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Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a rockstar? In hour two of the ThriveTime Show business coach podcast, we are breaking down the career of the legendary musician Lenny Kravitz.

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Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio, we’re talking all about Lenny Kravitz in his path to success. Doctor. Do you love somebody grab it? I do my dick is music. I really do it’s really good. I just you know it’s still kind of iconic Wii Classic and I catch myself sometimes listen to some of his first album, and so course you know I found out today, but he’s just a few months older than me, where the same age and kind of yams Sweet to say to graduate high school 92 Sol didn’t hear ya when you say no. 185. I did not when he married Lisa Bonet in Las Vegas. I wasn’t there. I think about this. 1989 is when he finally got his albumlove rule released by Virgin Records. I want to ask you: when did you finally Make Your Mark as an optometrist / entrepreneur me when you finally get your own business? What year was that 91? I mean I graduate in 90. Can I can I put on something because I’m out, for I did great things, take time it’ll take time, but I could have skipped College undergraduate and start doing free eye exams in 82 high school and I just go into an office, and I just had a Time would work for free and I just going to start going to exams for nothing now, there’s a little bit of a difference in playing in dive bar for free and then going into doing medical care for free. If you don’t have the license to do it. So I kind of had to get the licensebecause there’s a lot of optometrist out there competing for the business, and you had to find a way to stand out and Marketplace. Okay to Lenny is a is a great musician. I got connected by Henry Hirsch into the mainstream to get the record deal with Virgin Records. Now. Okay, but it’s music is struggling to get on the radio it’s struggling to get the airplane that he wanted to have it, so he decides he’s going to start writing. Music for other people – and he writes a song from Madonna – a song called justify my love, which, by the way, is the most weird crazy song ever don’t watch it on YouTube, weird, but that song got played on the radio. All the time justify my love – and I said you know this song was written by Lenny, Kravitz are going to Windy Hill and then he made the way back to his album and then bam is Alan. We’Re going to change his name back to do his real name. I have failed the business coach Thrive Nation, but I cannot tell you what year that was. I just know that the whole the whole conceptgoing by there that early stage name it took him about 4 years. They said Romeo blue before that wore off so 1989 know he’s finally, now he’s. Finally, finally, getting some radio play, that’s really want it. Success begin to happen. I want to ask you: is he I mean 1991, you start your optometry clinic. When did you nail down your no-brainer, your advertisement, your marketing? When did you finally get it to where you’re like Matt, I’m able to fish with a net baby, I’m able to get the people in the door at dr. Robert zoellner, dr. Robert zoellner, and Associates 92? 93, 9294 and then 95. I went to go in the gym and I went to go be their prisoner by Mark and then June of 96. I came back and then January of 97 was the then I had a whole rebranding, a whole new thing that I did I did so I would say I was bound and determined to set myself apart, and I knew the only way I’m going to do that To get that word out, and so I took a very aggressive stance. I took 10 % of my grossincome 10 % 10 %. So if you paid me for something I took off of that – and I put it in an advertising turn out, so they don’t get so pissy right now, they’re doing a million dollars of Revenue taking over the equivalent of ,000 a year and spending it on advertisement. Correct, which is extremely high, extremely aggressive, but I have a big house, I’m living in a townhouse. I didn’t have a big fancy: car driving an old, an old beater. You know I didn’t have all of those people that you are living below your means. Absolutely a lot of people are reluctant to advertise they’re still there because they can’t afford to do it. Another sit there. There’S somebody, I’m not, I’m not arguing with you. I’M arguing, I’m arguing on behalf of the person listening to show who saying I don’t understandmy situation. I I can’t afford to advertise, because I was still want to keep the cable TV. I still want to keep the III at my kids need to go to the private school. I still need to have the second card. Third car. Are you don’t understand it’s harder for me to delay gratification than for you, because I have a unique situation and I paid it all through college and I’ve deleted all my life and now I’m tired of the delay in it and how you know I want to Take that money and go blow it on new car. I had I had a young entrepreneur, young business guide start up as busy as you give me to listen.

I want to be the doctor Z of my industry, of Mike okay. Well, here’s the plan was said. Here’S the plant dies when do this, all that stuff and I’d be with you on occasion and then finally meet with the mess. Unless, if I met back – and I did that for about a month that thing didn’t work now talk to me about the advertising, make sure you hear what you’re saying and that you look at it, we don’t make a commission buy ads on this station or a different Station but see you’ve been buying ads consistently for years I mean for 25 years so talk to me for the person who had the mindset who says I have been running ads for a month and I’m just not getting the return on investment on the first month That I need what what we threw that mindset. How do you? How do you navigate that? Well, in all fairness, in all fairness, if you don’t do all the super moves that we teach in our Thrive umbrellas, in other words, are different, multiple ways to learn it from us. But if you don’t use all the super moves in your advertising, you could spend 50 % of your gross income and not move the needle another word if you’re not saying the right things, if you don’t have the right things in your ad, it doesn’t matter how Many times people hear it, it’s not going to move the needle give me an example of a needle moving concept. Would you please give me an example? There’S two no-brainers there’s three no-brainers today when will go around the horn we can share that I bring to a no-brainer. Is when the reward you’re giving your potential customer is greater than the risk of reaching out to you said score: bball score basketball, coach, Cowher, how you doing my friend, I’m doing really good just slipped in the box of rocks that you’re, offering to the good Folks At Tulsa Oklahoma at Scourby will let kids come in and try out a free class for a week as many times as I wantso. We afford to be in business with doing a deal, we’re not making any money the first time they come in the first week. Actually, it works really well like, for instance, we had 15 come people come in last week and we signed up 12 people so 12 or 15, so we feel like if even if we can get, you know, half the people to sign up for doing great advantage Of you and they will in a lot of times, we can tell they’re going to be that way anyway, but we care about their kids and will train them the same way. You have a very respectable accounting practice. You have a location Bartlesville, one in Claremore when in Tulsa I wasn’t so mean literally thousands of clients, and yet you continue to offer a no-brainer keeps playing The Witcher no brainer, and why should everybody listening to the show today?

Take you up on this offer when we found it, I don’t care what business coach or business you’re in which product your sound people are a little afraid to try new things, and so we take all those inhibiting factors off an offer. An hour for free just come and talk just go to our website. Hood CPAfill out the form and we’ll sit down and talk. Then there’s there’s nothing to lose his free, nothing to lose its free to Hood in a schedule. A free consultation with you, knowing is that takes it, takes several hours several weeks and you know it depends on what they want, but typically an hour an hour to an hour and then get to know each other and watch what the direction you wanted to. Let you know go and how how to find are your goals? What are your experience with an accounting firm? How proactive are your Investments? How proactive are your your financials and are you using those to steer your business or is it just something to look at on the backside? I tell you why clay the surprising thing is: is the number of people that come in and they’ve been in business for years, and they have? No, they have no Financial say, don’t do anything until the end of the year and they just show up with a box of stuff, and I would say, because the majority of accountants out there not very proactive and that’s why. When people meet with you the first time, they always love the interaction they love to me, don’t even know what a break-even point is or what a performa is or how todo what I wear to even get started with tax planning and retirement planning. That kind of think it’s a powerful one-hour consultation and you’re going to give him a free copy of Warren Buffett’s book The Snowball it’s a no-brainer. You have a no-brainer you been doing over there dr. Robert zoellner Associates year. I started off my first classic. That just puts a smile on my face when I was classic no-brainer that I did and I ran with. It was a deal where you can get a pair of clear contacts in pair of colored contact lenses in the eye exam of the follow-up and all that included right to 99. Season of you could get pair of glasses and a pair of contacts or two of each for that things have gone up in up and cost, but I know it’s what I hustle standard of the cost of living increases. Just I just I don’t know. I thought, when government printingmoney, to make up for large deficits, it wouldn’t impact the consumer at all. It wouldn’t keep it in the I have now one pair of glasses and eye exam course, all the follow-up care and all that and freeze frame warranty for so you know I’m hanging on to my deal. No 25 years later, look at the math Man, 103. 104. 108, I’m just telling him you’ll be happy. Your wallet, I mean hey. What are you going to work and there’s a certain percent of people are coming out the street that that you don’t want that deal that that’s the deal that they want that they. I remember whenever we did that our 20-year anniversary and I did eye exam – oh my goodness, I mean wow. We were so busy, so so business huh huh, because we couldn’t get anybody in that day and you have to have a call to action. You have to have something that advertising and that you’re talking like you called no-brainer. I called her call to action.

You got ta have something going to be over in the room: the Men’s Grooming, Ultra Lounge. What’S your, you got something working down there, it’s for your first haircut experience. I’Ve got one even better, and that is your first month of thrive15 to go Thrive. Time show 2015. Com online school for hair won on the street. Is that have to go? Get a 4-year business degree from even say a local University here in Phoenix. I don’t know what Phoenix is I’m going to go to URL to open, or are you going to get you for about ,000 a year, yeah have a good exercise and good people. How much is tu tu student on the show yeah he’s getting close to upper 30s if he can, if he graduates from to you and becomes a teacher, think about it, but you just hear you make about 3012. Tell him he’s getting a slim and he could live in your MPV. What are they put that on the TV website? They should say: here’s our no-brainer. I hear some sarcasm in your voice to get you in for one year. They should focus on the price it such as it such a great offer over there to you say it’s a huge deal he’s a little, I think, he’s being free basketball lesson in a free meeting with Coach Calvert. Maybe it’s copying snowball book. They should do all that for 3433. How is one of the things that drives me: crazy, kids, going to college and running up all this debt and getting a degree where they have no chance, but no checks, no chance or chance of paying back that money? Well, I take what, if you are listen to the show today and you want to start a successful business. You have found the right place, it’s business school without the BS and yes, we’re here to serve you, but we can’t serve it. If we don’t get to know you go to thrive time, show. Comic book, your tickets for a next in person Workshop today, that’s DriveTime when it’s Clay Clark of a business coach, hello, Mom from the center of the universe, it’s business school without the BS featuring Optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, alright Drive Nation walking back to the Thrive time. Show on your way. Do I need to click like on the former ussba entrepreneur of the Year sit here to help you learn what you need to know how to make that wallet grow in today. We’Re talking about the Lenny Kravitz story, his path to success. Now this is a business coach concept that I want to this kind of part of a part of the Lenny Kravitz story that super positive, but it ends it ends well, basically, he’s making a lot of money he’s selling a lot of Records he’s doing well now, but he’s Super not happy, and so he ends up realizing that all of the connection, all of the social events, all of the things he wanted, the money to fame the Success magazine covers that stuff. Wasn’T what he thought it was it wasn’t he he wanted. He wanted to have, I guess, it’s got, ta, be something else, and it was harder on his personal life harder on his psyche. Then he thought it would be, and so he thought I wouldn’t say he goes crazy, but it kind of a deal. We had kind of break down a little bit and see. I think a lot of people Ark ready for the pressure that owning a successful business puts on your head. Like the first time you have a bunch of money in the bank. I think success breeds more problems in Failure. What happens is that you only charging time for you and then you kind of go home today, and then you have the money to do it. I think I’ll do this. It allows you to do more of what you would do without the money with bingo. So I want to ask you this when you first started coming into some success? Okay, so you can just work your way to success whatever that means. The business maybe is is, is a multimillion-dollar company. Now it’s not just barely surviving things are going well. Where was the when was the time where you thought it was example of a time where you thought I did not know it was going to be this stressful, maybe somewhere you thought. Oh man, this was, could you have a pretty high high water mark, but I know it’s because you have been through a lot and so what’s an example in the business, for you thought me – and this was a lot worse than I thought it would be. I don’t know I’m trying to I’m actually when you were kind of going through that I was wondering you’re going to throw me a question and as your kind of dance around there was kind of thinking what what were some times. It was like it and I did have a high water mark, and what I would do with my life play is that, as I started getting success in one business, that would then I would I would do. Is I’d go just all in another one, and I just I would go. I would open up another one and then I would have the stress of God in the thrill of that in the the ongoings of that, and so then I became the the Vaudeville act. That had the sticks with the plates on them and it to the energy of you moving the stick around. You know, spinning at the keypad that I put on there and so people ask me all the time. What are you, what are you doing today and I go I just see which plate is wobbling the most run to it? I know for me that time where I thought this is worse than I thought it could ever be, was I booked a show to DJ for the prom for dassel-cokato high school and it was on the Mississippi River, so we’re DJing the prom on the Mississippi River, But yet we lived in Tulsa okay, so my DJs were expected to be on the prom boat, going down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis. But the day before I booked another gig, we were doing an all-nighter event for Coppell high school for their Project Graduation or something okay. So we are getting worse, like 40 DJs at this point. Okay, but there’s there’s one guy is supposed to DJ in Dallas and then the next day within 24 hours of that show in Dallas with other shows. In Minneapolis, and I didn’t realize human nature yet. And I wasn’t aware and Vanessa told me probably out of four thousand times, but I didn’t realize that 10 % of our DJs every week you’re going to lie to me and bail out of the show. I hadn’t accepted that wow wow you no one would always call in sick with a fake illness. Should I didn’t realize that was going to be normal. I just thought it was a Donnelly’s. I had some bad people in Minnesota. We really need to hire at least two DJs, who do nothing there on call at QuikTrip does with her gas stations so that way, we’re never in a bad spot. If you don’t wan na miss somebody’s wedding, and I think that’s it – that’s a No-No. Good thing, I’ve got some good guys be honest with you. I have overcommitted and I cannot do the the all-night event in Coppell Texas. I can’t do it. I wanted to do what I know. I said I would do it, I’m I just wanted to man up and tell you. I cannot do the event tomorrow, so I I cannot.

I thought you know what I’m the backup I’ll go. Do it I’m the owner of this business called me, probably because I live for that year, I was down in Dallas DJ all night. That’S why I’m interested in the Furious will be better behaved if they’re at the school night. So I’m djn till about 6 a.m. things are going good, cuz, I’m rocking the part that are all dance until, like 5 a.m. it’s gone, that weird thing where people are so sleep-deprived summer crying summer, laughing and horrible, and then you say some, it’s not funny. I just pulled already everywhere station their cheer. Can I get my phone call, my Cingular cell phone back in the day with the minimum minutes yeah Clay at such-and-such. I was a supposed to DJ tonight in Minneapolis and not feeling very good and I just finished an all-nighter and it has a bacchanalist. It’S back up. I really need you to do. Is I tried to appeal to his hire motives to his morality, to having a soul, I remember being like your hair? Do you do Kenny? Does humans know there’s this date on a date and a girl? He knows and it’s a one-time opportunity to go on a date – he’s been working on it for a long time and just can’t do it and he sorry and I now have to drive to Minneapolis. But I haven’t slept already flight 24 hours more than 25. It took like 30 hours, so I drove from Dallas, which is 4 miles south of Tulsa Tulsa to Minneapolis with Andy math, or do you know.? Could you do the show with me dude I’ll, wrap up my show Friday night, we’ll ride together, sweet drive up to Minneapolis flight, just a bunch of sleep, deprived idiots, and we DJ week we literally pulled into the dock on the Mississippi River to board this huge Paddle boat, with, like 30 minutes before they’re, leaving the event planners just super going crazy waiting on you guys for hours were supposed to leave in just a minute. Thank we are here on time. We can do it later and I don’t even want to say, like lady personal Purgatory on the boat going down the Mississippi River is it was. It was two sleepless nights. I get back to my parents house in Minnesota, I’m like a 25 year old man at this point 24 year old man, I just collapsed, fell asleep and then Z. The next week in a very similar situation, happened because I hadn’t embraced the idea that people are going to bail out. I built the company too big and it without having backups and so the next, probably 4 or 5 weekends in a row. We’Re just hell and Vanessa was like that’s why we have to have backups, and so is he I learned my lesson started training, backup DJ’s, because I listen to Vanessa finally tells to wait about a year to accept it. I like to be beaten with the dumb. Stick first, so fun! Alright, if you are looking for the specific knowledge you’re not going to get a business college, you got to book your tickets for next in person Thrive time Workshop. We come back more about your path to success. Stay tuned! Welcome to the Thrive time show I show for the enemies of average. People are not born with a baby in the world to look like this. People are not born with big thighs that that is a notable quotable. Thank you so much and found so many great lines. There was a kid that was like a must-see TV on Monday morning and you couldn’t at least remember the skids mean acting them out was obviously that’s the next level. But if you couldn’t at least even have a conversation about what they were and how funny they were and what they meant to you, you are a loser. I mean you are ostracized. You were like you were in time out. There was kind of in their Austrian ostracized. Thank you. Thank you. I’M praying for us award winning tickets to the peak of his Fame of his career and he realizes I’m not happy. So he moves to the beach in the Bahamas, in a Airstream trailer parked on the edge of the water and there he just sorted out for about a year. She’S basically was living in a van on the screen. You can see it. That’S a no pretty explain to her that that is where he seeks today business coach sauce, that’s like where he seeks peace. He goes there often to record, to write to compose, to think I want to get your take on this, and then I want to. I want to hear a story from coach as well as well as from Paul. Where do you go to retreat mentally after you’ve just been screwed? I mean when you just get. This happens to me honestly, like once a month that you just get totally taken advantage of, or is it once every two months? Is it every day? How often are you just getting hosed other one every now and then you get dealt a bad hand till still see every now, and then you got to go to the jet stream trailer for jet stream. Take out a bath. You going to pick something up. Your penis, sometimes too dude you going to be there. When I had my man cave. Of course everybody has their version of their man. Tell me some physical cave describe the decor. The pageantry did the Festival of Lights. What does it look like in the man cave wall, the house and I put a put a aquarium up, it’s in the house, but June. I took out the window there. So now it looks like you didn’t see it right there from the man. Kid just got. The fireplace I’ve got the cooling into cooling element to the center of the warming elements in the winter, the the the screen which goes up and down and keeps at the box office beautiful as I can burn my wood, my TV in the corner, my big comfy, Chair, we can go to the game, sync to the LED lights with LED lights, but it’s it’s flat screen TV. I think we all have our mental or our place. You may not be an actual cave, but we have up for men and for women to you. Have the place where you go even to just up the bathroom, taking a hot tub, get in the hot tub or a hot bath, and bubbling up and light the candle and get a glass of wine and going to today’s weather just get where you like me To visit Bob Beeler show here we’ll get out the screw gun. I mean I would say it to know when you we have multiple businesses and then multiple transactions going on there’s more opportunity for someone to try to get to you. You answer you answer the question. I’D say it happens, probably interpret something monthly. I mean a major one that was probably every week of minor one. You know the past, we can go, but it still hurts. Will it actually was the summer of my high water mark. Remember the first time I got sued, oh yeah, and it was dismissed.

This was 20 20. Let’S see, 22 years ago, Promises of The Summer of 69 middle child had fallen and broke his leg. He was in a body cast in that when he was actually in traction in the hospital for a month wow, my wife was 8 months pregnant. She was in the hospital in another floor with the kidney stone, I’m probably breaking some HIPAA violations here, but that’s okay. If it’s as good as the one kids in hospital white skirt the kidney stone, what are you doing? Are you at work? I am working, I don’t have any doctors, it’s just me, I’m still still early enough. It’S just me. I’Ve got my staff now, probably up to about 5 or 6, more see my patient and very busy cuz I’ve been advertising and we’ve we been providing great service and then my daughter, who was, I believe, 3 or 4th time was mad. She wasn’t, she was like. You know, hey what about me. What about me as soon as I got out of work, I would go to the hospital to visit. Basically, my family, and that was in the cup, spend the night with my son. He didn’t want me to leave in the morning when I had to leave to go to work. It was just heart-wrenching, you know, and it was just that was a job center to help kind of I need to stream. I need Windows stream. What does it live stream of that right? There is Lenny Kravitz, Airstream, Airstream Airstream. I need an Airstream in the Bahamas parked on the ocean that I could just have gone to for about a year after that, as long as it’s because we’re men what men do to help other men to empathize, it’s we one of other men. We are the story, that’s better! That’S worse than you can more than you can possibly late is rather than trying to listen to what you just said. Yeah we go, you know what I’ll that’s keep your word for it, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t ride together. He is a Godfather. I take a bath and hit me up on this whole family being in the hospital and make sure that just a coincidence, I need to be like I said in there. I guess the store I would have been taken advantage of is you know why I like Zig Ziglar and I grew my business and she says you know you can. If you base your success on excessive other people, you’ll get you help enough. Other people get what they want in life, you do what you want to like, and so my business was. I was just really rocking and rolling and cranking, but I was still doing everything so I go out and I hire a CPA is older than me and got more experience and by the way I paid him more than what I’m making him more than him. And in all that, well obviously I took a big cut in pay, because now I got this extra expense so we’d I decide hey, I’m going to go out and buy another practice and I’ll bring this guy and he can help run it with me and everything Was great and we got, I actually got a contract hadn’t signed, it got a contract and then I get a call – and he says oh yeah – by the way me and the seller have been talking on the side and we decided I’m going to buy it. And so yeah, so not only did I lose that deal I lost the guy was going to invest money in and I’m back still working 7 days a week. Apart to this is a man that sounds awful to hear what you’re going through. So I have no. We have no other option here as a man than to one-up you so worst case scenario that was far worse than what Paul, who could possibly relate to over there and his perfect world, where nothing ever bad happened to me. But what happened to you coach in 2002 – and it sounds really sad, but I have been blessed tremendously and two things in 2002, my son passed away. My wife divorce me and I started Living in just a bus at the same time, Seattle bus.

At the same time, a close friend of mine stole ,000 from me, and I was helping him and mentally emotionally Minnesota happened in about a three month., Of course, not playing this game. It’S like a real man. I’Ve been trying to one-up and mentally. I want to hear more of this horrible tragic, not good, very awful rotten stories, I’m excited about it. Sometimes I think you’re not quite right in the head to the bottom, get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. Asking me why to lose all Z, everybody wants to be rich, everybody wants to be successful. Part of formula do Clay is that we want to be rich, but he says in the song. Don’T ask me why, but isn’t that isn’t the y a big part of the process? Can I read the lyrics to you? Can I get the lyrics of the song to you, because you’re here, you’re, getting deep, I am interested song, is the opposite of a song that I enjoy long to more. Yet I disagree with more than 200k when they bother me when I’m not at home, because you’re not paying your bills and they got no time before one round feet hit the floor. When I get on down you see, I want money, lots and lots of money. I want the business coach pie in the sky and lots and lots of money, so don’t be asking me why I don’t be rich. Oh, I want to be rich. Oh, I want to be rich. Oh, I want to reach for a little love, peace and happiness. I want my cake and eat it too. I want to spend my money on lottery. My favorite number is 1. 2. 3 cuz. You see, I want money, lots and lots of money. I want the pie in the sky and we continued. So the point is, he is interested in your tickets. Would you recommend that, as an investment strategy is a CPA. Absolutely would not and diversifying if you just invested in, I guess if you invested in the multi-state lottery, so maybe you could call that diversification in today’s world Snake People and give me give me give me you Think that song will be popular. Is it okay for Melinda want money when they want coming back to songs that are not popular songs that are kind of handmade hand-woven kind of thrift? Thrift Store coach before before to take us out of the bottom and back up to the top to bottom.

Can you reset cuz? We were talking about these horrible things about the worst things that happened then you’re like so I’m sitting on the magic story over here and then you just came in with 1 to 3 p.m. to reset the stuff. Can you reset what you were going through? A first off I’m doing tremendous now, so we’ve overcome a lot in 2000, my son have Muscular Dystrophy, and so, while I was building my business from 95, that’s what we are struggling with was just him. In 2002, we finally passed away, and at the time my wife wasn’t doing well, then she decided to let me go and then I had a friend who was a pastor of a church and own a business, and he took advantage and stole a ton of money From your friend was a pastor and he decided to help you. He stole your money. How much money did he take 47,000 underneath the basketballs? I got the cash right there, you just put the basketballs on the cash or how did he get the money investments in different things? He I was trying to help some people and some things like that. It’S quite a convoluted story. That’S very boring. What does with the stack of of life is same time. My back was going bad cuz. I’Ve been a back surgeries for your son, passed away. You had money stolen from the bottom. Did somebody then just come by and eat your ice cream too or no? Actually, I remember the same time my dog got lost and died, and I see you, I see a lifetime movie coming on the best I remember.. I remember thinking Lord. I understand the money and I understand that, but not my dog who wrote joke 2.0 and God said it’s okay, we can add that we can do. Oh, my gosh, the comedian who says your people always say that polarizing events are memorable. You know like if you have a really good slogan: people remember it if you have kind of a funny catch line, a funny catch phrases that I’ve always want to be memorable, and so is it worked hard to have memorable routines and are they just there not As memorable as I want to be, people leave and I’ll say what was my show about, they can’t even remember one line: cuz I’ve been fine young kids, usually 3 to 5 years old, you’re old enough to remember things and I watch under eating her ice cream And I walk up to you when I take the ice cream away and I’ll say you will never forget this day and I yell my name at them over and over and I eat it in front of them.

Is it going to become bitterness or bitterness so easy for somebody, listen to the show who goes. You know what, after hearing the stories that you guys have shared in the University of Lenny Kravitz, I really don’t have anything to complain about it and it’s like you know what I’m going through, what you went through. What are you going forward this to better than everybody? Has a high water mark? I remember once I was a friend of mine. His daughter had lost your shoes for 5 and she lost her Barbie doll or whatever it was her. Her thing her dog and she was just I mean in the world – had ended for her and for me to sit there and say you don’t understand my son broke. His leg was in a body cast that’s a much worse than losing a doll that concept. So everybody has their high water mark. Everybody has a thing that has affected them. You know I have a Tom Clark, my dad, who passed away about a year ago. This is a Tom Clark story for you and I used to kind of crowd the plate. I was left-handed, I was very, very good until I started losing the vision in my right eye Got Back a bad astigmatism now or 6th grader on the plate, and I would just hit home runs quite often so I’m crowding the plate and the other for the Opposing pictures would throw at me all the time you did it hit you. This is still in. You can hit a kid with the baseball on you want to go to jail or be accused of something in the plate, and the guy just hit me in the arm and my dad was always you at the game and I’m like it’s. You know he kind of looks at me says something to me in between Innings and it’s basically like suck it up. Quit crying could be a motivational tips crying again again, the same guy who gets tossed out of the game. But it’s a deal were like he hit me again: cuz I’m crowding the plate, so I get the car and I’m like my dad, my dad says. Well, how was the game or something wrong with my mom said? How was the game? I remember saying Walmart super sore, I just got beaned twice and I’m talking about it. My dad’s like come here so we pulled over to QuikTrip, get some gas and he just punches me in the leg like harder than Charlie Horse, not like how old was that music? You probably won’t remember that the shoulder thing right awesome display Spain’s like I was like. I am never going to mention any injuries to my dad against. He was like all everything in sports and that was his dad’s philosophy play basketball. If you’re hurt you just going to move on, you can’t lament about things either. Somebody listen to show today who needs to hear this. How do you get over things? Well, and that’s it that’s what I was getting at everybody has or high water mark. Everybody has an, I remember as things with her in later years. After that and people go, how are you hinting at so come? How are you being so about that? This is a horrible things going on. Like the second, you don’t go. I go listen. I had that’s way below my high water mark. You know I mean I couldn’t imagine coach in a bearing a child. I just I think, that’s probably the one, the worst things in the world for someone to have to do. You know grandparents, parent, that’s natural normal sometime sooner than your life, but still lets. You know you anyway. You look at some people’s lives. You go wow, that’s how did you come to that, but you know we’re all come through it. We’Ve all done. It., We’ve all had the worst thing, it’s hot to you and you know you’re still here, you’re still listen to the show.

Now Hood CPAs, mr. Paul you had you had some you want to chime in with what I want to chime in about is okay. Who would you I tell you what I love and respect.? Who would you rather have coach in your kids? A guy who’s come through all this stuff of life and has a positive attitude and is still serving a clay. I’M thinking about going and having a reversal of my business coach vasectomy just have a child, so I can put them in his class. So there you go. We have four ways that we can help you today, but we can’t help you if you don’t start the journey by going to thrive time. Show. Com survive time When you go up there going to find for tools when we have the world the best business. Podcast you can subscribe for free to have one-on-one business coaching. You can schedule your consultation 3, the world’s best most affordable business school with just a dollar for the first month and every month. Thereafter, and finally, we have the world’s best in person, business workshops, Z. Why are these workshops so fun for people? Are they love it with the next month of December? Why do people of the workshops so much my man, because there’s two key elements to things with that people get from it? That gets a laugh and I get to learn oh come on now and those are those are too powerful things I mean we all love laughing and we all love learning what I learned in free, perms, laugh, learn and free permit, because I love it nice. Alright, if you don’t listen to the Thrive time show today, you are a great American and we thank you for listening and stay to 4 tomorrow to show this entire month for breaking down success stories. It’S always within the show. The 100


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