Meet the Founders of the Restaurants and Nightclubs of Choice for Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas and More.

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Learn how John Terzian and Brian Toll built a $35 million nightclub and restaurant business called H. Wood in Southern California. During today’s podcast John and Brian explain how they created their nightclub empire and the secret ingredients that have allowed their restaurants to achieve the loyal patronage of Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas and countless other A-list celebrities.

Meet John and Brian:

John Terzian & Brian Toll – The founders of Bootsy Bellows LA & Aspen, The NICE GUY LA, Delilah, The Peppermint Club, SHOREbar Santa Monica & Cabo, Mexico, Blind Dragon LA & Dubai & Scottsdale, Poppy, Petite Taqueria and Found Hotels Chicago

Their establishments are frequently visited by Drake, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Jerome Bettis, Nick Jonas, and countless A-list celebrities, John, and Brian welcome to the show, how are you?

  • John, I read a Forbes article where you were explaining what it took to build a $35 million nightclub and restaurant business, but I know that our listeners would love to hear it directly from you, before the success, take us back to where you and Brian first started your empire…
    1. We kind of fell into something we both love. We were naturally doing. We grew up together and went to college together. Brian started a big promotion company. I started my own company and then we realized we both loved this stuff so we opened up LAX on our own.
  • Brian, when you first founded the h.wood Group a decade ago with John, I understand that you opened up with one club in Los Angeles that ended up being shut down by the city as a public nuisance, what happened?
    1. It did get shut down for being a public nuisance. We had tons of people leaving late, leaving drunk, people camping on the grass. We fought it for a year and ended up losing.
  • Brian, if I’m correct here, I believe that your first venues actually failed, is that correct and how did you recover from this?
    1. Quitting wasn’t an option. We were already into construction on our 2nd venue so we were too far in. Also, John and I had no plan to fall back on.


  • John, nobody wants to go to a restaurant that nobody goes to, yet you have to start somewhere. It really appears as if both you and Brian really know how to bring in a crowd, if you don’t mind sharing, what is your magic formula?
    1. I worked with celebrity DJs when I started. It was important because I saw almost every venue in the world. The rough answer is that there is no special sauce. 90% of the work we do is outside of the 4 walls of the club. We are in our customers’ lives. We actually cater to them. This is the X-factor is to cater to people. This is how you get them to come back.
  • Brian, Harvard has published many case studies about the importance of having a high Net Promoter Score and essentially designing an experience that WOWs first time customers and guests so that they come back and bring their friends, what is your system for wowing your first time guests?
  • How did you guys originally get funding for your first clubs?
    1. We saved and put in our own money. We also went to friends and family, people that we really trusted. We went to somewhere around 15 investors that we trust and were close to.
  • John & Brian …the creme of the crop of A-list celebrities frequently visit your restaurants, how did you both make this happen?
    1. It’s a combo that we are friends with a lot of the industry people but we also never sell out the client. We protect their privacy. We are in it for the marathon.
  • John, In terms of the mechanics that go into making a great restaurant there are obviously many variables that can make or break a restaurant, but I really want to tap into your wisdom about the food quality, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the branding, and the marketing aspects of running a successful restaurant.
    1. On one hand, we have a couple invite only restaurants. This is important because we curate the crowd, the music, the food, etc, on the other hand, we have a taqueria that has been planned out meticulously. We care. We are operators that are there and we are living and breathing it.
  • John, Let’s first tackle food quality. How do you consistently maintain a high-level quality of food?
    1. We as owners, we really live and breathe it. We have an entire team that is a family. If we are not there we have someone else covering for us. But at the end of the day if you are not caring for the business the customer will feel and know it.
  • Brian, In terms of the visuals and themes for each of your restaurants how do you go about designing and crafting a compelling ambiance and decor?
    1. In terms of music, we really try to fit the music to what the theme of the club is. The lighting is important. The decor is important. We use the most high end finishes. The sound and lighting is high end and look great.
  1. John, music can really screw up a nice atmosphere or take it to the next level at a restaurant. What are your rules for choosing the type of music and genres of songs that you play in your restaurants?
  2. Brian, with your restaurants being as busy as they are, how do you keep them smelling nice and looking fresh at all times?
  3. John, Elon Musk once wrote, “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” My friend, branding can be such a vague concept, but what is your approach to branding your restaurants?


  • John, most restaurants fail, yet your restaurants are booming and thriving, how do you go about marketing your restaurants?
    1. This is not something that is easy. You cannot put this thing on cruise control. Anyone who thinks they are going to take it easy will have a rude awakening.
  • John, most of our listeners have never met an A-list celebrity and you now meet them every day at one of your restaurants or clubs, who are some of the kindest celebrities that you have personally met?
      1. We do not really discuss that but I credit Katy Perry and Drake for helping us build this. Kendall Jenner is just a great person and has been awesome.
  • What does it look like now that you are opening up across other cities?
      1. You have to have a good team on the ground. We have a local partner that we speak with once a week. We had Blind Dragon in Dubai that went out of business because the team was unwilling to be coached and show up to work.
  • If someone wanted to be involved or be an investor, what does that process look like or is it even a possibility?
    1. We only have 1 backer at this point so we do not have to pitch very often for new projects.
  • John & Brian for all of our listeners out there who want to learn more about you both and your business ventures, where is the best place for our listeners to find out more about you and your ever-expanding empire?
    1. Go post about how much you love the H. Wood Group!!

Links to the h.wood Group’s portfolio of restaurants:

H.Wood Group’s John Terzian Dishes On What It Took To Build A $35M Nightclub And Restaurant Business

Due to an extensive and influential network, The h.wood Group has strategic access to pocket listings in highly desirable locations.  We cater all venues to art, fashion, and creative segments to provide a warm welcoming environment for patrons from all walks of life.  In addition to leveraging a vast and influential network of relationships, our venues naturally become hubs for cross marketing opportunities.

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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show with Dr Zellner and Clay Clark.

All thrive nation. I am super excited as a business coach about today’s show because Z, we are interviewing the the founders of some of the top hot spots, the top nightspots, the top restaurants and clubs in the Los Angeles area. Where that the place where the stars go, Z. Yeah, I know I wouldn’t it be fun to fly out there and check out some of the spots. I’m going to think about this. The h would Check them out. It’s h would These guys have built multiple brands. They built the peppermint club, the bar in Santa Monica, the bootsy bellows, La, the nice guy in La, the petite Taqueria, the blind dragon in La. They’ve had a lot of success, but Jay Z, check out who’s going to these restaurants they have Katie z. have you ever heard of Katy Perry? Uh, yeah. Paul Hood. Have you ever heard of a Katy Perry? I have. I finally got her to quit stalking me and sending me a little notes.

Wow. Katie Perry goes to this restaurant. She frequents this restaurant. Does Jessica Alba a z? Have you heard of Jessica Alba? Oh yeah. She goes to this restaurant frequently. A Nick Jonas. You ever heard of the Jonas brothers? They’re a Paul Hood. I have. I absolutely have a z. What about this? This obscure random Justin Bieber. If you’ve heard of Justin Bieber, it rings a bell somehow. Paul, you’ve already adjusted, but I love the baby. He’s a. he’s a beggar. A drake celebrated a birthday at one of their restaurants. I mean, these guys have created the place that has the it factor with with the celebrities and so z. I want to get your take on this before we get into today’s show because it’s very actionable and practical for all the listeners out there. These guys started from nothing and their first venue didn’t do well. In fact, their first venue, it had a big crowd and it did well in terms of drawing a crowd, but it got condemned and shut down as a result of being deemed a public nuisance.

That’s a bad way. That’s not a good start, but, but see, I think a lot of entrepreneurs when they start a business, I think there’s, there’s that struggle that is inevitable when you start something, unless you have a coach or someone who’s a mentor who can guide you so you can learn from them as opposed to from your own mistakes. Z. Is it, does it shocking to you that the, the owners of some of the most successful clubs in La had a failure with their first business venture? No, I tell you what to, you know, I know of a lot of people that start restaurants and, and entertainment

venues like that and they’re very, they’re very hard. There’s a high fail rate. You know, Forbes says nine out of 10 businesses fail. And I would think that, um, the restaurant business is a tough one.

Paul, have you ever got involved in any restaurant related business throughout your years as a, as a successful business coach entrepreneur? I am, absolutely. Have Clay. We took a little a bar hole in the wall bar. It was disgusting and it was doing about $150,000 a year. I bought it, we got at it and we turned it into a sports bar and grill and we got it up to doing seven figures within the first year. And was that based in Bartlesville or Tulsa? I was in Bartlesville. There was in Barnesville. I owned a bowling alley. Imagine that you did. Yeah. We owned a bowling alley and I never. I didn’t own a bowling ball and I owned a sports bar and grill and didn’t really drink much, but it’s fun. Can you talk to me about the struggles or the challenges of running a restaurant? Was it hard for you?

Was it easy for you? What was. I mean if you get. If you’d go back and say a troll. The listeners out there, hey, this is what I learned from my time running a restaurant. What were the difficult parts or the easy parts? Educate us about your experience running a restaurant. Yeah. Well the, the easy part was getting people to come there because you know, that just takes creativity and create an excitement and listening to people. What would the difficult part is controlling the costs? I will never ever own a restaurant again. It’s just too difficult. I’m not equipped to be there enough to control food costs and labor costs. Theft. Theft was huge. Clay, I got stories. I can tell you it’s, it’s, it would make you laugh. So if you’re out there and you say, Gosh, I have a restaurant and it is hard, but I would like to hear an encouraging story about somebody who’s actually turned their restaurant into a success story. You’re going to love today’s interview. Uh, so that any further ado, our exclusive interview with the founders of the h would

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. Now on today’s podcast, you are in for a treat because Dr c dot, we have got the founders of the La hotspots that are frequented by Justin Bieber. I know there are. I’ve been looking at them online. I want to go ahead my next birthday party out Katy Perry. I’m not a name dropper. Jessica Alba, not a name dropper. Nick Jonas, not name dropping, but uh, you guys have built a, a, a variety of, of restaurants and hotspots that are the, the, the, the favorites for the, a list celebrities. So John and Brian, welcome onto the thrive time, show what great things are happening out there in beautiful southern California.

Thank you. Good to be here. Running around.

Well, I respect that. I respect that. Now, John, I want to ask you, I was reading a Forbes article where you were explaining what it took to build the $35 million dollar nightclub, empire and restaurant business, but I know that our listeners would love to hear it directly from you before the success. John, can you take us back to where you and Brian First started your empire?

I think we both kind of fell into what we’re doing and it isn’t good lesson anyone out there who is young and aspiring or looking to change careers or whatever it is because we basically fell into something we both love and naturally we’re naturally doing. We both grew up together in la. We both went to USC and we naturally kind of started throwing events and parties, um, on our own. Um, Brian started a, a really big event concert type of promotion company. Um, I was handling, I’m kind of the Djs and started my own promotion event company and then we realized that we actually love this and it could actually be a business. So we opened a nightclub together that we didn’t own, but we ran and it was called lex. We were really the key parts to making it successful. At the end of the day, you need any people, uh, to, to make a place great.

So we were the ones bringing celebrities and buyers and everyone and we realized we could do it on our own. So we raised money from our friends and family. We lived. I lived in my parents’ house and really scrapped everything together. Um, and that’s how we started and we are our notion then that stayed two all the way to today was we were going to build places that are close friends and families like our core people want it to be and make a home and from there it extended to their friends and family and so on. And that’s how we, that’s how we’ve modeled our whole company.

Now, Brian, when you first founded over a decade ago with John, I understand that the first club you opened in Los Angeles, I believe that’s the lax club, was shut down for being a, a public nuisance. Uh, am I correct there? Am I getting something wrong? Because the, the inquiring minds, the thrive nation,

it actually wasn’t lax. Lax. We just sort of ran the promotions that are first club where we raised all the money was actually called h one and that one did get shut down for being a public nuisance. Essentially. We were really good at what we did and we had a lot of people show up. We had no capacity issues. We had people leaving the club drunk, making too much noise, a vomiting industry, and unfortunately we were next to a bunch of apartment buildings so it was not the best place for a night club and the neighbors started to complain about, ended up fighting with the city. Um, and they eventually did declare us a public nuisance.

You fought to share it with the sheriff one? Exactly. So I guess I guess anybody out there that’s gonna go ahead.

We had, we had people camping out with pop razzi camping on the grass. I mean it was, it was a real issue and we fought it for a full year and they ended up declaring a public nuisance and stripping it have to be able to be anything real tight life related.

So then whenever you open up the next one, why did you not stay with h? What is the name of it?

What about one? Because that one got shut down. So the second place we were in construction at our second place at the same time, which was called Las Palmas. And so we just continued, but we always kept the name for our age group based off of the name of our first venue.

So you stayed loyal to the name for the name of the group. We just, you know, Kinda moved on as a venue. They now want to ask you this, Brian. Um, it seems like a lot of entrepreneurs, you know, who aren’t named Walt Disney because Disney lost it all multiple times. Henry Ford lost at all multiple times. Thomas Edison just went through absolute disaster after disaster before finally making it. A lot of entrepreneurs quit after they have an initial failure or setback. Brian, how did you guys recover in rally from this?

Well, for us, I wouldn’t say quitting really wasn’t an option. We were already had raised the money and we’re in construction at our second venue based on all the success that the first venue was having. Um, before we started getting into the neighbor issues. So we already had a launchpad to do a second venue. Um, and really the John and I really had nothing to fall back on. I mean, I guess I could’ve gone back to promoting and doing events at other clubs, but we really felt like this was our path and we really felt like we had a good thing going. And so we stuck to it.

Now, John, this is, uh, something I, I’ve, I’ve, I started my, of my first companies I started with called Dj Connection Dot Com. We grew up to be the nascent, the nation’s largest wedding entertainment company. You know, we would also Dj for clubs in Tulsa and entirely different scene than the clubs you guys have out there, but nobody wants to go to a restaurant unless everybody goes to the restaurant. So if you don’t mind sharing to me, sharing with our listeners out there, what’s your magic formula for drawing a crowd? Because Youtube guys seem to be very good at that.

Ironically, I started with Djs. I worked for Dj am, who is kind of the first celebrity Dj. I traveled the world with him. I didn’t leave his side for two years. Reason why that’s important is because like I saw every venue, um, across the, the country specifically in world. And really watched, I think both of us really watched and saw how people gravitate towards spaces because my, my nutshell answer is there is no magic sauce, um, anyone that thinks there is, is, is in, for a rough surprise. It’s a ton of, it’s a, it’s a, um, I always tell people that a lot of the work, I think 90 percent of the work of, of a, of a venue that we do is done outside the four walls, meaning we’re in. Each were in our guests lives were, were at their baby showers, were at their weddings where, you know, we’re really catering to people and, and any good operator will attest to that. Um, and like I said in the beginning, you know, we started with where our, where our core friends and family and we got good at knowing how to cater to them, how to pamper them, how to, how to really treat a guest combined with, you know, the stuff that you really need to do a good design, great food, great service. All those things are kind of given. What we really learned is the x factor of, of really catering to people, um, and that causes them to come back. And that’s ultimately what you, what you need.

Hey guys, we have a lot of questions from listeners out there and a lot of them stem from the startup money, you know, how do I, where do I go and get investors? How do I go about that? What do I give him up for that? So when you guys were starting out, can you give us a little bit of your background story on that? I mean, I know now you guys are very successful investors are probably approaching you, but you’re back in the day, um, what was your source of income for the investors and what did you have to give to them to get that money?

Thrive nation. When we return, we’re going to hear how these two guys raise the money needed to build arguably some of the most successful night spots and the favorite hotspots of a list celebrities. But before we do that, I encourage you to save both time and money by ordering your office in printer supplies from onyx That’s onyx One more time. It’s Nyx Stay tuned.

We’re now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show.

Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download nosy. On today’s show, we’re allowing our listeners to meet the founders of one of the most exclusive a chain or group of clubs within the La Hollywood area that be. Think about this. These guys have created an absolute nightclub empire that’s preferred by Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, and countless a list celebrities called h would based in southern California. Forbes did an article and a feature piece on these guys, but you asked them here in just a moment, you’re going to ask them a tough question about how do you raise money and I think z, that’s something that a lot of people just aren’t aware of the process, what it looks like to go out there and try to raise money because so many people have a big idea. But how do you, how do you fund the idea is easy in your mind, what percentage of the entrepreneurs have you talked to, uh, that, that just anecdotally, Emma good for, for a set percentage, but when you out there, if you meet 100 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, is it common for entrepreneurs to struggle to, to know how to raise capital?

Very common.

And that’s a question I get asked a lot. In fact, a lot of people come and try to shark tank me to get me to be an investor to me, to you. They they want, they don’t want to run the idea by me, but they also want to shark tank me and tried to get me to be a, an owner with them and so, you know, I get, I get that a lot and that’s most of the energy, but uh, you know, there’s, I can hardly hear their answer by the way.

Well, I want to get your take on this and Paul hoods take on this while we have you both you guys on the show today because Paul Hood has thousands of customers with his accounting firm hood and it’s taken years to build that over two decades to build it. Your optometry clinic in your auto auction, your, your durable medical company that’s doing well. All your business ventures are doing well. Susie, how did you first get the capital needed to build Dr Robert Zoellner and associates.

I went and got a job. What? Live below my means, save some money, and then I started very small.

Surely you can’t be serious. Don’t call me Shirley.

See you got another job I had was working seven days a week really? So controversial, it’s just crazy. Paul, how did you get the money needed to start your business ventures while you’re not going to believe this? I got a full time job. This justin. Yeah, I got it

full time job worked, you know, eight to five or whatever it is. And then went and convinced somebody to sell me their accounting practice and I had saved up just enough and to give them the down payment. And, and uh, you know, it’s hard to borrow money on a, a cashflow type business. So I somehow talked them into carrying the note on the rest of it.

Oh, perfect. That’s a move. That’s a move. Now, thrive nation, without any further ado, back to our exclusive interview with the founders of h would restaurants and nightspots based in southern California. Our interview with John and Brian.

Hey guys, we have a lot of questions from listeners out there and a lot of them stem from the startup money. You know, how do I word, where do I go and get investors? How do I go about that? What do I give up for that? So when you guys were starting out, can you give us a little bit of your background story on that? I mean, I know now you guys are very successful investors are probably approaching you, but you know, back in the day, um, what was your source of income

for the investors and what did you have to give to them to get that money?

Definitely the biggest challenge on the first venue. We always knew we could bring people. We always knew sort of what our crowd and our customers wanted to see there. But getting it off the ground, um, and raising the money was always a challenge, especially when we were 23, 24 years old at the time. It’s hard to get people to trust you with that kind of money. So, you know, I think the nice thing is we didn’t really go to strangers. We went to friends, we went to family, John and I each put in our own money in as well. So we had some skin in the game which definitely helped. And we went to people that well on my side had been coming to the parties. I had been doing for years, so they knew what to expect and knew that I was professional and knew that I was responsible and from John, I mean John, a lot of them was family too and friends and people we grew up with, um, it was really people we trusted and further our original occasion at each what I think we had like 15 investors. And so rather than trying to get a lot of money from one individual person, we asked for smaller investments from a lot of different people.

No, today, for the listeners out there who have not checked out your website, h would If you click on the venues button, I mean you have these iconic, uh, establishment. You’ve got bootsy bellows, bootsy bellows, Aspen, the Nice Guy. Sure bar. And if you look up, uh, Delilah, blind dragon, the peppermint club, a poppy, you have all these, these major venues where if you google, you know the name of the venue and you go to google images, I mean, you’re going to see all of these, a list celebrities that are, that are frequently visiting your restaurant. How did you guys make that happen? I mean, how are you treating celebrities or what are you doing to Burmese? There’s mean drake’s having a birthday party at your place. I mean you’ve got the WHO’s who the a list, the top of the top you go to. If you go to the top 40 right now, the billboard top 40 drake always has four out of the top 40. I mean he’s the, he’s the, he’s kind of a big deal. I mean, how do you guys caters? I think celebrities probably want their privacy. I mean, how do you do it?

Well, I think it’s a combo. I think we’re, we’re friends with a lot of these people were friends with a lot of the managers, but we really never sell them out. We never called the Paparazzi. We create amazing, like backdoor private experiences at the Nice Guy. For example, when a car pulls up to the back with a celebrity, we actually felt like an accordion door that pulls out to the car to make sure they can walk in without being bothered because thing, at the end of the day, the celebrities want to feel protected. They want to feel safe. There’s nothing, you know, these places that don’t laugh that they get a celebrity and they call the Paparazzi and say, so and so’s here. Um, I think it’s, you get a very short lived experience if that’s your mentality.

So, so Brian,

we’re in it, we’re in it for the marathon is really the way to look at it.

Well, you know, Brian, you guys are, are, are in it for the long haul. And a Harvard did a case study there. They did a multiple case studies. We’ve talked about this thing called the net promoter score. Essentially people that wow their customers do people while they’re first time customers end up having a ton of repeat business. It’s not rocket science, but they did a study on this showing that brands like whole foods brands like apple brands, like Harley brands like starbucks, they, while they’re first time customers and then they come back as a result, you’ll get a first time customer comes back and brings friends. Can you, can you talk to me about your processes and systems for wowing your first time guests? I mean, I’m a first time guest at one of your clubs. What am I going to experience when your venues that’s, that’s different from the average restaurant you can find out there in southern California.

John, you want to take this one or you want me to.

Well, yeah, you know, it, it just, I guess the good answer is that it really varies. You know? Um, so for example, we have a rep, both restaurants, big nice guy and Delilah. Um, they’re both invite only meaning you have to be on a, on an approved list to be able to make a reservation there.

Thankfully to a hire a proactive accountant and to schedule a free one on one consultation. You don’t have to be on an approved list because true heaven knows I would not be on that approved list Z, are you? Are you on an approved list? Any local restaurant or you kind of a a big deal. Are you on an approved list? No, I don’t. I don’t think I am. I don’t know that I’ve attended one that requires that to be honest with you. Will Thrive nation. I approve you to go. I encourage you to go to [inaudible] dot com

common schedule, that free consultation to date. Stay too.

Make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the thrive time show podcast, and back to a show that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s the thrive time show

to thrive. Dr Z, they can tell

thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation today. We’re teaching you how to grow a successful restaurant empire. CSI. That’s pretty specific. How to start and grow a successful restaurant. Empire Z. Why does so many restaurants fail?

Uh, that’s a good question. Um, I think Paul had had a good comment on the time before, whenever we were on break, so much gets stolen out of restaurants and keep just that maniacal presence where you have to, you know, I, I know a lot of guys that own restaurants and it seems like they’re there all the time and that’s, that’s, that’s a tough thing to do. And when they’re not there, they know things suffer. So I think a lot of it is a shrinkage, is what I call it, you know, it’s tough, you know,

what did you just say? What was the problem? It.

No, no,

no. The different kinds of treats from Minnesota. You’ll hear about what good is shrinkage or offering to alcohol and food getting served. Franz and I being charged. You were referring to a polar plunge.

No, no, no, no. Like, like Paul, like Paul said, when you at a sports bar, they’d wrap up stakes in a, in a trash bag and put it up by the trashcan there. Body to pull up in the car and grab it out of there.

So here’s the question I have for you three classy guys. Okay. Because Eric was a classy man. Oh, classy man. He’s renowned. A business coach Z, but a clarified buttercup. Dr Robert Zellner. You are. Are a classy man. Dr Robert Zoellner and associates stuck to Robert Zellner. His class and his associates are classy. I am a dive bar man. Bear pig. Okay. That’s what I am. I am a Brit and Paul Hood is a classic, but Paul pose a nice, a nice dressing man. He dresses nine nicely dressed to the nines. He’s a sharp guy, but you’re looking at them. SoZ , I mean for anybody out there, because I. I’m just telling you before meeting my wife, I had never really gone to nice restaurants. I thought the olive garden was like the WHO’s the WHO’s. Who were you on the list is limited. I get unlimited. Unlimited breadsticks. This place is classy. So I want to ask you is what’s your favorite restaurant to go to in Tulsa or Vegas? Anywhere where you go, gosh, that’s a nicer restaurant. Is there a place you say that that stands? Because these guys were interviewing on today show, John and Brian, these guys have started the arguably the most successful nightspots in southern California. They, they have drake, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, invite only high class restaurants. But what’s your, what’s your favorite z?

Well, here in Tulsa since I lived downtown and there’s been a couple of new ones open up that really like one’s called Amelia’s on Boston and it’s great food. And then another one I liked down there, it’s kind of in the form of a speakeasy and it’s called the lounge, but a internally it’s called the lounge, but Tulsa known as bowling alley or um, or the speakeasy and it’s a steakhouse and it’s really cool. So those are the two that are kind of mine to go tos.

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant? We used to say it was a man that is classy. That’s nice. Actually, one of my favorites is the celebrity club, especially at Christmas time. Oh, I like going there. It’s fun. It’s all velvet. And like they, they deck that plays out that or also Christmas time, prairie brewpub. They a really awesome atmosphere. It’s going to go celebrate club that they had kept that sweats school. I liked those places. Paul, do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to where you say to yourself that restaurant right there, that, that is a classic planet. Denny’s. Denny’s. Yeah. No, without a doubt. Mahogany. Um, I, I just absolutely love a good steak, but they have this soup called a lobster bisque and it is slap your Mama. Good. Have you had the a lot?

Are you saying, are you loading the slapping of mothers? I’m saying that I love my mother as almost as much as anybody in this planet. And I would smack her. I love lobster ball. Oh, it’s so good. And I’ve tried other places. It’s not as good, but they are so good at service claim. They know how much I loved that. And they usually bring out a bowl of lobster bisque. They bring me out like I’m eating a whole box of cereal size, bowl of lumps. Today’s guests have really impacted you guys because you know, in La, uh, you know, if things are very fashion forward, the, the language, the nomenclature, people there are just a little bit more cool, a little bit more trendy, a little bit or on point there. John and Brian, and so Paul is starting to say new phrases like Paul Sand that’s slap your Mama.

Good. You know what? I’m going, Mama. I don’t know that having my mom is good, but I guess or like the word know back in the day, Michael Jackson said bad, which was good. That’s good. Yeah. You know what I mean? No. I literally would smack my mom for thrive nation. We Hook Co host of the show. I cannot endorse any of the statements that I have made or any of my guests have made during today’s show. Now then any further ado, our exclusive interview with John and Brian, the founders of the h would restaurant empire based in southern California.

Invite only meaning. You have to be on a list to be able to make a reservation there.

Oh, frick, I can’t get in. Why

that is because really what we do is we curate the crowd, um, as well as the music and the food and kind of all of the above. So when you, when you actually walk in that room, urine for a whole experience, whereas most places can’t do that. And other places we have a boutique Tuckeria which is a restaurant for, for everyone. We’ve taken meticulous time, you know, designing and the character of the music is all old hip hop eighties and nineties. And the basically the way we wow people is through our aesthetics, both design and the core and food. And really that’s the only way to win. There’s not, there’s not some magic thing. It just has to do with caring and being an operator that’s there and living and breathing it.

John, I want to tackle food quality. I think there’s a ton of entrepreneurs out there. According to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses fail and we have hundreds of thousands of people that download our podcast and many people unfortunately start a restaurant that doesn’t work. Can you talk to you guys are legit. You guys are known for having legendary, uh, a unbelievable high quality of, of when it comes to your food. Talk to me about how you guys consistently maintain that maniacal focus on high levels of food quality.

Uh, my, my answer for that, I mean Brian Cancer as well. My answer for that, as we, as we as owners, we really live and breathe it up where there, you know, there’s not just Brian and me, we have Tony and Adam and our head of operations, Jacob and we’re, we’re like a family and we’re living and breathing. It was there every night. You know, I, I try to take off Sundays. I know Brian takes off a couple of nights maybe. Um, and then we all try to coordinate, you know, to be there, but you have to just be there physically and if you’re not there, you have to have someone you trust that’s there and watching over and making sure things come off right because yes, you have to have all the right protocols and the right training and the right checkpoints. But at the end of the day, if you’re not, they’re feeling it. And you’re not, you don’t have the presence. It’s gonna. It’s gonna Waver and you really end the guests feel that I always view the guest is smarter than me, meaning they’re paying attention to more than anyone else. And then I assume that always. And it’s a good, good, good. A good benchmark.

Thrive nation. When we returned to the thrive time show on your radio, we’re going to have the founders of some of southern California’s best known hotspots. Break down the mechanics of building a successful

restaurant in nightspot empire. Stay tuned.

Two, one.

You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this? Top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are a dentist provided you with over the past that you might get motion sick pen and pad to the Bab. That’s convenience.

Three, two, one. Here come the business.

Boom. All right. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we’re going to have the founders of

it is a one of them, kind of the restaurant empire. That is the restaurants the night spots of choice for the WHO’s who of southern California. Uh, there are restaurants and nightspots are visited frequently by Katy Perry. Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, Chubb have even heard of these people who, uh, Jessica Jonas didn’t know. No. Uh, Jessica Alba. Oh yes. Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber. I’ve heard of those people. Drake, I mean these guys. They’re restaurants had been very well received and the La Nightlife community there and they’ve taken some time that they’re scheduled to come onto the thrive time show to educate us about how to grow a successful business and I really want to dive into zs wisdom in this area before we get back to our guest interview there with John and Brian z. When you build a business, I think a lot of small business owners fail to consider the atmosphere. I think a lot of people, when they take somebody, when they invite someone to their home for dinner, they fail to consider the atmosphere in. One thing I’ve noticed you’re very good at is you’re very good at choosing places to eat or venues or when you have things at your home, you’re really intentional about the atmosphere and you, you, you think about the sights, the sounds, the smells, the ambiance, you just don’t think about the business meeting. You think about the right atmosphere to have that business meeting you think. Can you walk me through why that’s so important?

You know, I had a last Friday, every Friday we have our auto auction sale and so I was there glad handing, you know, shaking hands, kissing babies, shaking babies, and kissing the ground, the auto auction, slap and baby’s Mama’s around eating lobster bisque. I’m taking everybody for being there. And one guy, she his send, he looked at me and goes, you know what, I’ve been in auctions all over the country. This is the cleanest auction. I said, that’s purposeful. Thank you very much. And that’s how we like to keep it. Um, I, I, when I walk into a place and it looks unkept, it’s not clean, it doesn’t smell good, you know, the sounds aren’t good. And the lighting’s not good, I just, I, I get creeped out. I’m like, I don’t want to really do business here. It’s like, what else are they not paying attention to? Exactly. Exactly. So, um, you know, I would walk around out there on the sales bar and picking up trash all the time. And so I think it’s, it’s a culture that, that I have, I’ve addressed, I’ve, I’ve owned up to, and I’m, whenever I am doing something, like you said, an event or building a business or you’re hosting something that I’m very purposeful in and all those, all the, all the touches, you know, all the five senses, what it looks like, what it smells like.

Let me take the listeners into, um, for those of you haven’t been to places like this. My wife and I, we went out to dinner one time. A Beautiful, beautiful dinner in Santa Barbara. We’ve gone out to dinner before in La. We’ve gone out to dinner in Las Vegas. A lot of Nice places. But Santa Barbara is, you spend a lot of time in Santa Barbara. Not much. I love Santa Barbara. Do you really? Yeah, it’s beautiful. Oprah lives there. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google lives there. We’ve interviewed people there and we went out to a nice restaurant and you get a chance to see the ocean there and z. This is kind of the APP. This is the overhead music you hear it’s like a club in and they’ve got that option. But see the speakers are loud enough where you have to speak kind of loudly. Um, but you don’t have to yell at each other, but the music is very purposeful.

Then Z, you’ve got the, the lighting, the lighting is dim, so you get that ocean view and the bulbs. Much like in the man cave. We don’t have fluorescent bulbs now. Now. No, they’re incandescent bulbs. Incandescent, the decor, the decor kind of has a story to it. It has, it has a history to it. Everything about it, um, made the seafood that we’re ordering worth more, more valuable. It made it a better overall on, beyond that lobster bisque. Cool. But I grew up in Cokato, Minnesota and the restaurant that I worked at as a kid and the only restaurant in our town was called the norsemen that did the head serve a hot dish, a z. can I tell you about the norseman? Oh, please do. When you would walk in, can I. Can I play for you the audio that you would hear? Oh yeah. When you walk in, this is what you would hear. This is the music you would hear during your typical meal.

There was never overhead music at all. Never. And the Z. can I describe for you the level of decor they would put in to the level of thoughtfulness that would put into the decor the horsemen. I could only. I can only imagine. It’s whatever wallpaper was in style 15 years before they opened the restaurant and z. The bathroom tiles looked like they had been coated with only the finest remnants of male urination, o z that the salt and pepper shakers were mismatched. It wasn’t like part of a plan either. The menu had things where they would cross it out with a sharpie. I’m not kidding. It cross it out. Whenever they weren’t offering that and it would just be left there for a decade. The price. What kind of food did they have? The food was pretty sub par, but it’s all of that we had and so my wife was as a white fish, something.

I took my wife to a restaurant just like the Norseman, which reminded me of home when I’ve spoken to speak even in Nebraska and we get out there and the waitress walks in and she says, how y’all doing good? She says, Hey, welcome your Uga la La. There was a town Uga la law and said, the BRASSICA making that up. No, I’m not kidding. It’s googleable. We go in there and you look it up there. You can find google. A lot of BRASSICA. We go in there and Z, my wife orders some food. If she says, I would like, how would you like to cook? The lady says, you know, his hamburger, and my wife says, uh, well done really well. Just wanted to make sure it’s cooked all the way and they bring it out. What appears to be medium and asked for. They said, how do you want yours done?

I said, medium. Well, they brought out what appeared to be immediate and the waitress and she wasn’t country in terms she didn’t sign. She’s from Oklahoma, but she definitely had kind of a countrified twine worldview. Yeah. And I said, ma’am, uh, my wife’s hamburger appears to be not cook the way she’d like it. Can we? Can we do that again? And she says, well honey, there’s only one restaurant here and this is how we cook it. I’m like, okay. Okay. Then, then my wife orders a sounds true story. She says, I’d like to get the Cesar, whatever salad. Boom, boom, boom with this. I get this, I get the Caesar over here. She says, I want my house sell. My wife orders a house salad and she goes, can we get the, the, the ranch on the side. So she gets the salad back in the ranches already on there and it looks like somebody has a fascination, almost like a disproportionately maniacal focus and obsession on putting ranch on people.

Salads. Like somebody has a problem. See? Yeah, so I asked the waitress, hey, is there any way we can get more sound? She goes, well if you paid twice and these are like the straight up answers we’re getting, you know. Sure. And there’s nowhere else to go. So I mean it was at a line around the door because it’s the only place that apparently killed the meat before they served it to you and would have anything available. I’m not kidding. It was. Do you find it? Is it google, Lala, Nebraska. That was Google Allo. It’s like the only, it was only one of the only restaurants in town and it was like in a, it was like a shed. The decor. I’m not kidding, I got asked to speak there. I got a chance to. The governor of Nebraska was there at the time, at the speaking event and for the event you could guess the weight of the animal.

So that was the thing and if you want it you’ve got a chance to get it. What kind of animal was it? It was a, a, a cow. Well, okay. And so you can guess the weight of the cow and it was the whole thing and it freaked Vanessa, Alec, all the, at this nice governor, uh, uh, event where the governor was speaking, all the food was served on disposable plates with plastic forks. And it just, it’s a different game. They say they serve the food on cafeteria bleachers and like the blue chairs that you would have, you’d sit on if you were like at the DMV or a third grade classroom, the whole. And when you go into La, if you’re going to open a business in La, Los Angeles, Southern California, Z, why can’t you just be absent mind if you’re, if you’re in any area at all where there is competition, why, why, why can you not just be a. Why do you have to be intentional about your decor? Well, you said it right

there. You said the key word. And that is competition because what’ll happen is, is that people will judge you based upon your competitors. Ah. And if they’ve got their act together and they’ve got a, you know, a slight more sexiness to it, then that could be a number of ways then people are going to prefer to go there, you know, food, food quality and restaurants. Always a big indicator of, you know, I mean whether you’re going to come back or not, but I’m beyonce can, you know, that’s a big, that’s a big indicator too.

Z, there’s, there’s a lot of great chiropractors in Tulsa and I would say your, your brother Chuck Wagon Chuck, or Dr Chuck Zelner a. Then you have Dr Sibley. Those are the two, the two logical chiropractors of choice for all the listeners out there. Absolutely. Now have Dr. Shibler is one of our proud show sponsors. We’d like to give him a lot of love there. So Dr. John said, well if you’re out there jumping there, there, there are other chiropractors that can help you out there. Yeah, maybe. But Dr Sibley is the chiropractor of choice for the Nhl Hall of Famer, Wayne Gretzky. That’s right. And so if you’re out there and you’re already seeing Chuck Zelner, we respect that we respect the because chuck is these brother and he’s a great American. But if you’re out there and you say, I’m undecided, we would encourage you to check out our incredible show sponsor, Dr John. Simply Chuck, what’s his website website? Is Dr John [inaudible] Dot Com. That’s Dr John Sibley Dot Com. Nosy Z. I don’t know how competitive are Dr Sibelius, but I, I don’t. I don’t know if he promises. Hey, I’ll get you more cracks in your back per visit than anyone else. I could find that. What’s a good number of cracks in the back? You want to get per visit if you were out there, if you’re a chiropractor, is there a certain benchmark number you’d shoot for a dozen? I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t check with Dr John Sibley Dot Com.

And now back to the business coach radio show that has a diary. Call the Guinness Book of World Records

started from the bottom. Now get the top teacher the systems to on the books I’ve written the books. See to get some wisdom and the Bob. I’m a dad, so get to see my wife and kids accord. You’re free.


Thrive nation. Welcome

back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. On today’s show, we’re going to be teaching you how to grow a successful restaurant empire and we’re going to give you a chance to meet the founders of the restaurant empire of choice for Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Nick Jonas, and countless celebrities thrive nation. You get a chance to meet the founders of H. would this is the restaurant and nightclub empire created by their founders, John and Brian. Now that any further I do back to our exclusive interview with John and Brian, have the age would restaurant and nightclub employment. So, so Brian, in terms of the visuals in the themes, your restaurants are known for being iconic. I mean the, the atmosphere, the ambiance, the visuals, the themes. Can you talk to me about your processes for determining what kind of music and what kind of theme, what kind of overall atmosphere you’re trying to create in your restaurants?

Yeah. In terms of music, we’ve really tried to fit the music to what the theme is. For example, if the nice guy, it’s sort of an ode, so an old school rackpack mafia hangout. And so we have Sinatra playing, um, you know, Delilah is a very different era and so Sunday night we have a jazz band playing, which sort of fits the theme of Delilah. So we, we really try and cater the music to the concept. Um, the lighting is important. The decor really everything has to fit the theme of the restaurant and we, John does a lot more of the design side than I do, but um, you know, he, it’s really important that we do the most high end finishes and make the place feel comfortable, um, and the sound and the lighting is really a big part of it. And we sort of picked the concept theme ahead of time and then sort of design it around that, if that makes sense.

So, so John, would, you know, your, your businesses are booming and thriving, but most restaurants are just barely surviving. Do you have any tips for how to market your restaurants? I mean, what do you guys do to market your restaurants on a daily basis? Because you guys have a line around the door. People want to be there. I mean you guys are doing very well. What’s your method for marketing your restaurants?

Well, I mean, something I like to point out is that we, we work everyday on it, that people don’t just pump in my opinion, so I don’t want anyone out there thinking it’s like easy or it’s something that you can put on cruise control because you can’t and anyone that gets into the restaurant business that thinks they can just not be there and live and breathe it day and night is in for a rude awakening. You know? I’m in the office by 8:00 AM every morning and working on all those strategies on marketing and kind of any, any little thing that we can do to get an extra edge to have people in there wanting to come back.


really all it is,

it’s an obsession. You guys are obsessed. I mean, you guys have a maniacal obsession with making the best experience possible, which is why the, the Ala celebrities, uh, choose to go to your restaurants. And this is, this kind of ties into my question. I want to let Dr Zellner ask you the final question that he has for you today. But this is the question I am. There’s so many awesome celebrities that have gone into your restaurants and for the listeners out there, again, if you haven’t checked it out yet, check out the peppermint The Nice Guy, La Dot com, Delilah, the short bar,, the HR I mean check out your restaurants. So check out the google images that the who’s who of the Ala celebrities make their way into your establishment on a consistent basis. Who are some of the kindest tube, a few of the celebrities you’ve met over the years where you think, man, that person, she was so super kind. He was. I mean, I know there’s a lot of great ones, but is there a, is there a view that stand out to you when you say these people are a real joy to, to serve?

We don’t discuss any of that, but I will say we, I really personally credit. I’m Katy Perry and drake both as like, like literally family to really build our help, build our, our, um, places with us. I mean they are, their support over the years has been top notch and they’re the best to have the best people I know. Um, the other one would be Kendall Jenner would be one of the other best people for me to deal with. Those are just great people.

So you’ve had some really nice patrons over the years and at some point, if I sneak my way onto your invite only list, you’re going to want to immediately audit that list and then kick me out because I am a man. Bear pig. Happens to have a top rated podcasts. We want to keep the quality high. Keep me out. No. DrZ. , what’s your final question? My friend had one out there to you guys, it looks like you’re starting to open up in other cities and that’s gonna have some new challenges for you and so you’re in aspen and you’re going to Chicago, you’ve Got Dallas coming on board, I’m sure is right around the corner to walk through the drivers out there listening and people that go from you. I understand when all your restaurants are in one city, you can kind of touch him and you know, kind of being controlled, show up and and you taste test the food and check on everything. How does that, how does that feel and what does that look like now that you’re opening up in other cities across the country?

I think you have to have a good team on the ground. We’ve been very successful in Aspen. We’ve been open for years. Right now. John and I go a couple times a year to check on it, but we have a local partner who was great and we talked to them once a week and you know, we know what’s going on. We talked to them about customers and how to change things and I think it’s really important. We had a blind dragon in Dubai. The went out of business because the local team just wouldn’t listen to us. We add marketing ideas. We had celebs in town we wanted to send there. We had customers telling us certain things and they just. They were very hard to get ahold of. They were very unresponsive and they paid the price and it’s no longer there, so I think the key is having good communication and having people on the ground that listened and know what they’re doing and really follow our instructions because we’ve been doing this a long time at this point. We really do know what works for our brand.

Another last question here. If someone wanted to get involved and some hundred an investor, if someone wanted to be a partner owner with you, what’s the process that they would go through or you or you just shut down and just building from an inside or what is that? Is that avenue still open?

Yeah. We actually only have one back or at this point, so we were pretty streamline, which actually makes opening new places and growing that much easier. We don’t have go and look to raise money for each new venture.

Z. I think Dr. [inaudible] at some point is going to want to open up a, a, a peppermint club here in Tulsa. So you guys just, uh, just Kinda my passive aggressive sales pitch. John and Brian, I’m going, I guess I’ll go with you John here just because I have to choose somebody here. For anybody out there listening who says, Gosh, I really liked these guys and I’ve been to h would and I love what you have going on. What’s the action step? I mean, is there, is there a specific place you want to direct our listeners to what? Where’s the place? Where’s the, where all the listeners can learn more? What’s an ask that you have for all of our listeners out there?

I guess I’m confused. Do you mean for them to contact us,

which is like our listeners to go to your website to learn more? Or would you like for all of our lists, is there any action item you’d like to direct all of our listeners too?

Post how much they love actually group. That’d be a good one.

Okay, so go online somewhere on social media, thrivers post how much you love the h would group and guys I appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedules. I know running a restaurant, I’ve worked with a lot of restaurant owners. I mean it is an obsession and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time out to to share advice with all of the listeners out there and congratulations on the success and I think your guys are just one percent of the way to a mega empire that’s going to go from coast to coast. I can just sense it. You guys are really building something great there. Hey, you guys take care and have a blessed day. See, do you prefer California? Do you like going to California and you travel a lot? I mean it’s California. One of your favorite spots in particular southern California, is that one of your favorite spots to visit?

Yeah, it’s pretty nice. You know, the ocean and the weather was cool and no bugs and it’s pretty. It’s pretty nice. Ocean breeze. I used to have a property out there. My daughter went to school there in Orange County, fullerton actions of the city and I bought a town home when she started and I believe it’s time to just ride it. It got it right on the bottom of the downturn. Started at the bottom, start at the bottom, and in four years nearly doubled in value. So yeah.

Paul, Paul, uh, Dee Dee Zee. Do you have a good California story to you? Do you like California? Quite a bit? You know, I do like California now. The uh, yeah, I like California, but you know, anywhere where there’s sun and beach and, and uh, not tornadoes. Yeah, I liked it as. Amen. Not Tornadoes. Yes. I mean this with all due respect to John and Brian and anybody who lives out there in California, but you couldn’t pay me to live there and I wouldn’t want to live there, but she said visits. I’m just saying. I mean I think it was I even visiting sometimes it’s hard for me. I’ll tell you why because I love Oklahoma. The center of the universe, the local Austin living outside of your walls. That’s right. Here’s the problem with

Brian, chuck, but I mean, do you. Do you like California? Do you like it a lot? Yeah, I’ve been out there a couple times A. Candice and I took a trip from San Francisco down highway one on the Pacific coast highway to La. We took a week to drive down that one time and it was awesome. It was beautiful.

I think the thing about cal, well my wife’s originally from California, the weather is an bullied all the time. It was just great, but why this interview today is so powerful and I want to make sure that listeners resonate with this and they get this idea is the weather is incredible in southern California, but z, you pay for it. You do. I mean, there is so much taxation and regulation and so for John and Brian to be able to build a, a nightclub empire that’s been featured in Forbes. I mean the restaurant of choice for Bieber and Drake and Katy Perry. I mean that is a debt as a challenging task. And so I encourage you to check out their website, check out the h would just to Google search for age, uh, would specifically me give you the web address here. It’s h would

That’s [inaudible] dot com to learn more and we come back from the break. We’re going to break it down for you. A proven path. One of our thrivers out there by the name of Steve reached out and said, hey, could you guys walk me through a, a path? I have a company where I do refrigeration and uh, I’m, I’m Kinda, I need, I need to know that the proven path, what do I need to do to grow my commercial refrigeration business. We’re gonna be breaking that down and then also we have wins of the week from coast to coast who are having massive success and I could not be more excited to celebrate the winds of some of our thrivers. In fact, this morning, chuck, you’re meeting with a luke. Oh, with the hub Jim. That’s right. And give us kind of a teaser. What’s happening with Luke’s business out there in broken arrow.

First of all, he’s making money and I’ll get into that in a minute, but his stress levels and his involvement in the business are night and day different from whatever. We met him a year and a half ago, so a year and a half ago we met Luke at a conference. He working more, making these working way less than it was. And he’s working on the business when he is. We’re a business, so it’s working with us and stress levels have gone way. He is, he’s no, he’s doing great and uh, and so his money, he’s 70 percent up this month, over last year, the same month. We know typically if you start to grow your business by 70 percent or more, you’re probably going to have to need to. You’re going to have to add onto the building. Yeah. That’s almost a bigger building. Expand your facility and if you’re out there, thrive nation and you’re thinking about expanding your business.

So let’s say Chaplaincy, you have a jail. Yes. And your jail is based in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He would be wise. You know what the prison population is rising and I want to camp. I want to capture this audience here that literally. So bogey jail system reached out. No true throwing. They reached out to Williams contracting job. Tell us about Williams contracting and stuff. It’s just not funny. It’s serious. This is the jails. It’s laughing or real business. They William Contracting, they worked on northeastern state university. They’ve worked on Hilldale public schools. Get Ahold of them at will dash [inaudible] dot com for your next project. Will Dash [inaudible] dot com or call them at nine? One, eight, six, eight, two, five, five, one, one nine, one eight, six, eight, two, five, five, one, one.

And if you have a jail, give them a call.

And now back to the business coach radio show devoted to making America boom again. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show.

No complaining, no excuses. You’re the stoppage. Oh, the breakthrough. It’s a choice of dreams and other things. You without a doubt, that was chuck, Dr. Zatarain’s

Paul Hood. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and today we’re going to be dusting off. We’re going to be showcasing a new segment that we’re going to try to feature on at least one show a week, maybe two or three shows a week. It is called wins of the week, and so when will we have to do is we have to celebrate one positive thing that is happening related to the thrive nation. So a chipper. You are you ready for this segment?

I am ready. It sounds like we’re ready, but before we get into the wins of the week, I want to focus on the negative things week. So right now the average American business, according to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses fail. That’s too much jump. Nine hundred 70 percent of people according to Gallup, hate their jobs. Seventy percent negative. And now that we’ve had already encouraging news, Chuck d, Chuck, do you have any idea what will chubb. I got to know. Chuck, do you have any idea what time it is now? My friend. I feel like it’s time for

Hashtag winning.

You can. We’re

going on a winning streak. Now we’re going on a winning streak, so wins of the week. I’m going to start with my wins of the week. Chop. Okay, you can one up me. Let’s do it. What are the week number one that I have the elephant in the room? Oklahoma City has begun construction. The, uh, the, the demolition is completed. We’re now getting approval from the city and we expect to open up on October first for business. That is a powerful, is a win for America when number two, I want to share the elephant in the room. Last week alone, a young lady by the name of Melissa got over 125 google reviews for the South Tulsa location. Hashtag winning win number three at one of our elephant, the room locations. A young lady by the name of Manna got over 100 google reviews last week for the broken Arrow store, another win of the week.

We have now corresponded with and have confirmed the interview of yet another big time celebrity on the thrive time show. We’re starting to get more and more of the big time folks that are you. Are you familiar with the. This shows the about sports science that’s on. I love that show. It’s on espn. A lot of people maybe have seen this show before. I don’t. I don’t really watch tv because I live in a van down by the river, but um, it’s, it’s going to be. It’s good. John John Brenkus is his name. John Brenkus, b r e n k u s. and I remember the, his show. This is the first show of his Iwatch. I watched the show, he did a breakdown on deflate gate and how much deflating of football really does impact the game or doesn’t impact the game and I felt like his factual evidence, his research is science.

It’s kind of Adeline. Did he exonerate the thing? Kinda like Kinda like the Fedex was kind of like mythbusters bet sports bent out of line. It would have been in the favor or it would have been against. I feel like he brought the facts and the irrefutable truth about what happens when you deflate a football and I felt like if he would’ve focused on my feelings and my opinions, I would have respected John to show a little more so I can see that. Also, we’re very close to getting Robert Greene on the thrive time show. Very close to getting Robert Greene on the thrive time show. That’s a huge win. Huge. Chuck. Tell us about some client wins, victories that you’ve been experiencing firsthand as the renowned business coach. Okay, here we go. So I was getting into it real quick at the end of the last segment. So the hub jam lukens out there, he’s up 70 percent this July over the last July.

Not only that, he has been implementing the group interview every single week for a week, maybe every week. So he’s got a manager now that’s running the place and he also does evolve Paleo shifts so they sell prepared meals. I have an audio recording of your recent coaching call will say, what is a business coaching call look like? This is a perfect opportunity to Paul’s a great coaching client and a great show sponsor and he knows what the call sound like with a business coach. For a lot of our listeners say, what did the call sound like when you Eric Chop renowned business coach, call your client Luke, and so hopefully it’s not too offensive, but I have an audio recording of your last call with Luke Owens with the hub.

I am your boss Chuck. That’s about it. That’s it. Same thing every week and that’s how you get it.

Okay. But tell us what kind of things are you doing to help him grow his business?

Back to the group interview after a year and a half, probably after about 14 months of doing the group interview, he hired a guy named Josiah who has really taken ownership of a lot of the processes in the gym and I, like I was saying about evolve Paleo chef selling these prepared meals to gym members to other people up and down main street in broken Arrow, so he’s got a manager that is really working on the business for him. He can work with. He’s up 70 percent over last year and that’s the hub jam out in broken Arrow a then tip top Oklahoma city tip top Canine Oklahoma City. Super Seth out there. Our main man has done over $40,000 in revenue in a month of operation.

Oh Chuck, real quick. I have audio. I have an audio recording of what Dr. Donna was just thinking. I’m going to cue it up.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

What is amazing? I could. I could read his mind or weird. It’s coordinated. Mike in there. Don’t you in your mind know also our main man, main man, it got over 100 google reviews at 103 google reviews right now. Okay, I got one more. What? What? Wait, wait, I got one more. Don’t you cut me off on these checklists? I’m not going to cut you. Tip Top. Awaso has also gone over 100 reviews and the same week they’re battling it out. He also at 103 reviews and in his five months of operation he’s had over a $148,000.


how about that? I feel like Dr. Zellner is a great friend. Therefore he must now one up you on the winds of the way he is. He’s the one upstate. What’s a, what’s a win of the week for you? We had the coolest thing happened last week at the auto auction and Paul, you’re not off the hook. You’re coming in. We had the coolest thing ever. We had a group called car mart. There’s I think a hundred 50 locations around the country and they need auctions to off an offload some of their cars that they’re not going to retail again for whatever reasons that they have. And so they approached us and said, hey listen, we want something kinda super sexy. What do you want? Soup or you went sick. No,

it’s either. So I said to them, I said, well, you came to the right doctrine. So we did a special sound on Wednesday. Just it’s half off and I’m just the reverb payroll 150 cards we got on the phone. We made a big deal out of it. We get promotional monies away. We had free lunch.

We rocked that thing. So every one of those cars, no way. And it was cool. And what was so cool about it is that just 150 extra cars, we still had a huge as

usual. We had other other organizations look at that going, hey, we want some super sexy stuff too. When we were

turf from the break, we’re going to talk about super sexy stuff and more winds of

week for all the thrivers out there that need just a little encouragement. Stay to to claim your tickets to the thrive time show today, interactive business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrive time, show on itunes, leave an objective reviews, and send us confirmation and Info at thrive time. to claim your star in the national star registry. We can’t help you.

They should on today’s for ranging and and a very a day shows kind of crazy because we’re talking about multiple subjects on one show specifically we had celebrity. The celebrity founders of a restaurant chain is doing very well out there in southern California called h would on today’s show, John and Brian, and we’re also going to be breaking down a proven path for a thriver out there just like you and we’re celebrating wins of the week. So much going on so little time. How do we possibly fit it all? All in? Well, I’ll tell you how we do it. We have a game plan and if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, gosh, I really need a game plan for my business, I don’t know what I need to do. I’m stuck and I’m not sure how to get it unstuck. I would encourage you to go to the thrive time and schedule your one on one consultation with one of our business coach so we could show you the proven path and one of our clients and show sponsors and, and a great friend of the program is Paul Hood with Hood Cpas Dot Com. And so Paul is. We’re talking about wins of the week, my friend. What is a win of the week there in the world of Hood Cpas that you could share with the thrive nation?

Well, clay, I’ll tell you, I’m really, really excited because you know that we do a lot, you know, we, we profess that we’re proactive and we look forward and we help clients go from, you know, helping them with their success. And I’ll tell you what’s exciting is we’ve had three CPAS in the last two weeks call me and say, hey, we want to be a part of your team. They have their own practices, clay, and they wanted, they want to come into the 21st century to actually go from being reactive to proactive and they want to, they want to join with us or merge with us and work with it. They know it’s good in the hood. It’s good, it’s all good in the hood. And so we get to, you know, to teach other people. And so that compounding of, of helping people be successful, uh, I’m excited about that.

You know, it’s interesting. But I was working today with one of your clients, longterm clients, uh, Charles Cola with a [inaudible] fitness and uh, Charles I believe, has worked with you for over a decade. And am I correct?

That’s correct. Thirteen years or something, right? Yeah, yeah. When we started working with Charles, he was like a five, six and weighed about 110 pounds. No, seriously. He has a big guy. He has, he has guy,

cool la fitness. Just to give other context, co La fitness has three locations, one in to peak up, one in Bartlesville and uh, one in, uh, Joplin and the businesses are doing very well. He has thousands of members, um, but he’s been working with Paul for well over a decade. And so if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, I’m looking for an accountant that is as committed to my business as I am, I encourage you to go to hood So here, here’s what I want to talk about. Say We, we, we interviewed the best of the best in the world of the restaurants, but see they are the best of the best because they dominate in these areas. And I want you to break them down one by one. The sights and the sounds. So let’s go as sites first. Why is it so important with your business today as an action step for all the listeners? Why is it important that you think about the decor of your business and what the customer actually sees every time they walk into your office,

whether you believe it or not, when they walk in and they see what your, what your outside looks like, you will have that book judged. Now the words people do judge a book by its cover. I know we say, Oh, don’t judge a book by its cover. You know, read it and find out if it’s good or not, but you do. You walk by it and you and that’s the cover of the book so that Your Business has the book.

The sites are a big, big aspect of this. Now, the sounds, the sounds, and if you. If you go to your auto auctions east 66, for anybody out there who’s a used car dealer, if they go to your auto auction on a Friday, I heard from multiple people. It’s super clean. The sites are good, but the sound, there’s a certain energy there, Z, there’s a certain a momentum, right?

We’ll be selling seven cars at a time and so we had to design the speaker system out in the, out in the, uh, the Sales Barn area to where you can actually listen to what they’re saying in each of the individual lanes. So there’s seven cars being sold simultaneously up to seven, sometimes it’s six, but usually some on a busy day, it’ll be seven. And so you had to design. That’d be very purposeful in the sounds out there.

So you want to be intentioned with your sites, your sounds and smells. Um, we’ve on unfortunately all been in a business meeting or the person next to us, um, smells like they just finished working out at the gym and they act like they’re the only person who doesn’t know about it. We’ve all been to a business, unfortunately, where the bathroom smells like a, you know, it’s like a fourth world country. Third World countries are hopefully trying to improve a little bit, but a fourth world. This is like a, a country where they say, you know what, screw it. We’re gonna. Make the bathrooms were attentional mechanism. It’s just a pile. It’s almost like Dick’s last resort is a restaurant theme where they’re intentional about mocking you during the meal. Potentially. This is a a, a, a theme where they’re trying to make the bathroom so bad that people actually. That’s actually an intentional plan, but no, seriously. We’ve all been into restaurants. We’ve all been into gas stations where the bathrooms nasty. Z. Can you talk to me about smells and why it’s so important to be intentional about the smells of your small business?

Well, here against the same, same thing you’re talking about and this amount of clean is a certain aroma to it and you know, I really encourage businesses to have air fresheners, error error movers that, you know, put a pleasant smell. It’s one of your senses. You know, until you, you want to tease all five. You want to please all five of your senses when they come in because there’s so much competition out there and there’s so many other choices for them to go spend their dollars. Oh, is it? Oh, it’s a doll. Air Doll hair. Oh, you have

smells. Now the final area is the people, the people you can have the nicest to core, the nicest sounds, the nicest smells, but if the people who greet you are sarcastic, cynical, and negative, it ruins the whole thing. I want to get your take on that and Paul Hood. Stake on that. Z. Why do you try to hire happy people?

Because I tell you what, it’s easier to hire a happy smiley person than to hire someone who has maybe more education, but they’re. They’re disgruntled. They’re not happy. They’re just. They always walk around with a frown on and they’re what I call a. I’m sorry for all the Nancys out there. That negative nancy, my mom. Sorry. I know. I know what I’m married. 10 negative nick. Yeah. Yeah. That’s my dad. No pessimistic, pessimistic. Paul. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Pessimistic. Peter. Peter. Yeah. I did. What a smile in business goes so far. It goes so far and it’s so easy to do an acknowledgement, some eye contact and a small statement on how many muscles it takes to do a smile versus how many does it take to a frown. I don’t know about that study, but I believe the research. Look that up. Yeah, I’ll look that up. Chuck, this just in from our Home Office. Paul,

talk to you about a hiring happy people. Why is it so important that you hire people that are happy, upbeat, proactive. Why has that been so critical to your success with growing hood Cpas?

Well, you know, the key to success is repeat business and if you’ve got somebody comes in, if you’ve got a good product but a terrible atmosphere, they may come once but they’re not coming back. And so you got to create an environment to say, hey, I like to be there. I mean like your, your, uh, uh, your shop out there on jinx. I like to just come and sit there. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s an invigorating, it’s exciting. And we’re creating, you know, redoing our offices to mock that because we want people to come back in.

I’m going to say this for anybody out there who wants to buy an elephant in the room franchise, I’ve told three people in the last month. It’s not a good deal for them because the group interview we do every week. If you’re not willing to do that, the elephant in the room would not do well because we have a really, really good team, but it’s because we prune that tree, so I’m asking you to listeners out there as an action step, how can you improve your business in the areas of your sites, your sounds, your smells, and the people. What can you do to take that to the next level and one company out there that’s not perfect, but I know they really do pride themselves on doing the very best that they can do and always improving. That’s our auto specialist. So Chuck, if you have a Ford automobile out there and it’s broken down, why do you want to call? RC

does they got over 80 combined years of experience? You can call them at nine. One, eight, eight, seven, two eight, one, one five. That’s nine. One, eight, eight, seven, two, eight, one, one, five. Or check them [email protected]. Our see auto Check them out if you have a Ford in the Tulsa area, nine, one, eight, eight, seven, two, eight, one, one, five.

Thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation and on today’s show we’re answering some questions and laying out a proven path for Steve. One of our listeners out there who has a commercial refrigeration, a residential heating and air business, and a z. He said on a scale of one to 10, if 10 is like, you know, you’re pushing me a lot. Push, push, push, and a one is like, hey, just go easy on me. He says, I want to be pushed at like a five by the in the middle because he actually has grown his business by himself to $80,000 per year and it’s just him. There’s no employees. Uh, but he’s got a business. He has kids. He has goals to to travel and see the grandkids, to take his family on vacation and to eventually build up a real retirement so we can really frankly, he says you’re to retire as soon as possible and he wants to get kind of out of that cycle of being stuck where he would have just enough money to survive where it’s feast or famine, and so today’s show is called pushing a ball up hill.

The freakish level of self discipline needed to start and create your own successful momentum. Z. I wanna I want to get your, your take on that. When you start a business, you’re going to like Steve and you’re generating $80,000 of revenue, so let’s just call it what it is you. You own a job, correct. And you’re your own boss, right? And you want to move beyond owning your own job. Why is it so hard for Steve, but for other people, why is it so hard for entrepreneurs to, to, to, to self discipline themselves, to create that moment and what? Why is it so difficult for the average person to discipline themselves to build their own moment? Because when the, when the momentum’s there, once you have 50 employees and there’s a certain momentum going, it’s a lot easier when it’s just you. Why is it so hard to start something?

Well, I think a lot of the time it’s hard to do it because you don’t have someone there pushing you, you know, that’s the theme of the show. You know, like I know so many people that sign up for a gymnasium and January. Why? That’s my new year’s resolution. I’m going to get in shape. I’m great. I’m getting ripped. I’m getting rid of shape. I want to look like Paul Hoods. You know, I’m, I want to get ripped. And then guess what bout for the end of January third.

You don’t hear those, those, uh, those bikes, you ride the Paul, have you been on those? Stationary bikes were, has kind of a fan on the bike. Sure, sure. I hit. The faster you pedal, the more wind is emitted to cool you off with the bike. See, have you seen these kids? I have, yes, and so it will happen is you’ll get your good friend. You’re saying, good friend. What’s going on? He says, man, I joined the gym. Join the gym. I’m going to get in shape, and so you walk in and you kind of see your friend, you know, you see you’re pretty. You feel like you couldn’t recognize his backside in the bottom of his shoes and you’re like, well, what’s he doing? What’s it doing? So as you walk over close to the exercise bike, this is where we have live audio of hearing your friend who signed up for a gym membership without also getting a partner or a personal trainer to help them along the way. This is what you. You walk in on your friend. This is what he’s doing over here. This is live audio of your friend who signed up for the gym membership. This is what he’s doing by the exercise bike that has the fan. That’s a

I am your.

So you’re saying you’ve got it. You’ve got to get. If you want to increase your business and get your business rip and you want to grow your business, then it sounds a little self evident, but you need to get a business coach, someone to hold you accountable, someone that knows the proven steps, someone that knows the pathway and can help you and then hold you accountable if that’s really what you want to do. And I would just say that if you are going to grow a successful business, you’re going to have to be comfortable with being pushed outside of your normal comfort zone. Is Dr. Zellner just stayed certainly a little bit of pushing here. So step one, Z, why do you have to determine the number of deals that you actually need to get per week? Why do you have to write that number down somewhere?

Why do you have to own the number? Well, we’ve got to reverse engineer. It’s like w, what is it? Like you said, I want to retire as soon as possible. What? What does retirement look like for you? How much money do you need for that? And then then you can kind of reverse engineer. So if you know how much each deal you get for each deal and then you know how many deals you’ve got to do each week to get to your said number by insead, number of years. So it’s kind of reverse engineer. It’s kind of like, what’s your end goal here, what’s the end game? And then let’s work backwards and build, build something that’s going to get us there. Now, Paul Hood, step two, you have to determine the number of rejections that you need per week. So you have a lot of people that listen to the radio show, they reach out to you at [inaudible] dot com. They want to schedule time to meet with a proactive accountant such as yourself. And uh, you book an appointment in what percentage of the people just don’t show up. I mean, if you had two people book an appointment, now that’s up here. Let’s say if you had 10 people book an appointment, what percentage of people just don’t show up for the meeting up? Probably three to four. Even though it’s free client

three to four people just don’t take their future serious enough to show up. Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Really? So you have that many people that actually don’t show up. Uh, but. But you offer a free consultation, so three out of 10 right away or disqualified.

That’s right. You know, it’s, it’s, I, I don’t know if it’s because of the society we live in, you know, they think I’m going to try to sign them up to, to, you know, decide to sell a water purifiers or what, but whatever it is, or a vacuum cleaner, whatever. I don’t know, clay, it’s, I don’t know. I, I, maybe they were bored and filled out the form on my website.

So have you ever. If you have an air conditioning company, it’s no different. That’s right. So Steve, I mean if you have a company that installs and maintains commercial refrigerator units or heating and air units a Z, if somebody sets an appointment at the optometry clinic, let’s say you get 10 appointments that said set up, they say, Hey, I’m going to set my appointment up. You guys obviously welcome walk ins, but if someone’s books an appointment, they’ll say you have 100 people book an appointment to go to Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. What percentage? Just don’t. Don’t show up at a very low percentage just for you. It’s like one out of 4 million. I mean it’s, you know, one or two here and there. I mean, most, most people show up. Most. Most people show up otherwise that they’re needing neither they lost her glasses or they can’t see clearly. You were there out of contact lenses or you know, most of it’s kind of a tad bit of an urgency. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your overall physical beauty? Z? I mean, because I, I right now just waiting to get. Let me, let me see it. Let me see here. Hold on a second.

Beautiful Man. Beautiful Man. Very humble. Okay. I’m going to leave. I’m going to leave. What beauty there is in this body, in the eye of the beholder, whoever that bit holder is, so nice. Nice. Okay. Now step three, you’re going to have to design an optimized schedule right away, Steve, and on this schedule there, there are four things you need to schedule the small business owner that have to get onto your schedule and shop. I want to get your take on this. Yep. You have to book a time every week for a weekly group interview. No matter what, you have to do this given. If you don’t have any employees yet, it’s so important to do it now. If you wait until you need that employee to start looking, you’re not going to find them and you’re going to hire somebody below quality that’s going to end up screwing you, so you’ve got to get that.

Wow. I’m telling you, this was. This is the single biggest system that would have changed my parents concrete company for the best thing ever, so got to do it every week. Next move, you got to schedule time for daily Metta or planning time. Why is it so important? Especially when it’s just you against the world when you’re just by yourself? Yeah. Why do you have to schedule daily time to look at your life and plan out your day? Chop will. Lee Cockerell, who managed Walt Disney world resorts talks about how the day is fires. Like the day is just constant burning fires. Your customers always need something. The trucks breaking down. Something’s happening, so you’ve got to plan out what you’ve got to get done and how you’re going to get it done before you see a human. So you take an hour before you see anybody talk to anybody and plan that day. Paul, you had a hot take.

Oh yeah. The hot take is, as you know, most of us as small businesses, we build our business through just sheer force and determination and what I didn’t understand and you know what? I’m 50 years old. Clay, you’re what are you 26, 25, something like that. But anyway, one of the, one of the biggest things I’ve learned from you is literally if I’ll take an hour of the day. Yep. So let’s say I was only working eight hours a day. If I take an hour of the day, I’ll get more done in that remaining seven hours, then I would have been 10 or 12 hours. And that’s hard. Hard thing to understand. And so when you’re,

when you own your own business and you think, I’ve got so much to do, I can’t sit down. I can’t take the time to plan. But the reality is, if you don’t take the time to plan, you’re going to work even harder. And you’ll get done.

Ray Dalio a I, you would love this audio book. Ray Dalio just came out with a book called principles and he’s the number one, uh, outside of Warren Buffett. Ray Dalio is the number one investor of our generation. Uh, he’s, he’s, uh, bridgewater capital is one of the number one investment firms, but he lays out his book called principles where he lays out how he organizes his day and how he, how he invests in and uh, he just talks about that the importance of just blocking out time. And here he is, the head of bridgewater capital. You would think he’s the busiest guy in the world, but yet he’s built a schedule where he can think intensely about big ideas before investing. He’s investing other people’s money. Um, it’s a, it’s a very aggressive a fund and uh, I think you would enjoy that book, but it’s a ray Dalio is book principles also there.

Mr Steve, you’re going to have to have daily Huddles, which can seem kind of lonely when it’s just you, but you need to have a daily. When you hire an employee, you’re gonna have to make sure they’re headed the right direction everyday. And then finally, you’re gonna need to schedule a time to look at your numbers every single week. Look at the finances and the final teaching moment I want to give you because your coach will walk you through the other steps, but I want to walk you through this next step and then I’ll let your coach lead the way. Everybody who’s a contractor out there, this, Justin, you’ve got to stop invoicing as soon as possible. Z, when someone, when a plumber comes to your house and the bill’s going to be $300, why is it better for him to go, Hey, z, it’s going to be $300 debit card or credit card. Why is it not a good move to do the work and then invoice you 30 days later?

Well, what happens is, is that all of a sudden you look down and you have no money in the bank and your ar as extensive accounts receivable and all of a sudden you need some money and you don’t got it. Oh, that’s always a bummer. So it happens so often, you know, set the expectation when you get booked that you’re going to get payment then and just hold to it.

All right? Thrive nation as always. One of the in the show with a boom, but not before we tell you about thrive time Check it out for all your entrepreneurial resources. Thrive time Three, two, one. Boom.


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