What Are the Main Things to Focus on as You Begin to Train up the Next Round of Leaders in Your Business? | Ask Clay Anything

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Audio Transcription

If you are needing to expand your business past just yourself then listen to this podcast version of the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay and Z break down what to look for in new leaders.

Show Notes:

    1. Clay:
      1. Stability
      2. Coachable
      3. Mental capacity
    2. Dr Z:
      1. The 5 A’s
        1. Attitude
        2. Appearance  
        3. Above and Beyond
        4. Accuracy
        5. Attendance
    3. Marshall:
      1. Jack Welch’s 4 E’s
        1. http://www.stratoserve.com/2011/05/jack-welch-ges-4-p-and-one-e-curve.html
    4. Chupp:
      1. Resourcefulness
      2. Bull-Dog-Ed-Ness


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