Learn to Train People to Train People | The 8 Stages of Business Development (Part 2)

Show Notes

As you begin to scale your business you will have to begin training the key people in your organization how to train people. Clay and Z are teaching you what it takes to scale your business and train the trainers on this Thrivetime Show podcast.

  1. Stage #3 – The Bipolar Teenager
    1. System 1 – Define Your Three-Legged Marketing Stool
    2. System 2 – Learn to Dominate Internet Marketing
    3. System 3 – The ABC Sales Machine
    4. System 4 – Define Your Product and Service Delivery Systems
    5. System 5 – Accounting Systems
    6. System 6 – Hiring, Managing, and Training People
    7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Proverbs 29:11
      1. “A fool always loses his temper, But a wise man holds it back.”
    8. NOTE – A common trait of all people that grow out of the chaos phase is that they choose to become more strategic and less emotional.
  1. Stage #4 – The Adult
    1. At this stage of the business, you must begin learning to train people that can train people.
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the business coaching led conversation is the thrivetime Show on your radio. Norwegian got a page 48 of the amazon best-selling book called start here. We’re breaking down the eight stages of building a successful business were talking right now about first to give birth to that business at stage 1 stage 2 is you have to raise that baby business, and so we have a guy on the show who’s gone from the baby phase to the next phase was business has been growing that company, but you first gave birth to his business, complete carpet cleaning, a business coaching client. So when did you first start complete carpet cleaning started complete carpet in 1999 18 19 years you been self-employed, good math. So what was the hairiest craziest nastiest? Just oh, my gosh I cannot believe it phase of your business.

Oh I had a small range where I was just taking anyting and I had learned yet that you know the hell gigs in to be really good at something. First before you take the job, so it used to be called the, hilton and I got booked it to be I’ll, be able to clean their tile on their fountain. I thought this is an easy day. Job no problem I can knock it out. 7 days later 7 days and a lot of business coaching equipment that hit eclipse the amount that I charged for the job I finally completed their very happy and I realize I should never do that again. Nice worst hell guy ever got in my life and I shawn copeland. If your listing, if you don’t, if you know shawn copeland with regions bank your friend my friend, there’s a shawn copeland I need you to send him a text right now and say:clay clark is sharing the story about the bixby blues festival event, this guy sean cope when he was the head of citizen’s security bank of the time and I want to say he was like maybe 35, maybe 30, ish and I was like 26 or somewhere in that range and I was just feeling dj connection. We got it to a good level. We lived out there, a hundred, 11th and memorial. He shakes my business coaching hand, he says:hey, you know how we’re going to do the bixby blues festival for the first time and we’re looking for a guy to run the sound for the band and I’m a dj running sound shop for a band is it requires lots of cables, lots of cords lots of technology lots of monitor just as a lot to it, and so I agreed to do it for free. Why wouldn’t you cappuccino and chandon? High-pressure me I wanted to impress sean.

So next thing you know, you know we got I’m, not kidding we’re, probably probably 20 grand in on business coaching equipment we had to buy to just make it work and we’re out there in bixby at the first blues, festival and I know my guys have never worked a two-day festival bbq festival in bixby there I took out there washington, park or something and I forgot to take down and josh smith is brother, branham are taking down and josh calls me, and he say we can’t leave this gear here by itself in the park, and it would take us at least 4 to 5 hours to take down cuz. It took us 45 hours to set it up for sure. So what do you want to do? And so I did what I thought any of any rational person would do. So? Yes, if you see to stay overnight with it yeah puppet in case he wants to stay in the park with the gear, yeah and I’m, not thinking about going all-in entrepreneur, not think about how crazy that was for the guys, i, don’t think about where they going to sleep. What kind of bedding accommodation nothing I’m just like yeah just did under a tent and I’m trying to keep the gear all dry? It just keeps getting better and not kidding.

There are certain people that meat and certain parks in tulsa late night for certain business coaching rendevouz I’ll leave it at that for certain people say who made it certain parks in tulsa for certain late night: rendezvous, rendezvous, stablish that really curly burly bromance on craigslist and abel consummated, and do there’s something weird going:i, don’t think thereafter equipment equipment walking around it’s weird, there’s a bear attacking the porta potty would bad. They were supposed to be on the news. I think the music fox was there something and they like panda quickly and we barely were on there. My wife is watching tv trying to see if she could see it’s like just crazy to try to give attention so tell my wife Point:i’ll hit you guys were on tv and I’m, like really just yeah. Looking like a bunch of idiots like shots interview, some of the fun fun aspects of starting a new business and raising that baby has stage. 3, this is the bipolar teenager phase of the business. If he ever raised a teenager pill been around a teenager or where a teenager, you know what I’m talking about it’s during this time that you’re just trying to get everybody to calm down and stop losing their freaking business coaching minds, because just like teenagers, overloaded with hormones and freaking out about their bodies and they’re changing rapidly, they don’t even recognize themselves in the mirror. That’s how you feel about the business awesome, because you’re getting more sales than ever before, but then you get sued for the first time that I don’t like to hear.

When we open up the auto auction, we grew too fast, you’re growing too fast, i, don’t even i, don’t even understand it I’m like no, then we just work harder. We just get more people, we just add more lanes. We just what do we need to do? Portmore see me and I mean this is what I can’t be growing too fast? This is what I’ve discovered, though as a business coaching professional, is a is a trait you just might be good good nathan for your job down. So I’ve noticed this. This is a trait of all people that grow out of this chaos. Space I’ve noticed that this is a character trait that I I believe that everyone can choose to develop. I’ve noticed it all. Very successful entrepreneurs choose to become more strategic and more cerebral and less emotional and the ones that can’t make that decision. Never move on to get stuck right there. A good idea to rowan right things are going great with the advertisers lot of great business coaching client to him all over the world attending our workshops, and so the velocities of our printing needs continues to increase. We need a lot of printing in warframe. We did. We put me more toner. We need more paper we’re office supplies, and so we turned to the good friends at onyx. Notch up I’ve been hooked on phonics, not improve my reading ability and but I’ve been hooked on phonics. That’s.

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It’s painful, you don’t want to do any of that baby business, it’s so needy if it needs so much from you that bipolar business in the bipolar teenager business, the hormones, the ups and the downs grade portal educate the entrepreneur out. There help help an entrepreneur out there. That’s currently at running their business like that, where they, when something bad happens, they just freak out on something great happens. If you see owners doing that, they close this, isn’t the best deal. I’ve been a pretty your whole team. When it when something bad happens, you like i, just shut the place down to say those words. I know it’s it’s it’s it’s horrible, and the thing about it is is that you can’t operate it like you’re on a roller-coaster. You just can’t roll. Costa I will look them in the himalaya. With this, a little bit of it. It looks like your dj. Your email I just got just a little bit a little bit flow to it. You know just a little bit up and down loaded up and celebrate your business coaching victories, but the negatives you wanted you to bring those up. You want to talk about that. I was at the teaching moment. You don’t bring up. You want that the atmosphere. You don’t want to focus on that. You want to focus on the winds you want to. You want to run towards rent, wins and and run away from the losses, the losses no need to pee and i. Don’t know you don’t even do that.

You know I think what happened is clay you as you as you go to that bipolar phase it and you do get that big victory. It is hard not to just go, lose your brain up and go to 2911 robert between 11 chippewa, put on the show notes, proverbs, 29:11, states, a fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back, and that’s where that wisdom comes in his understanding that hey it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint you’re in it for the long haul. It’s going to be okay, the, voice reason, winston churchill, like last time, I lost my mind, I totally lost my mind and absolutely was. Did it wrong thing, as in terms of like rice said gosh? That was bad. It was mm in in 3 ish, maybe 4, ish and i. Remember I got to work early as I did everyday about 2 hours before the team to type all the confirmation we booked a wedding i, would audit the paperwork and inspect it like 30 or 40 wedding, so we can make sure they got missed. You i, wanted for the day of the wedding is write. The contract is correct. You want to miss him as wedding. Some of that stuff, checking all the paperwork and I submitted to the couple with a business coaching confirmation and that’s what I would do, will I get there and somebody has changed the password on my computer, so I can’t log on to my paperwork.

So lord I know what that means and met a time that I would spend you the paperwork. Those two hours is gone so now I can’t do it till the rest of the team gets to work. Can I remember. Why would you change passwords on to log into your computer at your? Let me come home already kind of like this. You know another thing of inhibited me so I had to just basically wait for 2 and 1/2 hours for my team to get to work. Then I don’t know, i, don’t know how it happened. What happened, but somebody thought it was funny to move my scissors, because I am very particular about where everything is and so I might get started here today. Somebody change the business coaching password on my computer I need to get that fixed. You know, and it was. It was a dj forgot to fill up his vehicle with gas before leaving ran out halfway or something weird like that. That morning is like a weird horrible way to start the day, they’re going to the bama pie, retirement party, they called me said it ran out of gas. Come on guys. We got to be in a silver car with gas. You know, we’ve got to make sure we’re not changing the passwords. Of course, the people I’m talking to about these problems aren’t the ones that did it cuz, the guy, who did it is at the show. Of course I mean it’s always that so frustrated. So one guy on the team thought it’d be funny to move my scissors because he knew that. Like me, move my stapler, my sis looks so there’s always frustrates me. So I sit down like guys. Where are my scissors and who says i, don’t know, I put them next to your stapler, which he also moved so I said:curtis i, don’t see the stapler or the subject. I, don’t know where it is, but I can tell you this. It’s a travesty. It’s an abomination, it’s not like i, gotta pee and he starts kind of getting me, worked up, never been succumbs upstairs and I like if you don’t crazy, nevermind, just loving it. Oh yeah I swear if I find you know, I’m just going on the rest of my cat.

She’s, like hey babe, hear your scissors interstate, someone put them over here and I’m like oh thank you owner, be so wrong with your emotions, cuz it freaks out people, but it is entertaining. But after the moment I had a guy on my team would be a long time. He has a downer look on his face. The rest of the day, the next day and I’m like what’s going on it’s okay, i, just i, don’t know man. You said some things that really upset me. I can’t get over things quickly, get over things quickly. Does it mean your team with you? You know the new culture now seems we everybody good walks around looking to get offended. It’s not whether I’m going to be offended multiple offended today, if I’m lucky I mean everybody’s looking to get offended and see. If you can’t get past that phase of being a motion reactionary, we always offended that you can’t move on to the next phase, which is the adult phase stage school how we’re getting. This is much more fun that we are supposed to act like business coaching adults and generally, we do but occasionally lose all my nights. This is where most people get stuck. My friend, you cannot get stuck here most hard for you to get stuck here, because they are the ones who run every aspect of the daily business operations up all the sales, and they must make every key decision. Unless we can learn to raise other adults by teaching our employee children how to develop, we will get stuck here. You must learn to train people who can train people. That’s all I see so I want to be a nathan, and his business is growing. Complete carpet is growing on a the what questions would you have for doctors about training people and training? People can train to come back to get your cuz you’re doing this right now, yes, i. One thing that I’m in the middle of trying to figure out is:how do you instill your dna into what you’re going to train someone so that they can do it? The way that you would do it by your actions by your actions?

I probably have gotten as silly as it sounds. Almost more positive feedback from people watching me pick up trash in my businesses, then just about anything I mean it’s. It’s kind of kind of crazy, it’s kind of like hits the most menial tasks, it’s sometimes dirty and in quite frankly, people just walk over something all day long when I see things I pick it up and I address it, and when people know that I’m I care about the small things, it’s it’s a big thing to me, but when I care about the never mind the small things, then that just really really cares. He talks the talk, but you also walk the walk. I think the biggest a lot of people get up and have the office meeting and I do all these things and policies and procedures, and then there a goofball then otherwise they don’t follow through on what they’re, saying and so I think it’s very important that your actions and know that when you’re at that business anymore, you’re not in that business, people are watching you. Let me when you’re out in public. You know you was driving to work and you know I was since I was young timing it trying to get there on time. You know cuz I’m right up afternoon. Patients I’m in the car. Just come slam over to catch me off, I mean nearly caused me to wreck I mean was a perfect business coaching example.

I could have laid on the horn. I could have given them something out. Some signatures with my pans. I could have a maturity. You caught up to them, like the 18th at scene, where you’re in in one vehicle, have your body’s or hold on to the other one. So that’s what that’s? What happens when I take a deep breath? I said they must be in a bigger hurry than i. Am so I didn’t say anything I didn’t do anything. I was I was kind of whatever he waited for a stoplight and and they turned in and then next thing you know shut up. My parka got in my car and I’m composing myself. You know how to get to little. You know it’s at road rage, which of the like. You know you can be offended, I mean to be upset, I get in my mindset, mind you know, showtimes and I walked in the exam room, and that’s the driver sitting in the chair, and my point is:is that i? Would you know I’ve been with someone? You were justified to hug, you just said you were just five. Wrong you’re, wrong and I took the high road. You take the high road and speaking of my things, things that are above thanks but I think about business coaching or about roofing. You know somebody who has a roof leak or see. If you have a rough I mean really should call these guys sure both inspected before the rains come down. It is pissed a season for the rainy. Give me a call to messick roofing.Com mess, roofing.Com messick roofing.Com, their phone numbers, 918-747-7141 I 187-477-1417. That number again with that number. It’s 918-747-7141 address roofing.Com


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