Making Real Green with an Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Franchise | The Oxi Fresh Update with Matt Kline

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Want to own your own business? Want to earn both time and financial freedom using a proven business model? Experience first-hand what it’s like to buy and manage your own franchise from an actual Oxi Fresh franchise owner in Albany, New York and learn the ends and outs of running and Oxi Fresh Franchise from the Oxi Fresh Brand Developer, Matt Kline.

Getting Oxi Fresh with the Thrive Nation:

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 67% Desire More Ownership Of Their Success


FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –

FACT – “85 percent of job Applicants lie on resumes. Here’s how to spot a dishonest candidate” –

  1. Chupp – Restore Home Health – Just landed a referral partnership with a medical director of a large orthopedic surgery center in OKC. Big fish landed from Dream 100 marketing.
  2. Tip Top K9 – Owasso
    1. We purchased our first German Shepherd puppy about six months ago.  As she got older we found out that she was a bit of a handful. With our busy schedule it was hard to train her and that led to a mischievous puppy.   I talked to a friend at work that recommended Tip Top K9. I contacted Tip Top shortly after and scheduled my pup Keira for her initial consultation.
    2. Adam came out and met with my family and I,  as well as Keira. I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.   I was also impressed that in the shirt time he was at my home, he had already taken my naughty pup and made some quick progress.   At that point I decided to get her scheduled for advanced boot camp.
    3. When the day came, Adam came out and picked up Keira.  Four weeks later, Adam brought her home and the results were amazing.   My pup was definitely still goofy and adorable, but was well mannered and well trained.   Adam and his team at Tip Top did an excellent job with Keira. My family and I look forward to her continued training at group classes.  I can’t wait to see how much more she will progress. Thanks again to Adam and his team for all they have done.

Call Matt Kline – Franchisee Pain Points 101:

  • Hate my Job
  • Transitioning out of the service and do not want to work for somebody or in corporate America
  • Currently owns a business that can’t scale due to:
    – Technology **
    – Infrastructure **
    – Industry trending in a negative direction
    – Service/product doesn’t have an advantage
    – Can’t keep good help or find good help
    – Don’t have support thus they do everything themselves **
  • Do not have background or business acumen to start a business from scratch
  • Like minded businesses pushed them to seek further income streams they are currently losing to competitors. An example is maid services always being asked if they clean carpet.
  • Retirement accounts will never support their future
  • Growing wealth is not happening at current job – living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Wants to own a business but can’t quit job to pursue a business.
  • How did you first hear about Oxi Fresh?
      1. Essentially I hated my job. I was looking for another way to put my passion for life in general to work. I decided it was time to go out and search. I found Oxi Fresh through a contact that suggested I look into it.
  • How long have you been a member of the Oxi Fresh team and what is a major highlight for you?
      1. I started this journey in February of 2015. A highlight for me is what’s next. The first one is probably when I started working with a property management company that had multiple units.
  • How has Oxi Fresh allowed to begin to create financial freedom?
      1. Right from the start, Oxi Fresh gives you a comparatively low-cost startup. I was jumping from something where I was earning money. I didn’t have the luxury of throwing money at the business. I was my first employee. And the cost and systems are what sold me on Oxi Fresh.
  • What industry were you involved in before joining Oxi Fresh?
      1. Retail management. Regular 8:00-5:00 job while I was finishing school.
  • Walk us through your mindset when you made the jump back in 2015
      1. #1 – You have to do your homework. You have to know your situation that you will suffer through to start and grow the business. Know what the number you need to get to is in terms of income.
      2. #2 – Someone is in your corner. A family member, friend, spouse, someone. Get that person and talk to them about the plan and what your thoughts are.


  • How did you land on the franchise model as being right for you and why did you choose Oxi Fresh?
  • You have to understand your strengths and your skills. If you have a solution to a problem that people will pay for then go for it. For me, I didn’t have that opportunity so I was looking for a business I could scale and was in service. With my operations and people management background, Oxi Fresh was the best fit.
  • Where are most of your leads coming from?
    1. The majority of our leads come in from the internet. We use the systems created by Oxi Fresh to be in front of our customers when they search.

Matt Kline – Oxi Fresh

  • Share with the listeners why it is so important to advertise with your business.
      1. Any successful business is going to have a good plan when it comes to marketing and advertising. Just putting money in because someone says to is not marketing. You have to do much more. Google reviews are one part but there is an entire infrastructure behind the scenes. When you customer searches for something then you have to show up. People are looking on there phone for everything so you absolutely have to be there.
  • If the listeners are out there and are interested in buying a proven business model what is the first step?
      1. Go to and fill out the form and we will reach out to you. It won’t cost any money but we will meet you and find out if it is a good fit. So if you are interested in a business model built on technology then reach out to us.
  • What does someone look like who is not a good fit and someone who is a good fit look like for Oxi Fresh?


      1. Someone who is not a great fit would be someone who learns the systems and then chooses not to do them. If you do not follow the systems your business will suffer and you will not be successful.
      2. A good fit is someone who has drive. Are you someone capable of building yourself up or do you make excuses? Franchising is a 2 way street. The system will not work if you do not work. If you can follow the system it will work.


  • What makes Matt from Albany a great fit and awesome business owner?
    1. He actually worked a full-time job for the first few months and then jumped full in on his Oxi Fresh business. He is also very good at seeing opportunities and jumping on them. He is a great resource for the brand because people can look to him for what to do to be successful.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Alright making real green with an ECO friendly carpet cleaning company. Yeah, I did see what you did right there. That was a critical. Okay. Maybe not data, but thrive nation. We’re talking today about how to create time freedom and financial freedom by buying an oxi fresh carpet cleaning franchise. What is the. What is the benefit of buying a franchise? I mean, this is. This is the question. This is one of the deeper questions of the universe, but. But let’s think about that for a second. What is the real value of buying a franchise? Let’s say that you buy a subway. Let’s say you buy a Jimmy John’s. Oh, you seem like you’re hungry. What have you bought an Oxi fresh? Uh, what if you bought some kind of French? Think about all the businesses that you and I know of that are franchises, a buffalo wild wings.

You seem like you’re hungry. A Papa John’s seems like you’re hungry. There’s a lot of franchises out there. My friends, a lot of franchises out there that if you were to buy a, a business, a lot of people don’t buy a brand unless it’s a franchise. Well, why? Because franchises, I have a proven model that is repeatable and duplicatable so that great people like me and you can create time freedom and financial freedom without all the heartaches and headaches involved with starting a business from scratch. Uh, Eric, Eric Chop the renowned business coach. Can you get rid of this isn’t like a shameless Oxi fresh commercial. This is more about just franchising in general, but you’ve seen some of the clients we’ve worked with like Dell, Rick Research. Yeah. Yeah. Like tip top canine, like full package media where we’ve worked for years to help them really refine their systems. Why is it so I’m, uh, attempting or why is it such a good deal if you can buy a franchise like an Oxi fresh for less than $60,000 that can create financial freedom for you. I mean, why is it, why, why is it such a good deal to buy proven systems? How well you’re not. The cool thing is you’re, you’re, yes, you’re buying the systems clay, but you’re buying your time like this is one of the only scenarios in life. Time

is our ultimate limited resource and you can literally skip to three, maybe four or five years of building and growing a new idea or a new business and buy right into a model that is proven to work over and over again.

Think about that. They’ll thrive nation. I mean, what if you’ve been banging your head against the wall for years running your small business and maybe you’re a contractor, you’re in construction. Maybe you’re a startup. Maybe you’re just, you’ve been doing it for years. You know, according to Forbes, and I want to put this on the show notes there. Chap, uh, today we’re talking about the Oxi fresh interview with Matt Klein here, making real green with an ecofriendly carpet cleaning company. I want to put this on the show notes, but according to Forbes, 90 percent of small business owners fail. Let me think about that for a second. Ninety percent of small business owners fail. Nine out of 10 chip and then of the 10 that don’t fail, less than 10 percent, less than half of the ones that actually don’t fail ever create financial freedom for their families or, or time freedom. And they barely survived

less time freedom. Right? I see it.

You worked in a family, you worked in a business where your company worked for years in the concrete business, correct. Walk. Walk us through a lot of people out there say a, what do you mean? I mean, can you walk us through what it’s like to work in a family business where you literally work all the time?

Yeah. It’s the, the, the doom loop for verbal doom loop. The better your business does, the worse your life is because you don’t know systems you don’t know processes, you don’t know how to scale and train and hire and fire all of the things that make an actual business instead of a job and that’s what it’s like because there is nobody else. It’s up to you to get the job done and to get the bids done or whatever it is that you’re working on cause there’s no fall back,

and we’ll put this on the show notes, but one of the listeners to take a moment to think about this. Seventy percent of American employees hate their jobs 70 percent. According to the Gallup, 70 percent, the Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs, but in the world of small business, 90 percent of small business owners fail. Now Chubb, if your business was failing, would you be thinking to yourself, oh man, this. I love this. I mean, would you be excited if your business was failing? No,

it is not an exciting thing and anybody who has had the fear of am I going to be able to make payroll next week or any of those things, you know, that’s not fun spot to

be in. So I would argue that 90 percent of small businesses hate their jobs and 70 percent of that, 90 percent of small business owners hate their job. Right? And 70 percent of American employees hate their jobs so the statistics aren’t good. That’s a big piece of the pie. And because we want to encourage the listeners out there and teach our listeners how to create both time freedom and financial freedom. On today’s show, we’re going to be interviewing Matt Klein with oxy fresh. He’s the franchise developer for oxy fresh. So if you’re out there and you say, I want to buy and Oxi fresh franchise, you need to talk to one of the brand developers, add to oxy fresh when the franchise developers first. That’s the first step. And if you wanna learn more by the way, go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh, and you can learn about the brand that has over 136,000 worldwide.

Google reviews a brand with over a decade of history of brand. There were 400 locations, 400. So we’re interviewing Matt Klein, the guy who gets it, who gets the, uh, it’s his job to award franchises to qualified applicants. And he’s also bringing on an actual, a Franchisee by the name of Matt, also the name of Matt in Albany, New York. And so now thrive days without any further ado, our exclusive interview with the Oxi Fresh Franchise Development Guru, Mr Matt Klein and the Oxi fresh franchisee from Albany. Mr Matt now thrive nation, if we can all come together and kind of uh, uh, Koombaya kind of a, an, an, an, an, an, an, an, an, an, an, an, an an. And in that moment we had, we been, we’ve been in talks with Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the founder of quicken loans and z. with any luck, we might be able to have somebody on the show by the name of Dan Gilbert, so of all the thrive kind of a big deal. It is kind of a big deal and I hate to, you know, Dan Gilbert’s kind of a big deal, but I wouldn’t. Let me tell you who is a bigger deal. We’ve got matt and Matt on the podcast today with Oxi fresh. Now Matt with Oxi fresh. Can you explain to the listeners out there who are just now discovering our podcast, what your role is with Oxi fresh franchising?

Absolutely. So what I do is I work on the franchise development side where I take individuals who are looking into investing into franchise opportunities and explain exactly what we do, how that can fit into what they’re looking to and how they can get to their goals and eventually get them out to Colorado or they can actually see everything firsthand here, how we run our business, who they’re going to be working with, all the resources, resources that they have, and they eventually become a franchise with oxy fresh. So from point zero where they know nothing to knowing everything to moving forward, that’s what I do here at oxy fresh.

So Matt, in Albany, New York, my friend, what are you, you’re, you’re, you’re a franchisee. Is that, is that correct?

That is correct.

How did you first hear about oxy fresh? Did you, uh, were you out there kinda climbing around in your kitchen? You hit your head on the toilet seat, next thing you know, Bam, you draw the flux capacitor and you have a vision for oxy fresh or how did you first discover Oxi fresh?

So, uh, what I was doing was looking for other ways to kind of put my, my passion for, for life in general, um, you know, some ideas that I had and I wasn’t being listened to. So I just said, you know, what, it’s time to go out and search. So I didn’t really bump my head per se, but, uh, you know, it was, it was part of the search to look for something for myself, something that I could build. Um, and, and that was the beginning of instruction and I, I found Oxi fresh, uh, through a contact that I had that suggested I look into it and uh, you know, really the rest was history. Everything lined up for me. What I was looking for.

Do you have a toilet in your kitchen now? The kitchen is a toilet kitchen. Did I say that? Where you rode your in your kitchen and you. Well, I’ll tell you what, that right there. Alright. So, so matt in Albany, I’m going to ask you some just rude and super offensive questions. Okay. I’m not going to paint you into the corner with any really, really tough questions, but we’ll just start off with the worst ones first. How long have you been a member of the Oxi fresh team? And what’s been your highlight first or your height, your overall first highlight of owning an Oxi fresh franchise?

Uh, I’ve been involved in Oxi fresh since 2015, so February 2015 is when I started on this journey and it’s been constant growth ever since. So, um, you know, and highlight for me is, is really the next thing I look back and you say, you know, these all these different steps that you take and it was my favorite one and it’s hard to choose because it’s, that last step is kind of what gives, gives you the motivation to take the next one. And so as you grow, you’re constantly trying to, uh, you know, you have your vision, you have your mission, you’ve got all the business school things lined up, right, you know, where you want to do, but until the reality is of what you just accomplished. So that’s really it. Once it’s there, without getting into details, that’s really where you kind of just eat off of each other.

And so, uh, it’s hard to say which one was my favorite, but, um, you know, the first one is probably working with a management company, property management company that has multiple units that they’re constantly looking for a company to turn over. And for me to line up all of the, uh, all the, the strengths that Oxi fresh presents and for me to deliver that to a customer, a real customer, not just someone on a video that I’m watching a video and saying, I should do this now. This is someone that I’m going to build a relationship with, someone who’s going to be to be revenue. And for me to transition that into growth, to hire people to say, wow, I can actually hire someone now afford to train that person and hopefully, um, you know, keep, keep that train going. And so that, that really was the first step for me to realize that this is something that, um, we can, we can grow exponentially.

We, we talked to so many entrepreneurs, literally of people, hundreds of thousands of people will download this podcast and we had a lot of emails to [email protected] where all the listeners can email their questions in. A lot of people want to know how do I create time freedom and how do I create financial freedom? And I think the first, a big question a lot of people have is you don’t. How do I create financial freedom? Forget the time freedom, just the financial freedom. How do I create, how do I own my own job? And then how do I scale that? Can you talk to me? I’m matt from Albany, about how Oxi fresh has allowed you to begin to create financial freedom. Whether you’re totally there or not. I mean, how has it allowed you to achieve some of your short term midterm and even now looking towards your long term financial goals

gives you a model that comparatively speaking to other franchise options, low cost startup. I mean when, when you do your homework and you lined them up and you think to yourself, okay, what can I afford? What can I know? What’s a reach? Because everyone’s financial situation is different. And for myself, I was jumping from something where I was earning money and an everyday type of a job and so I didn’t have the luxury of just throwing them out of money at a project, quote unquote and say, okay, this is gonna work for me. I actually had to be working in it. I was my own first employee, so that’s how the financial piece fit from the start. It wasn’t like, okay, you know, and this, this many months, then I’m going to be comfortable. It needed. It needed to work from day one. Otherwise it wasn’t going to happen.

Do you want to make real green with a franchise? Then checkout Oxi Chuck, tell us about our show sponsor though before the break. Well, onyx imaging, they’re out there and if you guys are buying printer supplies or office supplies, you need to check out onyx imaging. If you buy them both from them, they’re gonna. Give you a free printer here, so get ahold of [email protected]. That’s [inaudible]

And now back to the business coach radio show that has a diary. Call the Guinness Book of World Records

started from the bottom at the top. Teacher systems to cook the books. I’ve written the books, see we get some wisdom and the see my wife and kids and now three.


Oh, thrive nation. Welcome. Go

back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download now, Eric Chuck three now in business coach. We today are talking about making real green with an friendly carpet cleaning company, the Oxi fresh experience and update with Mr Matt Klein and Matt from Albany and Matt from Albany. Now for anybody out there, this is what’s Oxi fresh. What are we talking about? Well, what happens is a lot of people want to start a business because they want to create time, freedom and financial freedom. If I had to put entrepreneurs in two camps, one camp, one group of people, it’s probably 10 percent of entrepreneurs they want to change. The world is evolution. That would be like Mr Steve Jobs. That’d be the late great Steve Jobs. That would be like Elan Musk with tesla and pay pal now space x. That would be like Henry Ford.

That’d be Thomas Edison with the light bulb and recorded audio recorded sound. The first functional light bulb. There are entrepreneurs out there that really do want to change the world and I am not one of them, and then there’s 90 percent of entrepreneurs out there that I’ve met. If we, if we’re being honest, we’re having honest, honest moment. Why don’t the oddest? I want to be fake. Well, rubbing an honest moment. A lot of entrepreneurs have really two, three goals. They say what I want to provide for my family, a two, a one and a half time freedom and a three. I want financial freedom. I wanted financial freedom, time freedom, and really just be there for my family. That’s what I want to do. That’s all I want to do. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s what I want to do. Amen. I thought you wanted to change the world.

No, I’d like to mentor, uh, a million people. And last time I counted there are billions. There’s a lot of fear out there and you want to be helped. We would love to help you. But I’m really not focused on trying to change the world, so to speak. And so if you’re out there and you say, I want, I’m an attorney, I’m an attorney, I’m a doctor, I’m a dentist, I’m a Roofer and my business isn’t going that well, or maybe I am making money, but I’m exchanging my time for money and I want to create both time freedom and financial freedom. Chump. Why does it make so much sense to buy a proven franchise with over 400 locations with technology that they have proprietary, they own the technology with a difference we want. Would you want to buy a business with over a decade of history with 400 successful locations? Why would you want to look at something like a papa John’s or an Oxi fresh for a sports clips? Or what would you want to do? Something like that as opposed to reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch.

Well, if you’re like most of us and you want to change the world, you can change your world. Oh right. So you can literally change your world by buying in. Especially like with oxy fresh. It’s a proven turnkey marketing history of success, low startup cost, and they’ve got the technology that they spend all the time investing in that you don’t have to deplete your resources and your time creating this new world changing thing and and likely was saying, that’s the whole point of the franchise model. You buy back your time.

Now, shop. We had some really positive news earlier and I want. I want to recap the positive news for listeners out there. You know, according to Forbes, out they’re only 70 percent of people today in America hate their jobs and that’s only 70 percent. Now according to Forbes, today, only 90 percent of businesses fail my friend. I’ll only 90 percent. Now that’s all.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Alright, so what we’re talking about is you have a situation where I would argue, I don’t know if people have who have a failing business, are excited. They’re going to love the challenge. You’re doing a survey and you’re saying, hey, how is your business failing? Nine out of 10 people check, yes, they checked the box by businesses failing. Then you say, are you happy with your business failure? I’m happy. No, no. So I would argue that nine out of 10 business owners hate their jobs too because they’ve created jobs, right? Not Businesses. So what we decided to do is once a week when possible to introduce people to the world of franchising is to interview Matt Klein. He might say who’s Matt Klein. He’s a former division one basketball player. He’s based in Denver, Colorado. And met client is the franchise developer for the brand called Oxi fresh, which I’ve had the opportunity to work with for years.

Uh, the founder of Oxi fresh. I know him well. And so now that any further ado, our exclusive interview with Matt Klein, the franchise developer for oxy fresh, and he actually is bringing on an actual oxi fresh franchisee. Another mat by the name of Matt, based in Albany on New York, or Albany, Albany, or if you’re going to New York, if you’re from Oklahoma, be way I, Albany, Oklahoma, Albans, Albania, Albania. I’m now. We have a thriver out there by the name of it. South Atisha me. He got Moxie, friendship there. Now Manny, in New York, you have a typical run of the mill job. I mean, were you a professional baseball player? Were you a nuclear physicist? Were you a dictator of a, of a third world country? I mean, what kind of industry were you involved in previous to buying an Oxi fresh?

I am a dictator, but a dictator. All right dude.

What, what were you doing before? Because it was that same vague. I can’t possibly by an Oxi fresh because I come from this kind of job. What kind of job were you doing before buying an Oxi fresh?

Yeah, so I was a management of a, you know, an eight to five. I was in retail and you know, that was kind of my staff gap while I was finishing up school. So, you know, I was, I was also trying to learn more about pencil while I was working five, six days a week, sometimes on weekends and you know, that was ultimately what drove me to saying, you know, what, I need to do something for myself together because having the drive for the energy and the motivation that was, that was not the question. So, uh, I didn’t have anything special that I was looking to do. It was just a pure basic drive to make my life better for myself and for my family and from people around you because you think about you’re going to have employees at some point, so

you can create a culture. Now many this Dr Z, you kind of answered my question a little bit there in the last few statements you made, but I’m just to Kinda clarify, you know, Forbes says that 67 percent of the people listening out there right now have the itch and the desire to start their own business. And about 74, 75 percent of the people in the workplace hate their job.

Let me clarify this real quick because this is powerful. Forbes says that 67 percent of people want to own their own business. Forbes also reports. Gallup also reports that 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs.

See back to you. So those two numbers are pretty close. So you fit into that category now. So you know people out there listening. Two out of three listening to this fit in the category that you were just saying that you came out of. And that had to be, you know, when you have a job, you’re getting a paycheck and it’s a good job. You know, that has to be a little scary to step out. So how was that? And if you’re, if I’m out, if I’m driving in my car right now or I’m running down the trail and I’m listening to this podcast or radio show and I’m listening to you talk, encouraged someone out there, walk them through the process meant that you went through to step out and, and to do what you did back in 2015

Chupp. I think a lot of people have a fear of starting a business, and so if you want to get some information to learn more about oxy fresh and buying an Oxi fresh franchise, just go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh and with no obligation, you can learn more and I want the listeners to know out there. I’m afraid of concerts. Cif, I’m afraid of large groups of people. Audience. Tonight we’re going to the imagine dragons concert. Can you imagine? And I’m going to be. I have tickets in the pit. Oh my gosh, I’m right by the stage. Colton Dixon hooked me up and I’m scared he’s on the hooks. If you’re scared about owning a business or scared about concerts, go to thrive.

Should have come forward slash oxi fresh today to claim your tickets to the thrive time show today, interactive business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrive time. Show on Itunes, leave an objective review, and send us confirmation and Info at thrive time. to claim your star, the national star registry. We can’t help you. All right, thrive nation.

Anyone just tuning in to today’s show, we’re talking about how to make some real green with America’s most ECO friendly carpet cleaning company, Oxi fresh, and before we get back into our interview with Matt Klein, the franchise developer with oxy fresh and Matt, the Franchisee in Albany, New York, I want to want to pick the brain of Mr Andrew. Mr Andrew is a coder at thrive. He’s also. He also does videography for thrive. He also does. He does a little bit of everything. He runs ad reports, but you andrew, you see small businesses up close and you see some of the companies that we work with that are in the pot and then any process of becoming a franchise and you see some of the businesses that have already become a franchise and you’ve met Franchisees and you’re kind of seeing that world. In your mind, what would be the scariest part about buying an Oxi fresh?

Let’s say that you and your wife Manna decided, okay, we have saved up the money. It’s about $60,000 all in to buy an Oxi fresh. He is save up some money or you get a small business loan for you, what would be the most scary part of actually going out and opening your own business? Uh, once you’ve saved the money, once you’ve thought about the business plan, what would be the scariest part for you? Yeah, probably it would be the managing the people it from what I’ve seen from all the business owners I’ve met and all the franchise owners managing and finding the people’s, the one of the hardest things you can do in a business and everything else. There can be systems for and everything and you can’t have systems for managing people, but it can. It’s, it’s proven to be one of the hardest things in a business is managing those people. And I want to pile on there because he hears some fun facts. This just add it from our Home Office off of the left coast of the Arkansas River.

Andrew have nothing to worry about my friend because only 75 percent of employees steal according to the US chamber and CBS News. Just a few. And you have nothing to worry about because just a small number, just a little bit over 80 percent of people are completely lying on their resumes according to ink magazine. Oh yeah. You really have nothing to worry about because only 70 percent of the people surveyed say that they are wasting time at work intentionally. According to Gallup, I feel encouraged. So you really have nothing to worry about. My friend though is my friends are just are just little little reservations. You have little mental hiccups because you have nothing to worry about. It’s just the vast majority of employees that are stealing from the workplace, lying on their resumes and trying to not work. And that’s reason to celebrate.

All right. Thrive nation. Now that any further due back to our exclusive interview with Matt Klein, with oxy fresh

Forbes says that 67 percent of people want to own their own business. Forbes also reports. Gallup also reports that 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs seat back to you.

Two numbers are pretty close so you, you fit into that category now. So you know, people have to listen to our three listing to this fit in the category that you were just stating that you came out of. And that had to be, you know, when you have a job, you’re getting a paycheck and it’s a good job, you know, that has to be a little scary to step out. So how was that? And if you’re, if I’m out, if I’m driving in my car right now or I’m running down the trail and I’m listening to this podcast or radio show and I’m listening to you talk, encourage someone out there, walk them through the process mentor that you went through to step out and, and to do what would you did back in 2015?

Sure. So to me it was all about. It was all about getting a plan. So you’ve got to do a little bit of homework. It’s, it may not just fall off the shelf and hit you, so you actually have to sit down and sometimes it’s grueling. It’s going to be after your day. That was not the best. You’re gonna have to sit down and your laptop and chug away at some stuff and figure out what is going to work because everyone has a different situation, so you need to figure out what’s that number, what’s that situation that you can, you can suffer through because you’re going to go through some times of just, you know, putting it on and there’s just, there’s just no way around it, but so number one, just come up with that plan. No, you have to be that way. It’s a clear number in your mind that you can work towards because you know, if you don’t write it down and it’s Cliche, but it’s true, you have to measure these things that you want to do.

So that would be number one. Plan number one, just make sure you know where you can be. And then number two, I think I’m pretty sure everyone has some sort of support, whether it’s family, friends, a spouse, someone is going to be in your corner. I think it’s important to explain to them with the same sort of passion that you feel inside as you’re running down the trail, as her in the gym manager at work, just daydreaming like I had this ball of fire, how do I, how do I, how do I make this? We’ll get those, get those people that one person and explain it to them and to me that moment was my wife looking at me and be like, listen, this was the happiest. If she knew him, probably a year and a half, so if you want to go for it, I’m behind you. And what do you. What does she have? She had, she had my basic for I guess at that point and she had a plan that I came up with and so in reality it wasn’t much, but in terms of taking that first step, it’s everything because you need the people that are supporting you from the beginning there. They’re the ones that are going to be next to you when it’s like, oh, did I make the right to.

Yeah, exactly.

On what. When your life has changed for the better that you can say yes, you know it’s not, it’s not, you’re not a millionaire in a year and you know, maybe some people will be, but you have to, you have to work towards that. And I think that’s, that’s number two. So just two things. Just come up with a plan and, and submit your support around you because you’re gonna need it, but it’s worth it. They can share, they can share in the winds, you know, that you know that, hey, you know, got that first big property company, you know, you’ve been working at it for like two months, staffing in and cold call saying now saying all of a sudden, you know, it comes through, not only are you excited about it, but the person that you share that with, you tell them that too. Every day they’re like, wow, let’s celebrate. And it’s not huge, but it is, it’s, it’s, that’s that milestone. And then you build off of that because you’re starting to get some momentum. So that’s, to me, that’s, that’s my suggestion.

No matter we’re in the process. Did you decide. I know you made the decision, okay, I’m going to work for myself. I’m going to. I’m going to do my own business. What did you go back and forth on franchise, not franchise. Start my own thing. Don’t start my own thing.

Thrive nation. I want to give you some objective feedback that I’ve seen from the trenches of a coaching businesses. This is Justin from the trenches of coaching real small business owners.

What I’ve discovered is that according to Gallup, 70 percent of people hate their jobs according to Gallup, but I’ve also seen that according to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses fail, and what I’ve seen is that nine out of 10 small business owners hate their jobs. I have found that more small business owners hate their jobs than employees. I really do. I think a lot of people leave. I A job. Seventy percent of people leave a job to start their own business, and then when they start throwing business to business, they realize, I hate my business. Oh my gosh, I not only am I not make it your job. If you hate your job, at least you’re getting paid. But a lot of small business owners hate their job and they’re not even getting paid. They like they spend all of their money just to break even.

So if you’re out there and you’re thinking about starting your own business or maybe you have your own business, but you’re just ready to create time freedom. I don’t care whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, you should really look into buying an Oxi fresh franchise. It might be right for you. It might not. It might not. Might not be right for you. Easy for me to say, it might not be right for you, but I can’t tell you this. There’s over 400 locations. The company has over a decade of history and with over 136,000 positive google reviews, they are top and internet searches for the phrase carpet cleaning quotes and there’s a lot of evidence to support that. They are one of the best turnkey business models available for you and your family today. Find out more about them today at thrive time. forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time, forward slash oxy flesh where you can learn more about buying a franchise. Today,


Welcome back to the conversation. My name is Clay Clark and I am fired up about your future. There are so many people out there. According to Gallup, 70 percent of people in fact hate their job.

Seventy, 70 percent of people. So what happens is a lot of people want to start a business. A lot of people want to start a business, but when you go out there and you want to start a business, if you look at the statistics, it’s not encouraging. Did you know that 90 percent of small business owners, according to Forbes, fail?

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

So why do some businesses succeed? And some business businesses fail. Andrew, you’ve seen this up close. You’ve seen a lot of the clients that we coach. You’ve met some of the very successful clients like Dr Joe Lye. Oh yeah, a moral line. Kitter been another doctor, you’ve seen full package media, you’ve seen a lot of brands really do well at [inaudible] fitness and really it comes down to that the business owner’s going to have to learn how to build infrastructure, technology systems, uh, a group interviewing process, a three legged marketing stool, a time management system. There’s a lot of systems they have to do. We help them build as a business coaching program, but a lot of business owners, if they don’t use our system, uh, they don’t have these things. And so nine out of 10 businesses fail. Can you explain why mean you worked at chick fil a chick fil a is a brand that does really well. Can you explain just, and you have as much time as you need, can you explain some of the systems that in your mind made chick filet successful?

Yeah. So at chick fil a, we had a system for everything. We had everything on video. Um, we had, um, uh, you know, those videos that we would watch to be able to learn the systems, whether it be for the bathrooms. We had bathroom checklists. So we had. So you had like a video on how to clean a bathroom? Exactly. We had a video on how to clean a bathroom, like down to every detail where to clean. What does clean with. Real quick, I have audio, the audio of the, the audio version of the how to clean a bathroom. That chick filet serialize that you watched and I if it’s okay, I’d like to queue that up. Is it okay? Yeah,

Absolutely. Could you imagine a fast food restaurant that is clean? Are you looking for a place to take your physical body to deprecate in a clean way? Are you looking for a place that doesn’t feel like the underbelly of a third world country? Welcome to chick filet bathrooms. It was part of the chick fil a team. You will help keep this place clean. Step one, changing lives. Step to wash your hands. Step three, make sure we never run out of toilet paper. Step four, it’s my pleasure. Step five to I mentioned it’s my pleasure and stips. Six. It is my freaking pleasure. Eat more chicken. Wash your hands. Stop, drop and roll.

That’s actually exactly what I did.

Nope, that was the right audio or if that was something else. But tell me what kind of stuff is in that video. Yeah, just videos of um, again, like just where to clean, what does clean with what tools to clean with. And it wasn’t just a general clean the bathroom, it was you use this spray to clean this specific item and you use, you know, these gloves to clean this and you take out the trash a certain way and you, it’s all structured and down. It’s, it’s written down as a system. That way you know, everyone’s not doing it differently and uh, that way everyone can know how to do it and everyone does it the same. I see a lot of companies that have a training videos and the majority of the video is not literal or practical. The majority of it is woo. No words. Just so can you explain to me that the flight training videos, are they pretty specific, literal, like this is how clean a bathroom or does it get? Does it get pretty wound? Walk us through what are the what, what did the chick fil a bathroom cleaning video kind of feel. It was, it was pretty, pretty literal. It was a, a video of someone cleaning a bathroom or if it was a kit, a video of how to do food prep.

It was a video of someone doing that step by step. It would break it down, whether it in like it would have text on the screen and say this is how you do it. And then it would have a video of someone literally doing the system. This, this sounds like one of the more epic film productions of all time and I want to tell you want a small business owners. I’ve with one small businesses I’ve worked with and working with a lot of small business owners. Um, I’ve watched some of their training videos or they at least call training videos before I helped them fix it. And I remember one guy’s training video, he’s in the medical business and he was talking about like how to keep the office clean. And I’m not kidding. At no point during the video did it explain literally how to clean the bathroom or how to clean the office.

There was no checklist. It was all about just we want our people to feel special pickled. So again, when you’re buying an Oxi fresh or you’re getting involved in a chick filet or different franchises, they all have their different ways and different approval processes and they have different requirements like chick fil a. I mean, it’s very hard to own a chick fil a franchise. Other franchises are very easy to buy. Some are Kinda in the middle somewhere, but you have to get awarded a franchise. You don’t just get a franchise. And so if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, you know what, I want to buy a business system. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I want to be able to buy something that scales, um, I’m struggling to find and keep good people because I don’t feel like I have the systems in place.

You’re looking for turnkey marketing, turnkey processes checklist. If you’re looking for time freedom and financial freedom, one great way to do it is by buying a franchise and so we thought on today’s show we would take the entire show and we would interview Matt Klein now who’s met client Matt Klein is the franchise developer for oxy fresh, so he’s, he’s one of the guys that awards you a franchise. He decides whether you’d be a good fit to own one or not. He talks to you about it. If you’re looking to buy one, you go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh and when you fill out the form, Matt and his team will get in touch with you. And we also wanted to bring on an actual oxi fresh franchisee so you could hear his perspective of what it’s like to own an Oxi fresh franchise in Albany, New York. Now, uh, we, we, we go back into the content here.

Dr Z is asking Mr Matt from Alberta to the Franchisee. He’s asking the Matt from Albany, you know, when is the right time to buy one? What was kinda going through your head before you decided to buy a franchise? No matter we’re in the process, the Jew, the Jew decide, I know you made the decision, okay, I’m going to work for myself. I’m going to, I’m going to do my own business. It. Did you go back and forth on franchise? Not a franchise. Start my own thing. Don’t start my own thing. Um, and then, and then why did you settle on oxy fresh? So kind of kind of walk us through because people are out there listening right now going, do I do a franchise? Do I start my own thing? You know, don’t do a franchise franchise, franchise, franchise. And then why did you settle on oxy first? So two part question.

Well my background was management and so I like the fact that I think that’s important to understanding yourself, understanding your strengths, your skills. You have something that’s groundbreaking. You have something that you can push to the world that will solve that question that we’ll answer the small, insignificant problem that you think is, but for millions of people, they’re going to go buy it because, wow, you just made my life simpler. He solved that problem. So if you have that, I think, you know, go for it. Go on your own. Um, you know, I don’t know anything about that. But um, for me, which, which was important was my strengths were, uh, you know, managing not only people but managing operations and so you start to put that together. What can I do that is already kind of fit that. So I’m not really starting from scratch.

I’m just taking what I’ve learned cumulatively this point in my life. How can I shape that so that I’m not working for someone now it’s mine. And we alluded to earlier about financial freedom and time freedom and all that stuff. So all this stuff starts to. The white almost comes through the prison at a different angle and it just, it, it, it didn’t dawn. And so because Oxi fresh with what appealed to me was that I could scale this business and that it was a service business. Of course we talked about the low cost startup and the proven system, but those are the two main things for me is that I could actually take this and scale it. And so with the operations background, um, you know, the people management and, and just the employment piece, if, if you’re, if you’re comfortable with that, because eventually if you’re going to scale, you can’t do it by yourself at some point you have to add to um, you know, to the recipe I guess.

So, uh, that’s, that’s really how I decided [inaudible] I didn’t really have anything you’d go to market with per se. You know, I was in my basement, I didn’t have a prototype. It wasn’t something that I could sell in terms of something that can bring somewhere and sell it. This is more of a service business which is, which is where if you have the personnel and if you’re able to communicate, those are the things that people look for, that they’ll pay a premium for. It if you can provide that in, guess what, you’re also giving them clean carpets. They can see it. It’s right in front of them. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a simple business, um, that, that can grow and I think the more simplified and we can make things easier. People can understand them, that that kind of flips the switch and you don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what it is. If you can, I can show it to you. You know, it’s, it’s right there. You can say whatever you want, but either it’s cleaner, it’s not. And so that’s, that’s the advantage of a rocky fresh.

Now Matt Klein in Denver, Colorado with franchise development. Oxi fresh. I have an eight part questions. It’s broken into 14 sub points. Just get, I haven’t, I have a two part question for you and this question, hopefully, hopefully you get it right because if you do, you get a free mega point which can be redeemed in the afterlife, you know, so that’s exciting if you lose it, it’s just sort of you get this score and have hundreds of thousands of listeners. So here we go, when we return, we’ll see if Matt Klein earns mega points redeemable in the afterlife or will he get the questions wrong? If you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, I want to get it right, well, one way to improve your life and to get your life right is to create time freedom and financial freedom. And more way to do that is by buying your office, printer supplies and having them shipped direct to you to save both time and money. Do it today with It’s onyx to claim your tickets to the thrive time show today, interactive business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrive time. Show on Itunes, leave an objective review and send us confirmation and Info at thrive time. to claim your star the star registry. We can’t help you

all thrive nation. If you’re out there and you are disappointed that we can’t help you register a star with international star registry, we cannot help you. We apologize. But if you do want to create time freedom and financial freedom, this is the show for you. And on today’s show we’re interviewing Matt Klein, the franchise developer with oxy fresh. So if you want to buy an Oxi fresh franchise, you would actually call these guys. You go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time forward slash oxi fresh, and you can request some free information and Matt will get in touch with you. Or you might say, you know what? I want to buck the system and I want to make it hard to track. That’s fine. Then you just go to [inaudible] dot com and they’ll still find out that you heard about it, the show, unless you just lie to them and they say, how’d you hear about oxy fresh?

And you say, I’ve never listened to the thrive time show and I have no idea. But if you go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh, that would really help us with the tracking. But Matt Klein, we’re going to have him on the show today. And Matt’s mets, the guy who would award a franchise to you, so if you want, if you’re thinking about buying a franchise, he would talk to you, answer all your questions, and we have matt and actual Franchisee in Albany, New York, and he’s explaining to you about his experience running a franchise in why it was a good fit for both he and his family. But I will tell you just across the board, the kind of people that do well, I’m buying a franchise are people that hate their job and they’re trying to transition out of corporate America. You, you might say to yourself, I want to own my own thing.

I want to have time freedom and financial freedom and I want the systems. I don’t want to screw around for six or seven years making my own systems, barely surviving. I just want to buy a proven business model and let’s say that you do by an Oxi fresh or a papa John’s or any other kind of franchise out there. Once you actually buy a franchise. The hardest part, in my opinion, to owning a franchise, this is from my experience as a business coach, is learning how to manage people, learning how to manage people. When I say people, the first person that you need to manage, do you need to learn to manage is yourself and the second person you need to manage is the other people. Seventy five percent of which 75 percent of American employees, again, according to the US chamber and a CBS News, do steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.

Also the statistics, the statistics are not that encouraging. When you think about the gallop research that shows the vast majority of Americans call in sick when they aren’t sick and they pretend to be working when they’re not working, so that’s why I wanted to get Jason on the show today. Jason, these super manager with elephant in the room and Andrew from a former chick filet fame who is now a coder or a photographer or videographer, a member of the thrive time show team. So we’ll start with you. Jason. When you got promoted to the management level, I think it first started out as a, as an assistant manager and then now and then you became a manager of a store and then the manager of all three stores. Can you talk to me about the challenges of managing people? There’s a lot. Yeah, you. Hey, you got a lot of time here.

You’ve got as much time during this segment as you possibly need. Before we go back into our conversation with Matt Klein, with oxy fresh. Yeah. I think the first challenge that I ever had to face getting the management position and then also managing of the three stores is you have to learn who’s on your team and you have to understand from the get go that you can’t. You can’t talk to everybody the same as much as you’d like to because certain people will have to be managed a certain way and so finding that clear line of communication between everybody is super important and until you do that,

you’re going to be lost. You can’t manage everyone the same you to everyone the same way, but I want to talk to everyone. I want to say wax on, wax off to everybody, but to some people, even this voice is offensive to other people. This voice is not different. And so sometimes you don’t use this voice on podcasts and sometimes you do and sometimes we throw caution to the wind and you just use this voice whenever you want and you get hate mail.

Seriously. I mean, just as an example, I, I joke around with the, with the, the Dojo of Mojo voice, uh, it’s owed to Mr Miyagi. And I get usually one, one solid, one solid racist complaint per week with that one. Now if I do the Bostonian voice, which I tend to do about one every three shows, I get a lot of hate from the northeast. But if you’ve ever been to Boston, you know, there’s, if you ever. Have you guys ever been to Boston? No. No. Oh my gosh. I want to take you guys to a patriots game, but you go to a patriots game and you’ll be on the way to the stadium. This the town is about the size of bixby and there’s over 125,000 people there for every game, but only like 70,000 can fit into the stadium. So you got 50,000 people gathering outside of the stadium to cheer for you because you have a ticket and I’m not kidding, you’re walking into the stadium and people will say, this guy says, Vanessa, have patriots gear on.

I got my Tom Brady, Jersey. We’re walking towards the stadium and a town called foxborough the size of bixby and this guy says, so while you freaking go onto the game, and this is like four miles away from the stadium because you’re walking into. It’s like the road to victory and as you get closer to the stadium, there’s more and more tailgaters and the guys saw you freaking go into the cave. And I’m like, yeah, I got tickets. Oh freaking. Awesome man. That’s wicked awesome about boys got tickets and then he’s like, if you want to, you want to sell you tickets, where are you sitting? And I’m like, dude, I’m sitting like a 49 yard line like row 15. Oh come on, tell me your tickets. I’ll give you like a thousand dollars, you know, and you’re not. I really don’t want to sell. It takes. Well you have freaking a whole thing buddy.

I’m asked like how people in Boston are. Everyone’s honking, everyone’s intense, so you can’t talk to them Boston the same way as you talk to people in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma. It’s like you’re having a stroke, a heart attack, and so it’s about ready to go off a bridge. If you ever honk the horn, don’t honk unless someone’s on the verge of going off a bridge and plunging into the Arkansas River. Now in Boston, you honk the horn. If somebody’s freaking parking space, come on lady. I mean if there’s like an old lady trying to back out [inaudible] back at her car at target, you just cohmad freaky lady move. It says she’s like 85 with a walker. That has tennis balls underneath them, barely able to move. What’s, what was that? How do you. I can’t understand you. What will you say it, man? Come on. Freaking naty move. I mean, and that’s how Boston is versus Oklahoma. So again, you talked to everyone different. Um, but again, talk to me about why you have to talk to people differently there because Jason, I mean this is a, this is a big thing.

Yeah. Um, for me knowing why you have to talk to people differently is knowing where they’re going to being able to coach them is super important and finding out how coachable they are all lies and how you communicate. Because I mean, I can say firsthand that from the beginning and I’m still learning, I’ve, I may have approached something the way that I thought was necessary based off of how I talked to somebody else. Like, oh, I just want to be clear. I want to be concise and I also want to be consistent. But you can be consistent and still fall flat on your face. Like if I’m talking to an employee a and I know exactly how they deliver and they are a solid 18 person, I can’t go to person b who may be a solid c team person and talk to them the exact same way because they aren’t mentally able to handle what I’m saying. They don’t process information the same or did you just say, I want to make sure because I want to clarify. I think Jason just said a solid c person.

Surely you can’t be serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Okay, so a solid c person. That’s the kind of person that struggles to get to work on time. Struggles to be at work consistently. Now, Andrew, you don’t manage an elephant in the room store, but you work in the thrive time show offices and you see jackass three. I mean you. I mean Jack Ass Surrey is a universal habit force that binds the universe together. Lot of people say clay, do you believe in the force from Star Wars? When I say a lot of people, basically I asked myself that question. I say, do you believe that the forest, but people will say, you know, Gosh, is the force real? Do you actually believe in that? And I say, no, no, no, I live in something more powerful. Something that Luke hadn’t. Lou couldn’t stop. I mean, Luke, Princess Leia, Yoda, the whole deal. They couldn’t stop it. I mean a Yoda, Yoda spent his entire time in the swamp to try to avoid this cosmic habit force in this cosmic habit force is called Jackass.

So Andrew, please help us share with us some examples of Jack Ashford you’ve seen since you’ve worked at either epic photography or thrive to my businesses where you’ve thought to yourself, this right here is some hot, fresh jackass raise. Surely this is not happening now. But then you discover, wait a minute, it is happening. So I’m going to give you a little motivational sound clip of Jack Ass salary from the movie Tommy Boy, right? And then you have to give us at least five examples of jackass or that you’ve witnessed while working for my company. So here’s some hot and fresh jackass three for the movie, Tommy Boy.

Alright, so um, you have, um, would be, uh, even back into the company,

the um, just people breaking gear. Oh, I think they did it for fun. I think that was just like they’re hobbyists what they wanted to do. They just wanted to break gear. I really didn’t see that happen. I do believe they did it so casually. Um, and it would just happen like a Tamron lenses, like a $1,200 Lens. Yeah. Even they will just drop it and the same people would drop lenses all the time and then the, then the good people would never drop linds. Yup. So my, my job as the owner or manager of epic photography was to figure out who’s a jackass and who’s not as soon as possible. Oh yeah. If they are a Jack Ass, get you out of there as soon as possible. But some people, Jason would like to try to coach these people and isn’t earlier manager. I’m sure this is what you wanted to do, where you’re thinking to yourself, they’re just having a hard time breaking tools. We’ve got a to us, we’ve got to help this person. And so you begin to get out your spiritual books books and you begin to say, all right,

young employee breaks, hair cutting equipment. I want to teach you my three rules for safety. And then you make a banner that shows safety rules and tips. Then you have motivational meetings. You gather around, you give them books, like how to not kill yourself at work. But yet the jackass read the force of Jack Kasserine is too strong. Have you ever tried to

teach or train the Jack three out of somebody’s Jason? More than I’d like to admit it never works. Does it? Oh, it does? Oh No, no. Okay. It’s Andrew. It’s the second hot and fresh example of jackass or that you witnessed at a clay Clark company. So, uh, back to the wedding photography times come on and being late and was a huge thing. Also also something I think people did for fun to see how, how close to either like the ceremony or just how late in general they can be and get away with it. So they would show up like just just super late, whether it’d be to the hotel to start taking, getting ready photos or whether it be to get to the ceremony or getting set up for the ceremony just to see how late they can go without actually getting ready here.

Showing up. I want to share something with you that I think is absolutely terrible, but, but I’ve kind of tee it up then you can, you can share the story. Got It. We used to have one photographer, we’ll just call him the dangerous one who used to like to like scenarios that were recipes for disaster and hear about it cause people say, dude, are you aware of what he just did with someone’s wedding rings? Can you explain? Cafe Guy would do it all the time. Yeah. So this is my first wedding that I ever went to and um, I was shadowing and um, it was at a place downtown and um, he was taking the ring shots, getting some photos of the rings, the grim ringing the bride’s rang the bride’s ginormous diamond ring diamond ring. And we were like up on some steps and he sees this Bush over the edge of the steps and for some reason he thought it was a good idea to place both of the rings on the leafs of the Bush, which below was a 10 to 15 foot drop into, into water, into water.

And he decides it’s a good idea, oh, you do this all the time. And I never, I didn’t hear about it until like he’d been working with us for about three months. Everyone was like, dude, are you aware of what he did? And it was crazy. He would. He put it on there and then like leans over this ledge. He did the same thing at the Bank of America Tower. He put someone’s rings on the Ledge, like 32 stories in the air on a windy day. And I’m like, no, I mean that’s. So again, jackass or is not something that you can train out of people. So even if you do buy an Oxi fresh business, you’re going to have to hire good people. And we return. We’re going to be interviewing Matt Klein, the franchise with oxi fresh and Matt and Alberto are you talking about the inner workings of how to actually run an Oxi fresh once you decide to actually buy and Oxi fresh, learn more about buying an Oxi fresh franchise. Go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time forward slash oxi fresh and so clean and no back to the business coach radio show that has a diary. Call the Guinness Book of World Records

started from the bottom. Now we’ll teach you the systems to get what we cook books. I break down the books, see we get some wisdom and the so if you see my wife and kids according to your three big shout out to Cole Dixon,

40 Christian recording artists who’s working on a new album that’s going to blow your mind a as a client of ours and a friend of mine, I am. I am wowed by his musical talents, but I’m more wowed by his integrity and his focus on producing music that matters in his new album will be kind of like. Imagine dragons meets one republic. I’m telling you, if you like one republic or imagine dragons more so imagine dragons you’re going or the older one republic. If you’d like the newer imagine dragons, you’re going to love this new album, so it’s inspirational. It’s encouraging, it’s. It’s phenomenal. And to listen to some of Colton’s music that currently is in the top 40 in the Christian world. You can go to Colton and I don’t want to come across as too aggressive here. We initially want to ruin your freaking life.

Go to Colton Dixon, dad. Ken. I mean, don’t feel like I’m a freaking insulting you. I’m just saying if you want to, unless you want to be a freaking idiot, go to Colton Dixon Dad cap. Oh Wow. That was pretty harsh. And so now we’re doing is we’re talking about what it feels like and what it is like to buy a franchise, specifically an Oxi fresh franchise. Well, what are you buying when you buy an Oxi fresh franchise? Well, one, you’re getting a turnkey business model. You’re joining the team with the world’s greenest carpet cleaning system. A three, you’re getting turnkey marketing, uh, for. You’re getting systems that are easy to teach to other people. Five, you’re buying a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t require a huge van. Did you see the huge van Andrew parked in front of the thrive time show offices the other day because they were cleaning the tenant above us.

Oh yeah. I saw their, all their chairs rolled out there. And then you see the big van? Yep. Mitsa huge van. That’s expensive. It’s Oxi fresh. You don’t need to buy a big fan. So for under $60,000 you can be self employed with an Oxi fresh franchise today, but when you buy the proven systems, you still have to manage people. Andrew, before he went to the break, I was having you list off five examples of jackass or that you’ve seen since working for my businesses and now I want to make sure we’re getting this. My job as an owner is to find the Jack asses and to fire them as soon possible. So

no different than finding a garden to, to, to planting a garden and to finding a weed in your garden. When you find a weed in your garden, you don’t get all emotional and say, oh my gosh, it’s such a good way. That’s such a little weed. Maybe we can couch it up and you might say, clay, we’re talking about people. We’re not talking about weeds. Okay. Another example. Look, there’s just a little cancerous growth on my head. I’ll just keep it there. I like that one. It’s been there since ever ever since I can remember. It’s been on my head. No, you remove it. You remove it. So again, a cancerous growth. Jason, in a business, if you don’t remove it, if you don’t remove it employed, it’s caustic and negative. What happens to the whole team? They explode. It gets crossed. So Andrew explained some more examples of jackass or that you witnessed from the trenches of Clay Clark business?

Yeah. One would be kind of goes hand in hand with being late and it’s happened in. Um, basically all places I’ve worked is I’m just not showing up and saying that you are there saying that you’re somewhere and not being there. So whether it be a DJ or whether it be a photographer or whether it be, um, a really, anyone at any place I’ve ever worked, um, they, they tend to like to to say one thing and do the other. So they’ll typically say, hey, I am at the venue there. I just can’t find the bride and the groom. Meanwhile, this is what, this is the audio we put. We put microphones in the cars of some of the employees. Some of the photographers, and this is audio of what one of the photographers said, they called you and said, hey, are they called me and said, Hey, I’m at the wedding. I just can’t find the bride and groom, but this is the audio of what they were actually saying to themselves in the car to deal with the cognitive dissonance of knowing darn well they were not at the wedding.

Like, I picked it wrong. We quit smoking. Quit drinking. Like I picked the wrong week.

Okay. Andrew, what’s another example of Jack Assay that you’ve witnessed while working for one of my companies? Yeah, I’m stealing gear, stealing things, doing things. Those are always stealing, stealing happens all the time and it’s not just gear or electronics or mike anything. It’s not really always anything physical. It’s a lot of the time. It’s time stealing time. What does getting paid and the doing? Nothing. Exactly. Just do it. Like you’re saying you’re doing something but actually doing research and that’s not research. You’re literally just staring at your screen on Google. You’re like, you’re not doing anything. We had one guy who used to watch [inaudible] videos. You’d watch. I’m not kidding. He’d always watched the sex scenes from game of thrones on his second monitor in an open office environment. I could look out the box of rocks in. See Him do it. No, no, no, I wasn’t, but he would literally cue up the scenes where it’s like highlights from the whatever show and that’s all

he would do today and he just be watching them and I’m like, no. Weird. Yeah, it’s so easy to fire that guy right away. It was crazy. I thought I saw him do at one time. You minimize the screen. He denied it. That’s a move that second time. Third time. Like look at this, and I pulled up next to him like, what are we watching your champ? And he’s like, oh, I don’t know how the scene we want. I’m like, dude, you can’t watch movies at work. One, two, catwalks that. See Brick Jason, is there another example of jackass for that you’ve seen on a consistent basis since managing the elephant in the room stores where you think to yourself, none of the people we currently have do that? No, no, no, because we moved. We moved on. People in the past have tried this move.

Yeah. And then it also goes hand in hand with other places that I’ve worked before too. It’s the move of, hey, I can’t make it in today. I’m super sick or my kid is super cool.

Hey. And then

person forgets that for some unwise decision. They printed their boss on facebook and just happened to see. I wonder if that person is really sick and the next post is man brunches, so lit today.

Brunches, so lit today. And with that, we move on back to our exclusive interview with Matt Klein, he franchised developer with oxy fresh and Matt, the Franchisee in Albany, New York, now, Matt Klein in Denver, Colorado with Franchise Development Oxi fresh. I have an eight part questions. It’s broken into 14 sub points. Just kidding. I haven’t, I have a two part question for you and this question, hopefully, hopefully you get it right because if you do, you get a free mega point which can be redeemed in the afterlife, you know, so that’s exciting. If you lose it, it just sort of, you get this score and uh, have hundreds of thousands of listeners. So here we go. Question number one, Dan Gilbert. We’re going to have him on the thrive time show here soon. I believe in, in faith. We’re going to have the owner of the cavaliers on the thrive time show.

And the founder of quicken loans, Dan Gilbert started with nothing. Grew it into something. He’s obviously had a lot of success. Do you feel like he should have retained Lebron James? Do you feel like you should have changed the name of the arena to the Lebron James Center? Do you feel like you should have changed the team name to the Lebron James Team or do you feel like you should have I gotten a Lebron James Tattoo on his forehead? Do you feel like you should’ve made a hard, a harder push to keep Lebron James? That’s question number one. Do you feel like Dan Gilbert should’ve done more to keep Lebron James or, or do you feel like you approve the move of saying, hey, good la, my friend,

he got himself a championship, right? I’m in a state where we don’t have a championship for, uh, for the MBA, so I feel like he did good. He did a job and you know what I’m going to say anyway. So.

Well you, you,

yeah, I think he, I think he’s doing alright for himself.

You my friend when a politically correct point of the day. That was very nice. Very nice. I think Dan Gilbert approved that answer and that answer was correct. Z, you had a follow up question about the Dan Gilbert question. Yeah. Do you think you, being the great basketball player you are, do you think you could’ve replaced Lebron and the team, the capillaries to the finals yet again?

Yeah. If, if the entire starting five of the, uh, golden state warriors and we could do it.

So dominate news, they can talk about me. I can take that back. I wasn’t young.

Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. And today we’re breaking down how to make some real green by investing in the world’s greenest carpet cleaner, Oxi fresh. You see what I did right there? That was incredible. I thought about that for months. So you want to own your own business. Exceed on today’s show, you can experience firsthand what it’s like to buy and manage your own Oxi fresh franchisee. So we’re having, or your own Oxi fresh franchise. So today we’re having on the show and Oxi fresh franchisee in Albany, New York, and we’re having the Oxi fresh franchise developer in Denver. Mr Matt Klein. So any further ado, back to our exclusive interview with Matt Klein, the franchise developer with oxy fresh and Matt, the Franchisee in Albany, New York.

Okay, now, now here’s my next question for you. I remember when my wife and I, Vanessa Vanessa was working at office depot in Oral Roberts University as a cheerleader. I’m working at Applebee’s direct TV and a company called faith highway. So I have three jobs. She has two jobs, were working all the time. I’m at one time with Dr Zellner at a restaurant called Ruby Tuesday’s across the street from his very successful optometry clinic. Great crew, tons, great seismic. His Assistant Matt told me he loves crew towns. We go over there. We’re having lunch. Great. Remember I said z? What are some of the things that I should be doing to take my business to next level? One of the things he said was, clay, you need to advertise. He said, you just have to advertise. And I remember in the back of the day, Matt yellow pages were. The thing was the move, it was the move.

And so I was thinking to myself, advertise, no man, I grew up via word of mouth. I don’t need to advertise it to grow my now DJ As a result of that conversation and a lot of other things. We grew up to be the nation’s largest wedding entertainment company where we did over 4,000 events per year. But previous to that conversation I had never advertised. I’d like for you to share with the listeners a why it’s so important for the Oxi fresh franchisees to advertise and what. Because a lot of people, they will buy a business and they think the business model itself is going to generate revenue. Can you talk to our listeners about the importance of advertising your business regardless of what kind of business model you have?

Yeah, certainly. I think any business, any successful business is going to have a very good plan when it comes to marketing and advertising. And I think we’re in a space now where, you know, just putting money somewhere because someone says it’s marketing is not enough, right? You have to understand what marketing is and the current state of things and how it’s changing and being the first to be able to understand specifically with technology, I know, you know, the few times we talk about, you know, reviews, reviews are just one part of it. You have to also know the infrastructure of how you’re setting things up marketing wise because at the end of the day, you know, you have to be there where customers are looking. If customers in our industry are looking for carpet cleaning, you have to be there when they’re typing it in their phone or their desktop and it’s not just, you know, paying them or um, anything like that. It’s really understanding all, all facets, facets of marketing and being able to implement programs that allow you to take advantage of that. So, you know, never more than right now are people you know, in tune with their phone. I mean if you look at everything, you know, everything is, is pull marketing. People are just pulling exactly what they want to their phones and you got to be there. So you know, it’s a staple of oxy fresh will continue to thrive in that, in that area, and it’s imperative to understand marketing so you can grow.

So let’s just say right now, if you’re out there listening and you type in carpet cleaning quotes, I’ll put it on the big screen so the guys in the studio can see it. But if you do a search for carpet cleaning quotes, Oxi fresh comes up as number one in the world. You guys have over 136,000 reviews as of the time of the recording of today’s podcast. I’m, I’d like to ask Matt from Albany this question, um, met, where are most of your leads coming from? Because so many. I meet so many people that have businesses and they have no leads in a lead. If you don’t have enough leads, it just starves your company. Where do most of your leads come from now? A Mat with oxy fresh and Albany. Where, where are you getting your customers from?

Sure. Yeah. The majority of our customers find them online. So online can be a lot of different things, but majority of the online, a leader calling through Google and um, you know, it’s people pick up their phones and as Matt was talking earlier, you know, carpet cleaning, this is got to be there. And so by using what they’ve created to help us connect customers with the service, um, that’s, that’s where we find most of our horses are. Our business is people searching at that point in time and reviews obviously drive that, um, with the rankings immensely. So being able to be not only be found that the liver on the surface is the next step. So, um, that’s, that’s how, that’s how customers are finding us.

So Matt Kline with the Oxi fresh in Denver, I have two final questions for you. One of our listeners are there and they’re saying, okay, I, I kinda liked the idea. I’m interested in the idea of potentially buying a business model that has been proven to work. You know, there’s over $400 refreshes, oxi fresh locations throughout the country. And I would like to join a winning team, or at least look into the opportunity of joining a winning team. What is the first step? If someone goes to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh Mr Listener. I’ll give you a free copy of my book. Start here, the ebook version, or if you prefer to go to oxy, direct. Well then you are a rebel, but either way you’re going to probably talk to them hat in the team, but matt, what’s the first step? If somebody wants to look into buying an Oxi fresh franchise?

Yeah, just go online and fill out your information. That way we know where you’re from and have the information to reach out to you and and just know it doesn’t cost you anything to go through that discovery process with us. We’re going to give you all the document and just explained everything and I think most importantly that that initial step is really understanding you as a potential franchisee. What you’re looking to do, what you’re looking to accomplish, what your background is. Because that will really start to tailor the conversations around you and if this business model will work, so you know, if you’re looking for a business that, like you said, it’s proven that understands technology that is continuing to grow. Um, you know, just start to have the conversation with us and we’ll see if there’s a good fit.

Now, Matt Klein with oxy fresh in Denver, Colorado. My final question I have is you might want to one up me with a question, but who is not a good fit? You, you’ve talked to so many people and you can, you could play it. You can be politically correct. I respect that. You can go in there and you can just tell us like, clay, everybody’s a good fit and I respect that answer. All I’m saying is, I’m sure you’ve talked, maybe not even you, but other people you know, I’m sure they talked to somebody and they go, you’re not going to be a good fit. This person’s not going to be. What kind of person would be a great fit to join the Oxi fresh team and what kind of personality type is not. The right fit to buy an Oxi fresh,

sure, a good fit for us as anyone that’s got drive and anyone that can take what we have in and utilize the system and work with us to get to a, to a common goal. You know, when people look at themselves in the mirror, I think everyone really has a true understanding of themselves. You don’t have you spent your time, you know, um, improving your life and going from maybe the bottom of a corporate ladder to the middle or maybe even the top and been able to have some success there. Or are you always, you know, looking at someone and saying, you know, what, this guy screwed me. Or you know, this situation wasn’t ideal for me. Or you know, I, I just can’t catch a break. I mean, those are, to be honest, those are hard things because at the end of the day, you got to look at yourself in the mirror and you got to understand that, you know, specifically the franchise. It’s a two way street. If you’re not doing your part, it’s not gonna matter. And the same thing for the franchising company, so you know, a, a good fit for us as driven can follow the system. I can’t tell you how important that is. Um, don’t buy a franchise if you’re going to do the opposite of what the franchise suggests.

All right?

For our system we all have to follow is the irs tax code. If you need help figuring it out, go to [inaudible] dot com today. Who CP [inaudible] dot com today and become proactive about your accounting

in taxes. Tim The world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it. Your contact information to invoice


Do you find yourself perpetually frustrated with your job? Yeah, that’s 70 percent of people. According to Gallup, 70 percent of people, according to Gallup, when I just asked the question, do you find yourself chronically frustrated with your job? Seventy percent of people are saying, absolutely. Now, do you find that your small business isn’t making it? Oh, what a 90 percent of small businesses according to Forbes fail. That means at night at a 10 small business owners hate their job. I made maybe people love their job, it’s failing, but nine and attended small business owners hate their job and seven out of 10 employees hate their job, but what if you could have time freedom and financial freedom simply as a result of buying a proven business system and model and executing the system you bought. You buy the system and you use the system. It’s like buying a car and filling it up with gas.

What if you could achieve both time freedom and financial freedom as a result of simply buying a proven system and executing the proven system? Well? If you are interested in doing that, I would highly recommend you check out one of our good friends, Jonathan Barnett and his business oxi fresh by going to thrive time forward slash Oxi, [email protected] forward slash oxi fresh. It’s the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. They come up top in google searches when you typed in carpet cleaning quotes because they have over 136,000 Google reviews. Uh, Jason, you manage the elephant, the room stores. How hard is it man, to get 136,000 Google reviews?

I would say it’s, it’s hard, but you gotta you gotTa do it. You can’t get them if you don’t ask. And I feel like in the past there have been, there have been weeks where I get no reviews and I beat myself up over it. I’m like, what? What could I have done different? I think, well did I ask anybody? I didn’t. You would find that when you do ask, people are actually really excited to leave a review because when they have a good experience, typically people don’t, you know, jump straight on. They wait for the bad experience to blow up the comment section or any type of review. But just opening that line of communication saying, Hey, if you liked your experience that they give us a review and

that means it conservatively though Oxi fresh has done at least 136,000 successful carpet cleaning jobs. I mean, they’ve been doing it for over a decade. I would highly recommend that all the listeners would check it out after you listen to today’s show at thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. But now without any further ado, back to our exclusive interview with the franchise developer with oxy fresh based in Denver, Colorado, Mr Matt Klein, as he shares with us all of the answers to any of the questions that we might have about what it feels like to buy your own Oxi fresh franchise.

So Matt with oxy fresh over there in Denver, Colorado, the, the Lord, these are of franchise development. Um, what kind of person would not be a good fit to buy an Oxi fresh franchise and what kind of person would be a great fit because everybody wants to buy one. I mean, it’s a, it’s a great business model. If you buy the business model, it works. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a business model that creates time freedom and financial freedom, but what kind of person really is a great fit and who’s probably not the best fit at this point?

Sure. So we’ll start with a great fit because that one’s pretty easy for us, right? So when you, when someone’s gone through the system, they figured out fresh and then they do not follow the system that they just signed up for. Oh, that’s a pretty hard one. Right? So if you’re not doing the things that are necessary for growth is marketing or you’re not doing the training necessary to be an effective cleaner in the field, those things are detrimental to your growth and inevitably the, you know, a disaster scenario. So, you know, don’t buy a franchise, don’t look into a franchise if you can’t be coached and you can’t, you know, follow a system that’s first and foremost. Got It. But for successful franchisees and just it’s doing the opposite of that, but also doing it in a manner where you’re putting more effort into it than the next guy, right? Because there’s going to be competition in any field that you have, but with oxy fresh, I can guarantee you have more resources, more tools, more support, and a better cleaning system, but if you don’t do anything with it, you’re just going to be like every other company.

Now, for the listeners out there that are already interested in looking into buying an Oxi fresh franchise, she can go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time, forward slash Oxi fresh request. Free Information. But I have one final question for Matt with oxy fresh and Denver. What makes matt the Oxi fresh Franchisee in Albany, such a great member of the team. Why? Why? Why has he been such a great addition to the Oxi fresh team? And Brag on Matt. I mean, what’s. What’s making matt such a great a member to the Oxi fresh Franchisee team?

Yeah. Well, one thing he did not mention, which I think is matt started his franchise, you know, as kind of an owner manager because he maintained a full time job and then you know, you had a goal of basically taking that and being able to grow his franchise and then be able to leave his job at six months and was able to do that in about three and a half months, so he was able to accelerate to a point where he felt comfortable bridging, breaking off from his job and going full time Oxi fresh. That’s a pretty hard thing to do sometimes, but he was able to put the effort in and the Times that he had in his day to grow his business. I think that one is probably the most important, right? When you get home or you’re trying to build multiple streams of income, it’s delegating your time for those things that are important to allow that to happen.

He’s very, very good at that. The other is that, you know, he sees opportunity and he goes after it. He’s got. He started with one franchise, now he owns three well full territory, so his ability to grow is exponentially larger now because of his aggressiveness and he’s absolutely one of the leaders in our franchise in terms of following the system. He is a resource for our franchisees because they’re reaching out to him saying, how are you doing this, you know, we’re just getting started and, and all he does is say, you know, what are you doing in your day? Right. And all those things are important to, you know, pin being able to be a resource and him being a very good backer of Oxford because he’s basically done what we want everyone to do at a very high level. So effort though the system, understand, ask questions, the, um, via communicate and partner with the Home Office, the more you talk to us, the more we have a relationship, the better you’re going to be because you’re going to everything that’s going on. So he does all those things at a very high level.

Matt, with oxy fresh franchise development in Denver, Colorado. Thank you for having Matt with oxy fresh in Albany, New York. The franchisee on today’s show, and again, if you’re out there looking to buy an Oxi fresh franchise, I encourage you to go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh and request some free and free information. Matt, you are a great American. I think Z had one little last quarter corner. Weird, awkward. Now matching what’s it’s, it’s not true that you only allow franchisees that are named Matt to get a franchise, right? I mean that’s, you have other benefits.

True, but it certainly helps.

Matthew. Matthew is all the maths listening out there called Denver. You’ve got, you’ve gotta you gotta slide to moderately above average chance of getting one, so that’s good. Matt, thank you so much for joining us today, my friend and uh, continue recruiting great franchisees like Matt because he’s an honor to have on the show my friend. Thank you. We’ll talk to you next week for the Oxi fresh update. All right. Thrive nation. You’ve heard it. That’s Oxi fresh franchises. If you’re interested in buying one, go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh and see if they have a territory available for you. There’s over 400 locations and once they sell one in your market, they can’t sell another one in your market because they give you a designated area. There’s a lot of details behind that, but check them out today at thrive time. forward slash oxi fresh. Now guys, now it’s time to celebrate the wins of the week. We’ve got out there all across this beautiful country who are having massive success as a result of implementing the proven systems that we teach them with our thrive time show business coaching system, and so now it’s time for.

All right, thrive nation. So let’s give. Let’s give you some of the wins of the week. First off, we have a company called restore home health and they just landed a massive referral partnership with a medical director of a large Orthopedic Surgery Center in Oklahoma City. A big fish as result of implementing their dream. 100 system that their business coach Eric Chop has been teaching them.

Also tip top canine and a wash, so Oklahoma, they just got a think a thank you note from one of their customers that reads like this. They said, we purchased our first German shepherd puppy about six months ago. As she got older, we found out that she was a bit of a handful with our busy schedule. It was hard to train her and that led to a mysterious puppy. I talked to a friend at work that recommended tip top canine. I contacted tiptop shortly thereafter and scheduled my pup Kiera for her initial consultation. When the day came, Adam Kane came out and picked up Kiera. Four weeks later, Adam brought her home and the results were amazing.


proud nation. If you’re out there and you say to yourself, you know what? I want to create time freedom and financial freedom for myself. I would recommend you look into buying a a tip top canine, maybe buying an Oxi fresh, maybe buying a Dell Rep to clinical research and elephant in the room. Just go to thrive time forward slash brands. That’s thrive time, forward slash brands where you can see my brand tastic collection of businesses that I endorse that will help you to create both time freedom and financial freedom, and a big shout out to Williams contracting. One of our incredible show sponsors. If you’re looking to add on to your commercial building or to build a piece of new commercial real estate for yourself and you’re expanding business, check them out at [inaudible] dot com. That’s will dash conduct conduct. Any further ado, three, two, one. Boom.


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