Managing Employees 101 (Part 5) – Avoid the 7 Frequent Hiring Dysfunctions

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Are you struggling to retain high quality employees? Are you desperately trying to not be a dysfunctional employer? “Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.” – Jack Welch (The CEO who grew GE by 4,000% during his tenure)

  1. Systems not in place before hiring
    1. Inbound and outbound script
    2. Video cameras
    3. Call recording
  2. Not executing group interview consistently
  3. Scared to fire
  4. Be consistent
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the first and maybe most important parts of a good time management system is to take the time every single day to do planning time. You must plan your day just like you plan a vacation. You would not wake up  in the morning and fo on a vacation without a plan or a driving map.” Lee Cockerell
  5. No key performance indicators or standards
  6. Don’t want to invest in hiring
  7. Hiring skill over character


  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate
  3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
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Audio Transcription

On today’s show, we’re talking about managing them employees, one o one, and how to avoid the seven hiring dysfunctions. Now there are many other dysfunctions. We could probably list out 407 dysfunctions. But here are the seven that I see the most often. This justin, take some notes. This will be about a seven minute podcast. So I’m going to go fast, but I want to make sure that you’re writing these down and if any of these are dysfunctions for your company, stopped doing it. Alright, so simple. Just felt this function. Number one, you don’t have systems in place before you hire somebody. So you hire a cold collar, but you don’t have a script. You know, you hire somebody to help you build out due to do building, but you don’t have the tools yet. You hire somebody to help you build houses, but you don’t have blueprints. You hire a sales rep, but you don’t have a proven system for them to implement that is not having systems in place. Chuck is an absolute disaster for both parties.

Yeah. One thing that I see a lot when people go to hire is they don’t have any system or any idea how to even train them, let alone get them into the job. Same.

Most people have no idea what systems you need. As an example, if you’re going to hire people, you have to have an inbound script and an outbound script. You’ve got to have video cameras in your call center. I’d recommend the nest cameras or reo link and you have to have the clarity voice, phone recorder to record the calls using clarity, so that way you actually know what’s going on on the calls, not what hypothetically should be going on, but what is going on. All right. If you have a call center, didn’t have cameras up, you are screwed. You, you want to watch the elephant in the room, call center. Uh, we’ll put a link to it in the show notes there, chopping it’s Eitr, forward slash call dash center and you can see our call center and you can see our team working or not working depending upon what day it is and you can hear the audio good things and bad things.

It’s all there. I welcome you into my office. You can check it out, go check it out. EITR, forward slash call Dash Center. And soon at a later date we will have all the shows. Are All the stores available to see as well. Nice. That way you can log on and see what’s going on in the car TV. That’s what we’re. That’s what we’re working on. It’d be Kinda cool. Now the next step, step number two, not executing, not executing the group interview consistently if you don’t. Group interview. We’ve talked about on the earlier steps as we’re going through this six part epic journey through how to manage employees effectively. You just got to do the group interview every week. If you don’t, you can’t fire. You don’t have any leverage. It’s weird. Third Marshall, you can’t be scared to death to fire people. You just can’t be scared to fire.

You can’t. You got to pull that trigger. You got to fire him. You got to get them out fourth in long pine as well. I’ll tell you what randy, I’m going to aim over there. Our aim ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim. And I may have been on my team for 25 years, man. Well they’ve sucked for 25 and a half, but they’re in the back. He was a buddy of my dad’s there in the vacuum and that’s what we want. Steve Peck. Hi there. That’s well, you know, just by the product. Have you worked here so long? Even though you’re terrible. We should keep you around. No. Oh okay. Thank you for clarifying. So I thought if an employee sucked, you could keep them. If they were in the back of the department, would they know if they’re terrible? I can’t that stuck for so long.

He wait. No, you gotta be consistent. You got to be consistent in general, just be consistent as a boss. People will not work for you if you’re not consistent. Marshall, talk about it. We’ve talked about it earlier, but hammered home my friend. Consistency creates confidence. The more consistent you are, the more confident that people will, more confidence people will have in you, in you doing your job. Chuck, will you read the notable quotable from proverbs ten four. I’ll give you a second to pull that up there. It is so important. If you’re out there today and you’re not consistent, you’re honest with yourself about this. I mean if you’re on my bicep, cliff, he wants to says lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Right? Right, right. So as an example, Lee Cockerel writes on page one 61 of the boom book I’m reading.

One of the first and maybe most important parts of good management systems is to take the time every single day to do planning time. You must plan your day like you plan your vacation. You would not wake up in the morning and go on vacation without a plan and driving without a map. Don’t head off every morning to your team with no plan. Yup. Oh, create a plan that’s from page 81 61 of the boom book. I’ll have you put it on the show notes after we wrap up recording today. Now, no key performance indicators, no standards, Marshall. It’s a huge issue when you don’t have any key performance indicators for any of your employees and no standards, that’s a problem. Business is like sports in. You have to keep score or else you don’t know what winning looks like. Right? And then you have to have key performance indicators.

You have to say, this is how many cold calls you have to make per day. This is how many mortgages you have to close to work here. Steve, how many people want to get a business card and then not sell a mortgage for the a mortgage company? How many people want to get a what? A business card and come work for a mortgage company but never closed mortgages. Yeah, so there’s a lot of people that want to not work and think that it’s going to produce something and they want nothing to be measured. It’s like getting in your car without a gas gauge and being surprised when you run out of gas. How many realtors have you met that one of the glamor shots. Get the real estate license but not sell real estate. I want to say every one of them, but probably not every one of them.

Just. There’s a lot of people that are like, you know, it’s like they don’t take it serious, this kind of thing. My pet peeves, but it’s like, yeah, I think I’ll. So if you’re going to career on the weekends, actually hold them accountable to a certain number of outbound calls a day and a certain number of deals per month. Period. Yup. They don’t hit it. You kind of warn them about it. You put them on the probation, they have to come to more training, and then if they don’t do it, they’re fired because the job is to sell real estate. Yep. Right. You got to have key performance indicators. The elephant in the room, you have to cut someone’s hair in 27 minutes. It’s nothing personal. If you can’t, you just can’t work there. Now the next dysfunction I see all the time in small businesses is people don’t want to invest in hiring.

They don’t want to invest money and slash or time in hiring people. They just want to hire who they know. Yeah, whatever. I don’t know. Subcontractor that out. I got a buddy who does that on the side and that’s not going to get you where you want to go. It’s just you have to invest in hiring people and interviewing people. You have to invest the money needed to run those help wanted ads. You have to spend the money and then you have to hire people. If you hire enough people, you have to hire a manager. Marshall, if you don’t have a manager to manage your people, what’s going to happen by default, brother is gang get campy and people are not going to do their job and the reason why you need a manager is because people can

not manage themselves. I do not like when you follow up. I no longer buy a uniform I wear rolled to because I like robe and I do not like breeze. I do not follow cost script because it’s restrictive. Today I dumped because I want to disrobe because the robust was constructed, so I stand here in front of you nude and ready to work on the scripts that I made myself, which I know scripts. I use reverse psychology. People want what they can’t have Marsha, so I call people and I say, hello, is this Marshall Marshall? Come on, I wrote that right now. Marshall, this is Marshall.

This is not funny. This is my cause. I woke up and I say to you, I’m not available. I’m all booked out. Goodbye now. And then when they say, no, no, what do you offer? I say I say nothing and then people, people have curiosity if they do not know what to do, so it creates curiosity and people want what they can’t have. I read all 48 laws of power and I just demonstrated all 48 in one sentence, one sentence. So I sit here in the office following the script because I don’t want to be intellectually dishonest with our customers. I want the customers to know did I flow Marshall? I think this is the one exception. Actually, this works. I appreciate you checking on me for my quarterly update in my remote office. I know you’re based in Tulsa and I appreciate you flying up to meet me in my Denver Office for the quarterly followup and in the last 12 weeks you’d noticed I got rid of all the chairs, all the value statements, all the decor or the music, all the standards that the world puts upon me and I now book completely nude with a free attitude.

Marsha, I am free. I am free, is very functional. I am free to. My body is the key to my sales. Marshall, let me hug you now, Marshall, so systems driven, he can’t even.

What happens if you have a remote office? If you’re out there listening right now and you have a remote office and you do and you’ve not put in cameras, put them in today and then show up. It’s crazy. Why are you doing aerial yoga? I’m being 100 percent serious. It’s happened twice last week for two of my clients that have never previously put in cameras twice last week and they showed up for the first time online to watch the cameras. They didn’t even show up to the office. They just went to the nest feed and they hit play on the streaming video and for the first time they saw what’s going on and let me tell you what was happening at the office. Nothing. People weren’t even there and I have no exceptions to tell you. I know of no other examples. If you don’t put gps on your employees cars, if you don’t record the calls, if you don’t have video cameras up, you had better call Bob Vila and say canceled this episode of this old house because you’re not going to have any, any screws for this episode.

I have personally utilized all of the screws. I have been screwed. Fabiola cancel a show. You want to have any screws? Hi. How’s? He goes. I haven’t been awfully on this cruise. Bob Buck. Shut down this old house. You’re going to have to be building houses with a nail and you know that lumber doesn’t stick together very well with nails. You’re gonna. Have to cancel the whole series because I have a monopoly on the screws. I’ve been screwed. I’m serious though. It’s awful. If you don’t put in video cameras, you’re. You’re in a bad spot, my friend. You are in a bad spot. Okay, so now the next move is the final dysfunction. Number seven, hiring skill over character. That’s a bad move. Yeah. When you hire someone who’s a jerk but they’re good at coding. Marcia, what’s gonna Happen? If you hire skilled and nefarious people igene, you’ve seen this firsthand and I’ve been duped a few times, I’d say I’m pretty good with choosing good employees. I’d say I probably bet 95 percent, but you’ve seen the five percent where I guessed wrong and what kind of crap happens when you have a low character person handling your coding. Will you end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars flying them out to the to

take them around the office for the day, ask them their experience, realize that they’re not actually going to be able to do coding despite their master’s degree in coding, and then you end up watching them smoke about three packs of cigarettes outside of Quik trip on the way to their hotel.

Avoid the seven frequent hiring dysfunctions. Listen to this podcast over and over if you have to, but I’m going to leave you with the final encouraging statistic. Kind of a fun one here for you. Check this. This is a fun statistic. I’m excited. Seventy five percent of employees steal according to the US chamber. That’s exciting. Seventy five percent of employees steal according to the US chamber and CBS News, and 80 percent of employees lie on their resume 80 percent, yet they do. That’s exciting news, exciting news, and another one here for you. Only 70 percent of employees today hate their jobs. Oh, so positive. And it’s really only, it’s only a quarter of the employees who look at adult content at work. So you’re in a great year and a great deal here. You’re gonna. Rate it three out of four people so you’re not looking at porn so you don’t need it. You don’t need to worry about these dysfunctions. Now we just run out there blind and just manage people how you’ve always been managing them and you’ll be fine. No, you got to take this information and change your destination. It’s not helpful for you to get this information and to maintain the current destination. Get the information, but use it to change. Make a transformation, change your destination. Come on now you can do it. Knowledge without application is meaningless and Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison. This vision without execution is hallucination. Vision without execution is hallucination. Free to go.


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