Meet the Design Sprinters for AirBNB, Slack, SalesForce and More and Breaking Down the Wisdom of 11-Time NBA Championship Coach, Phil Jackson

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On this episode of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark and Dr. Z meet and interview the Design Sprinters for AirBNB, Slack, SalesForce and More and they break down the wisdom of 11-Time NBA Championship Coach, Phil Jackson.

Interview with Jonathan Courtney of AJandSmart


Product Design/Innovation Studio in Berlin/SF called AJ&Smart (

What do we do?

We focus solely on The Design Sprint and work with the inventor of it & NY Times Bestselling author, Jake Knapp.

About the Podcast?

Our founder Jonathan Courtney has a fast-growing podcast called The Product Breakfast Club which he hosts with Jake. We’ve also interviewed the likes of Jason Fried, Chris Do, LEGO, and soon Kim Scott.

We really love the podcast and I can imagine that you guys and Jonathan would have a lot to talk about, especially relating to how The Design Sprint principles can be used not only by the world’s biggest companies but also at small one-person firms and personally to improve productivity and solve problems incredibly quickly.

Questions for Jonathan,

Jonathan with AJ & Smart – They use a system created by Jake Knapp called the Design Sprint

Product Developments:

U.N. – Share the Meal Product





On your website you write a Design Sprint at AJ & Smart is a 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days. Tell me more about this process and how it works.

Tell me about your background?

Wanted to be a musician

Wanted to be a movie-maker

How did you market your business?

They moved into a co-working space

Put a sign up saying that they are UX designers

Free whiskey samples

  1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Outback steakhouse and jewelry store Clay has worked with
    1. Give you a glass of wine or an adult drink while you wait

First $500,000 of revenue from co-working space

Free events at our office

5 Years of grinding to grow from German startup scene to Silicon Valley

Got a deal from Udacity from networking at a conference

They chose the niche of design sprints before design sprints became big

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” – Andrew Carnegie

How did you originally get started doing design sprints?

What are some of the brands that you have worked with in the past?

When dealing with entrepreneurs who are paralyzed by fear what advice do you give them?


Product A – The Tesla Model S – Create a product from scratch – $70,000 to $80,000 – A four-week plug-in and play product design team

Product B – The Tesla Model 3 – You just want a super high quality design for your product over 3 weeks – $44,000

How do you help keep your clients organized in the digital world with so much information to keep track of.

Exciting things they are working on:

LEGO (train their leadership team on how to make decisions faster)

Whiskey Recommendation – Nikka from the Barrel, Connemara Irish Whisky

  1. Nikka –
  2. Connemara –

You can check out Jon’s podcast here:

Instagram – Link @JIceCream

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – It is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both. – Niccolo Machiavelli (Famous Italian Philosopher)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned business coach and entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more rat, rod nation. Welcome back to another exciting addition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download a my name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year join here with a man the myth, the legend of dr. Z. How are you doing tonight, I’m doing great hello, tribe, nation and we’ve got a treat for you to do a guy who is calling in from berlin germany, which is just off the coast of okmulgee oklahoma from berlin germany mr. Jonathan? How are you, sir I’m doing very well? How are you guys doing I’m doing very well? I’m super excited to have you on today show I mean you guys have worked with products like airbnb, I’m, slack that you and share the meal product. You guys are kind of a big deal, but I have a few german business coach questions. I want to ask her behalf of I asked those questions. Yes, you are in full german, regalia jonathan, of course, the first of all, of course, I’ve been full german regalia, but I’m actually an irish person living in berlin germany.

So it may be better to ask me irish related questions, even even better than that means you you you get along with the current or the local shows, a beverage of choice. Right, of course, I mean I’m drinking whiskey right now, it’s 8 p.M. Here at 10 p.M. Near burbank, I’m, jealous I’m, jealous now.. This is my first non related question to your to your business and it will get into some real stuff in a minute. But did you move I guess what percentage of your decision to move to germany was based upon your love of david hasselhoff? Was it all of it was probably 1995 % I’d say so. So it’s definitely a big part of it for sure, okay, so, okay, so that you have a company, that’s called aj and smart and what you guys do there you’ve created a system call the design sprint explain to the thrive, what the design sprint is and what aj and smart is all about. So the design sprint is a n done. First thing:i should probably say just right out of the gate is that actually the design sprint was created by a guy called jake knapp. We now work with together. You’ll just be, you know, very, very angry and beat me off this I say that age and smart created it. We are just now at system, created by what was so busy but yeah. This guy is google. He was working there. He created this business coach system called the design sprint it’s a5 day process from going from pretty much any broadchurch business challenge or grin challenge to a really high fidelity testable prototype within one week. So companies can come to us and say:look we want to create this product.

We want to kind of hit this market, but we don’t really know what it should look like or are what it should be on then we’re having a really hard time, trying to figure out these decisions, and we come in with a team of three people to pretty much. You know any company in the world that we can help them figure that out within week or two and help them get to something market-ready extremely quickly, we’re usually at you know. It only takes you know, 8 months to a year to get something on the market. This is the system is getting something ready to go to development within 1 to 2 weeks, which is kind of insane before becoming an optometrist before becoming an entrepreneur and I gave her a business coach background as being a disc jockey before becoming on sprinter the year and getting involved in other companies. So I don’t know if you come from something as credible as being a dishwasher or a dj, but water background previous to a team doing this aj and smart business yeah I’m kind of glad. You asked me because it’s a pretty weird one as well, so my original plan, my original reason for moving to berlin. There was two reasons:one I want to be a rockstar, so I was playing in a band that was actually pretty unsuccessful. Then I was the singer hey,. Are you there at an irish irish blokes these guys? Apparently they were there until today stayed I live in a high-rise, downtown, it’s half home, half apartment, half hotels and they stayed in the hotel to make call the mayo, because that’s where elvis stay to their big elvis fans as you’re well aware, I’m sure so, yeah I wanted to be a musician. I also want to be a filmmaker. So those are the two reasons. I was here in berlin,, but I had been making money on the side being a business coach designer, so I was helping companies designer apps, because that’s kind of I studied, let’s say a mixture between design, psychology and media production, so something super broad and accidentally got into design. It was not actually my passion at all. I know a lot of people say you know follow your passion. It definitely was not my passion, I didn’t expect to have a you know:multimillion-euro design company. Now you know 10 years later, but yeah. That was what I accidentally got into, but my original passion was music and movie making got to a place in your life, where you decided that you didn’t want to be a movie maker anymore, I know for z.

I z I like you too sure if it was about this, but you got to a place in your life. We’re optometry clinic was very successful and you’re still in business, 26 years later doing very well and I use e, knowing that I love optometry, yes, but now I want to move into something else to what was what were you thinking at that point? I had two choices when I could further grow the optometry clinics throughout the midwest of the united states of america, and then that would create a lot of travel. My kids were young I wanted to. You know, increase my footprint. If you would I wanted to increase my empty or grow my empire, if you will so that’s why I wanted to stay in tulsa, which meant I needed to do other businesses in so that led me down the journey of doing the auto auction that sleep centers a dme companies. You know all that kind of fun stuff and then you’re that just kind of build on themselves. You know whenever you have a success. Businesses did you figure out when you’re not looking at the human eyeball, 4 8 12 hours a day mean saying gosh I wish I could have gone back there. Do you do move on with? No regrets me what it feel like when you knew okay, it’s time for me to give up on that dream, might put a passion to move on to something else. I think it was kind of it was I mean it was very different for me as it was like what was for dr. Z right doctors, the name of all the time I want to have this name as well. I will take that I’m. So from now on, call me dr. X. For me, it didn’t happen like that for me that the other businesses were just unsuccessful. The other business coach ventures were just unsuccessful and my kind of the excitement of elf building this design company just kind of took over and it just I guess there was a point.

You know about 3 or 4 years into building the company where I was like I had. This is not really what I want to be doing and then I started doing you know we started doing like these live training shows we started building our youtube channel, so we have weekly shows as well. That gets me excited again because I’m, making video again and I’m kind of performing again so I think performing with the thing I was interested in in the end, and it wasn’t really like the act of you know being specifically in a band. So I think that was like the kind of satisfying myself now by doing weirds. You know side projects like the youtube channel by the way his radio commercials are legendary in tulsa to enjoy this time. It’s a nice outlet just like jonathan’s talk about what was the name of your business coach band by the way. What kind of music. I honestly don’t even want to tell you, like i, told, want to know okay, so the band was called hanging box, h, a h, a n g, I n g box and it was red hot, chili, peppers, i, don’t know coldplay or something okay made no sense, but yeah. We were just playing lights. We did covers of like nelly furtado and like weird pop songs like kylie minogue and justin timberlake for fun, but we didn’t do any you know. Santa might bring sexy back. That’s how did you mark it? Aj and smart? You talk to you in a little bit with youtube videos, but how did you guys market, the saudi of our listeners, are going to be very interested in your design sprint in a lot of more going I wish I could figure out how to market my business, how to tell us how you marketed your company that is now very, very successful. Yeah so I mean i, don’t know how far you want me to go back but like in the beginning that I’ll tell you how we got the traction. I’ll tell you I’m just ate it all started around the day of my birth know.

Maybe I’ll skip forward to starting the company, so we in the very beginning, I think one of the best ways to get clients and i. Don’t know if you guys agree with this, but for us it was very much local. So we moved into myself and my co-founder. We moved into a co-working space where there was a lot of startups around us. We put up a sign saying that we were a ux design agency, because ux design was sort of almost like the keywords for product design back then, and what we start to do with whiskey tastings at our desk. So we would have weekly whiskey, tastings every friday, because you know irish bringing lots of different types of whiskeys from ireland and all these startups would come to her desk and they would talk to us and then figure out where design agency. We would figure out the problems they would have really focusing on like capturing the issues that they had and then we would just come back to the samples or before exactly whiskey, sample number for and really the first two years of business like that, the first you know, $500,000 of revenue in the first year, was purely from that one building that we were in because we were making a name for a cell’s honestly, just by being quite loud and and by talking to people. So that was the beginning that that doesn’t scale and basically I wanted to steal a learning business coach moment, though, I worked with a lot of gamblers in a chuppah eric to where we went over. To put this on the show notes here, but I worked at a lot of businesses and I’ll give you the two examples want to work with the outback steakhouse here in tulsa oklahoma near the riverwalk I also worked with a jewelry store.

We’ve done this before we. Actually, if you went to the jewelry store, you got a glass of wine when you walked into that. You got it right. Jonathan. You got a glass of wine and then the outback when you walked in-and you said, hey how much? How long is the wait at the steakhouse? They would say what kind of beverage do you want we’ll get you started here now for free. It’s on us, I think the weights about 15 minutes. Will most people don’t leave when you give him a free beverage or a free, appetizer and I do think. That’s a move. I mean you were sowing the seeds, giving people free, whiskey samples, lightening the mood a little bit of me to that play into your sales. In all sincerity, did that help you conversations going? A hundred percent whey, wheat thins scale that up to having free events at our office once we once we grew a little bit and we would have these. You know 4050 person, events at our office where we have free beer, free alcohol, we have a cocktail maker and we would invite a lot of like the bigger firms in germany to come by and kind of watch the presentation about design sprint. While getting you know, I don’t know if you can swear on the show, so I won’t swear, i, don’t let say very drunk while getting very drunk I swear and like an irish in your native I was going to stay. So it sounds something like dish face guy’s face:okay, nice I answer you now after you had these free events at your office. Again, you start off. You put up a sign that says where ux designers in the co-working space you’re, giving people free, whiskey samples of revenue business coach office. How did you go from there across the great abyss to working with huge companies like airbnb slack, google airbnb? What you said jonathan, do you say google or is it google?

We come back to the break more with our interview with jonathan to courtney of aj and smart, to get more from our interview with jonathan courtney from aj and smart. If you’ve not yet gone to the classic clean.Com checking out for all of your tulsa janitorial needs. That’s the classic clean.Com 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show east star charts in the category of business, bad to the babitsky. Alright, what makes you welcome back to another exciting addition of the thrive time show on your podcast, download and radio broadcast, show my tabs clay clark of join here with dr., as we have a chance earlier today, to sit down an interview, a guy with the name of jonathan courtney who’s based in in in germany, and he’s irish guy that now based in germany. They work with companies like airbnb slack, salesforce mckenzie, the united nations I mean see these guys are kind of a big deal. It was a great interview. Did you enjoy your time with her friend, jonathan, courtney, fascinating and I thought? It was incredibly awesome that we were talking to jonathan and his company is so needed out there. You know his company will fast track your ideas for software for your business and he went so far as to say within a month plus or minus. You can take an idea to them and they will turn it into business coach software, that usable I and a half away yeah. Something like that. $2,000, that’s an incredible deal and I i. Just tell you what drivers, if you’re, going to miss this show or duck into back into the office, so I’m doing a show, you would have missed it show on your podcast player. You got time if you’re in the office right now make sure you go to drive time to show. Com go listen to on the podcast. This is jonathan courtney, with his with his company aj and smart, a consultancy and a design. Sprint companies work at airbnb, slack, salesforce mackenzie and more back to the interview. How did you make that jump from you know?

The startup to working with these big brand had to happen right. So I should probably say that it took about 5 years to go from. You know the startup scene in berlin to silicon valley. The leads companies like that, and there was a couple of I guess. There was a couple of jumping off points. The first one we started working with a silicon valley start up called udacity, and we got the contract with them. I’m trying to remember exactly how that happened, but it was I met a guy at a conference. It’s always related to alcohol. I was at a bar at a conference, and I was speaking to a guy who is about to start working at a company called you. Study udacity was brand new. It was like a google, was kind of putting you know, helping create this site. Acacian company I’m at this guy I was like that sounds pretty interesting. Like 2 years later, I get a call and he’s like hey. This udacity thing is kicking off. Can you guys help us out, so we do little bit of work with them and we even like you know, just some really random work, and that was kind of a starter that that was our first silicon valley client and now they’re like one of the unit, 1 billion dollar business coach unicorns down in silicon valley, and that was like the I would say that was the almost the the center point that caused us too kind of you know explode from company to company over there, but the second thing of the german startups in you reference data to ask you about that. What kind of a tax rate are you dealing with in germany versus, let’s say in american started this cuz our listeners out there.

That I think would be interested in working with you guys and you just kind of want to know the background and kind of get a feel for when you’re starting a business there. What kind of taxes do you have there compared to the united states? Do you know it totally insane we pay 45% tax minimum, but we’re paying a lot more on top I need. To be honest, the german tax system is like germany’s, very much more, like a socialist country than america, so you’re paying a lot a lot and text i, don’t know exactly what money also goes to help the people not start another world, war, i, hope, i. Think that’s something when the german history would you like to start world war, so it’s not working out, hopefully at least 5% of that 45% coming back. If anything goes wrong here, I mean if there’s one cracking the auto band at the main roads. Here, then, is a full-on new war happening, so I’m, assuming most of most of the money, is going back into just that. Okay, I was going to say that the second reason we managed to get all of these big clients, at least some of the ones you seeing there is just that we both well it started with us choosing the niche of you, a text before you ex got big, but then we chose the niche of design sprint’s before designs prince when he got big and we kind of became the company that designs prince got associated with. So it’s like designs print their associated with business coach google, their associated with jake knapp and their associated with aj and smart, and because of that, we now gets.

You know contacted by these companies, like you know, salesforce mackenzie, all of these big brand, that everybody knows they hear about us because they searched designs prince now and if they do, you know, search anywhere on google or on youtube they’re, going to find us and that’s because actually beat weed I guess we placed a bet that this needs was going to be big and we put all of our chips on black and it was kind of a risk because we just pushed in one one direction extremely aggressively without thinking of anything else, and it did just worked out for us. So we I guess that the thing there is. We really just put all our money on design, sprint’s, andrew carnegie, who couldn’t be with us today,, because he said he actually said the way to become rich is to put all of your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket and dr. Zoellner has his own take on this. But does he you talk about being the pig at breakfast? Can you share your thoughts? Are with jonathan the business coach listeners out there about being the big breakfast so important that these guys are saying, look what we made a bet and we went all year we went. We went all in on this bet. He talked about your ideas, either it’s about commitment and that’s what jonathan was kind of talking to you, no touching on their the commitment of going to pay all in on something and that’s the destroyed that I use is the pig in the chicken at breakfast. You want to be the pig because the pig obviously gives his life. He knows we get bacon and ham.

The chicken lays an egg and says you know, I’ll, give you an egg, maybe maybe tomorrow I’ll give you another egg and a lot of people that start a business. Don’t have that kind of commitment of saying heck it work we’re all in this is the direction we’re going and you really aren’t yours are tabata gamblers I mean yeah, you say we put it all on black is actually a very, very good. Analogy… Got a question for you to the tax structure and everything since you’re from the lowest. You know. Business tax rates in the world have a lot of inversions in that google you could argue, there’s actually a nice irish company at this point, an apple and several others. We’ve done that I’m show before all the emergence. So. Why are you still in germany see we come back to explain to us why they’re still officing in germany, but before we do that we need to do a shameless plug for one of our show sponsors, someone that says like office supplies, how about somebody that could get all her listeners hooked on onyx? Will that works on supply store to buy supplies,, some of walking through the aisles of staples and just walking through the aisle to stay for the afternoon for hours, and it’s money spend less time. That’s why we use the good folks at onyx, imaging, onyx, imaging chuck, tell us about honest imaging imaging. Is your one-stop business coach shop guys they do printer supply, printer repair office supply same and next day delivery price matching, so you got to get ahold of these guys. Ony x, imaging.Com, onyx, imaging.Com call today +918-627-661-1918 627-6611 and with any request for printer service or off supply called they’re going to give you a free ink cartridges possible. Whatever you have you, let him know they’re going to get you a free print, cartridge 918-627-6611. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can myopic focused on topenish and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from advance to the left of the portland? And now my friends, you got to fans, need to see it, and I’ll be to see her yes and black batman.

Alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to another exciting addition of a drive time show on your podcast, download and radio. Show me a lot of great guests on the show that david robinson, the nba hall of fame basketball player. We had michael levine the pr consultant for nike and prints, and we had a lot of people on the show. But it’s fun to talk to these guys were in germany this company called aj and smart and see these guys do quick product sprint. They are people for about $80,000 to design a product in an app to go with it and see over the years they worked as such companies. As on the road that companies off to you tell if you tell me if ever heard enough fair enough, air b&b slack, yes, I’m, a bird called a slacker before that same thing know. This is a business salesforce I was once I work at salesforce. These guys are a big deal. They help people develop great product and work with google now they’re working on a project right now with lego I mean they are really a great company and some great things and it’s honor to talk to them and so right, nation i, invite you to put on a helmet, get that to get that seat belt. All business coach titans, they’re, nice and buckle up, because this interview with jonathan courtney from aj and smart, is going to blow your mind. Guess I got a question for you going back to go back to the tax structure and everything since you’re from ireland. You know business tax rates in the world. We have a lot of inversions in that google you could argue, there’s actually a nice irish company at this point. Okay, so honestly, I don’t really know why our company is still based in germany. We did take, we are looking into you know. Setting may be potentially setting up some parts of your company in ireland because I’m irish, and that would be totally fine to do that. I! Guess it’s! Just at this point:i don’t want. We are 20 person company. We don’t have like a huge finance department. It isn’t super easy now that we are making multiple 7 figures of revenue to just like transfer at all.

So we just we just don’t actually to be honest answer is i, don’t understand exactly what it means to do that and so I’m trying to figure that out before i. Do something will if you need help transferring your 7 figures in euros, clay and I am more than happy to fly on over we’ll plan on coming to frankford will don’t know how to rent a car, no problem and I’m not kidding this urge on it. At some point, if you have your thing about moving to the united states oklahoma forbes ranks oklahoma right now, usually in the top one tooth or 3 of best cities in america for moving a business. Is our tax square foot facility go work with us? We could play dodgeball things get testy, and then it goes down time we can put back together the band we can maybe get david hasselhoff about that whiskey tastes, great idea, kind of store, demo monroe in america festival. Type of this sounds great sounds amazing out there that is probably going to benefit from your services, but they’re not going to be able to benefit from these design sprint. We don’t really understand what kind of businesses you specialize in now, and maybe the fee structure or whatever you put your business coach liberty to share i, just want to make sure that anybody out there who has a problem that you guys can solve that they can see how you can get them from a to b right I mean like I said we have a pretty broad range of clients. It doesn’t have to be as big as google. It doesn’t have to be as big as the un I guess. We have to pretty specific things that we do. We have to pretty specific packages. We have like the corporate standard package where a company wants to just like creative brand new product brand, new app or a brand new service from scratch, and they they also want us to help them figure out. What that should be.

Generally I mean pricing wise and dollars. That’s usually about 3 to 4 weeks of work for about $80,000, just to be straight up, transparent I’m. So it’s it’s around 70 to $80,000, depending on what we’re actually talking about, but that pretty much gets you from zero from a product idea or like it. If you have different business notions to your now, holding something in your hand that you could potentially give to your developers and put on the market and make you know crap tons of money with, let me share with a thrivers out there. So they know is he and i? Have you know if we can do that? Coders photographers photographers people, you work with us full time and all of our business as we have full-time people and just keep my contacts that are haircuts business, the elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge. We have a managers there and one of our managers that they took very good good person. We would pay that person about $60,000 a year to manage a business they’re, not creating anything. That’s one third of the stores, you’re, so they’re, not creating anything they’re, not putting their not develop. Anything from business coach scratch mean that’s, that’s! That’s your for 70000 me, that’s the salary of one, a my mind, skilled person and you’re done the whole thing. I bring a whole team together for $70,000 it take out weeks. How long does it take till? You could start tomorrow and 4 weeks from now it would be done and what you have, in your hand, is pretty much often what an entire team takes an entire year to create that’s kind of what we offer we’re like a plug in and play world-class product design team.

So many people that have come up to me, whispered in my ear i, don’t know what to do with it. So you before I mean these are rough figures and we’re not hold anything but 17 $80,000 in one month and boom. There’s a there’s a chance that that my billion dollar app ideas going to go. Yeah I mean biblically. What happens? It happens pretty often a lot of the products we work on end up, making millions or end up becoming worth billions and in the end, our clients. Even ask us hey. Why don’t you like? Take a cut up the you know the outcome of that and it’s like for us. We just we’re just not interested in that right now. What’s product b credit product from scratch in dollars for week, plug-and-play product design team, what product beat alright tribe business coach nation, we come back from the break room to get more into the interview with aj and smart with explain to us their package be the same for $80,000, though these guys you can take it. Take your idea from a conceptual phase into an actual product with an app that goes with it in 4 weeks, she’s at mind-blowing. That’s pretty cool! You don’t answer with you. I mean right up in your grill for two days and it gets things sorted out and the team works on it, knocks it out. You know if you want someone to get intense with you about your accounting, making sure not behind in taxes. If you have a financial planning for listeners to go to hood cpas. Comet cpa.Com, when you go to cbs.Com and you schedule your free one-hour consultation, they’re, also going to give you a copy of warren buffett’s only authorized biography.

This book is called snowball. You get the free book. A free consultation has the power to change your financial life find him today. At hood, cpas. I took cpas. Com want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com. To claim your business coach tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it and will be able to make your dreams come true. Alright, drive nation, welcome back to another exciting addition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download for those of you just now tuning in we’re sitting down interviewing jonathan courtney with about his company, aj and smart, and these guys have created his partner i, take nap as crazy as a system called the design sprint. Where an enduring afford a process, they can help a company figure out there. Big challenges create a new product development, app that goes with it. They work with airbnb, slack salesforce mackenzie and, as it’s $80,000 for their package package, a yam which seems reasonable, we’ve hired a lot of coders. We we’ve been a lot of this in the back side and I mean that seems reasonable. It seems very reasonable and unbelievable to our interview. Is it talk about package b, which is basically a more affordable model kind of a even more of a lean startup modeling and i? Think you’re out there listening and have a big product that you’re wanting to develop. You need someone to make a prototype to make an app is absolutely a no-brainer for you to check out interview with jonathan courtney from aj and smart. So we call product a internally. Did the tesla model x o d the expensive tesla that, like the best thing you can get our model s and the product b is? Are tesla model 3, which is like the everyman? Everybody can have it, and this is what we generally do with startups on.

This is essentially, you already have an idea for the product that you want to make your already relatively sure about. You know the details in the strategy behind it, but you just want a super high quality design for it’s like the best in class, and basically we do that for people at then over three weeks and what’s missing the only thing that’s missing is ben district, tj and business background that we offer for the corporate. So you can start from zero. Just with a couple of ideas and within 3 weeks, you’ve already got a version of your product that you can develop super high-quality and that’s that cost around $37. Sorry for the $4,000, so for $44,000, which is essentially almost a year or a half a year’s worth of work for a team in 3 weeks and I just want to make sure the drivers are seeing. The value of this I want to bring it to work. With this called oxy fresh, one of the company that started was called dj connection.Com in z I spent four $500,000 on a quipment before I really found out how to make a viable, sustainable business that that scaled I know you’re optometry clinic on me, just starting that clinic star you got business to brick-and-mortar I mean its axis of millions of dollars. This is a pretty sweet deal idea, and now they have someone that can go to in this world class and can help and knock it out, and they I mean that’s not those are not unreasonable business coach figures, and so somebody want to work with you. Do you have like a weekly meeting with him as an everyday I mean cuz you’re going fast, I mean how do you? How do you stand I need to communicate with them? What’s your what’s your process, that’s actually pretty intense, the usual away. The design agencies work is that they get it free from the client, maybe for 2 or 3 hours, and then they take notes and they go away, and then they work on it that they bring it back to the client..

The client is not happy with it and then they do changes. Then it goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, and that’s why it takes months and there’s a lot of misalignment and messing up and everyone’s angry at the end. What we do is we pretty much forced the client to be with us for the first two days of the three weeks and it’s a super intensive 2-day workshop and in this 2-day workshop we pretty much get everything out of the clients head every single idea. Every single imaginable thought they had about this business over the last. However, many months or years we bring their whole team together in a room for two days and just get everything out of them and that’s pretty much the kickoff. That’s the most important part of the entire thing, and that’s almost all we need from them. In the three weeks now I’m in the second week, we have them watch the user test, send and do a few iterations on the product just to make sure it’s going the right direction and in the third week we’re just delivering it to them and handing it over and helping them. You know what their developers and stuff like that. So, in the end, they mainly need to hang around with us for two very intense of business coach days, just to make sure that we know exactly what direction we’re going in and also that we can help them decide what they should create in the first place, cuz many times, companies think you know have got this great app idea and I think we should do this and once they talked with us for a few hours they’re like oh wait, a second no. This is what we should do right, because we’re able to kind of give them this a strategic overview based on all the other companies we worked with. So pretty much looks like that in the plan a package do i, get any irish whiskey. With that you can you get some irish whiskey and some japanese whiskey. So that’s our combination at the moment. What’s going to happen, if you’re going to pick him up and probably a volkswagen drive me to black forest for 2 days, and then you were condoms to question them, then you just knock this out. In 4 weeks, pretty much I mean from the black forest thing. We also travel to our clients, because everything, important and secretive happened to the black forest i. Sorry i.

Most of it does okay, okay. So what are some exciting things that you’re working on now I know you value? Client confidentiality is not type of specific client that are some exciting things in the future for your company over the next year, too, okay, we’re working with lego right now, the toymaker. This is definitely my most exciting thing, at least for me right now, the most exciting thing I can talk about and I guess i. Actually, what it is is quite different to what I’ve just been explaining, because why they’ve hired us is to actually train their leadership team on how to make decisions faster, and this is this-is something kind of going a little bit more into consulting. We do help companies build their products from scratch, but we also help companies build the systems that we use at our company to get things done fast into their own companies, so with lego. Besides doing some design, sprint work we’re doing a lot of this kind of leadership, training and I’m just getting to see how toys are made. Who makes the toys how these decisions are made? It’s the coolest thing, I’ve done pretty much ever and yeah I’m traveling a lot for it. I was in tokyo few weeks back working with lego, I’m back and forth from the factory in denmark. It’s just one of the coolest project. I’ve worked on in awhile I can’t talk about the actual products, lego some tips for making decisions faster. One. That’s idea number one rises! He is that a spare I didn’t know, that’s no fun. Okay, I just want to be she’s going to ask you a question:do I have a final question for you. What is the biggest mistake that you have made jump since your pubic and your entrepreneurship or advice? You can give your former self, where you suggest you avoid mistakes. What’s the biggest business coach mistake where you would say:okay, younger jonathan! This was not a good move, it’s far enough in the past, or we can laugh about it. Maybe some like last week, I honestly think that I mean I’ve made so many mistakes building this business that you couldn’t believe it and i. Think one of the reasons is that i, just really don’t have a business background and I really I feel like that’s one big mistake is not asking people sooner, who have a biggest business background. To give me some advice, intend to coach me, but that’s a huge mistake that I made in the first three years, just being arrogant about it and just assuming that I can figure everything out myself because I don’t know if you guys know, but as soon as you start to have like cash flow problems or anything like that, then you’re I didn’t understand the concept of business coach cash flow. That’s like one of the biggest mistakes I made in the first three years of age and smart as I didn’t understand basic business concepts, so I stopped us from growing just by being an idiot and just not understanding super basic business concepts. So that would be the first thing. I would go back and tell 22 year olds are 23 three-year-old jonathan starting this company. Dude! Look, you don’t understand business. You need to pick up a couple of books. You need to get a business coach and then just sort your dish out, oops.

Sorry out there. We know you got a ride. You guys are a smoke a lot. You curse a lot. You start a lot of wars were cool with it. All. The time all the time, even worse, weed we smoked and curse way more than the germans believe me I would tupac was going to ask that question. The question I was going to ask if you could go back and change what you did in the early days and you can re-enter that that would you park question I won alright drive nation, we return. Dr. Zoellner asks jonathan courtney with aj and smart. Some tough hard-hitting questions. I mean people softball questions that don’t really matter, but you went for the juggler. I went really really. You know shadow in here, jonathan courtney into the corner, and it’s not in my corner of the mosquitoes mojito tell us about platinum, pest and termite inspections right now and if they find anything I’ll do $200 off your termite treatment. Call him today, 918-376-0857 at 918-376-0857 or check them out at platinum pest control.Com, platinum, pest, control, all right tribe, nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. Earlier today we had an opportunity germany where his company, which is called aj and smart, has been helping companies develop products, you might say. Would you do that to me? I have no idea. I know a guy who knows a guy popping products for airbnb black product for salesforce they’re building business coach products for mckenzie’s lego legos. As a kid I like to go to this day, I was more of a lincoln log sky reason that it is it’s just that we had earlier today and for those who are just tuning in dr. Z. During this statement, I thought you went over the line. A little bit, I mean you use. I came in hot. What is an expose about the big wins this week right and then it’s like now they got you on camera and they’re, just interrogating you about something. You said 25 years. If that’s what you’re doing here, just asking metaphorically I tore down the wall, I reunited the country you’re.

Welcome, like the gorbachov of the show me on that wall. Gorbachev tear down that wall you mentioned earlier in the in the in the show that you are actually sipping on since it’s in the evening over there you were sipping on some whiskey. What whiskey? What’s your favorite whiskey, so my favorite whiskey right now and then the one I’m actually drinking is called nikka from the barrel whiskey and it’s from japan. It is beautiful and it also won by whiskey, world cup I think 2 years ago, which is crazy. Ikka from the barrel got, it seems easy. You have a favorite favorite whiskey together, share, share whiskey recommendations, I’m sure that is great grace, really just opt and just tastes like dirt. I love it I love it. So I have one more recommendation for you guys on which I don’t know if you can actually buy it in the us but importing it is well worth it. It’s just called connemara, it’s the most beautiful part of ireland, and it’s also the best whiskey in ireland. It’s it’s amazing! And what and what is it more similar to I’m sure it’s a single malt? It’s honestly, don’t even know where is about what it was like. Oh yeah, it’s a bit like that younger brother to like a fool in your life going to the same amount, so you to make the same amount of money, no matter what you’re going to do. Would you rather one been rockstar to make make movies or three have the company you haven’t and you’re changing lives out there with all that you’re doing so, which of those three looking back on what you can say, you don’t have it I’ll make it the same amount of money have the same fulfillment tough question which one of those 3 would you would you do duncan? Oh, my god I really do love what I’m doing right now and I feel like it’s going to create a lot more business coach freedom than those other two jobs would have done so I’m happy that I didn’t stay in the music industry. I feel like it’s. It’s not that it’s not! For me, for me, filmmaking was just not just didn’t feel right anymore, so I have to say I’m I’m I feel like I’ve chosen the right path, but I’m not quite there. Yet in terms of exactly what I want. The kind of freedoms I want actually now I want to be a videogame designer. So now, I have a totally different path. That I’m on is are doing very well financially, but see we have a promotion for doing right now for all the listeners out there, and this is for you to jonathan save a few bucks, but I know that you only have 65. We have $0.55 left from from every dollar with the german taxation. Here’s. This is what you can save some money. If you find the drive time showing her listeners do on itunes and you subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review will give you two free tickets to our in-person workshop and I would love to devalue some of the books, I’ve written I’ll, sign them and give them to you would like to see in tulsa and where to shop, though john’s we’d love to to see her tulsa’s a huge tourism, sun, discovered tourism. Capital of the middle at the business coach sod farm tours are amazing, yeah I would love to I seem to be also kind of? Maybe maybe you guys can help me with a couple of the you know, business strategy, topics that I have for aj and smart this year. Business coaching is what we do and we would love to help.

You guys want to say sincerely:it’s been an honor having you on the show today. If you want to reach out to you or learn more from you or get in touch with you in some way or your company, what’s the what’s the best way for people to find you on the interwebs? Where do you want them to find you where you wanted to go i? Think if you want to learn more about age and smart aj, smart.Com is a great place to go, and you can you can chat to the people from age and smart there if you’re interested in working with us, if you’re interested in just see what I’m up to building my business sort of more the entrepreneurial angle? Definitely just check me out on instagram, which is at j ice cream. Yes, I’m saying instagram I’m a man I’m a child, but at jay ice cream is definitely the best place to check me out. I am everywhere else with pretty much the same name at j ice cream, but yeah instagram is where I do daily vlogs and where I reply to people most regularly well I appreciate you haven’t been having on the show. We always like to end our interviews with it with a three and a two and a woman that will say boom it’s what kind of just what you always say. Three we say to we say 1 to be safe. Why do it as well it here via skype, do I do the 3 to 1 as well. He is very important, you do it again on skype there might be off, but we still going to the same. Go exactly 3 2 see. You know that that interview was a lot of fun with jonathan courtney I mean he’s a great guy that guy it’s, it’s rare that I get to talk to or listen to. Somebody who’s from ireland living in germany is guys travel around the world record. The listeners out there this show doesn’t have to be a show where you just listen to successful people teaching success where you are applying.

What you’re, learning and I know there’s a lot of listeners out there who are applying what they’re learning what they’re doing is, after you start applying the moves that you’re learning on the show you’re going to start to develop a growing business more customers than ever before and see when are more customers which have to do. Is you have to hire some people? It would hire some people, you start to maybe win some awards become more known in the community and that’s why I want to talk about I want to spend the rest of today show-and next few shows talking about the, life and times of phil jackson wrap up the interview with jonathan your favorite moments of the interview just how we started the company. I mean blown away by every time you eat in entrepreneur, and you talked to him about how they got started. The way they started. The business is never what they teach in business. School I mean these guys they put out. They moved into a co-working space slick and market to the people who are working, they’re smart and they put a sign up. That said, we are you, x designers, and they offered free whiskey samples if you did a consultation and they said you offered people to free samples. Next thing you know they’re talking to you about your company, absolutely and next thing you know other than $500,000 of business coach revenue 3 years later, then they start hosting other events at the office 5 years later, cuz the 5-year horizon to the very beginning now they’re there people that they met at conferences years before beginning reaching out to them. They get a deal with you with you dasetty and then concept they did they did. They bet on. There were the first people in the world to bet on this concept of doing this. This lean and design sprint.

Where you go, you build a product in 4 weeks, instead of 5 years right. They bet on that. They became known as the people. Who can do it exactly that the world’s knocking at their door I love with him, but he was 5 years old. That’s my favorite part, 5 years of grinding classic get rich quick scheme. My part was i. Think it’s two parts I really enjoyed it. It’s. The first time was when you asked him to question. Yours was hard-hitting. Mine were not so hard-headed, but he said if he could go back in time, he would teach his younger self. He would encourage. He would force his younger self to get a business, coach and i. Think that is a move. We’re trying to also tell people out there. You can learn to mentor ship or mistakes and he going to all the mistakes he made. He said he would go back and say:get a business cuz we’re here to mentor here’s the fab five for me out there at your mind, if you’re a business coach owner, if you don’t hire an attorney before you need one obviously you’re an attorney represent folks at td jakes and you representing of the craig rochelle’s of the world and big people now, but whether it’s you or somebody else, why does everybody need an attorney? What attorneys going to get the guy trying to save you money in the long run, and it’s going to keep you out of a lot of time wasting that litigation is going to lead to see going to say time you can save money. You’re going to stay stress. It seems idiotic, not coach people how to avoid the mistakes that predictable mistakes, I mean z and accounted. Why does everybody have to have an account and some of the file their taxes to the irs come on now? Why do we have to have if you have a good accounting system in a good accountant, the irs, sooner or later, we’ll come get their pound of flesh every time, every time they do and you, when you get on their radar at the radar screen, you don’t want to be on it, so you can count it if it’s just keeps you to where you can understand.

What’s going on in your business, so you can make the changes necessary to keep your business afloat one day you all sent start bouncing checks or, like I thought, I had money when the second I haven’t look at a p&l in 6 months. Oh wait! A second who is balancing the checkbook. What’s going on, I mean you’ve got to you got to have your knowledge of your numbers and I will just say this to the nation. If you’re not there again, the big 5, you want to have i. Think everybody. If you have your own business, you want to have an attorney that you can turn to. They can respect. I would highly recommend that you have I’m somebody out there doing your accounting for you to have mentors in your life that are good people that just are more successful than you that your palin out with that can give you objective feedback, 4th I’d recommend you have a business coach. Some of that can help. Show you the proven path. I need you to lead you and keep you from from struggling in any area. The final areas in the air of your life, where you are struggling i, would just encourage you to seek out coaching whether that be in your spiritual life having a  business coach or a pastor. What do you need to have a therapist to sit down and talk to you about your personal issues but see if there’s an important to be aware of where you’re struggling and I find someone better shape up being a personal fitness coach I mean there’s, there’s people out there if your car is broken. What do you take lei station I’m going to take it to the garage, the garage in broken arrow off of elm located next to the world? Only the world, the last outpost of video stores, crazy, a video store off of elm in broken arrow. There’s, there’s one video store that I know of in tulsa called family video, never seen another one, like it’s 1999 big block, but they have time no I haven’t but I think I put on my 80s outfit walk on in there. So let’s do it acid, washed acid wash jean jackets. You can request them. It’s like a throwback.

The whole deal and releases from 2002 through 2018. You can get on netflix right now or amazon right now, but you can reserve them in advance. Cuz, they’re out of them in stock, physically right now, i, don’t think I’ve been to since aardvark video in like 19, like a sega genesis from there. There’s professionals out there and help you get optimal can help you fix. It can help you, you know, make it better and that’s what we do. Your thrive. We come back really break it, on, the, life and times of the nba head coach, phil, jackson won 11 rings with the chicago bulls and los angeles lakers. His story is mind-blowing a game-changing stay 2 one. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show time show on the microphone. What is this send a category of business, dentist, appointment that you might get motion, sickness and some proof box of florida three two one here come the business ninjas, alright, probation. Welcome back to the business coach conversation is the drive time show on your radio and on the rest of today show in the next coming shows where we talkin about the life and times of phil jackson, the nba head coach for the los angeles lakers in the chicago bulls he-111 rings as a coach to as a player. His book, 11 rings will be reading some excerpts from his book on page for one of his book. He writes truth, be told I’ve, never really felt that comfortable at victory celebrations, which is strange given my chosen profession. As you don’t know, phil jackson became very very tall, which is something he couldn’t control, but he was always because I’ve been very, very interested in management dynamics. How people work he’s kind of a is in my studies, philosophy. He studies. Religion explains that he says error on page number for his book.

He said it takes a number of critical factors to win nba championship, including the right mix of talent, creativity, intelligence, toughness and, of course, luck. But if a team doesn’t have the most essential ingredient love, none of those other factors matters is. He explained this to in his book. Explains this, but basically every other nba coach walks up and down the court and yells plays during the game. Different plays marshall. You play basketball professionally, as well as in college. What kind of plays did your coach you? A lot of, plays out to you he would yell out plays, but by the senior season by the senior year of my high school season, we’ve been playing with him for so long that we almost knew the place that I was calling out until it’s more like telepathy, or he knew that we knew what we should break so, every time we brought the ball down the court, we knew what play we were defaulting to, because we have run it so many times in practice. We practice to what you call it when we called it secondary, secondary athol ran out pick-and-roll play it’s called the triangle in the triangle offense was based on musical rhythm and every 4 seconds. Do you had to move the ball? You had either shoot the ball dribble the ball he had to move, but you did a whole entire office is very fluid and he explained that after the game after game was played, he would break the film into 3 sections. If a guy needed help on defense, they had one coach if a guy need help on offense and if it’s today so I want coach and phil refuse to deal with either one.

He focus on the emotional state of the players, and this is what I think dr. Z you’re really good at is in your business’s. You talk about. You have multiple spinning plates to the technical aspects of how do you mark it? How do you manage marshall you’ve seen the client we work with a lot of hair growing really fast and they struggle to manage people. Angie ism is a master of human chest, of making sure that you make business decisions in our wise for the company and not a rational emotional decision. So here we go balls have dennis rodman of a team and dennis rodman decides he’s not going to speak verbally at all to michael, jordan or scottie pippen on most teams they would probably kick the guy off the team, but on the bulls, phil jackson. What’s best for the team, we need about 15 rebounds, a game. What’s best for the team, we need his energy what’s best for the team, he sat down and built a very father-son relationship of dennis rodman and it’s still lasted today. I think you do the same to you. You don’t make a rational hr decisions in your business is talk to me about how you maintain that stoic, calm, strategic persona and a lot of areas were small business coach or business owners might freak out wisdom over the years number 1 number 2, you know I when I was much younger. I did have a little bit of a freak out moment and I realize those were not productive. In those didn’t help get the ball down the field, they did not help grow the business, and so you know at some point you got to save yourself. What’s in the best interest of the business cuz, that’s what I want to grow and sometimes having people that don’t get along with each other, sometimes having people that have kind of funky personality, sometimes having an employee that has some challenges.

You know learning how to gather them up there with her love languages are learning how to how to stroke. Your ego is, if you will and summerguard, and learn how to get them, focusing on getting the business going forward with the talent they have, because if they don’t have the talent and there are a hot mess, you know what dennis rodman have the talent and he was a hot mess and so and I see that affection, i, don’t know dennis, but I mean give me his own admission in his book about as I want to be in the recent interviews he talks about. He just doesn’t want to follow any rules and in in phil jackson describes us on page 5. He says the nba is not exactly the friendliest environment for teaching selflessness, which was his business coach passion, even though the game is is itself a 5-person sport. The culture surrounding it celebrates egotistical, behavior and stresses individual achievement over team bonding on the commercials. That kind of thing I’ll go talk to me about z. From your perspective, how bad of an issue entitlement could be coming to spell jackson every guy he’s coaching has their own shoe their own product there, a big deal I think it was kobe bryant ever won an nba championship with without phil jackson championships did michael jordan win a championship, phil jackson’s incredible, and what you have to do. Is you have to take your own ego? You have to take your own self out of it. You know and went when something’s entitled at some point. You know when you sit down and talk to them. You you have to give them a little bit a little bit more free rein horse.

Sometimes you have to give them what they called get them their head. Let them run little bit to know and when you have someone that’s entitled at some point every now and then you have to have the what I would call the cow ate the cabbage with a come-to-jesus talk with them. Yes, it sit them down and reset them reset the bar little bit. But up until that point, you know as long as the talent is there and as long as they are producing and as long as you know, helping you win, you don’t send any kind of put up with a little bit of that along the way now eat. Sometimes you get to the point of it’s gone too far and and then you have to lovingly sit down and say:hey, listen, you know and I love the way you do a clay. You really turn the corner on this. You have really become the guy. That now is, will dead self-deprecating and you bring humor to the. What do I need to do some more like what do I need to do to get you to do the things I need you to do. This is kind of a nutshell. You know I’m saying we come back from the break. I want to take on this, because if you are in an office and you do have to fire people, it can be expensive and if you don’t nba team, you only have a roster were five guys are playing at 12 guys on the team. You got a few guys on injured reserve. You can’t just sit there and fire everybody all the time you got to get people to perform at their best, and that’s really what phil jackson does if your listing today and you manage a team of 12 people or more, you do not want to miss out on this because imagine what would be like to manage the most egotistical most entitled people in the world every night in front of a crowd of 15,000 people that are screaming at you. Every word you say, ends up in the headlines. It’s incredible incredible deal and in zeeland chiropractic this guy helps get tulsa spines in line getting the best spinal house at all possible.

I need to show sponsor, which means you have to mix to make this show possible to be out there and you’re looking for the chiropractor was not an actor but a real chiropractor car different dr. Johnson,, 918-749-5741 +91-874-957-4162. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can myopic focused on topenish and I’m focused on the mission? Teach you the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from lance to the left of the portland, and now my friends, you got to dance, see, and I’ll, be to see you yes, and now it’s big like that man fam. What effect does rob time show on your radio and bring me out there is ever struggled to be to become an effective manager. This show is, for you I think so many people reach out to us as he wanting to grow a company from maybe 10 employees or more, and we all them do that, and so the market is not that hard sales is not that hard work flows is not that are making.. Org chart is not that hard. It’s getting people to operate in the systems. You’ve designed, as we read here from page number, 6 of business coach phil jackson’s book 11 rings, were phil jackson. The winningest nba coach of all time, who won 11 nba championships as a coach into as a player, writes I’ve, always been impressed by kobe’s resilience and ironclad self-confidence, unlike shack, who was often plagued by self-doubt kobe. Never let such thoughts crossed his mind if someone’s at the bar at 10 ft, he jump 11, even if no one has ever done it before. That’s the attitude he brought with him when he arrived at a training at training camp at fault, and it has a powerful impact on his teammates, because I’m Explain:i’d, encourage kobe to spend time with his teammates instead of hiding out in his hotel room. Studying video tape, but he stopped at the idea, came into all those guys were interested in where cars and women now he was making an effort to connect more closely with his teammates and figure out how to forge them into a more cohesive team. Of course, it help the teams.

Other co-captain derek fisher was a natural leader with exceptional emotional intelligence and finely-tuned management. Skills. I was pleased with fish who had played a key role of point guard during our earlier run. Of the three consecutive championships decided to return to la after free agents tent with the golden state warriors and utah jazz detox right there about how shaquille o’neal a guy that you would think, west carter is got to be a great leader. Why cuz he’s good at basketball? He talks about how he’s really not wasn’t a leader of how kobe, who you would think I just got to be an awesome natural leader, cuz he’s good basketball turns out. Derek fisher was the real leader of the team. I just want to get your take on this cuz you’re an attorney you work with a lot of businesses. Howie’s essential is it for everybody out there who wants to grow and create time for them in a system that they learn. How to manage business coach people effectively was it’s it’s required. I mean. Is it’s an ultimate goal that, if you’re going to have any kind of time for them, you’re going to have to be able to replicate, replicate yourself to some degree and I think what he’s talking about there’s the emotional intelligence of fish, which is like z mentioned earlier, understanding, different employees, personalities and then being able to interact with them based on their personality. So, for instance, if an appointment is up, sun employees are pleasers. They come to you on the verge of tears. Sorry that they’ve messed something up. Some people don’t have that I did some people come to you and I will lie to your face or hide that they messed up cuz, because they’re trying to protect themselves, but understanding, tendencies and personalities of your team is going to help.

You figure out how you need to interact with them and get the best out of this is the breakdown from page 12. He says in my quest to come to terms with my own spiritual yearning into get the guys to play together as a team I experimented with a wide range of ideas and practices from christian mysticism to zen meditation and net and native american rituals that felt authentic to meet at first i, worried that my players might find my unorthodox views. A little wacky as time went by I discovered that the more I spoke from the heart. The more the players can hear me and benefit from what I gleaned as examples of standard rule of thumb in the nba that you should call timeout as soon as your team is as soon as the opposing team goes on a 620 run much too my coaching staff disc dismay i, often let the clock keep running at that point to my players will be forced to come up with a solution on their own. Think about that. So he could see this I know. This is how you would manage. If you saw a crisis happening, you would actually let a controlled burn go if you knew that the end of the it’s not that big of a deal. If it’s 1 regular-season game, he would actually do that, but he would actually just watch it happen and sit there and not get up and freaked out, because he wanted to teach the players how to problem-solve cuz come playoff time. He wanted them to go to do it themselves and that’s how you build a great team of managers.

Everybody now saying what would z do in towards the end of the season of teaching your people to make wise decisions to make them going to mess up going to make mistakes and if every time to do when you called time out and get your your your, you know, you’re with the little thingy rights on the loan and sit there and show me what I did wrong and yell at him and scream at him and do all that then then they’re not then they feel intimidated make a decision again. So sometimes you got to let that I like that controlled burn thing of it. When I was a camp counselor at camp, takatoka 1984 charge of the 10 year old boys and we would be in the locker room-will call at the cabin welcome to it would be chaos, it would be. You know, richie rich, kid, poor kid. You know all kinds of all kinds of kids and they would not be getting along and I had to move what was the movie and we would go and we would go camping going on a camping out together, but we can go afterwards, really dark. It’s really almost a tad bit like scary know where I did I tell the story about each other’s back, because you know there’s some crazy things happening here in the woods till crazy. My heater on budget bill murray there around the campfire and meatballs. You don’t feel like it that they had a problem getting firewood. We got to get this fire going that mean you you you. You said that you tip the issues and then you let things going to sort it out and when that all, the troubles of you know of the world kind of pass me figure out. This is kind of survival mode, this, is, us against, the world mode, I’m going to come back to those business coach overnight, so we come back. Maybe maybe I need to take him twice in a group, but the point is you be there problem solved together and it really brought them together the team and then the rest rest camp was awesome. I did my best friends and you know who is marshall. You see this with elephant in the room. You see this woodsy’s businesses, but his next concert, phil jackson, teaches he’s talking about how to play the guy. Had one play. My man wanted championships with one play and he says critics have called it outdated, complicated to learn, none of which is true.

In fact, the triangle is a similar offense and most nba teams run today. Best of automatic stimulates creativity and teamwork, and fries players from having to memorize set place is beautiful, because I need to get really really really good at one thing is like kind of good at like 15 different, like the biggest thing for any business owner. That’s listening to this that can take away. Is they can take away? You need to do less in your business so that you can get better at fewer things and do the same things over and over and over again. Phil jackson manages people how they manage people at the highest level of the national basketball association. But before we do that see, I got two companies have the same, say:name will, i, am contracting, these guys do commercial building. They do they build northeastern, state, oklahoma, state university, the old mogie judicial authority, hilldale, high schools. There there a great company right there listening you say:i want to expand my commercial building. You got a call williams contracting today, but it online it will dash khan.Com. Their phone number is 918-682-5511. 918-682-5511 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com i, like my facebook back to the drive time, show on your radio. Is we study successful people at a deep level 2, instead of just looking at their business coach success and say wow that person won 11 nba championships will actually go out. Their research, the, life and times of this person go really really deep. So you the listener, can get actionable nuggets of knowledge teaching business college.

So you can apply to your business right now and I’m excited and times of phil jackson, the nba coach of the chicago bulls and the los angeles lakers, who, without phil jackson michael jordan ever won a single championship. Michael jordan was playing minnie ears, but more and after phil didn’t win the championship crazy same thing with kobe bryant championships with kobe bryant phil, jackson yeah, but no one did rex ever with phil jackson phil jackson. Will that have been over crazy and talks about his his offense and I really want to get wes carter’s. Take on this because I think a lot of entrepreneurs can overcomplicate and anything legal aspects of the company to the sales and marketing anything. If you place two and restrictions on players or employees, they spent an inordinate amount of time trying to buck the system like all of us. They need a certain degree of structure in their lives, but deals require enough latitude to express themselves creatively as a business coach. Otherwise, they’ll start behaving like that. Pin din cow, so talk to me about this at winters and king I mean you’re. An attorney and I know there are are:are:are your partner, you’re, managing partner, so I know there are things you can’t do things you can do, but talk to me about how that partnership works, because you don’t have like your partner falling around every second of the day, going:hey, hey, wes. What are we doing there? How do I say? What does that that micromanagement? But at the same time there is management to a standard of excellence talk to you on the balance you guys have at winters and king.

The lack of micromanagement is once you get to a certain level is very important. Now, obviously, if someone comes in right out of law school, you have to have more coaching with those kinds of people, but will you wanting to give them the feeling of freedom that they can be creative i, always tell them I’m not going to try to pigeonhole you into specific area. You know I’m going to give you a whole bunch of different kind of work and you’re going to figure out what you enjoy. What you’re good at so might be contracts. It might be intellectual property and might be entertainment law, but you know letting them have a sense of freedom, so they can determine their own purpose and then, even once you get to you, know, you’ve been there for 5 years. I want to make sure we’re all making money I want to make sure nobody’s getting sued for malpractice, but I want you to have a happy work life, a happy work-life balance, because that’s how I keep good employees around for a long time from page 22 of 11 rings that I’d love to get your take on he’s talking about being an nba coach and luke walton and I was one of his players and she’s talking about. He knew luke walton wanted to be a coach someday. This is what he says on page 22. It says what are the players? I came down a specially hard. What’s the lakers forward, luke walton, whose business coach father had been an nba hall of famer i, sometimes played mind games with him so that he would know what it felt like to be stressed out under plush under pressure, once I put them through a particularly frustrating series of exercises and I could tell by his reaction that I pushed him too far. Afterwards, I sat down with him and said I know, you’re thinking about becoming a coach someday i. Think it’s a good idea, but coaching isn’t all fun and games, sometimes, no matter how much you want to be a nice guy, you’re going to have to be an a-hole, and this is where it ends at. He says you can’t be a coach if you want to be liked so machiavelli, who couldn’t be here today by machiavelli, says the italian philosopher. He says it is better to be feared and respected.

Then love in white and I have noticed that you, dr. Z and anybody else I have been around. Who is very successful. What they do is they manage the team in a way that is fair and they put the business first. So it’s pretty much what they put switch review. They put the business first, because the business exist to serve you., you, say, put the health business first and you don’t factor in how other people feel when making your overhead play. Playlist for music, you think the customer with the best for the business, you don’t think about the employee, feels when you have to fire somebody who’s refusing to do their job. You don’t care about how people feel. What will you do if you put the business first and the business exist to serve you and phil jackson saying we got to win some games baby and if you want to win some games, you can’t be liked mister, luke walton, any point that out to him ii I’ve, seen people fight that, but you’ve told me less your life coach quit trying to coach lives because we do change sell them. They break it down the fear how much they love me. I’m teasing the office. Steve carell play the two great lights. Whatever you go around in anytime, you think to yourself you’re, making a decision based on your business and you and you say to yourself I sure, hope that doesn’t disappoint in my employees. You you’ve gone your start to go down the path that you shouldn’t, go down after losing control you and how you run your business. You can’t check til jackson time, but just like phil jackson, he didn’t let the players and the way they’re responding to things control, how he coached the team. Let me give you three business coach examples on what chapter break these down payment demanded to be traded, so phil knew what to do. He had a different member of the team, a teammate.

He calls him up, says hey. Listen. You got to call scotty say, what, you need to say I needed to play one more year, then jerry krause, the general manager, said I’m, tired of you guys, i, don’t care. If you win every game next year, I’m not bringing you back and he got that deal done. He got all the guys back yet dennis rodman said he refused to speak to michael, jordan or scottie pippen. These are all things going on. I mean he had guys refusing to be on the court with michael jordan’s. They didn’t like him and that’s all that emotional stuff and it’s up how big of a how big of a part of running a business is that chess match of keeping all the elements, all those conflicting personalities and desires, all moving in the same direction. How big of a part of management is that it’s a huge part of it management is mentorship right. So when you’ve got all these personalities, all these egos all you’re trying to get them to row in the same direction, they all want their own. They want their own cute as they want all that. So you got to make sure that you make people feel the way they need to feel in order to get done, what you need them to get done and you can’t go down to their level dr. Z. What is you’re saying about? Don’t don’t get in the mud with pigs, yeah, whelming, pigs pigs want to get them, they wanted it.

So don’t don’t you said, don’t hang out of dogs, but they love it, and you don’t want to go down to that emotional level. You’ve got to operate on the metal level to make sure they’re doing what you day going to feel the way that they need to feel to do what you need to get done. So we come back on tomorrow, show phil jackson. Where did he break it down more about the, life and times of phil jackson, but he’s going to be kind of explaining his book here? What it’s like to be an nba, coach and I just want to make sure the listeners get this if you’re a small-business owner. Nobody talks about this z, but it’s the dark secret of business. If you’re in business man you’re going to get hit, you are going to pay all the time. I mean so phil jackson. To talk about your coach. If you do a press conference wrong, you’re going to hear about it, if you make one wrong call you’re going to hear about it, fans are always booing. Fans are always complaining every day or in the headlines. You did the ball. If somebody too much give the ball to somebody not enough, and he just as such a master of keeping the team really in the right direction, but think about this I see a lot of small business owner review on google and it just shuts down for like a week right, freak out getting heckled and booed by people. Every single night see how much, how important is it for the business coach listeners to listen in tomorrow?

If you break down more about that emotion, emotional management matter at all for small business owners, absolutely I absolutely does, because what happen is you’re trying to get your own dna and in your employees you’re trying to get them to be as excited as they can be about the business, because you’re excited you’re. All in one of this, this has got to happen it. So you can’t do it all by yourself into getting your teammates getting your team together, get it in the right, focus, right mindset and I’m working rowing. The boat rowing that boat in the right place at the right tempo, is so important. Individual accolades everybody growing in the same direction. Thrilla stay up there right now, I encourage you i, encourage you to check it out. One of my great show sponsors rc, auto specialists. Even when you’re evil your vehicles going the right direction to direction along the way that happens and if you’re, tired of being in a row boat-and you want a vehicle that runs correctly. You got to call the business coach auto specialist weekend either got over 80 years of combined experience. I’m working on for today, they specialize in ford powerstroke diesels. So if you’re having heat and air system problems, transmission problems, sliding wiper, blades fleet service battery issues, anything that’s going on with your vehicle, especially if it’s a ford call these guys at 918-872-8115. Again, that’s 918-872-8115 or check them out at rc, auto, specialists., com, rc, auto, specialists., com, 918-872-8115 business, coaching, the conference’s. He podcast 2002 videos for you to consume in the world from learn from those mentors and avoid those mistakes


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