How to Measure Success with NBA Hall of Fame Legend, David Robinson

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During this interview NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson breaks down how to measure your success.

I’ve heard this said countless times from business coach people that have been toward me from millionaires and billionaires. They’ve told me over and over and over is what you treasure gets measured, what you treasure gets measured. So if you are a basketball player-and let’s say you averaged 25 points a game, you know that statistic:let’s hear a basketball player and you shoot free throws you’re going to know the percentage of free throws that you make or you miss. Let’s say:do you do sales in a business? Do you know what percentage of the dealership close versus the percentage of the deals that you don’t close? If you are in the world of customer service i? What percentage of the time do you wow customer is and what percentage of the time you irritate business coach customers opportunity to sit down with david robinson, the nba hall of famer and basketball player, my friend my mentor, my partner, david robinson i, adopt and ask him specifically with the nonprofit school that he started the charter schools. He started the carver academy. How does he measure success? How does he know where the schools are successful? How does he know where the good of the schools are succeeding or whether the schools are failing? What gets measured gets managed? How did how do you right now measure the success of carver? In your mind, some of the metrics that you look at now. We measure success by number of children that are graduating from high school number of children that are matriculating to college number of children that graduate through college in 4 years number of children that graduate through college in 6 years. So right now those are our large scale measures and those are bottom lines. If we’re doing that, we feel like we’re being successful. There are many other things that we like to measure. We use test scores, we used, you know star testing in and what used to be the toss testing the texas standard for high school students will use some of the testing before us. We like to focus on a treatment now. This is something that I it’s sort of a almost like the opposite of this of that previous question, but you as a person as a man.

It seems like that. You don’t measure your success at all in terms of dollars at all, in terms of sense, even said that winning the nba championship didn’t validate you as a person at all in george, washington carver says this:it’s not the style of clothes when where’s needed the kind of automobiles one drives for the amount of money one has in the bank account in the bank. Accounts he’s mean nothing. It’s simply the service that measure success. So how do you define the success of yourself and carver in? In those terms, I mean as soon as the level of service? How do you measure that well we’re in the place? We are we’re supposed to be and we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. That’s what I consider success now, just like carver says, never be satisfied. We aren’t satisfied. We continue to press on as a business coach, but we are where we’re supposed to be and we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. So to me that is success and that’s joy. That’s piece for this present moment. That’s how I can feel good in my skin right now. That’s how I that’s how I I know that I’m I’m at peace I’m, where I’m supposed to be and I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing now tomorrow. That will take care of it. So we can’t worry about tomorrow, but today yes, we’re right where we’re supposed to be, but I knew that I was supposed to be on the phone call with you, because I knew that what you stood for for all these years. More people need to hear that your needs to be on education, where people can actually learn about the heart and the head and I knew that, and so I remember talking to my wife and I didn’t say that exact wording, but she was like. Where are you nervous? I know, I’m supposed to be on the phone with him, and so I know that I need to share with him what why I see? This is a huge need in to help all these people around the world that need this word of mentorship. I can’t really relate with you cuz. Sometimes it puts us in an uncomfortable zone. It does, and I am so glad that I didn’t touch base with you and I’m glad you didn’t answer the phone i, just I know that does that’s. That’s I love that definition of success, though, that we are willmar time that you are in the right place, I’m in the right place and I’m, where I’m supposed to be and I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and that’s piece. That’s awesome! That’s awesome! Right now and I have a ton of ambition, huge ambition, small wallet, huge ambition, very little specific answers to the questions. Would you just say start with what you have and get going, you’ll figure it out it figured out as you go. Is that kind of advice here I would but I would say you know as long as you add little planning to that start with you are planning a little and use what you have and then and then you’ll be fine david. You fire me up. I appreciate you so much as a business coach.


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