Mayor Craig Thurmond (Part 2) | How Local Government Can Stimulate or Roadblock Growth

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The Marketing Director of (Aaron Antis) shares with us about the EPIC growth his Oklahoma Company is having, how Mayor Craig Thurmond has paved the path for this fast growth in the city of Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) and how local government can actually revitalize a downtown

Shaw Homes has experienced 30% growth from 2018-2019

  • The Rose District
      1. Previous to the revitalization of Downtown Broken Arrow, there was not anything to do.
      2. Now there are events, restaurants and shops to visit
      3. It’s similar to Brookside in Tulsa
      4. 7-years ago we started a discussion about the redevelopment of the downtown area
      5. At first we offered a tax incentive for businesses to come to the Rose District
      6. Now, we don’t have to offer an incentive to attract businesses to the area
  • What’s the vision for the Rose District?
      1. We are going to develop about 1 more block of the district
      2. The next concept is an innovation district
        1. Students can intern and have a job coming out of school
  • On-Time on Budget
  • Low Drama
      1. Being open and transparent is very important to me
      2. 1/3rd of my time is used working for the city
      3. I want to make my community a better place and that means a lot to me
      4. See where Broken Arrow Government spends your tax dollars – 
      5. It’s important for me to live to be a reflection of Heaven
  • 10 x Easier to Develop Than in Other Local Cities
    1. When there are governments that are more anti-growth, it takes it longer and makes it more expensive to build – passing along the cost to the consumer
    2. Craig understands land development and the ins and outs for working with the government to get land developed.
    3. Broken Arrow is open to growth and that’s the vision for the city
    4. Other cities have more red tape and hurdles to development
  1. How fast is Broken Arrow growing?
    1. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oklahoma – only second to Oklahoma City
  2. Turning Around Downtown: Twelve Steps to Revitalization

DEFINITION – TIF – Tax Increment Finance

DEFINITION – Ad Valorem – Property Tax

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