The Life and Times of Paul Graham (Part 1) – Hour 2

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Hour 2 of part 1 – Meet Paul Graham (the man) behind AirBNB, DropBox, Reddit, Stripe, Weebly and ViaWeb (Yahoo! Store).

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When it comes to competition while that is one thing that people like Clay Clark really loved, in fact a little more information about this guy the former United States SBA entrepreneur of the year is also the cocreator of things that the Thrive Time Show which comes under the radio he alongside of the very incredible and very successful optometrist turn taking the one the only the same guy that I thought about so many different times Doctor Robert Zoellner are the same guys that bring you about the Thrive Time Show business coaching experience, and will my thing about Clay he is often referred to as a very phenomenal business coach Austin in case you’re just wondering.

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