and make sure people know you.
  2. Clay Clark
    1. Get to the top of Google
      1. Step 1 – Create a google my business map location
      2. Step 2 – Get reviews from happy clients
      3. Step 3 – Shoot About Us video to share your story
      4. Step 4 – Build a Google Canonical (Compliant) website on WordPress
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more british tea time, 918 and people in green, country, how’s it going by clark in the former united states small business administration, entrepreneur of the year and I’m joined here today with a a guy that I think it could be argued that he’s more of an entrepreneur. Then he has a chiropractor chiropractor in tulsa, will introduce you to dr. Sibley, dr steedly. How are you, sir I am fine today, clay, hey i, am super excited to break down your history. Cuz I think that one of the great things about this radio show format.

If you have so many wonderful entrepreneurs on the show and I love to hear your stories, I love to I love to share the stories and kind of the stuff you did not know, and so your career, you started off as an engineer that correct I started off as a petroleum research chemist is a chemist and so petroleum research chemist turned chiropractor. Did you take some extra business coach classes, while in school I mean how did you how to do how to do migrate from the the petroleum phase of your career in to the chiropractic pays? Your career I got sick. Oh you did yeah I had such terrible, sinus headaches, headaches. Allergies, I was miserable time. I had two packages. One left pocket one right pocket one morning one afternoon. So so you you you, you literally felt sick, and so you did you seek out a chiropractor or when would this epiphany karaoke, because I have chronic allergies? I should become a chiropractor, but here’s the thing the fellow that took my job or I took his job. What the chiropractic college yeah and he was practicing, and so my boss well you’ve tried everything else.

Don’t you go? Try the chiropractor, so I did I went to the chiropractor 30 days later, no headaches, no headaches, no sinus problems, so I walked into my boss and I said he has done such a good job. For me, here is my resignation. 45 days later, I was in chiropractic college in kansas city missouri. So you actually loved the experience you you received any results. You receive so much that it was a life-changing moment for you, where you literally changed careers. You went from being a petroleum chemist to wanting to become a chiropractor to help other people who are in the same situation as you. That’s the big idea. We are here to help people and people, don’t know all the things that we can help him with a list of some of the things that you have. You provided a list here that I checked, but I will put people put somebody’s on the show notes here. That’s one of the things that you can treat here. You said it take a business coach chiropractor can treat allergies arm, pain, arthritis, asthma, back pain, icd back pain to me seems normal, it seems does carpal tunnel seems like it makes sense to me. Scoliosis seems to make sense some of the ones here that I I I think the listener might have a little push back on, or some questions about would be fertility and what’s good fertility, allergies and asthma. How can a chiropractor help with fertility? Well I have been asked by number for tillery doctors because of the in vitro fertilization, and sometimes it doesn’t work and it’s not it’s so expensive.

Also so I use acupuncture I studied at the loss of acupuncture college and I use acupuncture, and we use certain points and I been relatively successful. With that chop, have you ever tried acupuncture before, if you were done with old needles, yeah I’ve had actually in the past, I had a pain in my chest. For my sternum got popped in football game, your sternum sternum, pop, i, don’t know what happened to it. I, don’t know if it broke, i, don’t know, never got any x-rays, but for years, if I put my chin down and move my head left and right, it would really really hurt my chest and I went to a guy who did acupuncture and he kept putting needles everywhere and he kept having me with my head up and down and up and down and then all the sudden the pain was gone and I was 7 years ago 8 years ago, and it never come back so i, don’t know what do asthma? How can a chiropractor help with asthma will ants? Mama is a business coach condition of which we don’t have good expansion of lungs, and we have bronchial contraction and may may mainly what that is. It’s just your your your lungs, don’t get enough. Fox send inmail. Your lungs are controlled by your nervous system and it says on page for grey’s anatomy, that the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of your body and relates the individual to his environment. Well tell me what that doesn’t do if it controls and coordinates all functions of the body and relates the individual to his environment, then your nervous system was pretty pretty important. So in the upper part of your back, which we call a thoracic spine, there are certain nerves that go to the lungs, so you’re, either hyper or hypo. We call it sympathetic or parasympathetic business coach sympathetic, nerves or nerves that turn things on make your heart beat parasympathetic nerves or nervous. It’s a’ight don’t beat so it’s one of those two nerves and buy a just in the upper part of the spine, and you can also do acupuncture.

We can control asthma and you obviously know what you’re talking about, but it’d be also know what you’re talking about, as relates to be a petroleum chemist. So when you studied to become a petroleum chemist and then you had your epiphany cuz, you always had your allergies and you just felt chronically sick. You were a healed by a chiropractor. Then you decided to go back to school. How long did it take you to complete school after you went back to school after you’ve, already priest, graduated numero uno in a career of petroleum being a patron chemist, it took four more years to get my doctorate and then I continued my education by doing post-graduate work. Continuing my acupuncture, certifications and I also did extremity work. I have became proficient in shoulder, elbow wrist, hands, hip knee ankle and foot, so I pursue that also. So how long were you I guess? How old were you when you actually became a business coach or chiropractor? How old were you at this point? Your chiropractor, you you’re, passionate you’re, probably bringing me bringing the enthusiasm of i, would imagine to your patience. When did you decide to start pinnacle and can you share with the thrive nation what pinnacle was or what chemical is pinnacle is? Is we help doctors understand the business aspect of running a chiropractic office? You don’t get that in school. What, yes, you do not so what we did was we brought a few guys had lunch with them, help them with their problems. It got so big that I got tired, buying lunch for 30 people cuz this snowball and one day, I said to my partner.

We had to start doing this professionally and that’s how big did pinnacle get before you ultimately decided to exit? Are we had about between 6 and 800 clients all over the united, states and canada, and how did you get paid if you guys charge the chiropractor’s a monthly fee, or did you do? How did you do the math work in charge of a one time fee? Okay, can you share how much that was? Was it a lot of my whole lot of money, but is about $6,500 is the school after they go to chiropractor school correct and we also trained her staff. Also it was it like a seminar kind of a format or was it a I like to call it an educational, symposium and educational symposium, those people out there that maybe get the first word then attend the word business coach or educational. Can you kind of explain the symposium portion what what it was it mean in your mind? That means it was more hands-on okay, so we showed them. We even did role-modeling so that they could see how the bottom line is. You got to like your doctor and you got to trust your doctor. What is a weird trust, your doctor? If you don’t trust your doctor, he can’t help you really and I have to trust the patient that they will do. What I tell them to do. I’m not going to do anything crazy, I’m, just going to tell him what they need to do to get well, so you had would have doctor who they fly into tulsa.

Where would you go to them or have that work? Every state, every state, san francisco one weekend, new york city the next week and next weekend, boston you’re, going there yeah when you, when you went to these places, would you work with just a couple chiropractors or bunch of it? One time bunches, really hundreds hundreds of guys? Okay, just just just. How did you begin treating wayne gretzky? How did that happen? I had a very good friend who worked in pinnacle in his name was frank sherry and frank was the public relations person for pep boys citgo uniden, cellular phones? He was very well-connected, so he call me one day. He says:would you go out and treat wayne you’re going to rain bob perry doug and we leave here dwayne wendy discover. It was wayne gretzky, the best, the best hockey player in the history of the national hockey league, the great one. Yes, probably when I said wayne who wrote-and he said, gretzky have to be fasting for business coach listeners to hear what it was like to be around wayne gretzky, what you were adjusting them for, just at the whole, the whole wayne gretzky story and chep. You know and took one Thing:i’m thankful for today in rstudio I’m, so thankful job looks very clean. It’s like squeaky microphone is so cool that if it’s the same reason that you’ve got me almost drinking out of the urinal, it will that….

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If you’ve mentioned the thrive timeshare, clay, clark and again, 918-671-2046 get that office. Looking nice and smelling good visit their website today, the classic clean.Com tom, clay, clark i, sent you and I’ll give him. What I’ll give you you? A free copy of my book. Thrive state attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice drivetime show.Com time show on your radio in the question. I would ask you today is what’s crackin on all sincerity. We have dr. Sibley on the show today he’s a chiropractor z chiropractor of joyce here for the great one wayne gretzky talking about today is his personal journey through entrepreneurship. So I have got a mountain of questions over here that I’m going to be blindsided this man with man about his career because, yes see the chiropractor. Yes, we’re proud to have him as a show sponsor, but the biggest debate, I i, just i, want to make sure I get that I want to make sure I am parked. This word of wisdom to somebody out there when you meet somebody who owns a business. If they have been in business for more than 10 years, they are now a source of wisdom and some capacity they can either tell you what not to do what to do. You can learn a lot if you just are curious enough to ask them about how they did it, what they learned to do their experiences, because, if you’re out there listening right now-and you just now started the business coach company, there’s a high likelihood that you were going to run through the minefield of business and make a ton of mistakes. Unless you are intentional about learning from mentors and not just learning from mistakes, then so dr. Sibley I want to I want to ask you a lot of questions here previous to this wayne gretzky store when I ask you just a few business coach questions, hear anybody out there listening, who is a chiropractor, a dentist, a doctor, some kind of professional, a lawyer, and they are not financially where they thought they would be in a lot of them.

Think you can, you get the degree and all of a sudden money come up to them, but as as as many of the drivers did, a test weed help some, but we have to have some attorneys who are now on our clients that had with the law school and had no patience. Oh no clients, I mean five six years and I mean they were barely making it yet had tons of student debt, and they just didn’t know how to run the business side of their profession. What advice would you happen to be out there who just struggling to grow that business, but yet they have the professional education as a work. If you’re struggling out there, it’s because you don’t have a system. A system in place. Wella system is the way you treat your patients, the way that you educate your patience and if you get good results for them. Your patients there naturally just going to send their friends and family right, because it’s just the natural thing to do, and so most of our clients and most of our patients. At this particular point, and especially someone like trying to get into business, I would say you’re going to have to work twice as hard you’re going to have to shake business coach hands and go kiss babies get out of the house get out of your office, yet where there is people and tell him your story, tell me your story and I would say this. If you’re listening right now-and you say I’d like to find a way to do that too-maybe more efficiently and I’m out I just want to make sure you get some practical tips here. There is an attorney I can think of I’m working for a long time. In dallas, and this is how we helped him.

Do that one notch up. We got on the top of google and I want to give the lister’s I’ll be practical advice today, if you’re listening today and you do not have a google map set up yet create a google map for your business. You got to register your business on google and, if you don’t know how to do it, just booked your tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop and we can absolutely help you do that. The right step, number two and I hope this attorney do this in his absolutely changed his life step. Number two I said:have you ever worked with clients that are happy is all you have to lie? I just don’t make any money and I see what how many clients have you made money as result of helping clients? If you helped-and he says and I said, okay, your job is to pick up the phone and call all of them and ask them to leave you a google review and he says the phone and call might as well. Okay, currently you’re a broke person who has a degree audit states are an business coach attorney, but it took up clients in my opinion, or not really a practicing attorney. You are just a man who has a law degree phone number, humboldt, humbling experience for the guy. He made a bunch of calls, got the ra google reviews up there from real clients he had worked with over the years, then I said you have to shoot an about us video to share your story, but he said why do I have to share my story? Why can’t people in I’m going to turn it unprofessional I’ve, been doing this for ever I and i? Suppose i, don’t want to beat you up, but I’m going to be very very few people have to like you have to know.

If I can trust you they would people literally have to have rapport with you before they want to learn more. They have to have some before they have to like. No one trust you to sean about us video for his website put the put the video on the website step 3. We will take google canonical website for him, and the website basket. States google compliant website on wordpress, so step google, map, step to the baddest video step. 3 went out there and built the website for, on the whole time, he’s getting reviews, and let me tell what the phone started to ring. He started getting new clients all the time he took care of those clients, those clients led to other clients with the work he had to put into it. Dr. Sibley it when timmy was like two separate the job of doing the wall work, the legal work there’s also the job of marketing the business and I think that’s the part that a lot of professionals are resistant to is is marketing that company. Why were you not originally resistant to marketing yourself as a business coach? Well, i, always believe the high-tech you got to be a good doctor. You got to stay apprised of what’s new and i, obviously stay educated, but by the same token, you going to be high I touch. That means that, obviously, you got to listen to your patients.

Talk to your patients, look them in the eye and be genuinely genuinely concerned about and if you’re doing those two things if you’re getting sick people well and they like you and they can see and feel that you’re, the real deal and you’re going to be there doctor when I’m out in public i, know I know if a patient’s on my team, because they will bring their husband or one of their friends over to me and say this is my doctor night, somebody who is very passionate about what you did and they referred you to wayne gretzky, who referred you to the best nhl hockey player of all time. My very close friend, frank sherry know he was a public relations for a number of 4 5 corpse. So you was at a public relations manager or something or he’s. Also, my patient referral right there in tulsa or where did this guy live, I bet in my phone grand lake and we had homes up on grand lake and we just brainstormed. Every saturday sounds awesome and you know we get to get out of there and we talk about how we can build our  business coach or business. Who could we bring in to also speak to our clients and we went to the daytona 500 and there was the patties? So so you know it’s just it just snowball like you know, because of hipaa and everything i. Just can’t tell you how many people that I have been able to touch that our way up there. We come back I want to hear the wayne gretzky stories. I know, there’s somebody out there who loves hockey, loves wayne gretzky, and they want to hear how you treated the great ones


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