Michael Jackson and Prince’s PR Consultant on Deciding to Become a Victim or a Victor

Show Notes

The publicist and public relations expert of choice for 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy Award winners, and 43 New York Times best-sellers including Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Prince, Nike and others shares how to turn your setbacks into setups for SUPER success

Outline of Michael Levine presentation at the December Thrivetime Show workshop:

  1. Michael Levine started public speaking with no training and he fell into by accident.
  2. Swifty Lazar
    1. Born Samuel Lazar to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York, he graduated from Fordham University and Brooklyn Law School in 1931.[1][2] While practicing bankruptcy law during the early 1930s, he negotiated a business deal for a vaudeville performer Ted Lewis, and realized the income potential for acting as an agent.
    2. Swifty took 6 years to sign his biggest client, Cary Grant.
  3. Michael suffered from dyslexia when growing up
    1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. Dyslexia refers to a cluster of symptoms, that result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading. Students with dyslexia often experience difficulties with both oral and written other language skills, such as writing, and pronouncing words and writing.
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “How your life goes is in large part how you play your cards. Some people get bad cards and play them well and some people get good cards and play them bad and a lot of people get medium cards and play them medium.” – MIchael Levine
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “So much of life is proximity.” – Michael Levine
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – In the end. People respect wisdom but obey pain.” – Michael Levine
  7. How Michael Levine got his first client –
    1. It was a 4 steps process:
      1. Step 1 – Work for free – you lose and your co-workers win
      2. Step 2 – Work below market value – you lose and co-workers win
      3. Step 3 – Work for market value – It is a tie between you and your co-worker
      4. Step 4 – Work for 10x’s market value – You win over your co-workers.
  8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Takes 40 hours to make a living and 40 hours to make a fortune. Now, what’s 40 + 40?” – Michael Levine
  9. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I am not very talented but I work hard and say yes a lot in the beginning.” – Michael Levine
  10. The 3 qualities that ALL SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have – the 3 magic O’s
    1. 1 – “Obsession” – a burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it.
    2. 2 – “Optimism” – an optimism born after a militant need to face the brutal facts.
      1. The facts that all super successful people had to come to terms with:
        1. Brutal Fact One – The game is not easy.
        2. Brutal Fact Two – The game is not fair.
      2. Definition Magician – Paradox – a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.
      3. With enough maniacal rage they came
    3. 3 – “Obligation” – They all have an unnatural commitment with their word, especially to themselves.
      1. You must create a plan. But remember, it is not a plan unless it is written down.
      2. When super successful people fail they blame themselves.
      3. Number 3 comes with a piece of voluntary homework. And this assignment comes with a 100% guarantee to change your life instantly, radically and permanently.
        1. Make a commitment in the next 24 hours to Fire Your Flaky Friends.
  11. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nothing will interfere with your capacity to reach your fullest and highest potential like the second hand fumes of flakiness.” – Michael Levine
  12. Flaky people have the following 4 qualities:
    1. They have an “F-ed Up” relationship with reality
    2. They have an “F-ed Up” relationship with responsibility
    3. They have an “F-ed Up” relationship with time
    4. They have an “F-ed Up” relationship with communication
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Audio Transcription

We’ve all been through something that would give us adequate justification for being a lifetime victim, or we could say we now have adequate motivation to become a vic door. I used to stutter as a kid. I grew up poor. I was sexually abused as a kid. My best friend was killed when I was in college. My wife had a late term miscarriage. My son was born blind. My Dad died from Lou Gehrig’s disease, and those are not my justifications or my excuses. We could all check the victim box where we could check the box that says vic door. Today’s guest grew up in a home where he was raised by an alcoholic father, and yet he became the number one public relations consultant of all time. Today’s guest grew up severely dyslexic and was called dumb, yet he became a multiple time New York Times bestselling author. Today’s guest grew up in New York, yet he moved to California where he knew no one and he went on to become the public relations consultant of choice for Nike, for prints for President Bush, for Michael Jackson, for Nancy Kerrigan for Barbra streisand for 58 academy award winners, Thirty Eight Grammy Award winners and 43 New York Times best selling authors, and so we had the honor of having Michael Levine attend our last in person, thrive time show workshop, and when he spoke about why you need to decide whether you want to become a victim or a victim, I was taking notes.

I was wowed by his intensity and I was making sure that our editors, we’re editing a few of the colorful metaphors and descriptive four letter words that he was saying during his presentation and so we edited the show up so that it is now family friendly in El Ladies and gentleman. Without any further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you my epic friend and my pr consultant of choice. Mr Michael Levine. Michael Levine, plugs.

Hold on. Hello. Now I want to make around a little bit. Can you hear me okay? How are you? It’s good to see ya. I really around and visit with you. I’ve already met some of you. I have never seen a place like this in my life. It’s really fun and I have never been to Tulsa before. It’s cold here. Wow. I’m from California. This is cold. Anyway, I am really thrilled to be here. Thank you, clay.

Hi. Uh, I am excited to have Michael here once we brought them to Tulsa. Tulsa. Is that a place?

Is this guy in original or what will you. Will you applaud an original?

I mean, it says guy in original. Now

before I begin, I want to ask you a question. Now. You’re going to be straight with me or not. You’re going to tell me the truth because I want to know you. I want you to know me. Um, is there anyone that you know, I’ve never been to Tulsa before and I have certain images in my mind and all that from California, from. I was born in New York. And is there anyone here? Feel free to say if, if you are, is there anyone here that’s off put offended off put by what might be referred to as rough language?

No, come on. Tell me. Colorful language. Hush up. I’m sorry. Everybody in advance. No. Okay. All right. All right. That’s cool because if you were. That’s all right. I used to get a bell sometimes instead of cursing I hit the bell, but that’s all right. Anyway, listen, let me, let me start with a confession. I’m going to offer you a confession. I, um, I fell into this public speaking business by accident. I had no training of any kind, pretty much like all the other things I’ve done in my life. I fell into it by accident. I had no training.

And uh, so if I had gone to some kind of Dale Carnegie course, I guess I would have been told to begin today with a story. And so I will, uh, I figured, what kind of story can I tell my friends? Does this move out more? Is there anything you think you might’ve hit the Max capacity at the map at the maximum capacity? You somebody, we have a crack squad of Mike Extension team members. We can make it happen for the marshals on it in the world’s going to help you. Alright, so I’m gonna Begin with a story and I figured what story can I tell my friends in Tulsa? What story, what story? And I’m going to tell you a story because I’m from Hollywood. I’m going to tell you a story about Hollywood. Okay? Now it’s a story about old Hollywood, old Hollywood. You’re too young to remember this. All right there. Does anybody here old enough to know or remember the name of the literary agent? Swifty Lasar. Anybody here know who swifty lazard? Alyssa. You do? Son Who’s swifty Lazard,

one of the biggest promoters of all time,

literary agent of all time now. He passed away years ago and he was real small and he had big glasses, but he was the biggest literary agent and the history of Hollywood and son have spent six years of his life signing his biggest client six years to sign his biggest client cary grant. Now you don’t even know who carrie grant is. Who knows who cary grant is. Let me tell you who cary grant is. Darlin cary grant would be George Clooney Times a thousand. Yes, yes. Say Yes. Don’t make me raise my voice now. He signs his biggest client of all time. There’s no email band, so he comes into the office. Cary grant in his office signing is client six years signing his contract. He signs his contract now. Cary grant is getting ready to leave the office, leave the office, puts his hand on the door, right to leave facing that way. And he says, Mr. Lazaro, before I leave,

I have one final question. Are you Jewish and swifty? Lazard was reported to have said, not necessarily. Not necessarily. I guess he wanted that contract. Anyway. I, um, as I told you I had an odd journey to get here today. I was born and raised two and a half miles north at ground zero. Okay. I was born and raised two and a half miles north at ground zero. I am one of the few living Americans that watched the World Trade Center be billed twice. And I came from a bad home. I had alcoholic parents. How many of you have ever either known someone or struggled with that kind of family situation? Raise your hand. It’s not an easy deal. It’s not an easy deal. You know that now I had another problem. I had a disability. Uh, that is a better known today than it was 40 years ago. I had the disability called dyslexia. Anybody here know what that is? You know what it is? Raise your hand if you know what it is. A lot of you do. But see, 40 years ago was a different deal. We had a different word for dyslexia. Then 40 years ago, Sun. Can I tell you what it was called? Dumb.

Did you hear me? Okay.

See, 40 years ago we had a different word for it. It’s called dumb. So with an alcoholic parent and Dyslexia, I was a lousy student. I barely graduated high school, barely graduated high school. Now I’m 17. I’m out of the house. I got no money. I got no job. I got no education. I got no parenting. I’m scared and I’m skinny and I got this Lexia. See, that’s what’s called Darlin bad cards. See, and isn’t that something friends, how your life goals is in large part, how you play your cards. Isn’t that something? See some people get bad cards and playing them well. Some people get good cards and play them bad and a lot of people get medium cards and play a medium. See if you’re born on third base, you didn’t hit a triple son. See, you hear me. Don’t make me raise my boys.

So now I’m 17. I’m scared and I’m skinny and I got no money, no job, no education, no parenting, and I got dyslexia. So I had two passions all my life. I just talked to a 17 year old kid here. I said, do you know what you like? He says, no, I don’t know yet. That’s okay. But I knew I was interested in two things as a young person. I was interested in two things all my life. Why? I don’t know. I just was. And I’ll tell you how to figure out what you’re interested in if you care, but I was interested in two things. I was interested in politics and I was interested in the entertainment industry, politics and the entertainment industry. Now I’m scared and skinny and I’m 17 and I’m thinking, what do I do? What do I do? I’m interest in politics. I’m interested in the chamber, and I said, you know what? You know what? I think Washington is just Hollywood for ugly folks. I’m going, La were the pretty. People are. How’s that Darlene? I just looked stupid. I just looked stupid. See, I’m going out where the pretty people are. So I went out there and I. I met through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, and so much a life is proximity. You did a big thing today so you don’t even realize she did a big thing. It’s called showing up, showing up.

So through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, I meet a woman who was working at paramount pictures. Now at that time in the early seven, middle seventies, there were women working at paramount pictures other than secretaries. That’s interesting change. So I meet a woman, I say, what do you do? And she says, well, I’m a publicist. I said, that sounds cool. What’s that? She says, well, I work at paramount pictures. I’m the publicist says, so what do you do all day? So what do I do all day? I said, yes, what do you do all day? I don’t know what a publicist is or does. And she says, well, what I do all day, oh, I basically built on the phone. I said, I can do that. I can do that.

And I decided I wanted to be a publicist because I could do that.

Can’t do much else. So off I go. Now I started a PR firm. Here’s the problem. I don’t know what pr is. See, that’s a problem. Isn’t that something? But if you’re motivated, you’re figuring out. See if you motivated. Now, clay tells you, you gotta have a break down before you have a breakthrough breakthrough. Now why is that? And I’m gonna tell you, and if you got half a brain, you write it down. Here’s why clay’s right, write it down. Because in the end, in the end, in the end, in the end, human beings respect wisdom. But obey pain, they respect wisdom but obey pain. Okay? Isn’t that something? Why did God designed the world that way? I don’t know. I’m going to ask him right along with why did you make salary cheesecake fattening. And so Rena, see I’m asking that too. Alright, so off I go. And you know the whole deal is I told my friend Jonathan Kelly at dinner last night. It’s a four step ladder, isn’t it? Four steps. The first step. This how’d, how’d you do it? How? He said, how’d you get your first client? Come on. How’d you just tell me how you did it? I’m buying it dimmer dinner. How’d you do it? I said, I’m going to tell you how, but you’re not gonna like the answer. He said, well no. You tell me. Come on, tell me.

I said, I’m going to tell you, but you’re not gonna like the answer. He’s sorry. Tell me. I said, all right, here’s how I did it. You want me to tell you how I did it? Okay, I’m going to tell you how I did it. Or you’re not going to like the answer. Here’s how I did it. Ready? Write it down. Will you ready for me? Thanks. Here’s how I did it. Listen carefully. Please somehow. See if you want something bad enough, you’ll do it. How will you do it somehow? See, you’ll find a way through the front door, the back door, the side door, that chimney. Ask a mother of a sick kid how she did it. Okay, now listen to the four step. See, it’s four steps and this is how I did it. So step one is called work for free. See, very few people will turn you down. If you offer to work for free, see work for free. Now in that first step, remember you lose and all your friends at Burger King for 10 an hour or winning. So in step one, you lose, they win. See how it is,

but if you hang in there, you go up to step two. Now let me tell you about step two. Step two is you work below market. Five an hour, they were 10. See in step two, you lose. They. I see the Burger King gangs still got you beat on step two saying you with me hanging, it’s going to get better. On step three, on step three, you work for market. They work for markets. Ten 10, that’s called a tie. See, you finally caught down the Burger King Gang. See now it’s a tie. And what happens on step four, they work for 10. And what happens to you? You worked for thousands, takes 40 hours to make a living, 40 hours to make a fortune. Now what’s 40 plus 40?


Nah, see you didn’t like that.

There’s got to be a shortcut. Go. What’s wrong with you? By the way? Who taught you to look for one who sold you on that plan? The same Jack told you not to carry a business card. Come on here too smart for that stuff. So I started a PR firm. Now I get lucky and I work hard and I’m working 90 hours a week and all the rest and because I’m not very talented but, but I work hard. See? And I say yes a lot in the beginning. And uh, so this pr firm grows to one of the three largest pure entertainment pr firms in the country, and I start representing a lot of very, very, very famous people and I’ve represented Michael Jackson in Charlton Heston and Barbara streisand and David Bowie and prince and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Michael Fox and demean more and Sandra bullock and Cameron Diaz and George Carlin and Joan rivers and Suzanne somers and bill o’reilly. Hundreds and hundreds of other big celebrities. I’ve given advice to three US presidents, including one who just passed away. I’ve given advice to three US presidents, both political parties. So that means I’m a hooker. See, I’m a hooker. You got it? Both parties. How’s that? You didn’t know I was a hooker. Did you make sure you like me better? I know.


Alright, so now I started to get obsessed with a question as I’m representing these big, big stars, huge stars. I started getting obsessed with the question and this question that obsessed me has obsessed me for 35 years and he does really why I came today to share the question and my answer. It obsessed me. I cannot tell you why it obsessed me, but it obsessed me and the question was, was there something that the super successful people knew that we mere mortals did not know, or was there success merely luck, right place, right time where the Beatles just in the right place at the right time, or was there something they knew that mere mortals like myself did not know, and if there was something, was the something transferable? Was the something transferable? If there was something now remember I didn’t get good cards sizes real invested in this question because

if there wasn’t something and it wasn’t transferrable, then I’m

because I didn’t get good cars, but bloody. If there was, if there was something and it was transferable, then maybe I could borrow it, which is a polite word for steal it, steal it. See, so off I go and I start asking the question, is there something that Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton have in common? Except a lot of dough? It’s something that Michael Jordan has in common with a Michael Jackson, except they got a lot of dope. Is there something? At first it didn’t seem that there was, so it seems like I’m, um, but I stuck with the question because I was obsessed by and I asked the question again and again and again for a long period of time, not a week, not a month, not a year, not a few years, over and over again for years. And you know, the funniest thing happened after a few years, I thought I saw in the distance, in the desert of my mind, a little green, a little patch of green. Now maybe it’s a mirage, maybe I’m crazy. She thinks I’m crazy,

but I stuck with it. And I came to conclude that over time there were three qualities present in all super successful people. 100 times out of 100. Now listen to me carefully, please. I said, super successful friends. If you’re sitting here today, all polite, looking good, smelling good, and you’re just interested in success, not super success, just success. You don’t need to write down that you can go to sleep for the rest of the whole deal. You don’t need to write down anything because you’re gonna. Be Successful without a word. I’m telling you. You are. I give you my guarantee. Why? Why do you say thank you. Thank you. I’m going to be successful. Yes, you’re going to be successful without a word. You don’t need to write down a thing. Well, how can you tell me that, Michael? That’s such good news. Can you tell me that?

Well, in large part because what your name Darlin Gina, because Gina, you were fortunate enough to be born into a civilization at exactly the moment in human history in which your competition is overwhelmingly stupid and lazy. See, Gina, you don’t got to do much to be successful today except show up sober because your competition is stupid and lazy. Overwhelmingly. I’m just saying that’s good news for you, but if you say, wait, wait, what? Wait, hold it. Hold it. I didn’t come here to come for the. I didn’t want to fly in. Coach, I want to go to the first class deal. I want. I don’t want to know about the success plan. I want to know about the super six has plan. Well, if that’s your interest, my best counsel to you over the next few minutes is start writing. Start writing. All super successful people had three qualities, president. 100 times out of 100, maybe you didn’t hear me. All super successful people. Anyone that you venerate, alive or dead had three qualities present a 100 times out of 100 natural law number, and I’m going to try to do it for you in a memorable way so you can remember it.

We’ll call them three magic o’s. What do you say? Okay, three. Okay. Here we go. One obsession. An obsession. They had something that I refer to as an obsession, which is analogous to a burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it. Did you hear me or do you need me to raise my voice? Darling? I said an obsession. A burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it. Yes. Now listen to me. How you in the back? Listen to me. It wasn’t ambition. Guys. Think about this. Close your eyes if you choose. You all know a bunch of ambitious folks, friends of yours that can’t find their way out of a burning building, but they’re ambitious. It’s not ambition. It’s something deeper. Prime prime, a more intense. It’s obsession, a burning maniacal rage as if your life depended on it.

Number two,

they had an optimism, but it was the most unusual version of optimism. It was not naive. You know, like your watch this. A great documentary about Mr Rogers. You know, what comes around goes around and all that stuff. It wasn’t that kind of optimism, friends. It was a different one

and it was an optimism. Well, first of all, how many of you understand the concept or feel you have a modest understanding of the concept of paradox paradox. Raise your hand if you feel like you modest and. Okay, son. What’s paradox? Contradictory statement. Okay. Love . is beautiful, but love is painful. Love is joyful, love is painful. So this optimism that are super successful friends had was paradoxical. It was an optimism. Now, write this down. I can’t. I, I’ll, I’ll come back there if I have to.

It was an optimism born, born, created, born after a militant need. It was an optimism born created after a militant need. Militant need could be almost be like an addiction. It was an optimism born after a militant need to face the brutal facts and tear. My dear friends were the two brutal facts that are super successful. Friends discovered when they peered into the face of destiny. One, the game is not easy. The game is not easy to. The game is not fair. The game is not easy and the game is not fair. So do me a favor. Don’t waste any of your precious time on this.

Complaining about that a lot. That’s a bad plan. C, don’t sign up for that class. Darlin, when somebody says to you, I don’t think the game is easy, let’s complain about safety. I’m not signing up for that class. Don’t sign up for that class. You know what, Mary, I don’t think the game is fair. I know you’re right, but I’m not signing up for that class. Don’t. That’s a bad class. You don’t have time for that class as for the other folks, but our super successful friends came to conclude though the game is not easy and though the game is not fair with enough burning maniacal rage. The game is winnable though. Not Easy and though not fair. Yeah. The game is winnable though. Not Easy in though not fair

optimism. Greatest thing ever said to. I try real hard. I’ve known a lot of famous people. I don’t know how that happened to me, but I did and I try real hard and I’m not perfect at it, but I try hard not to name drop too much in my talks because that’s cheating, but the smartest thing I ever said to me on the topic of optimism was said to me by General Colin Powell in only six words. Now, pretty good profundity in six words. That’s not bad. So he said, and I don’t count my name is one of the words that I took that out. He said, Michael, a big general. He says, Michael, by the way, try to be profound. In six words, tried sometime. He said, Michael, perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

Look at me please. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier, so he was a military general, and what that means in English is this, if you take 10 men but are women and you put them in a military environment and you saturate them with optimism, those 10 men can fight with the force of 50. Those 10 can fight with the force of 50. If you take those same 10 men or women and you put them in the same environment and you saturate them with negativity, those 10 men can’t fight with the force to see. This is what’s got me so god concerned about our friends in the minority community from the moment they take their first breath of air. They’re told, you can’t. You’re a victim. You’re a victim, you’re a victim ness son. If you want to be broken America, Darlene, if you want to be broken America, I can tell you how to do it. It’s really easy. All you gotta do is think like a victim and I promise you, you are so be broken America son, if you want to be broken America, Oh, you got to do is go home and think like a victim. You’ll be broke. A promise. Shit. Don’t worry about it. I promise you 100 percent.

If you said to me, Michael, which would you prefer? A Young African American kid or Hispanic kid, smoke, crack cocaine or inhaled daily. A belief of victim hood. I say, Kinda think about it. Can I think about it for awhile? I don’t know. I’m not sure. Let me think about it. Okay. Now the last is the last dose. So the first doe is obsession. The second o is optimism, but it’s an unusual paradoxical version of optimism right now. The third is called obligation. All super successful people


and unnatural commitment to their word, particularly to themselves, impeccable with their word particularly to themselves. Let me tell you something I noticed and maybe you have to. If you think about it, here’s what super well, here’s what super successful people didn’t say. Most folks say, you know, next year I’m going to lose some weight, next year I’m going to lose some weight. That’s what most folks say. Super successful people say 12 pounds, April 17th, 12 pounds, and you know what they do day tell folks and they almost always ride them. You see all these cool. That stuff is powerful. See? Cause that’s a pledge. Now see everybody can see it and that’s something. Twelve pounds, April 17th son see written. They don’t say I’m gonna lose weight because if you say I’m going to lose some weight next year, how’s that work? Generally not as good. Right? All people were impeccable with their word, particularly to themselves. They had a plan almost always writ 10. See what kind of Jack goes on a car trip without a map. Tell me about that. They have. And by the way, if I say to you, Hey kid, what’s your name? Brother. Justin, you got it? Oh yeah, I got a plan. I said, great, Justin. That’s great. How old are you son? Thirty seven. I got ties older than you son. Okay, now I said, Justin, you’ve got a plan. Yeah, I got one great. Show it to me so. Well. I’ve got it in my head.

Does Justin have a plan? What? Does Justin have a bunch of pretty ideas floating around is adorable head. You don’t have them both now. He’s so dumb. He doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s got a plan. See, and I have a plan. You got to plan. It’s written. Almost always shared with folks, particularly folks who are tough on you, who will be willing, not delighted, but willing to stick their foot in your rectum if necessary, and you know, it was sent to me by a black preacher once and it was so interesting and so true. I used to host a TV show and he said, he says, you know, Michael, very few people in the world, very few people in the world wouldn’t be better off without a good cussing out about once a month. Isn’t that something? So I called them up 10 years later and said, pastor, you know, you said the most interesting thing to be 10 years ago. You said very few people in the world wouldn’t be better off without a good cussing out once a month. I said, do you still believe that? He paused for a long time on the phone. He said,

maybe twice. Isn’t that something? Do you have friends in your life who love you enough to cuss you out once in a while?

Do you? Do you so obligation, obligation, or commitment to their word, particularly to themselves? On the rare occasion, Wednesday at 7:00 in the morning didn’t mean Thursday at 10, 15, and listen, when people who were super successful miss their goal, their, their, their, their commitment. Who Do you think the super successful folks blame who themselves? How’s that for weird? How’s that? How’s that for saying? No, no, no, no, no. They didn’t come into a room 15 minutes. So they say, Oh yeah, you know, there’s lots of traffic flow. There’s always a lot of traffic. Son, what’s wrong with you? Come on. You didn’t leave early enough. Now they said, no, I’m late. It’s my fault. Oh, come on. Don’t worry about it. This traffic. No, no, no, you didn’t hear me. I don’t think you heard me real well. It’s my fault. It won’t happen again. See, I had a teaching moment. It’s not gonna happen again. It was my fault. Now how many people you know like that. So our super successful friends had these three qualities and with the third row, which is the obligation with the third. Oh, comes today’s only voluntary homework assignment. So you’re gonna get the best kind of homework assignment right now. It’s voluntary. You don’t have to do it, and I’m going to give you some more good news. You Ready? You ready for the voluntary homework assignment? Obligation number three. Oh, comes with a voluntary homework assignment. It’s voluntary. You don’t have to do and more good news if you decide to do it, if you decide to do it, you can do it in 10 minutes or less.

You can do it in the next 24 hours and you can do it for free, snapped bad. What’s your name? Just say, listen to me. This you can do in the next 10 minutes. Oh, you can do it in the next 24 hours and 10 minutes or less for free. How’s that sound? Bad? And it’s voluntary. I got even better news. Listen to this. If you do it, if you do it, I will give you a 100 percent money back guarantee that this one homework assignment, just this one homework assignment will change your life instantly, instantly, radically, radically. It’s good and permanently. Just this one thing. Listen to me. What’s your name? Are you listening? Good. If you do this one homework assignment, change your login to give you a guarantee. One hundred percent. You cannot lose instantly, radically, and permanently. You’re ready? Okay. Here’s what you gotta do. You gotta make a commitment in the next 24 hours to go home and fire your flaky friends. You got to go home in the next 24 hours and fire your flaky friends. Why is that? Why? Because nothing, nothing I think will interfere with your capacity to reach your fullest and highest potential like the secondhand fumes of flakiness. Did you hear me? Do you need me to say it again? Are you sure? Nothing will interfere with your capacity to reach your fullest and highest potential, like the secondhand fumes of flakiness. That’s it guys. Three, three, and A. I, I believe that later today, I, I’m not sure how clear set this up exactly, but I believe that later today I will be gifted with the opportunity of hearing and discussing some of your questions, comments, suggestions, and alternative speeches, particularly interested in hearing from people who have some kind of silent urge inside them to come up to me and punched me in the nose. But, uh, we have, I believe about 10 minutes left.

And in that time I’d love to just see if we could do a couple of questions, comments, suggestions in alternative speeches. Now I do want to tell you one last thing. You know, I’m writing a book. Very few people in the world that many people want to write a book. Very few do, but it’s the most unusual experience in so many ways. But here’s one way. Writing a book is like putting aim and ask anybody who’s ever written one. If this is true and I think they’ll agree, I think clay will agree and others writing a book is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea and you’re never quite sure who’s going to see it if it’s going to be seen. It’s an odd thing. It’s a very unusual thing. And so I come to Tulsa and I meet you. Some of the I meet personally, some I just made in a group but you know, and I leave tomorrow. Right? And it’s an interesting thing in a strange kind of way. I take you with me. Don’t, isn’t that something I take you with me in a strange kind of way. Right. And I guess you in a strange kind of way, particularly maybe if you, if you took some notes,

you take

me with you. Isn’t that interesting? And

last night you didn’t even know who I was and I didn’t know who you were and there was nothing on a book and all the rest isn’t that wacky kind of wacky thing, isn’t it? And you know we need again. Well maybe we won’t. Maybe we will, but isn’t that how we certainly in today’s world can stay in touch by email or phone call or any, any, uh, you understand how that can be today, but we, I take you with me and you take them, meet with you. That’s interesting. Kind of wacky thing. Never expected it. So let’s do this. We’ve got seven minutes left and I’m going to try this out. See if you like this. We’re going to do men versus women.

Hold on. Darlin men versus women. So the women get to answer. Ask the first question or comment. Now you don’t have to do a question. It can be a comment. You can either choose a question or a comment. We’re going to go with women first and then we to go to the guys. If they’ve got the guts, which I doubt they do, but they might. So you see how it is. So women first, who has got a question or a comment, question or comment, young lady, would you please stand up and tell me your first name? Angela. Sister Angela. Go. I can’t come. You know, I want to, but I can’t get a reach you, but what’s your question or a question or comment? I questioned from sister Angela, go


Can I give you an example by the way? Yes, I can, but hold on yet will I? Yes, I will,


just raise your hand if any of you can think of how flakiness has cut off your potential in your life. Raise your hand, can all give examples of some kind or another. Look and Sheila,

you gotta make a decision how you’re going to live your life. You only get 168 hours a week Darlin and you get the same 168 that oprah gets, an Abrazo. Obama gets and Bill Clinton gads and Michael Jordan. You get the same hundred and 68 hours. Now, one of the problems of flakiness is, is really fun and expensive from a time point of view, isn’t it? Chasing people around, trying to keep people. You like herding cats, Darlin you got better things to do than herd cats. If you want to make your time count, do you think herding cats is a good way to spend it? Probably not. If you got a best friend or a good friend that you can’t count on, you gotta write 94 time to make sure they’re going to show up. Is that a good use of your time, Darlene, and let me tell you something. This is important. Write it down. Every person in the super successful character, gory had write it down. God. A reverence for time. I’m going to tell you a secret and Jill about me. You’re going to think this is weird. Deer and ready. Listen to this. I think this is a weird probably, but in my house, yes. In my house. I have

a clock, a large clock in every room. Wacky kind of thing. Yeah. Now you want to hear. You want to go crazier and crazier.

I’ve got a timer in every room.

That’s something. A clock and a timer. A clock and the timer and every room. Oh, come on, Michael. No, you don’t. Yeah, I do. Really? That’s crazy. In your bathroom. Why is that? Because I have a reverence for time. Do you? Do you. Do you maybe. We’ll see. We’ll see. By the way, if Darlin you


to be broke and tired, right? If you think that’s a cool plan being broken, tired, then you don’t need a reverence for time. See, but if you say no, no, no, I, I think I’m tired. I’m done with being broken. Tired. That’s. I had. I tried that plant. Get a reverence for time. Okay, so now the women have gone. It’s one zero men question or comment? Yes. Friend. What is your name? Brother Paul. Is it a question? Question. Okay, so see how it is. It’s question question women. Men Go.

My question to you is super successful people. It’s really not about money. It’s about giving back, sharing. Well, what’s your experience with. You’ve worked with respect to how they view money.

The question, could everybody hear that? How do super successful people view money? I think that super successful people I’ve observed that super successful people understand that money is a currency or gasoline, right? That helps drive the car. The engine of many things. Having a car without gas is probably not ideal. Ha. I’m just saying. I’m just saying having a car without gas is probably not ideal. I think I’m going to leave it right there. It’s a currency. It’s not the only currency, but it’s a currency. You need a certain amount. By the way. You need a dedication to reality at all costs. You need a reverence for time and you need a dedication to reality at all costs. Now I want to do something with you if I may, in closing, because I’ve really got to stop now and we’ll do it. A tie. Men One, and then later, you know tough. The ladies are in the late game, right? So you know how that goes. Okay, but listen to me. I want to try a little game with you for just a second to see how it works. I’ve never met you before. Let’s try it out. I want you please to think if you would be kind enough, have two people in your life to people who are good folks, nice folks, handsome, pleasant, attractive


but for whatever reason, these two photos and you can go anywhere you want with this gay, straight, black, why young old, it doesn’t matter. Just pick out two that you know, and the two are good folks. They’re nice folks, they’re pleasant folks, but for whatever reason these two folks are under achieving based on their potential. They’re underachieving, right? They have a certain potential in and they’re hitting about the 70 percent more. They just now, they’re not in jail. They’re not on the springer show, but to just not do so. They just right now, let’s close your eyes for a minute. Think of the two. Think of the to get them in your head. Could be related to it. Could be friends, could be coworkers. Now get them in your head. Okay, cool. You got them. I’ve never met him. I don’t know who you’re talking about. I’ve never met him. I want to tell you four things about these two folks and see how I do. Let’s see. Okay. I’m going to tell you four things about these two folks. Let’s see how I do. Number one, they have a relationship with reality. They have their own narrative about, you know, oh no, that didn’t happen. This happened. Oh No. It wasn’t my fault. It was my bed that you have a relationship with reality. Number two, they have a relationship with responsibility. It’s never their fault. It’s always somebody else. It’s men. It’s sexism, it’s whites, it’s Hollywood. It’s America. It’s my. Oh, the big one. What’s the Big One? It’s my parents. That’s the biggest. My husband, my parents, my this, my kid, they have a relationship with responsibility.

Number three, they have a relationship with time. They’re always late. They’re always running behind the ball. They’re always jammed. How have you been, Harry? Oh, I’ve been jammed. I’m going go. When it’s been nuts, it’s been so. I’ve been swamped. They always sound like their hair’s on fire.

Number four,

they have a relationship with communication. You call them. They never pick up their phone. They can’t seem to return a phone call. Is it the, their, their ringer didn’t work there. Their battery’s dead. I didn’t. Uh, yeah. You, you know, I meant to call you, but I bet you understand that I’ve been jammed. I’ve been swamped. You know, things have been getting crazy here. I know I meant to do it, but yeah, they got a relationship with reality. Responsibility, time and communication. How’d I do? Does that sound like a couple of your friends? Yes. Raise your hand if it sounds like a couple of your friends. Eight data. Anyway, it’s so clay. Thank you so much. Now if you tell anybody that week we got together today and this is nice now, don’t you tell people I swore like this? No, that’s not cool. I was a.

I was a fine person and I didn’t swear at all. He didn’t know Michael Michael on Monday. We’re going to release the podcast version after some editing. So you have now taken my Sunday from the clean version will be on Monday on the plank hands. Clay is a very original guy. Very unusual. You’re privileged to know him in ways that you don’t fully understand yet, but life will teach you over time if you get out of your own way over time, life will instruct you over time about how valuable, uh, some of the things that he is attempting in an evangelical, we’re evangelical is a bringer, not a religious thing. Bring her the good news. The good news is all the stuff you know we’ve been talking about. Um, so anyway, what an honor to be here with you. Thank you for the chance. Thank you, clay. Thank you. Thrive. What a great team. You know, they’re really exceptional. Thank you so much.

Let’s hear from Michael Levine. Now

the show will be pg.

Thrive nation debt right there is the mindset that it takes to become successful. If you want to become successful, I would encourage you to listen to that podcast over and over again until it becomes your new normal. When we run around this life, making a bunch of excuses that we believe we will get the sympathy of other people and we will get the victim card and the poverty to go with it. If you want to be a victim, if you want to be offended, if you want to tell people that you just didn’t have what it took to be successful than you are right, but if you want to succeed, you have to believe. You have the tools you need until it becomes your new normal. You just have to understand the level of intensity you have to bring on a daily basis to succeed, and once you, once you finally do get that mindset and you embrace that work ethic, you will have massive success because everybody else is going in the slow lane, but you, my friend, are going in the passing lane. When you bring that kind of energy drive and passion to the workplace and LVD further ado, we’d like to end each and every show with a boom. So here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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