The Mind Becomes What the Mind is Fed and Learning How to Block Out Negativity (Part 3) – Hour 1

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Is your “normal” dysfunctional? Tune in today to learn how to feed your mind from business coach Clay Clark how to change the environment around you to make sure your normal is what you want it to be.

CONCEPT #5 – Your Must Have a Magnificent Obsession

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The information is easily conveyed: any idea, plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through the repetition of thought. This is why you are asked to write out a statement of your major purpose, or Definite Chief Aim, commit it to memory and repeat it, in audible words, day after day, until these vibrations of sound have reached your subconscious mind.” – Napoleon Hill (Page 73 of the 1945 Edition of Think and Grow Rich)

Practical Application –

  1. Obsess about your business and its’ success because nobody else cares.
  2. To be successful you must learn how how to motivate yourself or you will lose. You have to kick your own butt every morning.


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie (The man who became the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime and a man who began working at the age of 13 to support his family)

CONCEPT #6 – You Will Discover That Your Greatest Weakness Is Your Inability to Focus and the Lack of Self-Confidence and the Cognitive Dissonance That This Causes

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You will discover that your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence.” – Napoleon Hill (Page 74 of the 1945 Edition of Think and Grow Rich)

Practical Application –

  1. Identify and eliminate the #1, 2, 3 and 4 top causes of distractions in your life:
    1. TV – According to the New York Times – “Average American watches five hours and four minutes of television per day.” –
    2. Smartphones – Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb? – Psychology Today (Over 70 interruptions per day for the average person) –
    3. Social Media – Average American is spending over 5 hours per day on their smartphones with over half of that time spent on social media. –
    4. Feedback from people that are not sources of wisdom – “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

Practical Application:

Achieve Time Freedom Heaven with Clay’s Magic Eleven Time Management Rules

  1. Schedule what matters into your schedule each day before the busyness begins.
  2. Take something out of your schedule before adding something else into your schedule.
  3. Turn off all push notifications on your phone except for phone calls and text messages
  4. Keep your smartphone off 80% of your day.
  5. Don’t watch TV unless your to do list is done.
  6. Don’t respond to social media unless you have already completed your to do list
  7. Block people on your phone
  8. Block people on your social media
  9. Block people on your email
  10. Block people out of your schedule
  11. Don’t take book advice from people unless you view them as a source of wisdom


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