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Clay and Z take 35 minutes to answer 7 business questions from a potential team member/employee by the name of Kyle including: Is your idea a good idea? How do you find a mentor? How do you balance business and family? What is the best business advice out there? How do you minimize risk? How do you know if a business idea is worth your time? How do you know if something offers and acceptable amount of risk?

Question #1 – How to know if your business is a good idea and what are the first steps to take to get it going?

  1. Run it by people who have been successful in life
    1. Check the fruit before you check the root
  2. Try to sell it first before you start.

Questions #2 – How do I find a mentor and maximize that relationship?

  1. Go to the Thrivetime Show workshop to meet business leaders and other entrepreneurs
  2. Find someone who is consistent. Not a one-time meeting and then you are on your own.
    1. Try offering to work for free to a successful business owner in your town.
  3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Is your smartphone making you dumb?” –
  4. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”

Questions #3 – How do you balance the grind of working with your family needs?

  1. Do not do what Clay did for the first 10 years
    1. Don’t build a job instead of a business
    2. When you are working too much your spouse will let you know.

Questions #4 – What is the single best piece of advice you have received?

  1. Clay Clark – Read the entire book of Proverbs
  2. Dr. Zoellner – Swallow your pride. Pride cometh before the fall.
    1. Hire a business coach.

Questions #5 – How do you protect yourself from unknown elements of business?

  1. Understand that they are going to come so know that 1st.
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “90% of all businesses are engaged in litigation at any given time.”
  2. Have a relationship with an attorney before you need one.
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive

Questions #6 – What criteria does a goal need to meet in or to be worthy of your time?

  1. A lion cannot live chasing chipmunks. – Do not chase the small stuff.
    1. Delegate where you can to save time.
  2. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.:
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Attainable
    4. Relevant
    5. Timely

Question #7 – What do you consider acceptable risk?

  1. Ask yourself “What do I want my life to look like and what tradeoffs am I willing to make to get there?”.  
  2. It’s the mindset of saying “I’m in it to win it”.
    1. Invest in yourself with your time and money.
  3. Work hard and be all in. Make sure the expectations are clear with your family.
  4. Know that working 7 days per week and 80 hours now will pay off down the road.
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.” – Psalm 118:24
  6. You should never, ever go into business if you are not all in.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

321 boom, you are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the business conference charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness patch of the babitsky 3-2-1 here come the business ninjasalright graduation with the back to the front time show on your radio, and you are in for a treat today because we have kyle who has thought about maybe coming to work with us at the drive time show where elephant in the room or one of the businesses there and he shadowing today until I thought this sharp guy marshall said he did great during the interview a really great guy. We met him at the group interview. Just a great dude good resumes the great sharp sharp using they called him. Kyle, the titleist, tremendous oranges, peach, pears, plums, I’m, absolutely cuz, you’re great american dad says.

Yes, you have 10 questions and you have 10 minutes to ask dr. Z the questions and rapid-fire succession. Here we go to eat that mike, the super sensitive, all right. Perfect. So how do you know that your business idea is a good idea? And what is the first step you take to make that idea? A realityyou run it by some business conference people that have been successful in life. It don’t run it by people that have never accomplish anything. Do you want to bet it with people that have been there and done that because they understand when it when they hear it? Wouldn’t like me, people coming all the time of shark tank, I love, shark tank the show, because I get that alot and before that I had it I’d try to help people always ask him eating out that I just had a shark tank trike. So what what you want to do is find successful people running through a marietta them the more the more the better talk about it. Get their ideas, get their feedback that may help kind of tweaked a little bit of help you can have access to that. Mentorship is much better than mistakes, and then, once they say what you feel like you’ve got some successful people saying wow, that’s got I mean to have a successful guy. Listen to your story and go hey, can I invest. You know you got something. That’s a good idea do know you got something.

Okay, my little pile on him at is I would have jumped to then sell itand. If you can’t sell it, no one wants it and that’s. We have other shows about that in depth, but, like you just if your id is really great and you drug out there and try to sell it to people like as easy as you are successful and they’re going. That idea makes no sense at all than that. That’s the great feedback, but most people are more. They care more about your feelings than being honest, and so they would say wow. That’s a great idea. Next question customer to so next question goes perfectly into it. How do you, how do I find a mentor and how do I maximize that relationship book yourself? A conference show up be pleasant, be nice, there’s other successful entrepreneurs that are in the conference letter guessed right, there’s 200 of them right. You got all the business coaches I mean here’s the deal. If you got a lil bit of money, you buy one. If you don’t have any business conference money, you beg, borrow and steal one. Alright and the thing is you and you know successful people right now, question is how do you have access to them and that’s with todd a lot of shows I want to break down all the different moves. Right now:go back and listen to podcast for thrive time, show.Com! Listen to him to come up, which is a lot of moved to get to in front of those mentors and get a few minutes of your time and mentorship is about consistency, and so, when you have some in your life who just sits down with you one time and give you a 77 epiphanies, you never see him again.

That’s not mentorship. Mentorship is all about this. What you need to do, I’m, going to hold you accountable. Much like a basketball coach in the nba, holds our team accountable. So make sure she was that consistency quote z there. If you, if you really are in the spot, where you say I can afford it, then if you go to work for free for a guy and say I’m going to work for free as long as you can take an hour of your time a week or 10 minutes a week or answer my question:that’s powerful. You’re still paying for it you’re saying i, don’t have money, but I have myself and I’m going to come work for you for free. That has a value to you. I’m I’m, I’m, giving you something what I want from you so go grab cash. Give him time, you say:wasting already have a job. So what facebook myspace it’s a chatty graham, whatever you doing, watching tv 5.2 hours a day will put it on the show notes. According to nielsen, the average person is watching tv 5.2 hours per day, the average person’s on social media over 2 hours. Today the average person is distracted, 85 times per day, write down their smartphone. So I’ll tell you this. The average person cannot be business conference successful because I could, because of distractions, aren’t I know, but the keys of the kingdom hope you can be you take that time right there. That’s like a whole nother slot for working. So you saying, if I don’t have the cash, so I can’t do it. No, you can go to him and I’ll work for free, but what I want when I want is 15 minutes.

30 minutes steven of your day started off as a for unpaid intern, internet connection, oprah winfrey, unpaid intern, ryan, tedder, unpaid intern. My next president, how do you balance the grind day and day at work in 6 7 days a week, 80 + 100 hours a week? How do you balance that with your family need to go? First? Come first, don’t do what I did the first 10 years. So what I did was doctor’s he’s told me this and he said it to me, but I didn’t hear it and it took for me when my son was born blind. That’s when I finally was receptive because it was like when your son’s blind and you’re at the hospital doctors office is getting exams done in realize you don’t even have enough time in your schedule to go to your own son’s doctor’s business conference appointments, there’s something wrong! I haven’t built a business I built a job where it’s like I did everything myself and i, and delegated no systems, and all I can say. Is that india told me it’s when you are working too much your significant other will let you know that is dependent. Why didn’t listen to that at all? What would happen to the pendulum is that the business conference pendulum swings over here you’re working working working working hard like you’re working, because you know it’s what you need to do it it’s in your court. You know you’re not to do that. The rest of your life, but you know for right now that’s season for the most important thing you can be doing to the pinzones over here. Okay and then your family over here going hey what about us? What about what about? What about us song on the radio here that cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon little boy, blue and the man on the moon when you coming home, so I just decided to start crying? You start crying tears. Just come out of your eyes:fluids!

All of your face:you’re swerving through traffic, your your your your stomach’s upset, and you said yourself I’m going to be that I’m that I’m that song, but you don’t have to be when your family says dad. We need you be there, but it’s more important than being there. Physically being there mentally and I think I watch we got the ipad out, they got their their laptops emails. Are there they’re texting business, associate they’re, not there, it’s so when you are with the family and I teach my doctors that says that when they walk between exam room that introduce themselves to do the thing to do, the moves that doesn’t want to sit down sit down and pay attention to the patient will feel like they were in the business conference room. A lot longer than they were is sit down metaphorically speaking. Tonight, I’m going to sit down literally speaking with my wife, were going to go to a place to get pedicures. This is actually happening. What’s happening, sit there and somebody who will probably be from vietnam, you have to be there thailand thailand and they will be rubbing artos turn the phone off turn it off and get everything out of your life. That’s electronic that can reach you present cuz it. What happened is it 2 hours feels like it could have been 6 hours of you being there. You spell you follow me. I thought you have every day off a present every day present is a present. Please let me touch up i, don’t care! What is the single best piece of advice? You have ever received. Business life doesn’t matter wow, that’s a good question.

I was going to just pound abacoa head I feel, like the best advice. I’ve ever received was read the entire book of proverbs. That was huge for me, because I feel like solomon prayed for wisdom is. It is the story-and it’s all documented there, but it’s like knowledge bomb after knowledge by music, every verse, I’m going. My gosh me proverbs 13:11 states that wealth gain from get rich quick schemes quicker than it diminishes and punishes the hand of a slacker, I thought I’m being punished by god. That’s all I’m saying is like proverbs to me was just pointing out that business conference book just but see what up me out to me get more poopy on proverbial, no i. Think it’s fantastic i! Think whenever you look at people that you want to emulate, there’s i, don’t know, i, don’t know all the facts and data, but there is work in the street that solomon was the wealthiest man will ever walk this earth jeff bezos may have some issues with that. I, don’t know, I don’t know, and so it’s kind of like those are good. People learn things from and what all about problems it’s going to suck on your little bit, then I’ll get to the the question is:are 31 everyone today and then on.

The like february got a double up a couple of days. Okay, looks okay, i, think i, probably if right now when, if someone came up to me and the and you’re asking that question, give me a little bit of the framers of miss far as business like what is the most important thing, a guy can do when he’s starting a business. What is the most important thing? A guy can do to live a successful life. Give me the give me the rest of the quote. I think the question was all about marital sex tips. It could be because that’s one of the business conference podcast pod and then finishing what is the best piece of business advice, you’ve ever received and swallow your pride swallow your pride swallow your pride swallow your pride cuz pride cometh before the fall I like it a lot here. We go see alicia right here we go from the most successful business, guys out there that have been in our generation.

The number one number one advice is to hire a business coach, but in order to do that again, microchip soft higher business coach-these are some of the wealthiest man in the world. Steve jobs have a business coach, bill, campbell, bill, campbell, successful guys in our generation, michael jordan ever won a championship without phil jackson, coach and the key is is getting yourself in good coaching and if you’re going to do a business, then then hire a great business coach and we are humbly humbly suggesting that you might go to thrive time. Show.Com check us out. We would like to be your business coach and I was we have a lot to levels of that by the way for $19 a month? I can be your business coach for $0 a month to listen to business conference podcasts. You can because his coach for 9999 free, actually workshop i, want to return oklahoma. You can do that very reasonable. We have scholarship, they have all kinds of stature. Phoenix question your self. From these unknown elements, I mean things are unpredictable in business. And how do you protect yourself against that? How do I do understand going to come? You understand that it comes and they come. They don’t totally freak you out. They’re, going to freak you out the first time. First time you get served a lawsuit you going to beat you going to crumble, you going to scream and cry you’re going to want to debate the case right then, and there on the stand, I mean, but the average american business is going to be sued if you’re doing over a million dollars to your business.

If you been in business for more than a year to you’re going to be so, it’s just going to happen. If you’re going to happen to have a shakedown letter from some nefarious attorney, that’s going to ride to go to my clientele. If I could my my my key on those is to be a lover, not a fighter. Okay, another word address that try to negotiate keep it out of court, keep it at a lawsuit as best as you can, even though you’re offended you’re, like i, didn’t do anything wrong. It’s, not about right and wrong. Folks, it’s about money and time on your pocket. Okay, but america! Can we get over that? It’s about america’s got time and money out of your pocket. About right and wrong, get over that already alright and then what happened is that whenever you, you need to have a pre relationship with an attorney okay, so you need to you, may save yourself by doing everything right and everything good go interview. A few attorneys out there around business conference community. Do my calling do some checking on him, okay and i. Guess what you’ll find something means:anus I’m, just I’m in business now i, don’t need anything right now, I just wanted to, and then that way, whenever you do hit window when the water hit the boiling you’ve got someone to call and that’s when the keys is having that that support group party templates. Could you get certain lawsuit?

You don’t have an attorney. You don’t have someone that you can call right into hey it just hit the fan. It is stressful. One piece of advice, I would have, is the concept of only the paranoid survive and you have to think about worst case scenario, every single time. That’s the ceo of intel, who escaped communist communist regime and starts in telling his number one advice was only the paranoid survive. A hundred percent agree with that mindset back to you what you a question, next question:what criteria does a goal need to meet to be worthy of your time? Do I have said again. What? What kind of criteria does a goal need to meet in order to be worthy of your time? For you to spend time on it, pepper’s breakfast or go ahead, go ahead. Sometimes in life. Show me some fake chicken to other people can do some places. You can go tonight and look at a goal and I say to myself this. A big go, big, go here’s the thing when you’re lying when you’re a liar and you can’t live. If you take the business conference chipmunks let me say it again:if you’re a lying, you can’t live off of chase and chipmunks can I get an amen. I could use every time when I had more time.

I could chase smaller things right, but as the business grew as I got more people around me to do things that I handed things off to them, then my time came on the big, the big elements having some fun with it, but if you’re lying and you’re, like I’m, hungry, i, think I’m going to chase chipmunks around there’s, not enough food in the chipmunk to sustain the energy that it takes to go chase the chipmunk to catch it to eat at you. Follow me if I don’t mind my logic there yeah. My point is:if you’re, the big boss, you need to keep yourself kind of medical up here on the top. Can you be to the giraffe teether tall? The far looking these, you need to kind of be the eagles soaring up there. Okay, you need to look at the big business conference stuff to big pictures, okay, every now and then there’s going to come a problem across your tablet. Look at this over the top of the mountain. Two guys and a desk walking towards me with lick. It appears they have a business plan that makes the paddles I don’t know what those are for. Thank you, sir may I have another. Thank you, sir may I have another p.M. But the point is:is that it’s a changes from day one to day to day one answering the phone with no problem, but I did I mean if I’m staying around in my girls on the other line.

You know what the doctors I don’t want to brag, but we had two lines coming in as they want i, don’t want it. I, don’t want to talk about i, don’t take out of school. That is nasty. Remember last time, I answer the phone. That’s not a problem with the problem, it’s not a problem, but something needs to be done and that’s what you talkin bout to go with him and legendary, susan deal pick up the damn phone right now put him on hold i, don’t know. You’re talking to put them on hold at. Maybe I could have done that right now, i! Don’t answer the phone app for a long time, so it may not be the answer. Looking for pointed that, changes the mark changes and you know it as an owner of the business guy as that changes him in the business conference balls, and so you know, okay, I get another person. I get someone else to do this I get to not to do that gets enough to do that. I’ve got one more. What do you consider acceptable risk like the getty, some contacts, I I’m 26 years old, to get out of college and kind of wife got a 18 month year old, the whole thing to shut up okay. Would. You consider acceptable risk. How long have you been married? I’ve been married for 4 years by the way, you’re doing an awesome job on that microphone? This is like a rare. This distract you just said:i have one child I’m 26 or somebody at the listing of those that’s too risky is too risky. I got married was 1912. We got married about the gauge, was 19.5 kids and had 5 kids under the age of 8. Before I was 30. You know if it was, a guy has a lot of kids man.

The thing is:is that I knew what I my goals were, so people think I’m crazy I mean so for me that was my normal. So you want me to do today tonight, while you’re thinking about these questions, I mean seriously before you get home or after you put the kids to bed whatever write it down and say what do I want my my my life to look like in the ideal scenario and what am I willing to deal with what what trade-offs am I willing to make it to get there and be very clear about those boundaries and you’ll, never risk too much. We started. Thrive I had a lot of success with dj connection and I felt bad all the time and I’m sure that you’ve never felt like this, but people would say, can I pick your brain all the time right. People would say that and I had to learn time management, and so I was saying no and if you ever feel bad. When you say no, it’s right away. You like no really no early on the first two times going to explain the business conference mentorship that you provided me and clifton taulbert, provided me and lori montague and some people that could have said no. But whatever reason you said yes, I think I burned in some capacity the ability to get your attention, or maybe I harassed you enough. Whatever the point is it changed my life, man, mentorship and so because I was kind of funny. You know.

I had started the dj company where we had to had a lot of success. I was getting asked to speak in front of crowds of 4000 people, 300 people, what are people people and when you speak in front of a reason we spoke in amarillo drive like a thousand people and usually 5% of the people say, can I pick your brain and dude I feel bad man. I felt bad, so I wanted to start. Thrive is what I meant or millions of people and not to feel bad and so vanessa I talked, and she says you know what what are you willing to do? What we willing to do as a family and I said I’m willing to sell houses, I’m willing to work 70 hours a week, I’m willing to work 80 hours and I’m going to work 7 days a week and she says well, I would like it if you could be home by this time. I’d like it. If you were off on sundays I’d, like as I’m, going to travel by plane, I’m willing to travel by I’m going to go wherever I need to go and she says, but is a business conference family.

This is what we’re willing to do so, as a family I mean we put everything into that when I started elephant in the room. My brother-in-law picture with the idea and I said I’m willing to put in $2,500 a week into the company every week for 5 years, and it took me about three years of doing that right, quick to do it every week. You know, and he said:why is it just from a cash flow perspective, wouldn’t cramp my style too much and so I’m not going to quit on you. But you got to show up and I said you got to match me. So, whatever you put in I’ll match, you know man, so you put in put it on tonight between thought. You would even a thousand I put in a thousand and I think that big success, but they don’t have that business conference conversation about what are my big goals and what am I willing to risk they don’t they don’t write it down and I know that you you’re an all-in kind of guy but also like when you and I wanted. This is where I want to leave. I want you to take that one to the end of here with his capstone thought. This is much time as little time as you want to take on this.

You decided team up with your friend and your buddy. Your buddy calls you and says play:do you want to deposit some money in my bank and most people would say sure good buddy? Let’s do it, but you said no I’m not going to buy, don’t want to deposit money in the bank again I want to buy a back cuz. If we’re going to do it, let’s buy a bike. What was your specific dollar amount? $10 regent bank is turned out to be a great investment for you and other people. What was your you know when you said the trade-offs the risk, but were you where you wanted to do everything on it bet the farm on that? Were you willing to bet half the farm on that? Were you said that one kidney on it were you willing to bet the first born I mean? What were you willing to bet to make sure that bank succeeded because you bought it exactly the wrong time in american history, spencer’s, look like right before it, cratered i, exactly you know what I’m in it to win it and you. If I gave you $100,000 a day, you could do a lot of things with it. You could go by walmart stock. We could you don’t sit back and it would it would. Even if he’s up and value and then to be a, you would think, that’s a good investment. You can buy a eunuch made no more aggressive and buy some mid-caps your stocks. You could kind of baby put it into.

You know:hedge fund, that’s kind of aggressive overseas and small businesses. I mean you can get a little loaded, dice you’re with it, or you could do what I do and that is salmon. Invest in me. Let me go start of the business I’m going to get after it I’m going to go, go again, and the beauty is that, once you have a success like once, clay had dj connection foundation, he can step out and do other things. You know that was his the girl that brought him to the dance. My business conference department, speaking, which kind of ties in with the dj whole thing right, I think about, is what you have that first level of success. Then you can do it with several things at that you can take that and grow and keep pounding money into yourself and grow up grow up, grow up, maybe franchise. It maybe do corporate offices around me once you have that little nugget of success, and you have that because you’ve done all the core things are taught through our business. Coaching and I believe it to be an 18-month path for anybody has a start-up yeah I’ve seen it happen over and over. If you start a company today, and you can somehow find about $1,500 a month, I can get you from startup into orbit like full package media $100,000 a month of revenue like $100,000 a month of revenue, go to a paramedic $200,000 a month of revenue in about the room.

Coach purses are out there now, according to chris, every 3 days were selling one, and then the commission checks are nice and then minimosd who buy them will go ahead and buy two or three markets, and so we have right now over 500, 500, canada I mean think about it. If you work hard and you’re all in all in baby, you’re the pig and breakfast, not the chicken you’re committed you giving your life I mean you’re, you’re tam, it’s bake, it’s not just laying an egg and saying I hope this works out. Your all in your family’s. All I need your wife fall in. Does she know the hardships are going to do me play one summer once summer turned off electric to the apartment? I e they didn’t run the air conditioner, so they can afford a yellow page ad have a hard conversation with your wife right for years just say:hey hun I’m, getting ready to shovel or chips in. Are you in or you out, and you need that her business conference conversation with her okay and know that working 80 hours a week now working 7 days a week now, cuz I did when I started off right. The hard work you put in now is going to pay off down the road when delay gratification want to live below your means. You want to save as much money build your ward chest you want to. You can put everything you can and make that business successful, and then what you do that, then you, then you will make the right steps in growing it. You know or open at the other businesses or franchising or doing corporate stores or whatever it is you’re doing. So. What do you talk about? When? Is it the right time to risk today?

Right now take all your chips and shove them in the middle. Okay, make sure you have a great idea, make sure you’re doing checklist makes your following everything is supposed to follow. If you don’t know what I’m talking about get out, 20 working for some workshops get on top of time, show.Com we’re here to help. You were here to answer these questions were here in the blanks where you going to give you the path of proven path. Is it is it? You know, I think this might work on the big screen, so you can see it as well as kyle the bible verse, psalm 118:24. That reads:this is the day that the lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. I think it’s kind of apropos that look. What the ad is it’s on this page, the ad that’s following us around today you met eric chops with adam and that’s right. How much sales did he do this week? This week he did over $12,000 1 man $12,000 sale in a 40% margin and since february 5th was his first day in business, is at 100 / $104,000 a week for 52 weeks a year.

How many? How many dollars is that 4000 * 50, that’s 200,000, so a guy thought about the risk he put up roughly $18,000 to buy a dog to buy all the equipment to buy a car, auto wrap that he submitted himself to five weeks of training for weeks of training, bought a tip top location total all in a little under $20,000, and the guy now is making a profit of $45,000 a week in and just 5 months ago. He wasn’t, we started in february I mean there’s a mortgage banker and in tulsa, let’s now move down to dallas, who is now topping google. If you type in southlake dog training, z, look at this one I mean this is this is success doesn’t hand it, and by the way this decides to stop mortgage banking and become the top dog trainer and in southlake does that mean that they now have to be a trainer in southlake forever? They have to be a dog trainer for it. That, one job in the business conference area. Does it have to define him. Does he have to be a dog trainer? His whole life know we’re about teaching you how to build a business on a job. You start with the job. You start conquering the job, getting expert the job, and then you replicate yourself over and over and over and over again and i. Tell you what I mean you could hire probably great manager, that facility for 67 minutes, probably all the chili for somebody you know, and then that leaves your buck 30 left over to do that, get to get to ten locations. How’s that working for you so think about it is, is we’re here we’re here to help you. This is real stops. Pot pie in the sky. This is not pine sky.

When you want to make a lot of cash, so you can buy your wife. A great question, though, but think about it is, is that he hears the mindset the months here’s. The final keystone thought on today’s podcast. Here’s, the mindset o rip it up. Cuz I’m talking to you at right now, that’s a size in your boat running down the beach which maybe make a pot pie in the kitchen popeyes derailment. You should never we’re going to business. That make a change in your life. If you’re, not if you’re repeat it one more time, if you’re, not all in when, should you be all in the answer? Is yes? Yes, all the time? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you don’t be all in if you’re not willing to bet part of your body for the business to business conference succeed. People ask me all the time is:okay with dj business, my competitors would say:did you opened up in dallas, where the chances that you’re going to succeed, I never went to dinner with a competitor, cuz I thought he wanted to buy. Our business is what are the chances you’ll succeed, as I would literally bet. Show me the podcast I bet the whole deal. I will not lose right. I will not lose it when you say when, when is that appropriate to have that mindset the day you think about opening up that business the day you think about making the change and then what’s important is, and you said earlier, you got to have your your spouse, your significant other on board, your child too young to really matter hey. You know what they’re younger and remember, you’re, not there for your gap for you, you have to be home either work all day to work. Work, work, work work, but the point is i. Did that great question? A good question by the way to 10 questions and 10 minutes on this 37-minute edition of the drive time show podcast 7 questions, but whatever chapter 7 questions and 36 minutes. That sounds great


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