Lupid – The Losing Combination of Choosing to Be Both Lazy and Stupid – A Knowledge Bomb

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Being both lazy and ignorant about how to successfully run your business is a deadly combination. Clay shares how the complexities of entrepreneurship and real estate investment involve more than just being motivated, buying low and selling high.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.” – Benjamin Franklin

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The passive ironic attitude is not cool or romantic, but pathetic and destructive.” – Robert Greene (Best-selling author of Mastery)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All of us have access to a higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstance. This intelligence is cultivated by deeply immersing ourselves in a field of study and staying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach might seem to other. Through such intense immersion over many years we come to internalize and gain an intuitive feel with the rational processes, we expand our minds to the outer limits of our potential and are able to see into the secret core of life itself. We then come to have powers that approximate the instinctive force and speed of animals, but with the added reach that our human consciousness brings us. This power is what our brains are designed to attain, and we will naturally led to this type of intelligence if we follow our inclinations to their ultimate ends.” – Robert Greene (Best-selling author of Mastery)

  1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tony Royster Jr – Drummer for Jay Z

ACTION STEP – Get up 2 hours before you see another human

CHALLENGE – Get up at 5:00am every day for the next 90 days.

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Audio Transcription

Oh, it’s time for another business coach knowledge bomb on today’s thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the father of five human kids, the founder of multiple businesses, and I feel like it’s my duty, my focus, and my mission to teach you the practical action steps that you can take to get both you and your family into a great financial position. A renowned a business coach slash co host Eric. What are we talking about today? On today’s knowledge pump, a concept known as Lupus are not known. Maybe introduce a loop loop. Loop. Loop loop is a combination of choosing to be both lazy and stupid. Now lupus, the concept of Lupus was created by pastor Brian’s daughter, who I believe in that time was maybe a 12 or maybe 13. Pastor Brian, you can email us info at thrive time, and clarify backstory, but pastor Brian, I consider him to be my pastor.

He’s based there in Amarillo, Texas and Owensboro, Kentucky has two churches. They’re big shout to river city church and Victory Church and I helped him with his workflow and his systems so that he can focus on the stuff that really matters. I do the stuff that doesn’t matter if you can do the stuff that really does matter. And one of his daughters was, as his daughter was listening to the podcast, I believe her name is chapel. She’s listening to the podcast and she pointed out dad, um, when people are both lazy and, and stupid, that that should be called Lupus. I love this kid and I thought this right here is tremendous knowledge. They’re not providing in college and chip, are you serious? That’s what happens. That’s how this came about. So good job. I, I’ve thought about this and I, I really have put a lot of thought into this concept because I see a lot of people that have reached out to us over the years for help at a workshop and they come to the workshop and they go, oh my gosh, I know specifically what to do, but when am I going to do it?

I mean, what am I going to find the time to do it? And I say, well, can I show you my alarm? And they say, yeah. So I show my alarm and I say my alarm, my alarm goes off at three or four in the morning and then I go to bed at like 9:00 at night. Now real quick, if you go to bed at nine, right? And you sleep solid. So you go from nine to three or nine to four, you’re getting six to seven hours of sleep. So I always get six to seven hours of sleep. So then the business coach question is, well, what are you not, what am I not doing? I don’t watch TV, I don’t stay up late playing video games. I don’t stay up late ever doing anything because I know what I’m all about, you know? So if I teach you everything to do and you don’t block out time to do it, it won’t work.

And you might say that’s harsh. You’re saying if I get up at four in the morning, I’m lazy. Yeah. Yeah. Now you might say, well what if, what if I’m a night owl? Okay, Woo. Woo Hoo. Do you know that makes a lot of money. Who stays up late, Woo woo and doesn’t get up early enough to get their stuff done. Who? Oh, so maybe you say, well Dr Z is a night owl. That’s true because he’s earned the right to do it. My man works seven days a week for many moons, many years. So all I would say is being lazy is not a move. And here’s one thing I see, but I’m a night owl. Okay. You’re also not doing work at night, right? So if everybody goes to bed and you work 8:30 to 10:30 guys, that’s good. Real quick. Can you guys pass me to the glow sticks over there? Let’s go to the bar. Let’s go to the back. Hey, let’s all hop in the car, go to the bar. Maybe we get an uber. We get over there and then they work on some workflow.

Hey, why don’t we adjust for me? Hey, why don’t we adjust some permalinks while we’re watching Rick James old school videos, right? Why don’t we optimize our website at four in the morning. I’m going to call my leads. I do a lot. I do my best, most technical work on my systems while I’m watching. Fox News was shepherd. I watched. I look at that guy and I think to myself, that is a majestic man and I also happened to. What were we talking about that? No, but I don’t know anybody who pulls an all nighter watching Fox News. Who gets the crap done? So again, being lazy, he’s not a move. Now Chubb, we have some business coach notable quotables. The first of which I’d like you to read is from Martin Luther King Jr. The late great civil rights leader. NoThing in all the world is more

dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious, stupidity.

Make us give us nicer, notable quotables. Can you read it one more time? There’s nothing in all. The world is more open,

dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Uh, what martin luther king jr is referring to as are so many people that are just irate about something or they want to have time freedom. They want to have success. They demand success. They’ve been to a, a prayer group where you’re supposed to pray. This is one of my favorite ones I heard this week. Somebody was parading the true story. Somebody was praying for an inheritance they didn’t know about that right there. So again, if you’re praying for an inheritance that you don’t know about, that’s not a good investment in your financial strategy. That’s not a move toward somebody dies or fraying for financial success. When you don’t have a functional business, that doesn’t make any sense. I see so many people spiritualizing their success, praying, praying to whatever. Whoever they call god, they’re praying. They’re crying out saying, I want to be successful in that.

That doesn’t matter. I had, there’s an entire podcast that recently on one of the. One of the conference attendees portal pulled up to me and I, I just hilarious. She, she, she, uh, in between breaks at the business coach conference you can ask questions and uh, we take a little 15 minute break between every 45 minutes sprit and she, uh, she pulls me aside and she says, hey, do you think that saying yes is the key to success? And I said, what do you mean? She says, well, I used to always say no to things, but now I’m saying yes to things and I’m thinking, is this a funny scene from the yes man, carry here somewhere? No, but I’m not kidding. She said she listened to a podcast that is in the itunes top 20 within the past, at that point, 30 days where that was, I’m sure you could find it.

I don’t want to criticize fellow podcasters too much, but, uh, uh, she said, they just said the key is, is to say yes to things. I mean, that is a stupid question because yes, saying yes to some things like, hey, do you want to go in the park so we can rape and pillage you? Clay, clay, there’s we’re going to a bs at a trout, some new drugs. Do you want to go or a song about that? Hey, do you want to diy? Optimize your website so it goes to the bottom of google. Yes. I mean, so just these are now one like say yes to opportunity when you’ve measured it and it, it’s a good opportunity, but no, the key is to success those questions, right? So you have to think deeply about what is the problem that I’m going to solve for the world in exchange for money?

And don’t tell me. click funnel. Don’t tell me I’m going to be a. Don’t tell me you’re going to be a social media marketing, click funnel maker, but I can make thousands from home. Don’t give me that crap. So I’m gonna. Give you example. Thrive nation. Years ago I made a lot of money flipping houses. You’re a house flipper? No. Uh, how, what do you mean? I flipped a few houses. I didn’t flip tons of houses and I’ll tell you why I don’t flip houses anymore. Step one, I had to send a guy to the auction every week. He goes to the auction every week. Chuck, when you go to the auction every week, do you know what you do when you go to the the city’s auction? Who? People who, who’ve had their houses repossessed due to failure to pay taxes. Do you want happens when you go to these bank auctions or city oxygen?

What happens? You put in bids on the house. There are other people there. There’s hundreds of people. All of which you seeM like they know the best house to buy. Yeah. It’s. And you have to bid on a house sight unseen without going in it. Yeah. And you have to bid at least two thirds of the value of the home. Okay. That’s the rules. So if a house is worth 600,000, you have to bid site unseen. Four hundred thousand. Yeah. Whoa. So here’s what we did. We had a guy. He knew, a guy who knew a guy, his name was. We had a guy in. What he would do is he would find his way into set houses in a certain way. He had, he had in certain ways he had skills and I’m not exaggerating. Then we would know which houses to buy a, so he’d go, dude, that house, no way do that.

House is good because in Oklahoma other states have massive foundation problems. There could be things you don’t know about, so that can be like a huge asbestos problem. There can be, you know, there’s tons of mold mold. So anyway, so we would buy the house. now. the last house I flipped was off of sheridan. I’m behind a church near the farm shopping center in tulsa, Oklahoma. He was right behind the church there, which is near kirkpatrick and lye a dentistry and it carnegie elementary relevant in that area. That’s where I really see the house right behind the church, which is on the east side of the road in the house was valued at like 150 whatever and I wasn’t buying it from the auction. I was buying it because I knew the person was in peril and we bought. I think for 50 dude, we bought it for 50 and then we made a plan with a guy named luke and luke ended up dying and a lobster fishing accident.

Remember that story? That’s what we, we hired luke to, uh, to flip the house because I knew luke through oral roberts university, so hired luke to go in there and I laid out a plan. And when you ever, you flip a house, what you do is you want to add value to it because you find a problem people have with what’s the problem. The problem is that people are looking to buy a nice house. And the problem isn’t that you have a financial problem that you as the investor have a financial problem. The problem is that the buyer get to solve the problem for the buyer. And the buyer wants a nice house, right? So we went in there and there was a, back in the day used to build kitchens and you put a wall to divide the kitchen from the living room. So he blew out that wall.

We vaulted all the ceilings, much like we’ve done in the house. We live in now. Yup. And now the ceiling went from being eight feet tall to like 15 feet tall. Beautiful. We put in granite countertops. We put in nice fixtures. We put in wood floors throughout the whole house to um, all the way throughout the house except for the rooms. The rooms had carpet. We completely ripped out the deck, put a new one in. We ripped out all the crazy grass that was going into bratman and an in the back. We put in a sod. We put in nice bushes upfront. We put it in a trees. We kept the big trees and all in we spend about $45,000 on the money. Forty thousand, $45,000 of actual money. Yeah. So 90, 95,000 in [inaudible], $95,000 a house was worth about 1:20. Now, during that time, what I did when I flipped houses is that everyday I would show up at the job site to make sure that the guys had done what they were supposed to do.

Accountability everyday. And we probably have not exaggerate. We probably went through two wood floor guys. Maybe to counter guys one or two window vendors and then luke kept showing up at the job site because I’d be there and I noticed he was never there. Um, and this was before the cameras we have available today. Today I would insist on putting cameras in the home so I could see what they’re doing, but I didn’t have the cameras like that back in the day, use it. I just noticed that nothing got done. And then so one day I’m on the phone with him and I said, dude, where have you been all day? And he slipped. He slipped because he was trying to play a game with me. He slipped. He goes, oh, I’m in san francisco and I’ll be back tomorrow. And I said, what? And he said, oh, I mean, I’m going to san francisco this weekend.

And I’m like, what are you doing? He’s like, well, I actually been lobster fishing the last couple of weeks. And uh, I, uh, I just, it’s a neat opportunity and I’ll be back though. Well, I guess he went down too far and actually died, but I’m not exaggerating. I went through so many different vendors every time I’d flip a house. Yep. So I ended up making like maybe 30 grand on the house. I split with my partner so each walked with 15,000. So I took the $15,000 and I divided it by the time I’d spent working on it because conservatively I’d spent probably 100 hours, you know, working on the, on the house, stopping by and making plans, you know. And so I thought about it and I thought we were working a hundred hours roughly. Um, so I make $150 an hour, you know, flipping houses. I think I’d rather just go back and run my companies. So I never neglected running my companies. This was work I was doing on top of running my companies. But I don’t think people realize when you flip a house, dude, you better be good at managing contractors, which is in and of itself a skill set. And I don’t know, people, I don’t know, people that are good at that except for maybe five in my entire life for a good at managing contractors. Chip, you’ve managed contractors. Yeah. It’s.

There’s just so many. Burning fires are so much disorganization. There’s so much going on in that world, and payments always messed up and like

figured out idea killer at two this morning.

Okay. The notable quotable from brian tracy. No rebuttal will just read them. Oh, this isn’t, this isn’t, this isn’t a positive response here yet. No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn. Starting from sCratch to be successful. We absolutely positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.

Goals. So if you want to flip houses, my tip for you, it’d be this, find someone who does it successfully and actually go with them on a daily basis for at least two weeks. Volunteer some time. Yes, but be with them everyday for two weeks. See what that looks like and see whether you can handle that. Because if you can then do it. Yep. But if you can’t, then don’t. Now, here’s what I see people do it. The auctions typically and and shawn have, you should have your bin or knock on to a home auction. Have you? Yeah. This is where I typically see. I see a bunch of people that know just enough about home flipping to know that there is an auction and they think that this is the magic key. They know about the auction guys and so they. They show up thinking that we’re the only people who know you bid low and so what they do is they start to think that I go, it’s really negotiation strategies and it’s all about just. It’s all about ahmed ahmed, I’m going to go in there and they buy a house and I met these people. I’ve met dozens and dozens and probably into the hundreds at this point of people at conferences or workshops I’ve spoken at and they’ll buy the house. Then they get in the house. They open the door.

That’s good. Oh no, there is mold in here. There’s hole in the ground

guy living in here. when you, when you have mold in a home, it’s not good. What you have to do in tulsa. You have to rip everything out, right? Yeah, so just when my wife and I bought this house, we had mold on the siding and we knew that going into it and I think we paid 22,000 just for the just to remove that portion of the house and to replace the rotten part at 22,000. Now again, I don’t know what kind of money you have. Perhaps you’re listening today and you say, I’ve got that a rab money to quote busta rhymes to hip hop rapper. I got to a rat money. What? That’s right bro. I’m sitting on a massive amount of fossil fuels and I don’t have to do anything bro. I got a rab money flipping houses, but I’ll live. I am from the United Arab Emirates.

I live you. Have you ever heard of or you ever heard of the saudi prince? That’s me. That’s me. So $20,000 thing, bro. But I see a lot of change. I see a lot of people that have that struggle to get the three percent needed down to buy the house. right? Then they buy that house and you realize I don’t have 20,000 to flip that house, so now you end up living in a mold infested home trying to do the work yourself and you’re going, ah, is the key to success saying no to everything. Alright, next notable, quotable. Next notable quotable. Benjamin franklin says that doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance. okay, I’m going to get andrew’s taking this and I want to get sean’s take on this. Andrew is a coder and a videographer and he works with us at the thrive time show.

It’s kind of a ball ball or newly married and shit on is a is a business coach. I want to get your take on this, andrew. Why is it so important to know what you don’t know? Why is it so important? Why is. Why is Benjamin Franklin focusing on this concept that, hey, the door to the temple of wisdom is you first acknowledging what you don’t know. Why is that so important? BecaUse if you don’t know what you don’t know, then you don’t know where you should be learning and where you should be growing. When you’re looking for a mentor or when you’re looking for books to read, you don’t know what you should be learning about, uM, how you should be growing. So it’s good to know what you don’t know so that therefore you can, uh, nowhere to grow and nowhere to go. That was like a wrap.

That was impressive. Let me, let me give you an exampLe of somebody that recently I just blew my mind. Blew my mind, blew my, this person, her name is rachel faucet and she’s on our thrive time show videos, which you can get. Thrive time if you’re one of the 2,500 subscribers, uh, you can checK it out today. Thrive time Rachel does all the social media for like the pottery barn, all the social media for aristotle, all the social media for disney. Kids for hobby lobby. And people say, hey, you know what? I would love to do what she does. Well, let me tell you what she does because I’ve been to her house outside of atlanta. Step one, she has a team of photographers. Videographers. Step two, she spends her entire day thinking about artful, thoughtful posts, not part of her day but her entire day.

So she thinks about what words do I need to write, what headlines do I need to write to get the attention of people on instagram and facebook and twitter, and then when they click it, I need to take two hours and a member of my team needs to. She has full time writers that work for her. We need to write like a thousand word article that is good, but you can’t do that in an hour of free time every night. If you’re a school teacher, you can’t be a school teacher and then during your free time at night, take an hour a night, become a social media superstar. So, but there are people that want to sell you a program that will convince you that using your laptop you could make a million dollars a year. Now this is how the. This is how the social media commercial usually starts. There’s usually a picture, there’s usually a video of a guy who oddly enough, is talking into his phone to make it seem accessible.

And behind him is a pool that he is leasing from somewhere in California or Florida, the caribbean, Hawaii. And he’ll say, good a. Hi, I’m here. Welcome from my laptop making um, uh, over last week. Let me look. He’s always very casual. The numbers. I made a 22,000 last week make doing social media. Uh, and if you are tired of your Job, I know I was and all of a sudden he has, he finds in a waste of time. He was previously, it was kind of in a bit of bind swimming just kinda casually. He was very busy counting in it. But now he’s got a lot of times. Oh, and I, since I have your hair, and let me tell you my three secrets. Secret number one. And he talks about the secrets for about 10 minutes. So you have to watch you. You started off watching the little youtube video, that little commercial and yep.

Now you’re watching because you’re now you’re in the hypnotic. You, you have this inner desire to get rich quick, so now you’re listening to it. A 20 minute video. Now all you gotta do to get to get into the system to learn. Mike’s. Can I save system is what you need to do is just put your email in here and I’ll send you the secrets over there. I’ll send it over here. Exclusive partners, exclusive partners. I will eliminate the spots of a limited spots available and then with a coast to coast. Oh look, I gotta go. I gotta get on a jet.

No, no.

Just send me an email. So you click the email now you find yourself. Well I probably shouldn’t, but now for what? Chip? For 99. Four 97. You said it’s for 97. [inaudible] 97. 90 seven freaking idiots. And then they teach that to you like that as a marketing tip. The funnier ones are. No, they’ll actually. You go to their conferences and they’ll say, you want to do is you want to name things with a seven and you’re like, I’m, I’m, I’m a schmuck and it worked on me. My name is. Maybe I should do that. Step number two is you want to put beautiful branding upon things that don’t make sense here should be writing a book. Every body should be a content creator. Everybody, everybody’s working for the weekend. Everybody should be a content creator. A curator go right there. It helps your indigo curator creator and they go after lunch.

We’ll talk more about how to make millions and you play this game for four days and then I’ll pull on the end of the fourth day. They go, now typically this seminars for 97, but if you want to become with strategic partners for limited fee of $2,700, limited thoughts, you will be able to get free access to this workshop and you’ll be able to bring your friends and all of a sudden you hooked your friends into this deal and now there’s thousands of you and they’ve got a guy named johnny asses. They got a guy in the audience that goes, well, I want it on. That actually works for them. Oh, it’s a, it’s an amazing deal. And then you end up living in a van down by the river and you find yourself

are you kids are probably saying to yourselves, hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and on down and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to jack squat.

So. So again, again, looping, being like the combination of lazy and stupid is not the way to go. Sean, when you started working for clay stairs, had you ever made an outbound cold call, outbound phone call for sales in your life? No. So what were you feeling and experiencing the first time that you began using the script to make outbound phone calls?

Um, well, uh, the phone was a little bit heavy. Like I tried to pick it up and it was almost like a.

Oh yeah, right. Somebody glued it down, man,

it was weird, but finally when I just like, I built up some strength that worked out a little bit and I got it up to my ear and then I had like 100 of them to do.

Oh, every day.

So iT wasn’t too long before I just kind of got used to it. I mean, I wasn’t in a position where I’m a business owner and a business coach and I have to motivate myself to do it. I’d get fired if I didn’t do it. So it was like, okay, I’m just going to do this.

So here are the steps. We’re making a cold call script, right? You have to write the script for the rapport, the needs, the benefits to close the report person, that portion of the script, the needs portion of the script, the benefits portion of the script, the closed portion of the script. In the objections portion of the script, you have to write all that and that will take you step one. Step number one, it will take you only 20 hours to write a good script. That’s all. Step number two, you want to record your calls when you’re making the calls, so that way you can take those 20 hours to refine that script. You’re lisTening to your calls, you’re refining it, you’re making it better, which we can teach you, but then you have, then you have to start making the calls. When you start making the calls, you’re gonna be nervous. So when you call people and you sound nervous, like this isn’t a good example, but, but, uh, hello. This is eric chop. Yeah. Yeah. Hello? Hey. Hey ha. Anyway, the main reason for what’s happening high. So now after like a week, this is how I sound. Hi, is this mr job? Yeah, this is. This is eric. The reason for my call is that I wanted to talk to you son. Are you out of breath? Are you in some kind of trouble? I’m having sex. I mean I gotta go.

I always sap joysticks and then week three you’re now not as nervous, but now when, when you, you no longer say weird things, but now you get really weird around the close. so. so. Ah sir. That’s good. It sounds like you want to set an appointment, you need some ointment for my job for like five weeks, you start going to work going, I could do this gotta, ride the bull ride, the ball feeling, and then you book an appointment and you say to yourself, dear lord above, thank you for blessing me with this first appointment, and then the next week when they don’t show up, you find yourself going wanted was one appointment and your wife says, what do you. What did you just say?

Until you find yourself in your work truck sitting out there going, I hate being self employed. Frick. And then the click funnel guy comes on again. Hello, it’s me. Or you hate your job or you not getting paid. What? Show with do you design time freedom. Like do you want to get on the fast track to six sites? I’m not on the click funnels that they don’t want you to know about fun. Okay. So you’re like, well I only got $497 left in my bank account, so I’m. So how long did it take you though, sean? Before, you know, andrea felt nervous and stupid when you’re on the phone. Oh, it was months. Exactly. I’ve been doing it for several, almost two years now. And uh, I have a pretty good level of confidence with you. Sound good now? Yep. Yeah, but you look good too.

If I go back and listen to those first calls, we have them all, every single one of them. Oh my god. It’s ridiculous. I’m sean. I would just say this though. Again, being lazy and not making the calls will be bad, but then just stupidly making the calls, making a call without a script and not following a script. I see so many entrepreneurs that refuse to use the script. I don’t want to sound like I’m reading a script. It’s like I don’t want to. I don’t want to look like I’m playing football with. I don’t want to seem contrived. So now that I’m the new owner of the patriots, I don’t want, I don’t want my team to look contrived out there so we don’t call place. I just, I just say whichever one of you will have and feel called to get out there, you get out there and they’re all running out there.

Like, who should hike it? We pleased the moment mission drove them. For us. It’s more about how we feel. No, you can’t do that. Okay. The next notable quotable chop is albert einstein. Albert einstein. Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the universe. So what he’s saying is it human stupidity is just massive, infinite. In fact, I’m just trying to help somebody out there because whether it’s intentional ignorance or accidental, it’s still ignorance. And if you’re out there trying to flip a house as an example, a tip top canine is a brand that I work with and legitimately the guy in Oklahoma city, seth, legitimately the, uh, the guy in the waso adam, legitimately the mps in tulsa. I mean you could make four To $7,000 a week of profit training dogs, dogs. it’s like 300,000 a year training dogs.

But let me tell you the first step, you gotta do you gotta know how to train dogs? That is an issue, which right away, that’s right. Tap out. I say, oh, can we skip that step because I’m not into dogs, right? Right. But then you’d have to only train dogs. You gotta learn to sales, right? And you have to be in a population mass with enough people who can afford to pay you to train dogs. You need money to jess. So again, you might say, I want to train dogs, I want the income, I just don’t like. I just want to be rich. I love training dogs, I just don’t like to dog training part. So again, you have to learn that it takes people what, fIve or six weeks of intense, of intense training. We’re talking 50 or 60 hours a week of dog training to learn how to train dogs.

So that’s why the first step of someone who wants to buy tip top a business is they have to come to tulsa and actually shadow with the owners and see if you want to do it. And we’ve had many people come out to tulsa and they say, I don’t want to drain. My wife included your wife to be. I mean we, we just don’t want to train dogs. Right? It’s great. It’s a great opportunity. But if you don’t like dogs and you’re not going to hit, I don’t care how much money you, if you. I don’t care how much money you gave me. You Said, clay, I’ll give you a million dollars a year, but I want you to do one thing from us. What’s that? What’s that thing? What’s the thing you say? Train my dog. we’re like, no, no, no. You said, fine. I’ll still give you a million if the dog can just live with you.

And I’m saying, no, no, I’ve heard about this. I don’t want that dog. But smell that, smell the dog. put the sound, the slobber trail they get. Can I cannot do it? I don’t like it. Don’t like it. So the next notable quotable comes to us hot from Robert Greene, the bestselling author of mastery. He’s reads. He writes what? The passive, ironic attitude is not cool or romantic, but pathetic and destructive. Yeah. So if he’s. What he’s saying is if you’re passive and you’re just sort of like, whatever, bro, bro, it’s cool man. I’m not even worried. I’m just chillin. Like if you typically netflix and chill ever, you probably won’t be successful. Everyone that I’ve ever met who’s successful does not netflix and chill until they are successful. So if you’re somebody who’s ever I spend like all night on pinterest looking for ideas, you’re probably not going to be successful ever until you stopped doing that.

Probably. I mean, unleSs you’re like an interior designer, there’s certain exceptions, but you’ve got to be. You gotta. So what’s the action item? You got to get up two to three hours before the world wakes up. I would encourage everybody, this is my challenge. wake up at 5:00 AM, see you work at night and wake up at 5:00 AM for the next 90 days and get up every day and design your day for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. Make daily goals. Your f six goals. Get up the next 90 days if I am and watch how much more you can get done. I mean, does it not blow your mind, andrew, how much more you can get done now? You wake up earlier.

Oh yeah. Scheduling out my date and it’s 100 times more productive than before I schedule my day.

So what kind of stuff do you do now? Get done that you couldn’t do before

I get exercise. I would never exercise because who wants to go to the gym or who wants to workout at home? Um, so exercise is a huge thing. Reading constantly learning. I’m not being in school. It’s important to like keep learning as you get older is to keep learning, keep reading books and keep being mentored by business coach. Uh, so exercise and reading are two of the biggest ones that if I didn’t schedule my day, they would not happen.

No truck. We have one more notable quotable from Robert Greene in his bestselling book, mastery. uh, that book is a power read. It’s a great book. I’m going to play up some place, some epic music boy. And, uh, I’m excited to hear you read this with, with a lot of alacrity, fuzziness, cousteau. Ooh, gumption, witness swag, alicia’s jitsu guy. Okay.

All of us have access to a higher form of intelligence, one that can allow us to see more of the world, to anticipate trends, to respond with speed and accuracy to any circumstance. ThiS intelligence is cultivated by deeply immersing ourselves in a field of study and staying true to our inclinations, no matter how unconventional our approach mike seen through such intention immersion over many years, we come to internalize and gain intuitive feel with the rational processes, expand our minds to the outer limits of our potential, and we’re able to see into the secret core of life itself. We then come to have powers that approximate instinctive force and speed of animals, but with the added reach that our human consciousness brings us. This power is what our brains are designed to attain. We will naturally to this type of intelligence if we follow our inclinations to their ultimate in.

So that was changed me just reading that. I think tony royster jr. Tony royster jr. Tony r o y s t e r, I want to put a link to him on the show notes onto it. He’s, he’s the drummer for jay z. Okay. Tony royster jr. He’s very good and the way that an animal instinctively can hunt. Tony can play the drums. If anybody out there, if you’re a musician, you can play by ear. That’s what robert greene’s talking about. He’s like, when you can play an instrument by ear, you’ve mastered it to a level where it’s intuitive, right? Some. That’s how I run businesses. Now. It’s intuitive. You say, well, how do I get an intuitive knowledge? A download my book start here. It’s free at thrive time. and read it five times. Five times. Yeah, because that’s all that I know. it’s all the systems right there in one place.

It’s free. I’m giving it to you. Didn’t put it to action, right? Go do it and then you’ll learn. I’m just trying to explain to you the first time I read a book like mastery, I highlighted as I go through the book and I take little notes and I go to my. I said to myself, what’s he talking about? I have no idea what that means and I have to wrestle with knowledge. It takes me a few passes to get through something, but you can’t just read something and vaguely know what you’re talking about and they go do it. You can’t just attend one thing of one workshop on home flipping and next thing you know flip houses. I mean you’re going to have to intuitive. You have to spend time with someone who’s actually flipping houses currently and watch them go through the process and if you think it’s fine and easy, if you don’t mind negotiating and arguing with contractors on a daily basis, then go flip houses. But if you have a real hard time with human conflict and you don’t like confrontation and you’re not aware of what supplies cost and you have no idea when a contractor is lying to you, you’re screwed. I mean just recently I had a contract or quote me two and a half times more for the same thing for a project, for, for one of my homes. I literally getting a quote for something and we had one guy quoted me $100,000 for one project and another guy quoted me like 40 for the same

project. It’s wild. We I used to go to, we’d have public bid openings with the concrete company and we’d go to a job and turn in a $500,000 bid. there’d be somebody there that turned it in for 300,000 and 900,000 and you’re like, oh man, what apps you have to know about that

cost of materials and you just cannot be both lazy and stupid. Now, thrive nation. I know that this knowledge bomb doesn’t apply to you, but I’m sure you know who it applies to. Share it with someone. I would recommend you’d share it to him and say, hey, share it with them and say, hey, this podcast about being lazy and stupid is when you need to hear.

I mean, someone needs to be the most shareable podcasts that we’ve ever done. So now that need further ado, three, two, one, boom.


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