A Man On Fire (A Lifetime of Riches – Part 6) – Hour 2

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If you feel like you are stuck in your business, and the more busy you get, the worse your life is…this business coach led podcast might be just what your life has been missing.

Get ready to enter the Thrive time show it’s all about you that we bring. The wandering Dr. Robert Zoellner is out today is crazy, think he is actually been under the weather here for about a week and a half, and it appears that since the holiday party I mean there’s a big, is he went to the holiday party? He competed in this year’s dance contest at the Thrive Christmas party um seed to to prove a point. He does like a splits kind of a dance moves to the business coach Thunder Bay to win the championship, and since that time I mean it’s like a Jerome Bettis’s last game. Well, I mean he just did just read: he just the bus was just carrying the ball hard and he just had it in an injury, and I think it’s affected his his his body’s systems and he’s he’s. God is working through it he’s working. His core temperature is down he’s almost there. I expected to be back for our next recording of the Thrive time show, but if you’re listening right now – and you feel like that, you’re stuck in a rut, can you feel like your business is just not getting three want to go? I want to give you very, very specific move, so it’s time to get super serious where to give you 7 moves through the next four segments that you can use to create a scalable business. But I’m going to do. Is I’m going to tear this up or I’m going to be the Devil’s Advocate, not that Satan Satan needs a fan club by Matty it up, so that I will be the devil’s advocate in Marshall. You will be the business coach nail down your turn key branding. Your logo, your website, your print pieces, your AutoRap and hear all of the uses and all the reasons I’ve heard over the years to not do this and I will begin cuz because Satan does not even Advocate, but for the sake of this exercise, we have the Devil’S you get to go first, I get to go first sight and she worked a long time on it. Okay, what else? How well the logo is made by myself, and I spent a long time on it. What else.? I did it all myself and I spent a lot of time on it.

Okay, then, didn’t tell me what else I know what you’re doing when it comes to your world-class TurnKey branding. Okay, you have to appear world class until brand is just a perception. Shop will put in the show notes, hear the Elon Musk quote, but just paraphrasing here he talks about brand just being a perception and perception will match reality overtime. Every time. People always refer me because I make good cabinets and I mow a good lawn and I do good haircuts. I don’t need branding in so there is a another close by my main man, Warren Buffett, who is been known to be a successful investor, and he says that I try to buy stock in businesses that are still wonderful, that an idiot can run them because sooner Or later one will, in the whole point behind this principle, is that you have to have world-class branding and systems and workflows that support the people that are going to operate the business without you in. So if you want to be self-employed and be that have your business be dependent on you for the entire day for the rest of Eternity, something I want to say, I want to say chop. You were in the business coach meeting. We had a mobile cell phone store in Florida and we look at there at their store on the ship, because I will write a business plan, for every Marshall will do the business coach 13-point assessment. You will truly be a business coach client. We do a 13-point assessment to understand your needs and where at and then I will write the business plan based upon my years and doctors, these years of experience and then coaches, like Marshall, help you execute the system and then Marshall and in Chapel do is El Reportaje a lot of business coach owners, don’t know what the SSL security socket layer is, or something like that until we have to then find a way to teach that in scalable way, I mean really it’s a fascinating process, where I really do think we’re the only program In the world doing what we do – and I really do mean that so I took some with all the variables I mean – I agree – it’s exciting to see it because we’re changing the game for business growth.

I made it really Marshall. It is the ultimate business incubator. The ultimate business incubator, you said it first, coming back around, you told me the story about the rice other day and now you’re coming back, it’s okay! I just pulled up the website and it’s a cell phone store. The guy claimed to be doing like 4 to 5 million dollars a year, a business. When I looked at his business, this isn’t Florida it it just there’s no way, there’s just no way that he’s doing that kind of Revenue and upon further review it kind of is when he’s things where he’s like yeah you’re right we’re not really doing that Revenue, But I thought I was, but when we looked at the business on Google Earth there was no exterior signage sit approached business coach professional. So do you think about the T-Mobile store? The local T-Mobile store totally different, where local AT


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