Learning How to Prioritize Your To-Do List (with former Disney World Resorts Executive Vice President Lee Cockerell)

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Feeling overwhelmed? Lee Cockerell explains how to effectively and efficiently manage your to-do list and to stay on top of the responsibilities that come with being a leader in business.

  1. Dealing with urgent items.
  2. Dealing with vital items.
  3. Dealing with important items.
  4. Learning how to create enough free time in your schedule to write a book.
  5. Learning how to create enough free time in our schedule to workout.
  6. The weird things people begin doing when they are not proactive.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, oh yes, tribe, nation! Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your podcast download, with lee cockrell, former executive vice president of walt disney, world, resorts and other man. I used to manage the mouse house sits down with me and explained how you can learn to prioritize your to-do list. How you can learn how to prioritize your to-do list of podcast. You probably have an ambition. That means you have a name and you have a mission, and you probably have a lot of stuff on that to-do list of, and you probably at times feel overwhelmed. You probably felt like man, I am I going to get all this done. I am struggling to get all this stuff done. How do I do it will leave, explains his system for managing his time, and it’s just work well enough to allow them to manage 40,000 employees at one time and a million customers a week so take notes. Lee cochran, the drive time show will managing the world’s largest theme park. Do we need to prioritize them to the first is urgent got to get a second is vital and the third is important. So in your mind, what is urgent mean again, so you got 10 things to do that you wrote them down, you put them in there. Are there good things? You’ve done a good job of identifying them two or three of those are urgent cuz. Maybe your boss said I want this by 10, you get an 6 in the morning. That’s it may not even be important to you or your wife says. Please call me by noon because I want to make this decision on buying these airline tickets. You got to do it, it’s urgent to put an asterisk next to it, so you got two or three and then you decide which one you going to do. First, as it’s been imposed by you or it’s been imposed by your boss or your wife or one of your people, calls you and said I need to hear from you by 10 this morning. Cuz I need to have an advance on my pay. Please call me right away. That’s cute, you know sergeant. So those are pretty simple.

The urgent cuz there are just the most important. It needs to be done by a certain time or by sometime today it’s got to get done, can’t wait till next week, the second business coach category-and that is stuff. That needs to be done, but maybe not today, the long-term things that you might spend 6 months a year 2 years on when you get finished, the outcome is really great. First week list five ounces in 250, oz 15 lb a year and then it sticks, and so you get the bottle. I want to retrain. Her I want to write a book. That’s a bottle! You know! If you don’t start on bottle tabs, you know most people know you don’t do the big things. Cuz I don’t get started. You can, let’s say I want to write a new book. It’s vital that I get started because you are a book. Right. So today, all I’m going to do is one Thing:i’m going to talk to a publisher about it or I’m, going to think of a title in the chapter titles, then next day, I’m going to do this next time. You know about 150 things over a year. It’s not there’s! Nothing! Big in your life has to happen today in vital sort of like the next priority mean it’s big things in your life that you’ll spend 6 months a year year-and-a-half to two years. Progress, but at the end is important. For knows our routine things. You know you got to get your car in to have the oil changed. You got to get your air conditioner fixed for the summer’s coming. You’ve got to get the scheduling done by friday, it’s monday. Now it’s important that you make a list of all the things you need to do.

Is this important? If something is urgent, I mean hell or high water? You got to get it done today and then vital sore. That next level-and then the next level is important-is that in there right now in negotiate those, but they are what they are there in your planner you’re looking at them and they’re either urgent. There bother you got to do them. The big thing you know, if you’re in a business-and you say it’s vital-that I retrain all my people-that’s going to take weeks or months, and but when are you finished that your business coach customers get better service? People are more productive. People have more security about their jobs, I mean a big thing, turns out to be a big payoff. Every kind of person you’ve seen likes to show up late guy you’ve seen super ambitious guy gets everything done you seen likes to fight guy. You seem dramatic lady. You seen get her done. Lady, you seen. Mom is chronically sick kids. What kind of things do you see that people start to do the weird kind of stuff for unproductive things when they don’t take the time out to prioritize things? One on one thing they do is lay it on all their work. Let’s do friday 5 and I got 12 reasons. Why and you still can’t get it done. They’re, not a high-value person that it when you ask for somebody to take this on, they don’t raise their hand because they’re so stressed out from there are not very well organized to lay low energy, cuz they’re, not so low energy.

So you kind of close the door and wish the day would go by cuz you’re, unproductive cuz, you drink, 12 beers last night and you know, and alcohol and drugs. It’s a big. It’s a big problem in people’s I’m asking you your opinion. They stay in business 5%. Your people are stealing from you and I’ll, maybe even higher they’re. Still in 3 to 5% of your money or business coach products, I would say:15% of people in the workforce on antidepressants. Half of them have a problem there, so it must be relying


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