The Life and Times of Jeff Bezos the Founder of – (Part 1) – Hour 2

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Learn how Jeff Bezos was able to successfully start and what principles you can use to grow your business.

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I know you’re the at this current time, you’re probably wondering how in the world could ever get in contact with Clay Clark the former US SBA entrepreneur for the year, the owner of some incredible businesses, and above all else the most phenomenal business coach Austin has ever been able to comment to contact with. If this is what you’re looking for then he just to wait because I’m going to y’all about an opportunity for you to be able to meet with him in person.

But for now military about the Thrive Time Show business coaching program which is been brought to you by Clay as well as Dr. see the very successful optometrist turn-taking now here in Tulsa Oklahoma who was just completely dispelling his business empire in so many ways that you never know are possible, and he is able to use this with the exact same programs processes and systems that we are going to be bringing you throughout the Thrive Time Show business coaching program.

Through this program you will get an opportunity for less money than you would have to pay for an employee to begin working for you at $8.25 an hour to begin working with a business coach Austin will teach you specifically how we were able to grow 13 different multimillion dollar business is and how you too can use the same proven processes and systems to do the same thing within your own life. But not only a personal life I’m talking about the life of your business as well.

We can with the business coach Austin gives you a chance and opportunity to work and understand and help you to implement the things in the process of social media campaigns online marketing customer services branding cover design search engine optimization even public relations as these are going to be very important services and aspects that you need to have within your business.

If you’re looking for additional information about us or about what we often the why not go ahead and check out the other things that Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner have been able to do, things like developing the online business school but you can become a part of it is often considered to be the only business will you ever be able to check out and it is not boggled down by you having to pay a huge fee or tuition or anything like that note is going to be a simple price but at this current moment you try it absolutely for free just go ahead and visit her website which is going to be and you can also look at some of the real views as well as the testimonies of people who become a part of the Thrive Time Show business coaching experience and see exactly what their experience was all about. I’m is can tell you right now this is going to be one thing you are absolutely not want to miss out on need we want to miss out on the next upcoming in-person workshop we have coming up.


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