The Mind Becomes What the Mind is Fed and Learning How to Block Out Negativity (Part 1) – Hour 2

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If you are struggling to block out negative people and things in your life or business, this 3 part series is for you. Business coach Clay Clark and business tycoon Dr. Z break it down.

Like a horse with blinders, spoke to talk about the sea thought about you all about you business coach. My name is Clay Clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the Year sit here on a mission to put you in a great financial position, and I could not be more excited to talk about today’s topic, because I think there’s somebody out there who, your day, your happiness, Is always a determined by somebody else, like you allow somebody else to determine your happiness, I mean. Is it that you is that you listening right now, somebody out there you wake up today in your a victim of everyday you’re, not a Victor, because somebody else can create or dictate your level of happiness or unhappiness since we’re teaching you the specific moves that you Can use to block out negativity in a quick recap here. Are we recap here concert number one people surround yourself with positive people. It seems easy. Your exhaust found myself upon my network. Is my net worth? Okay, this makes sense for these. Are they? You know what the Eagles TD Jakes talks a lot about, that I love TD Jakes new book, the sort this or you want to fly with the Eagles, but the part that I struggle to ditech. I very rarely find this in self-help.

Books is what happens when you’re flying with the beagles they’re playing with the Eagles. Can I can I call music, I feel like you’ve got something getting ready to brew. With you mentioned, TD Jakes is one of your speaking was his favorite speakers every morning, but I feel like there’s something kind of bubbling business coach percolating, because I’d like you to take this and do a little pre talk. How can you do this, as the people you surround yourself with is a very important concept that I don’t think you really really. I think there’s more on Chicken on the bone that you need to give away come on now, if you ever found yourself surrounded by Perpetual, how much haterade Perpetual haters going to become your own life navigate come on now you can’t be a procrastinator. You got to decide that today is the only day that you have and you got to look at the haters from your Facebook from your phone to your burn. Those photos. If you have to go to the bathroom pee on the ashes, because you’re done with those people – and I see this all the time – people want to hold onto Nostalgia, go we used to be business coach partners, are used to be friends anymore and you’ve got to move to A place to see, sometimes you have to do, is you got to just say it is what it is. It is what it is, and people in your life are going to be there. For I love your turn by the way clay that you have indoctrinated in twos in my brain to tour of Duty. It is it’s a tour of Duty right. I mean that have a c. I, Like You, Do It season, but you had. The two are doing, which I don’t like it’s like. More than to the Tour of Duty is marked by a commitment, an expiration date. As an example. Westview, do you know any friend of yours who served in the military military expert Play sign up for 2 years 5 years 407 years because I had to choose or is it just kind of like infinite? How does that work break it down? I mean on a friend of mine, one of my friends. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq and came back.

This is so you know about what seven eight years ago – and I remember talking to him – he served in 1/2 or Duty. I pulled him aside and I’m just going to go back you going to do going to absolutely not, and I said why is why I went in there and want to be all I could be. My recruiter told me: I could connect with people meet people improve. My skills and I got shot at watch my good friends. Chinese, like I’m, I’m I’m not I’m not doing it was interesting. Is that his friend, who is also in the room at the time he said, I’m going back when I can let those guys when I’m going back and going back in my buddy, who also please get these two guys are both centerpieces look but they’ve been fighting In the sand for thousands of years, I don’t think we can help them win. Then we wouldn’t they hate each other and the other guy said no, I’m going to go back when I finish this thing now, according to Fox News, just came out about 3 weeks ago, according to Fox News, they’re reporting that 98 % of Isis has been eliminated In the past 6 months, 98 % according to Fox News, what they take the gloves off, I’m not over there right, but that’s the word on the street is my friend isn’t in a bad person because he decided not to and reenlist Choice. I’M done. I have I’ve served my thing, I’m glad I did it, but employees are the same. Wait right and that’s why I always amazes me: when you have an employer say I can’t believe you’re leaving me and they didn’t give me more warning. Then he walked off Impound phone operator shark attacks in second grade at the. What do you want to do in Middle manager for aspiring Maribel? That’S not probably going to make it then.

I would like to be as middle manager in a cubicle with largely vanilla, and I like to be I like to be you don’t work in some small and you know, department, store and check people out which to be no manager of a Department of Motor Vehicles. If they’re it becomes available on the floor to a 7 years, assisted manager for respirations and what you’re doing is you are making people become evil if you’re going to hold people hostage, so you hire them. You say what are your goals? You say we know what? Let’S go ahead and do this one year to talk: let’s do a year at the end of the year. You tell me where we’re at and you evaluate so when I want to get your take on this. I really want to get grants. Take on this as well, so when you hire people, is it shocking to YouTube in an attorney for how long now and 7 months, 8 %? No, I think it it’s disappointing. Sometimes, when you lose someone, you really really like they’re doing a great business coach job, because those people are hard to replace, but I mean you have to bless and release you say thank you for all the good work. Thank you. Maybe you take a shot at. Can I convince you to stay if they’re doing a good job, lady that just moved to Minnesota to be closer to family and your tires out of work.? You can’t be mad at him. Cuz! You don’t want people leaving talking bad about you about that. Guy was such a jerk on my way out after I get all this hard work for him, so Grant have you ever I mean how have you got what’s your biggest challenge with finding people in retaining good, because dr. Z’s here this could be a minute or Moment to meet you guys have a fine company. You guys have done well. It is a struggle to find retained in people. How do you guys doing over there at Messick Roofing was where’s.

My cruise go. That’S been with me for the last 8 years since I’ve taken over, so those guys are solid, no doubt about it with her to the commercial side, the residential side. I’Ve got 3 different cruise to take care of that. As far as salesman go, it’s it’s a pretty tough world out there. I’M a lot of guys want to follow. The storm didn’t want to sit here in Tulsa and wait for something to happen, so that can be a problem every now and then so. Companies of someone’s listening out there to the show today – and they say you know, I’m struggling to find good people. How do you guys go about finding good people at your business as you have hundreds of employees? How do you guys find good business coach sales people specifically higher fast firefan? Let me let me get my notes how to make it sound higher fast Fire. Fast people change drum roll from seldom I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cut off a general, I don’t know, but we can get drunk and what that means is people Chainsaw the weather when you bring someone on and they’re, not what you’re. Looking for any think yourself, I can fix him, I’m a life coach and I’m going to hide.

Could change Mabel there you are. Where have you been? You been together for years, but I know it any moment she could change. Where Have You Been maybe see? I tell you: Mabel soon will be a very prompt person adjust the bus 75 years of my marriage. I can’t get it I’ll leave on time, so you know what you put up with what you want to put up with, and your business will put up with what you put up with, but you know what you don’t have to put up with incompetency and so What I’d say to you is, and it’s tough It’s hard the first few times you do it’s difficult, but if you, when you get to the point where you like playing on you done it so many times people like they’re, just you know, I can whack quite Fair mix, Michael, I would just say that close, I would just say: if it’s not going to work out, we had to let you go and then West loves the system because West Winters and King we get to talk all the time you we do about firing. People and then I’ll be happy about it. I would also add try not to put yourself in a position where you can’t live without that person, so you’re stuck with a bad person. All that reminds me a lot of great stories that we said on the on the show before, but the thing about it is as an employer at this is something you’ve got to get to your head wrapped around. You listen, listen to this! Do it on your time, do it on your because the business coach employees will do it every time on their time? It’S so true! I guess. When they’re leaving you hey, I have a funny Ambush story. Was it tomorrow. Thanks pretty Christmas Story, Christmas, young man walks up to me how much I appreciate you hiring me if I could get a raise about 25 % or more, I would love to come back after Christmas, and I said yeah I just I just if I could get that, I’m not honey, I just am, I get out, 25 % raise I’ll, be happy to come back, and so what you’re saying is, if I don’t give you a raise or should I do know, is that he another guy time today for the Same day I would they do it. They do that, for you know what I am plotting and planning and scheming much more than you would it’s just for me.

It’S Checkers is a gentleman’s game that I gave you my Pawn bone that we come back. I want to get I really do want to tap into Grant’s brain about this. The visuals, because the mind is what the mind is fat and we’re talking about they blocking out negativity, and I want to get your take on this and see what kind of positive movies positive visuals do you put inside your cranium? Oh, Oh, I thought the secret I’ve got the I got the secret hot moved. You can’t walk that. You got to come back in the break. To listen to this is this movie will increase your bottom line – probably 7 % just by watching every time we talked about this, you going to tell me if I’m just telling Z is the mentor I’m done west of this, I’m telling granny that you can’t just Say watch Braveheart, we’ve heard it before Weaverville CA broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert still there with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year Clayton Clark 1980, was a hero by conception, DJ connection to the top rap just told you. Why can’t Trump Rosie recap up and don’t look at this stuff done? I give it a crap input, got a business coach will help you just didn’t yet know about work. Clothes system, April Clinton, Auto Auction, bangs haircut prerequisites just middle school as well as it gets dog about you all about you all about you all About You by trap. Nation, welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio, I’m Georgia with dr. Robert zoellner, the optometrist turned it was always the case.

I was an entrepreneur trapped in an optometrist body. Let me tell you something I have studied. Sharpton has put it, you know, there’s like there’s like construction companies that will print up an eye sinus a safety first. What I believe the Alice do. What you believe is what I believe I can’t prove it, but I just had a feeling he says: Thou shalt rhyme all the time, this rhyme first meeting. Second third, maybe not even that all right! Well, I’m never like Trevor and you’re going who’s Trevor African-American. Somehow perpetuating have a white guy no be like alright, like Dwight yeah and you’re, like the fact that rhymes with right and no point it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t sell Tulsa. This Vision that you are an optometrist turn Tycoon Daniel Boone of business wow. For the first time on air, I thought you were calling me out here, you’re saying that you always been an entrepreneur trapped in an optometrist body, Justice communication. It’S business coach unbelievable, Miss information. The misinformation out here were here. He would just ride like a convenient greeting card. That’S right, Billy, Madison and Al Sharpton have so much in common. I don’t know I’ve never seen them together. No I’m not a lot of my world is making sense. It’S just it’s just something to think about how to block out negativity that the Mind becomes. What the mind is fed, so I’m asking you guys tough questions, I’ll start with us Carter, then I’m going to go over here. What positive do you put into your head on a daily basis or weekly basis? To keep your mind positive positive?

As an attorney, I tend to talk to my family like they’re, on the stand sometimes, and so I have some stains around my house. Okay, did you tell we got to hear this? You know. So what did you do with that? But for the kitchen there may be a Bible verse here and there about the tongue being a sword and being careful what you say, and so I have to be careful about that at the positivity reminds me my my words: can speak life or break people down And that applies to employees as well, especially coming in with a positive attitude and just helps a lot of things to do in my life, and I get to know no, I straight bring it on Pierson once told me that he said you do not spell words. Words cast a business coach spell on people, I thought so tell me what you’re doing man you are number two in my office. I have a big old TV on the wall. That he’s a second monitor. So when are you going to TV, not March Madness or the Masters? Usually the blank, unless I throw something on there for a client that is giant picture of a lion beautiful picture like it was during the day I just expressed as an attorney I’m about to make a call and Wrangle over a hundred million dollar deal. And I look up without lying and I’m like yeah, you know and positive motivational stuff that you can create emotions and confident as an example of what I watch on the TV there’s a scene from Step Brothers. Were the two brothers apply for a job while wearing tuxedos and one brother hides behind the other brother and he gets stuck? Where he’s they said he says: well, thank you. Pam Petty says it pan and if there is it, is it Pam and she says it’s Pam and he is it Pama. I should know it’s Pam. We were talking about surrounding ourselves with the right kind of people and and he surrounds himself with lions tigers and bears. Oh my. If I wasn’t telling you grant Gulliver, give me ask the same question: is there we go around yourself during the day over there Messick Roofing, to keep your mojo positive? I just like what I hear from them business coach YouTube videos in the mornings, and I hear those motivational over College commencement speeches I’ll take care of that with me throughout the day or throughout the week, and just kind of keep the right attitude stay away from politics and Just keep the right people in your life stay away from politics is never negative.

I don’t know how that happened. Z. Can you? Can you explain what pasta visual? Do you put in your mind or your office or we are on schedule, so I can. I was busting your man cave your Decor, your business, your patina. What do you put up there? You know I’ve got several positive sayings. I’Ve got several positive sign to grab several positive. Like things that mean you know that that are personal. To me I mean I am I one of my passions is horse racing and – and you know it’s kind of fun, because they you win picture is always fun because you one right, oh yeah, you just I mean I don’t want to get too deep into that. But I thought I better put up with that, but a win picture that you have up is of a when when when, when you say and when you serve for the recent picture of me finishing 8, but you don’t so I thought you some picture of me When I was employee filed unemployment, this is my face right. This is my face. It’S so motivational to me, horse wins, IC life wins okay or are fun and good, encouraging the edify and lift you up and that’s good speaking of Josh Groban. You Raise Me Up here in a minute: okay, we’re going to talk more about surrounding yourself with positive visuals to create a positive atmosphere. I know you can. I need to enter that thrive. Time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. I don’t I don’t know if this is possible to you know they have his clever little little little ratios and snares was like sure. I predict the Patriots in a 32 223 win over the Titans, and here I’m going to go on the record: okay, okay, and that records goes something like after the Patriots go up by 42 in the first half of the first quarter in the Titans start crying. I predict the entire time predicted Bill. Belichick will run over and say guys to prevent a mass suicide will let you score a touchdown before the half like they’re all drink, drank the hemlock soap.

No, no, please just very sweet of you to do that. What I’ll do is I’ll hike myself the ball in her hair formation and then I’ll. Just all allude you guys, my craftiness downhill in the 4th quarter. He’Ll say Tom bill. I want to lie. I don’t get this out in the open on the transparent wavelength. We are going to be together until the year 2029. Chevelle cat goes to the Giants next week to solidify the trinity in the moment that the cheerleaders will come out wearing long pants and almost like an Amish Decor, you know show their look at. They were going to pay it, they were on, they wouldn’t let their risk a horse and buggy. Scholl’s out there and butter will start selling Amish made. How do you put butter in soap? I think I’m doing it wrong, but it all the electrical stuff in the stadium, but I know they make great aluminum trailers Reno an Amish person know I have actually bought a trailer from Amish people. Do you know I’m asking a question again: Amish Distribution Center without buying something well that’s without buying Technology Center for Aviation years ago, our pilot has rebuked all modern technology and he’s going to be blank days, playing with a hand crank, but we should pull over and Get it everybody and peanut brittle playing that I am the tailgating BNC Rio de At All, by the way it just as a side note what time say that name does anyone.. I think it is a starting quarterback. They are I’m a patriot. I mean titans a pretty impressive mascot of me and learning how to block out negativity into your mind, because so many people get sick. They get Negative real fast because they allow people to steal their Joy. If you’re going to be successful, you have to find a way to ordain your own destiny and to determine your own outcome of each that you have to have shot yet to determine that today is going to be a great day to this is the day that The Lord has made, and you will rejoice in it and be good choice, because you said it’s profound, I’m above the ground, I’m going to make today awesome and then Here Comes business coach adversity, sneaking in trying to steal your joy cuz. I mean this is what you really think about this. When was the last time you let someone steal, your joy doesn’t have anymore. I know it doesn’t happen anymore. I asked when was the last time right before I knock down my brother to your year-and-a-half yeah, but you have to go around and they said the last word you can speak. You know I slept a great ceremony 405 and people are there and my brother said yeah I’ll take them. I got this. What is in Eau Claire is collar on. He gets up there deserres his Grievances and complaints about my dad as they’re putting him into the ground, and other people got up and left. You know I called him an a-hole which is code for an amazing person, and so I called and got up and left my own dad’s funeral. I went home to call my wife later tonight. I will attack him physically, so we’re about 5 hours of that day. Until later that night, in about 7 and knock them out and to please apologize, you say when was Paul’s. You wouldn’t feel like grabbing with left hand, hit him with the right-hand knock them out and then try to pull me off.

But I wanted to get more hits in, so you only got the one tire. So I’m just saying I mean that happened in the last time that I was mad all day and I told Vanessa I’m going to sit down here in a minute and then I’m going to attack him tonight at that win. The most horrible feelings you have is knowing that someone had the authority, the ability the can. I gave him the power of. I gave it to power to my parents to grab that from you to take him to steal the joy the funeral. Now, if I could have done it over again, I would have told him to shut the H up, which is the shut, the heaven his Heavenly yourself up. I would have told him to shut up and then I would have forced him to stop talking, but I would have punched him a hug. You would have shipped it shifted it taking the Michael Shawn Shank Redemption from him metaphorically and actually dropped like from him. So you have a good every listing out there right now, they’re driving or their cubicle, to truck stop to give me on it. I mean looking for a Pizza Hut themselves to tell if they’re asking when was the last time I let someone I gave them the power to take my car to his dad’s funeral and finish your that moment position a were trying to say right now. Is it position a is, never never ever ever letting your joy be dependent upon with somebody else does so John. I want to ask you this question: what visual do you put in your head on a daily basis to keep it to keep yourself positive? You manage a lot of people. How do you stay positive? What visual do you put into your mind? A little flip this a little bit because it just as important as a sing visuals everyday that you put in your head is, is not putting certain visuals in your head like if you get a text message.

If you get some Facebook review, if you get a Google review or whatever, and if you would like harp on that, you can really let that ruin your day or the flip side of that is. You can just choose to ignore that and say: hey, that’s actually not like look up to this day, and I don’t want to focus on that whenever I have to open my email during the day. You know that I honestly close my eyes cuz. I know we come back. I want Roofing what the 13th back Greg Garcia breakdown, how he stays positive visually. It’S the business coach ThriveTime show on radio if you’re YouTube today is your day get ready to answer that Primetime show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. I don’t understand why Richard Roberts, music career, didn’t take off for Resurrection Resurrection because you positive this is so important to put positive visuals into your mind on a daily basis. Drivers you need to stop laughing that was in the past, were moving so Grand. I want to ask you a question: how do you as an entrepreneur, put positive visuals into your mind on a daily basis or weekly basis, or just remove easy watch? Do you like to put up more National posters in your office? What do you do in the past and a segment few seconds ago, where you can surround yourself with the right people and keep the right attitude at least some positive outcomes? And I like to reflect back on big big job that sold in the past. And there is a win-win situation with a client or somebody that can really help out and it changed his life so soon, as he talked about that as well. You want to document the big wins. P

ut OU Encourage Yourself, geography, geography, so many people are born into a neighborhood that what you say is not great but for whatever reason they say well, I was born here. I don’t to be a sell-out, so I’m going to stay here. Sometimes you have to move away from the family, Homestead break it down my friend at what would you say to someone out there and says I don’t want to be a sell-out. I don’t want to leave. I mean I love the bus. That’S parked on my lawn cuz, the tree. The bus has been there so long. A tree now grows through the bus, and now it’s so great. Next to that decorative refrigerator. On my lawn and I love, I love the people of Sapulpa so much. I could never lose it this this, this hilly, Hillside environment, where a a a homeless person has now begun to Homestead. I can never leave this area because I grew up in this home think this called squatters generational poverty mindset is a difficult thing to kick in the butt, and what happens is that you know you you’re, born into a family that has a poverty mindset: okay, that’ll Poverty mindset because, as we’re talking, I mean Hello in come business coach neighborhood because they have to be there and moving the drug president was referring people to park buses on their lawn in a while haha I was referring to high-income neighborhoods. I don’t know why you would assume. I was silly me I know, but let’s assume that I’m right, okay and that you had made a reference to low-income your neighborhood. It’S open your folks you’re in a low-income neighborhood, because your family is low-income. Okay, so there is a tad bit. Would he want to believe it or not I’ve some poverty mindset there when you break out of that when you’re the first one to go to college and your family want to, you know, have a seven-figure income when first person your family, to wear a shirt during The day horseshoes, yes or not, everybody wants to find things.

You did not think Joe Dirt was an academy award-winning movie. First of all take that back when you, when you’ve been around that for a long time, you’re breaking out of it. Do you know what you have a lot of people as we said earlier today, you don’t want to think about the negative mindset to the people that are around you and your family cuz. This is family, they have access to you, they could be around you. You may not want them around you, you may say you may think yourself. My uncle is all my money. You couldn’t take my dad, my mom, my brother is my grind, so they have this negative or about them. They’Re like who are you? Why are you big fancy? Pants will be just do the math, whoever you’re spending your time with, determines your level of Happiness, so you got to move. Sometimes you sometimes you got to move in the idea that hey it’s okay, to want to make your left your life better. Today, it’s okay, it’s okay! To want to do that! Motivational quotes everywhere. We want to make sure that you’re surrounded by positive encouragement and inspiration. We put client wins everywhere, John just today we had 2 clients. Send us a thank you card 57 houses yeah. I think it was 5656. We have a wall, explain what it’s for people haven’t been to our offices before he can explain.

The decor in the visual Mojo say come check it out at the February business coach conference is what I would say, but no, every single inch of every single wall in this office is covered by some motivational quote or a client win that just really really inspiring. So just really cool to see like the people that were able to help grow their businesses and then not only impact their lies, but impact all of the lives of their customers. At the same time, when you first applied to work with us scene of almost 6 years ago – and you saw all of these motivational quotes everywhere and all of the little stories on the wall in the success stories, what was going through your mind, Music Man, songs. Well, no, I absolutely loved it because it just showed like a purpose of mission. You know like have somebody that was going somewhere and that’s why I watched on so I’m just going to hire people put positive visuals in your office know the final one is the smells. Does he you know, I’m always burning pain. Whatever doing the show today, we have three pieces of Pinon wood burning right now, but how does smells impact your office environment? Right now? I have got a new move, a new move, the new movie I’ve been going to the store that every time I’ve been in it, I’ve been the only dude in it. I know I don’t don’t make me give up my man card Victoria Secret. No, no! No! No, it’s going to Bath!


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