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From living inside a rental car to becoming a Grammy-Award winning musician, learn the Lenny Kravitz story on business coach radio show

Music – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Who is Lenny Kravitz?

Grammy Award-winning rock musician Lenny Kravitz made the albums Let Love Rule, Mama Said and Are You Gonna Go My Way. He’s also acted in such films as Precious and The Hunger Games.

Lenny Kravitz was born on May 26, 1964 in Brooklyn, New York. His first album, Let Love Rule, was released in 1989. In 1998, his album Five won him his first Grammy Award.

Fighting through adversity – As a bi-racial child in the 1960s, endured an onslaught of prejudicial remarks.

-A Taste of Success

Music – Movin On Up – Jefferson’s Theme

Kravitz was raised in a wealthy home environment. Sy Kravitz (his father) is a television producer, and Roxie Roker (his mother) played Helen Willis on the popular television sitcom The Jeffersons.

FUN FACT: Roker graduated from Howard University, where she was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. She was married to television producer Sy Kravitz in 1962. Before their divorce in 1985, the couple had a son, singer-songwriter and actor Lenny Kravitz

When the family moved to Hollywood for Roxie’s role, Lenny, who had developed a passion for music at an early age, joined the California Boys Choir. Displaying his raw talent on several instruments, Kravitz was also accepted into the music program at Beverly Hills High School. He graduated in 1982.

Trying to Get a Break

Music – I Belong to You – Lenny Kravitz –

After graduation, Kravitz left home. Calling himself “Romeo Blue,” he hit the road to try to make it big in the music business. Despite his parents’ celebrity connections, Kravitz was determined to succeed on his own merit. The early years of his musical career were anything but glamorous. Kravitz lived out of a car that he rented for $5 a day. In 1985, while still struggling to land his big break, Kravitz was deeply saddened by news of his parents’ divorce.

The 5 As:


Above and Beyond




New York, Bonet and Henry Hirsh

Music – New York, New York – Sinatra

The following year, Kravitz relocated to New York City. It was there that he met actress Lisa Bonet, who was starring as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show at the time. Lenny and Lisa fell in love and quickly moved in together. In November of 1987, the couple eloped in Vegas. Back in New York, Lenny had the good fortune to meet recording engineer Henry Hirsh.

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Music – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over –

It was the opportunity that Kravitz had been looking for. By 1989, his debut album, Let Love Rule, was about to be released by Virgin Records—just as Kravitz and his wife, Lisa, welcomed their daughter Zoë into the world. The world seemed to be Kravitz’s oyster until the couple later divorced in the early 1990s.

FUN FACT: Virgin Records is the record company started by Richard Branson using the funds he generated from creating a mail order record company which was marketed primarily through the newspaper he founded (The Student) despite being extremely dyslexic and being unable to read.

Madonna’s Magic

Music – Justify My Love –

Kravitz’s first album, Let Love Rule, was released in 1989 and ranked No. 61 on the Billboard charts. The title track made No. 89 on Billboard‘s Hot 100. While Kravitz’s debut album, which exemplified his own eclectic blend of rock influences, was moderately successful, he didn’t achieve widespread fame until Madonna covered his song, “Justify My Love,” in 1990. As Kravitz was rising to stardom, his marriage to Bonet disintegrated.

FUN FACT – Despite his incredible success as an artist, Lenny Kravitz’s favorite place to find peace is a small Airstream trailer parked on the edge of the Bahamian beach. W

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Welcome back Dojo of Mojo in the place that you go to make your business grow in typical on the business coach show we talk about is How to grow a successful business, how to really move the needle how to get ahead, but this month, during the month of November, we’re going to do is leave in a lot of true stories. Written study people are successful. We’Re going to ask yourself: how did it get there and we’re going to break it down we’re going to the knowledge or did the research rid of the Deep dive to break down for you, the listener where these people came from, because so many people like to Celebrate success when somebody gets to the top of the mountain, but very few times, do we ever stop and say: I wonder how they did it and they really that’s what entrepreneurship is about as it starts at curiosity, how did somebody move Beyond just surviving absolutely, but You said something in your intro: there are, you said there will be true stories. We can’t wave it. We can’t wait. Why can’t we be in like a Falls when every now and then I can borrow so? I just backed one Darth Vader learning, how the Game of Thrones The White Walkers, how they they’re really not walking any diversity in the workforce. I love that about. The show you know is that you do all the time. If you do all the research, what you crying for hours every day or just heard, that outlines get all the fact that show up and read and read them that you can multi pin her back. She sounded like. I know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I am very excited about this because they were going to be breaking down how Lenny Kravitz became the Grammy award-winning. You know I should have my phone today and Lydia Laura linney’s, mom and dad were actually very successful. He was raised in a wealthy home and his father side. Kravitz is a television producer. Was a television producer, his mother Roxy, who played Helen Willis on the popular show The Jeffersons, The Jeffersons yeah, now we’re business coach moving. But since I didn’t hear she started off in a pen with it did well, but he decided that he wanted to become a musician. I was pretty, please listen to the show I did, or somebody listen to show right now who believes that they want to be start a multimillion-dollar business, but everybody else around them fix their nuts. That I want to get your take on this way that you first say to yourself that you doctors, he wanted to become a owner of a very successful business and were there any what was the people around you in your life that the kind of doubt it On you that they may be thought that you couldn’t do it or you didn’t, have what it took her that did. Maybe success was reserved for other people. She had both from both sides, you, when you grow up poor and you people are asking what you want to do in life and then you have this kind of big. You know a big go or big grandiose thing that you say, and I looked in that kind of spark and say all that’s yeah. We don’t.

We all want that. You know enough to have a successful business like doctor Selmer, and then I had some people that were, quite frankly to visit when I got started kind of got going. They were disappointed that I didn’t go farther in my education that I didn’t do more in my education and they were kind of disappointed, disappointed. You can’t do that and some are saying hoe you didn’t do enough or about the same age and Paws of fancy. Cpa mean Paul Hood CPA. I mean I mean, were you disappointed that they didn’t go on to do something with his life and he just became an optometrist remove did? Was it disappointing to UFC tonight that I upset you know? The reality is, as I want to be dr. Z, so he went further. I’M I’m working on my doctorate night now. So I can be doctor 8 remind me to change my name, but if he went further his education to be a whole lot further. I’D have to go play now: everybody out there listening today, if you’re saying to yourself that you want to become successful, it starts with you doing doing these. The first two steps here: okay, step number one – you have to Define what success looks like you actually have to take the time to write that down. In the second thing you have to do to have to find a mentor or a coach, or somebody has gone. The way who can help you get there so is Lenny Kravitz. He decides. You know what my family. We moved out to California. So we joined the choir called the California boys choir right and he’s accepted into the Beverly Hills. High School music program. He graduates 1982 and he says I’m going to become a successful musician. I want to become a rockstar and he goes by the name of Romeo blue Romeo,

Blue Moon. I did not know that I did not know that. There’S no back-up plan for me because I am Romeo blue and I’m not going to give you my stage name, I’m going to rock that thing. Romeo blue. So I want to ask you this: what it’s 6s look like when you sat down as a young man in to find success? Did you ever say to yourself? And if I do, you know, you know for a haircut once a month and maybe on fancy meal at Denny’s would be success by name in the phone book that can be 6 and 6s. Look like you when you first would win to win. The first look like to you and you first decided to go out there and become an entrepreneur yeah. That’S a great question, I’m trying to think first, the first thing that popped in my mind, was when I close them. I really am I the first nice house or first really house, you know me and I don’t have had smaller homes afford that right either least, I actually bought my first home background was an optometry school for ,000. It would help – and I got it down to twenty in my first nice house – I think you’re my person ice car at and then I think, no, that’s not really successful, and it’s not when I really measured it, because that just your the stuff that comes from That I remember whenever I got home one day and I was really really tired of seeing patients all day long, all you one after another after another after another – and I came home and I just collapsed on the couch and my kids are climbing on me and And and everything with that, what’s up, what’s going on call so many patients today – and I thought to myself – I can remember: can we thinking to myself it’s going to be around a bit that I’ve had a successful day? That was my first. Like really big. You know day, I thought I could hire some people, so you your mind when you got started you success to you looks like owning your own business. Is that what it looks like in your mind up? Is that what you wanted? First, your first time I found out early on that I didn’t after I tried to taste every I didn’t make a good employee. You don’t have to have to become an entrepreneur, it’s hard to go back and be an employee. You know, when did you get a vision for your life to own your own business?

Success, look like for you when you first ventured out on your own as a business owner, /, CPA, I’ve always been a big business coach dreamer. Now my family, the family I came from. I was the first person to go to college on either side only three of us graduate high school. So when I was younger, I said I’m going to when I grow up, I’m going to own a gun, kart track, go kart track in a sweet, candy store, and I would have a 19 that tart candy not too hard and I’ll just wait and chocolate yeah And I was going to have a rocking car and I was going to have the best mobile home in the park. That was a success plan, the best of the best mobile home. I came from as success breeds and you work hard and you I didn’t. You know you go to college and you see things in and then all the sudden you say well, no, I don’t want a mobile home. Could you drop it off in and out different I’ve never gone to the same school for more than 2 years of my life really yeah, we moved all of the play single mom to work. There tell off took care of us, but yeah we did. We did what we had to do. You grow up man, I mean what was your background middle class for you, a carny. Are you still at? I choose to go the car near out just cuz, it’s so interesting day. Today, no, I grew up. I remember my parents, you know my dad had a Concrete Construction business. He started it two years before I was born with, like 5 buddies in about 4 months into it they get their first winter and all the sudden he was by himself all the other guys peeled off and left them with everything. So I remember, being young growing up eating sardines, just being pretty boring as I got to high school college and they were making some decent money and said, I got to go to see the whole spectrum of it. So if you’re listening today step one for you, I could you to write down. What do? What does success look like for you?

What does success? Look like for you not for me, but for you and seeing what you’re talking Lil Bit about that, because I think a lot of people, let other people to find success for them, people hitting their success marks. You know we don’t celebrate that the hard work that they needed to do to get there right. People think one has pretty easy. You know, and I’ve talked to a lot of young people here of late and they are just they think. That’S going to be easy. They’Re going to write an app it’s going to go viral, going to make cajillions of dollars and they’re going to be in a billionaire before they are there 30. You know cuz I’ve seen a couple. People do it. You know – and it’s been by us on the go viral, because I my idea so great business coach idea so great – that they’re going to go viral in order to make your million just because of their idea. By virtue of just having the idea. I know, and I and I hate cuz I know when I was a young man and I had my Big Dreams out there and people ask about them and I’d be honest and tell him and they can’t even that look like they may not say it. But you can feel them feeling that you know, and sometimes I would say it – that’s why I hate to do that. Once I get my money, I’m going to chain of coffee stores is going to change the world man’s just going to go. You know that Mike is going to go viral or not I’m right now, leaving my mom’s basement and I’m trying to save up enough money to get a computer. So I can write that ass for me right now. I brought you got a couple of towels and get my coffee shop going to my coffee and I hate to say you know: that’s not probably going to happen.

I hate to be that guy. So am I going to get our tattoos tonight? He can’t get to be successful tonight. I don’t want to grow too fast, bro right that I’m going to get a tattoo of the name of the African right on my arm. Bro go too fast, but I’m talking about bro, but I’m here to tell you right now, with your driving to lunch with you eaten lunch, whatever you’re doing right now, best looks for you, you can do it, do it for the fun thing about driving the whole Thrive, category of accoutrement that we offer I just love that word accouterments accoutrement, is that we give you that mentorship. We give you the step by step, sweet, give you the path to take, say: listen, we know, there’s a lot of ways to do it. I mean. There’S a lottery, there’s, there’s app writing business coach strategy, get rich on cold summer in the country, didn’t know about 7 hours a day, watching TV Nielsen actually saying it’s closer to 4 hours a day watching TV, since that says 5, even it’s crazy and it also people are Spending on average, 7 % of their income on lottery tickets on average, 7 unable.. That’S what those are all the way to save up man if you’re buying tickets right those are always but the only way. We really know the tried-and-true method that we’ve done and the one that we kind of feel comfortable on teaching about is starting to go Rise.


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