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Learn from one of the G.O.A.T.S. (Greatest Of All Time), Benjamin Franklin. In the second hour of the business coach taught podcast we are breaking down Benjamin Franklin’s life into principles that you can use in your own life today.

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ThriveTime Show podcast old school, Janet Jackson Janet in concert, and we talked a little bit business coach convo yesterday. I mean it. Was there a magical moment and the concert was ready moment where you thought you know what does shows this show is so good that show is so historical, so epic, so awesome, it’s like Benjamin Franklin’s in concert, I’m trying to remember you know she was here at The BOK Center and there’s a couple more songs, just take me back in time, and I don’t like her mom today. She was kind of fun for a change course. Your Escapade Escapade nation. That was probably one I like that. You know that you’re a good dancer. I don’t have it all down, but I do enjoy that dancing, and so I I don’t act out music videos, typically as a as a rule of thumb, but the question I want to ask because the life of Benjamin Franklin ever talking about how to turn it Off and turn it on knowing, when did The Balancing Act about the Benjamin Franklin’s virtues that he taught in one of those? Is you got to be orderly? You got to keep things in order yeah, but when you’re super detailed, you know and then Super accurate at work super aggressive at work. I mean you have to be a certain level of aggression to get stuff done, to get the sales done to get the accounting right. If people are spending money they shouldn’t be, you got to sometimes fire people. You just sent it to take playing football. You know I learned the hard way, a lesson in life that if you’re a young entrepreneur out there with your number hard-charging starting your business and you’re, making things happen.

Captain and the lessons I learned. The hard way is that your family are not your business coach employees come on good night, so yeah, but you were signing autographs to tell if you get home, I may be working on your business if you’re still a kind of business Emoji at home and the kids coming Out your question, your you know: you’re, like that’s how you getting to and also be proactive and thinking about it cuz. You know you got to let drive time. Home is a good time kind of unwind. Your brain look at the flaps on airplane 737. You looking out of the window on a Southwest 737 headed somewhere at the peak speed, see how fast does a 737 jet 400 miles an hour by hour to miles an hour? I would think 500 something, but your 500 Subway issue 10000 miles an hour. Are there Flying J in passengers will be sitting here to Las Vegas Nevada? Las Vegas drag on the way down to more drag more resistance in the plane against the slow down to lower the pressure is changing. Your ears are popping. The babies are the alcohol. You can’t get anymore, but I’ll call Curt. Has the babies cry.? Are you getting at? Do you drive home with your doors open? I can’t stand flat flat. We have tickets to go, see the Patriots week in a Denver and I’m trying to cancel it. So I can’t I just can’t dude I can’t either I’m flying there and like every time I go at to go off of metal physically sick for one day and I’d my ears. Are you want problem chewing gum? I can ride a horse trying to pop my back in the day before I have to be business coach functional, because the day I get there, I’m a disaster, I feel horrible. I get head to headache slows down and then it hits the runway probably going. What couple hundred miles an hour, how did Valentine’s Day become reverse things that, when you’re trying to slow down as fast as possible, trying to slow down quickly because you run out of Runway? Yes, this is how I do my day. I come home, I’m putting the flaps down a tensioner up watching approaching a camp Clark in Chicken Palace going to interact with the young kids will have a specific purpose. They just want to love on you, your wife’s, going to talk about how she feels and you don’t have feelings for sale. What time does the Hummer in and it come out and it’s just how was your day? Miss is the first test. Have we hit the runway slow enough to say to be going too fast? If I go great, what are we eating? Then? I’M going over going to write. Speed of my wife says: hey baby. How was your day – and I go my day – was better because I see you, how was your day business coach Jess? Can I get Old, Spice Guy feeling terms in there and tell me how you feeling baby just went to Whole Foods at test number to this is like it pulls up to the plane. So when you walk off you don’t fall 20 feet down to your death.

So you’re telling me you’re mines what you’re listening to what you’re hearing right here is: oh yeah yeah I went to Whole Foods. Whole Foods go to hell. It’S just. I went to the Whole Foods at 91st. I’M going to get another one today. What did you buy at Laura’s? Who was Laura? Tell me about Laura Bush’s. I ran into somebody by the name of Becky Becky Becky, Becky Edwards, which Becky wants it and it will say it. What are you talking about 6 hours later? We still talking about that Whole Foods organic play when it’s time to get horizontal before bed, okay, kids, filter and the thing about it is. I would get Nam, I’m I’m I’m a tad bit that you’re not busy or you’re a gambler by by definition. So I’m going to lay out of wager that there was play a time in your life when you didn’t put the flaps down Sunday, which I saw the problem, and I wasn’t – I wasn’t going too fast, I’m coming in for hundred miles an hour in the Tulsa Run solution and I pissed everybody off by Mom those Justin’s organic Reese’s, Peanut Butter, Cups, Reese’s. It’S that it’s the Justin’s organic Grant yeah, maybe each one of those as a point – and I get three points a week – I deposit the lunch bag and then I make one wrong move and I lose 7.7 days. I do something running out of credit run out of credit specialist, a youngster as a youngster. You know how things going on and now I’m like you know what I don’t need to do anything but work and see my family move number for is Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues resolution resolve to perform what you ought 4 / 4 without fail, which resolve one more Time for the Mind resolve to perform what you ought perform without fail. What you resolve what he says when we have a meeting, we agree you’re going to do something. Do it don’t passively aggressively, not do it whatever you said your going to do. Do it if you have to pull an all-nighter to do what you said you going to do? Do it, if you think you can’t get it done, say it in the meeting say right there when we’re meeting say you know, the extent of this project may may be too much. So I need another week, but don’t say you’re going to do it and then not do it because they eat when you sit down on a stool and it collapses at one time before you lose trust, see breakdown. Resolution definition of revolution has two two definitions of firm decision to do or not to do something to do or not..

If you are an entrepreneur for starting a business you have to you have to use a business coach, I miss that one more time you have to get it in your mind that you have to make a decision, you make decisions and the entrepreneurs that cannot make a decision. I don’t know anything about that, so I realize that if you’re the business owner the buck stops with you and that you only have to make that decision and resolve yourself to it and make it may not be decision. You want to make when you said the buck stops. If you are you referencing, a large Nordic reindeer in from like Green Bay white Taylor, I’m what you would call a deer and Antelope.. What do you mean when it’s your business, but I want to blame people as an employee and I’m a business owner, and I want to keep blaming Pete’s your responsibility. Good luck with that at all points back to your point, one finger at somebody in there because we got three or four I’m coming back to you and then I work tonight as a business owner nobody’s going to care as much as you do. That’S that’s just a hard fact, and so no one is going to also, if that business fails, no one’s going to be hurt as much as you’re going to be hurt. Resolution is the action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter, break it down, break it down, break it down. Great leadership.

Another word for someone to come too. That’S why I think I love the mass so much because you had a problem to solve and I enjoyed very much so when the problem is finished and you solved it and it just felt like little Victor you’re, just like yeah. I win take that two plus two interface, Benjamin Franklin, 13 virtues frugality what to do good to others or yourself waste. Nothing, as example in business, does not waste money on things that you shouldn’t buy. I see him all the time very frugal guy, but when you go out to dinner with somebody you’re very generous and people get that wrong with her, like they’re super generous on their car super generous on their vacation and then they’re like beating up their vendors at Taking advantage of people there’s a difference between frugality and greediness, can you break that down to be frugal in your mind versus cuz? I need a lot of people out there who I’m being a good Steward for the Lord, which is why I haven’t paid my vendors. What time for the farm logic down to the farm for my number one rule, who is pigs, get fat Hogs, get butchered, hey man. Can you repeat that again, I’m sorry, I was trying to skip some bacon in the world. Is that mean? Why are we talking about pigs and Hogs, and what is this? I thought the employees have the deal with the vendors, how they price their products if you’re being greedy and those that is a step towards failure. Come on now come on now, and so you want to be, if you’re, the guy, that always feels like you’ve, won every dispute. Every dispute, every contract negotiation every vendor meeting every time that you have a customer out there and you’ve got that boy scout. He want me to buy those cookies for 4:25 and I looked at that 7 year old kid and I said, it’ll be 375 and started to give me what I wanted. I beat up that Big Fat Boy Scout will never beat me Z, letters whenever you do that you may win that time, but you know what there’s not going to be another time he’s a person’s going to say you don’t I don’t like. I don’t like that. I don’t like doing business with that company because they’re too greedy for charging too much. I use it as an example to be funny, but I actually saw a guy at Atwoods try to negotiate with a 7 year old or 8 year old to get a discount on Boy Scout cookies, wow, and I thought it was pretty amazing to see the look Of excitement on his face when he beat a 7 year old in negotiation game must not be successful. Status of wrapped up show get ready to enter the Thrive. Time show on talk radio 1170 I’ll tell you. Why does Jon Snow know that song right there? It’S kind of a Tulsa connection, Dua Lipa is Dua Lipa, Dua, Lipa, I’ve heard of but still Paul Klein is a Steve Hunter text me about this, but Paul Klein is a a Tulsa guy.

You went to Oral Roberts University and he has a group now that he performed in and he is having to date the one Dua Lipa, who has all three songs in the top 40 right now and the song is about. You know how basically the boyfriend in the song he was, he said, he’s going to do some stuff. You said I’m going to do that. You can count on me, you could depend on me, I’m going to do that and he broke the promise. So basically sit down shut up because I don’t give up now we move on Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues and you don’t really resolved in your mind what it means to reach a resolution yeah. If you really don’t know what it means to stand up for your commitments, you people write you off well you.. If your man of your word or person of your word and you do what you say, you’re going to do it so many times it, you have to judge people by not what they say but which is what they do, because so many people will be like Yeah, I want to know what moves yeah. It’S it’s an easy fix if it’s available from eating too much did sure it’s a picture of Alvin he’s going to ask for Cindy. Well there you go! That’S why I didn’t replace the kitchen valve for me by the way I miss you, too sister slam, dunk, easy move. You know business coach accountability. Why don’t we leave this meeting and say we are going to knock it out and I think that’s what we just said. We’Ll Circle back it, so we don’t have to go in the meantime, we’ll figure out whether to Johnson Rod or Devon time.. This is how to make sure that nobody has written down anything that we just discussed so that I can remember, I got it. I got it, I got it at all, be better and we will be moving smoothly and the tyranny of checklist must stop. I’M tired of accuracy stop yeah. I mean I remember. I can’t remember that you think thing I’ll talk to you soon anyway, making sure you’re just not over-spending on things, you don’t need to spend money. I know this is industry industry.

This is something I think about of people don’t get. This industry means Benjamin Franklin wrote, lose no time we always employed in something useful cut off all unnecessary actions. So here’s an example: somebody has told you at the chamber: 1990 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, chamber, Alaska, they’re, all screwed up. I used to be connected with your volume of the land bridge that part. That’S now under the ocean, those people, those people, those people up there in the northern region, Chamber meeting., Are chambers of Chambers and at the chamber, to some guy who came with the magic money. He wants you to form a he wants you to update your Facebook account every day as an entrepreneur to be super responsive to any comments that come in instantly. We’Ve all heard this at our trade group. It go. You need to respond immediately: social media post. You was the leader need to be reduced to the level of an idiot and you need to run around and respond every second to the Facebook comments. Yes and Z. That’S totally opposite of what you or top entrepreneurs. Do you don’t spend you? Yes, you are responsive. Yes, you are thoughtful, but you don’t sit there and emotionally react to every single thing. Every single second of all, the time you’re not responding to emails as they come in swatting them like bees are flies. I talk to me about industry, not wasting your time doing stupid stuff, but I tell you what, if you do you don’t get the stuff? You need to get done done and that’s one of the keys I as a business coach think to be successful in business. Is that if it was an early show today, if you don’t know what the number one most important thing for your business has to get done right now today and put your focus on your blinders on and your focus on that, then you get destroyed by the Little rabbit Trails, you said something days ago. You said that you turn your phone off for, like I was like. I don’t know it was a show me hour., I think, maybe a 6 or 7 or 4 hours. 5 p.m. yes and then I woke up at 3 a.m. and I just checked for the sake of the exercise. I wanted to see how many notifications, how many are aquatic Communications – I missed an hour. 379 sure I talked it was it was a lot. He was in between two and three hundred, let’s political out a lot, and I remember back I’m so old clay. I remember back in the day real quick.

I want to bring up if you die during the show you around the house and something magical would happen sitting around the house and is called the phone would ring on the phone for him and everybody would light up. Who is it and you look at your brother and he look good and the race is on and you just ran as fast as you could and your mother is watching the television you’re watching television and there’s a couple who didn’t get her name was Angela. She was by Brenda a barber. Your mother’s name is Marsha Marsha Marsha. That was your mother’s name Marilyn. My mother’s name was Marilyn. She could not be something like Skyler today and she says it’s just from the Mom. It’S all on Clayton, Thomas Clark, she’s calling long distance and you’re going to be on our geographical 995, the magic of a distilling bailing in front of you, you know, and now she’s talking to a Bonnie to Carolyn she’s talking to an ant from a nut. She’S talking to your aunt from Sarasota Sarasota Florida Connie, what would happen is that we were controlled by that he wanted to get you to get up and run through your house all day to do is call your number. I thought I had a couple of buddies at work. They were brothers and one of his for the phone was in the kitchen. When you went to answer the phone, you couldn’t see the TV cuz. He knows if you’ve been his brother’s house enough until during the football game in the brother’s favorite game, he be watching it and he would time to call to the brother have to get up at a very. We were slaves to that display. My point is: we were slave to them. That phone rang. You had to answer it. You were ass. We were slaved answering the phones, it kind of in the way that you’re a slave to the group. Whenever you hear a good business coach beat Prince song or Good Michael Jackson, Scion, you don’t have control over your body here in the hottie I lose. It just begins to do its own motions, its own actions Like Mike right now, whenever you get in a Groove, because I worry, are you ever going to get out of it? Sometimes I feel like I may get stuck you’re right. I hit it. Doesn’T concern of Master? I tried to pull you out. You got a joke about it today and you said 5 more minutes. They just Yamaha funny funny story, Thrive. Nation we’re talking today about the Benjamin Franklin. Life story were breaking on his 13 virtues and one of the things that I thought to be humorous, as I Was preparing for the show and reading through my notes of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography was, he was very self-aware, which is the key to humor. It’S it’s being able to observe human behavior and to draw conclusions and patterns based off of it. A my wife and I had a conversation in and it got a little deep there does he take off the waiters get out of the shallow and let’s go down to the deep end, I’m down to the Deep scuba gear on I’m ready to go to the Deep end – and she says you do not value money and I’m like okay, I think you just like winning, but you just like making the sale, making the deal growing. The company getting bigger, getting faster, getting, but there’s no real end to it. And I’m like that’s like what I’m doing.

I just want to. I just kind of want to bring it home, you throw a stick and I’ll bring it back and the dogs got a big old smile on his face and it doesn’t really. I don’t you don’t get the picture that it’s thinking about. I wonder when I wish to do when I retire. You know it’s more of just like we agreed that I really a business bowling ball. If my wife can just go the lanes. Are that way? Yes, you’re currently throwing the ball the whole bowling alley, you’re, currently just throwing up the hill when she gets me going yeah life bowling coach and she just says what you want to do put on this shoes. I know other people been wearing them kind of gross. Whatever put my spray, it’s okay, but Focus over here and you just go for those pins and once I get focused, I can hit it and Bridge Franklin. His book is talking about how he had to figure out where the lanes were. He wanted to pick up his goals, his chief aim – and he said, there’s 13 kind of guard rails or 13 rules that keep him on track. Okay, he’s 13 virtues, and the next virtue we talked about was in Industries as losing no time to waste your time. So as an example, if your business coach or entrepreneur, you should not be going to the laundromat, if you’re not trying to hurt, you should not be what you’re so many top of entrepreneurs who are doing stupid things during the day unless it’s therapeutic for you to mow the lawn Hire somebody talk to me about that paint a little bit of money to save a lot of time. Absolutely I think I see the most, though, is these new smartphones smartphone Jamaican people dumb and I’ll? Be there just to them and that’s the story we were saying earlier on the break. Of course, I miss anything on the show. You can always get the podcast deprived time, show. Common sense to it, but the point was: is being a slave to your device. You’Re back in the day when I was a kid, we were slave that phone ringing in the house. We did the store and you run 2 who’s there. Who is that you know no matter when it rang and you ran into it, but you don’t have to be that way. With your smartphone, there was so many people out of push notifications happening.

Turn that off all day, long question question text text call call, but it can be my can just you can derail your day and your sleeping all day long going well, would you get in today? I got a lot of Facebook change, my ringtone downloads for iTunes and I got a new app. I got a new number 7, that’s a good app to move number 7 sincerity, use no harmful to seat, think innocently and just lay, and if you speak, speak accordingly were talking about going to waste a lot of time on this, because if you cannot grasp for This I cannot help you, you must know that God is watching and if you don’t believe in the judeo-christian God, I just know. If you look at the pool or built there’s a thing called The Eye of Providence. That’S on the dollar bill and you say: what’s the Illuminati? No, it’s not what they did is they made the eye on the dollar. The point was the I was supposed to show its the eye on the dollar, surrounded by the Rays of Glory, indicating that God is always watching. So, if you don’t believe in that, you could always think will. Santa Claus is watching. Show me something to watch on a police state and I’m in his cameras everywhere it was recording your life together. We are always watching you be a jerk who never ate Justice wrong. None by doing injuries or omitting the benefits that are your duty. Justice means that in business you want to do the right thing, even what you want to do, the Fair Deal, even sometimes when doing the Fair Deal, isn’t something you want to do. My best example of this is: I have had to fire people in the past for being consistently inaccurate, but not a bad person, and it irritates the heck out of me that somebody is constantly not accurate, but I don’t need to Tar and feather them and rip Your head off and run around the office and talk bad about him. I just need to say you know what we’ve ripped me off. We talked about it it’s time to move on and I want to help him find another job, because it’s the right thing to do so that the new boss calls me and says: hey. Is this a good guy? Absolutely you know, because I’m trying to help them do well, even though, on a personal level, we had one guy in the DJ company his number one job was. We bought the license to these karaoke discs. They’Re called a CDJ geez, whatever the CDR, CDs with graphics and you buy the rights to him in the way it works is that you can play like a Madonna song. You play Paula Abdul Straight Up Now. Tell me, are you really going to love me forever and then you got the lyrics on the screen, so you can sing along evolve into a karaoke bar bell.

It’S really song. I want to sing for the bride and you’re going. I seen you on the voice. I feel like you’re the person who lost in the first round and no I’m not and mangle, and so did people go. Oh, my gosh. That wedding was awful. I want karaoke at my wedding too, and so you end up having lots of system. If you buy the rights to it. One guy said your job is to copy all these discs in this order check it off this checklist. Get them done so he copies sounds of disks uses. All my license is makes the systems and we go out to a corporate holiday parties in December and the first call comes in, but I can help you karaoke CDs, don’t work in the ones that do work. Don’T correspond to the songs that said it says, duplicate CDs but like I guess I forgot to use the checklist, and so I just kind of went from moorfield eye McKuen Byfield Mass duplicating license to music, and so we basically to refund every single karaoke package. That weekend, it was probably 600 *, 45 ,000 of refunds in one weekend, and I wanted to kill him, but it was. I figured you know what time to let him go, and I need to do it in a just way and that’s hard to do. For me, it’s hard sometimes to forgive chronic, jackassery and epithets you just calm down. I understand that you know will go get a job at Taco Bueno and we’ll figure it out over time. Maybe you know, but you it’s not up to you or a business coach , to sit there and write every wrong. You got ta move on until we come back or 9, which is moderation, moderation, avoiding extremes, which is frankly, very very hard for me to do. This is the one right here for me because, like I want to pull an all-nighter every single day, working on every single work project, because everything to me is immediately urgent once I determine I want to get it done, I have such a hard time going to Bed I was up and down to help the ultra Alpha. Listen to the show kind of insert a little moderation in real life. Is it possible to take a chill pill where you going to stop I’ll take after the break on your radio, we come back or deep diving into the virtues of Benjamin Franklin from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner, with USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. All Thrive. Nation will bring a little bit of an entrepreneurship in your ear and we’re slow glad that you are here. It is always ecstasy when you are next to me and it’s even more ecstasy when she is next to me say how are you my friend, I am fantastic and you have worn your skull cap, the entire show.

I just I love the way you get so excited and get into character and and now you’re kind, even starting to you know. If we should warn them yesterday for Lenny Kravitz, we should add you in, like a you, know, an old 70s kind of funky outfit or something you know just kind of get. You really know what it’s like leather jackets with the friends that hangs down like used to wear a long scarf, yeah a long scarf, and maybe some fake body turns or you could pick it started now – cuz, that’s kind of hard.! That’S the story about the success stories: real people out there who had real success. How do they do it? What’S their store Run? Part 1 of the Benjamin Franklin story were talking about his 13 virtues and tomorrow. So we’re talking about the timeline of Benjamin Franklin moderation. Benjamin Franklin rights avoid extremes, forbear, resenting injuries, so much as you think they deserves a moderation break it down what I looked up, the Google definition of it – and I love this – it’s the XD avoidance of accessories trains, especially one Behavior or political opinions. I didn’t realize it was or political what happened is is that you know there’s an old saying that I used to love to say all work and no play makes clay mix clay who is playing today? Yes, I remember when we did, we did almost 300 chart to 70 or 25 % like 400,000, but I remember you, you introduce to the Thrive nation of contact you have of the F5 in July. Gold. You had your family picture F5 down. You were talking about, it was perfect, but nothing could be better. If I didn’t know it – and I said I said, the F6 is the most important and in your opinion, what time to go, find frugality, no fun, fun all work and no work and no play. I met you know you are the definition of a guy who loves to work. What’S My Worship point is: is that taking that chill pill mentally be able to find a place that you can go and just kind of relax put the flap down in your own work world is, he said earlier flaps down flaps that may take that? Maybe some quiet time some certain kind of music does that for you, but you know the tension. Keyboard keyboard Warriors quit typing in all-caps emails, go burn some wood and understanding that that helps her sleep. It helped her life, it helps you relate to people and it makes you a more well-rounded person that kind of a renaissance man if you wish.. You know I’m on the flip side of that, though, sometimes people need to moderate their fun if they have a business to run. Are we not doing that shirtless taco Tuesdays, Where to drill a bowling ball to call center again on Wednesdays cuz? That’S how I as a business coach pump it up, I’m not we get it right. We get things done to moderate that stuff like that stuff, so I can go both ways. So, if you’re having too much fun out, there then come back little bit get back to work. Now that the final, the final virtues that Benjamin Franklin wrote tomorrow in Epic timeline, we’re going to getting through, I want to go through these with you and I’m going to focus on humility, okay. But these are the final four cleanliness. He writes tolerate No uncleanliness and your clothes, your body, you have a taste nasty office, might keep it clean mobile web Tranquility, peanut, Disturbed at Trifles or an accident about everything, call Chastity. He says he chased in matters of the opposite sex quit hitting on every single secretary. You don’t have to you’re married calm down, stop doing it all yourself quit quit, hitting on every guy, just calm down and humility.

He wrote he wrote imitate Jesus and Socrates on humility, humility would be coachable., We just caught coachable I’ll, take out the religious aspects of that. I’M just saying be coachable. That means be approachable and look for mentors and quit trying to just learn from mistakes put running through the landmine of life being uncoachable of the final four virtues on the you feel like we had cleanliness, Tranquility Chastity. I would have to do I’m going to do tranquility and I think there’s something about being tranquil and having a peaceful or about you and other words. You know, that’s not going to happen, it’s going to happen and, and your bad stuff may not feel bad to me, but it’s bad to you. You know we all have our Watermark of bad things have happened. What are winters like? No and I’m and I’m like Bama, but you like the first time we get sued first time you start a lawsuit. It is very disturbing and I hope that never happens to you and your life Journey, but is it level of maturity? Are the odds of that happening? You go rascally up, someone does a trip and fall on your property. You had nothing wrong, have you been doing it their fault and yet you’re now haven’t been once you shut them a little bit. You were like. No, I mean things like that happen to me. It’S like there was a trip and fall and guess what now you’re responsible for but doesn’t seem fair, but it’s not all about being fair. That’S the Law, that’s the way that it is, and so did think about tranquil is – is that I think when things that when people see me and the comment on it, when the comments I get is that go well, that’s some really bad news. Did you seem to be okay with it? Your met up, bro you’re, just a test test play the Indiana Pacers, and what happened was is that he was awesome and it a fan taunted him. He went into the stands and beat the crap out of guy. He has been got suspended and he came back and he changed his name to Metta World Peace above reminded to be above all situations. That was the idea he’s above world peace. Is it it’s obvious to everybody else that I’m trying to Advocate piece? It’S kind of hard for me to freak out on time by World Peace. Exactly I couldn’t handle. That’S why I change my name and I know it seems crazy, but he grew up in a really rough environment. Lot of knife fights lot of games lot of drugs and he was like. I just grew up in that culture and I’m in the NBA and it’s hard to turn it off. So he changed his name. I need to gets Krazy wall in the Bible. He will change their name. Muhammad Ali changed his name lot of people, maybe that to you, maybe just need to calm down to become I’m Metta World Peace Junior. I can be like I’m Metta World Peace, Junior Metta, World Peace. Michael Bolton go back to that that cleanliness, when you guys have you guys hooked on those two that I was going to go as well, so Back



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