Learning To Control Your Emotions In The Workplace | Destroying Distraction | A Scientific Approach (Part 3)

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What role does the amygdala play in controlling your emotions during the business decision making process? Z and Clay teach how you can break free from the emotional ups and downs of the business rollercoaster on this episode of the Thrivetime Show.

  • When you encounter an emotion the (uh-mig-duh-luh) amygdala portion of your brain immediately springs into action:
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Sometimes I wish I never found the Internet. Sometimes I regret getting a laptop and Wifi for logging into the Internet because it is such a distraction. If you have an addictive personality, the Internet will magnify it.” – Lupe Fiasco (Lupe Fiasco was raised in Chicago developed an interest in hip hop after initially disliked the genre because of its’ vulgar lyrics and its’ over-all misogyny.  He created the name Lupe Fiasco and began recording out of his father’s basement. At the age of 19 he joined a group that was named Da Pak. The group never did well and quickly ended, however when Lupe met Jay-Z he helped him to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records. Soon after, Lupe released, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, which received three Grammy nominations. Lupe quickly released his second album, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, in December of the year 2007. Lupe’s first single to become a major hit was “Superstar.” This song became a major top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. After a two-year delay, Lasers was released in March 2011 to mixed reviews; however, it became his first album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200. His latest album, Drogas Light, was released in February 2017.

Z’s Super Move for Focusing

  1. Do not start that new idea or scale out your business until it is “rocking and rolling”
  2. To see if your business is at that level the come to the next in-person Thrivetime Show workshop.
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – You’ve got to eat while you dream. You’ve got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and vision and implement it. The success of doing both. Walking and chewing gum if you will. Getting it done in the short-range, and delivering a long-range plan, and executing on that.
    1. Jack Welch (American retired business executive, author, and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company’s value rose 4,000%)
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching program for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, all right by macy’s, welcome back to its lifetime, show on your radio and they were talking about how to deal with distractions, destroying the distractions that are preventing you from taking your actions. So I’m going to give you an example of what not to do the story is going to go off the rails. Z will try to I will try to I’ll try to put you back on. This is a real story, though, and I would like in west. You keep. You disagree with the storm. You said, I question the ethics of the store. This is real story, and it involves only me and my wife, okay. So here we go my wife and I quit so I’m in with my wife we are in. This is the final time it happened to me by the way, we’re out to dinner and run the west coast, and we were nearest neighbor ending in the san diego area. I. Remember this. We were on a beach was la jolla, where they are near la, jolla, beach, nice, nice, restaurant ambiance was daddy’s doing good tonight. Oh yeah, fresh wok. You know we’re going to make it in front of that kind of thing and I’m doing absolutely brosef will wine for the lady? She has a glass of wine. Things are going well or your business coaching program school work I would do or shooting in scoring ubered. Oh yeah I mean think about this checked all the boxes. Hello, kids I mean, what’s so good, so I order a really nice meal camera.

What it was I know my wife ordered something is very nice food, nice restaurant, you could do the ocean I mean things were perfect. The weather, san, diego, 70s, cool i, know, and it was a call from a member of the office who said emergency got to talk. I, don’t know so I talk to the person and see it’s not an emergency, but what it was. It created an urgency for me to miss. What was next to me. What happened to his eye then lose trash. Babe I got to take this call. So I talked to the guy and I see what’s going on what are the video editors man? He missed a video shoot for the wedding company and I said we missed the wedding. No, he just missed this business coaching program rehearsal, like they were supposed to do before he just running late and I said we didn’t miss it nobody’s going to be behind and I wanted you to know right away, and furthermore you know what he said when I called him. I said what is you tell clay? He can blow it out of whatever and he said he said that to you as well. He told me you could blow it out whatever, but I’m telling you like. He told me now I’m telling you you got to do, I mean you don’t let them talk to you that way, I’m just like I just having you know so that I remember this in so i. Like start walking in for the restaurant weather 70 in my wife sitting there by yourself now with her drink, the food’s getting cold and hurt if her temperature’s start eating up. Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s what I tried to do was I said.

Is it too late to apologize and she says movie i, remember that side, b I’m! So sorry she’s, just please put the phone away. So we get back up to the hotel nice hotel, hotel there and I’m going we’re in a nice looking out over the ocean course. You are and we start to quality time. Yeah yeah, yeah rate the ocean, but I’m thinking this right here it’s about to go down and I and I had a vasectomy but I realize there’s certain. If i, if I work at my focus, I could produce a sixth child robert and then what happens we are. We are we’re just say we are. You know excited about how things are going today, so, let’s different business coaching program ranks and I’m in the act to my stomach to myself, right, it’s like now, it’s like you and i. Remember just thinking myself. I am a horrible person still going to take this call or just saying is we got to a level where I don’t remember what it what words were exchanged, but it was nothing it was known to it was it was. It was educated about this principle that you shall never bring a cell phone on a date with me again or you are going to be living in a van down by the river and I and I and I alone, and I was able to detect through the tonality the laser beams out of the eyes that I should probably do this. Sometimes a man gets it right and when there’s an urgency from your significant other, it sounds like there was. Let me let me let me go out on a I’m going this summer to go out on a limb here. You have not taken the phone on a date since then. I have not, of course, but there’s a business owner out there right now who what you’re doing is. You are ruining your team meeting because you’re the leader of the company and you’re, bringing in that phone into the meeting. How did we have you guys seen this we’ve seen the leader in the meeting, the entire meeting not being in the meeting I mean physically there, all the time with your kids and their family and their their friend had to work for you when you go out with you, hey guys, let’s get together and let you know let’s get together and have a cold beer going to be at the bar.

You know you’re going to have, and next thing you know he’s in the conversation so play I really had this pretty important thing happened. The other day I’ll talk to you about it. Terrible. I got like to get your opinion on it and see. If maybe I know how I’m going to maybe two heads are better than one made me have to come up with a solution to this thing. So much as you start to hear it. This is what you hear the manifestation you can tell. If this is you, it’s called monkey brain will make statements like that still go. Are you even paying attention or if you’re going to eat with someone you say? So what do you want? You want spaghetti or the meatballs okay, the banana pie. I, did it’s okay, see this happen. If you haven’t had a thanksgiving meal, where you ask somebody hey what’s going on the table, express were grateful for and it gets to, the person is on their business coaching program phone and what are you grateful for the phone or just park and notice how many parents are on their phone? 5% of them are on the bench watching their phone looking at something. Not even paying attention to kids are still on the playground at all, really really terrible about the phone I’ll make sure you get. This is the human brain is actually a it’s. It’s a muscle like it’s a part of the body. It’s it’s so easy, like your arm. If you physically hit your arm with a hammer, you would see the hammer hit your arm and you would go gosh. That’s not good for your hair. We could see the results, stop doing that. Stop. I want the listeners cuz you’re, going to keep doing it, but I want to listen to understand this. When you have your phone hold on and you’re constantly getting extreme of data, it’s actually hurting your ability to process information so the same way that it’s physically hurting. You hit your arm with a hammer.

It’s physically limiting you’re. Comparing your brain, lupe, fiasco, lupe fiasco, one of the famous rapper, is he wrote a song called the superstart very successful rapper greatly. This guy was raised in chicago. He developed an interest in hip hop because he was like you know, there’s a lot of older lyrics and a lot of hate towards women and I’m kind of a clever dice. An age of 19. You decided to write really positive are more positive lyrics, and this is what he says he says it just was talking about this smartphone and sometimes I wish I never found the internet, sometimes I regret getting a lap top and wi-fi for logging into the internet, because it’s such a distraction for me, is an artist. If you have any addictive personality at all, the internet will magnify it think about that. So he’s a guy who sang it, killed his creativity for a time as music got to be couldn’t do it cuz. He couldn’t sustain a thought long enough into being entreprenuer I’m, not I’m, not advocating that you cut yourself off from humanity, but you have to think deeply I try to make a workflow or a performa right where a legal business coaching program document. Let me let me jump in here and say something that I see a lot of hunters have a problem with their team. They try to have a meeting and they’re trying to be proactive and you know maybe have one meeting a week or whatever, but they let their team have their laptops in the room during the meeting. It’s the same problem as being at the park with your phone and not watching your kid. If you’re on there checking emails, you’re surfing the web, you’re on twitter, whatever you’re doing but you’re, not taking, notes, you’re, not paying attention, not actively engaged in the conversation and you’re going to end up having the same things over and over and over again so get the technology out of the meeting room.

So you all to a guy, though, in my opinion, tulsa than one law firm. In my opinion, these guys, representing more talking about td, jakes and they’re, representing a life church organization, to work with the folks at joel. Osteen ministries talk to me about phone on time and phone off because there’s nothing wrong with using the phone as a tool, but just in the same way to be weird to go to church and to bring a circular saw in ordering service dearly beloved. We are here today to gather the marriage of so it’s weird to be weird:to go to church with us. Why? You look at me when you say that, because you know I saw on you, I mean i. Don’t talk to me about the business coaching program smartphone and win a phone on time is for you and when it’s off time, because again you’re very good. Are you perfect? No, but I mean it help. You learn how to help somebody out there that has a job like yours are in the requires a lot of critical thinking. What are charges block out parts of my day so when I start I listen to a lot of music? To be honest with you cuz my phone stays on client play using my cell phone clients call my cell phone to call my office on my cell phone. To stay on, but it’s the personal things that get mixed on your cell phone that distract you so, if I get into, let’s say an operating agreement for llc, where I’m trying to write a 40-page document, it’s going to require several hours of my time, but I do personally. I have headphones I put on the music, come on I put on something that I know. So it’s not distracting me and I’d like to know everything out.

What are you listening to upbeat lot of people? I know, listen to classical things like that, and my brain just I need my brain going firing faster than that uber i, listen to a rockstar by post malone, while doing legal agreements. I can’t say that I have no that’s after malone. The lyrics are really really terrible. So I’ve told him you don’t listen to that. But I got a side note. You know what I’ve been proven is the best music for your brain, classical. No, but more specifically, they’re beethoven mozart mozart is a number one rated to help your brain waves. And I will not listen to mozart, that’s incredible and why not you’re not you’re not been doing what you been doing it down here in the beats and the rainforest? How are you spelling that word for the listeners out there since i? Don’t know you are a l e armstrong, their shirt lyrics now here’s the deal. If you find yourself chronically distracted, you got to find a way to not get distracted. One way you can do that for you, especially with your accounting, is to schedule a one-hour, uninterrupted consultation with a source of wisdom. Somebody who knows what they’re talking about and no matter where in the world you are with podcast listeners all over the business coaching program world. Paul hood is license to work with people in all different states. Me many different state. So if you go to hood cpas, tootsie ps.Com he’s giving you a free gift. Today, he’s giving you a free copy of warren buffett’s only authorized biography book called snowball. You can get it today by going to hood cpas, 18747 7009 18747 7000, when we come back to talk about how to continue to be not distracted and ever increasingly distracted, dumb and perpetually dishonest world attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching program for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, all rights, rap nation, show on your radio. Our entire podcast series here in today’s radio shows entirely focused on how to minimize your distractions that are getting in the way of your critical actions. Next area z i, want to.

When can I go off script on this I wanted to tap into your wisdom on all right all right. What are the brands that I had the honor of working with I’m so excited to help them franchise? Now is phone doctors, don’t you remember, see when the smartphone first burst onto the scene. I, don’t know asking for specific date. I still wish I had my old flip phone back in the day know that razor that man had to help a community connection failed. You know the smart phone is the way it is used. Now me, a lot of you are using your smartphone to replace a computer. He has focused alex eiser with bone doctors on this niche of being a smart phone repair shop really before the smartphone could do what it can do now. So it was always like that with your phone crashed you’re like oh, my gosh I lost all my numbers. I lost some krishna prakash. My life, my high score on snake, but now it’s like you’re losing your photos, your videos, your kid’s birthday party, passwords and so what he has decided to do. Those e-40 found in ditch and he’s focused on that niche for over a decade. Imagine that over a business coaching program decade now a lot of entreprenuers to say you know what I want to do now that my company’s barely surviving I should try something new you’re going. What businesses that aren’t doing? Well, you know now that second one’s barely survived actually did for the first would barely surviving the second one. Losing money. I need to do a third and I keep doing that. So you want to be fruitful before you multiply miss come on his you started dr. Robert, zoellner and associates. In what year approximately did you start dr., roberts and associates exactly 1991? How many years did it take you before you open up the next business at 9, so wait a minute in the world of chronic distraction. You stayed focused on the same thing for how many years before you open up your night, I didn’t get to office is going. So that’s maybe in fairy saving time or nine nine, a german, but no a multi-level, an opportunity. I take all the time, and now I can barely surviving. So now, I want to divide my focus by starting another one that doesn’t work, help help the listener out there. That is still suffering from the super move. What you and your listening you may want to drive over cuz, it’s supposed to be pretty powerful, getting to a truck stop in to quick trip i, see you you’re very profitable until your business is running without your input on a daily basis. Until that business is really rocking and rolling, don’t do it, and now you may say to yourself what how do I get it rocking and rolling what we’ve got moved for you? We were here humbly to be your business coach tonight. I’m going to drive time should I come schedule a month. Sometimes it’s 5 6 weeks in between but you’re about every month, because you know harnessing clay’s he’s got a huge had his massive heart to sing it for 2 days and it’s very tiring on pre-tax and I hate use. This word west, but I’m going to use it now. You are an business coaching program attorney, so you have a vast array of words of cornucopia of words that you could use it and I’m not going to sit here and argue about this medical situation.

But this is a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired. That contact is lost with external reality and I see this all the time. Cuz you be an entrepreneur. You have to see opportunities, but I see entrepreneurs to have an idea a day, a new id every day and maybe you’re great at turn your smartphone off, but you have a literally a new business idea every day and all the time and you and your run, and you see a rundown that that that that that he’ll, you don’t work there for a long time-and you see me run down hills but you’re like you’re still on the here, foothill five years later, elephant the room I’m still in the hill, because I want to run down a different hill everyday. In my business coaching program experience, there’s a couple ways you can handle that if you know that’s your weakness and you don’t know that you’re going to be a control yourself, I seem to be successful. Where someone partners with someone who is more of a realist, you have a visionary and an executor or a realist, and they work well together. So that’s one move the other one is in you and I have gone to this. Where you bring opportunities to me and I have to go, you purposely make yourself go through a conscious decision making process. Yes, that that’s an opportunity, but do I want to do that. Opportunity. How’s it going to benefit me in the long run is that something I want to get into his I want one-offs, aren’t usually profitable. You know so stay away from the one off, though just a one-time opportunity, if you can turn that one off into a succession of business. That may be something that the hill worth running down but make sure you go through a purposeful decision. Making process can i. Tell me this if I own, a business is not doing just great i. Had this I mean I have a game-changing idea for an app it’s always for sprint app. It’s a billion dollar idea. Follow me follow me and tell me not to do it. Are you sure you’re telling me to walk away from a billion dollars? Is that what you’re telling me to do this is the idea of jack welch talks about how you have to miss it? This is these are the rules this is.

This is the rules of jack walters, giving us for focusing okay, he talks about long-term goals and near-term. Okay. He talks with this. Is this is huge because jack welch he talks about how one of the issues you have is an entreprenuer is you have to you’ve got to eat while you drink, oh, come on now you got to eat while you drink I like to eat. While you dream, you got to deliver on short-range commitments, while you develop a long-range strategy and a vision implement the success of doing both walking and chewing gum, if you will bring it down in the short range and delivering a long range on a long-range plan executing on that. So this is what I would say if you have time to execute on the business coaching program  short-range and think about the long-term, then do both, but if you have to drop the short-term commitments, all the time to think about your long-term going to lose and I hate to say this, there’s a service I was working with about a year ago. It was a daily service and I’ve seen this person not to hate how you doing she says you know I’m having a bad day at the leads I’m getting so many leads coming in. It’s overwhelming I said we are you calling the late just now? Absolutely not I got this new idea. More people are filling out the form on your website and you’re. Not calling me back. She’s absolutely. Are you making the daily deliveries and she said I had to take a couple days off and I’ll see you in like a thousand customers that are auto paying. You didn’t get a delivery today and she literally said yeah yeah yeah, but next week I said:did you call the leeches absolutely I said:what did you do? The dropbox I didn’t? Do the drop off since we talked on the late, and it’s like this every week, like i, owe my parents, while thinking about the long-term we get back, we’ll talk about dealing with distraction. How can you stay focused and focus stands for focusing on core tasks until success? How do you bore down and did not suffer from boredom stay to


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