Managing Humans | Breaking Down the Management Philosophies of Phil Jackson

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Are you struggling to get your team to perform at their peak? On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark and Dr Z break down the management philosophy and management systems of Phil Jackson who won 11 NBA Championships as a Coach and 2 NBA championships as a player for the New York Knicks.

  1. Recognize the talent – Page 120
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Michael returned from the (Olympic) games raving about Scottie’s performance. Before the summer, Michael had regarded Pippen as the most talented member of his supporting cast. But after watching him outplay Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Clyde Drexler and other future Hall of Famers in Barcelona, Michael realized that Scottie was the best all-around player on what many consider to best basketball team ever assembled. Scottie, Michael had to admit, had even outshone him in several of the games.” – Phil Jackson (11 Rings – Soul of Success)
  2. You Must Teach Your Managers to Manage – Page 121
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “This is what I was trying to do with the Bulls. My goal was to act as instinctively as possible to allow the players to lead the team from within. I wanted them to be able to flow with the action, the way a tree bends with the wind. That’s why I put so much emphasis on having tightly structured practices. I would assert myself forcefully in practice to imbue the players with a strong vision of where we needed to go and what we had to do to get there. But once the game began, I would slip into the background and let the players orchestrate the attack. Occasionally, I would step in to make the defensive adjustment or shift players around if we needed a burst of energy. For the most part, though, I let the players take the lead.” – Phil Jackson (11 Rings – Soul of Success)
  3. Find the Right Manager – Page 122
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Scottie was a different kind of leader. He was more easy going than MIchael. He’d listen to his teammates vent, then try to do something about whatever was troubling them. “I think guys gravitated toward Scottie because he was more like us,” says Steve Kerr. “Michael was such a dominant presence that, at times, he didn’t appear human. Nothing could get to Michael. Scottie was more human, more vulnerable like us.” – Phil Jackson (11 Rings – Soul of Success)
  4. How to get the most out of the players – Page 124
  5. Do not let  your team get bored on the job – Page 125
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Excellent people bore down and do NOT get bored.” – Clay Clark  
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “27 A scoundrel plots evil,  and on their lips it is like a scorching fire. 28 A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends. 29 A violent person entices their neighbor  and leads them down a path that is not good.” – Proverbs 16:27-29
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” – John D. Rockefeller
  6. AMPLE NON-EXAMPLE – Rodman killing the culture by protesting the team culture by taking his shoes off during games.
  7. How to handle high talent people with problems
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You put up with it as long as you will put up with it and when you are done you are done.” – Doctor Zoellner


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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year and best business coach clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell p, p, the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields all white stripe. Nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is clyde clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and as always, I’m joined here with the best business coach man, the myth, the legend dr., robert zoellner, sir. How are you I’m? Quite you today feels like a throwback day, I think about it. Think about it, I mean. Normally we have a crew of guys around us. We got butter chap you going to be adding, show notes and looking things up, we got marshall center in the corner, cheering us on sometimes jonathan kelly’s kind of schooling around. You know a lot of guys are kind of round, but today, in the studio, it’s like it’s like a throwback day, turn on man cave things that matter the things that people care about the things that people care about so I’m, going to pretend that this is just a quiet man cave session between you and me, and all the listeners and their friend.

So many good there’s no way I’m going to give you a man cave session moment before we get into phil jackson and management use or break it, down, phil, jackson’s book 11 rings, and he was obviously the coach who coached the bulls to 6 nba championships, the lakers to 5 nba championships by the nba championships, michael jordan and kobe bryant. Neither one of those guys want a single nba championship without phil jackson was just kind of floundered around before phil came to town and bill would go to do. Is he looks for talented recognize the town? So I would like to ask you this? Is there somebody in your company? You can think of right now we’re doing man with me for a long time, and there were, they were much more talented than I as a best business coach may be initially thought because bills talking about this on page paisley, page 120 makes planes that scottie pippen go someplace for the dream team and he said michael jordan always considered scotty to be a good player and the rest of the team does michael realize that scotty after playing barcelona for the dream team does michael realize that scotty was the best all-around basketball player on the planet. Wow scotty michael had to admit how to even out show him drinks drink. Some games. Scotty came back with renewed confidence and took on an even bigger role with the bull. So it’s like you don’t recognize that scotty was good right at the clyde drexler john stockton magic johnson scottie. Not only did he played better than those guys and all the sudden I have a guy who’s. The best in the nba michael felt like i, could look, I mean he needed somebody else to show that to him and then fill goes on and talks about how you know you have to look for that town.

You have the buick kind of find that count nurture that town and so I think about our company. John kelly I’m, going to start with john kelly. What sure? Why? Wouldn’t you guys rock star, needs to get the top of google I mean, but that guy to be you know they got to be done well to follow the system. It can’t be just gibberish because we have a client for the first time the john worked with was called nielsen’s gifts and they said we sell kinzig lamps kinzig k, I n z. I g lamp i, never bought that were likeable. What would you like for us to write about misadjust? Just can’t wait to win to be topping google 400-plus articles for that client with no previous knowledge of subject and remember his parents friends family, to go. What do you do for a living best business coach man that diligence that he was applying to search engines? I bet you would he can apply that to the phone she brought him out of the search engine dungeons put them on the phone on the phone he like he puts on a laser laser, show all calling for a roofing company called brb, roofing business owners and try to convince you to set up a meeting about having your roof redone. Your favorite best business coach things in the world to do is to redo your flat roof on a commercial building um. What do you do all the time just patch it forever just patch? It just gets really hot day. That’s one of my favorite things to do in go up there right after you had a tooth extraction and do both of us today. I mean that’s, that’s a weird, that’s hashtag! Winning you can have an examination. You know you on that same day to extraction yeah and they are really hot. What is business owner? Why would somebody that’s honestly, what would use a business owner not want to talk to somebody about replacing a roof? You know i, don’t know lazy, i, don’t know why it is expensive. You or the last time you looked at your very good question. I mean it probably depends on when you say where to place it I mean like tear it all the way off and replace it. 50 60,000, probably a lot of money into say who is in charge of the building maintenance there for dr. Robert, zoellner and associates speak I know kelly’s out today can I speak to bob? Can I speak to bob with a b rb roofing it heard of us before i, don’t think I have that were based in muskogee we put on the roof like nsu oklahoma state live at church.

Is that kind of thing, and we know most people would rather have a tooth extraction in to replace the roof. What was the last time you looked at your roof of your roof leaks right now, you’re the best around so I think I might have a little bit of i. Don’t know that we send a guy by he looks at your roof. We have a video of it to see if there’s any issues with it. If you want to replace it, would give you a quote. If not no stress would you like for us to come by and do that there’s no obligation anything. That’s basically the best business coach pitch. Do that like 200 calls I got to hang up on me or hanging up on him. He would you promote that guy? So now you say:hey I got a manager being kind of squirrely john he’ll be out. Next week the manager is kind of being squirrely. You know, I didn’t say he’s out next week, I’d like for you to fill in this week. Just so you can you know. Not only does he get to work before the his predecessor did get a new level of efficiency. The team used to work monday through friday that they did the deadline with black friday friday morning. He is letting the team go, he said, take if they got you want to. If we can have off on friday, so we’re done. I’m done no way, no way. Project management managing like website search engine, optimization everything’s done. If people haven’t been pulling all-nighters, he just hasn’t seen her some people that could just manage people but yeah. It’s amazing it it’s it’s a it’s a difficult skill set, but once you have it, it’s worth a lot of money, but still can’t manage people.. They can’t manage themselves.

This best business coach person could manage of snow comes down job, but they can’t manage anybody. Yes, and you told me to man cave session, you said you had a yellow cab glass of lagavulin into a man cave session when, when it rains in heaven the dew on the ground after a good, hard rain, a big scoop it up and they put in the bottle of lagavulin scotch and it’s it’s kind of a earthy hills like dirt. You were drinking like a girl’s, a girl’s beverage with an umbrella and it’s on the right side. You have like a margarita, you might have to move into darker, like a red wine. You know like the blue ones, like the darth vader yeah. It’s way over here, just to sit from a small sip of it and I am like it’s crazy and then I was asking you about best business coach management. Should we’ll see I’ve got somebody who’s struggling to hit the deadlines. What do you do, and you said to me, looked at me and you said clay people change, so great he’s killed, all my, hope step2, you said you, my friend have them about that. You have promoted somebody to a level of incompetence to a level of their incompetent and then you reached over and you grab some wood in your fireplace outside looking over the pool, and you put some more wood in there and you proceeded to say nothing else about the subject. Cuz I’m left to kind of figure out. What’s could you just told me the people change seldom right and you told me that I promoted somebody who was good at their job to a level of their incompetence. What did you find? A guy needs comes in the lab and he’s really good at making glasses he’s on time.

He’s accurate he’s all he gets all 5 days and and he’s just he’s at the rockstar. You know that I would send your optical man or the op delight manager says you know how I’m moving to wherever family’s got a thing. I got to go here in my notice had a great time and I’m out of here and then you look at this person. You say:well, you know he shows up on time. Yeah he’s really good at making the lenses. He should be my lab manager rights with really no consideration for how to get along with people. How does he interact with people? Do you think it’s going to be good manager of people he’s a good manager of the job, but now we start to manage people it’s a whole different paradigm shift can I can I pull up an email that came in today from one of our employees at one of their companies. Read the names of the people involved. I think you would appreciate this turn the shop. This is what he discovered he says being such and such is. There attitude is wrong person here doing a bad job. This person bad job, this person bad job, this person bad job, this person, bad job, this person bad job, these three bad job. To take this wow, he was very good at his job wanted to be come. The next level in the company would have been a manager sure right now, I’m moving them to one of the businesses to go to shadow for a day and no best business coach solutions on how to improve, which is taking notes of all the things going wrong and I’ll. Tell you what you manage. People bring a little crazy to work today. Do they do the hot, crazy matrix? You know kind of the every other little a little crazy. You know so. I helped michael jordan to discover look scottie, pippen man. This guy is a floor. General he’s a great manager. You should involve in the pic. We should let him lead. The team I didn’t realize. Scottie pippen became the leader of the bulls. He was the one who kept the emotional state of the team positive way to keep the emotional state of your office positive z.

Oh yeah, these guys they do the cleaning for a google. Never heard of these guys are a great company called the classic clean.Com. The classic clean.Com make your office turn into a porcelain tiles turn your bathroom into a porcelain, palace visit, the classic clean dot-com call today, +918-671-204-6918, 671-2046 and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio show the mind set on the magic trick of the wild food, giving it to you straight in the spring. In the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. I need a block from the blacks earn some really great plan a better day. I do an occasional! You know business man right here and there when they, you know, you can’t do much snow for the business speaking circuit. This is what happened in the nba hall of fame legendary coach before I want become a best business coach public speaker and said:there’s two sides to it. There’s a hearing and you can visit somebody have to do what you want to do, that you could do it. This is a guy. If coach to distill does public speaking today is done great, you want me to school, teacher. Earning millions of dollars a year as a consultant speaker isn’t right, but I’ll tell you this speaker. You have to first die to yourself and realize I can’t talk about what people need to hear. I must talk about what they want to hear.

Minorville, say:i, wanted to see what topics do you have it? If you tell them stuff like how to build a how to build a linear workflow, could you put you talk about it’s always like? Could you talk about him and your facebook page right how to create financial freedom of working 4 hours a week, yeah i, just that kind of the millionaire mindset to creating an environment where everyone’s happy right, c, roy’s? Okay, do I have to do business comedy, which is the combination of business in,, because if you’re going to be honest, you got to be funny right exactly how many people today are excited to be here in, like one guy in the front row, so I kind of get the 1st left onto front row front row is looking at you going about 20 minutes into the talking about an hour format. People start taking notes, you start winning them over. There I believe it’ll come up to your computer like jim gaffigan meets businesses was fun and also thanks, and could you sign my book and you sell some books they’re looking to sign them about you, linkedin email, a text or a message that your sister tries to set up. 400 pick your brain to sponsor your know. You’re nobody spoke. Do you ever do that after a dinner before or after your rocks? Are the one before they like to figure out who’s, paying your dues paying you? The person is paying you that’s the product that you cannot you can’t even to, as example, I spoke to hewlett-packard I want to be honest as a best business coach, most people today, if you’re, a business professional and you work and I can say this now, cuz i, no longer a client, but just say that you are a business professional and you have any type of efficiency. Do you care about at all and you do graphic design? Are you going to use a hewlett-packard computer safe today is importance of gaining a high net promoter score, which is what you want to build a brand that people love and so think about the brands that people love. That would be like whole foods. That would be like harley harley that be like app hewlett-packard of of saving money to group of insurance agents and I talked about the importance of of living below your means and saving and saving money and I quoted dave ramsey.

This entire group of people hates dave ramsey, because apparently dave ramsey teaches you to minimize your expenses, which decreases these outrageous products. They can charge you for dave, ramsey ramsey once said, you want to act your way to display the burning coming on just filled up what are glassy the feathers out of each other like i. Don’t think this is going to coach at least oh yeah and you’re playing for the 15,000 people, many of which were born yesterday. I believe they know more about the game. You’re playing right there, giving you tips stuff like that. I’m! Not talking about that killed your shooting free throws. You had a guy in his forties, who is normally a sane person, but he’s like up there right on your team as a wife or a girlfriend that wants to travel with the team. There’s injuries, there’s a constant threat. I mean see what was the last time you traded one of your optometrist to the to the best business coach competition. Then they came to work and you said, but right, you’re, traded, cody to be named later. Sorry, you’re out here tell your traded to a different city player to be named later. Was that even mean phil jackson coaching, a team? You like these players can be traded any moment a lot of times. They are so you’re like that you’re 15, guys pretty small pack and then one day or like what happened to that guy people. Just now, the leader of the bulls scottie pippen, begin to assert his leadership skills and I’m page 121, phil jackson talks about how he like to run practice. He says this is what I was trying to do with the bull. My goal was to act as instinctively as possible to have a player’s like scotty the lead, the team from with it I wanted them to be able to flow with the action the way the tree bins, with, the wind.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on having tightly structure, structure practices. I would assert myself forcefully in the practice to improve the players with a strong vision of where we needed to go and what we had to do today. I had to do to get there what’s the game again, I would slip in the background and let the players orchestrate the attack occasion I would step in making a difference of adjustment or ship players around what would happen if we need a burst of energy but for the most part I let the players that scotty take the lead z talk to me about how this relates to your management philosophy, which I see you do all the time. The business is compared to run themselves. If you are effective at training your manager talk about that. Do you want to have time, freedom, financial, freedom and silver lot of times it will happen. Is that when people come, do not say what are you doing? What I don’t i, don’t know? Why are you still doing that? Well, i, don’t trust my best business coach manager to do that and I might trust. Why why why not? Well, that’s a very important thing and therefore I feel like I need to still micromanage that are still need to to be on top of that, I still need to do that going to do it exactly how to make a mistake, I go. They will time freedom and financial freedom you gotta learn to become an effective delegated.

We come back as he will talk more about how to train your manager. Did your trainer manager to manage to help you manage your finance manager, accounting? If you’re saying I need some help here, hood cpas., com.Com.Com, zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz I got five. Kids I will not lose. It is the truth. All that make that excuse, I’ll be up to the school board the truth into a like my yoda. Are you still see the new han solo movie? That’s on your list of this, my wife and i. We we talked I thought it was a lot of it on the show and people ask me all the time to see how do you work with your wife I want to get this clear for the listeners to soccer. If you watch the honey guy, does he know about the honeyguide? The honeyguide you’ve told me about that how to find a hurt bird that flies around the honey badger, where the be where the bees are at whittwood beehives are with a honey. It’s where the snakes are in a honey badger goes and kills. The snake gets, bitten, gets stung whatever, and it leaves a portion of the bounty for the honey guide to beating the bird comes down there eat and the honey badger would die without the burn. The bird I was a win-win, a copacetic relationship, sound, so cool private lessons, gymnastics and I go i. Think you mean private to private lessons, gymnastics and I think what she means is I need to go, sell something to pay for private, lessons,, correct or she’ll, say house and I’m, like i, think she means a house with the wall of points out where the where the bounty they’re still say, you need to stop working with all these startups and work with people that are diligent, diligent, start up honey. You work with them or a company that already existed, but don’t work with these people who, like want to start a best business coach business and have it be successful in 30 days those people like the plague can I go for 12 years ago she said people for free for lunch every day, you’re working with like fire schiano, so you’re, working with like icing on the top he’s covered in all growing and not paying you like, but you’re my buddy, my buddy somebody’s, going to call me I’m trying to help him.

Why don’t you charge? You know? Listen! These are just my wife’s going to point that out it’s what I got the intersection of the two circles. You call the vesica pisces in the middle of the intersection of two circles, the olympic rings with a kinect the middle on star wars, oh yeah, we connect on business. We connect on grilling, we connect on that. We love to work together and that’s kind of our love language. Some couples that I don’t have done every aspect of your life areas where we really don’t get into that conversation to you about a prophecy in what the prophet meant and what he was in and she would go into my wife very into the prophetic word and I and I and it freaks me out, and I know god’s real die. I, don’t have my I know. My smartphone is real, but it freaks me out. We talk too much, but how it works right. Okay, what’s the dive deeper dive, deep and how google works, it’s all I would say is you’re out there listening and you have a business partner or someone. Your life find the vesica pisces by the intersection of those two circle. That’s what phil jackson phil jackson is so good of the chicago bulls in the los angeles lakers, always players, michael, jordan, kobe, bryant or fighting with your teammates, but can’t find the intersection of the two circles that manage we. Can we talk about you, don’t before the break, how old how to train up those managers? And that’s one of things that you do with your managers. You find out something for you overlap with them that you can connect with them on, because your best business coach manager should be in your inner inner circle inner, circle, juno and dave should be people that have direct access to you. That when I call you answer right that, when you’re very responsive, when I call and the thing about it is i-have learned a couple coupled stages of command, because the first one is there, two of them the early on their fried to make a decision, and so therefore they don’t want to make a mistake, and there were they get locked up.

A lot. I can replace the toilet paper, but i, don’t know if I didn’t see would approve with always bought reply. I, don’t know whether to go to tupac. Really, why did you run out of gas? I didn’t want to fill up without asking I didn’t want to go case. We got that first stage, one security you’re trying to build their there. You know how you can do it, you can do it, you can do it, do it do it, and then you can do the zone. If you’re there making mistakes, I swear I paid off the entire team on thursday cuz, it’s one guy, you was talking back to me. I was like if it ain’t good, enough., my way or the highway I think about it, says I’ll be on time or the firing right to my fire. The one thing about that best business coach stages. Whenever you get in that stage, you have to inspect what you expect a lot a lot on top of it hourly I’m, not talking minute by minute, but I’m talking and it by minute by minute. I was watching the, real time, video of you doing your job all day. Everyday buren and I know that you are a tools at or three way with your right hand, not your left hand of the name of that. That’s, a violation of I thought that you don’t tell mike but think about it. You have to inspect what you expect. Okay doing more than you want them to do. I would totally invite all the checklist I totally took off all the unnecessary things. I changed all the all. The checklist and I do not have streamlined it.

That I figured you know a best business coach checklist, don’t do that. Mister mister sing right now and you don’t work for the sandwich company. Don’t change all the checklist. I know you’re busy right and I didn’t want to bother you with so I changed everything. So I made a lot of high-level decisions right because I didn’t want to bother you with it and call dr. Robert, zoellner and associates, but I went ahead and just changed it to robert’s, because it’s more personal and because it would be less money with less letters. I just call rob’s want to listen. Let’s talk about weird I need to get involve into a decision, and when you can’t-and you know it’s a bit-the balancing act now michael jordan was not a natural leader until jackson discovered that scottie pippen with puppy that level three kind of manager you’re talking about it’s guyses, scotty page 122 scotty was a different kind of leader. He was more easygoing than michael. He listened patiently does teammates vent then try to do something about whatever was troubling them. I think the guys gravitated towards scotty, because he was more like us as steve kerr michael was a dominant presents that at times you didn’t seem human know they could get to michael scott. He was more human, more vulnerable like us, so again that steve kerr talks about his experience and how scottie pippen was kind of like the the leader of the team it, but michael was the top-performing in a sales guy, the top of pouring apple and that’s a beautiful example of how just because the guy is may be the best at making baskets and playing defense is not make him miss of shirley the captain on the field. You know, speaking of a guy, to make great baskets if he wanted to wear a company that could make it either, but instead they choose to supply tulsa with the best printer cartridges.

The best office supply challenge. Mr. Brighten standing reach out to him after nasa would like to make the rocket twister challenge spacex here at sonic’s, imaging I’m passionate about going to office depot. Pan too much for retail office supplies. Don’t call don’t just don’t do it. If you want to save time and money, then you got to reach out to her friends at onyx imaging at sonic’s imaging.Com. What was that onyx imaging.Com? What’s your phone number? Their phone number is 918-627-6611 its 918-627-6611 onyx imaging, days. We’re still here we’re still here. We still have time just a little bit of time. Stay tuned for more phil jackson on the drive time to show on radio zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz I will not lose. It is the truth. All that make that excuse, I’ll be up to the school board. The truth into a like. My yoda call dr. Xanax to see. If you are next to me so much fun. Let’s go see the new house. Here’s the deal. Also, you just discovered the dependable that I’m currently burning in the studio, while recording I didn’t know that you still live on that sweetie dude I know, I was going to get a beverage in the said refrigerator and I had to walk to the workout room. I e the garage just a cement floor. In fairness and actually butter check down to first and see if they said take him. I’ll go what would on the floor if you looked it up, but it’s it’s got cold burning, wife, the room where the best business coach house is really it is every house really a woman harry a lot of guys. What happens when you first get married will happen. Is your wife if she is an effective, a woman of that? You know she should at least say:can we just going to put your stuff in the garage garage every time it’s like? Could you put them in the attic and pretty soon that the dumpster, all the christmas stuff goes in there now you’re, joe montana stuff is all your posters are hidden? All your coffee tables are hitting your bean bags are gone. Your sega genesis is gone for what I’ve done the man cave through, taking all those things from the back of every man’s closet door.

Attic it’s all front inner. You know what it said:it’s a lovely space 2. How do I feel when I walk in there I just feel my testosterone levels rise guys if they want to go get that a testosterone count count up the low. T is a thing. You know some guys just go in the man, cave management philosophies and principles of phil jackson that allowed him to take the floundering, chicago bulls to already had michael, jordan and scottie pippen and allow them to win six championships. He joined the los angeles lakers in the flounder in kobe bryant in the floundering shaquille o’neal, and he led the championships when he was gone. They didn’t win when he was there, they won. His job was to manage people effectively and phil. Jackson was phenomenal at this page 124 of his book 11 rings. He writes, he’s talking about his how he gets the most out of players. He says ongoing process for reaching your potential and doing the work needed to realize your vision. Each player is achieving the most they can on the court. That’s just on the right. Why would he want to make sure that all the best business coach players off the court are trying to reach their potential and realize their vision as it as it doesn’t relate to basketball? He he’s a genius. Isn’t he figured out that as much as as much as we tell our employees, say:hey, listen at the door. I know your dad. Babe has been diagnosed with this I know your kid may just been run over by a car. I know you’re. Whatever your situation is your dad just filed bankruptcy or whatever it is it’s going on. If I do mojito, the door mean forget about that for the next 8 hours by by getting involved in their personal life in that regard, to just sit there and make each other more well-rounded. You show me how it makes me more well-rounded person which in turn makes me better teammate which, in turn, which in turn made chips bingo. No here is the thing about the bil-jax, because you haven’t heard the previous shows as a three-part series on the excellence of management from phil, jackson, basketball.

Guy I think you remember, jackson have one play like 55 plus i. Do this do that. Not the square inside the circle? That’s 1, 2 3 play the triangle which involved the players moving in a rhythmic pattern and they everything has like a away. That is if it’s basically learn this play. Do this play. This is what we do on page 125. Our biggest enemy during the 1992 season was boredom. Boredom life in the nba can be still define, mind-numbing experience, particularly when you’re in a long road trip and every minute of every day is scheduled. My goal was to get two players to break free from michigan, signing basketball cocoon and explore the deeper more spiritual aspects of life by spiritual i. Don’t mean religious I’m in the act of self-discovery. That happens when you step beyond routine and the way you see the world going to change today. So, what’s with the break it down into your business. Do, you not run the same special for the last 26 years. 99 dollar special know. What are you shoes with your best business coach glasses free shoes with her glasses, but you’ll get the same thing of every day at the office. It is a triangle that sell them check them in no no square. The triangle triangle think about it. When you run the same play over and over and over, you get really really good at it. Here’s what it happens if you’re going to hire a new person, I’m sure cory mentor, with trinity employment, you’ve never heard this person I’m sure she’ll, never coached. The client, like this I’m sure you’ve never seen this. You hire a new person. The person, usually the profile 3228 for some advice to you because you’re the business you want to put the new post on social media like everyday, would like a new special cuz engagements to keep her like twice like men’s tips, everyday bro.

They convince you that you need to instagram your way to success, a new promotion, everyday chamber, there’s the local christian. Whatever group there’s a local pagan, whatever group there’s the local shriners, there’s a masonic, there’s, always groups, and you probably should go to all those bro. You need to be more involved in the community, get to the same place out there bro when you hire a new person, who’s young enough to be ambitious with new ideas, they’ve been on pinterest way too long. You’re like come into your office, giving you a big to-do list of things for you to review. Oh my gosh you’re kind of going we’re good. You know where the three-legged stool, but we’ve got cookin what day would the marketing moves were doing that triangle? What doing was trying to try and we’re sticking with the triangle? Oh no, you just do that bore down doing the same thing over and over and over to look at great at it, people that are never excellent, get bored of the same thing over and over and over and over and over, and it works having fun when you’re not at work, because the best business coach business exist to serve absolutely come on. If that’s what you do, that’s what you have to do. You have to do it right. You have to do it well and continue to do it the same way you had to just pound it that trying to I love that water level 1. If you insert variety into your with a new marketing every month, I do marketing move every month. What’s going to happen, you’re not going to spend all your time at 6 going to work. It’s exciting being stressed out, it’s exciting screwing up everything right! So that’s exciting! It is excited to unknown.

You like to tell all my folks about the new ad, because I was going to come and talk about it because they’re on the radio to find people don’t know about it right now, I got to work harder, just okay, so now I’ve got the new thing going. I got to make sure all my guys know about the new thing as a pill. Jackson does phil jackson meets with every player and helps them fight boredom by becoming the best they can be off the court and he gives them all a book to read. We come back from the break I’m going to break down the reading list. Did phil jackson gave his players particular season. He just closes in his book, which books he recommended to the specific players. Triangle offense of pest control over and over to have a great no-brainer company is growing business coaching why they got the online ads rocking. They got retargeting ads, rocking they’re, getting google reviews every week and they’re growing dramatically, which is a huge part of your business, is scaling yourself, and so you can get ahold of these guys at platinum platinum because of platinum pass. You because I hired him know, guess what they’re awesome I got to dance everywhere and everywhere they send you a photo of the person. That’s going to come out to you know you can expect who’s going to be there. It’s really awesome. They call you the day of and the day before, to confirm call these guys today, they’re going to do a free, termite inspection if they find damage that actually do $200 off of your termite treatment, so 918-376-0857 913-760-8572, platinum pest control.Com for your free best business coach termite inspection, $20 off your first tree and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time.

Business coach radio show me chicks the mind set on the magic trick of the heat whopper, giving it to you straight in the spring. In the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Dollar be flagged I’ve been given. This resulted in a speaking event. I would have more dollars there. You go, and you know what I thought I like that. You know what I do when I hear that. Did you just wrote something just popped in my mind, we say:give it to you straight in the world that swerving I know give it to you straight, like a shot of bourbon. My went to what is that, come to my mind, I feel bored out of my challenge that I give to you but ends up becoming a boomerang challenge for me or whenever you have an epiphany you. You text me some random, crazy thing that you want to do an intro about next week. You’ll get it, but I need a saturday through a sunday to do to do it, so we can be talked about bourbons and raccoons, and the fair market value of a good horse and I’ll be okay, believable, general manager of the auto auction monte put together as the auction is the pit of the auto auction. A lot of women are just showing up and not looking to buy vehicles or just wanted to wait. Yeah we talked to him off. He probably get money for telling me about phil jackson and how he was able to coach the listing number, the balls at scottie pippen, oh yeah, michael, jordan, horace, grant and they’re just out there with those that with those guys, how can you lose because they had to coach doug, collins and doug collins would call a different play. Every play he walk up and down the sidelines constantly barking out plays in, like looking at the players he’s watching the other team and he’s like 47 go over here and so he’s going. Phil jackson is in very meta, very philosophical feels his players can’t hear you there’s 15 thousand people screaming maybe three to five of them. Maybe three of the five. And give it to their best business coach guys who are playing the adrenaline’s going.

The other guys talking trash talk about each other’s mothers, their family tree. Is it it’s like an intense situation? Some fan of the front rows like hey, michael jordan, you suck, there’s always people around remember caught a plate for you right now, dvd 10 insurance companies that you prefer to work with at your uptown clinic. You would say if I had to i, don’t know know know, give me a list offer me the phone numbers of all your company go to me. I, don’t know how come everytime, I call maha and they’re like. How do you say grandpa hawks, one that you see is where a player doesn’t know what you’re saying so like every night, I mean that you would be like playing for the guys at guys are playing today against the pistons. So I want you guys to know where to run the triangle on the road versus the lakers magic johnson’s, very good, so we’ll be running the trying to get people to run it well over and over instead of having a new offensive because they would beat the crap out of everybody cuz, he often tell michael to fly within the offense scottie pippen. The team just went interchangeable parts. So, with the year that michael jordan was be retired unbelievable year the year that michael was at its like the patriots offense to be there, it just works, and so horace grant was a power forward. He says I’m peacing out and go to the magic. Fine to put in I mean john paxson retires to become an announcer there like fun, they bringing steve kurtz the same deal. I just ate dinner. Changeable parts in this is what he does to keep the best business coach players from getting bored and want you to listen or hear that we should do to keep our teammates from getting bored.

Engage your office right into link this to your company out there, mr. Or miss listener. The reason you have to keep your teammates of your employees from getting bored is because it is a culture killer. That is where the gossip starts. That is really ideas come from when people are sitting around without somebody to do something to do without somebody holding them accountable to doing it, they start to get crazy, so pay attention. What plays about to say, because you have to make sure that you fight best business coach boredom inside your office. Lowe’s workshop, proverbs, 16 27 through 29 idle hands, are the devil’s workshop. Idol lips are his mouthpiece in evil man, so strife gossip separates the best of friends: wickedness loves company and lead others into sin. To turn inward wasn’t always easy. Everyone on the bulls interested in spiritual realization, but I didn’t hit them over the head with it. My approach was so. Every year the team went on a long, west, coast road trip in november, when the circus took over the stadium for a few weeks before the trip, I would select a book for each of the players to read, based on what I knew about them. Here’s a typical it. This is from one of his years:song of solomon for michael jordan, wow, things, fall apart for bill cartwright zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance john, john paxson of white folks, scottie pippen joshua, a parable for today, horace grant, zen, mind beginner’s, mind bj, armstrong way of the peaceful warrior craig hodges on the road by wilfred. What will perdue and beavis and butt-head this book sucks for stacey king hahaha? What he did is he gave them something to read the heat already read based on their personality. He could talk about it with them and keep them engaged, because you don’t understand the point. 82 games a year now think about elephant in the room. If you work an elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge and you have no aspirations to become a manager to do every week, every friday to have you seen it I have a meeting with our entire staff and what we talked about sales and worships to make sure the company is going in the right.

I want to make sure that if we we we resolved, we screw up what’s mix, how many members do we have, but three, what percentage of our members are happy and there’s metrics? We have for that product sales quotas and we just role play over and over and then cynthia works with a team on how to do a better cut every week how to do a better cut every week. I do a better cut this week. We’ll do the triangle in the day today anymore, but we were there back in the day every day, every day, what kind of things would you talk about over and over cleanliness clean being high and tight? You know. Having slater in the hallway, so you have to clean I hate that I hate when I walk in the door. I have that how you greet them is so very important. Going absolutely I mean you do, but you just thought about it. You act excited about me like hey, guess what we can talk about today. The park. So how do you north park? So how do you and your business is cuz you’re, an expert manager? If you hold him accountable everyday and you know I hate you if you have to replace people, how do you know that you’re used to just hire somebody they work for a couple of best business coach years? They become entitled they move on hunter. How do you fight the board? What are you doing? Do you do? Finger paintings did bob ross videos in the morning, so you want to eat a lot of mistreating new flavors of doritos me what your move! What do you do because that’s what makes a successful company is the consistency that you’re going to be happy. That’s going to be excited that it’s going to be fun.

It’s going to be a good mood. You can decide that it’s not a mystery thing. You don’t have to go well, I’m! Well, if I come in today, and one of my employees is snarky with me, it’s over it’s over I’m going to be in people know when you come and we walk in that door. You set the tone. You set the tone, you can do one of two things you can say hey. You know what I have a reason to be snarky had a reason to be upset. You know I really didn’t park where you supposed to park so I’m upset about that as I’m walking in the door he was trying around the building. It wasn’t picked up. It is supposed to be picked up some miss time to check ok google fox news, going on I sit with liberals two at the same conservative or liberal, to say, move your watching cnn a little too long to deep on the conspiracy theory about the fall of the currency. Can you bring it into your office? Do you guys have you bought your ammo cuz? You bought your ammo. Employment. Do not see. Is you as the owner of the business? Could you not come in and ruin the atmosphere of your office if you’re, not careful, solutely, absolutely describes e? You are not interested in going in and I know. I’ve got to go into one of the meetings cuz. We have the same meetings, all the time right and i. Just tell myself before I walk in I’m like listen, throw your face on getting. You can set the mood and I’m do so long enough to know what that means. Whenever I walk in with a bad mood, I got to jump on musically clark show host here.

I have never seen a business or working a business where this is the culture as much as it is at thrive. I can say that for almost 3 years now, I don’t know that I’ve ever walked in and had any of the team members or anybody complain to me or heard them complain to anybody about their issues. It’s showtime it’s time to work. Let’s go you’re there for people when they need it, but at work it’s time to do work. What is this can I have I have found it I’ve been trying to curse. Less z you never try to curse like you know me, I’m scared, I’ll, get for you and your kids will copy things. You know i, don’t do it funny, as we were coaches meeting at 6 and like the other day, question blew my mind and you just like it’s like my client is, and its client was just a very, not good person. We had just tell him. Here’s a refund is not a good idea, but this guy was like he’s the kind of guy who screams at his wife in the meeting. Yes, don’t speak woman that kind of stuff is refund, then we’ll just move on like water person. Ask the question again, though, but he said and I’m like you can just let it go that I’m just trying chips watching me see. Let me see here’s the deal and I have to like well at least I didn’t get upset because I I did get upset. You have to be a self-aware, yes, the big teaching moment, phil jackson was so self-aware. What are the things that phil jackson was great at doing was also breaking the tension. We come back. I want explain, explain a specific example where the games on the line, all the players are in the huddle everyone’s nervous in michael jordan is irritated anytime. They don’t call his number for the final best business coach shot because he wanted to win every scoring title. He constantly knew how many points per game. He was scoring and two he felt like he was the best until phil jackson get the team together and hear what he said to break the tension in that kind of an intense situation. I’ll take it you’re, looking for a chiropractor who can help release the tension to help you get your spine and feeling great dr., john, sibley., com, dr johnson.Com call me at 918-749-5741 is located right there at 51st and harvard he’s going to do a free, chiropractic assessment x-ray and your first treatment.

If you call him today, let him know that the guys at thrive sent you dr., john sibley., com, 918-749-5741, 918-749-5741, fax, like this 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show time show on the microphone. East, stop at itunes charts in the category of business class that you might get motion sickness bad to the bone. Alright, welcome back to the conversation we’re talking about the management skills, the philosophy in the principles that allowed phil jackson to take michael, jordan and scottie pippen michael jordan was the best basketball player of all time. Many championships did he win chapter 104 phil jackson coached. It’s zero on both accounts of the best basketball players of all time coach and how many times when phil jackson was in a completely different scenario:buddy 1-0 same scenario would be if they want all those scoring titles and never won a best business coach championship. I wonder i, wonder if it’s the coaching weird so page 130, phil jackson’s, incredible book called 11 ring for a document. His philosophy towards managing people. I do manage people, water company, everyone’s excited about their idea. They say we make these unbelievable nice one of the best in the world. I love painting, so much I would have showed up at the home internet home, decor, home painting, company, i, love, automotive maintenance. So much I want to start an automotive maintenance.

Come out with making cakes so much I know here’s your one should card for my friend, I hope it doesn’t suck the soul of somebody if you are a photographer and you want to build a photography business. The only thing you don’t need to know about-and you will never do again-is photography. We talked about this. What date, if you are pouring concrete and you want to build a concrete company, made a really a magnificent, the one thing that you don’t want to think about it. You’ll never do again. Is country amen because you’ll be managing people, because managing people is the hardest thing in the world for any business owner to do. In fact, john d rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man. He talked about the ability to manage best business coach people see. How are you? Are you aware of this ability to manage people? Could you you do what you do it through osmosis? What are you? Are you pick johnny, rocket or guy? What you know about titan? He said commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun, so michael jordan is in a spot in his career, where he decides I’m not going to come back and play next year and scottie. Pippen says I demand to be traded to the seattle supersonics and look at that. The general manager is like. No, no, no I said we want phil jackson. We cannot win without phil and I’ll. Tell you why you can still is a master of management, some page 110. This is what bill jackson right here he says:they’re playing versus the phoenix suns. The game was all out battle. Afterward the best slogan for the series would be three the hard way, because the sun’s defend tell us to only 12 points in the 4th quarter. Our defense was even more effective.

Restricting the sun to a poultry 24%, shooting average in the final. Z. It all came down to a play that put a smile on text. Winters faces the guy who made jordan, came into the game with 8 minutes left and took over scoring nine points in the., including a breakaway jam. That put us within two points at the 30 second mark at the break. I called the players together and I said with a straight face, guys, let’s go away from mj. Some of the players looked at me as if I was as if as if I were mad, then they realized i, wasn’t serious and the tension broke because irritated they never got a chance to shoot. The ball. I mean scottie. Pippen was one of the best buy heat scottie pippen play on the first dream team and destroyed charles barkley clyde drexler karl malone, everybody was like scott he’s, definitely the second best player in the nba, and there were some games where he actually outplayed jordan put on the bulls. He was always like the number two guys so I can send it to scotty actually demanded to be traded at times he was frustrated. He felt like he wasn’t being utilized, looks in the mall cuz they’re up scotty like to call my best business coach number. So he looks at scottie pippen and says guys. This play let’s go away from michael and you know scott he’s like yeah. He goes and then he cracked a smile and it’s you know scotty hit pippin who passed it back to mj, but the sun’s defense collapsed on him. He passed the ball back to scotty, who started driving towards the basket at the last moment, scotty district off the horse to them on the baseline, then horace, who saw danny ainge closing in to falcon possible to pacsun, who is wide open at the top of the key and john nailed the 3-pointer. It wasn’t the shot that captivated me. However, it was the past from michael that led to the past from scotty that led to the past 2 horus the way the pass to paxson that night. The triangle was a thing of beauty that night.

That probably happened so fast to write like all five guys texting. That’s why he’s crying the other guys to pass the ball to get these guys to work as a team? And that’s what a manager is going to ask you this corey cuz, you do manage a company where you recruit people to work for the company. I do trinity employment. You recruit at trinity employment. Well, we have. We have a group of our business that does the status primarily for the medical field. In most of the major medical facilities in oklahoma, city and tulsa. We we staff for and then most of the major hospitals as well. So we can do the super, talented, but cantankerous, and you thought to yourself. You know what they’re really talented, there’s no way they’re going to fit in at the hospital a lot of times and in fact there a lot of a lot of times when people will come in and they do. They do really really well in the interview, but you see their past history and you start asking questions you like oldboy, listen to the show. Today they say:i started the concrete company, because I freaking wanted to do concrete, cuz, i, look. I know it’s been awhile to be self-employed, no spend all my time managing best business coach people but see that’s what it business is. What it’s all it is. That’s all I mean. There’s all the 13 steps we teach you in her life went to workshops, we put them in orbit and then you have to manage back. I want to see to talk about the holiday party. The birthday party, when he has people to stand up based upon the abusers, their cedar door to standard deviation mean if you can feel your face, I got it contracting williams.Com.

What is there websites.Com? These guys are general contractors commercial, builders they’re, going to get you a realistic budget within 3 days and their goal is to exceed the owners expectations from start to finish. Call him today, +918-682-551-1918 682-5511 will – khan.Com kid on the bracket of the part of town. Won’t go to the mood to make your business grow, provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big-time ball that will teach you. The system to increase should doubtless to optimize self multiplies who’s on call. So we can put the tree group reading stripe, nation 400 in the top of all of the podcast in the world in the world world. How many, how many, how many is 530000, podcast, wow wow in that top 50 now and in the business section, were always meant top 10 right there, where a little under dave ramsey we’re ahead of tony robbins were ahead of tim ferriss, where that space with gary vaynerchuk what’s happening, is his people from all over the world where are are finding our our our our show and they’re saying what in the world would? What do you guys put in the world when they have guys want to take the time needed z to do the shot? What what why are you doing? The show wheel of people? We want to see people successful one time for my make money, but yes, i, cracked, the impractical and we have downloaded north korea. That’s what I want to know! That’s what I want to know grab the book. That’s on my my desk, real quick, cuz I want it. I want I’ve been doing some best business coach research on trying to work our way into the north korean peninsula try to get into the internet in that cold, cuz I know when crab south korea been studying the american diplomat, the best we’ve got.

The only person is allowed into north korea dennis rodman’s book right now, bad as I want to be, and I can tell you this the chicago bulls book. You read bad as I want to be sure. If we do enough shows about you know, dennis rodman I think the north korean dictator will follow the trail back to the source. You know we’re going to get a call. Use dennis really need to get to the north koreans I like it, and it’s just going to be some guy who’s. Calling me like I’m calling on behalf of some some young I would like to have you know and then you’ll be awesome, be kim jeong-hoon will get done, it will get dennis rodman is going to be awesome, awesome., nosey speaking of effective manager. Would you consider the leader of north korea an effective manager? Would you consider him to be what I know that this is what I know know know? What’s your view on 10th annual pride okay took my managing teammates managing is kobe bryant with you on this page 137 of 11 rings by phil jackson. He writes here. What are the first things he noticed about the players of the younger ones. They were trapped in a restrictive mindset that made it difficult for them to adopt and adapt to their new reality. Many of these guys were the main dude on their college teams, but now they’re in the nba. There are a lot of players that were faster, quicker and stronger, so they had to figure out a new way to compete in the be successful as a best business coach. The thing that got them here was not going to get them to the next level and explain over and over to point out to a guy like hey, I love that you’re, the top scoring guy.

Ever in the history of north carolina at exciting to me, alabama I love, you play wake forest and you were the guy I love that is so good but hear what I want you to do is at all. I want to do is rebound and by the way I know you used to be a call plays in high school. You come down the court, you yell move over and over and over again among great leaders, and so this exact move in in phil phil jackson being able to do this with all his nba players is the exact same thing that john wooden did at ucla so every single year, the first thing that john wooden would do with all of his new players in his team at ucla. Was he taught his players on how to put on their socks and how to tie their shoes? Everybody was like what I’ve been doing this my entire career, but you said we’re not going to be plagued by foot injuries and blisters in. If we can’t do this correctly and if you don’t lace up your shoes, then you’re not going to pass the ball. Chris believe you’re not going to shoot the ball correctly. You’re not going to do the appropriate things into. It was a very humbling experience and phil phil jackson master that john wooden master that and you to as a center also will need to master the small things if you’re willing to be successful in the big picture, I feel really behind. That I was like a page turner for me, I’m just reading through this I’m going. This is good because remember, dennis rodman played in the nba for the spurs for our dear friend and business partner, david robinson, and he take his shoes off during the game to protest that he was not being treated kindly.

He felt like it was his job to get all of the re bounce because he felt like david robinson was being lazy. So this is a note 2 refusing to go back in because he claimed that he felt like he was carrying david robinson and playing defense and grabbing rebounds, because david didn’t want to. He said the david robinson was afraid of hakeem olajuwon dream team huddles. He would just sit there with his green hair and refused to go into the game, and so he was known as a culture killer, so phil jackson gets a call from dennis is agent, and the agent says we like to explore the possibility dennis playing with jackson says he says he says:i was troubled by dennis’s eccentric ksi’s, then I was by his self or style play I heard from coaches, who worked with him that he was so fixated on rebounding that he was reluctant to help teammates on defense. I also questioned whether he can work with michael and scotty who resented him for the brutal way he had manhandled them. When we played against the bulls, but scout jim stack thought we might lose robin if we didn’t act quickly, so jerry decided to give him a serious look. He’s interviewing with dennis rodman he’s trying to ask dennis like this. Where did things get weird but the spurs? And he said what started when I invited madonna, who I was dating at the time to visit the best business coach locker room after the game in the media frenzy really upset the front office i? Also expressed my concern over. Might he be good news? Cuz he’s explain to us as I expressed my concern that I had to help out david robinson, who was afraid of hakeem olajuwon, so he told david, robinson nba hall of fame player, like you’re, afraid of hakeem olajuwon, and he also brought in madonna into the laundry room. What is create problems for the team? How to manage a very difficult personality? Cuz I am sure you have never in your history as a business owner, difficult person, I’m sure that everybody on your team is always the easiest to manage and you’ve never had to put up with a certain person or personality, because they did they delivered a lot of production.

Don’t you, dare you say my ford automotive, my my ford automobile I was just simply. It needs to be fixed battery issues, fleet, service transmission, heat and air systems. I need to be fixed. A little people named rc, auto check them out at rc auto specialists. Com, rc, auto specialists, call today, 918-872-8115 918-872-8115 at rc, auto specialists, ask for my main man, roy rc auto specialists. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Clean your tickets by emailing is proof that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright, thrive nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. Phil jackson chicago bulls nba championships has phil jackson, led the los angeles laker shirts, to 5 nba championships and how you can leave your business to success by managing difficult people, bring it on dennis rodman on to the team to see what he says to dennis. He says dennis. What did you think about your experience? Playing with the spurs dennis says:half the spurs had their balls locked up in the freezer every time they left the house basketball. So he says, he’s okay and he says so. Do you think you can master the triangle? Offense I asked, and then it says oh yeah, there’s no problem for me. The triangles about finding michael jordan and getting in the ball girl replies. That’s a good start. Then we got serious dentist if you think you’re up for this job I’m going to sign off on this deal, but we can’t screw it up where the position to win another championship. We really want to get back there. Okay, app that dennis took a look at the native american artifacts in the room. Show me the necklace even given by blanca from oklahoma.

Then we sat silently together for a quiet for quite a while did. This was a man of few words but sitting with him I felt reassured that he would come through for us. We connected on the nonverbal at level after that, a bond of the heart. The next day, jerry and I had a follow-up meeting with dennis to go over the team’s rules about attendance, punctuality and other issues. It was a short list after I finish reading it dennis said you won’t, have any problem with me:you’ll be getting an nba championship. Most of the players developed. The fundus for dennis right away, they said, realize that all of his wild off stage theatrics the nose rings, the tattoos too late night parties and gay bars we’re all part of an act created with the help of madonna to get attention underneath he was just a quiet boy from dallas, with generous heart who work hard play hard and would do anything to win somewhere in the middle of training. Camp I realize that dennis was going to bring a new dimension to our team that I hadn’t anticipated not only was he magician on the boards, that’s rebounding, but he was also a smart mesmerizing defenders could guard anyone even shaquille o’neal during those times his, and he goes on to explain the best me during the time that dennis is on the team. He never showed up to practice on time, consistently and z. That rule is, if you have to have no piercings no jewelry on when you come to practice, and you have to wear shoes on so he said:dennis would come to practice with all the best business coach jewelry on would have a shoes on or he would come to practice without wearing socks or shoes, but have the day off, and he would do this and he didn’t mind the fines. What he wanted was the fine cuz. He wanted your attention now.

Dennis is father. When dennis was three his father and dennis says he remembers that his father said:that’s it I’m leaving and he never came back and so dennis has like crazy issues with being left abandonment. He really struggles with that wants attention. He also has contemplated killing himself, actually found him outside of the pistons arena with a loaded weapon of loaded rifle, and he just eats like very alone in the world, and he feels like no one understands him and he wasn’t even trying to play in the nba actually got arrested at the mall for stealing watches when he was 21 and his sister said you should go. Try out for the basketball team, your 6 foot, 8 cuz, he was like 6 ft to bring ashley sweet, tries out for a small school and ends up dominating in the coach points out of southeastern oklahoma to him it was a small school in texas and he went to southeastern. Anxiety is take that and bring it to the weight room. So dennis would often times after the game come back to the united center in lift weights by himself until 3 in the morning 4 in the morning, so I would pass out and get up for 7 a.M. And he said that’s the only time that he feel like he connected, but he had a place in the world was when he was working out by himself. Please let these demons wouldn’t stop talking to him. So this is like me:dennis rodman really had some psychological issues, but yet he’s on the team. So hopefully you don’t have a dennis rodman in your office, but I can say this I’ve managed best business coach personalities like this, where you have that sales person and they have all sorts of anxiety issues and all sorts of life issues, but man they can turn down there, polarizing they’re, open up or down, but seeing what, when they’re up there up-and sometimes you want a big producer like that, you need them talked about how you manage a difficult personality.

Your business’s yeah I had a guy that was a best business coach rockstar, could get out there and hustle get cars and get get dealers in, and he is his problem we’re a little bit different since it’s a different addictions, yeah I’ll, just I’ll, just leave it like that, and you don’t answer I get to content management to constant. You know. Sometimes the success sometimes payday was worse than I did not yet sometimes I can’t take him or not. You’re easy. But I’m going to see you again. So you know something about construction workers to their really hard-working construction, guys boy, those guys have some weird problems. We go out of town and do jobs. I’d literally get up at 4 in the morning start round everybody up at the hotel and one time I found a guy laying half in his hotel room. Half out of his hotel room sleeping inside a pizza box. I would explain two listeners out there this what you’re describing these situations top sales guy at dj connection. We stayed at the nice hotel that has the big spur on top of it in downtown dallas at big, hyatt I’m like where is this guy? Where is he we’re? Looking around I find he is nude, except for his tighty-whities clinging to a buddha fountain in downtown dallas after like 10 long, island, iced, teas and he’s really cute and I woke up. We went to want one of bridal show in kansas, city north topsail got woke up in a bush, completely intoxicated while wearing his suit yeah, and he tried to play it off. Like he’s good and his vomit all over himself and like get out of here, it’s not happens all the time.

This is me you’re managing people and so amazing people, and did you know what to think about it as play? Listen after going okay. So what do I do? Okay, there, okay, I know:mastoris I know the thing I’ve Got:i’ve got to have to adjust what you got to adjust, but they’re also I want to give you the time when I give you something to eat tournament of the finals and so there’s there are other great people out there and you’re going to put up with that. As long as you can put up with it. This way, you can never stop it right now, but as long as you can put up with it, you put up with it because they’re producing so he is back on you feel jackson did dennis would think he’s being pulled out of the game. It would freak out. So you like look at the sidelines cuz. He thought that the coaches trying to abandon him. He would stand up standing I’m pacing the sidelines during games, because I noticed that whenever I got agitated dennis will become hyperactive, would only give him license to do the same. So I decided to be as quiet restraint as possible. I didn’t want to set denisof, because once you got agitated, there’s no telling what he might do. Cuz stirring the game out he’s crazy, a cameraman in the balls twice. He kicks the cameraman in the balls and then like it was like. Oh my gosh, you just kicked in the balls that god is good and he does it again just to prove a point. He had much players. He used to stick his thumb in the butts of the opposing players. During the best business coach games consistently, you would untie their shoes of the opposing players.

He actually came to the games wearing gear he wore from his night at the gay bar. He wouldn’t he would insinuate other players that he wanted to be with them in a horizontal way. Just getting in your head, you tell me their teammates that he had an attraction for them. He would do whatever he had to do to mess with your head. Because he’s like what 6 foot 7, maybe he’s guarding shaquille o’neal 7 foot tall yeah, it’s so they put up with a guy for 3 years. They won championships did read this book, I mean he goes up and down. How do you see us deal with these best business coach personalities like an elephant in the room or the different businesses? How do you see that that play out cuz? There are a lot of difficult person. I was with a great team that elephant the room now, but you know months ago years ago. How do you see that happening? Well, exactly like doctors, don’t ever saying. Is you put up with it as long as you want to or or have to work until?

The thing is? Is you shouldn’t be complaining about that person if you’re not working towards a solution? I’ll come on back until later? If your not doing the group interview, you shouldn’t complain about that person, because that person is typically that person that’s producing he’s getting all the rebounds he’s the one closing the sales, and so that’s why you’re keeping him around is because your business is built upon that, and so what you have to do is you have to start doing the system that will allow you to move on whenever you make that decision that you put up with it long enough or the positives outweigh the negatives. What nation is decide to become very hyperactive? Get today, I mean it’s great. If you could just sense the energy I can buy the emails coming in hot, so I think I’m tomorrow, if I break it down like six best business coach listener questions on tomorrow, she’ll show., comedy, I’m, tired of just barely make it. If you take your business to the next level, thrive time show.Com, because you can’t find the podcasts on thrive time, show.Com the business coaching on thrive time, show. Com at thrive time show.Com. What’s that website, you were talking about.



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