Learning from Leslie Odom, Jr. | Breaking down Leslie’s New Book, Failing Up

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Clay Clark breaks down the words of wisdom found within Leslie Odom Jr.’s new book, Failing up. Leslie burst onto the scene playing the part of Aaron Burr in the smash Broadway hit Hamilton and since then has sung for the Obamas at the White House and has won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical.

BOOK – Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning

  1. https://www.amazon.com/Failing-Up-Risks-Higher-Learning-ebook/dp/B072MPQLJQ  

QUESTION – What is weighing you down?

Page 5 – “I found myself at on of life’s most common rites of passage, a graduation, and I knew from past experience that there would be things I’d have to leave behind. Some things don’t travel well from one time in your life to the next. Like broken-down rides and ratty furniture – bad habits, toxic relationships, unhealthy thought patterns – there should be shedding around graduation day. The old stuff will only weigh you down.

ACTION STEP – What habits do you need to break today?

Page 7 – “Some paradigm shifting advice from a mentor and practical application brought me from one of the saddest times in my life to a Broadway stage at (what felt like) the center of the theatrical universe for a time and… wait – what time is it?

Stewart K Robinson – Leslie’s father in law:

  • Leslie could not take advice from his father in law until he had a breakdown.
    • He had his breakdown before he had a breakthrough

Page 11 – “There was failure before. After, too. In drafting these pages, I try to choose personal stories and life lessons to help illustrate my thesis that spectacular failure is the secret ingredient to your ultimate success.”

ACTION STEP – You have to fail faster and learn from your mistakes

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you avoid failure then you will become a failure” Clay Clark

Page 16 – “Like many others, I have an early educator to thank for helping me make that initial connection. Mrs. Frances Turner was my fifth-grade social studies teacher and my first mentor.  

Page 25 – “Trust opened the door to one of the most formative and valuable relationships of my young life.”

Page 29  – “On the way up there’s plenty you can do on your own. There’s a great deal in these pages about how to make the best use of an hour of private time. The work you put in when no one one is watching will matter fay more than the work you do when the camera is rolling.”

Page 82 – “Sixty percent of conservatory training happens in front of a mirror for one reason or another.”

Looking into the mirror in business:

  1. Recording calls
  2. Scripting
  3. Sales presentations
    1. ACTION STEP – Blockout time to review the “mirror”

Page 41 – “Standing in that line, which wrapped around the block, I was confident of only one thing: no one would be able to say that they loved this work of art more totally or purely than I. My preparation has made me fearless, and I had no expectations.”

  1. Preparation is key
    1. Practice until perfect

Page 44 – “Every no you hear is a no on the way to your ultimate yes.”

Page 52 – “From then on this would be the bar against which I would measure all other creative experiences. Does it feel as good as that felt? Do I feel the same sense of fulfillment as I felt during that time?”

Page 53 – “The interim years were filled with effort, some success, plenty of failure, and faith. Faith will deliver the reminder that disappointment and failure don’t have to be fatal. In those times when you have done your  very best and still come up short, faith fills in the gaps between your reality and your dreams. Faith is what sustains you in the wilderness.”

Page 54 – “The biggest break is the one you will give yourself by choosing to believe in your vision, in what you love and in the gifts you have to offer the waiting world.”

Page 59 – “Talent isn’t everything. Talent is nice. In some instances, it is a leg up, but it’s only a part of what you’ll need for success ultimately. Hard work and perseverance are almost more important.”

  1. ACTION STEP – go and gather 1 Google review per day, everyday, you will have massive success.
    1. You must push through the following
      1. Fear
      2. Doubt
      3. Laziness
  2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “88% of consumers trust online reviews.”
    1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/12/28/how-important-are-customer-reviews-for-online-marketing/#472b1a391928

Page 77 – “I had the time of my life at Carnegie. I learned and grew in ways that are still revealing themselves to me. I made lifelong friends, My professors taught me method and process. THe taught me craft. Craft makes you reliable, and reliability gets you work.”

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coaching universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more i, tried, nation welcome back to the prime time show on your radio. Today’s show isn’t, with this type of play, show titled ode to leslie odom, jr mode to leslie. Odom jr I recently went to st pete beach in florida and whenever I travel, I travel with books and so I read three books. While I was gone already, capital gains by chip gaines great book, I read filling up by leslie, odom, jr and i, read soaring by td, jakes and I can say of the books. I read all of them were good, but this book really was a game-changer for me because it reminded me of the things I used to not know and I think it would encourage somebody out there.

Let’s go to leslie odom jr. He is one year younger than me. He was born in 1981 because he’s 36 button to the world didn’t know his name until 3 years ago. So imagine what it would be like to be 33 and to not be successful in your career. You feel like you’re, 33 and he’s like you. Have your not hate you you’re not getting to where you want to go so leslie odom jr in his book. He describes this before he got cast as ehrenberg the lead character in the broadway musical hamilton before he got cast for that. His career had been spent largely doing things that he hated, so an example would be. He actually got to be like the thumbprint guy on csi. You know so he had like a speaking line in that he was in all these business coaching movies in a lot of movies. He explained in his book. They typically need an african american in most movies because they have to if it got to keep a diverse, and so he said he would put pretty much get a role as a token african-american in a lot of movies, and he said he just never got a chance to be taken seriously, and so he was just getting to a place of despair. This very very frustrated, and he explained his book called failing up how to take risks and higher and never stop learning how he was able to break out of that cycle of being a stuck in his career and so I’m going to go ahead and read you a notable quotable from 3 page 5 from page 5 in the question that we had to have your before I read this notable quotable is:what’s weighing you down. What is when you do that the junior asks the business coaching question.

You know what was wearing him down before. He got the role of aaron, burr and hamilton, who writes here. I found myself at one of life’s most common rites of passage. A graduation I knew from past experience that there would be things I’d have to leave behind some things. Don’t travel well from one time in your life to the next, like broken down, rides and ready, furniture bad habits, toxic relationships, unhealthy thought patterns there should be shedding around graduation day. The old stuff will only weigh you down on the rest of them on the threshold of a milestone birthday, I questioned whether I needed to lighten up so I want to ask you this. Your doctor, sibley, there’s somebody out there listening today, who wants to be successful, but they have old thought patterns have been proven to not work old habits and old friendships. They need to let go of the need to study to quit hanging out with those people need to quit. Thinking that way they need to quit. They need to stop at a checkup from the neck up talk to talk to the listeners out there, but why this is absolutely so powerful. Well, it’s you’re only as business coaching successful as the people you associate with, and obviously you want to start associating with people that are more successful than you, because you learn from them. So when you’re down with bad ideas and a bad attitude and you’ve got these bad baggages, you have to just kind of give yourself on mind, anima and get all this stuff out of you.

Yes, so that you can have that energy returned to you that you’re missing right now, because your business is in the dumpster. You know leslie odom jr, one of the things that some paradigm-shifting advice from a mentor and practical application brought me from one of the saddest times in my life to a broadway stage and what felt like the center of the theatrical universe for a time mentorship pieces, some paradigm-shifting advice from a mentor and practical application. Think about that i! Think! There’s somebody out there that all you need is mentorship. We also have to apply it and shut. This idea blows my mind of a climax work with years ago, this guy, with most humble coachable guy ever his business just grew. He came into our business coaching meetings you like what do I need to do. I told him what to do. He said how does google work? I told him. You said hey. How do I find good people I tell him. He says how do I make a sales script I tell he just doesn’t all big success and his son, his son, totally not coachable. His son now wants to start a company and the dad says clay I’d like to pay your coaching fees to help my son and I said:do you think your son will be successful and he says to me no honest answer:why he’s not coachable have been wasted money but I’m not going to take your money? If you don’t want to actually apply what you learn so dope right on some of your clients that you feel like these guys, they they are applying with their learning cuz.

There are people out there that are coachable and all they needed to know what to do. Cuz I got to go. Do it yeah, absolutely i. First want to start with a guy that I met with yesterday, dr. Jay schroeder franklin. In murfreesboro, tennessee, so diligent and implementing systems is hiring system is up and full orbit we’re tracking it literally everything that we need to track to know. If his team is on track to know, if we’re seeing them out I’m out of patience, we need to and guess what this week he is in cabo on a vacation he’s on vacation with his family for a long time, and now he is doing it, he’s got people managing his practices, he’s got. What are doing what needs to be done and he’s able to actually meet with him while he’s gone because the systems are in place, it’s awesome by dr. J, where you was out there, wit, wit wit. Dr. J, go in there to get me an iced out pineapple, it’s a kind of like a bird i. Just want him one time i. Let me know if you’ve also, if you could take the mix, double bacon from the buffet wynn buffet that be nice and coconut coconut. Like a business coaching monkey, you bring that bag. That’s all I’m, saying stop. So anyway, and it has taken a lot of effort and a lot of weekends he’s had to put in he’s had to miss some of his kids events and things cuz. He knew what he was working towards and he’s getting there that he basically gets stuck. You know what to do, but there was a mentor available to him, but he didn’t talk to him and you know why chappie didn’t talk to this potential mentor stuart k, robinson robinson was an actor coach, he’s a basically a life empowerment coach helps actors because it was his father-in-law was too close. He couldn’t be receptive until they had to break down wednesday to break down to 3/4 at breakthrough.

On page 8, we met for food and after listening thoughtfully, to all the reasons why I decided to leave the business he wanted to quit acting sick of this tired of that regular depression, tokenism and movies student loans. No money and complain here, stuart pause for a moment to make sure I was prepared to hear him. I sat up in my seat, ready to listen. He began less. Of course you can quit that’s fine and we can talk about what you might do next and how to go about it and I could support you in that. But I’d love to see you actually try before you quit take about 10, so he’s a try when we mean try as it as a working actor for a decade, I had the wounds, calluses and imdb credits to show for it when an business coaching opportunity presented itself you’ll be hard-pressed to find many people who tried harder than me. Stewart knew this and ice didn’t, and still he was looking at me and telling me he wanted me to try. He said you know how to succeed when the phone is ringing, but what about when the phone’s not ringing, still not? What did you do for yourself today? Did you call anyone to get a job? In what ways did you take charge of your crate of life? Did you send an email to someone who might be looking for an actor? Did you read anything? Did you ride anything? Did you take a class? Did you practice? What step forward did you actually take today in the absence of the phone ringing? Stewart was reminding me of that thing. We all know deep down if you are willing to take one meaningful step on your own behalf toward making a dream come true.

Today the universe will meet you where you are and help you take two man. Just and i. Remember what it felt like to buy all my dj equipment to own it all to have a storage facility. I pay like is a 94 96th and riverside right there across from a kum & go gas station there, and there was a merritt’s bakery over there and i. Had my storage facility and I paid like $500 and storage facility and I paid like $2,059 a month for my yellow page ad and i, had about $25,000 of equipment and when I leave would come in people with this is before business coaching website leads, you would call, and if I missed the call chubb I come back once I’ve tried, I tried i. What can I do if the djs you know if I asked to dj is to try to generate referrals. They didn’t do it and I was afraid to pick up the phone and I was alone and hopeless and there’s no business coming in and then my wife said horrible horrible things to me one day cuz she had a job. She worked at the office depot. She walked to work cuz, we didn’t have a car, we always shared a car and you work the door. You and I had three jobs, applebee’s target directv and does she said hey? Are you going to sell something today? It’s always told about these hot leads. I was working so hard, I’m working on it and she’s going to close something today, but not like in a mean way. Just like she was concerned, i, remember thinking, that’s when I realized I’m going to have to do something. Cuz nobody’s going to come. Help me right. I went over to jill wittenberg business at the bridal warehouse I went up to jill, wittenberg and I said how many click lock of a dj and I would like to see if all the bride’s who buy a gown from you can register for a chance to win a free, dj and I’ll.

Give every single bride that books of dread or buys address for me, I’ll give him 25% off and I also give a free wedding to something one of them. Do you think, and she says yeah and just the idea that she said yes every week, I would go bring the fish bowl back and I had about 15 leads to call that’s awesome and I decided to call them all until they cry by or die and I begin to book two weddings a day, three weddings a day. I remember tell my wife:i can just book it on for 5 every week for four or five weeks in a row, I’m going to facebook for 5 weddings a week for four or five weeks in a row, I’m going to quit all three jobs and just doing what I had to do and help me by feel like I was stuck I know. There’s somebody out there to listen to you feel stuck if you feel stuck I would, without reservation, I encourage you to buy failing up by leslie odom jr. It is a phenomenal business coaching read. Failing up by leslie odom jr had to take risks in aim higher and never stop learning. What are the things you have to do to be successful entrepreneurs you can never be content in our bathroom i. Wasn’t really content with the level up clean, so clean that we could begin to use the urinals as a drinking fountain or busy got to save time where you had what? If there’s a line for the drinking town, why can I use a urinal right? So I thought you know what we got to call the best people to work with a dupont google. Just? Don’t doctors total any concept of these people? D classic clean.Com classic janitorial service get ahold of these guys, d classic clean. Comcom at 918-671-2046, +918-672-671-2046 again 918-671-2046 be classics:clean.Com, 3, 2, 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone. What is this sharks in the category of business?

Dentist appointments and we go so fast that you might get motion sickness and some fruit like some forward 3 2 1 here come the business ninjas trap, nation welcome back to his right back, show on your radio, your daily audio dojo of mojo, where you go to learn how to start and grow a successful company we’re reading. Today, hayward we bring some extra for breaking down a book but called failing up by leslie odom jr. How to take risks, aim higher and never stop. Learning. I can say this honestly of all the books I’ve ever read. This is one of my favorites. It’s just such an easy read. It’s so sincere. It’s so thought fentic as this man bears his soul, and explain, explain what it’s like to try to make money as an actor going from check to check, never really getting ahead, but then coming to grips with. The reason why he wasn’t getting ahead was because he was the problem in explaining for everybody out. There was ever seen the hamilton musical or knows about hamilton leslie odom jr played the main business coaching character, aaron burr, and he explains how is low totally changed. Not by getting that role, but by changing is a mindset which allowed him to get that role allowed him to start a band. He now tours with his band a lot of the right music and allowed him to get more rolls and this guy and he just a fabulous, a fabulous story. A great read:it’s going to be raining here from page 11, page 11, from filling up by leslie, odom jr, where he writes there was failure before after 2 and drifted in drafting these pages, I tried to choose personal stories and life. Lessons to help illustrate my thesis that spectacular failure is the secret to your ultimate success. There was failure before after 2 in drafting these pages I try to choose personal stories in life, lessons to help. It was straight my thesis that spectacular failure is the secret ingredient to your ultimate success:lin-manuel miranda, who wrote who wrote the the broadway sensation, hamilton stockton impulse and inspiration for 6 years.

He picked up ron, chernow’s biography about a complicated historical figure and wrote an entire musical odyssey that begins with the question how he tracks the founding of a nation and a three-hour roller coaster ride that follows, and he pulls pulls pieces together to discover how a bastard orphan son of a whore born in a squalor in a forgotten spot in the caribbean, grows up to be a hero and and a scholar predictions. My friends he says, are overrated. On the hamilton stage alone, looking out at the empty business coaching seats, no one could have predicted the place where we find ourselves from the place. We began think about that. So this guy started is acting career and had no momentum, but he was kind of afraid to fail, but he says it’s spectacular. Failure leads to success so till i. Think about this podcast I think about i. Don’t know how many reports I don’t know the number it’s it I would just say for about three years, we’ve been requirement for 7 years I’ve been recording video and audio training for the last 7 years. So he just has been grinding that out, you know, but the last three two and a half of it in the business coaching podcast, what it felt like to be not in the top 1000 of itunes yeah i. Never talk to you about this, but I got to give me updates what we’re at and there’s 530,000 podcast in the world and we broke into the thousand, is probably about 4 months ago. Did a secret like a little jiggle down? Cuz I knew where, in that top 5% still no one cares world when itunes, where, where we, where we rank in the world right now number 53 out of how many that 530,000 podcast recording the wall street journal write those get more shows out there more content out there more lines in the water doctor silly.

What would you say for somebody listing out there who says I want to ride a hamilton play too I just wanted to spend the six year was doing it. I want to become an actor and I want to be successful too I just don’t want to get rejected when I auditioned, you say to the person who fears, rejection, above, all else prepare for failure. That’s the irony, isn’t it that’s the irony of the whole thing if you avoid exactly that’s just a crazy idea to me that that blows my mind if you avoid failure by default, you become a failure. Example, one of our show sponsors is onyx. Imaging. These guys are growing. Are they not? They are more than 5% from 15 to 30% discretion it and we met them. First, at a workshop, you think one of their employees listen to her show she so shut up brother. Yes, he recommended that the owners come to supper. Cecil came to the workshop first, then, the second workshop you, which means that we shamelessly plug them because they pay us when people put their money where are mouth is what we just want. We we we let them to make sure they’re good vendor, that’s first and then too, if we like it, we actually. So we have an average business coaching people estimated about 33,000 people, listen to our show at any given time. So we know that they’ve landed a couple. Big accounts that they’ve landed, hey I heard about you guys on the drive time, show I got some big accounts, but think about how many people haven’t called them right. How many people have realized office supplies are very expensive and they realized that I am i, really don’t want to drive to to office depot to get it. They stayed takes a lot of time and money, but yet they still haven’t called. Yet. Why are advertised on radio for 26 years tip top of mind of ubiquity? Everybody knows who dr. Zoellner is not right because of that consistency, and he probably wasn’t like the best is his commercials, probably weren’t the very best commercials back on day one right, but he failed faster. He did more. He did more. He got really good at him. Now.

Everybody knows who doctors he is he’s now got into a great rhythm listening right now and you’re saying to yourself. You know what I want to reward the diligence of a hard-working company I would encourage you to visit our friend, onyx imaging.Com no-brainer they’re, offering right now so right now, if you get ahold of these guys and request a printer service or office supply quote they’re going to give you a free ink cartridge for whatever printer you currently have, and the reason you want to get ahold of these guys is because, first of all there the highest reviewed by the most reviewed printer service, printer supply company in oklahoma. Okay, if your printer goes down, they will bring you a loaner printer that take yours and fix it. They have printer cartridges that they manufacture in tulsa, with a lifetime warranty and they’re 60 to 70% cheaper than the original manufactured one. So what kind of people these guys are? You guys are super diligent super hard working and caring people. That’s the main thing that I’ve noticed about working with him, as they would literally want to do a good job. They care about their business coaching reputation. They care about their customers sosamann next day, delivery price matching on office supplies get a hold of them at onyx, imaging.Com, onyx, imaging.Com, or call him at nine one. Eight six, two 6611 918-627-6611 get your free ink cartridge today, with a request for a printer service or office supply quote I will tell you this I I love the socks image in will use their services. They are great guys if you want to do me just one favor today, one favor got two two things you could do here:one go to onyx imaging buy something from those guys are great guys or go by yourself to yourself a treat by by the filling up book by leslie, odom jr. Book is spectacular.

You filling out by leslie odom jr, welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business questions live on the air, alright, try to make it back to the conversations they were breaking down. The best-selling book called filling up by leslie odom jr, the man who played aaron burr on the hit broadway musical phenomenon known as hamilton. If you’ve yet to buy his book, it is so good. It brings me back to 8:33. He was experiencing what I experienced at age 18, so I got a 15-year head start on him, but I felt the same. Emotions I experienced the same as the same process. I I I know what it’s like when your life is not going the way you wanted to go and you’re not getting ahead and you sent you don’t see yourself improving and you just feel like you’re set adrift you’re just out there, drifting and you’re out there just kind of on a dinghy just floating around. You know thinking about getting back to the beach and you’re drifting further and further away, and you feel like you’re, going to end up being stuck set adrift. You figure going to be business coaching lost, and so he talks about this and what are the things he talks about his books? He talks about mentorship in the power of mentorship and I want to read from page 16 of his book. We talked about what a mentorship relationship looks like he says, like many others, I have an early educator to thank for helping me for helping me make the that initial connection.

Mrs. Frances turner was my 5th grade social studies, teacher and my very first mentor I was a rowdy unfocused 10 year old, when I arrived in her class and I can’t say we hit it off right away back then I couldn’t think of a subject:more dry enjoy list in social studies and I held mrs. Turner in contempt for having volunteer lee chosen at this. At some point this to be the subject that she taught he moves on to explain. This is where it it’s crazy. He says still I didn’t have the tools yet to understand how to make myself behave like the other kids I had no clue how to begin to put my energy to a better use. It would take five more years and the help of a no-nonsense social studies teacher to help me figure that out. So this teacher begins working with him to help him calm down just focus and he talked about it and hit it off with her at first and I would say this. That mentorship is like absolutely a aa. It’s a weird! It’s a weird business coaching relationship. It’s weird, because you’re asking someone to give you advice on how to get better, and if you were already doing it, then you would need the advice. So you ask somebody to help you and if they tell you what to do and it’s opposite of what you’re doing most people get irritated so most people. This is so funny, but he won’t say it all on me. Some up my business coaching meetings for my with i, really good clients. I worked for years like dr. Joe, live kirkpatrick & lai. It’s like this clay. How you doing man is doing great joe. What’s going on, tell me what’s look at your stats this week and see where we’re at with this week job he decided to start doing implementing the text system that used to get all the patients yeah and he booked 26 new patients this week as a result of having his front desk lady text, everybody so awesome text, all the customers, you text and call you know I previously they were just calling the cool thing about dr. Joe, though, is he doesn’t fight me? He just says hey I want to start doing texting like you do. If your haircut place.

What program do you recommend when I said I recommend google voice, he says cool? What would you recommend that we do to make sure that leads, get called right away and I said well what you want to do if you want to set up a ringer on your emails when I leave comes in and immediately dinks, when someone fills out the form that sounds nice, it’s okay, cool he’s just took cut down on staff gossip or what it. What should I do. I said, put in the cameras, put the cameras in you can hold people accountable, they know they’re being watched and it just better at safety, super target. Does that mean come on? What walmart does it I mean just need driving your car? Now, there’s cameras everywhere, I mean so he never gives me push back. The relationship is very, very win-win, very copacetic, very good, but there are some clients that want to be a client in the you. You saw me do that with a guy. Want me to his name or industry. He wanted me to coaching client, and you remember the no-brainer that he was wanting to do these industry, but he was at home repair of some kind how to earn your business as a landscape. Okay-and he says no brainer-is if someone pays up-front for the year and never used the landscaping service before right. If they pay up front for the year, I’ll go ahead and mow their lawn for $500 as opposed to 7:50, but they’ve never used it before then I said what you should do, the first mow for like a dollar or something so people can see you because I’m not going to mow their lawn unless they free and I said katie.

You been in business for how long and chuck we having a call with him yeah business for years and he’s never made a profit and he’s going so I want to know what language can I put on the site. That will help people better understand the idea and I said so. You’re saying you want first time. Customers would never use you before to prepay in advance for a full year for landscaping for a discount that you’re no brandon was absolutely can save a lot of money to prepay. How do you handle a situation like that when something is asking for mentorship? It doesn’t want well, first of all, that’s kind of ridiculous and not in my opinion, that you’re going to ask someone to prepay all of this money when they don’t even know who you are right. It’s kind of like going into the doctor. Do you go to pay I heard that you take out appendix? Are you good at it? Well, i. Don’t know right just give me the money. Give me some money to move on to step. 2 I said so step 2. We need to make sure you get google reviews cuz. If your absolute loyalty, this you need to have at least a hundred reviews, so people will trust him and he said I am not going to call business coaching people and ask them for review. That’s ridiculous waste of my time. I need to focus on the on the vision, search up you’re. Not into that call. Can you can you unshare with a driver’s? What I did pretty much just said? Hey this will be the last time we talked and we’re not going to work together and I’m going to refund you paid, because this is not a viable option and, in our opinion, we’ve done this a lot of times a lot of industries and we are not willing to accept the advice that we know will work, and so it’s just not going to be a good fit and I did that friday I can prove my weird day.

That. That lady I was telling you about on friday this lady. She calls us one didn’t help her grow a business website and it’s built on flash to it can’t be indexed in google search results. That’s what you want, and so she said, I want to get to the top of google. How do I do at my supposed to switch to a wordpress base website and as opposed google? He like wanted to know if you want to know how to do it. He’s like not arguing with me. Okay will do. Came to see how she sounds good, but I’m not going to switch to wordpress I just felt my other side, that’s cool, but cuz you just built it or because you spent time on it doesn’t change how google works right. You still need to have a wordpress best, wordpress base website. Oh my gosh deleting me and that’s why you’re not going to hire, but it’s just crazy I mean it’s just people that I don’t want mentorship. If you read leslie odom’s book failing up, he explains how he resisted business coaching mentorship for years and we’re all honest with ourselves. Everybody myself included. We resist we resisted or resented mentorship at one point in our lives. I want to ask you if your listener and what area are you pushing back against mentorship and unfortunately, in the world of small business, I’d, say 90% of small business owners pushback about accounting, best practices? They don’t know if they’re not ahead of their taxes, they’re behind their taxes, they’re not sitting beside enough money for savings, they’re not setting employees up properly, and they don’t want mentorship in the areas of accounting, tax, preparation and finances. If you want that, a kevin, mentorship and accounting I encourage you to go to hood cpas,, that’s hood, cpas. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com, all right transmission.

Welcome back to the front time show on your radio, or today we are breaking down the best selling book filling up by leslie odom jr jr is the character who played of the actor, who played the character, aaron burr in the broadway musical phenomenon known as hamilton. Since then he has performed for sold-out audiences. He sung for the obamas at the white house. He won a tony award for best leading actor in a musical, and he also now has a band was traveling around the country performing music and i, just I just I’m, so excited about this guy’s life and I’m excited, but his heart and it some point. Leslie odom, jr I would like to interview you on her show, because your your book was so powerful for me because, as a coach is a business coaching, I always want to connect with my client and help them succeed faster and one of the things your book did. Is it brought me back to a place in my life where I remember what it was like to feel like I wasn’t getting ahead when I feel like I was stuck, and it’s been so long since I felt like that that this book was a great way to reconnect with that spirit of what would it feel like that met the memories of what it would be like to not be able to grow in your book here on page 25? And what was he talking about trust and how you have to have trust in somebody to receive mentorship from them? Trust chop, trust, cordless chop, explain this to the listeners and why you as a coach, must have trust with that client. He writes trust open the door to one of the most formative and valuable relationships of my young life, the tension and hostility, faded away, francis and I became congenial even friendly over the time after meeting with my dad I began to regard mrs. Turner.

This is his teacher as someone whom I could trust for the next four years. For the rest of my time in middle school, and even my first year of high school, my coach and I went undefeated in the philadelphia speaking competitions. We had quite a run. So here is social studies. Teacher realize this kid an overactive business coaching mind and she said leslie got to you got to be more disciplined. You got to calm down, you got to quit, freaking out, I’m glad she got it, and so he absolutely would not listen to her. So his dad. You know if your pic your teacher calls your dad and it says you have to come to school. It’s going down. Please dad told him is a kitty’s. Listen! Your full-time job is to work. I have a job but you’re fulton time jobs to work at your school work at your studies, get good at school, so his dad was in raged that he to go meet with his teacher, so mrs. Turner, since his father down, explain to him that your son has unbelievable verbal communication skills and could really be something special, but he’s a loose, cannon and so I need to be able to work with him and I need for you to support me in that, because, if not he’s going to be an idiot and his dad got them in the car and no uncertain terms, explain to him, you will listen to mrs. Turner and if you don’t so he’s, okay, we’ll mrs. Turner, told him step one. We going to do your dad back to his as my back. Your dad supports me. You’re going to do is speaking competition competition. What I mean you know, cuz kids would be athletes, they want to play sports you’re going to speak leslie, so she forced him into something and that end up becoming his career, and he went undefeated for 5 consecutive years in debates and public speaking in that teachers, the one who pushed him but just talked to the other relationship you have about one of your clients.

You work with it I think about all this client they’re really having the winds. I think about I’m going to go. I want to talk, because it’s just a wonderful man and you’re always bragging on guy shepherd and his team. What are the same time you give them into relationship with god. Absolutely talk to me about that. What is that business coaching relationship look like? And how do you build that trust? Well, it starts with communication right letting him know as we get to know each other in the in the beginning. This about a year-and-a-half ago been working together for quite a while now, but making sure that he understands where my heart is. My heart is to help him grow. His business achieve his goals and we know the proven systems and that’s why he decided to work with this right. So it’s all about communicating what you, what it, what you’re trying to accomplish with a person and then always being there being consistent to build that trust right and so now, like you to send the relationship I have with guy. It is see super coachable super open to feedback, and he wants that. He heard that he super excited every time. I talk to him. He goes. Is it thursday morning already again I’m so pumped and we just dive into it, because he trust that the system works, and he knows that I have his best interest at heart, doctor sibley, as a as a chiropractor or doctor john sibley. Comets, dr johnson.Com you’ve been treating patients for over 20 years. You’ve treated patients such as wayne gretzky I mean you working some big names, great one mom. You help people that have arm pain, carpal tunnel fertility issues, those migraines neck pain in the ass. So many ailments in this is this way, I think the customers. Think of you help me sort through this. Okay, if first take out what he wants me to do. If he wants me to commit to a monthly adjustment cuz, he wants to get paid for ever and then you are trying to help people stay in alignment is not drip out of alignment, but there’s a cynical business coaching mindset as a mentor or coach or somebody helping you that what they’re doing is there just trying to get in your pocket every month?

Can you explain your genuine reason, your ass? Now? Why you want to see your patients once a month once a month or more to keep them in aluminum skunks playing with that looks like well. If you do have degeneration in your spine, arthritic changes, degenerative disc disease, these kind of things they’re not going away their manageable, sometimes they’re, not curable. So, in order to manage those things you need to come in maybe a month, every tomb, whatever that case, maybe whatever keeps you comfortable and I’m, not anti-drug, but if we don’t need to take them and we can use them or conservative treatment protocol and then you need to come in once a month. How do you establish with the patient that they should trust you? How do you establish how you get them to trust you? How did list of clients that work with you and trust you? How do you? How do you build that business coaching trust, I go in and talk to them about their problem and I smell them? This is not a dark hole. Hear that you’re going to fall in to and never surface again we’re going to do a specific treatment protocol examination all of the things that we need to do so that I will have some kind of idea. As far as time goes, so I can make a specific treatment program for you and your condition. It’s just not a cookie cutter the world here when you make the specific protocol for that patient, that preparation, that people can’t see correct and on page 29 of filling up, leslie odom talks about the power of preparation in route to becoming the lead character in this in the broadway, a phenomenon called called hamilton.

He writes on the way up. There’s plenty you can do on your own. There’s a great deal on these pages about how to make the best use of an hour of private life. The time you work, he says the work you put in when no one is watching will matter far more than the work you do. When the cameras are rolling. The private hours of work you dedicate in the dark will be their own testament when you’re. Finally standing in the light in the private is the private hours of hard work you dedicate in the dark. The private hours of business coaching hard work that you dedicate in the dark will be their own testament when you’re. Finally standing in your light, oh man shut up to grind i, don’t think a lot of people realize the grind. People say clay:what’s the best way to write a book and I say:will you want to start at 3 a.M. Everyday and write anymore, just sit down and write technically what to do with my clients? A lot actually do it. You got to go uninterrupted for about 5 to 6 hours. Can I take this right into a very practical thinker, business owner, ps4 sales team, business owner business manager. You need to have them roll play with your scripting. You need to have them roleplay their customer interactions. Those are the work, that’s the work they’re doing in the dark. That way, then, when they’re on the sales stage, they’re good to go, it’s so absolutely powerful that you put in the work when no one’s watching you got to put in that grind. If you don’t put in the grind, it’s going to get bad I’m, just telling you got to put in that grind anything about the grind. Is no one’s going to be there to push you if you’re a business owner used to push yourself one of our clients we work with a great advertisers, platinum pest & lawn, their phone number is 918-376-0857 and the reason why I like working with platinum past is these guys work.

They grind, with, no one is looking these guys work. Super hard trip tell us about their their tell us about what they could do for her. They’re, so they got all kinds of pest & lawn services, but right now, they’re running a special offer, free termite inspection and then, if you find some termites they’re going to do, $200 off your termite treatment, $200 off of the free inspection, okay, 918-376-0857 918-376-0857, to call these guys or visit them at platinum pest control.Com, that’s platinum pest control.Com get your free business coaching termite inspection or $200 off your first termite treatment. Again, you can get ahold of him at 918-376-0857, 3, 2, 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show drive time show on the microphone. What is this tablet charts in the category of business? Cast that you might get motion sickness patch, alright, let me some books back to the conversation. Is the prime time show on your radio and on today show or doing is we are breaking down some of the words of wisdom you can find in the best-selling book, filling up by leslie odom jr. Name, a heat burst onto the scene in 2015 originating the role of aaron burr and the broadway musical hamilton he’s gone on to perform at the white house for the obamas. He’s won a tony award for the best leading actor in a musical, and he now travels around with a band performing all around the country. It’s leslie odom jr, but his book is so good and we turned it was book 2, page 82 82 from the book filling up which everybody should go buy.

You got to buy this book. It’s incredible. He says here 60% of conservatory. Now he went to acting school, so I can servatory is a college for the study of classical music or the arts at 60% of conservatory training happens in front of a mirror for one reason or another, all your dance classes. Some of your voice classes to all utilize the mirror as a means of teaching you how to self-correct. You learn a ton about yourself, there’s no getting around it. The mirror is literal and figurative, and it some point I see the opportunity to begin to understand that the things that made me unique, I grabbed a hold the opportunity to become the best version of myself. I could be i, never looked back. This is really really powerful as a business coaching teaching point, because he beat learn to become an actor shop at a classical school where he studying classical music and the arts right. But if you’re doing sales you need to do what shop you need to do what you’ve got to block out time to review. Those recorded calls got to look in that mirror. You’ve got, this record the calls you can record those calls and you got to listen to him and get better just like we’ve been watching himself in that mirror doing whatever they were doing, dancing and singing whatever that thing that skill you’re trying to get better at. If you don’t watch yourself, do it then you’re just going to shoot in the dark? If you want to get better at football, let’s say:how do you do you watch game film right? If you want to get better at selling, you watch video footage of you selling and I just see business owners not doing this, but don’t you understand them better listener.

If you go to target, there’s there’s cameras up at target. You know if you go up to walmart or cameras up. If you call american express to call is being recorded for quality assurance, I mean we do so much call recording and in the world of successful company, successful companies all record their calls. They all analyze. Video footage of the top companies, use video footage and audio recordings to get better. That’s how they do it. Dpt big mediocre companies, the company that struggle the ones that never get better. They have vague, esoteric trainings based upon broad principles and concepts no point:are they reviewing the actual performance of their sales people right? So if you want to get better I’m, just telling you that is a bad as a word of wisdom right there that that that is a massive game-changing idea. I think it’s important for everybody to understand that without recording you’re not going to make it it’s at your I can get better you’re not going to make it in your not going to be able to scale, which is one of the most important things you’re not going to beat your probably awesome. You are probably the sales machine, the one that knows everything the guru but passing that torch on to your next level of sales people, if you’re, not tracking what they’re doing, if you’re, not training with him, if you’re not viewing their recorded, calls and sales presentations, they’re going to be saying some crazy stuff and guess what that you don’t care about, making the sales as much as you do there there to get a salary or business coaching commission not necessarily grow a company or a vision. Another example would be page 41 of failing up by leslie odom jr. He talks about preparation, he’s again is hammering home preparation and how about? How it’s played into his success, how he got better, just talented know this guy prepared he practice. He writes here on page 41 of his book. He says standing in that line, which wrapped around the block I was confident of only one thing. No one would be able to say that they loved this work of art more totally or purely than I preparation had made me fearless I had no expectations. There’s nothing like preparation to make you fearless for the show, hamilton and he’s saying you lying around the door cuz everyone wants to be in the in the shower.

Everyone wants to part, but he’s saying:there’s nobody in that line has prepared more than me so I’m going to get it. It’s mine to lose in the in the preparation has made me fearless. That is so important to ask yourself today. Are you preparing, like you should be? Are you putting in enough preparation to win here’s one area, I see where a lot of people can do better at this when you’re building growing a business? Your time is very valuable right right, so certain small things that you perceive a small things can fall through the cracks preparing to lead. Your team through meetings is something that you absolutely must do as an owner or manager cannot schedule weekly or daily huddle’s our weekly meetings with your team and then show up on the fly just trying to make it up because they will know and it will kill the culture-will kill the direction that you’re going in the company. It is absolutely imperative that you prepare you prepare you prepare. You prepare me after your meetings, prepare your sales team, so they can see well, don’t practice on customers practice that selling right prepare your call center roleplay put in the time and energy needed to prepare so that you can say conflict conflict. The competition might be good at a lot of things, but nobody has prepared more than you. The next notable business coaching quotable winter break down. As from page 44 of leslie odom jr is book failing up which everybody should go by here. Every know, you’ll hear is a no on the way to your ultimate. Yes, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. He said every know. You’ll hear is a no on the way to your ultimate success. Yes, you don’t have nothing to be afraid of that. To me is a powerful idea. I think a lot of people are afraid of failure. We talked about it earlier, but with a hammer home is idea. If you, if you are afraid of failure-and that keeps you from taking action-the irony is you’re going to ultimately fail by default. So if you’re afraid of failure going to fail by default, that’s a crazy idea, jump. It is in it.

You have to have an action bias. That’s all we can preach this. So much on the show at the conferences with our client is that you had to push those fears to the side as an entrepreneur. You cannot be paralyzed by fear. You have to just take action and then learn from those mistakes if you make them or better yet learn for mentor seal make those mistakes that we talked about expectations so much on this show, but leslie odom jr on page 52 of this book, feeling up right about expectations in an eloquent business coaching way that I think god deserves to be right here from been on. This would be the bar against which I would measure all other creative experiences. Does it feel as good as that felt do I feel the same sense of fulfillment as I felt. During that time rent was rent. Rent rich was artistically, fulfilling culturally relevant and commercially successful. He doesn’t get any better than it doesn’t get any other than that in the world of entertainment, and it doesn’t come around that often it would be 15 years or so until I found my way into a piece of work that would hit all those key notes again think about this. So he actually is a seventeen-year-old. Try it out and got a part on a broadway musical on broadway show 17 year old on the show rent, and he said the rent was so heavily reviewed, everybody loved it. It was in all the new york times as writing about the wall street journal’s writing about it. It was on the cover of magazine. It was huge everyone loved, and he said that was the expectation that he had the rest of his career now was like okay, that’s what a successful show should look like.

That’s the kind of thing I want to be a part of again and i. Don’t for me having had success, it’s easy for me to then say by default:okay, I’m not going to have success, here’s what success looks like and I need to go to contrast where I am bruce, where I want to be and I do that with businesses all the time. Cuz I know what success looks like and I know it feel your it’s like. I contrast, okay, this is what success looks like in the call center. This is what failure looks like what we are doing currently is failure. People say why do I need to put call recording in my office clay. You say because, because that’s a best practice, that’s what you do. That’s what american express would do. That’s what southwest airlines. That’s, what the big companies do is right. They record the calls and you say well, i, don’t know I just i, just never done it before i, don’t see if there’s a gap between the expectations of excellence and mediocrity in the call center website, a website needs to be wordpress based in canonical a complaint, and you might be the one to live with the word canonical. Will the canonical is basically the the agreed-upon, the established business coaching rules that google uses to ordain who gets to be topping google? So your website has to be connecticut compliant and i. Know that because I have high expectations, cuz I’ve seen the mountaintop up, search, engine, optimization and so I know where you’re at verse, where you want to be and i. Can our coaches can point that difference out for you? We had those expectations. I know what it’s like to have a really really good team people. Novice I know what it’s like really really awesome.

People were. You can’t wait to go to work because everybody’s awesome I know what that feels like and also know what it feels like to be surrounded by idiots and so I know the best practice systems that you need to apply and implement to find great people and I also know the worst practice which happens by default and soul is leota, was pointing out that he had a blessing in disguise it a blessing as young age. By being able to see a great show, he was able to then 17 years later, help make another one, and so, but you have to jump that’s why study and great company is so important to listen to the podcast is an important. That’s. Why studying great businesses kept it so important? Will you don’t have time in your life to learn everything right? We don’t have time to learn everything. So when we talked about all the time you learn from mentors or mistakes and he’s case studies can be your business coaching mentors in that situation. Play on the topic of expectations were just going over and write talk to me about some issues, you’ve seen in the past, with maybe some client something you’ve done in the past, where you set that expectations will for your client and how to avoid that as a business owner when I first started the dj business, I didn’t I didn’t clarify what I would do and what I wouldn’t do, and so we know I was very clear that we provided unlimited time on the day of your wedding. So I can attend the reception starts and do you want to go home that was clear, I provided sound and lights that was clear, I provide i, told him. I would play all the songs they requested. That was clear, but I didn’t clarify the boundaries of the requests, and so I remember going to booker t high school to dj their prom and the event sponsor asked me to play songs that were very, very inappropriate for humans to listen to like they were really really bad songs at the prom and i. Don’t care.

You know how much you’re paying me I’m not going to play the music some nasty stuff for something you want if it’s expensive to my morals, I’m not going to do it and so I you know got to the show in the event sponsor wanted me to play the songs. I told him I’m not going to do it. It almost got violent cuz he’s like you’re going to do it I’m paying you you’re going to do it and I said I’m not going to do it, i, don’t care if you’re paying me and I’ll be happy to refund you, so I dj at an event for free without playing his songs and i, didn’t hear the end of it for a long time. Another example would be elephant in the room. It’s a men’s, grooming lounge, not a lesbian! Hang out, it’s a men’s grooming lounge, not a lesbian, hang out! So if you’re, a lesbian and or you’re a gender bender I’m not really going to sit there and debate with you religious things and put it go things i, just at the men’s. Only haircut place in a lot of people want to bring in their lesbian friend just to see what happens and then they’ll go on facebook and then claim that I’m a nut nut job is the new one or crazy person, or will want to get a haircut for free. We do half off for veterans, are we do discounts for veterans will do free and you get people that want free and then they attack you on social media took it. We, always try to clarify those expectations, but even when doing so, you’re starting to attack a little bit I mean you’re still going to get some attacks. Regardless of how good you are at clarifying those expectations, we come back from odom jr or break it down. His best selling business coaching book called failing up how to take risks, aim higher and never stop learning.

You can go get that book and get the book during the break bite on amazon. It’s failing up how to take risks, aim higher and never stop. Learning by leslie odom jr, the star character from the hamilton broadway show to claim your tickets to the drive time show today. At erected, business coaching workshop for free-all you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes review and send as confirmation and then pull it right time. Show.Com to claim your star in the national star registry conversation is the prime time show on your radio. My name is chloe clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, and I am sitting here on a mission to help you get into a great position and what things I do is I read a copious amount of autobiographies and biographies, because when you read an autobiography written by somebody who’s very successful, you get a chance to hear about their struggle. Little bit bit bit created the strength they now have. You gain strength through struggle and you can learn through the life stories of other people. What they through to get to their success in our world has such a way I’m such a habit of cheering for somebody like leslie odom jr when they appear on hamilton in the shows of success. They don’t tend to do, shows about leslie odom jr before he had business coaching success. They don’t talk about the six years that the team spent writing the show hamilton. They don’t talk about the fact that he really didn’t have success in his career until it was 36 he’s one year younger than I am. I didn’t have success, I guess 233 they don’t they don’t talk about that 33 your journey, and so he has some great world words of wisdom.

I want to break down from his book here, failing up by leslie odom jr, page 53. He writes the interim years were filled with effort. Some success, plenty of failure and faith will deliver the reminder that disappointment and failure don’t have to be fatal and those times when you have done your best and still come up short faith fills in the gaps between your reality and your dreams. Faith is what sustains you in the wilderness. Wow. That’s a big idea faces what sustains in the wilderness I think I jump. This is a big as a big concept for a lot of people. A lot of people really struggle because they try something and it doesn’t work immediately and then they retreat right and i. Don’t I’m trying to help me? Mr. Listen, i, don’t know what it’s like to try something and then to quit in business, cuz i, just i, don’t even understand it, but if I’m going to start a business I’m, not stopping until twins, what is the difference between quitting and then changing business coaching directions right, right, tracking measurement? They have this vision of how something going to go and when that road runs into a wall they never veer left or right. They just went to that one i, don’t know what to do. You’re going to run into a wall, I can say we can steer you clear of most of those walls with us. If there’s a proven fact that you got to have faith in you and you made that choice if you’re a client out there you’re listening to the show right now to have faith in the system because they’re proven-and we know they work. What do that’s? What’s talk about the the float tank people to do it talk about her her story?

How coachable she is in some of the things that you’ve seen just some wins for her. Her name is doug worthington day on s u of h 2 oasis float, center in tea house in tulsa oklahoma here at the, farm, shopping center, and she is passionate about her her business here, and she really believes in know how it can help people mentally help him physically with paying you float inside this tank and basically her history as she was a marketing person. She work for the tulsa world for the long time and she came into our coaching relationship with an open mind and she knew hey I’ve seen what these guys can do. I’ve seen what they’ve done with their own businesses now I want to take these principles and put them into mine, and we are getting a crazy amount of web leads, are increasing the traffic into the store you know, 250 to 300 web leads in the first couple months of working with us. It’s it’s amazing, and now the really cool thing is she’s, really hammering in on the accountability in the management side of her business, and it’s really exciting to see her move into that kind of the lane of the business really take control. Over and now we’re going to have to put in accountability layers to help her scalar company number, a recording will need to happen. We’re going to put camera system software security, a screenshot of her cameras up or camera systems up and running super excited to shout out deb good job on that she can have faith. If she applies the system, it’s going to work exactly it was the odom jr. Give you a little tip here on page 54 of his book.

He talks about self-belief and he says the biggest break is the one you will give yourself by choosing to believe in your vision and what you love and in the gifts that you have to offer. The waiting world that’s worth repeating. The biggest break is the one you will give yourself by choosing to believe in your vision and what you love and let me guess you have to offer the waiting world i. Think a lot of folks are afraid to believe in themselves because in our culture were supposed to be the most humble guy right in every room, so I just give example of this. I have faith in my beliefs. I have belief in myself. I have faith in myself, I believe in myself and there’s errors in my life where I know I’m not awesome. So let me just give me example if you said I’m looking for a guy to go out and have pizza with I’m, not your guy, you said I’m looking out I’m going for a guy to go to a movie with I’m, not your guy. He said. I would like to go to go golfing skiing, hiking, to about coming to a basketball game to a football game with somebody I’m, not your guy I prefer total isolation all the time, except for when I’m working. Why I got a whole bunch of reasons? Why? But I just me. I, don’t i, don’t I’m, not your guy, but I’m, really really good at coaching businesses, and perhaps the best there’s ever been outside of bill campbell. Bill campbell is the business coach for steve jobs, jeff bezos, with amazon business coach for larry and sergey with google scoreboard samples, like you know, phone doctors are tip top k-9 or full package, media or or oxy, fresh or or elephant in the room, point examples of of the growth and how we do it and how we grow an average of 30 times faster than the average american business. But I also am self aware enough to know what I’m not good at I’m, not good at being the most humble guy at your business networking event. Cuz I am not going to go to your business networking event, but if I did go and someone got up there and said your program good as your program good or how do you compare to the other guys aren’t haircut experience in the room is 3 times better than the nearest nearest competitor.

Why your first haircuts just a dollar so don’t believe me, go in and try it and then go what is 3 times better than her nearest competitor, so go in there. So don’t even try it out elephant the room check it out. We have three locations in tulsa or franchising sue it when people see that they see that I am actually business coaching confident, because I have prepared and I know that I’m correct, but it unnerves some people, so I have to know what I’m good at and what I’m not good at. And then my confidence comes from knowing that I have prepared in the area where I want the confidence in the areas. I’m not good at i. Don’t have any confidence. I do not have any confidence that I would have a good vacation with you in a couple spots that have a lot of confidence and no doctor silly because he’s been on her show quite a bit and he was in the chiropractor of choice for wayne gretzky. The grievance urban tulsa for 20 years is there but our good friend dr. John sibley? Well, you can have a little bit of faith because he was named the 2017 tulsa chiropractor of the year. By top doctor full-service accept the most insurance plans. You want to get a hold of dr. Sibley and go to dr. John sibley. Com, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com, dr. John sibley,, just call him nine one, eight for 95741 at 918-749-5741, if you’re suffering from allergies or arm pain or neck pain, so many things that he can help you out with so again. Reachout dr. John sibley over there at 51st and harvard 918-749-5741 boom attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com all right right, nation!

Welcome! Back to the conversation. It is the drive time to show on your podcast download all the stores in tulsa I’m, not sure. If you’re aware of this, but I want to tell you thank you. We are now in the top five I and itunes right now for the category of business on the itunes podcast charts. Now in the category of all podcasts, of which there are 530,000 podcasts in the world, we now ranked where mr chip number 56 56 bus, yeah, there’s a bunch of people above us, let’s see in all caps invisibilia in npr super popular okay. We’ve got up first I heard of those guys. We’ve got you missed in history class or some really big history. Podcasts out there right, now., like I said gary vee, the tim ferriss show we’ve got the rachel maddow show we’ve got remade in america, something we all know. We all know there’s a bunch of comedy podcast is a bill burr podcast, where head up tony, robbins podcast he’s only 10 down there. So I heard of that guy sorry I’m excited I’m excited to all of the podcast in the world 56 there was a book called off by wesley of life by leslie odom jr on breaking it down. If you have not bought this business coaching book, you have to do to put his incredible I read. It wasn’t on a vacation on st. Pete, beach florida images. Such a good book was the odom jr birth of the scene in 2015 originating the role of aaron burr and the broadway musical phenomenon known as hamilton he’s gone on to perform at the white house for the obamas to tony award for best leading actor I mean the guy is great in his book is really really good as well and on page 59 of his book I’m going to be here, you just tell it isn’t everything tell does nice in some instances it is a leg up, but it’s only a part of what you’ll need for success.

Ultimately, hard work and perseverance are almost more important. It’s possible to marry a meager talent to enduring success with a strong work ethic. It is just as possible to squander a major talent with laziness and inaction. Talent, isn’t everything talent is nice? That’s good! That’s good! In some instances it is it’s only a part of what you need for success. Ultimately, hard work and perseverance are almost more important. It’s possible to marry a meager talent to enduring success with a strong work ethic. It is just as possible to squander a major talent with laziness and in action and I see that all the time man or somebody has a ton of talent and they’re, just not putting in the effort, it’s all too,. Isn’t it I mean you see it all the time from sports to business owners, to actors to anybody, and it’s typically they don’t I would say this:they don’t have a coach or somebody in their life to give them that feedback. His would you agree with that. I do agree with that in it so important if you’re listening right now that you need to go out of your way out of your way, right now go out of your way. If you want a business coaching to gather reviews from your ideal unlikely, but I’m telling you that. That’s it. That’s it move it. If you do that, move, if you, if you gather google reviews from your sincere ideal, unlikely buyers, if you got the reviews together, one review a day every single day for the rest of your existence, you are going to have massive success, you’re going to have massive success, because if you have a product that serves people, 88% of consumers make decisions based upon reviews. So if you go out there and do that, it’s going to work, the problem is, but you know you know what to do now.

You got to fight through three big issues. There, chucky i, fight to fear of asking somebody getting rejected by most people would rather do anything then to deal with fear that it just embrace it. Because guess what you have to ask people, because you got to get these google reviews and you’re going to get rejected and that’s just part of being pushed through the beer telling you what to do. But you got to push through the beer. Another ariel keep you from from taking the apps on a google review every single day from your ideal unlikely buyers, your sales will just take off meteorically assuming you have a real product and reel service, cuz you’re, getting real reviews from customers, product or service that smell of disclaimer ii. Is you got to fight through doubt doubt like the outside I wonder if it’ll work I want to waste my time getting reviews? If it doesn’t work, I don’t have cash I want to do it. I just have a doubt:gotta have faith faith. Faith I got to have faith to faith, to faith got to get this reviews on fight to the doubt in the area. This is why you got to fight through just laziness and shut up i. Don’t know how to explain two listeners I’d like for you to tutor a great business coach. You were going to lot of clients and you helped a lot of your clients get in to get into gear and get some momentum going and to get off of stuck on the couch going to things you would say to your clients or how have you been able to coach your clients to fight that natural? Have it to be lazy? Well, first of all, I understand. I have those same feelings as well. You have a hard day at business coaching work. You’ve put up with managing a team in your employees, are your customers expectations and delivering your product and service, but what you have to do is fight that initial urged just come home or go plop on the couch somewhere and block out actual time where you’re going to work on your business to grow it okay, if your business is not going to systemize itself, you’re not going to be able to scale without putting actual time and effort into it.

Therefore, by default, it’s not going to happen, so you’ve got to be proactive with your schedule, saturday mornings, sunday morning, whatever that thing is you’ve got to find the time when you can actually do the things that you’re going to need to do when other people might be feeling a little bit lazy and then remember once you start doing things, and you know the other people are being lazy. That gives you a sense of confidence when you’re doing things up by we get up early at the right time to show you all. The time will record early we’re at work early and it’s a really awesome things early yeah. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you’re up grinding away doing what needs to be done when nobody else is built, go, get up early and then run and grab a coffee at 3 in the morning. I just think it’s so important out there. If you’re listening and you’re saying you don’t have time to get something done, tina lee, cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney, world, resorts, told me personally, and he wrote in his business coaching book called time management magic. He said the biggest excuse that people make for not getting done what they were supposed to get done if they say I ran out of time, and so you got to have that grind needed to be successful. In. Leslie, odom odom juniors book you’re going to discover that he grinded for a long time at 8:17. He was able to land a part on a broadway called rent. A broadway show annie did great on the show rent, but then he biscuit went to the wilderness of acting taking weird small job until the age of 33.

He never really got that shot again as almost double what he had to continue grinding, that entire time and i. Think about one of our clients is a huge grinder, williams contracting. That’s exactly right! Travis in his guys over there. These guys what they do is they help northeastern university carefirst, pharmacy, northside, vet, clinic, okmulgee county jail. The hilldale public schools they help these people build buildings. They add on two buildings, if you, if it was him right now, you have a commercial building project and you’re. Looking for a fair and accurate bid or a quote with no don sense, like a screw around with you and quote you a low price and then crank the price later,, our friends at williams contracting at 918-682-5511 918-682-5511 that will dash khan.Com will dash con con. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com facebook about the gun show on your business coaching radio. My name is clay clark of the former uss be a entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and we’re talking about today is we’re breaking down the book written by leslie odom jr called failing up how to take risks, aim higher and never stop learning who’s, leslie, odom, jr I burst onto the scene in 2015 originating the role of aaron burr in the broadway musical phenomenon, known as hamilton since then, he’s performed for sold-out audiences and son for the obamas at the white house andy won a tony award for the best leading actor in a musical and on page 77 he writes I had the time of my life at carnegie, I learned and grew in ways that they’re still reviewing themselves to me.

I made lifelong friends. My professor taught me method and process. They taught me craft craft, make sea, reliable and reliability get you work that right there he says my professor taught me method and process. He taught me craft craft makes you reliable and reliability gets. You were and I just like i, don’t know how to communicate this idea with enough passion without coming across, like I’m a some of the psychological impairment. It’s all going to go for well for you when you work at a job you’re, not working for the boss, you’re working for yourself, so the most selfish thing that you could do at a job. If you, if you don’t like your job, if you want to get promoted to a new job or get hired away to a different company, the best thing that you could do is get to work early and stay late and over-deliver I’m, not talking about generating false hours, and it’s something in our team at elephant room a few years back, who actually got to work early and stay late and then clocked in every weekday like 48 hours, overtime for work that we didn’t ask for. That’s not what I’m saying I’m saying you want to get to work early and stay late. You want to do more. We will provide more service than the person paid for unified a better product than what they paid for. You want to provide better than you said, because when you over deliver, you always end up getting over paid and I can give you a really basic business coaching examples like when I worked at target and I just was starting to understand this idea. I thought you was a game just a test, this method I’m going to do it for 90 days, I’m not going to forever before 90 days, I’m going to try this method. So I was the first one to work in the last one to leave I always just got there early stayed late work work, work previous to that I was actually working. I was eating.

All the pretzels were the worst business coaching employees they had. I was sarcastic before I encountered these. What is principles right there at target, and so my boss was always on me, always intense about how I wasn’t doing my job right. I was just getting a lot of trouble, but then, when I decided to over-deliver, I decided to start going to work early and staying late and doing more than was it. Was it that I was asked to do it when I started doing that. It was amazing how, like my boss, never had to follow up with me or is huge I always got my stuff done on time. I didn’t feel guilty all the time for not doing my stuff and I got confidence confidence as a reward for doing more than I was supposed to do, and then one day todd starkey came into the store and todd starkey was the recruiter for a company called tax and accounting software. It was later acquired by into it and I’ll, never forget that white white. Why do you work here? I was hoping the guy buy a video camera and he says why you work here and I said because I’m trying to earn enough money to start my dj company I work here and applebee’s and directv, because I’ve just never seen somebody in this business coaching department work like this dude. Your work ethic is awesome. Thank you, I need. You know, I’m in charge of recruiting interns to work at tax and accounting software. How old are you and I said it was like 19 the time 1990 goes well i? Will you make per hour? What were they pay you for our here and I said i, don’t know the number was at $7 an hour 7:50 or something about 15 an hour. I am I like yeah I’d love 15 an hour.

What are you studying, accounting and school and school, or what what’s your major? Is your major doesn’t happen to be counting? Does it or something like that, but your major doesn’t happen to be counting. Does it and I’m absolutely that’s my passion and so long for sure. I did why there, but I got that job. I got that internship and the first guy that interview got there early state early got their state early stayed late, worked really hard got promoted. A few times got to be where I was making a really good amount of money per hour, and that was my first real opportunity that I created for myself as a result of over-delivering I took that grind then into the dj business. When I first started, dj connection I reverted back to my old ways, a little bit and I just did only what I promise to do so. I told the customer I’ll. Be there at 5 to set up and 7 to start and end at midnight. I would use to get there right at 5 start at 7 go until midnight, but once I started over delivering and started getting like at 4 in a dj until the wheels fell off djing until grandma went home once I start getting there way early staying there early I get to get in there early sitting up making sure I brought a red bull for the groom a lot of times, making sure that I stay dwight mixture over delivered make sure they did more than I promise offered a better business coaching product and I went with my passion and every show I was in there for a while, where I was good, but once I started. Putting my passion in every show. Just unloading, every ounce of energy I had every single time making a huge deal about the grand introduction. I. Remember:i used to do granite. Deductions like this I take all right.

Ladies at once again, ladies and gentle feel stand your be here now that he further ado. It is my pleasure to introduce to you mr. And mrs. Eric job, then once I decided over deliver. This is how I did it all right, family and friends a steam to guest? Please stand your feet once again. Ladies and gentlemen, men ladies stand your feet, and now it’s any further renew is my pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, mister and missus, eric church, everyone just going crazy, I’m just proud bring that energy is awesome and cool thing about / delivery. Is it’s little things like that green, a red bull just making that hyped up a little bit more. / delivery I see a lot of people that we work with their their dick, too hung up like what is this over? What can I do to have to be this huge thing and examples? I was working with a guy last week and he’s training somebody right now and there’s a portion of the job that they do, that this person is not trained up enough. So it’s kind of a waste he’s like man, I just should I take him to the entire job and see me do this part. He could work at the beginning of the job that they trying to figure out and I said:hey man, here’s a little over delivery move when you get to that spot, where the guy can’t really help you out. Have him just clean up your customers, air you’re in their shop, have him grab a broom and just start sweeping up for 15 minutes, I’m telling you what the managers and owners are going to see your employee taking ownership of their facility like that. That is a huge wow factor. That’s a huge / delivery for business coaching something that is as easy as picking up a little broom for your client over-deliver and if you’re up, if you want to be an owner, this is this is the cycle. This is the disciple. We start off as an employee, and if you want to move up from an employee to a manager you have to over deliver in adventure when you don’t need to be managed. You bill asked you to become the manager now on you’re the manager you have to over deliver in exceed the performance goals of the company.

You have to exceed the performance goals of the company to do a better I’ll. Bring in more money, have better more for cleanliness, more sales, just better service, and once you exceed the expectations you should someone ask you to become a partner in a law. Firm. A junior partner will ask you to if you want to invest, to be a donor, ville you’ll get promoted to another job or you’ll start your own business or another venture with the current owner. They may have some of the things you get promoted. Then, when you have a business if you’re self-employed. That means that you own a job. So now you got to work really really hard again, because now you own job, there’s no back-up plan. When you’re, sick or someone you can call to fill in for you because you’re self-employed, then, if you really really grind as a self-employed person and you build a great work, ethic will start to attract people that want to work with you. Don’t want to work for somebody who’s lazy, but once you get to that level, you’re grinding, then people want to work with you and they want to work with you now you’re going to build a business coaching company or organization, not just your next, a self-employed plumber and a truck doing plumbing your guy owns a plumbing company business. Want you to have multiple businesses that work ethic that leslie odom jr talks about in his book. Failing up is where it all starts, and there’s opus one of our listeners. One more show sponsors that if nothing else, these guys have its own believable work ethic and that’s the folks at rc, auto, specialists, chappy’s, guys are incredible. You don’t get 80 years of combined experience about having a bit of a work at all these guys. If you got any problems with that, they’re specialize in fords in ford, powersports powerstroke, diesel service. If you have a problem with your suspension and alignment heat and air systems, fleet service, and having issues with your battery anything that you have an issue with with your vehicle, you can take it to these guys, rc auto, specialists., com calm. Today, 918-872-8115 again 918-872-8115 rc auto specialists in one of the really cool things I like about these guys. They actually are proud partners with little loves. These business coaching guys go across the globe, helping provide food and clothing, shelter and education to orphans all over the planet. You know, if you have not yet purchased filling up by leslie, odom jr do it today and as we always do any of the boom here, we go


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