Managing Employees 101 (Part 4) – How to Effectively Manage Millennials | When You Care About Them, They Care About You

Show Notes

“Management is mentorship. If you are not willing to personally invest in the personal development of your team, you will lose. You will lose high-quality millennial employees, and you will be destroyed, dominated and decimated by your competition who is willing to mentor their employees.” – Clay Clark


  • You must be a source of both wisdom and inspiration
    1. You must truly be viewed as a source of wisdom, you must know your craft
    2. You must bring positive energy into work every day
  • When you care about them they care about you
    1. You must truly care and view your employees as though you are their big brother or big sister (you want to stick up for them and see them do well)
  • The necessity of career paths
    1. No one wants to feel stuck
    2. Help people see what they can truly become
  • Creating a positive work atmosphere
    1. Sights
    2. Sounds
    3. Smell
    4. Decor

AMPLE EXAMPLE – With one of the worst eviction rates in the country, Tulsa has a major problem. Tenants and landlords are frustrated by what’s going on

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the thrivetime show. Saif. Up.

From the bottom now on the couch to we caught Nixon’s open books reading the books he’s broken some don’t look the biography that’s so. You see my kid. Please tell them see and see what you are right now. Three two one. Here we go.

How do we manage millennials. I hear so many people asking how do we measure how do I manage millennials as though it’s like a alien species of people that we don’t quite understand. They’re not even human. Well first off I want to make sure that that we’re aware of where they’re coming from the mindset they’re bringing to work. OK. So we will put the facts on today’s show but of today’s millennial employees the statistics are in and they’re not good but they’re workable. One out of three Millennials don’t have a father by the way. All the problems we have with millennials quote unquote are all created by their parents. OK so be mad at yourself. One out of three Millennials do not have a father. All right. Fact number two Fact number two. One out of four millennials have been sexually abused females. One of the four women most female Millennials have been sexually abused.

One out of six male millennials have been sexually abused. We are in a culture of oversexed everything. Just try to watch a music video of anybody Selena Gomez Taylor Swift Jay Z anybody and try to find two or three videos in a row that aren’t filled with innuendo. Complete explicative sex scenes are just not going to find it. We’re in a very pornographic culture. Everybody is trying to dress their daughter up like a slut before the age of 15 it’s a move you see just as over sexualization of everything. And now because of snap chap and Snap Chat and Instagram and different programs that are out there and there’s programs designed to allow kids to be on social media other parents knowing there’s just so much sex and issues they’re bring into work. Also the average millennial is scoring half of the people graduated from high school now are not scoring high enough to get into college but we’re letting them get into college because we keep lowering the standards.

So and we’ll put all these stats on the show now. So that’s what they’re coming from. OK. So before we start banging on manage millennials and saying I can’t believe millennials they just don’t work hard. You made them if you’re listening here and you’re asking the question how do I manage millennials. I’m saying to you. You made them. We made them. I mean bottom line. So how do we make them. Well we did was we allowed them to lose a basketball game and we still took him out for ice cream. We allowed him to lose a tournament and we still gave them a trophy. We allowed them to pass high school without having test scores high enough to pass high school. And I’m putting all of these statistics on the show notes challenge me and go read the show notes. Read the show notes. Look at the facts.

It’s all cited there it’s all in my book will not work for food. So that’s where they’re coming from. OK. But before you start talking about I don’t like Millennials understand you made them. This is like you made cookies and complaining that you don’t know how to eat them you don’t like them or they don’t taste good. You made them all right. GROSS So here are the four steps Marshall needed to manage millennials effectively. And as I read them I want you to break them down for us. OK so here’s what you must be a source of wisdom an inspiration. You must be viewed as a source of wisdom. You must know your craft. You must bring positive energy into work everyday because you must be a source of wisdom and inspiration. If you want to manage millennials millennials will not come to work by the way. If they’re bored and if you don’t engage them Marshall why do you have to engage and manage millennials like no other generation previously.

Because people are not going to follow a manager or a leader that they don’t feel that they can learn anything from and when they don’t feel like they can learn anything they become disengaged. Also if that manager or that leader doesn’t energize them in the workplace then they’re going to default to their energy level all the time.

I’m going to impersonate a baby boomer talking about the boss that they don’t like to work by the baby boomers will still come to work if they don’t like their boss because they have a mortgage. All right. But remember Baby Boomers will still come to work if they don’t like their boss because they have a mortgage and a car. Millennials are sharing cars and they live with their parents because their parents made them. Millennials right. Parents if you allow your kids to live at home and they are past the age of 18. Here it goes. Just telling you you’re creating a quote unquote millennial you’re giving people a fallback position that has never existed previously. You’re letting people have an unbelievable safety net. So millennials will not come to work. If you talk bad about them or they don’t like you but a baby boomer will because they have a mortgage. So here’s my impersonation of a typical baby boomer and him describing what it’s like to work at their job. I’ll tell you it’s like my boss. Always Precure an idiot but I. Work there because you know he got 10 years left till I get my pension.

Till I get my retirement in our mutual funds and I got our IRA and you know up here in the paper mail where I hate my boss. But you know we get two days to get a paid time off I get to two weeks a year pay Tamada two weeks of vacation I’ve got myself some insurance I got pretty much all I do hate my boss though. Wait a minute my boss but what about a minute folks it looks at my boss’s collar Nera. Don’t really do well with the smartphone technology. Can somebody. Wearing a crop resemble any audience. Help me answer this phone here. OK.

Hey boss what’s going on. God it’s good to hear from you. Oh yeah. Just talking about you love my job. I love working for you. You are quality and I can’t wait for that retirement party for her. I’m excited about Sarah.

I was my boss call and that’s where sometimes I just want to tell him to blow it out. I’ll tell you what he called me again. Ottawa we cannot tell you what I’ma tell him I will tell you. I will if he calls me again Mahamadou. I’m an absolute freak out. I’m a. I’ve been working for that guy for 20 years he calls me on the weekends always with an emergency. I swear if he calls me I get I’m going to lose my mind.

Yeah. So what’s going on there. Yeah well yeah. I love you. Tell you what. I get it. That’s how it is. That’s that’s how it well no. No. I don’t mind you call. No no you’re right. I know. I didn’t know my tone. I did not. I did not mean to come across like that I’m sorry. I love working for you. I love it. What do you mean I didn’t hang up the call. You’re the best in that.

That memo you sent out was touching. And that memo was touching. And I’ll tell you what that value statement you put up there in that operations manual. It must have been. Did Jesus help you writing that or do you write that all yourself there. Just get it out. I know you could write it better Jesus himself. But I just wanted to ask a real question. All right well anyway so. I swear to god if he calls me one more time I’m going to lose not. Just.

A passive aggressive crap goes on for decades. People hate their boss when they go to work. Now here is a millennial. This is how a millennial processes their their boss the hate they go.

Brad Prouse either Skyler Hamilton Schuyler Hamilton Hamilton. What’s going on Skyler. I don’t know Madison how are you. What did you do to all of us have names that could be either gender. Because her parents didn’t want to offend anybody. So Skyler Madison Hamilton our names don’t imply a gender. What if we all made out with each other. Do we really know our orientation. I mean how do we really know. Brauer. Brauer. I mean no dude I have a hard time score ladies but if I could score you bro. Are you eating. Are you eating avocado brats Goodman’s or organic brown. No it’s not organic. Oh my.

We’re going to die.

Where’d you get that burrito Brown Oh what did I bought that burrito using my parents card bro. Did you ask your dad for permission. No I didn’t. Because my dad told me when I turned thirty seven I didn’t have to ask anymore bro. Awesome. Did you get that at Chipotle. Yeah there’s no gluten there. Oh that forever. Want to go to the Post Malone conference her concert or make out since you know chicks around let’s just make out and see how it feels. Awesome Brauer. Brauer you’re going to work today. No bro. Cause I live with my parents bro. That is a warning that.

Is not stealing. But it’s all by text. Why they won’t have that conversation.

Yeah probably. Basick can’t come in today. I got a tattoo on my face. It’s the Madison and the Schuyler told Tyler Hamilton.

All the other names that can be both female.

It could be and they could be heterosexual or homosexual changes by the minute by the hour. We don’t know. There’s no up there’s no down there’s no left there’s no right whatever feels good at the time you just do. What have you not noticed that though there’s no moral compass right. There’s no right or wrong or yes or no. It’s just as ambiguous grey area. So a millennial. I’m just telling you. If you.

If they don’t like you they aren’t coming to work. They won’t do it. They just won’t give their living with their parents.

How many of you listening right now have kids that are over the age of 18 that live with you. Stop making the problem. Kick them out. I had one but he go kick him out. He go kick him out. I love you. No I’m serious. This is kick him out though because what will happen is they’ll just stay there and eat all your cereal.

I get like a problem right there. That’s exactly right. I read this is hilarious those are my fruit.

Let me read this ridiculous study and up. I’ll put this on the chair. Look this up real quick. Typing the phrase evictions on the rise. Tulsa World. I’m going to read this notable quotable to you and I’d love. I’d love for you guys. I love law for you to just love your take on this. It says with one of the worst eviction rates in the country.

Tulsa has a major problem tenants in landlords are frustrated by what’s going on and Marshall The article goes on to explain that there’s more and more people that aren’t paying their rent. So the Mean Mean landlords are evicting people. No marshal if you don’t pay your rent is it mean to evict somebody. No. What if you don’t pay rent you’re going to get kicked out consequences that did not kicked out eviction. Thanks Steve. So there are clarified consequences though. Right. There are consequences that you’ll be homeless. So I’m going to play a interview with a millennial who works in our offices and I’m going to we’re going to ask them we asked them previously what it’s like to work in an office environment where there’s accountability. And I’m going to play it for you. And when you listen to it you’re going to just quickly understand that to manage millennials really do love working at our companies because we treat them like normal people and we hold them accountable.

We give them consequences. We don’t let them live in our houses when they’re 37 years old. We don’t run around giving them third place trophies for things they didn’t do well we don’t coddle them. We let them realize the law of cause and effect. So we are a source of wisdom so they want to learn and we do praise their successes. We do. Here’s the big four we do to employ manage millennials. We are a source of wisdom an inspiration. We do care about them and we demonstrate that through our actions not our words. We do create a career path for every single employee and we do create a positive work environment without any further ado here’s our interview with a millennial quote unquote who works for us by the name of Adeline. By the way this was recorded during the time of a thread of time show workshops you’ll hear that in the background.

My name is outliner D and I am an assistant manager at Elop in the room working at the drivetime show is different than my other jobs. Having a boss that actually cares about your well-being and like where you want to go in life and being around other people that are always going up. Like I said that’s what sets us apart. The atmosphere is very positive energetic excited like they’re all excited to go to work and that’s what I’m saying. I’m excited to go to work it’s going to be a fun day and all that stuff. I think the most challenging part is not comparing yourself to other people like where they are in life and. You have to work hard to get there and not comparing yourself and being like I’m down here right now and they’re here. But like you have to work up that part.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from working at thrive is staying happy and how that can affect your mood for the day. Now if you’re in a mood then your day just goes downhill. But if you put yourself in like I’m going to be happy today i’m going to remind myself that today’s a good day then I’ll just keep going up from there. The culture is very homey and the decor is it’s like you’re at home or you’re not at work. It’s like low lighting in your smell Penny wood and it’s really like there’s always like a specific like scent and light. And it’s really nice. It’s very like relaxing. I feel like some people hate it because they’re not happy people to begin with and they hate seeing other people be happy like love their life and love their job. And I think some people just don’t get it.

And most people do. My favorite aspect is being mentored by all of my co-workers like I can look up to all of them and be like wow you’re you’re really making like you’re killing it right now. And that inspires me to be better. Even though I’m talking to my friends about it. It’s hard to describe to them to like it’s awesome. I get so happy like none of them get it. It’s so happy like. Just like walking in and smelling the penny wood and seeing like the below lighting and it’s like most people think it’s a joke because I’m always there everybody is so happy and everybody’s like ringing bells and running around and giving high fives and saying boom and everything and they’re all like bouquets and place personality is.

It’s different. He wants the best for everybody that he works with. And I’ve never met somebody like that that actually know so little about somebody but wants them to do the best in he mentors millions literally. And it’s I think that’s so cool and I listen to him show and podcast and everything and I’m like wow that’s my boss like I know him. And it’s just it’s I like I like it’s like knowing a person like that and having a person close in my life my highlights of working at the drivetime show would be making outbound sales and ringing the bell and hiring everybody and everybody cheering for you. And it’s just being such a fun workplace.

Step one you must be a source of wisdom and inspiration. Step2 Marshall you heard her talk about it when you care about your employees they’re going to care about you if you do not care about your employees the day Steve of just giving somebody a paycheck and saying come to work for 40 years. That’s gone right that’s gone.

What’s the average time now that those people stay on their job.

Chip looked it up in Forbes. The average length of how long someone stays in a job very short. I believe it’s under a year right now. Yeah I believe it’s right. Maybe at one point two years three. Well look it up in just a month we’ll have the stats for it Marshall. Why do you have to show that you care about your employees and how do we actually do that. How do we show that daily on a daily basis at the office. Well you have to show that you care because the employee has to believe that you have their greater interests in mind or else they’re never going to do the things that you need them to do to produce results. So the way that we do that is we really take an interest in the things that the employees have an interest in. So it’s something as simple as hey man what are you working towards right now. Hey man what do you do this path.

Hey dude hey what’s going on. And we have to sit down and ask your employees what are you doing. Let’s do that. You have to yeah you have you happy. And do you like it here. Oh wow. Nice. Oh hey hey dude just have to do that. You have to. If you don’t people just like Noah in our office right. His name is no which means that he’s obviously building a boat right now obviously. So I ask him every single day the progress of the boat and we have an ongoing conversation that’s extended now about six months when Noah has been. Is hilarious. I’ll say Noah how’s the boat and he’s ready for the question. He’ll say May. I can’t say he’s as funny stuff. He’ll be like well man right now I’m running out of grout. I need more grout. You never would think you need that much ground for a boat working on the starboard side and I asked him like you get to buy two of every animal how’s it like Grand Round rounding up those salamanders. Were you getting them. It’s just a bet we have to care.

But if you if you think about it if the only time that you ever talk to your employees is when you need something from them.

Hey dude. Yeah you have to you have to have an ongoing conversation. You got to. You got to.

If they’re going to they’re going to loathe that conversation if the only time that you talk to them is when you need something from them.

Hey dude you have to ask people all the time right now. The next the next the next step is you have to have career paths.

No one wants to feel stuck. You don’t want to feel stuck that’s why you started a business right.

No one was stuck. Help people see what they can truly become. Here is the challenging part. This is the art and the challenging part for me personally is whenever I have already achieved certain goals. It doesn’t mean that the teammates have as well so sometimes it’s happened to me in multiple business ventures. I’ve actually had it where I begin creating other parts of the company that I would not have created or other products or other things just so that the other people can make more money because I don’t really have a desire to make any more and so I have to be very aware that just because I am have achieve my goals it doesn’t mean that people around me have so you have to really really sit down with people up and make sure they have a career path.

Everybody has to be going somewhere why show up because like we talked about earlier in the show they ought to be bought in. Millennials want to know what’s going on and why we’re doing it. And when you can as you can attest to this when you can explain all these things to them and get them on board they’re willing to work super hard and poor their lives into the jobs. But they’ve got to know where they’re going.

You know you guys are Marvin Gaye the famous R and B artist. Oh yeah. Kind of a poet. I think that a lot of what Marvin Gaye wrote about in the 70s is what we’re talking about right now. You know the songs in the 70s sort of the hippie hippie mindset that free love that piece mind mentality that peace and free love that’s just being recycled now. I mean millennial is typically is basically a hippie from the 70s just reincarnated and Marvin Gaye wrote this song he says Mother mother There’s too many of you crying. He says Brother brother brother There’s far too many of you died because you know we’ve got to find a way to bring some lovin here today. Father father we don’t need to escalate. By the way his father shot him to death. Tony did you see war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate. You know we’ve got to find a way to bring some loving here today. Oh picket lines and picket signs. Don’t punish me with brutality. Talk to me so you can see what’s going on.

He was politically aware he was in favor of a free love peace movement. And that’s what the typical mindset of a millennial is they come to work what in this free love utopian world. And you have to understand that. All right. Then you got to understand who created them. You did. If you’re saying if you’re saying to me I have a hard time manage millennials I’m saying to you how did you create them. Think about the things that you did to create them and think about the culture of accountability that you didn’t put in place and now think about reversing that. You’ve got to create a culture of accountability and a clear world of cause and effect. Yes and no right and wrong A and B left and right. Right. You have to do that cause and effect. And the final step for manage millennials effectively is you’ve got to create a positive work environment.

And you heard Ms. Adeline talk about it every employee interview that we do they always talk about the atmosphere the sights the sounds the smells the decor you’ve got to be intentional about the sites. How does your office look. What kind of overhead music do you have. We don’t have any overhead. Oh you’re in trouble. Get the sounds the smell. I don’t know what kind of smell. Start with pinyon what did you can’t think of a good smell. Have an official scent and the decor. It’s got to be inspirational Steve. It can’t just be a haircut place in Tulsa that has these blue plastic chairs were the ones from third grade. And they want you to sit on that while you’re here. Yeah dude. No one likes that. But that only worked on baby boomers.

Baby boomers are like yeah sure I’ll sit on a child’s chair until it doesn’t fit in to people magazine that’s talking about the recent death of Princess Diana. Right. Breaking news breaking news Baywatch looks to cancel their show after the season. Breaking news.

A full House will no longer be taping the breaking Michael Jordan retiring again. It’s breaking breaking news breaking news here. They’re going to shut down the family ties TV show. Oh yes. Breaking news Diff’rent Strokes it will no longer be on the air.

Speaking of smell’s will we do a lot of Domino’s Pizza will we just leave it out so can have that like now though.

Don’t move to the be to just one drum wrap for you so you can’t be. You can’t be run around your office.

Queuing up like DVDs where they have you can’t give your employees a copy. You can’t you know when you come to some office you have a flat screen and it’ll show relevant things on it or motivational quotes we have motivational quotes. We have topical things inspirational things you can have like a looping video of silver spoons.

Here we are face to face a couple of spoons.

We’re two of a kind something around. So a run down and I had. To get.

O take on that time each day. Ricky Schroder remember that Barcelona that your saying that you can’t manage millennials it’s because you’re watching too many episodes of silver spoons together. And so we’re going to do is we’re going to wrap up today’s show by playing the soundtrack to silver spoon. That’s right. Because if you’re struggling to manage silver spooned employees aka millennials they never know what it’s like to work. You’ve got to be a source of wisdom. You’ve got to show your people you care. You have to create career paths and you must create a positive work environment without airing the audio from or referencing the show. Silverstone’s. Space. Kind.



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