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If you are stuck in a mental rut and feel like there is a cloud over your life and business then tune in to part 4 of this series as business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Z breakdown how to block negativity.

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Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business coach school without the bs, with optometrist and dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcast of the box. Bridgepoint is not the movie, no more of the show with the help you dollar tree time show on your radio, or is he your podcast download? That’s what’s nice, you know is that you don’t have to just listen to it on the radio and the other. Nice thing is: every show the podcast, oh yes, and in you hear something maybe saying they’re reading my friends mail in wherever right, you could just subscribe and then send that to them and they can have the benefit of all the business school knowledge. We just dumping. This podcast about the ethics of us sifting through everyone’s mail and the benefits, are tremendous. Now the trade-off so many seasons of reading through your friends, mail, but the benefits that we are experiencing are truly blessed about trade-offs. Right. Can I take what I don’t think I don’t feel bad about it at all.? Why did you order your hurt, something negative about that kind of looks like you might have felt bad about it and we actually do get mail from you and each and every one of the shows that we do covers the topics that you have questions about, and so what’s happening as we have a lot of people z turns out who are making new year’s resolutions. Proactive. New year’s resolution to these resolutions are saying themselves. I made my resolution to do xyz123, but then I don’t follow through. I start to get pseudo depressed and I want to know specifically: how can I block out the negativity so for the past three shows have been teaching a specific move where you can feed the mind. Positive things with the mind becomes of the mind, is fed and learning how to block out negativity, and I buy save the fourth installment of the show for sure I knew you would be here. I am so excited to get into this final concept. Number 6 of learning how to get things done by blocking out negativity, because you are the best time management guy I’ve ever met personally or even read about your the man, you’re, pretty darn good, I mean how you know you get you knock it out. You don’t get a lot done you and I’m not., I’m not just saying this cuz ron show, but you and I mean the santilli you and the last 36 months have absolutely changed. My life by it’s like you’ve, actually got me back to where I love.

What I do everyday, the way that I used to love the dj business when I started it, that’s why we’re doing this? You know that right there is the one that we want to replicate millions of times all across the globe. Helping people get down there pathway to success. You know you did.. I read your mail, your, I read your mail and then I said to myself: oh my gosh. This guy needs a little bit of help after reading your mail drop your business coach, but I started dj connection cuz, I loved you. I was good and people would tell me how you know what you’re no longer terrible. We should use you for next year’s party. That was terrible. I start do I get better better pretty soon. I got so good that people wanted to book me on dates. I was already booked out, so I thought. Okay, I brought the books. I know the theory I’ll go ahead and if you want to make more than ,000 a year, you eventually have to hire other people so hard people and one by one. They I began to make compromises and put up with idiots. I started not firing in it. Coming to work, it was 2006. This was the year before aubrey. My son was born blind. I came to the office. I remember looking around and saying to myself. I and hate is a strong word. I hate every single person in this building and I’m with him all the time I hate them all. I hate all of them, wow all of them and the reason why I hate it was because I wasn’t good at doing or going to teach today. I was not good at being able to block out negativity, so it’s going to discover that your greatest weakness is your inability to focus and what happens if you’re being distracted by negativity or interruptions during your day, and this will cause you dissonance. You manage your own company. Yes, you have big goals for the year when your manager business and when you realize you can’t get anything done because you’re running around all day trying to make everyone happy because you’re compromising and you’re letting everybody just run roughshod over your operations manual and then better. Yet how big of an idiot I was, I was such an idiot that I felt bad when I fired them. I was a bigger idiot really why I kind of you. I first got into management roles. I kind of used hiring people as implementing systems, thinking that that person’s going to operate as a system easy factor of I have to fire them, I’m going to train him. I didn’t know how to hire. I didn’t know how to fire. I didn’t know how to train correctly, so I didn’t want to fire people I didn’t want to because deep down inside the real reason was I didn’t want to be. There have to do the job until I could someone else or put up with training somebody new. So I have a confession on the radio here: oh my gosh up until 36 months ago, I would fire idiots and I always felt bad, but through the mentorship and the modeling of the behavior, I have watched dr.

Zoellner understand that god did not feel bad allegedly when he kicked adam and eve out of the the garden because he’s an atom johnny from at teresa’s, absolutely eve, don’t eat from the tree. Sure then adam, because adam is really not aware of what omniscient omnipotent omnipresent means. He thinks he can hide under a tree. Eat apples when god’s not watching, but god wasn’t like. I don’t feel bad about telling you this and I hopefully don’t take it personally, but anyway you, but you shouldn’t, have eaten from the tree. You know what that adam didn’t say to him. Well, actually, I was confused must have been a music bad that I’ve held you accountable. So I guess I’ll just go back up here, while I don’t have to go anywhere so I’m everywhere, but I do feel bad about the god implemented his rules to the show. Today and they have found themselves being distracted, we’re going to go through the four top causes of distraction in the world of business coach entrepreneurship. I just I feel like if you don’t wear them at a time, see you don’t do what you’re not going to do. Well, you told me over and use it at the number one question at 6 that the business owners will ask. You is how do you manage your time, but I don’t have you? Could you ask, did you do something or are you doing this and this way I know I’m supposed to, but I don’t have the time to do it, you know. So if it all kinda goes hand-in-hand, you know being successful in business. There’s a lot of moving parts to it and whenever he was kind of like the guy, with the stick in the plates on them on the on the stage and oh look at that time, each one – and I think that’s why I like our in-person workshop, is so awesome, you know we go for our top 13 move the moves, and one of them is time management. Yes, you don’t break that down and we give you practical ways to manage your time, how that should look and we break it down for you, and so sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know anything in this whole thing with distractions that anymore, I wow you. Don’t I was younger that was far less push notifications in your life, a hundred fifty facebook updates can’t get anything done well, then explain the top for distractions we’re going to teach every single listener today, by the way you need to share this with a friend cuz. You probably don’t have a problem, it’s probably your friend, it’s always the phone we just bought one by one.

We got paul hood, very successful, cpa clients, guru, kitty, get better yeah. Can I get better yeah? I could see you there. Probably not smoking pills, direct sub s, corporation, coach and he’s seen those implement is with clients we can help is going to break it down to her the first distraction, never one. According to the new york times, the average american watches how much tv I think about it mean to be hard to watch me and bri I mean I didn’t get an hour a day would be hard to be hard to build a successful company 2 hours that I would make it almost impossible to be really hard to get anything done, but if you have to watch your show every day every day, there’s a show and then another show, and in 3 hours, maybe 4 hours a day, though that would make it really hard to have a successful company personal spending, 5 hours and 4 minutes a day watching tv, which means you will not be successful. You cannot watch unlimited amounts of tv. Why are you yelling? Because somebody has to be woken up? Your head is inserted inside a television all day or what would you like to watch game of thrones you like to watch ou football sou football you’re, not somebody was unaware of what’s happening on the business coach planet, you’re still relevant. But how do you and how do you set boundaries for your own life with the tv that you watch? That’s a good question, I’m more of a reader than a tv watcher, and I just I just don’t do it. I mean I just don’t I’m busy and I have other things to do so that I’ve scheduled to do and therefore I’m limited on the amount of time that the little windows a time that I have and I set those aside and I’ll – treat myself to a movie I dvr couple of shows every now then I’ll pick up a netflix. You know original, and what’s your take on this, I want your take. We come back from the break to somebody one I want to dive into this paul. You have managed lots of employees. You’ve been self-employed for a long time and by the way, you’re being a benevolent dictator you’re, giving away all the listeners they will listen to the show right now. Paul hood will give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book snowball. If you just got to put cbs.Com schedule your 1 hour, free consultation will send the book to you, hope all your gift giver but you’re, also a pragmatic business owner the tv a day while building a successful business hours of tv a day. No doubt I think you know I was brought up and I don’t know if this is my grandfather was a pentecostal preacher and – and I believe he was around really that he probably did that. Does the saying I don’t care if it’s football fits tv or whatever, but you know I also saw yeah and too much marital sex okay, besides that, I think, maybe an actual I think it probably could be, but anyway we went to the dark spot quickly.

I just said this, but it’s I think our problem is it’s real, easy to be mediocre in america. You know if somebody was mediocre in america’s bazemore is better off than 90 % of the people in the world. I mean you may have said. I don’t know. I read that the problem is, people are mediocre in the end, they don’t plan for success, and so they just sit and they’re lazy and they just don’t get. They don’t have a plan. That’s none of our lives. You can take your already great life to an even greater level stay to the thrive time. Show radio broadcasting live from the center of the universe, it’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark 1980 was the year of inception dj connection on the couch right now.. It just didn’t get no about me. Not to conceive automotive today’s haircuts exams in prerequisites welcome back to the business coach thrive time show on your say with me now: radio, when you say it that way, if you’re 45 years old right now and you’re, you want to anyone and press the kids, just kids say dad how was work today was great on the way home. I was actually cuz. You work, maybe a shift for your done like it it to your done it while I’m driving. You know if you come back down by quick trip and I was listen to the thrive time show on my radio, the big daddy, that’s so cool. Now the next step, you’re going to do really improve your relevancy score, is you’re going to want to stop mowing your lawn wearing those larry bird replica shorts from the 80s, with the send along songs, the sandals from the eighties, either of the skin tight. You know shorts or short shorts sandals its way over-the-top. You just need to get rid of that this year new year, keep it who do you know what they say out of the mouths of the mouth comes what they were talking about, how to get stuff done. This year on new year’s resolutions, but how are we going to find the time to get things done? Will the first thing we have to do? Is we have to block out the top for distractions? The average american, according to the new york times, is watching how many hours does he have tv? They hung out the part about that.

That’s kind of interest me is a 4 minutes. You know the 5 hours I get to the forum, it’s like they just watch. Just like a little bit of a show of shows, and then just four minutes of the next week to get this, because I spent way too much time researching for today show. But that’s what happens when you’re watching tv and not doing your to-do list. You then began to experience a psychological term called cognitive dissonance and it is where your actions do not align with your values. Thus, you begin to get depressed. What you want depression is its cognitive dissonance, you doing bad about your head. So then, you start to set smaller and smaller goals and you lose. The opposite is true as well. You set goals to achieve goals, you feel more motivated. You sounded weird al’s, confidences the reward, yes search up when I ask you as a business coach working with your client. How often have you had to have that talk with somebody that you said hey? Why don’t you getting stuff done to go? I watch a lot of tv them and help a grown person right. Stop a 45 year old person stop watching television, so it can be a lot of things, including television right. So my main advice, always is you got to say no to things you have to. Even if you don’t want to yeah it’s an awesome, show yeah that’d be an awesome concert to go to, but I don’t have the time. We don’t have the money right now. You’ve got to be willing to say no to things and sometimes saying no to things means blocking out time on actual blocking out time on your calendar, so you’re not just sitting there right with idle hand. You have things specific to do that, you’re. Looking forward to that you’re going to get done up here, so if you’re listening to the show, as you know, you were going to give you right now this this week will give it to you for free from now until february 1st, that’s right, you can get free tickets to the next in person to day business workshop 15 hours of real training tower from guys who built 13 multimillion-dollar we’re going to take the time to teach you in it could be free, and all you have to do is what you want to itunes. That’s all you have to do and you leave a review subscribe to the podcast labor thrive time show and give us an objective review. Tell us how we’re doing if you give us an objective but seriously if we get some of that, you did it to info at thrive time, show. Cuz of the value, and yet, when I talk to people, this is what this is. What they tell me at workshops, we have one guy that I met. Really nice guy came all the way down there from texas. He says I have been putting off attending this for months and I showed up and then the first three hours you guys changed my life. I finally get it. How powerful is that? It’s awesome? I did the things I love when I show up in the workshops and I’m asking people how it’s going or I pop somewhere afterwards. I have to question for them. I wish they didn’t laugh like that was so funny and entertaining, and you don’t need to learn to learn so much so I guarantee you laughing and learning and you don’t do both of those think of money extended high five.

To give me your what your books, or do I man, hug or maybe a can of beans or something I don’t know, crotch gap rochambeau feel that I’ve I’ve been doing since I can’t have anymore kids talk to me about this watching tv, you have kids, you have sons you have family members, you have people that are your mentoring up in your business and hood cpas. You have been employee that hood cpas. You have clients if it’s you.. Why do some people watch that much tv? How can I have an addiction to watching tv? I can’t stop it help this person. What do you think watching tv’s the problem? It’s a symptom it at hood, cph.Com. What we teach people is to be focused, and then that’s one thing that I learned you know added on top of it going to one of your workshops is focused. You know when people watching tv to think about work when they’re at work the thing about facebook when they’re at dinner with their family, they the phone up and so focus on what you doing at that point in time you had a really it really. What is it that no hocus pocus abracadabra no magic, it’s just maniacal focus, and so I watch business coach dr. Z. He gets up every day or before he goes to bed. I want to hear his his process, his his tactics, his technique, how he does that’s what he actually write, one or two items that he has to get done today. He would either rights on a piece of paper to write on paper. Does he put in his phone will ask when he comes, but you have those two things that need to get done there. One thing that has to get done today and then I watch you just say no to the world. I watch you do it and I want to really get into that because a lot of people needed once your business gets big enough, that you’ll have time., but in actuality. If you don’t learn, this skill will happen. The busier your business gets, the more your life will fall apart. So how does doctor see manage hundreds of employees and get stuff done? What is his process for doing the week started? I have some hot sauce coming up: yellow stuff about the temple of doom. Well, with the top cut try to consume for the future that I can pursue what from the mountaintop now, I can do get ready to enter the thrive time show.

What is the move with the root system to help you what happened in the morning radio? My name is the weather like in the more ussba entrepreneur of the year, and it is my honor and mission to be here with you each day. What mission, what I mean by mission, is it I if I had one week left to live, I would still do the show, because this is what I know god wants me to do – missions superman passion. How do I know if I’m doing the right thing with my life, and I said if you have a week left to live what you do, I’m not doing this show with some sort of motive to like you know. This is a calling. Another word vocation means calling that’s what it means. Vocation means calling look that up. The original word vocation. Look it up in the latin means calling okay calling vacation needs to retreat from escape from. I don’t want to escape from the show. I will never take a day off as long as they allow us to do this show, because I would prefer to do this. Show then, more than anything else, professionally speaking, and so I just encourage you if you’re listening to the show, sometimes on the show, we’re going to say some things that are uncomfortable thanks. You probably will probably you know, question the conventional wisdom, but you have to think about it. If success was normal, then everyone would already be successful if it was a success of the principles that you have to apply to become successful, we’re normal, then people who are successful wouldn’t be labeled as eccentric eccentric means in the middle. So if you don’t hear things on the show that come across as ecentric, then you would be listening to all right folks tonight on the nightly news. Talk about crap that doesn’t matter what it takes to stay. Faithful business coach trip number to get a job that you hate, exchange your life for a paycheck, because 70 % of people hate their jobs. Look that up 70 % of people hate their. What seems good to me and then success kit 1. How did the average is make sure you marry someone that you don’t like, because the statistics show that even the people that stay married hate that person to make sure that you never obsess about anything cuz. You want to be fair and balanced about everything you want me to balance about everything, because I want to spread yourself thin. You would never want to irritate anybody else at all, because you’re, never one job is disturbed. Everybody else is needed. If it any point, you put your needs. First, two are selfish, that’s the tips for being an idiot today. What time did doctors he get up and where are you putting your to-do list? I’ve seen? Do you say you did you said this to me for years you said today, clay I’ve got to get this one thing done and that’s what matters is like a horse with blinders you get it done. So when do you make your to-do list? What are you doing this? Well, I go over in the morning, hensley make it in the evenings. So in the evenings. I make my when I when I need to get done tomorrow and then this one I woke up at 7 and went through my my my morning, routine and and then I focused a pulled it out and I actually write it down.

I know that sounds crazy, but I actually using a number 2 pencil crazy, I’m not going to put you on the spot with a specific day that would make you feel uncomfortable. But is there something on your list in the last 30 days you can think of maybe one day or you thought you know what I put that item on my list and that move the needle you. That was a thing: we’re doing that really opened up more revenue, more success, more growth, more it would either you identify the limiting factors, you’re good at that – and I know you’re also strategic. So if you don’t want to mention specific want to be there, I just give you a very good about riding down that one thing I watch you do it, but I just want to see if you could maybe have an example. You would feel comfortable sharing with the lizard. One of them was making a. We had in my sleep center action when my dme companies a durable medical equipment companies where we do mostly cpap machine. That’s for people that have to be back at me and they don’t sleep very well. It’s a great way to sound like a referral source that got a fussy with us and stop referring, because a couple patients were not very happy when that happens, and so I put down my number one that day my number one thing was to go in to meet with them and to problem-solve and to fix that was my my car. For the day, the owner of the business came down from mount awesome from the spire of inspire. You came down from the tip top of business plateau. You are at the top. You came from your castle, surfed a waterfall down from the castle down and you went out there and you talked to a customer, a referral source. You lower that absolute. Are you supposed to delegate everything and be the man and never apologize? Cuz you’re, the business coach man? I love it when you show up a lot of stuff at every now and then something with rachel threshold, and you know that you need to attend to it personally, show them that you take it seriously, yeah exactly you got to like what is your filter? What questions you ask yourself when making this to-do list, you say self here are the things that everyone else wants me to do, and I should do them or how do you make that list? How do you make a list of things can only be done by me. Look at me what the other day, when you said I would have pushed the rip off the head. Of course, I wonder if I want to go to sleep. It’s bad symptoms. If you had their organizational chart organizational chart and whenever you’re the owner you’re the boss, you would take one you’re doing everything from every patient everything and how it’s dispensing ever contact lens. I was young was doing it alright tonight and I had one lady actually work for me. So it’s me anna and one lady, and now you know you have a team, that’s handling all that stuff, but still there’s their decision is purchase. Decisions decisions are negotiating on media; there are actually doing the commercials. I still getting very involved in that because of the brand, and just I love do what I do because I love to do them no see we come back from the break. I want you to break down again the filter that you run. Everything through this is super important. How does doctors he decide what matters today? I saw your stop.


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