Life Balance – Is It Possible While Starting a New Business?

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Many startup entrepreneurs find themselves becoming concerned about work/life balance or the lack there of. In this episode, business coach Clay Clark breaks down what work and life balance truly is and how to avoid failure as a startup.

Life Balance and Startup Failures

  1. Should I care about life balance if I’m starting a business? When’s the right time to prioritize balance?
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There’s no such thing as work-life balance, there are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)
    1. Timelines of success – A healthy and typical timeline to build a profitable business is about 18 months.

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It is friday and some people believe there saturday or sunday, but the typically there’s not a someday. Now someday is the day that falls between now and whenever it’s it’s, it’s a key to getting to never what’s the bridge. What’s how do I get from where I am now to something you’ll never occur, o just get on someday boulevard, and you just me and go down that thing and you’re going to find yourself. I live in a van down by the river not to fight by default. Life is terrible. My default, your finances to me, terrible by default, your marriage be horrible, but if your proactive and intentional about design in the life you want to live that, you can absolutely have success. So a member of the thrive nice email. They took the email as soon as the question should I care about life, balance and I’m, starting a business when’s the right time to prioritize balance. Okay, I’m going to give it to you from jack welch the number one business coach or ceo where the top ceos american history, who grew ge, general electric by 4000 % during his tenure jack welch, says:there’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work, life choices and you make them and they have consequences. Okay, so I’m just going to i, went to owensboro to help with a church out there and that’s helping with your work, clothes and I spent the entire day, helping them make the workflows. So the entire day I was making workflow, which means I’m, making a linear path on a whiteboard of how their church is supposed to operate, to increase efficiency and to find linkage problems in the linear places where the ball is getting dropped right and then that’s.

Why I did it so I was wasn’t balance I was focused focused on mccord task until it says that you out to dinner with the pastor’s wife, and we had a great time then after that, because you know my I have five kids and they were with me. I had a lot of sex and then I just kept having sex pretty much the entire time. We were there cuz it’s in the context of marriage. It’s it’s good. It’s it’s! It’s a good thing else and I broke. My heart rate up. I was trying to set a record here for 3 days and I’m. Like there’s got a tweet, we’ve gotta stay focused, we got to be committed, but would say what is it you block out time? You say:here’s the deal was that on your calendar we talked about I’m. Just telling you read napoleon hill’s book about sex transmutation, you’ll get it. But the point is you:you got a skittle pepperwood matters took when I was having sex. Oddly enough, I didn’t call my kids and check on him at that very moment or your business coach partners or your mom or a lot of people are trying to grow their business charles, while they’re also golfing and they’re, trying to golf what they’re trying to do, accounting or they’re trying to so you have to focus to grow. Colaw fitness to you not my favorite time is either early early or late late, where there’s no kids, no distractions and all I am doing is just focused on my man, actually get more energy.

You start work. What time did you end every day when you started colaw fitness will generally my first client was at 4 a.M. And my son has my last one was at 10 p.M. Which would last till about 11 p.M. So, but that’s at but I love. What I did see you work 18 hours a day. It’s not everyday, but I would say. Money was a friday tuesday thursdays I did a lot of sales and it did you work on sunday or saturday to prepare for the next week. So I mean generally sunday afternoon. Yes, so you were working as a business coach between 14 and 15 hours a day 7 days a week. I thought I would stop and do what I needed to do to keep my marriage and my family. So it’s like you have to watch your wife like it’s like mysterious animal that your honey and if they start going to act goofy you can just ask him. Are you okay? They say yes, but they’re. Really everything in their body language is saying. No, you stop and you do whatever you got to do with dr. Z talks about this all the time. If you are spending too much time, if your, if your quote-unquote work-life balance, is getting too out of whack they’re going to tell you you people at home or going to let you know right so actually listen to them pay attention, because if it did, if your wife is saying hey honey for your husband, hey honey haven’t seen you in 6 weeks, you haven’t seen the kids in the month and a half. What the what’s the dealer takes you about 18 months, I’ve, seen of of of sowing seeds of first to till soil.

Did you sell the seeds watering the seeds harvesting it takes about I’ve seen is 18 months to build a profitable and sustainable business because it takes awhile to get to word-of-mouth in the marketing, and you can go faster with a business coach. You might go to get down to 12 months at one of my clients, I work with this year. Is it start up and he’s literally bring you in almost $18,000 a week of gross revenue on a 40% profit margin with a home-based business? That’s crazy! We’ll go faster since the beginning to get it going, your focus man, you can’t be distracted, so say no say no to things. Yeah I just say no to a ton of stuff and then just say yes to your faith. Yes, your family finances, your fitness, your friends for fun, and then my little bonus say yes to marital sex. I mean you’ve got I’m, so tired of people I know who are married, not having sex. What’s wrong with you, you work so hard to chase her around and to get your married and then what do you do when having sex once a month? You need to go. You we need. Is you need some sex therapy and you said to go out there. I think I need to leave I’m being serious, that’s not going to work buddy! It’s your duty been an hour and a half. It’s your duty to on a daily basis, get clothes and getting you to close places that your daily duty we come back more non sexual tips. Will you please get yourself up again


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