The Mind Becomes What the Mind is Fed and Learning How to Block Out Negativity (Part 2) – Hour 2

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Have you ever found yourself struggling with time management and being intentional with everything that you do? Clay Clark and business coach client Charles Colaw of break it down for you.

This is part 2 of the business coach podcast transcription. I want to just give you an example that just very specific business coach example, there are people out there that unfortunately have gone into our schools and committed acts of terror – we’ve we’ve seen this in the news. I’ve seen it play out and they always find they say shocking. They watched a lot of violent content on the internet, shocking. They would go on to websites where you can watch people keep what killed shocking. There are, these are the people who are are consistently desensitizing themselves to violence. Then they desensitize himself to violence, and so we always find out the people that are the mass murderers always did increasingly violent things before they committed the ultimate terrible act. You see it, and so we know how repetitive desensitization, to distance between your desensitizing yourself to negative things. We see our repetitively doing that impacts you negatively, but we talked about a lot is how can positively putting positive things and positive business coach type people in your life, positive affirmation and encouragement and motivational videos and motivational motivational movies at self-help book when you, when you put in positive content shirt sermon when you watch td jakes every single day for 17 years in a row. What happens they don’t talk about that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about that now, because all of the successful entrepreneurs that I know don’t struggle with motivation because they never get unmotivated because they have a routine. So I’m going to start with you, charles colaw, with colaw fitness. You have thousands of members three very successful gems. I want to ask you this: what is your weekly routine, or maybe your daily routine, for staying motivated? How do you stay motivated watch every morning? I start the day about 5:30 and then I’m in the gym by 6 a.M. And I work out every morning. I listen to some sort of business coach motivation. This probably seems stupid. It’s probably more detailed in the details check when the alarm goes off. You, like a special wicked awesome alarm.

Do you have like tom brady going able to have like a certain alarm? Does your wife elbow you? Do you have? What are you doing? My phone has an alarm on it and it goes off and I literally just I get up right away. I don’t I don’t get stopped or sleeping like your workout gear ready to go. Is that a big move, for you know the details when you get your? Can you get your workout gear on you? You work out by 6 you’re working out by 6. I wake up and I make sure amber’s up and we work out every morning together, my wife and my life and we listen to positive motivational stuff like billy allsbrook has a blessed and unstoppable to really cool motivational. Christian motivation, video, like td, jakes and stuff, like that first, I have to take a pre-workout drink. If I have a concoction that I made, what is, were you get into that later, probably like a 5-gallon jug of hunted and killed itself? Gorillas simple fact: oh my gosh there at 5:40 and they’re about a5. What is it I think it’s like like v 496 pounds. What do you put in it? So it’s 500 lb gorillas at like 5:40 and their estimated bench press is 1300 pounds. So every morning I drink gorilla, silverback gorilla blood before I wake up and I’m actually drinking that job. What do you put on one scoop of pre-workout? It’s been just got about 40 grams of a waxy maize starch, which is a carbohydrate loader, 5 grams of business coach creatine and then about 80 to 90 grams of whey. Isolate and I sip on that throughout my workout and specially workout pre-workout intra workout amino acid, complex and everyday. I get all the details this to bodybuild and stuff and I honestly would have been about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle on you and help you stay later, but you can work out all the right stuff is right, I’m sorry, seven days a week or 5 or 7 times a day, eight days a week, 7 times a day, how many, how many days a week, I don’t sleep, how many days a week. Do I workout everyday? It’s mainly 7. Every day like today, I woke up and workout at for working out and six six six to six and I work out. Okay, then I go out there and play with my kids to do devotions of time out what time I can typically more 530. 530. If someone is writing this down and it’s six you workout or workout, and then I was like today, what was your workout? What you do today today I did shoulders and traps and that’s it you’re 6260 and you have like no body fat in everyone’s mad. Men. Have a similar pre-workout that I do honey buns from kum & Go at the icing.

Yes, I mean if you eat it, really fast it’ll almost make you want to throw up what you been up to is he’s out of breath when he eat anything. I rebuke Steve we’re going back to Charleston workout. This is about 7 a.m. 7 a.m. I pregnant cats, with two kids still in the house, yes and Trinity and Hayden, and they both are getting ready for school. So we try to pray with them and then do a small devotion I like to do Proverbs cuz. It’S really quick and it’s awesome because it’s like, if you want to talk about success. You know, King Solomon, you know you’re busy in your kind of have a little. You know transmission problem. Somebody doesn’t have their butt in gear transmission problem. If you don’t feel like it or the days where you had a longer night, you know you were travelling, you were flying you, the kids, had a game. The things didn’t line up, the Stars didn’t align just right. How do you work out on the days you don’t feel like? How do you make that routine happen? If you don’t feel like it, you have to start. So I say, is you just get into and start doing several different sets and when your blood flow increases its kind of pic? Can I get some more motivated lot of times when I drink client to say here’s the deal get to the gym? I don’t care if you just walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes but get to the gym, so there’s no excuse as long as you get in the car get there and you actually start doing something by the time. 5 minutes around your blood is not flowing, and you think I’m already here so might as well do a couple more business coach things and then you leave and you feel so encouraged cuz. You actually did something. So there are days like like even today this morning. Cuz you know I wanted to go, get going early, so yeah it’s so I had to rush through it, but I in about 25 minutes. I got all my stuff done and I know I can check that box off in my head and that helps me. I floss floss today feeling of confidence. That feeling of confidence is what you then take with you into your work day. Will I you’re riding that song motivate motivation, because inspiration is the reward we talked about this a lot. But inspiration is the reward you in action? Not doing something is the giant, but action is the sword. Inspiration is the reward that you get. You didn’t wait to feel inspired to work out. You would have asked you have to ask first then it follows the action you’re feeling sucks. You can’t go by your feelings, how you feel yet should I have to do and then your feelings, lineup, it’s like in a marriage when you’re with your wife and you’re, trying to make your marriage be healthy and good. You say what you know: you’re supposed to say before your emotions line up with it. That’S how you make a marriage work cuz you committed to her you’ve committed to be loving to her.

So, even when you’re pissed, you say, hey baby, I love you and I’m wrong and my highest desires that we have peace and Oneness, and so you say that even before your emotions line up with it, then next thing you know, then it lines up. So this is what I want I want to, because I want to take on this and Steve. Take on this. You are in. This is very profound cuz. If you are listen to show right now, and you get this one idea, you will win because it’s what I do, that you’ll win, take action before you’re inspired before your feelings are running around talking about how you feel nobody gives a freaking crap about how you Feel, but who does give a crap about how you feel or those motivational hype seminars that sell you, this get-rich-quick crap and if you are dependent upon somebody else to be motivated, you will lose I’m not getting your passport and motivate you, your wife, can’t motivate you. Some freaking business coach motivational conference can’t motivate you. You have to motivate yourself. I’Ve been married for a long time and I love my wife and I’ll. Tell you one thing. I love about my wife. She does not look to me to make her happy she’s happy on her own happy. If I’m not happy happy when I am happy she’s happy, because she knows that God created her and her sense of value comes from knowing she’s a child of God, regardless of whether her bonehead husband has it together or not. But if you want your husband to make you happy, I just want to make me happy if you want your wife to make you happy. I just wanted to make me happy. It’S not going to happen. Your boss isn’t going to make you happy. I just want my manager make me happy it’s not going to happen if you show up to work with that, crappy, tired, looking face and all the time low energy looking like you just woke up with a sad moment, look on your pathetic face. You will lose so I’m telling you this notify your freaking face, turn your frown upside down and smile for a while. It just frustrates the crap out of me when people you’ve seen me in the office job. I will boo. People bet you’re on. I was told people for you. I was told back in the day that you may, even maybe this is allegedly throw staplers at people if you hunting. This is why I did this is what happened? Is it going to rain here? It comes with the DJ business. If anybody worked in the call center and they yond, I would make them stand up in the office and if they ever sat down again I’d throw a marker at him as hard as I possibly could, and you sound pathetic. I coach my office, like I coach, a football team, yes, which is why everybody in my office is pretty much a carbon copy of enthusiasm is getting to be that way. If they’re, not yet right, is there a? Can you get rewarded well, but I’m not by High School coaches, they weren’t running around good hey.

Do you guys want to do two more crunches? Please you guys would like to do two more. Is anybody here motivated to do leg raises cuz? I was just thinking how many, if you all want to run the hill until we vomit. Oh, I want to do that. Can you just do it? You can’t wait for your feelings to to line up and it’s never going to happen. So you have to like to read it’s hard week. We have a lot in the bathroom and says it’s hard to get anything done when you only work when you feel like it, you have to do the work when you don’t feel like it will take me to head back. I want a deep dive into Eric Chapa want to hear how you motivate yourself. I want to know Steve current and motivates himself because I know there’s somebody listening to the business coach show right now. You’Re going all the Practical stuff you teach on every other show I can optimize a website or accounting or social media marketing leadership. That’S all great, but I can’t get it. Wake up. Wake up, you’ll be dead. Soon, I’m going to go to church, I’m going to go home, I go home, I’m in a hypnotic trance and I’m dead. You’Ve got to wake up. Wake up wake up lyrics to hear that you have to wake up, not one one thing: we can do it if you are thoroughly awake and you are thoroughly motivated and you just want to know what to do. We have our next in person workshop on February 16th and 7th correct and which was $ 99. The tickets are $ 99 and it’s a two-day workshop 15 hours long. You can find hundreds of reviews, video reviews, if you just Google search Thrive time, show reviews you can find the reviews, but we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you have time today, click on the conference’s button and buy those tickets. If you were free, just fine iTunes, leave us a review and send us proof that you did it by emailing us to info at 3:15. Com stay tuned. Is the DriveTime show radio get ready to enter the Thrive time show? What is a cat sits on the radio about you all about you all about you that we bring the Boom play broadcast of the box in the front. Is the spot time show on your radio? You can hear us every single day on the 12th at noon. Broadcast or you can download us every day on, The Primetime Show podcast app for anybody out there who wants to get free tickets to our next in person Workshop. How can I get him? What’S the quickest way to get free tickets? If you want to attend the February 16th and 17th Workshop the fastest way to do this, is you going to be open up iTunes on and find Thrive time show? Can you can Google search for Thrive time, show weakness, open up iTunes, search for Thrive time show and you want to subscribe to calm down, I’m doing a search right now. I did give you a second I’ve. Never I can you show me show that was it all together. Speed drive time is all together. Space show the link and press the button that says open in iTunes. They open up the new one hit subscribe to hit the stars and fill out the box.

The Stars objective reviews please objectives of 5-star review, then you’re going to want to screenshot that as proof and email it to info at Thrive, info at thrive15 with your phone number. So we can get ahold of you and get you your two free tickets. Those are normally $ 99 each. Would you get two of those tickets for free by leaving a Saturn Vue Cinema screenshot to info at Thrive,, and we will get you two tickets to the February 16th and 17th workshop and Becomes of the mind, is fat? Is a part 2 of our series, and I want to ask you this Eric chat because everyday, like you know today, I got up at 3 in the morning to do show notes so everyday. I do that, and you are part of that tradition, because it’s The Daily Show Trump in the morning Daily Show stay motivated on a daily basis of all of the choices in my life through two main filters: okay, basically, what are my goals and who have? I committed myself to okay, so what I’m going to keep myself motivated to, as what do I need to do to get those you know, give me further down the path towards those goals and then we’ll also, what do I need to get done today to honor Those commitments I’ve made because I value myself and I want to make sure that my words stays intact that have a good reputation. So I don’t need outside motivation necessarily on day-to-day basis, to make sure I get somewhere on time or I get enough sleep. I can handle all that of myself, because I want to make sure that I’m going towards my goal. I use that is the rudder to my ship. So don’t drift and I want to make sure and honor my commitments, because I value myself and working with me. Don’T see behind the scene, you know the daily interaction I have with teammates, but you do so I’m doing my job, but I can’t get them to do their job. How can you explain how you see me, do that or you maybe you’ve seen doctors who do that? Well, you have an authority, you and Z, both just because of your business coach history, and you are you currently because of the how hard you do work. So people see that automatically so that’s inspiring and then also we have open communication with the team and with you. So if they do need help, if we do need, you know, hey might like what like we’re saying. It’S me the most the people on the team. Don’T need help setting in their alarm. It’S not that kind of writing it’s. What do? I need to study to get better at this or what’s going to be the fastest way, and you provide a lot of feedback in training for us every morning, at 6 a.m. where you are., We ask all the questions that we ever been to a business at 6 a.m. no but my family in it I mean like it and I used to have crazy hours in the concrete business, but it wasn’t like in an office. You know you’re out in the elements doing things, and so my family and friends think I’m insane like we have to wear at what time. So, Charles 7 days a week Charles, how do you you you? You manage hundreds of employees. You know you manage hundreds of people throughout the year 2007 of thousands of customers now with colaw Fitness. How do you manage your people? Well, there’s two styles that I’ve kind of categorized in my head.

You have two one is called hard power and Harper leadership. Styles, power to Fire part of the paycheck power. To do that. That’S one strategy motivating you have a servant; leadership like soft power leadership and that’s where you basically show by example, and so, when you’re, showing up early clay and you’re grinding in your meeting with your team and you’re doing and your son’s sacrifice and you’re showing your Drive and your discipline that inspires people to it serves as a soft power leadership. To pick up a thing of Jesus Christ, I mean Jesus. Christ was a character who didn’t have a kingdom. He didn’t have a military force. He basically walked around with like kind of shady characters and had like a relationship with like Biggers and prostitutes and talked about truly loving God and loving others above yourself and then and then in the end, in a value system that created basically the largest movement ever In history, we should we dedicate like a D & B after death in before cry 880 and Beast Hunters based upon to this one person with threesome years, and he only ruled with soft power leadership style. That’S a leadership style where you you show by example, and you show that you are serving like. I serve soft power leadership if you’re lazy. True, though, whenever I decide to get there because then you’re just telling people you show that you truly care about your business coach staff. What you do and you’re somebody, even when your heart on your stuff, it’s not a bad thing – to push people to try to get more out of themselves. How is that a bad thing to eat sometime so when they see that your highest desire is there greatest gain they they follow behind now Steve. I want to get your take on this. We come back from the break. How do you on a daily basis, motivate yourself if I think a lot of people see the success of your mortgage company total lending Concepts? I don’t see the success of companies who work with like Barbie CookieSwirlC. The phone doctors are different brands. We work with having success, but don’t think people understand the things you’re doing behind the scenes to make that success, and you talk a lot about the wall, the iceberg and we come back. I like for you to kind of break down that wall the iceberg, but before we do that, I want I want to just give you a chance. You’Re free.

I buy Thrive Nation to audit yourself in the fall six areas who is speaking into your life in the area of Faith like what people are you surrounding yourself with who is determining what’s normal for you, with your faith to with your family who’s the term? What’S normal with your family, 3 finances who’s, the terminal, what’s normal, with your finances for Fitness, who is determining what’s normal, with your Fitness friendships? 5, what people are out there determine what’s normal within the context of a healthy friendship in 6, fun who’s determining? What’S? Ok, as relates to fun, I don’t I don’t many many people, sadly enough, but I went to Oral Roberts University with who were Christian men who have had multiple, multiple, just cute life issues, life issues with with addiction, with just unfaithfulness, with hers, with her spouse, bad Bad thing in the people that they surround themself with have made it normal they’ve been like hey bro. Everybody goes through these issues and you’re, not a bad guy for dabbling and drugs, and a bad guy for doing this in a bad guy for doing that. It so everything’s just become normal to them. There are no boundaries it for you to become successful. You got to surround yourself with successful people. Stay tuned is the DriveTime show on your radio can do which I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posted two and one Morgan’s on the 12th at the right time show. I guess it is all about you all about you all about you play broadcast of the box of the Apocrypha. Welcome back to the business coach ThriveTime show on your radio or your podcast download our entire reason for joining with you on the daily basis to help you change your current reality. I truly do believe that every day is a gift and I’ve been around the planet. Long enough. I think almost everybody listen to this show has we’ve all lost somebody close to us. We’Ve all had somebody who we’ve known very, very well who went on to Boom. It went on to the other side who moved out who he was no longer with us who died, and this is a thing I want. If I want to put into your your mind as a business coach, I unfortunately have seen this now twice personally or somebody’s called me and said: I have a terminal illness. I need you to help. My kids learn how to run this business because if I pass they won’t, they won’t know how to do it.

That’S heavy or the other scenario is hey our father just passed away, and we don’t know how to do this up. Systems in place will never have a break through until they had a breakdown, and we’re trying to do today is to increase the intensity on your timeline and saying that today is the day that the Lord has made. You should rejoice and be glad in it and you should actually make the change today. Today is the day so Steve everybody out there who who wanders you know. I can’t I see the Lamborghinis on Facebook. Can I see the success of total lending Concepts? I see your exotic cars, I know people who are using you for their mortgages. How have you been able to achieve success? What would advise what how do you? How do you motivate yourself? How do you, what is your routine look like on a daily basis? Sincerely, I know you like to joke around but sincerely. How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis? Well, it’s a struggle. I mean, I think it’s a struggle for everybody, maybe not everybody, but you know. I know that for me, I just get up I’ll try to get up before everybody else. I try to control what goes into my head. I work really hard with my team in the people that are around me to to be a really good filter of what I allow in to my life. I’Ve gotten really good. Just like your client that wrote you the thank you card at Sand, No. In fact Friday, one of the more clear I have not gotten really good at rebuking. Thank you cards when I have gotten go through in a client who sent say. Thank you card telling us that they been able to achieve time freedom for the first time in their life as a result of learning to say no just not reading. Thank you cards at first. I said I said that that we could, I email you this proposal about this investment by the law, and I said no, and he just looked at me like what – and he said well I want to do – is I’ll. Tell you what you got an email it over to me, Stephen, and I might look at it in one month and you know why you’re going to wait a month to look at it because, first of all never get it from him. Secondly, If I Do by the time I do respond to him, he will have given up and moved on to something else. It’S just that! That’S how people are so right. I do. I try to do a really good job of protecting. What goes on my mind, so I do not like the hand, hole books and read them, but I listen play you turn me on to family show. You turn me on to the YouTube channel by Evan Carmichael that has the business coach motivational music in the morning when I’m in my bed of time I usually get in the office, can I make sure we get this from the Avatar Michael has put together a series of Just instrumental audio, which most adults struggle to comprehend what they are reading, not some it nearly all adults struggle to comprehend with the reading almost at Charles River struggle to comprehend what you’re waiting. No, I have to redo 3 times multiple times to help people learn more effectively. You can basically focus and concentrate longer if you listen to that kind of music and so Charles. I want to get your take on this, though, as it relates to fighting at Daily battle. In your mind, how do you find out the demons and stay motivated? What do you do for me for trying to stay motivated?

I have I don’t know what it is, but something inside of me is always like wanting to do the absolute best that I possibly can. Let feel like. God is interested me with my time and certain talents and abilities and if I don’t exactly get depressed and so so kind of opposites like I take Massive Action and everything and then I slowly get motivated afterwards. So my motivation, I have the same person so it’s like I have to like the more I don’t like it does cause me to be depressed. Actually, when I was like 26, let me I work myself out of a job like the first time was going so great. I was done so I can went back to school to get a business degree. So I can, I didn’t even have a business degree. Then I went and got one the 27th and then the name after that, it’s like what do I do next, like I was kind of, I really do struggle with just like I don’t mind, I can sit and pray or I can sit and plan out my Day, I can meditate think about my life, but I can’t judge, if you say, hey, let’s go, we all need some R & R right. I made it clear. You need some R & R you’ve been working really hard. You want some money tomorrow and my family. I said hey: when are you going to take a vacation? I hate vacation schedule. South hurry up. Vocation means the literal word vocation. If you look that up there, chapped lips and Latin, it means you’re. Calling you’re calling you’re called to do. Vacation needs to baste a retreat from to escape from. I know my calling and I never want to run away from it. I got ya me to do. I know I’m supposed to do this show. I know I’m supposed to do the workshops. I know I’m supposed to spend time with my wife and kids. I know I’m supposed to do, but I don’t ever want. I don’t ever have burnout. I’Ve never been burned out because I freaking love. What I do when it burns me out is everybody gone? When are you going to take some down time? I was making you feel bad that you don’t need down time right. I would say, encourage if you’re listening to this today, it’s called Flow State Flow State. Flowstate everybody needs to have looked that up and know what that is. It’S when you’re engaged in an activity. That’S so engages the mind that you lose track of space and time it is what psychologists are defining as happy. There’S a big Ted talk you can watch. I bet you are happy when you’re engaged in an activity where you lose track of space and time so Chuck you love playing the guitar guy was just about to jump in and talk about. Please talk about your flow statements and plain dealing with the dude. So there’s sometimes when, when you’re, when were playing we’re playing music and you and I’m playing like lead, guitar were playing solos and their structure, there’s a key that you have to play in there certain things you have to do, but I will play for for 5 Minutes not even realizing what I’m playing it’s just like in key. It’S working, I’m landing on the notes need to land on and literally your mind, feels like you’re somewhere else and all the sudden. You come back like your back into your brain. When you come out of it’s so weird when we come back, I want to talk about. I want to teach every entrepreneur how you can do and design a flow State life where you love everyday, because everyday is the right key. The right note you feel like you’re in the right course you’re sitting here, like course, the right Anthem. You have found the right life, songs, radio, what you want!

What you want increase, what you learned in in due time you got money to BS with optometrist, can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark not be deceived. Uno moo show me the help put on your radio for the car sales in providing business school without the BS business coaching without the filter. We want to teach you specifically. The super moves. The doctors and I’ve used to build 13 multi-million-dollar companies in some people say well. What are those companies? Okay? Let’S do it. Let’S get alphabetical here we go. There’S a to z, medical boom. There’S a DJ connection. There is a dr., zoellner and Associates. It’S a place. There is an alphabet photography. Then there is a elephant in the room that was flipped dr. Robert zoellner and Associates Optometry. Hillary said that there at 6 there’s make your life epic, that 7 and then we will keep going out I’d. Let you know it again: we’ve done that soon, as you can, why did you can go see and I just think a lot of times people say gosh, it must be nice, it would not be nice. No, it said you would not be any must be nice. I want one is when you have a rhetorical question with your self it’s weird, but to somebody needs to be shocked out of that Rod of thinking it must be. This is your day. I know that you were alive for a reason. I don’t care if this is your last day or you have 50 years left or 6 years like you have to choose to view every single day as if you have to bring them pictures, though you’re dying, you have to live as though you’re done. You can’t wait to be dying to live, so many people just put it in the autopilot and work at a job. They hate go to a church, they hate our new relationships, they hate and then they I want to retire. When I don’t get, my health is failing, you know you want to get serious about your success. Come out to contact number, for I want to teach you as we’re talking about the Mind, becomes the mind is fed and learning how to block out negativity. We’Re talking about business coach Flow State how to live in a state of Happiness where you can lose track of space and time, because you love your schedule, so contact number for you will attract what you think about you will attract. You will bring about what you think about. You will bring about what you think about Napoleon Hill rights on page 72 of the 1945 edition of Think and Grow. Rich thoughts are mixed with any of the feelings of emotions that constitute a magnetic force, which attracts from the vibrations of either other similar or related thoughts. I thought does magnetized, with the emotion may be compared to a seed which, when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows and multiplies itself over and over until what was originally one. Small seed becomes countless millions of seeds of the same brain.

Okay. If you got negativity on your face, all the time, you’re only going to attract negative people – tripe girls – that like to talk to you about that talk to me about the law of attraction, you’re, a Christian person. So obviously, you believe in Jesus Christ in the judeo-christian worldview. They may be a little different from when to pull in his writing about here. But how do you see the wall of attraction at work as it relates to as being an employer and being able to attract quality people? Well, you can, you feel like, if you know, you’re serving your purpose that you’re okay like for me. I know that God has called me to do something with Fitness. I love it. I’Ve loved it ever since I was a kid and – and I lose my time and it leaves everything so I love that any also. I have a love for other people and I have a love for God and when I can use those and make a business model out of it, it’s you’re never going to work. You never happened in early struggle. You know that you’re serving your time and your talents in your Treasures, not so much for yourself but for Christ and for loving another people, you like we, we want to give you the biggest go givers in our industry. You know we give Fitness Tanning massage free train, Free Trainer instruction free nutrition instruction like the Topeka Club, it’s a $ 4000000 club for literally 5 bucks a month and you get to use everything everything for those five bucks and you can bring a friend free. So we’ve created stuff, that’s like I want to be the biggest go giver, and it’s not about really me trying to make money. It’S just wanting to love them people, and so what I’m trying to learn this like I can get behind. I get a bye in my soul, buys into doing that and if you look at our mission statement on her on our website, you know you are mission is a love Fitness, but I also want to go if I got and everything that I do, if I Can I mean I’m a knucklehead? I made a lot of bad choices in my life to just like a lot of people have, but I do know the teachings of Jesus Christ in my life have impacted my life. I so greatly that I can. My soul Buys in on that so like. If you really really understand like I read the New Testament and then like read Proverbs that two things I like really really focus on the New Testament in Proverbs you’re. So by the end of that and anybody that has that, is it in and understands of concept by then so, whatever you’re doing whatever skill or trade you feel like you have interest in you. Do that and you do those types of things of that type of moral compass at the guide you you’ll you’ll, go in all I all in and that’s what I like that face thing and business coach Napoleon Hill talks. So much about faith. I mean that’s, that’s it. I mean you and you know that you’ve got a skillset like if you doing mortgages and you you know that you have a skill set, that you can truly help other people and there’s some sort of margin that you can make for bringing that awareness there. That service to them – and you get paid for that – that’s freaking awesome and you do that over and over again, so you help people help people help people create system for you get pumped and that’s why we as entrepreneurs here at the halftime, show why Eric Chapman On the other business coaches, why we get so fired up and we can’t wait to get back to the office. We love our families, but we can’t wait to get back to the office because we love helping her client. I think about Keystone Hall for this year.

They’Re winds, I think, of the Phone Doctors they’re winds. I sell kissing canine, I think about total lending Concepts and a Barbie cookies and oil Tulsa Oilers and quote by the way, in quote, which is the world’s fastest and most affordable, transcription service Miller. Who wrote the algorithm for the program uses artificial intelligence, so it learns from itself and transcribes faster and faster that actual program. She was getting about one user and every couple days now, she’s getting multiple users every single day using it in the word of mouth, is beginning to take off. She was so pumped up when I spoke with her on Friday, and I just want to encourage you today. You don’t have enough time in your life. You do not have enough time in your life to be successful and be around negative people and to watch 5 hours of TV a day which is the average according to the New York Times. I don’t have time in your life to be successful and spend your whole day debating with people on social media who are negative. You do not have time to be successful and to spend your whole day, surrounded by negative people, are mocking the very goals and dreams that you know we’re given to you by God himself. If you have a dream – and it does not, it does not go against the biblical principles that are celebrated in the Bible. I would business coach encourage you to go to thrive time, show. Com and to book your tickets for the next in person. Thrive. Time show Workshop: the tickets are $ 99, a piece, and I guarantee you that you’ll be happy money back guarantee, not happy what will give your money back? I’Ve heard from a friend, that’s pretty good. I think she read the reviews say and I want to go, but you know I would like to propose a backdoor.

A sneaky move, there’s a way that I could save $ 99. If there’s a way that I can attend to that conference for free, I would like to do it. Please enlighten please educate the listeners how to make a free ticket to the drivers on freeway. There’S a three-way okay, it’s a hand up. Okay, if you’re out there need a hand up right now, you’re looking for some help, we’re here for you, okay, so find the iTunes go to iTunes and find the Thrive time. Show okay, you’re going to open up the Thrive time show And subscribe. Click subscribe. Leave us a review fill in the Stars still in the box, leave us an objective review, okay and then screenshot that thing or send us proof of your review to info at 3:15. Com with your phone number, and we will get you two free tickets to the February 16th and 17th Workshop they’re $ 99, a piece get them for free come on out. We can’t help you. If we don’t know you shouldn’t be tell me a joke. Jective Lee 5 Active objective Rockstar you get to make notes to so you could. Even put you know like, I would have given it 10 stars, but is that we are the show we’ve been doing this. For you know, this is closer to 2 years and I’ve been self-employed for it on 37th and 16 to 21 years and in any business model. We always want to hear from our listeners, and here you know what you like, how I should have said that from it and how many listeners reach out to us and say it be nice, if you guys would have somebody who’s focused on Fitness on the show, Because that’s something I struggle with, and so that’s why Charles Cole, off with colaw Fitness, is on the show so give us your objective feedback, we’d love to hear from you and we would love to just see you at our next in personThrive time show 2 day business coach workshop, as always, we end with in every show, with a three and a two and a woman Applebee’s should we all went to.. We cannot begin without self discipline. Yourself is what you would be.


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