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Entrepreneurs make mistakes. In this episode of the Thrivetime Show podcast, Dr. Z and business coach Clay Clark will talk about the upsetting mistakes that entrepreneurs have made and the concept of learning from mentors and not mistakes.  

  • What is the most upsetting thing that you have seen an entrepreneur do?


    1. Neglecting their family for business. Viewing each item as mutually exclusive.
    2. Quitting their day job before their business can feed them.
    3. Refusing to make sales calls consistently.
    4. Refusing to have consistent meetings.
    5. Refusing to create a no-brainer advertisement.
    6. Refusing to acknowledge how Google search engine optimization works.
    7. Continue not paying themselves after being in business for YEARS!
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at thrivetime show.Com business coach rotation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your podcast download jump. This is not give me the radio this, the podcast. We really at this point. We can do whatever we want and we brought the brass section in on the podcast right there. That was amazing. I’ve been trying to do street in intros to rr, podcast and radio. Show me about making some new ones and I want him to be street. Vendors I told you i, really really high school jazz band 7th 8th grade. Are you actually good? I was really good. Okay, I’m going to get good again. That’s why I took it home. I appreciate you investing in them in the listening experience of the listeners out there beautiful what is a question of my drivers? What is the most upsetting thing that you’ve have seen it on experience? Entrepreneur do what is the most upsetting thing:you’ve seen an entrepreneur and so I’m going to fire him out here, for you, I’ve got a lot of them and then I fire. My like for you chipped going to break him down. One is neglecting the family for business, so just butte doing each idea each item as a mutually exclusive, so she allowed to have like a really crappy business because they have a great marriage or really great marriage. Is it going to have a crappy business, really great business at a crappy marriage? Did they do you? Like me? Chidom is a mutually exclusive thing and it is entirely possible to be great in both areas. You don’t have to be just great in one. Could u t a p that up a little bit going to go to work shop? That’s a question I get asked a lot! That’s why I was going to bring up his is actually we had a driver come in from florida, yet the last workshop-and you talked about he’s literally spent just a lot of money on other coaching program, hundreds of thousands of thousands multimillion-dollar business as we can afford it, multiple business owner his whole deal was that you know the system that dr. Zoellner in you clay have built here, seems to be out of all of those, the very first one.

That kind of practice is what they preach her or does the walking know it’s from their own garden, whatever you want to say that gets ruined your schedule now your schedule, clay may have a ton of stuff on it, but you’re free to put all that stuff on, because you like what you do in his life, where he literally does what he wants to do. If he wants to go to work, he goes to work. If you want to go to philadelphia or pittsburgh to see you too, he does that, and so what it was cool is that seeing that the system can actually produce those fruits whenever so many people are looking for that exact thing, because it’s a huge huge problem, people get all in their business, they go all in and then they just don’t ever see their families. You know, speaking of doctors and i, believe my friend, how are you we got immunity? Is he can hear yourself? Okay, business coach podcast version so really we have no quality standards. Apparently not you know. Whenever we we have to do it on the radio me, we have to hit certain standard, but I guess podcast. We did. It all goes out the door right, but just came in the door. You just walked in the door. Of course. That’s what I meant I would never. Normally we would just wait for you to get all situated and stuff. We got a head start today on the podcast. Soak wonder why you wouldn’t know the question from the driver was:what’s the most upsetting, that you see that you have seen an entreprenuer? Do you know, as far as getting their life back messed up and I said? Onesie is neglecting their family for business and doing each item as mutual exclusive or they say, I have a great business or a great family and they constantly vacillate between having a great family or great business, but I didn’t get.

The idea that you can’t have both is wrong and said you can’t have it all it takes work. You know you have to sacrifice a lot of your own personal things and you may not be able to have a you may not be able to club champion at the at your golf course. You know you may have to not watch 5 hours of tv a day. Does the average american does get it for you? You have it all, but you can’t have it all, but you you have decided that you’re going to the best least 2 hours a day of just bathing in fish oil after consuming fish oil at least another hour of just steam bags, I mean you, don’t look the way you look without cuz, my kids are grown and you know I can I could take that 5 hours and just have me time’s running out fish oil and head to make a great conversation is there you can have both now the next thing I see as a business coach that entrepreneurs doing all the time. That’s crazy! He’s they quit their day job before their business can feed them that they have a business i, just barely starting to make how to make a profit rather than taking that money and put it back into the war chest they go well, things are going so well. What I’m going to do is I’m going to quit that day, job and then do they sabotage themselves.

They do, and it’s unfortunate and I think that’s why so many businesses fail is that they did they try to make the business pay for everything too soon I mean that’s really. What happens? Is that mean they’re, probably more money out of it and it’s not healthy than they can’t advertise correct. If they can’t market correctly, they can’t buy new infrastructure what they know, what they need to be doing because they’re making a car payment, the back of the house payment. Let me know what was the nastiest car that you had, or maybe the biggest example of where you are delaying gratification, that maybe you were you were living below your means of the house, or maybe you had a an old thermostat. You bruno is just nasty or maybe I’ll cut your own hair. The things you did to delay gratification. My first car was so bad. My brother wood duck down anytime. He was in it for the feathered hair. You know he had an old camaro that I helped him by paycheck cash. For it to hear this maroon firebird, you don’t want to talk with the bird on the hood canal, so he was, he was speeding. He was styling together here. I bought a 1974 baby blue for speed pinto runabout come to find out I plug in my life in my own hands. Yet that sits behind I go again on my butt, but I know. I was proud of you because hey I paid cash for 600 some odd dollars unit for speed. You know, man like a rock and roll diver, down and I have to push it down a lot of kind of parked on the hill cuz. Sometimes you need to grab you to help start it, but it wasn’t. You know what lot of business coach guys looked at it laughed at that car and I said. You know what, if I could find one right now watching the green one came through the day. That was an automatic. That’s no good as a pinto runabout for speed, preferably baby blue i, want to buy i, would be your huckleberry I want to buy that thing. If you have enough for sale, then I’m going to drive that thing around I can repeat one more time to make and model. If you have a 1974 pinto runabout, that’s will hatchback for speed and baby blue is first color choice. It’s got a sky blue baby, blue and i. Would rock that thing today and you just email info at thrive time should I come and see I’ll just buy it from you at you, i! Don’t try to modify another car to make it look like that, hilltop down the hill right I see that entrepreneurs do all the time making.

The question was:what is the most upsetting thing that you have seen her entreprenuer do just refusing to make your sales calls I just see that a lot more, it’s just like when I don’t want to make myself cuz i, don’t I don’t want to attend my meetings? I, don’t want to I just see that all the time temperatures refusing to do what you know to do for some psychological reason that I’m not curious to find out what I see a lot. Is that as you’re wrapping up and we’re helping clients in and they’re they’re getting more leads they’re getting big having to hire people there for people stop calling velita I’ll come on. That’s the main thing that we’re doing here. That’s the whole point is to call your legs to call the leads to sell them, something to make money to have time and financial freedom. So if you don’t call the lead, none of that other stuff to happen now, the next, the next total dysfunction. We see a lot is z, refusing to have consistent, trainings or meetings with your team. It’s, like you, know it’s starbucks open up every day. On the same, at the same time, does he I mean rumor? Has it you know southwest airlines? They maintain. Did the planes consistently and I’m glad to be open? You see a lot of entrepreneurs, they just kind of wing it and every day they might be open at 9 or 10:00 or 11:00 cuz. Most humans aren’t consistent by nature and so I’m really struggling with consistency. Just all-around what advice would you have for what what the brand of shock collar would you recommend probably what I would do I would go out and get a taser and anytime you’re late, and your business is no but I just tagged myself. I may just I mean you have to be able to understand that when opening closing business hours, when you commit to that you that has to be there, you have to be there, you have to come. I have to be there to open. That’s why you always want to have someone there 30 minutes before you’re open. You know that unlock the doors and be ready to go. I mean you that is so important, and that drives me up the wall when I go to a business and they’re not open, and they should turn on the door. It says they should be open at that i. Just usually don’t, but it is consistency. Clay is something that eat you’re, not very good at it. You have to be put out on another business coach podcast, a 21-day consistency, and that is his schedule to do an absolute written schedule. Yes, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, whichever your preference is to schedule out in 30 minutes chunks your day tomorrow, the next day the next day for do that for 21 days and try to hold to that schedule. You might take a look at the last 3 or 4 days and and write down what you did and you’d be surprised if that is scheduled, you drift and find next to you know:you’re you’re drifting in your you’re, not keeping your all of a sudden.

You like I’m, not i, can’t give you what type of thing you know those 21 days are gone, no guys right. If you are struggling to commit to a 21-day challenge of making a purposeful schedule and honoring what you put in the countertop people say they might come to a workshop about our listeners. Are other people learn about time management and we did some research and I’m going to read this model 10, you tell me this:is the model you’d recommend, you’re? Okay, because it’s by a brand called the next to professional series, if i, taser, international inc and this device I mean I’m just going to I’m going to pull up on the screens, I think you can look at it and the podcast, so we can really go into a deep and dark place. If we need to look for your to help you, if you’re struggling with being a focus to getting things done, you can buy a neuromuscular incapacitation tool in am I and I haven’t hit temporary overrides in attackers central nervous system. So I put it on drive time, so you can buy these soon. Your business coach job position, slackers central nervous system, limiting muscular control seconds, there’s no need to reload it’s going to meet it back up shot and it’s got a class 3a laser targeting. So you can like shoot yourself from a long distance. So you can have your spouse and you’re like nice, hey if I don’t make my sales calls that permission permission laser onstage I would not recommend doing that cool well. I want I want to make sure this one wouldn’t give you a 15-foot safety range, and it gives you ample space to make a safe $300 in the other. One was so I think it’s even more $1,299 if you buy a stun gun right now, if your self-and you can send as proof that you did it I’m going to give you a free copy of the boom book and I’m going to say, that’s a great investment. Motivate yourself does. He said people who cannot motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, mediocrity little thing, I see on the corner doing all the time that creates dysfunction. Is they refuse to create a no-brainer z? Is it a i, don’t want to chip in my brand new cheap in my brain i. Don’t want to be known as the cheap guy won’t. Let me tell you what your net worth of your brand or your brand for separately, pretty low. If you go out of business susie, you can’t sit there and take very proud prices. We would never come down off.

All prices are prices on the best prices. We weave steak houses that are perpetually going out of business. You got to get some butts in the seats. Baby, save someone’s us and they were fighting to know. Brandon are fighting the gravitational pull than a no-brainer creates how to tell when we got to come up with an idea we just have to now. If you are dead, set about just doing a value proposition, is there some things you can do? For instance, one of the guys that is a sponsor of our first workshop and is a gentleman that is near your heart comes on a lot of our shows. With that said, paul hood cpa, hell yeah, it is move. Is he got a free hour and a free book a free hour and a free copy of the snowball book by warren buffett man, like you, said, hey I’m, going to do your taxes on a cheap money to do your own taxes? That’s all good! You don’t have to necessarily do that. That is a move, and then you can also do it early on and said they would like to have a nice steakhouse. You know you can buy, buy one steak dinner, get the next one free. So then, all the sudden, you bring your date and now all the sudden you’re the snake and feel like spent it. It’s still nice, but now you can put a second steak free and now all the sudden to you, it’s half price, but you get. If you get butts in the seats. You know one thing that I’ve noticed about you:whenever you kind of go into a hillbilly voice, you automatically give them that business coach person to cb and I love that she pees when I cool there was nothing until I move wanted one I love to listen. You know, i, listen to the radio show I noticed that this happens when I love it because I feel like cb technology come back, needs to come back. I mean clothing, styles recycle back around. Why can’t we have like big cell phones and seabees again I mean come on if I can break up your back door. Your rocking chair come on all right. Okay. Now the final, the final thing I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs do consistently. That is definitely disturbing cuz it just it’s weird. Is they refuse to acknowledge, e28 google works or be that how to do it? They just they keep reading blogs, to keep going to be weird website to keep attending seminars. They keep fighting temple you’ve. Seen this before. We are going to argue with you that people do not use the internet to find surgeons where they don’t use the internet to find automotive repair or they don’t use it you’re going to come on man, i, don’t need for 10 people read google reviews alone before making a decision and most of them they trust them more than friends and family and clients, you’ve met or potential client. Would you say initially day when you tell him how google works, there’s a little bit of hesitation right there, because they just as soon as i, think they want a quicker way now, but it’s when we tell how it works, how it works and what they have to do to get to the top of it that I always hear they like will.

My sister was reading the blog, my sister should we lit without their noodling with leroy, and they are what we talked about. The one thing that’s really been kind of getting me lately is that all these sales people are going out. You know cuz. Now, a lot of our clients are at the top of google, cancel they’re getting all of these online marketing firms everybody reaching out and there-and it’s it’s good, though, because I’m calling on behalf google, how big are our favorite people in the community that I’ve had four or five clients bring in their marketing materials? To be like you guys, this is ridiculous. You got to see this cuz, they understand what these people are for. 25 99 a month, I can get you to the top of google and every single morning. So at least the arclight now we’re understanding but that. Yeah the reading the blogs listening to the online videos of people telling you how to get it doesn’t work, you cannot do it quickly or google would not be valuable. They want high-quality results so that the business coach advertisers will pay money to end every podcast with a boom like that one of those mistakes that I see a lot with entrepreneurs. Is they work for years and they never pay themselves. First, they never budget anything into the business actually pay themselves. Any money, I’m not talking about being the hog rosie I’m, just talking about paying themselves enough money to actually eat food and stay in the house once their business is actually doing. Well, so I’ll speak to do that, because there really a passionate about their industry, passion about whatever that is I mean they might just love, train and dogs, are they might lose love doing accounting and for them the work doesn’t actually feel like work cuz. They like it I see that a lot yeah they’re doing their hobby and then it’s like they want to grow. They want to keep reinvesting money and I keep just doing that and then pretty soon they realize they’re paying their teammates a lot more than they’re paying themselves.

Well, you know a lot of people hate to lose people, so when I’ve always pay really well, they look up and everyone else around him is making a lot more than they are and it just becomes kind of a i. Have it now and now you’ve heard this podcast and then for you to actually start to pay yourself. You’d have to actually reduce the pay of the current people, which doesn’t take me to go over well, so I would just say if that to you, and you currently are paying your people more than you’re paying yourself, and you feel like the changing your way you pay. Your people would create a problem with your current folks, z I would say to either at recruiting like new folks or through a trition. I would start to put in a system where you do in fact that your self more than your people but i, see a lot of pills are locked into that cycle. Where they’ve got long-term people who’ve been there and for the very beginning, z they set up the pay scale wrong, and so people are making far more than they are at. The other thing to is:are you pricing I I love your story about one day when you had that epiphany, when you had your dj business, she said you know what. If I raised every show $40, $40 and I’m doing a hundred shows a week that would be $1,000. That I can add to just me. Let’s eat me myself and I have to pay the three of us an extra $4,000 a week in 52 weeks. That’s roughly $200,000 extra that I’m going to pay my business coach self by just raising them. What the hell happened on and it have you to your side. While he’s on my I will delete all my gigs I really did think I would lose. I thought I would lose. Probably 25% of my gigs I think my mind. I, don’t never write, write down a specific number I thought it was significant enough of a jump going for about 650 show to 690 that I’m going to lose like at least a quarter of the iu rock, maybe one or two shows and you yet all the others that you made an extra 40 bucks, I just $40. So sometimes a business coach can look at your business and say:hey. Listen! You know we were. We can raise this young any like about to take her,, don’t know. I can’t I can’t raise my prices because you’re not built it on value. I built it on that and that’s part of my branding is that I’m going to be the cheapest guy in town on this. You know and get people off of that and to know that he doesn’t have me where you have to fire. Employees are higher or less expensive employees or or be no start stealing money out of your drawer. You know, but I think about you can also raise prices to clip. Just like you did made it $200,000 bottom line. Difference in your life, just around town, yeah i. Don’t i, don’t i, don’t need this I’m just going to do what I did is I went to my apartment to luby’s frozen yogurt bubbles. Yes, I checked bags of it. That’s good. We work with a client clay who he was in this spot and what we sat decided to do is pick a goal, a definite go and then be very intentional. On growing towards that goal, and at this level you get your raise. So that’s another which kind of grow your out of that girl grow your way out of that situation. I would just encourage everybody here. If you are coming to any of those dysfunctions, please do not hesitate to reach out to her.

She can email us info at thrive time show.Com. You can attend an in-person workshop, we’re here to help you, but we can’t help. If you don’t get a chance to know you buy your tickets for the next in person. Drive time show workshop. By going to thrive time, should I come and I’ll drive time should I come. You can find it in person business coach workshops. As I mentioned, you can find that one on one business coaching, you can find the vault of videos for just $19 a month. You can find tons of training videos and you can find this incredibly humble podcast, free to what


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