The Mind Becomes What the Mind is Fed and Learning How to Block Out Negativity (Part 3) – Hour 2

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In today’s series, business coach Clay Clark and the team are going over how to feed your mind with positive things. Learn specific steps on how you can change your “normal” for the positive.

This is the business coach transcript of the business podcasts Thrivetime Show hour 2

What is this is, how I do find it, and I would like for everybody listening to the show to determine your mission this year. This is something I would ever challenge you to do. What is your mission? This is this, is this is a way to find mission for, for me, a mission is when you are engaged in something that you would be doing if you only have 30 days left to live, that’s what the mission it’s a heavy heavy concept. So if I had 30 days left to live, I would still be doing this. Why? Because I know this is what god has called me to do you say how do you know that? Did you hear about apple voice? No, but I’m always drawn to it. The word vocation means you’re calling, and I literally have felt, called and ordered ron to entrepreneurship, since I was second great ever since I can remember, I’ve been poppin my collar, but I was like I was like you know second grade and I am duplicating tapes illegally, high-speed dubbing, tapes and selling them. I remember: I bought the not business coach richard marx, the song right here, waiting for you by richard marx, paula abdul straight up now tell me: do you really wan na love me forever? Well? Well, well about that tape. I bought milli. Vanilli blame it on the rain that was falling for you know about that. Richard marx. I had bobby brown everybody’s talking all this stuff about me. I just found out I’m crazy, but I really don’t care guitar, guitar, music, the hair taylor, dayne love, will lead you back or someday. I just know that the hairspray, the big bang. Where are you everybody now screaming? How can we start over awesome? He just he would just do covers of all the songs that we already knew that that’s beautiful man, school whitney has I do get into the groove boy. You got to prove your love to me. How are those tapes and I’m high speed up those two? If I copy those tapes – and I would sell those tapes in it – was illegal by stole those tapes, this seems like a good idea, sold a lot of tapes principal talk to me. So I went to sam’s club and I use my profits. Buy some gum chew gum at school, so I can sell for like /bin/sh.50 a piece for 10 seconds. Big league chew I’d, sell you like if I’d say like a handful, you know just the pants for you boy for a long long time, and then I was able to at the age of 21 allowed him we’re still trying to figure out. You know what they’re going to do with their life. I was entrepreneur of the year for the city of tulsa, and so I’ve just had a lot of success for a long time and it’s cuz, I’m a freaking grinder. I’m at spent my 10000 hours learning entreprenuer.

You did this book outliers, it says you don’t become great at anything until you’ve invested 10000 hours and it is a cool instrument or a sport or a hobby or whatever skill it. You don’t get great at into your 10,000 hours, you’ve invested in it, and so we’re talking about today. Is it the mind, is what the mind is: fed learning how to block out negativity. There’s somebody out there that needs to hear this message. You will become the average of the five people you spend the most time with it’s. What happens is is that I know that I’m supposed to teach entrepreneurship and a teach that skill that anybody who wants to know what that’s what I’m called to do, and I know that you were business coach listening today and you have a calling on your life. I don’t know what that calling is, but if you want to learn how to start and grow a successful company so that you can fuel the pursuit of your passion, so you can have enough money and time freedom and financial freedom to achieve your goals. That I’d invite you to attend one of our workshops and one of the things that’s kind of funny, though, is it when you surround yourself with a certain group of people long enough, you start to pick up on their accent their way of life. The way of communication – and it’s a speaker whenever you win some awards – is an entrepreneur. You’ll get some calls and I got a call from a charleston south carolina chamber of commerce and they hired me to go speak. It was put out by the mall tier news m – o: u l t I e r motor news. You just have him all to your news. Clay car computer can find evidence of this event. It was sponsored by publix. The publix was the grocery store now chuck. I’ve never been to a publix, nor have I ever heard the name, and so the the sponsor before I get up there to speak it again, the people you’re around will affect your normal self. You were in. If you were in charleston, you would know how to pronounce the name publix so she’s about. You can make sure that you think are sponsors. It’s very important in the stage we think our sponsors they’ve been very nice to us, and I want to make sure we think the message you know what I’m going to do: cuz, I’m always over the top of it.

I am going to make sure that I mention our sponsor at least a dozen times 100 times the conversation I’m going to say you know folks I’ll bring it started. Let’s get around a place for generous sponsor the good folks at but and then, as I’m talking all day like you, don’t hey guys today, i, when you leave here today, I encourage you to go route to yada yada to that store and get a notepad going to penn get some paper right across the street. Just go over. There get those accoutrement she wants at the store that sponsored us. If you let just let’s hear it warm up, the problem is the name of the company is publix. The name of the company is not cute, looks from the stage I’m in my wife is making that face like that. She’s upset – and I want to thank everybody for being here today at the charleston south carolina chamber of commerce too powerful event. We’re so excited to have everybody out here, but it wouldn’t be possible without, though the business coach sponsorship to the good friends at publix. What’s is a great store in. In fact i, where are hotels, located right next to him, and I went in there today. It is a true story over there to get a razor in the window to publix, and I got a raise. I just keep talking about you, don’t send any of the people in the audience are kind of laughing so like 3 or 4 years old, 5 years old and if you’re laughing or your kind of like a dog and a hundred times later, they’re still doing the same thing, they think that you wanted to do more of it. You know, that’s why you can’t laugh your kid. If they’re doing something mischievous, they will keep doing it right, and so I just keep this ham and I’m, like you, know guys, I’m going to teach you the 10 success principles. Today I came to the topic was bored teacher, the 10 success principles of the people extend success principles and then it was like. I mean I had all different ways like 10 ways that I can search engine optimization workshop and I’m teaching like the three keys to get your web site to the top of the publix. Google or you know just all over the place. And finally, after, like probably an hour or two – I don’t know my wife pulled aside cuz, it is publix. You have been saying pubix and I’m going. Why don’t I don’t understand? Why that’s funny? I don’t understand at all the name of the store in the drawing the we can join the connection between the publix at publix. It’s publix the publix grocery store and me saying: publix between publix and pubic, hair, braid mode right, bro, I’m just on fire club, so focused showtime and the out there listening to today show your logo sucks it sucks. But the problem is you’re, not selling vacuums.

Your logo just doesn’t work or your website is terrible. Your sales process is jacked. Your mindset is in the toilet, your marriage sucks. The way you treat your wife is awful. The way that you treat your kids is crap. The way that you treat your employees is bad, it’s not good, but because you don’t film your employees and ask them for objective reviews on video and because you don’t have leacock roll. The man who used to manage walt disney world resorts as a mentor in your life, because you don’t have a doctors on her in your life because you don’t have michael levine, the former pr consultant for nike and pizza hut and the clintons. And in prince and michael jackson, speaking into your life, because these people are not in your life on a daily basis which would we’re business coach doing, is you think this is normal and see what happens? Is you used to you get loyal to dysfunction? You become addicted to it becomes a habit, it becomes it’s. What you do. I go to work, I go to church, I go home, I go to work, I go to church, I go home and I’m 30. I go to work. I go to church. I go home and I’m 40, I go to work, I go to church and I’m home and I’m 50. I go to work, I go to church, I go home and I’m 60. I go to work. I go to church, I go to home, I had to break down, I need a break through and now you realize, something’s got to give something’s got ta change and that change can happen, but it won’t happen unless you decide to surround yourself with positive people to give example of me being an idiot pretty much the entire day. Baby shows you just being an idiot when I was in college or university students there who are into rap music. I get any college. What I did in my college, dorm room is, I became known as like this is the wrap room like if you want to record rap songs, not a hangout gift, wrapping broken. How did you want to record rap songs, top talk about rap music, dj clay’s on 4th floor of the fourth floor of emr? That’s the dorm. It stands for something I don’t know, that’s why I don’t use acronyms emr roberts university and I’m in the fourth floor of that that dorm, and so I started looking at rap lyrics and trying to break them down like decode rap lyrics, because I thought, like men, if we could know what the lyrics mean, then that would be awesome, and so I would print out the lyrics to songs a lot of times. You couldn’t find the print, because the internet didn’t work like that.

Back in the day, she left the pipe out. The lyrics until we come back, I want I want to break down for you. How I wouldn’t spit on highway, often spend an entire weekend. I wouldn’t literally an entire friday night into a titan into a saturday. I’d pull an all-nighter and I will wake up at noon cuz. I was so tired as a result of pulling an all-nighter with college buddies, trying to decode rap lyrics one. It was a massive waste of time to the things we learn should not have been learned. Three, we didn’t make any more money as result of it, for we didn’t benefit the planet as a result of it. If I didn’t help us at all, six changed our world you to be more negative. It just wasn’t a good thing: as we come back, I’m going to break down will happen. What will happen to your weekends, to your nights, your holidays, to everything when you surround yourself with idiots what happens to your life when you surround yourself with chronically negative people? Now, if you want to stay positive people, go to thrive time, show. Com and purchase your tickets to the february 16th and 17th conference it going to get free tickets. If we leave us, it objected review on itunes and send as proof that you did so by emailing us to info at 3 15. Com review on itunes find the thrive time show on itunes, leave a review and send it to info at thrive15. Com. Get ready to enter the thrive time show and I’ll be the sea put super chip, podcast drivetime show on the radio yesterday and is fat, and specifically, you will become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. So the question really is: who are you spending time with? Who is who is impacting your normal? Who is validating your assumptions? Who are you getting your wisdom from? Where are you getting your business coach advice? This is an example of just something that I find to be immensely stupid and immensely just did this is this is an example of this idea? Irritate you, I’m sorry that you’re wrong, but I’m going to try to give it to you nicely after. I just said this is a sign of immense stupidity, but here’s an example: there is a program out there. You can get now where they’re going to ship you a new book everyday in a box. So it’s like you’re getting your mentorship in a box and in that box is a summary of a book that you can just quickly look at real fast, so they’re sending you a summary right, not an actual book. This is this happened. This is a true story. I was at a speaking event, probably a year ago, and this guy at the conference gets up and says I read a book every day and I just want you. That’s my secret for my ass cuz he’s not very successful and he’s on a panel where they’re asking questions about you. Store owner. What are your biggest challenges and somebody audience says struggle with ongoing education. I know that’s a big thing.

You guys have suggested that all the store owners in this fellowship it’s like up. They have like maytag university farmers, university, ashley furniture. You know they have anything on the store owners together at one time and we’ll have these summit. So these events were they’ll. Talk about the state of the industry and then people will serve on a panel, I’m not because they’re awesome, but because they have a store and they can maybe relate to the issues and supposed to put their hand up and say, I’m just really struggling finding the time to read books, you know when you guys have all the recommended by the way, I’m going to read the weed off the list of the books that were recommended for them to read, and I know these books they’re, probably if you are missing, but I know these books, because everyone talked about it over and over and over and I’ve, read these books, and so it made sense to me they always said I know we’re supposed to read the email by michael gerber. I know I’ve been told that I know I’m supposed to be winning by jack welch. I know I’m supposed to read the ultimate sales machine by chet holmes. I know I’m supposed to read, think and grow rich by napoleon hill, and I know I’m supposed to be traction by gino wickman and I know he starts listening to these books. Okay, there’s private 10 on that list. A lot of books, refutable laws of business coach leadership, was on the list and it’s kind of these cornerstone books. He said why does struggle with finding the time to read? I just wanted to know how you guys do. It is a real problem for business owners. It’s define the time in my life, and this is what the advice was from this guy who, by the way it turns out, I didn’t, have a successful business at all. I have this thing where I get a box where they mailed me a book summary intersection app on my phone, where it gives me like a five-minute summary of every book, and so I read a book pretty much. Every day. Now there’s a program out there called blinkist, which I would recommend that you would listen to as a book summary decide. What do you want to read the book or nah? That’s a good take on it, but as far as that being you can’t tell people, I read a book about a racist reader. The only person that I know that actually reads a book a day is jim stovall audio book you’ll get the audio book and I’ll play it faster than the normal setting.

So you play maybe two times as fast dry, maybe gym. If you’re listening, I don’t know how many times you can email us and tell us, and that way I could 17 x speed, speed or whatever. So we can understand the concept, but this guy was saying that he reads a book a day. By getting me some reason, I decided just out of curiosity, I’m going to go ahead and subscribe to this program and get a couple of them shipped to me. Just to see and they’re absolutely crap, but the boys want to bring that up. Is that if you were that guy’s friend, you would feel like you are reading a book a day quote: unquote because you’re getting an auto-ship book summary sent to you. So when I was in college, I had a dj company called dj connection, but I really didn’t know anything about success. I just knew how to book myself as a dj grant and people who are rappers and aspiring rappers would reach out to me, because I heard that I can record music with him inside charge him typically about 20 bucks an hour to record music with him. That’s how every find my recording skills – and I got better at these certain I’m skill sets which was a good by product, but when I wasn’t charging them to record, I was spending my time breaking down the lyrics of rap songs and trying to find the inner meaning try to decode the rap lyrics and I would spend all friday night, I would say, have all friday night in at all saturday morning. I would do that and I pulled an all-nighter and I got is a byproduct of that. A mass of a vast knowledge of a massive quantity of rap song, somebody give you one song. I remember breaking down with the guys. This is called shimmy shimmy yah by o d b, o d b stands for old, dirty, we’ll just call it a child without a father, and this is what he says: yeah baby, I like it raw, oh baby. I like it raw yeah baby. I, like it raw shimmy, shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay, give me the mic, so I can take it away off on a natural charge. Bon bon! Bon voyage yeah from the home of the dodgers brooklyn squad, wu-tang killer bees on this phone rain on your dollars, disco door. For you to even touch my skill. You got to have one killer bee and he ain’t going to kill now shut that down pass. It all around lyrics get hard quick cement to the ground for an emc in 52 states. I get psycho killer norman bates my producer slam. My flow is like pam jump on the stage, and then I will baby. I like it raw yeah baby. I, like it states, I am not exaggerating, I literally question whether we had 52 states down time reading the wrong books. Even if you read business coach books, it’s not helpful. So when you’ve someone says to me what books should I read to build a successful company? Would you ask allie cockrell the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts what book to read? You should probably listen to the recommendation, because you can look at the fruit of their lives and you can trace it back to the route you might want to know what they’re doing, but if the average person recommends a book to you and they’re not well in life, why would you read a book that they recommend to you? Why do I take any recommendations from them yourself? You really need to get out to our next lifetime show workshop it’s february, 16th and 17th.

The tickets are a piece 2 days, 15 hours of power. We will teach you marketing sales everything you need to know to start and grow a successful company, and if you can get free tickets, just go to the thrive time. Show on itunes leave is an objective review and emails prove he did it to info at thrivent. Even have time to get ready to enter the thrive time show what is a cat zebra comforter on the way to all about you all about you that we bring the boom play broadcast of the box in the back alright trap nation. Welcome back to the conversation it is the primetime show on your radio. My name is clay clark and I’m the former united states, small business administration entrepreneur of the year, I’m a guy who started my first business. Dj connection.Com out of my college dorm room at oral roberts university, and so I use the micron computer that I bought as a result of working in the concrete industry. I also work as a home health aide for a child with down syndrome and a cerebral palsy. I work at applebee’s, I worked at target. I want the directv into my path from the dorm room to the boardroom involved, basically, every step of the way I started at the bottom and work my way up to the top and you right now. I don’t care where you’re at I don’t care where you’re coming from, I only care where you’re going to I don’t care about where you’re coming from, I only care about where you’re going to nobody. Nobody out there ever screws up enough to ever lose the unconditional love of christ. I believe that now you might have to go to jail. You might not be able to get a job, but you never lose that unconditional love of christ is a business coach or an owner. A lot of times you understand the customer. That is a very conditional relationship. The employee is very conditional relationships as long as you provide a good income and a good work environment that the employee has a conditional love as long as the employee doesn’t find a better gig, then it’s a conditional love now that the customers found your company to get their haircut so you know his example.

Even like guys, a lot of listeners who have taken me up on the challenge, you get your hair by the way, you’re listening right now, you’ve never been to elephant in the room with the check it out are men’s. Grooming lounge, we have a3 locations in tulsa to serve you soon to be hundreds of them throughout the country. But if you’re listening within the tulsa cast area, we have one at 17th and boston. We have a 1 and 265th and lynn lane ish. We have one at 91st and yale there’s three elephant in the room locations in for your first haircut. It’s coming to country, club of hair and people love the experience by the way to dollar get to the first time. So we try it out for a dollar and you like it. I mean you can come back. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come back, but it’s interesting how people love the elephant room movie of thousands of members and they loved it conditionally until maybe they have a bad experience, because maybe a stylus to admit or team. We train train train. Our stylist and they’re very good, but I would argue that they make a mistake, probably 1 out of 33 haircuts, because there are right. It’s over the moment. We mess up. You know you go somewhere else, which is fine and then after they mess up. You come back, it’s a conditional thing and so business is all about conditional love, not unconditional, but I’m telling you if you find yourself in a situation right now, where you’re not getting any love from the marketplace or from your employees. Do you want to learn how to build a better office culture, how to hire people better haddock and how to increase your sales? We will teach you the moves that you can use to build a successful business succeed this year, you’re never too far away from the love of christ, fellowship with you, because I think there’s somebody out there who needs to hear that today. What just say that you have a successful company and you start hanging out with idiots people who are not ethical entrepreneurs or not good people, ciara husband, you’re, a good husband, a good father, and you start hanging out with bad fathers and bad husbands say you are a virtuous lady and you start hanging out with the women of the night women of ill repute, say you are a wonderful mom and you start to hanging out with people who don’t like being a mom over time. The people that are that are around you. You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and so I was just telling you before the break, how I’ve spent my time, straining myself with rappers during college memorizing rap lyrics, which is probably not a good use of my time. You know they probably definitely could use some. What eric chop did you ever have time in your life when you were surrounding yourself with idiots, are everywhere an idiot, and he was running yourself with about that. Yet what time in your surround yourself with, I can think of a really good example. Back in my college days as well, I played college soccer at a junior college in a small town in oklahoma.

I want to move there. I move there as a sophomore. Instead of a freshman, so I was moving into the age group of the two of the guys who already knew everybody from the year before, and so I kind of latched onto a couple dudes that I thought were cool right now. You guys are fun to hang out with they’re pretty fun and it turns out there’s nothing to do, but drink and party in this little small town. And so that’s what I spent the entire first semester doing – and I was reflecting over christmas break – has really long. Hair like down to the nips in a super long, hair and earrings – I mean I was just you know, just having fun with life right right and I went home for christmas break and I was reflecting and now you’re not decide to chop all my hair off and I went back and I thought you know – I’m not getting much playing time as I want I’m not getting better and I realize it’s cuz. I was just doing all my time with these guys and we’re going to this house on 4th street everyday after class. Meet the 405 same guys over there have some beers watch a stupid movie that we’ve already watched a hundred times out cold watch that a million times about the snowboarding on the mountains, snowboarding mountain, so great man. I decided that I was going to stay with one main guy mean it had a lot in common from our childhood and everything and he was the main guy was hanging out. Then I decided you know what second semester I’m going back and I’m not thinking about that guy and I had a can of business coach conversation with him, so you can start joining me in these other spots. If you want I’m going to spend more time in the gym, I want to spend more time with our coach, because I want to come back next year and actually play possibly get scholarship, whatever start hanging out with other guys on the team. So the point of this whole story is that sometimes maybe you’re not the business owner and you’re stuck in an organization and you’re hanging out the wrong people in the organization. You can’t necessarily leave that group yet change who you’re hanging out with inside that group, because somebody there has the mindset that you’re looking for, and so that’s what I did and I got offered a scholarship, the next semester.

I got a lot more plain. I can set everything was so much better cuz. I was concentrating on what I needed to be working on courage. You is concept number 5 is the mind, is what the mind is fed. I encourage everybody to have a magnificent obsession in 20. It is so vitally important that you have a goal when your goal became to get more playing time we are going to be, can to you, wanted to improve physically get better at the game of soccer right now. You had a purpose, and now you had to say no to the things that were in the way of that right, but a lot of people believe we don’t have a purpose yet. So you just stick with the dis funky loyal to the dysfunction, because it’s it feels your schedule and you stay busy doing the wrong thing, and it’s in that particular situation. It’s bad because you tend to stay up late, you do and then you don’t get up early and then you missed class and it’s just a repetitive cycle. It it’s a different version of a doom loop, so you just got to get out there get out of those people’s lives just make yours cherish your own life and cherish who you spend your time with, and so I’m going to give you a notable quotable from napoleon hill that goes like this, I’m page 73 of think and grow rich, but we come back from break I’ll, read the notable quotable from napoleon hill. But first I want to make sure that everybody gets a chance to get those free conference tickets to get a free workshop ticket, my friends they’re each, but that that it’s not going to be your problem. Today. Okay, you get two free tickets. If you will search for thrive, time show and it opened up an itunes subscribe to the business coach podcast and leave as an objective review. Let us know what you think about the show. Take proof screenshot that thing and email it to info at 3:15. Com with your phone number to get you two free tickets, normally each stay tuned. It is the thrive time show on your radio more about finding your magnificent obsession. We return bob. What you learn increase, what you call respect the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the year, the sea. The goal of the show is to help you obj, with the million dollar tree on your radio and if you are joining us, live on the radio broadcast hello. If you’re joining us on the podcast greetings to you. But I want to make sure that we share such a big announcement with the thrive nation, something kind of news of the kind of exciting we have just thousands and thousands and thousands of downloads because of great people like you all the thrive nation is really growing.

Many of you are taking the time to to share the podcast with a friend. You know you listen to a show, and you like, oh my gosh, you should hear this or this one really impacted me or you’re. Sharing all over social media what’s happening is he is we have so many downloads that we now have had dozens of businesses, big companies reach out and want to know if they can advertise on the podcast and think about the podcast advertisement? Is your only delivering your message to ideal in life buyers if they meet our demographic? You know what kind of sick freak listens to a show about entrepreneurship that doesn’t own a successful company or doesn’t want to so if you want to reach entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs, and you want to advertise with us as an email to info at thrive 15.Com, and it’s going to explain to us why you like to be an advertiser on the show. We have different pricing options for all different budgets, but the main thing is that it takes a lifetime to go to reputation and just a few moments to destroy your reputation for to go warren buffett. And so we really do want to make sure that we don’t advertise for anybody unless we agree with their products their services, unless they’re offering a true win-win to the marketplace, and we just do it again. Just because somebody wants to advertise doesn’t mean we’re going to do it. We are saving one spot for snake, will just one advertising spot and nice nice. Okay, so is what the mind is: learning how to block out negativity. You must have a magnificent obsession. Page 73 of the 1945 edition of think and grow rich reads: the information easily is easily conveyed any idea plan or purpose. Any idea, plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through the repetition of thought. That is why you are asked to write out a business coach statement of your major purpose or definite chief aim committed to memory and repeat it in audible words, day after day until these vibrations of sound have reached your subconscious mind. Let me repeat, the information is easily conveyed. Any idea, plant or purpose may be placed in the mind to the repetition of thought why you are asked to write a statement of your major purpose or definite aim or you’re committed to memory and repeated, commit it to memory and repeat it committed to memory and repeated inaudible words, day after day until these vibrations of sound of richard subconscious mind. What does it mean? It means that you need to print out your goals for 2018. Did those pictures get that dreamboard? I dream part: isn’t that something you do a high school high school. We had dreams high school near gold’s, gym times were so nice when your middle school used to have dreams.

When I grow up, I want to be a astronaut to tell you this. I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do and I was in high school, but I’m doing it. Why? Because I wrote down what happens? Is god the universe people around you? They will conspire to help you when they know what you want, but you’re hitchhiking through the game of life, and you don’t know where you’re going, even if somebody with a full tank of gas pulls over and says: where do you want to go? They can help. You get there because you don’t know where you’re going. You know tim ferriss podcast the best selling author. We talked about this a lot, but people complain all the time about how they’re not happy with their current life and their current situation. We get. If you ask it what they would want to do, if they had the time freedom, they don’t know right. So what I want you to do is I want you to get out a sheet of paper. I want you to obsess about your business in to write down your goals for this year, because I promise you, nobody else cares. I promise you, nobody else cares and anymore. You cared. I do care with limits. Example when I woke up on the saturday of the patriots titans game at 3 a.M. I was thinking about prepping to record a look under the hood fall hood at 6. I was prepping for the thrive time show at 9. I was going to hobby lobby because I heard they opened at 10, I’m good at woods. Cuz I knew they were helping. I bought the accouterments I need burnable. Would I bought and I don’t want none I bought the painting. Would I want firestarter I bought business coach charcoal. I bought frames about the things that I needed for my patina, my decor, my accouterments. I bought those things then the smoker came over at 10. I’m smoking the guys at master machine awesome job there. The food was great, so much fun, then at like 5 and went back to hobby lobby’s. I realize I hadn’t been there in like 7 hours how to get there still open right. So I went over there and I got what I needed that came back then. I got ready for the game and then after the game after the game after the game was, it was won by the patriots. I feel like there’s one more game to win out of me, and so I wanted to hold ice cream. I want one that game and then I didn’t think about you at all during that window. I bet you none of your friends. Did it ever listen to sure – and I bet you nobody thought about your business during that time, because they were doing something else right, but you have to do what you got to learn how to be obsessed with your own success.

Well, I just wanted to say that you know we’re talking about putting that definite chief aim got to commit it to memory and repeat it if you’re having a hard time concept in kino grassman is concept just think of it marketing and advertising. The whole point is to be in front of your ideal unlikely by her so much that you’re now top of mine ryan. If you have the right people, the right mindset, you have everything that you need. It’s the same thing at all. Just becomes top of mine. Have them so then, at when you’re, in a position where you might make a bad choice in the past will now. You now are aware of that choice because you’ve self-reflective your have a chief aim, and now you make the best example of top of mine. I’m always thinking about recruiting new business coaches because we always have with me if you want to become a business coach, client or you want to know how workspace can we do a 13-point assessment with you and that I will personally write the business plan for every business owner and our coaches are kind of like project manager to execute the system, as I’m always looking for good people who have good energy, good charisma, good communication skills, just positive people, so the other day I was out with my wife and the two things. I’m thinking about is one don’t screw up this date to be good too, that waiter he might be a perfect employee, because it’s top of mine, I’m always thinking about nificent obsession. That’s why I obsess about it. So I would business coach encourage you today. What are you I just write this down? What what is your possession for 2018? What are your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your friendship, your fitness and your fun. You got to have those goals chuck. I want to make just one business coach capstone thought, as we did. We got the thing that I’ve noticed in my life and families, life, friends, life, clients, people. I work with a lot of people, everybody really you don’t think this applies to you, you don’t think I’ll yeah. I hang out with these people and they’re, not that great, but this whole thing doesn’t apply to me. It’s it’s always other people, but if that were true and it didn’t apply to anyone, then we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it. Okay, so at some level, maybe it’s different than somebody you know, but at some level all of these things were talking about, really do affect you and you have to change them and be passionate and and just be mindful of what you’re doing and what you’re putting into your mind, I tell you what time tomorrow show because we’re going to run out of time today we’re going to talk about the final moves concept, 5 and 6 for how you can develop yourself to become the person you want to be this year, and it really that the files are going to talk about tomorrow’s, how to block out negativity how to do it specifically actual tactics, the techniques to move that dr.

Z and I have used for years and it to super successful people use to block out negativity from their life. We want to do nothing but encourage people and help them grow a successful company and one of the best ways that we know to do that is that are in person today, 15 hour thrive time show business coach workshops next, one is february 16th and 17th correct and the tickets are normally a piece if you got 99 problems with a constant one search for thrive. Time show in the word: itunes, okay, just open up itunes click, the button says open and I to all you have to do is subscribe to the podcast, the other one. Then leave us a rating and review stars, and let us know what you like, what you like to hear more of okay and then screenshot that review it and send it as proof to info at 3:15. Com info at thrive15. Com, with your phone number to get 2, free tickets to february 16th and 17th works out. It’s going to change your life if you’ve never been you’re going to be surrounded by entrepreneurs, and it’s a mindset shift for so many people that come. It is a game-changing event. Many people have told us. It’s changed their life, but don’t take our word for it. Look up drivetime, show reviews, read the reviews and see the truth. Yourself. 3. 2. 1 or I can do it. I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posted two and one morton’s on the car.


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