Learning to Rise And Grind | W.O.R.K. Ethic | Part 1

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To succeed in the world of business you must embrace the mindset of rising and grinding on a daily basis. Doctor Z and Clay break down why whatever you do, you must do with all of your heart as working for the Lord and not for human masters.

Living the F6 Life –  It’s important that we live intentionally in all 6 key areas of life:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Fitness
  5. Friendship
  6. Fun

FACT – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs – Forbes – https://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2011/11/11/your-emotionally-disconnected-employees/#6c55668d42d5

However, today, I’m here to talk about work ethic and the stereotype that the world should have when Christians come to the workplace.

W – Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” – Colossians 3:23
FUN FACT – “Not that Tedder keeps track. The Tulsa, Okla., native swears he’s never looked at a royalty check since his very first – $7,500 in mechanical royalties for co-writing and singing on Bubba Sparxxx’s “She Tried” from 2003’s Deliverance.” https://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/legal-and-management/5937661/meet-ryan-tedder-the-secret-king-of-pop-who-doesnt

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrivetime business coach show, on your radio one on today show, we’re talking about this. This thing z the no one wants to talk about. No one, nobody want people to look at we’re going to go there later, don’t want to talk about it, but it is the difference maker. Now here, here’s what we’re here, we’re not talking about we’re, not talking about the phrase. I did my best way. Cuz we’re not going to be going to say that price, because the phrase what you want say moving forward. I did my best. Doesn’t matter it’s about results in at it. If you look at anybody, who’s had business coach success at the core at the base at the foundational level. Up that success is this concept called a work. Ethic segments and I’ve got four principles to got a lot of room here for a lot of specific stories about a specific examples.

I want to ask the listeners out there rhetorically, how much money do you want to make? How much business coach success do you want to have how much time freedom do you want to have how much? How? What do you want out of life? And then what are you willing to trade off for what you want so see? We have this thing called the f6 life I used to refer to it improperly is the f5 life and she has to go through the f 6-6 goal, areas of life and the first five, which I feel like I done a very good job of indecent. So here’s that number is here the six core goal areas of life. What you have to have goals for your face, if you don’t have goals for your faith, it’s just not going to happen. You’re going to drift you’re not going to pursue your religious beliefs is not going to happen to family goals. Your family is not going to just drift into a great family finances not going to drift to a great place, financially fitness people all the time. I love is all the people said gosh that guy’s got great genetics yeah. He works out 7 days a week. I mean trails co-op 7 days a week. He works out so fitness friendship, people, say cash. I’d love to have great business coach friends like that right and you got to call up it’s a two-way street. You got a schedule time for it, and this final area is fun and dr. Z. You love to have fun and celebrate in the endzone, but not add to your score a touchdown right. It’s a spike. The ball.

The 3-yard line is not good guys. Do it drop it before? What are you thinking? Here’s? What is is crazy to me and I started. I started, researching for today show my mind exploded as I got, bought that you have your phone with. This is big as your head, if your mind exploded, that would be like hiroshima I mean, isn’t that, like nuclear fission, 70% of employees hate their jobs according to forbes, 70% of people hate their jobs, you take it. You think I can relate to 67% want, according to forbes, to have their own business and arts on business right, but I start a business hours of tv per day and her being in route to do psychology. Today the average business coach american doll being interrupted 85 times a day with interactions unrelated to their work. You know what you said is what, for 5 months ago, that was 75 or 76 growing growing growing, growing, I thought I’m just going to call myself out on the show, based upon my religious reviews, might buy my religious views and ask myself what does the judeo-christian bible have to say about work ethic, because maybe maybe I need to look at the time of judeo-christian.

Maybe people should look at my life and say there’s a good indication that he is based upon his actions. His work, so I did is I thought, let’s have some fun with this phrase. Called work ethic and let’s break it down to the following for let her know. How do you spell work ethic? It starts with a w w, as in what a weird word and arnic a w first, so chuck. Can you read me? The first principle were teaching today, as relates to the work ethic. Yet so it will w whatever do work at it with all of your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters, colossians 3:23 states, whatever you do work at it with all your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters, start thinking about what, if I’m, not a christian and I just wanted to screw around with his business coach principal for a year or two and just work as though I took whitley cockrell the guy who managed disney world, he said I said: why are you so motivated and he said I’m motivated by business coach insecurity, because I know somebody else always wants my job and then I watch tom, vs time and tom brady says the same thing. Someone always wants his job i, listen to bill belichick. He said somebody always wants that job at the nfl, which stands for not for long. If you don’t win right to anybody, whether you’re motivated to to wow, god or driven by insecurities you got to work as unto the lord I want to go around the horn and ask you so you’ll start with:u? Why did you grind for 7 days a week cuz now we know you get to have fun to get to travel you to enjoy time with family or down involving your family in the business coach business, is now you’re getting to see that the harvest.

But why did you want to tell that soil push that plow was going on? I knew that by doing that, I could be where I am today. I mean that’s the whole kind of play. Isn’t it I mean you, you are the things that I win the core lessons I’ve taught my children come on. I know tell you this, and that is work first then play yeah, but I just was going on. Facebook and I saw this new position. Call candy crush 205 in there and get the work done. Then you can relax and have fun so like my kid to be, do wanting to do something that get him from school at the nono. Work first have any homework. Yes, let’s get that done. Then we’ll play you know, and so it’s just that that dated a mindset of what war I need to get done now. I can treat myself to make a little bit of tv 5 hours. That’s why you shouldn’t do, but this is powerful, because today you might say let somebody I don’t want to have fun until success. That’s cool because you do is you just say:i accept that my life is how it is because of my business coach work or my lack thereof, right, I love, the challenge going, paycheck-to-paycheck and and the stress, because you know it’s awesome, awesome you’re into fitness.

You ought to see how they did westbrook get a white-hot passion to be successful financially, which is why you made the trade-offs, so I wouldn’t make any trade-offs at all. If I wasn’t passion about the goal, you know someone ask paul this question, but before I do I want to make sure that we’re giving you some adequate self-deprecation. So you can rip on me the pastor at work with pastor brian, great guy, river, city church. He says mr. Clay I would like, if you, if you guys, are interested, would you like to go to israel this year, would like to go to israel in november and I said no i, don’t want to go by 6 i, don’t leave the country i, don’t like traveling and it’s like not in not curious about history. I, don’t wanna be close to the palestinians i. Have no curiosity at all on the wall. Don’t have to walk through the garden of all of don’t want to see the birthplace of he just couldn’t care. Frankly, I just want to go and my business coach wife wants to go so I thought in my mind, is the trade-off worth it me and experiencing a personal purgatory while on an international flight for her happiness. I’ll probably end up on that played great shape for for a fitness competition, but why work late? You know, I think a lot of my success. A lot of my drive came from and began with running from something you know both sides of my family sing-along, alcoholic father, most of my family works harder at trying to figure out how to cheat the government and get the you know, they’re. All that you know whatever is that a boulder? We are good people, but you know that they’re putting in effort but I think it’s right. I prefer to let you know. I was I had to prove to myself. I. Wasn’t that type of person than and you know-and you know god bless me-we do a lot of business and I just have found that I’m happiest if I’m delivered. If I cuz I like to work out, I like to look good like to stay in shape, I like to make a lot of money I like to help other people make money there, but you know I’ve got to have that. I preached at our office at hood, suitcase.Com that you start with the end in mind, and so you know if you’re, just exercising and working out, then what’s the end in mind so I started going to my son: bryce are done this physique bodybuilding show, and so that was our end, and so we we became very deliberate of how we worked out.

Then it’s it’s it. It creates a sense of accomplishment to do more, to know I’m doing more willing to do more than the average person know when you’re done, with the show so you’re going to actually get up on stage and slacks and do like the arnold schwarzenegger, but it closes pump you up, I mean I will go to clash of people of good deal. Is it like a did? They do an interview process. Do you know it’s not a form of it and then I want world peace world peace? What what’s? What’s your diet and exercise been look like when the show’s over it’s it’s I’ve always heard I’ve always been. You know, worked out and final college football that your diet was 90% of it and i. Didn’t believe it so now this is fanatical I’m not going to continue this diet, okay, but all in a great, probably sixty 70% of it. That’s what’s the one thing you have been unable to eat over the last 12 weeks, 1, what’s the top of the list, if you could just pound something right now and it be okay, what’s the starbucks has chai tea latte with soy and I put 5 pumps of chili in it, of course, I like to go after I put having to 12 pumps. It is the first thing, absolutely I’m going to find a business coach starbucks up this idea because I see so many people that complain all the time of your current situation, but we just think about it. Do you really want to make the change and if you do, do it, and if you don’t don’t so, this is a thing. This is a thing. I want make sure you get this soon. As talking to a young man in the office, he says:i want to make more friends.

I don’t have more friends. That’s how many friends do you want? This is why I’d like to have you know:i, don’t know quite a few when I tell you this I’ve got. Probably you know like people that could really trust to the core that had my life for a long time. I think if you go to like a dozen man, that’s huge I mean that’s like profound i, don’t know how people you think are in my life that I can speak to completely transparently without judgment all the time. It’s a win-win for ever I mean it’s not you know if you get to like a doesn’t even really cuz i, keep thought in his mind that this you don’t have in fifty friends. I guess was the number and I want picture setting realistic goals, get that goal in your mind and then ask yourself during the break. What is a trade-off that you’re willing to make? For instance, if you want to get your accounting and order, you said my accounting is perpetually behind my taxes are always screwed up I’m, not saving enough I’m, not getting ahead. Just go to hood cpas., com and schedule. A free consultation might say you mean i. Have to go on the website if you want that causes carpal tunnel I’m have to go on the website and type of my finger hit. The button. Cpas. Com. Do you get? That is a lot of what is the topping? Do you think I have to sacrifice to go a whole two minutes I’m going to give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book called snowball? Yes, but I would have to read all the words in the book:i, don’t like books with work. So if you don’t want to get your finances together, that don’t go to hood cps.Com, but you want the free business coach book. You want a free hour of power, with paul hood with hood cps.Com, go to hood cps.Com and schedule appointment, but don’t complain that your accounting is all jacked. If you’re not willing to take the action, we come back at all about work ethic, rising and grinding state. During today’s broadcast america’s number one business, coach, clay, clark and the optometrist turned entrepreneur.

Dr. Zoellner teach the importance of embracing the rise & grind mentality and the intense work ethic needed to produce success. Oh wow, it’s voice! Control right now deliver a quality. Show, don’t go that far for year-and-a-half expectations like on a show about work, ethic I need to do whatever I do and work at it with all my heart as though working for the lord and not for human master. You, my love, that human masters. How does this apply if I don’t own a business? How does it apply if I do on it will? Let me walk you through this I’d, like for zeda to one-up me on this. Okay a friend of mine, very dear friend, of mine, ryan tedder went to work for free for a guy by the name of timberland. If you go to the name, timba linda timberland he’s the one who produces the justin timberlake music, the newest album man of the woods he produces the stuff, so tell her rights for now beyonce. He writes for adele I mean huge arts, you too, but what he did is he just grinded he’s working over there at the pottery barn. Imagine what it would be like to work for free for a multi-millionaire, and you know he’s not paying you anything. Then this is a true story and it says you can verify this on billboard magazine, okay, it’s called the king of pop, the undiscovered king of pop and I’ll put it on the business coach show notes. Everyone can see it inside the studio and it will be on the show note, so you can see it at home as well so see it’s coming up on the big screen hear what happened to his ryan decided. I am not going to quit until I get my big deal so temple and pulled him aside and says:hey I really have a project I’m working on right now and I’ll pay. You $7,500 cash to sing the chorus and write the song for an artist named bubba, sparxxx, bubba sparxxx, so I got to call ryan cuz I’m, going to be singing the chorus of a song called.

She tried my song on bubba, sparxxx, deliverance, album and I didn’t talk the numbers. We had my how much you getting paid bro, yeah, bro, multi-platinum, albums that went on it and he got $7,500 and you could be better if you working and doing whatever you do and working at it with all your heart as working for the lord and not for human masters, then ryan were the song called too late to apologize. He wrote it himself all by himself done. Timberland, says I’ll put that on my new album too late to apologize, nothing to say:timbaland featuring ryan tedder cuz he’s like the song I wrote:is not yours its timbaland produced by timbaland song, featuring ryan tedder, so they’re going to think that you’re okay, so he just keeps doing this. But imagine yours. That’s the song too late to apologize is the number one most played song of all time ever of any song on the radio ever and so he was considered to be featured on for that album. Then leona lewis, she says I need a song. He writes a song called bleeding love, but now he’s credited as being the writer. The number one most played song in european history. So now he’s getting called by the business coach artist who are saying:hey, please write a song for me. Taylor swift is calling my man but i. Think there’s somebody listening here today:who’s working for your version of timberland-and you have to ask yourself-is it time to quit, because I’m working for free and I have a second job or is it time to press on? Is it time to board down, or are you working for a jerk that’ll, never recognize you because I do see, people who are slaving away for a horrible boss and I would argue this is my take on it.

Have you met a lot of business owners? I would argue that probably 7 out of 10 eta 10 business owners are garbage. That’s my take so I believe. There’s somebody out there you’re working your butt off for years for garbage and so I can make it even more personal good friend of mine since I’ve been working for this guy for 5 years, I never get promoted and I said why I know the guy and I want you to know he prides himself on paying you the least amount possible he’s all about that, and you know I can get promoted as he is want to grow the company. So it was easy for me to give advice then how you need to be if you need to move on so I want to ask you see if somebody’s working for somebody right now you’ve been crying for 2 years, 3 years you been putting in your work and you’re, not seeing any type of fruit. How do you know if it’s a you problem like you’re? Not you know giving it your all cuz i, think people get stuck working for somebody, who’s not going to promote them as a business coach, and then they get disenfranchised or the other extreme I see is where the employees not doing the great job they’re just getting their blade and you’re not over deliver. Did you expect a raise based on just having been there for years to walk me through this concept of over-delivering? Was it time to move on or when is it time to really pressed on that’s an excellent question by the way and just a clip from the employee side, because I feel like there’s a lot of people out there. Listening going and I want to do my own thing, I want i, think I’m on the right track. I put my wagon to this person, or this business and I’m hopeful that going to get me to where I want to go right right. Okay, that is a good question. How long do toy wondering how long was ryan tedder I’ve needed to work for timberland before he says yeah I’m getting nowhere?

This is my answer that I was give people, and you tell me if you can, if the person you’re working for is 10 x, you the do it took the person you’re working for an oast. It is a 10 x, weiser, lock certain times more successful than you are. I like that bet, but if you’re working like a slumlord and he’s barely making it and now you’re, you see that a lot of time is entreprenuer that have kennedy’s hang a long time and I’m in and he just keeps stealing my juice and I’m getting I’m getting. He keep squeezing and I get no juice. In other words, you know he keeps using me right to promote and I was doing now. I, look up, buddy, 25 * me I’m, like I’m, helping him grow exponentially and I’ve been out here still in the week, I’m not trying to get you a thousand potential business coach employees today, but I’m going to try this on the radio i, don’t know if you wanted to come. Work for doctors eat any of your company, optometry clinic and you’re, not hiring, but I said hi I’d like to internet. Biscuit work for free for 40 hours a week when I’m, not there, I work at the pottery barn. We just say yes to that proco. Of course you can pull them out to how long would I have to be at work. First, before I catch the attention of someone like paul hood or some like you’re coming along, and there lies the rub. It depends on who you are. Do you like people, might show up it’s time to do this and then I’m the first one to work in the last one to leave in the days that I work for recognize very quickly promoted you get hired, you get.

You start moving around if you do a good job, if you, if you knock out to 58 w cute, if you know where they’re charging and in and make yourself now it’s kind of loud. This is this person’s going above and beyond they’re showing up on time. They got a great attitude. They got to go to parents and they’re. Accurate I mean those are the five age right. What shop has ran his own business? That’s essentially how we started here at thrive on this paul. How long would someone have to work for you to be in the first one that work in last one out before you would recognize them. A lot of employees now? How long would it take before you would hear rumors of their work ethic? It wouldn’t take very long at all. You know, I think what a thing from the employer or the employee or standpoint is in a find that employee and I’m grinding I’m really putting in and I’m not seeing any any any returns right. You can tell real quick where there’s somebody cuz, really a successful person clay and we teach people this at hood cpas and you do at your workshops. Is you know you you I’m I am hiring right now, i, don’t need any business coach employees but I’m hiring right now, cuz I’m always looking for that next, a player because my job is to take that a player and build a business around them, and so, if you’re working for somebody that looks at you that way and creates opportunities in state. But there are those people out there that that just going to get everything they can out of you now we come back eric chop the business coaching this year with us his story to getting a job at the thrive time show business coach program cuz, we weren’t looking for him, but he found us and worked his way up to system how to do it.


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