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Jeff Bezos has grown to a major success. Learn the secrets he used during this podcast where business coach Clay Clark goes over specifics.

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We are here on a business coach mission to get you into a great financial position and one of the ways that we do, that is we break down The Life and Times of super successful people, and so I’ve been doing an informal survey around The office, and now it will get very, very formal because Marshalls always formal and dr. Edwards is probably extremely informal as well he’s a doctor, obviously the Marshall, the business coach and so very, very formal. So what percentage of your Christmas shopping this year? Eric chupp will be done on, founder of Amazon, so I know this could be construed as Shameless product placement. This could feel insincere, but I’m asking a business coach question. I do not want you to give me any of that. Bs, don’t correct, buy the shoes. Not only am I going to order everything from Amazon everything yes going to have to be from Amazon, Prime as well. What does that mean? It means that I get free 2-day shipping dog, and so, if you don’t list on Amazon Prime I ain’t buying, can I explain something to you please what you’re doing is you are destroying the very fabric they keep up with the time of Broken Arrow until you Started buying on Amazon now it’s called Broken Arrow to know. When I work going to Brooke people’s elbow, sell pet food books, weather things are you buying online? You know what they need to do in Denton. This thing, as you are destroying the backbone of our country. Now I, on the other hand, I have bought every single gift from a local store. Now let me tell you that you’re trying to stifle creativity, I see what year did you buy your wife gifts this year or you not doing it me? Yes, of course I am, you are okay. Well, lot of my male friends are telling me they’re not buying your wife. Gifts come from the same place anyway, so what I’m doing is I’m trying to want to every man. I know this year by getting an insane Buffet of gifts and because I care so much, but our country and our local community – and I have so much anxiety – I use the internet. I bought all of it in stores shop name, two in Broken Arrow stores that you shopped at let’s, let’s, let’s not broken arrow Atwoods in broken there you go there’s one.

So I  as a business coach went to Atwoods over there at what the 71st and Lynn Lane good all the time. You’re, probably like 10 normal customers to them. I went in there and I also went to Lowe’s in Broken Arrow. I bought some accouterments, my son and I also went to the Walmart in Broken Arrow, so it looks a local establishment, locally-owned Walmart. So that’s what you were saying. I just like a carousel clay and also are you buying all of your gifts this year on Amazon, dot-com or I express it differently. Do you hate your local community or are you buying local? So just try to do. Are you do hate your local community or are you buying local? Those are the only two options. This is the kind of like a confessional for me. Yeah, I mean he’s at the music on his own. No one no one’s listening, except for you and me, and a thousand weather in a hundred percent of my shopping online and it would a hundred percent have been on Amazon, but I made a mistake and accidentally ordered from another website. Are you busy? How did you accidentally buy from you? I thought it was still on Amazon put it redirected, credible Jeff Bezos episode number to part 2 of the Jeff Bezo business coach series. How did Jeff Bezos become the founder of the world’s largest and most successful company? Dr. Edwards ocean Health. Org, it’s a medical facility as a relocating right now. Aren’T you that’s right, you’re moving into Glenpool, you got it and kind of Highway 75 and the crossroads to write off 121st Street on right off Highway 75 by the Glenpool Walmart Convention Center. Me about this CBD oil that you guys are offering there that’s right. What is CBD oil? What are you talking about? It sounds a little bit. It it. It sounds offensive. So basically, it is a hemp derived so not marijuana. Hemp derived oil. That has fantastic and amazing effects on the neurologic and immunologic systems that can help a lot of people in his very very cost-effective sounds like weed. So we not not weed by definition, not weed great stuff, high-quality. We have, I would argue, the best quality around and we have it come, get it from what it. What do you do with it? Do you smoke it up, inhale it? What do you do with it? Soft gel capsule that we have. We have a tincture which you would use likes sublingual or you can drink and bilingual you can. Actually, since could you use the bong that business coach Marshall brought with him to the studio today? You probably should label use. So, typically, we don’t recommend that hops out of the mouth speaketh what the man thinketh of the Distortion, cuz of all the brownie goo on there. Just pull us out of the question online this year. Are you going to do any local stores, so 90 % of our family bought gifts are from Amazon directly from yes, not everything, I’m getting for my wife will be locally /. Really, yes, wow wow! That’S because I haven’t bought it yet, and it won’t get here in time to revisit the Jeff Bezos timeline before we break down from age 45 and Beyond. Okay, so business coach Jeff Bezos, he graduates at the top of his class in high school.

Just don’t just so we’re clear bring in the garage come up with all sorts of fun inventions rig and stuff together and his family moved to Miami. So in Miami when Middle School other kids, are you no screwing around to hitting baseballs and playing basketball? This guy creates his first business called The Dream Institute, which is an educational summer camp for 4th 5th and 6th graders. Essentially it’s a tutoring program. Then he becomes the valedictorian okay, so step to step. 1 start a business in your wiring High School Middle School step to become valedictorian to college at Princeton and he graduated at the top of his class. There I mean he’s at he’s a kind of Genius at the age of 23. He starts working for wall street –. I starts working for d e Shaw, Bankers, Trust he meets his wife-to-be Mackenzie and he actually graduates from Princeton University. So, within three years of starting his new job out of college, he becomes the youngest senior vice president of d e Shaw. So for years into the game of being the vice president, he says it’s time to do my own thing, so the age of 30. He quit his job and he moves to business coach capital Seattle to start his own company What you wanted to make the world’s best of the world’s best online bookstore in initially he was going to call it Kadabra, but his lawyer thought it sounded business coach cadaver, so he changed. The name so is on which was kind of a tie into the Earth’s biggest. Something and to the fact, the back of the day web listings used to be alphabetical, so he used to be top in the search engines. If you had the alphabetical, the DLP know the name of the listing. So this is what Jeff bezo said: they’re back in the day. This is what he’s talking early years: age 30. He says Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful from his garage and then the expanded into A2 bedroom house with 3 son Microsoft stations so that he can have a testing system and then expanding into a two-bedroom apartment. Lee talks about you’ve got. These is Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful people. What does it? What does it mean to you wasn’t mean to be surrounding yourself with restore people versus lie, could say what most people are doing by default. Well, what most people are doing by default or looking for resources? So it’s not about resources, it’s about business coach resourceful in. So that’s what he’s talking about yours! You got to surround yourself by other people with with other people that know how to just get the job done. They’Re very results Focus they’re, not waiting on figuring out the perfect widget they’re just going to go and act upon their idea and just make things happen along the way so Jeff bezo.

So you know age 31, after beta testing his website with 300 folks. You want to get 300 folks to test the site before launching on July 16th of 1995, when he was 31 years old. Okay. This is one year in developing the product he launches and he has another recordable job. I’D like to get your take on it and business coach dr. Edwards take on this. He says a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things. Well, what is he talking about he’s talking about? You know your perception in people’s mind what they’re going to have of either you as a person or you and your business right, and so, if you deliver on your product or service, well, you didn’t. Maybe even hardly would you deliver on that thing. Well, that perception is going to be good. So when it comes to branding and a company, let’s say you’re a start-up, let’s say you haven’t you don’t know all the pieces that you need to put into place clay. Do you know somewhere business coach people could get some free tickets to come check out what branding really means and what? What everything that that is Thomas’s, if you want to learn how to make a great logo great business card website, packaging actual product. The best way that I know to help you is to get you out to one of our in-person today. Thrive time show work. I don’t have any business coach money right now: you’re 15 hours a power and it will you and a guest come out. This will be a life-changing event for you and if you don’t have the money right now to afford the ticket all you have to do. Is you go up to iTunes and you relieve us a review about Thrive time show you leave us a review about Thrive. Time show just Google search, DriveTime, show and iTunes it’ll pop up and I’ll leave us a review subscribe. Then you can leave a review and then just take a screenshot of that review. Email it to info at 3:15. Com and will get you two free tickets to the February 16th and 17th conference is not the name of Amazon. It was going to be Kadabra, but no he decided that his attorney said. Listen, Abracadabra cadabra sounds too much like cadaver, so we changed the name to Amazon, it’s all about being resourceful dr. Edward. I want to ask you: what do you think about reputation and your personal reputation? What does that mean to you and then maybe I’ll, explain to the drivers? Why I have a turkey in the student reputation? Is you know kind of how people think of you when they hear about your brand? What are they think and when he talks about doing something really well, it reminds me of what Walt Disney said about doing something so well you bring other people to watch them.


Do it and that we try to do that at our Clinic Revolution, Health. Org and find the best things that we can get, which is not easy to do that’s kind of hard stuff, and do it really really well? So if you are looking for a local family physician and you live in a Tulsa Oklahoma, looking for a local Tulsa family doctor, Google Search revolution, Health. Org learn all about it schedule your free consultation and if you are looking for a turkey, come to the man Cave Studio cuz, my turkey Tom, has walked inside the studio. All right stay on parents act, not shaving. Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, I’m on vacation every single day cuz. I love my occupation, I’m on vacation. If you don’t like your life, then you should go home and change it. I’M on vacation every single day, because I love my occupation. You do sincerely dislike your occupation. You represent 70 % of the American population according to Forbes. An inch of you could throw those that, on the show notes because yeah Google search that are you find that Stat or either the Thrive time, show. Com website and click on podcast. And you see that the profundity that 70 % of people hate their jobs. What are you doing if you hate your job go, do something else I mean I wanted to have a show. I want to have a job. I won’t have an occupation where I could broadcast out of the man cave with my pet turkey talk and look at you and then we are in the Box. You can hear Tom in the background and Tom is having a good time. He knows his name, so he hears you calling I was going to fly around here. If you don’t get them all on top of the table, that was impressive. Like your occupation, I would just encourage you to change it change it, because maybe you have to create the job. Maybe it’s a job where you say I want to bring my pet turkey to work. It’S your boss, says, oddly enough can’t do it so maybe have to create your own. Occupation is going out for me crazy eyes, always a nice life and times of Jeff Bezos, while trying to pet a turkey on inside the the studio here. Okay, so Jeff Bezos 8:30. So what you’re into going to bed time out this is inside of you just got to grab them. I think he just wants. He needs to go outside right now and just so, you know, 831 Jeff Bezos have been growing his business for a full year and he has a tree as well to attraction. Elsa Marshall, after one year in business, he’s actually sold his book he’s actually sold books. Now and in a 45 different countries and he’s actually bring in ,000 in sales per week, but he sold on I sure hope you’re going to tell me, because I do not know about the turkey fluid Concepts and creative analogies computer models of the fundamental mechanisms thought I feel like I may have bought that 1997 is 8:33 and he was able to take the company public because The company was now selling so many books, but I want to make sure we’re not we’re not skipping over this year. So he starts the business roughly when he’s 30 and it takes them basically for years, which 29 233h 3233 roughly 4 years for the company is enough traction to take it public Marshall. What percentage of people do you know are willing to stick with an idea for 3 to 4 years to get it where it needs to go? I would say the people that we work with. We surround ourselves with a higher percentage, so I think we have a bias group of people that we interact with because we magnetic we are. We attract a lot of people to work with, but I would say of people outside of the circle, with the clients and the people that we work with our coaches, the mentors I don’t know anybody that can stay doing the same thing for 4 years. In fact, the Studies have shown that the Gallup polls they have shown how long employees actually stay a with a particular position. Now it’s not for years, Eazy-E, dr. Edwards, I’m a tough question for you before Chuck Peppers, you with questions as well hell. Yes, you are the founder of Revolution, Health. Org, by the way, if you’re, listening that your listing today and you’re looking for a family doctor that will take a proactive approach to your health and will treat the cause, not just the symptom of disease. You want to go visit Revolution, Health today. How long have you owned your own practice? I started in 2012, so just over 5 years over 5 years and during those 5 years have you seen other local doctors, local family practices come and go absolutely there’s. Quite a few, even with your traditional functional course, it’s a big move into by the hospital by and Clinics, and things like that, so yeah, it’s in a lot of, then why do people always think the grass is greener? What’S going on, I mean you have studied a lot about the human body. You know, you know a lot of things medically speaking. What’S going on with people always want to start a new business before the first one gets going to? Why do people always want to? You know: job-hopping, look for the next meeting. Why don’t people stick with something like you have for 5 years at Revolution out? Because I because it’s hard, you always say you want something easier.


Let’S do the easy stuff, but the reality is: is this stuff is hard takes work and you got to put work into it and eventually it will pay off shut up. I really think, though, this is something that I I just feel like. If we, if we say we move on we’re, leaving somebody behind here, because I feel like more often than not people struggle with consistent, that’s the word I was just about to say: can you ask it down? How do you help your clients get unstuck, because they’re being consistent, maybe help us if we were if we’re listening and we just are struggling with consistency yeah, so today, White Glove, Auto they do detailing and window tinting and paint protection he came in and he hit His 2017 Revenue for this year he said hi and he hit him, and he did that by you’re being consistent with his marketing stool, we set up the legs of his markings. The one he’s been consistently running ads, even when money might get tight. When he’s got some money out hasn’t come in, he didn’t want to turn the ads off. So it’s just that consistent diligence that it takes in business and you’re you’re not going to get rich overnight. Systems are going to create themselves. It takes time and work like the good doctor, just said, okay and there’s another way that I would encourage you to. If you are struggling with consistency, I would encourage you to potentially develop Asperger’s disease because Asperger syndrome I mean Asperger syndrome. I hate to put you on the spot and ask you what that means. If someone that was shows they have signs of asperger’s, yeah I’ll get you tell if someone has Asperger’s, will it say it’s what’s on the autism spectrum, so they have unique characteristics about them. With with regard to the way they approached ass, something like that, I think I have Asperger’s. I’Mma read this to hear it says its effects, individual Behavior, use of language and communication in a pattern of social interaction. Asperger disorder was formerly characterized as one distinct autism and it explain the biscuit people who have Asperger’s Asperger’s. They tend to do the same thing over and over and over again and almost a therapeutic way. They actually enjoy doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, and I have found that is really what I’m into is doing the same thing over and over again. So you have: what kind of an unfair Advantage is an entrepreneur cuz? I really do repetitive tasks and we come back. I want to talk about how you, if you don’t like repetitive tasks, how you can go the system that allows you to scale something. So you don’t have to do is repetitive tasks to Marshall system creation. When we come back into the system, baby cuz it personally processing all those orders – hello, my fellow Americans and non-americans – this is coach. Radio show what the word boom can do for you. What we ask who first said the word Pope during today’s broadcast? We take time out to honor the legendary American football coach, the broadcaster, this video games. Mr. John mad, at you want to medicine and stuff. I expected a little more shut up, I mean, do you feel like we should have given a little more honor to John Madden. There do you think that was enough. That was plenty you can only take so much. You know I mean on a day when you have a turkey inside the studio, turkeys, Angela and her ruin the Ambiance by ripping on John respect, John Madden said I do he’s too powerful. You can have much more than okay I’d love to okay. Okay, now we’re talking about, you are a liar and obviously the guy who founded Amazon, but how did he do it? Well, this point in the story: Amazon is just been taking public and he’s been running the company successfully now for 4 years, but this is the idea I want Marshall, to break down for it’s, because I I’m being serious about this. You had an order to scale something you have to obsess on getting the details right so that it just works, and you have to be obsessed about getting the repetitive task right over and over and over and over and over so that Jeff bezo says the best Customer service is the customer service is, it is if the customer service doesn’t need to call Yard be the best customer service is if the customer service doesn’t need to call. You doesn’t need to talk to you, it just works. Well, I find a lot of lunch when he was get distracted and they want to move on to something else and for some reason in my career I have never had that feeling. I don’t know what it’s like to ever go hey. Are we getting traction on this, yet? I think I want to move on to something else. I never thought hey, I’m getting bored with this or hey. I wonder if I just literally could just do the same thing over and over until I was reading this a medicine article also psychology today talk about Asperger, dr. Hans Asperger in this is what he’s an Austrian pediatrician, who first described the condition in 1944. Chuck You tell me this sounds like exactly it. I feel like I feel like I have autism. He says he describe the behavior for boys, who should a lack of empathy ability to form friendships. I have to say yes on that, like it’s hard for you to do that third one-sided conversations huh this is it for intense absorb absorption in self-interest. Why is your face? Clumsy physical movements he’s describing me, and it goes on to explain its people – has the increased ability to focus on details, Chuck the capacity to persevere and special interest without being swayed by others.

Opinions, business coach Marshall be ability to work independently. The recognition of pattern missed by others is this, your first time to read this list no original way of thinking. I have Asperger’s this just in this just and two other people out there that don’t have a form of autism Marshall. What do we do? Single? One of those descriptions it doesn’t match me to a T. I have Asperger’s, I’m going to get a hat. I have Asperger’s and I want one of those so so system creation we’re talking about systems, and I only care about me. Let me see, but you got to have some type of system in order to fulfill a repetitive task in the whole purpose of a system or a checklist is so that those other than yourself can actually perform said password system and so there’s a book. It’S a phenomenal buckets by Atul gawande, it’s called the checklist Manifesto and they talked at length about Rekha, personal personal insult against dr. gawande. Do you say a tool like real fast in the middle one day, and who is this you’re talking about a tool? How do you spell it? We’Re always looking for subtle, passive, aggressive behavior from you, because you’re focused on the details right and I didn’t jump, and I were talking and we’re going hey if he does it again, let’s call him out so back to you. He was a part of the World Health Organization in implementing systems with in different clinics in the operating rooms, and they talk about throughout the in parody of the book. Why you have to have a checklist, is part of flying a plane or have a checklist? Is part of an operating room in the reason? Why is because even the best surgeons, even the best Pilots, when things go wrong, you have got to make sure that you’re doing the the rudimentary the the the routine things are part of the checklist, because the checklist itself cannot fly a plane. He goes on to talk at length about that. A checklist cannot fly the plane, but it has to get all of the important stuff out of the way so that the pilots and the surgeons can think more critically. Until I wanted to ask dr. Edwards, your own um is part of your practice in your training. How have checklist been Incorporated in? Why are those important, but one they keep you focused, so we had a patient comes in. We actually have a checklist that every patient that are our nurses are front office person as they come in and go through our system. There is a place for each little check spot and we do that in advance where we say these things important. We have to do this with every people every person and they go through and check the list as they go family doctor. My doctor is not very proactive. He always treats just the the symptoms and not the cause. So I’m looking for a new doctor, so I Google search you know: Tulsa functional medicine. I find Revolution Health. Org with your say when people come and you have a checklist even for meeting a new patient. Absolutely yes, yeah! That’S the that’s the way that we know that the news talking about The Branding in the reputation, that’s the way that we know that that can be consistent and Jackie were there on how we deliver our carry, how we take care of our patients. I really do feel like I have Asperger’s oil help with Asperger’s. Let’S do a study that we should do a study on the no. No, no, I think you need some CBD oil. I think we used to fight bad guys in the cut yourself and I think for all we know CBD oil could enhance that. I think you be super super power. You know what Marshall I’m not going to. Let you hop on this show and push you or CBD agenda, but hypothetically who out there could benefit from CBD dr. Edward tonight, and I and I do reserve the right to disagree with you in every way possible. Being that I am not a doctor, but I have played one on very Frank Ocean. Of course: lots of neurologic conditions, lots of anxiety, difficulty sleeping those kinds of things benefit greatly inflammatory conditions and there are a whole Litany of conditions that can be beneficial. So if I wanted, for Marshall, to shut up some CBD, the best way to do that just take the whole bottle and stick in his mouth more about Amazon. Have a company finally made its first prophet in the year 2001, six seven years, seven Saints Day to drive time, show on your radio stay focused stay in tents, stay Asperger’s. Just like me, Tulsa take a number. I was lightning before the Thunder. I don’t want to do anything else, rest of my day to soothe My Ass Burgers other than to listen to that song over and over and over. Why is that not a top 40 hit right now, Marshall and Marshall? I don’t know, I think I think your Asperger’s makes you more Adept at talking to turkeys. Can I explain it, but it’s right nation that they were talking about the importance of Building Systems in this? Is I honestly I do with this so much as a business coach where people say business owners will say I didn’t have the time to do whatever job you see the snow today when you came into what was I doing creating pass for new clients? What music was play? I don’t remember exactly, but it was some kind of weird non music and you a note 8 times it happened. If you feel like it, though, and I’m like it’s soothing, to focus on getting detailed stuff done, I want to make sure I’m not in any way saying this is good.

I’M just a this is the fact now, for some of you, it’s easier to communicate with other people, and, you might say, dude. You have a radio show High kid. There’S a weird irony here to work with me on it. Working on this. The Asperger’s means you have an increased ability to focus on details, the capacity to persevere in specific interest without being swayed by others, opinions the ability to work independently, the recognition of patterns that may be missed by others intensity and an original way of thinking do you Know that, back in the day 1944, dr. Hans, Asperger the Austrian pediatrician, when he was first describing the condition he was studying these for individual boys, who is suspected to have what he was going call Asperger’s. He says they had a lack of empathy, little ability to form relationships, one-sided conversation, intense absorption and special interest in special interest and clumsy movements. He was describing made unbelievable. So if you’re listening right now – and it’s not – you guess what your normal, which means it’s going to be hard for you to build systems like Jeff Bezos. Did it took him 7 years 7 years to make Amazon profitable. He worked on the idea for 4 years before you took the company public and search up. What advice would you have cuz? I would say, you’re a highly normal guy. I ain’t dr. Edwards is a highly normal guy Marshall, your highly normal guy and thought of you. It’S probably potentially harder for you to sit in somewhere for four and a half hours in a row and to do a repetitive task for me. I prefer it don’t start with you. How do you jump on a personal level? How do you do it and then heading your clients, focus on the tape making a handbook for employees? So for me personally, it’s all about time blocking right, so I need to schedule it so I’ll get it done to make sure I have the time and the place where I’m going to do certain things that maybe I’m not going to be excited about doing for Over and over and over, but if you’re out there and you’re running a business and you’re having a hard time creating systems putting those details to him, a piece of advice would be the only create one system at a time and as you need it, don’t try To create every system out that right, Marshall, don’t try and create all of them. At the same time, cuz you’ll end up dropping the ball on what it is that you do right. So you got to pick one focus on it. There’S a quote out there from a Jack dorsey’s, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, he says: make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect. That is hot knowledge you do not get in. I want to ask you Marshall, when you wrote the start here book and I do not want you to edit what you’re saying so that you can fit in with dr. Edwards that did that the personification of Health, you. To be honest, I don’t want you to explain what you did, because you had to sit down and edit. That book is a business coach 550 page book, the world’s best business book and what we did you and we compiled the books on the shelf behind you and I’m talking about traction, winning Steve Jobs, Life Life and Times innovator’s dilemma Walt Disney, Jack, Welch, winning email. All in all these books me literally hundreds of books into one deliver that dude. You know what you did to maintain Focus. The first is the first was the sound you got to you got to block off the time and place to actually do it. That’S number two step was: never one play the sound, the sound the binaural beats sound. Can you let the angels angels who is who is binaural beats Oral-B did chop you got b, i n a? U r, a l, I’m going to filibuster, I’m going to feel about you, but we sat down and you were like Hey we’re going to write a 550 page book pen to paper write in about two and a half months done, and I was like really you Go yeah, I’m almost finished with it. It’Ll be done this weekend, so I’m going to pass it to you and you need to edit that book as many times as it takes for what I did drive Nation for me to work on it and from 3 a.m. until 6 p.m. I work on the Book while sipping vodka and listening to whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, that’s what I do visit, that’s what I’m listening to it yeah you just feel like you’re in a like. You know that feels good. I guess. Okay, no! But that’s what that’s what so. I turned it on and then I sent my body dr. Edwards. Don’T punish me for this, but on this weird roller coaster of of highs and lows where I would alternate a copies and it in it and the Jameson and Sprite I did I didn’t so you would have Jameson and Sprite okay and my body was just so Confused it just never got tired, and I did that I did that for 12 hours it was two all nighters. I did to two all nighters a week for 2 months, while we’re eating at 10. If we’re both look, both was into the same stuff and that’s what we did now, here’s the deal. That is impressive, Marshall. That’S pretty don’t want to ask. I want to ask you there Jeff. What do you do to focus on going to dr. Edward? What are you do I don’t start time blocking What specifically, if you have to sit down for one of your clients, to write a handbook? How do you do you? Do you go to the woods the foot in a minivan, no we’re going to park? I typically will I get if I need to do something by myself.


Personally, I will wait until like my wife and daughter go to bed and I’ll go back up to her office. You can work at late night, yeah I’ll go up at the office. You know from like 9 or 10 till midnight owl, I’m a night owl, so the night out nobody’s up there for the most part about it is it’s just I got the headphones, on. Marshall introduce me to the binaural beats and I’m a big fan.. You just like you Zone into and focus there’s one out there on YouTube with the old Santa Claus, smoking a pipe. You know that the YouTube video photo. I know you seen this one just stepped on an F Sprite and James have to start seeing that the massive amount of paperwork checklist or system creation, cuz Lord knows Jeff Bezos did a great job and how do you? How do you do it so once I get one task, then I I just I’m able to block everything else. I do have to have some kind of audio. I’Ve never used the binaural, but that’s interesting, and I may have to try that so I’m able to just do if I can take that one test clear everything else out of the way so that nothing else is going to get in my way I go into My happy face would could almost be anywhere and you attack it like a rabbit turkey exactly, but getting to that point, it’s all about having it. For me, it’s about a task list where this is my task right now. I finished that one when that’s done and I go on to the next one problem I have is that, like people start dumping, other tasks on me and I have to be rigid about nope, that’s not when does The Following three things: one black out when you’re Going to do it to block out where you’re going to do it in 3 block out what you have to have with you to get it done. I mean, don’t start, writing your book and go crap. I don’t have a laptop and then sit down and there’s a turkey in the studio cuz the turkey just jumped on side of the table again chop. You got to get a control on Tom, the turkey. We literally have a turkey inside the studio today and jump as the is the producer guy. When the turkey wants to jump on the table, you have got to set limitations there. Jeff I mean you can’t just let him rule the rule. The studio here, unbelievable, never moving on Jeff, bezo, so 7 years ended found in Amazon. Finally turns a profit Marshall. Why can’t most people stay with the task for seven consecutive years, like Japanese us, because it’s literally writing search engine optimization content for 7 years? It is doing the group interview process every single week for 7 years, stop and Google for every turn possible into business coaching. It is awesome and you’ve been with me for nine years. You left for a while for college. What we’ve been on this grind pits it yeah in the whole point, is doing the same thing over and over and over again is boring to a lot of people, because it’s the same thing: there’s no novelty to it.

Two men, 13 multimillion-dollar businesses, kids, one business, coach, radio, show it’s the DriveTime business coach radio show Live Nation dr., be to not be with us today, he’s not stain your bathtub Empire Marriott for Mini Mini Boom. Did you get a bird’s-eye view all real, quick to clarify when he says yes, he was DJing a so tall is he has like a bird’s eye perspective, everything right and he’s so tall and he’s also so compassionate so patient did birds have started nesting in his Hair, yes, turkey, so back to the birds roosting. So are you saying that I have great hair? What did you see from your DJ booth at the Mayo Hotel? No, it was just. It was a ton of people in what the thing that I was most amazing about is how long so many people have worked for dr. Z, yeah, you didn’t AIDS Day dates decades, it’s been, it was impressive and I I think the top one was 20 some-odd Unisex, can I tell you a secret work there long time he’s got three moves here: okay, dream of idiots idiots on the team, so relentless with interviewing hiring shadow in the whole process. Whole apparatus needed to fire. It is not even having it very relentless on recruiting to. He is all about. Celebrating wins public knows when to cook the pig, if you are winning and you’re doing a good job at his office, everyone’s going to know about the third, he uses compensation as a reward instead of saying. Well, I’m going to be altruistic and I think the people on my team are going to want a little badge in a little black and a little picture of the eagle. You know a framed Eagle picture with your name on it was maybe you want that, but I’m going to use compensation three offers an example of a he’s giving me ,000 gift cards, one which, for the dance contest. That’S right. That’S right! Marshall explain what happened at the dance, so the dance contest in annual event at the Christmas party every single day and every single year, dr. zoellner went skating competition, it’s his party, he wins, it’s fair balance will get there and he does employ most of the audience. But I want to make sure that your understanding, cuz you’re, making it sound like it, was like a Venezuelan vote no or like a former USSR vote in in that was in. That was the rumor doctors on has built the most successful career of winning his own dance party for 26 years in a row, and I want you to explain only be fair and balanced like Fox to the right. Only Explain how did the dance party happened to the contestants where to get to the into the meat of it? And so so the rumors were it’s his party. He always went so we, but we we wanted to set the story straight, so we picked we had and it was an open. Audition is what it was. Anybody could enter the contest, but I had to. I was trusting that she’d had an adult beverage and she didn’t it didn’t matter. I said you treat your you’re doing anything. You ask her to dance like somebody with AAA gold card. Don’T even care just pick me up and then we all we got the other side of the coast of all the way for the dance competition he had a Bose owner for Chuck-E-Cheese Chuck-E-Cheese Chuck-E-Cheese, this guy’s a great chiropractor, and he he’s breaking it down he’s. What’S crackin yo what’s crackin and then you had doctors eat okay.. We had so many finals, semifinals, okay for the second song based off of all based on audience response and my quick judgment and your good judgment formed. A committee met about it for about three and a half hours during that 20 seconds. Before we had already decided and the audience goes crazy for fall. Yeah everybody goes. Everybody goes crazy for truck easy. Okay, then doctors he comes out. He brought what I would describe as a meatloaf Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell. It’S been a long time and it took what you been dreaming, but I just want to do that, but I won’t do that for like 10 minutes of cardiovascular for the audience loved it. They did and then then, dr. Z comes out. Okay, you look like when we do to him. You guys even threw a wrench in his plan at the last moment, play use it to heat up a new song. I know he’s never prepared for this long as he tried to get out of it, because we actually, we tried to. We tried to set him up so that it would be fair and balanced, is just now Fair practice for years to get the routine.. I, for One Source, have you ever watched figure skaters in the Winter Olympics? Unfortunately, yes going against us some guy from Russia, you might be worn. What did cost it off forever to get the timing right, he says screw it, no matter what you give me like. I had the perfect time – that’s amazing, show notes we have put on today’s show notes. America deserve to see Bishop seriously have to get that from Adam and he pulled it and you pulled out at some type of signature healing up the next song. This was the new movie about it, just James Brown, in it pop and doing all this stuff, and he went splits, left foot forward, double bounce bounce straight into split, right, foot, Ford, double bounce and then a 7 foot slide all the way across the floor. It was amazing that we had to call dr. Edwards today and say: please come and vaccinate in Richmond now for somebody for somebody that is just that had that epic level of dancing that night is CBD oil, a good, probably it maybe not thinking that, maybe not Picky, hey baby baby rehabbing, the you know anything if you tore your sacroiliac as a result about your ilium, and you know the sciatic nerve, muscle that that okay, what is a CBD oil good for the we talking about Amazon? What kind of therapeutic benefit? In a case like that, cuz, that’s, like General Antonio de Santa Anna, said after the Alamo another Victory like this more finished weird story about somebody trying to speak healing and a part of their body.

I want to know who won versus sure this is back in the day where you would go down for prayer and Oral Roberts would would pray for you and he had. He was on a Johnny Carson, it’s before my time, but he was using me to Kathie Lee Gifford. You know from the Kathie Lee and Hoda show or Regis and Kathie Lee. She was there to the Carnival Cruise Lines, lady and if she was she was there Carlton Pearson was there when they’re on the Johnny Carson show he was being mentored personally by Napoleon Hill I mean Oral Roberts University is one of the leading charismatic U-verse isn’t went It was Angelic the tallest tower in Tulsa. Still, I believe, mean it’s a big, it’s a big big. So she comes down for prayer and then there’s like probably five thousand people in a chapel service and have a mic in the way world would do it. Is it you know, what would you like to have prayer for, and I think, just being a nervous, I think the excitement of the moment the something about being there? No, I I want to make sure the listeners be excited about coming down for prayer in front of 2,000. People made her, so this is what oral says oral says. Could you tell me what part of your body do you want healing for? Do you want but part D prayer for she says I want prayer for my scrotum. Why is it off, like everyone in my family knows about this story and everyone in my family, so he’s like what’s going on the pain is tremendous? I don’t know what you think she was describing me up country dr.. Do you not see that coming occasionally and likes to complain? If, yes, have you had this happen or just got another technical terms, Riser put that together in anything that Grandma. Dre Chuck’s Automotive on 2002 Jeff Bezos. What’S he doing, 2002 looks like he founded blue origin, LLC in Aerospace company to provide low-cost access to private space travel to make sure you get this stop doing your window. There, Marshall, this is just very mature, show where I don’t even know why you would laugh just like that, but he still going 15 years Chuck. How do you mean seriously? This guy is Amazon to be profitable and now he’s been working this for 15 years to make space travel affordable into your knowledge. Is anybody going to space affordable, yet no, but he still doing is working on it. Consistency will win the day. This is the Japanese us motto: you got to be consistent to be listing the show right now and you’re struggling with consistency. I encourage you to attend our next in-person Thrive. Time show workshop and we’re giving away free tickets for anybody who does the following? What you got to look for search on Google for Thrive time show iTunes click. The link is going to take you there. You can subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. Take a screen out of that review and email it to info at 3:15, bring to get you two free tickets to the February 16th and 17th Workshop. We come back how to seek Supernatural healing for your business coach scrotum. I got ta testify come up in the spot. Looking extra fly, get ready to ever heard about Thrive. Time show on talk radio 1170. Alright, the man who is the founder of Amazon don’t make sure getting too big Ideas. We’Ve covered here today. One is Jeff Bezos you take 7 years to turn Amazon into a profitable company 7 years to the idea of doing something consistently doesn’t bother him, but that bothers a lot of entrepreneurs. In 2002 he decided to launch blue origin LLC in Aerospace. Company started to provide low-cost access for private space travel. Marshall is anybody that you know if you were hurting headlines of people so far traveling to space affordable? His half of the? I don’t think so shocked you that he’s working on this for 15 years in a row without her some space bro are people just like I’m looking for the low budget carrier to just go up into space and come back or like what for that or we’re Going I mean, does it take for 15 years? It doesn’t, he decides to launch the on-demand video service or just called Amazon unbox. On TiVo years later, the company decided to call the service instant Amazon, dr. Edwards, you remember Blockbuster. We talked about this a lot on previous shows, but it’s something I want to talk about it enough until we threw the law of attraction, bring it back, because I love the idea you could put a movie on hold. I love the fact that they had new releases right so much. In fact, I went to Broken Arrow the other day. I went to the last video store in the world, one off 101st and Elm right there by Roy’s garage and I rented the Father of the Bride and you ride it jump you burned it. I didn’t return. It up I’m just paying everyday set a reminder of how much I love the last video store in the world every night. For a month I mean why are they bringing the idea Blockbuster? Do you like that borders mini date, nights with Blockbuster? You miss it? No really go to Blockbuster. Think about you. Go there. Tell me if you guys remember that she would go to Blockbuster and you blocked to that little security everywhere. Cuz we’ll make sure you weren’t stealing something that you were bringing it right. You stole from somewhere else. You go in there’s, usually a guy who somewhat disinterested and a lady in a blue shirt got a blue shirt is usually one of them.

It’S like a kind of long haired kind of a chain, smoker kind of guy eating Twizzlers, and then you go in there and they have all the videos up with the videos aren’t actually there. No, no, no they’re, not they’re, actually there’s just like a just a case of the case of it yeah yeah and you go there and find a new release. And then you realized that all of the Terminator 2 movies are gone. So you walk up to the front and you say: hey: do you have any more turn your tools in the back and let me check I’ll go to the back and he goes back to the back, and this guy has the power to make or break your Weekend he comes back and he says: hey you’re. In luck, I’ve got one DVD, so he takes that DVD puts an old metal oil magical washer. What is it cleans it off and gets off? All the smudge mark laser show was like an ice sculpture back in the day, like a guy who carves like he’s, experienced woodcarver you start to go. I do want a pound of Twizzlers. I do want a Mountain Dew. I do want a buttery popcorn bucket Three Musketeers. I want all three of them, and so you go in there. You get that you get a magazine from The Source or Slam Magazine or some kind of team spirit magazine or what was the magazine US Weekly ads weekly? What’S what else was there? I wasn’t buying magazines at the video store cuz. You were throwing away the American dream. Did you check out the totals like he says? Here’S the deal. If you get one tonight, you get one free and you said one free as we got to get one half off, so you get one now full price. Second, one half off and the next one free and whole time he’s going housing for the video. I just want to go back. Marshalls. Remember that time. I do remember that the little extra machines that you put the VHS into rewind it was bad guys. I want to go for it. Yes, he had to put it. I had one that was, that was like a car. That’S big news, fake news. I remember going in there yeah, I do remember. I do have a favorite memory memory, who is a Huckleberry Finn. I remember going in there and I rented that yeah I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I really don’t know, don’t go back to remember if it was in an obscure the shoes. Are you wearing Vans ss2g? Who are you with? Who are you with? I was I was with my dad: how tall are you I was. I was six one: how old are you okay, now look at how we move on so guess what what are you be eulogy for butt? But now, but now there is no more Blockbuster. There’S just instant video order, coffee shop in the middle, and it was always two stories and you had to go upstairs and talk to some cantankerous person to find a book you wanted. Why can’t we just go back to that time because people just like reading the cover of the book and now they can just read the cover on download and read and store their favorite book selection Marshall as an avid book reader? What’S going on with Kindle? Why don’t people ever reading the actual book after they buy it on a Kindle device? Why I’ll tell you why I don’t use canned in the first place? I don’t use Kindle in the first place is because I like to take notes in the book, but this is account use the Amazon, because most people cannot commit to doing something for a long period of time most people they can’t commit to finishing an entire book. More overstay bill in a business for 7 years were over steel building a space travel business for 15 years being committed to customer satisfaction, look for great companies to buy. Does he bought Zappos, Zappos it for 1.2 billion and then I’ll? Let him stay the exact same since I own it, but now you guys can do what you already were doing your mind, unique strategy there, but he is actually putting together a portfolio of different things that you can sell on That are the top items that people were going to stores to purchase. In the first place, videos people are going to book stores, people are going to buy shoes, and now you can get it all on Amazon or so, if you’re struggling to Market your product, you can go to a workshop. I win a free ticket. How do I get well? Okay, get on iTunes and I podcast player, look up Thrive. Time show subscribe, leave serve you again subscribe, leave a server to go too fast, but I need to subscribe, subscribe and email it to you. Com info at 3:15. Com, and we will give you two free tickets to the February 16th and 17th Workshop is Revolution. Health. Org today, Google search it Revolution, Health. Org. Today your family deserve Tulsa’s best medical care, go to Revolution, Health. Org today and stay to the more Jeff bezo. So we come back, make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the Thrive time. Show podcast: I wish that I could fly World Headquarters. It’S not the right time show go to get into today’s back into the Jeff Bezos story. Can you explain why you love the song, The Man so much me, and I really do like the Killer song. The man it’s a fun song, especially if you seen the video you introduce the video to me. I don’t think the song is a fun song.

I throwing argue with you. I think it’s funny cuz. If I don’t think it is. What is your take? I think the song is chastising people who think that they’re, the man for living a life that they’re actually emptied run on empty. I think that’s funny. I think it’s reminds me of someone that isn’t a doctor. That’S what that song reminds me of short. I’M the man if dr. Edwards, actually two men, dr. Edward Life and Times of quasi business coach Jeff Bezos, and I ask you because listeners out there’s a big moving out there by local myself, big movement I and the movement. I am having a little upset with buying local on this year this year, from places in my local community, where you are putting all your stuff on Amazon, you for the record, set the record straight with Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Have you or have you not, but all of your gifts online this year, like 90 %? Why do you hate your local community time? I don’t hate my community because I don’t have time cuz. I got to go, buy it because I’ve done it. I was just reading through debate questions. You can ask if you’re interviewing somebody to answer the question: do you have any more fairy and I was okay? I bought the Washington Post for 250 million dollars Marshall. Why did he buy The Washington Post in your mind? Why would a guy Jeff Bezos, who understands branding and marketing so much? Why would he buy The Washington Post because it like we talked about in the last segment? He started, putting together a portfolio of businesses that were already operating very very well, so people were going out and getting their shoes. Okay, at shoe stores in Zappos there they’re selling a ton of shoes, so it’s okay, we’re going out to book stores in buying books, so he becomes one of the largest online retailers of books make sense. He goes out and buys the Washington Post because now he’s being able to provide content in news all the time and he provides, I would say, probably get some stuff little good news. There will news covered up together a little bit of PR on articles every day until he goes around, and he does this for more and more companies, and I were going to get into some of the other businesses that is Jeff. Bezos bought Washington Post it in today for Generation control of the Graham family over the post Corporation bought the bankrupt post shortly after stepping down as the chairman of the Federal Reserve, which leads us more that you Luminati Jeff Bezos controlling the world could join the media. Now he is buying a paper from a guy used to be the Federal Reserve chairman. Also, his mother was baptized as a Lutheran, which further confirms what shop Illuminati, okay, removing I’m not sure how that relates to relocate from Jeff Bezos. He says what we need to do is always lean into the future when the world changes around you and when it changes against you, what used to be at Tailwind is now a head when you have to lean into that and figure out what to do, because Complaining isn’t a strategy Marshall Morris, please break it down when he says complaining, isn’t a strategy that means that if all you’re spending time going around doing is complaining, that is not constructive. What in fact we talked about this on one of the ask clay anything segments? Okay, that you can get his part of the podcast feed and it is incredible you got to make sure that you check it out, go over to iTunes but iTunes. You can actually subscribe subscribe and if you leave a review, are we running a promotion? We will actually feel screenshot that review for the Thrive time, show yeah and send it over go to subscribe. Leave a review screenshot send this picture to. I don’t know what you just said, because I am new to the Internet. So if you could, please try again cuz, I feel like there’s a lot of our listeners, myself included, who don’t go on the vast internet, so slow step one. Let me just make sure I’m getting what you’re saying log into the tubes: El Cajon, what login to the internet top in my AOL, cd800 LCD Tyler up on the internet, and then you got to hit subscribe, unsubscribe unsubscribe unsubscribe. The word subscribe. Do I have to have one of them? Oh yeah apple things. No, I think I do you got a picture or iTunes. Okay, then, if you leave a review screenshot that review and email it to info at 3:15. Com will give you two free tickets to the workshop. But we talked about this on the ass clay. Anything segment where, if all the you are worried about is receiving feedback from idiot, you are spending time on the screwed. If that’s your thing, you know if we got any credible, Burton hop the praise and worship leader for Metropolitan Baptist inside the studio here today. In the in the studio audience in Martin, the music they sing at the Metropolitan Baptist is what I prefer. Okay. So it’s very up-tempo, not every songs up-tempo, but it’s Up Tempo and I would say if you want to have a good time with your praise and worship and have interactive music and praise and worship where you are actually participating in the singing of the song. There’S a lot of energy. There there’s a lot of vibrant courses, it it’s just a lot of Rhythm, a lot of energy. If that’s what you like, then you would like the Metropolitan Baptist. Now, if you want to you know going out like a stoic church service where there’s a zero emotional output, I don’t know yet this music.


If this is, if you want to go everyone sings in unison, songs in Latin that no one understands – and you basically told you like 27 minutes service – did the pastor of either one of those churches was soliciting feedback from everyone. Saying: hey mister stoica. How can we modify our praise and worship to make it work for you to pay? Mr. high-energy it doesn’t work what work, so you can’t get feedback from everybody, so Jeff Bezos is a master of getting feedback from his ideal and likely by there’s a thought. 2013. 849 Jeff Bezos launches Amazon, Prime air, which uses drones to deliver products to customers directly bizos reports that these drones can carry items that weigh up to 5 lb and are capable of traveling within 10 miles of the Amazon distribution centers. He believes that the Amazon Prime air should be a reality in the year 2018 Chuck. Does that excite you or freak you out both extremely on both levels? Kind of freaks me out, but it seems really awesome too. When we come back, I love technology he’s also a great doctor on Amazon and Amazon Prime air, because if you think it’s a good thing to ship items directly to your home via a drone, you could share the brats. You could ship your pants, be a drone aircraft, get ready to add her. Thrive. Time show on talk, radio 1170 used therapy course that was held by social interactive course. We taught martial at it and a snap on the be a cop on the beat. How to add a communicator. Or less tall lot of things worked out at that seminar of Jeff Bezos here on the Thrive time show so H50. This is what Jeff bezo says. He says people will visit Mars, they will settle Mars and we should because it’s cool, I’m adding people will visit Mars, they will settle Mars and we should because it’s cool now again. This is also the guy who announced that Amazon Prime air came out in 2013 and that is going to deliver products via a drone aircraft to your home products that weigh 5 lb last we delivered to your home by 2018. This is also the guy trying to make space travel affordable for the last 15 years, so I’m going to break it down one by one, dr. Edward. Is it cool that he’s trying to make space travel affordable in your mind, or is that weird, I think? That’S just weird: I don’t really care about space travel really. Just me right out of here. I would love to go to space. Why cuz? It would be amazing, you’ll be cool to Adelphia’s. Us would say: okay, fine, so shipping things be a drone. Is that cool or just weird, super cool jump, dr. Edward guys, looking at you, okay, so back to you, what I want is a drone that will deliver me wherever I want to go. That’S how the helicopter that’s too big. I think it was waiting because I mean he was secretly business coach hoping. I would say that I want to say I think it’s kind of cool with the he comes up with the fire, which blocked 25th 2014 supposed to be compete with the smartphones, the iPhones, the Android that just bought was too hot. It was discontinued in 2015. Now this is something I think all the listeners would do very well, if you could learn this apply this what he said. He says, if you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting Marshall pregnant. So if you are wanting to embark on different Technologies in different industries that are poised for a revolution or change, okay, you can’t do that and expect nobody to say some things that may be a little demotivational. So when Elon Musk he’s launching are the different rocket SpaceX rocket, one is orbit, it is tens of millions of dollars the reporter after the second field, 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. It so the report says so mr.. So what are you going to do now? What are you going to do now and shut up? What was the sound of yard? He said: what do you mean? What do you do now? He goes yeah, I’m pretty sure. You know that you’re done you’re not going to wrap her up.. I know he’s like no, absolutely not hell or high water we’re going to make this work. I need you to jump to use the F-word to articulate without a lot of work, but no matter what channel color, but you know it. I thought it was a Discerning of me not to say that if you are somebody who can’t handle critics, don’t do anything new or interesting. Dr. Edwards you. I have an entirely different approach to medicine that is so different from that of our average doctor listener, and I would like for you to go off on a tangent. You have the mic. Live radio is much time as you need or don’t need to articulate what the heck makes Revolution Health different, and if it is everyone, not everyone does not have a polarizing opinion of Revolution. Health at the end of this stat, the end and at the end of this is Rampage. This is Ty Ray this essay. Then we have lost the battle, so please feel free to share what makes Revolution Health different. This is fun so first, the revolution, health does not take insurance. We are a cash-based practice now we’re opening another clinic that will take insurance, but that’s like coming so. First we’re cash. Second thing: we spend more time with their patients. We actually listen to our patients. I was trained in the traditional world where you know it’s all about. You know the throughput. You got a patient in get him out, get him and get him out.

Take him that way, but we spend more time with their patients. We listen to them when they tell if something’s wrong, we actually listen. We look for. Why is something wrong with the way I was trained before they say I’m on this medicine. I have this problem and I would say: oh you know what those are does reminder. It’S not a big deal, but these patients have real issues and we want to get to the bottom of it and half the time a lot of time. There medications may be the cause cause of some of those problems. We don’t just look at their lab work and say where your lab looks normal normal, so he can making this stuff up or you must be crazy. Many of our patients have been told that before they’re looking for a real solution, so we’re going to work with them until we figure out. Why do they feel bad? Why do they have the symptoms that they have give me nutrition? So we focus on the whole lifestyle kind of Paradigm. We look at our lives, trying to get answers about the patient and why they feel like they feel, then. Finally, we incorporate any therapy that is, balancing the risk and benefits. So if the risks are low, the benefits are potentially hi. Don’T have to be proven. A hundred percent that it’s going to get be beneficial if we’re not harming someone than that. That’S an intervention is on the table, so I think, like Prolotherapy is awesome Therapies you had some relaxing me surgery is soon it’s that seems normal right, Prolotherapy, the way to avoid knee surgery. That’S correct! It’S an alternative! That’S right! The idea that you might be you might be sent from dr. Edwardson, hey, go to Whole Foods and look for these herbs and changed his diet as opposed to buy these trucks are different things you do. We could take insurance for work, how to make it more affordable. Well, we can’t do what we do with in the entrance Paradigm. Cuz, the insurance will say: there’s no proven benefit for this. So here’s the deal if you’re looking for a new approach to your family’s health, go to Revolution, Health. Org today and schedule your consultation go to Revolution, Health. Org., then I’ll chop. The only way that they were saying you know what what is it? What is the only way I can avoid criticism? The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing. Elbert Hubbard is American writer, pebbleshire artist in philosopher a lot of times. That’S been attributed to Aristotle, but apparently it oh, my gosh you’re, going to argue with Aristotle right here he’s dead. He can defend himself Jeff Bezos I’ll leave you with this. He said Amazon. He says we had three big Ideas at Amazon that we stuck with for 18 years and they are and they’re the reason we’re successful. Put the customer first invent and be patient. That’S why you should go to dr. Edwards. He is a doctor who is patient with his patient. I thought about that for months, if you are looking to get into a different situation, financially learn to turn your business around. I encourage you to get on down to thrive time, show. Com and to find the podcast button find us on iTunes, DriveTime 3, to listen to the podcast on iTunes, leave us a review and we will send you free to conference tickets for next upcoming 15 Hour 2 day interactive business coach Workshop, it’s world’s best Workshop. If you’ve never been to it read the reviews. Just happened, Thrive time show and reviews no chump. We always want to leave the chairs with with with a boom right, but I fear, criticism, I think, there’s somebody says your that’s too much energy. This is a business, show that you be more professional, they should change the channel. Do you think we should do you? Should run it by me, are you offended by the boom, I’m not offended by the by a lack of Boom? Really so you’re? Obviously, some people a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to everybody. download the Boom book for free to free gift from me to you, cha place to get to start here book. You can start here book free, download, DriveTime So if you are looking to celebrate a big holiday in a big way than we want to give you a big shout-out, Merry Christmas to the entire Thrive nation, and we encourage you to break down the show notes, they go to thrive time. Show., Com click on the show notes. You can read the notable quotable from Jeff Bezos and see how they can apply to your only interact with this because a bunch of things and not apply the things you’re learning to do.


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