The Mind Becomes What the Mind is Fed and Learning How to Block Out Negativity (Part 4) – Hour 2

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Get out of your mental rut by blocking out things and negative people that do not matter! This is the final part of this powerful business coach led series on the Thrivetime Show.

This is the transcription of the business coach podcast Thrivetime Show.

Get ready to enter the thrive time show. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the play broadcast station is applied to the radio today we’re talking about you, because I thought we talked about every single day. It’s how you can become the best you that you can be because everybody else is out there talking about how you need to help their cause. Everyone has a cause. You should join you’re a bad person if you don’t wake up everyday, making a list of thousands of people to serve right. That’s what people say right: wake up every session to make everyone else, happy, you’re, a bad guy. What we are teaching you from the perspective of having built 13 multimillion-dollar companies, you can look up the ethics of what we’re saying later and you could disagree with us. But we still want to challenge your thinking, because there are four primary distractions that are taking your life. Tv is taking 5 hours of your day. Did you realize what that means? That means that that tv is taking it in a year in two years and 3. You add up the matthew. Look at it. Tv is taking a year from your life. Here’s from your life now the second one well well! Well, I still have to do with point number one I did I did I apologize for that. I don’t want to call you last time. You gave a confession. It was a thing where I had to go back. I wear it it! Okay, if I had a tv addiction, okay, I didn’t realize it until I got married and moved in with my wife, but all through a growing up. I had a tv, my wife never even had one until we were dating. I bought her one. So there was one at her house, she didn’t have cable until we move in together and I got cable. But I was I watch sports all the time, sports center, all kinds of different sports and it was taking up a ton of time. I got so bad where I would come in the house turn the tv on and go do something else like the tv just had to be on that I bet who literally will tell him. It is so hard to get stuff done, and I’ll say what were you doing to make a timeline? I’ve done this with dozens of fight.

What’s make a timeline of where you spend your time yesterday, and then they find out that their sacred cows watching espn twice in the same spot right now, the second biggest distraction of tv takes an average of 5 hours a day at rob’s, the average person of 5 hours a day for the new york times, according to psychology today, are robbing the average person of cognitive processing power. They are robbing the average person critical thinking. So let me give an example: if dr. Golf ever you were gone, then I’ll, be I’m like the best d player on a scramble team. You know that’s that, I’m not that I don’t play that. Much was your first name, a sport that down yell at each other in a big arena is not cuz, he sits down with you and he would meet with you and go over your chart and your exam and say: can you see better now? Can you see ben? Can you read that road to me, okay boom boom? What has it what it, what what? What tell me what’s going on there buddy he does exam. Imagine how irritated you would be if, while giving you the exam, because I’m sorry let me get this and he gets interrupted with a text in a social media update and a voicemail and an email. Imagine that the president of the united states, where go left of center okay speakers out there, if you want to watch president obama one of the best speakers, I’ve ever seen, just lose it. You want to see him just absolutely fall apart and by the way he’s one of my favorite speakers ever hear, speak okay. This is not a political conversation. You’re!

Okay, look up barack obama on youtube. When the teleprompter goes out, he was doing a talk and when he’s running for office running for president in the teleprompter goes out, and he cannot articulate how the healthcare program will work because he’s a teleprompter guy, and so he would get together to speech writers. Before is talk and write, you craft the words when he has a teleprompter, the guy mails it when the prompter goes off he’s like so distracted that he keeps going well, it would cost it. What is a town hall for another asking questions, and you know it would cost what it would cost it would. Basically, it keeps saying that it would cost and everyone’s like what’s going on so distracted and you think about if you were a minister of the church and you get up there and you’re like it’s, the skews me everybody. I know there’s about 500 people here today. I need to take this quick call. I just got an email and it was concern. It’s urgent to the average person today is getting 70 interruptions per day, which means that every hours either getting about 7 interruptions. How frustrating is it for you, dr. Z, to be in a room with a member of your team or a colleague or a partner, or somebody who wants to do business with you or work with you who cannot put the phone down and therefore they talk to you like that monkey, bread, you’ll say what do you want to eat today on the menu? What do I get to go yes or no question yeah overall yeah, basically yeah, sometimes I’m out with my buddies. You know until will be maybe doing dinner and hanging out and told me the no phone rule right, no phone zone, no phone zone except except their phones away, and then we actually have real cuz.

That’s crazy! Yeah. We actually talk tonight, someone in the same room at the same business coach table, the first ones to report on uber going public there, a big publication, techcrunch, look him up this! Is it that they’re showing right now that the average person spending 5 hours per day on their smartphone and over half of the time is spent on social media, which means between social media and tb? The average person is spinning, seven and a half hours a day. Being a jackass, that’s all that’s a person, spitting, seven and a half hours a day being a jackass, I’m talking to a jackass, but I have spent a lot of time talking to people who are on their smartphone or watching tv while they’re trying to have a conversation and it’s a lot like talking to the jackass – I actually lived next door to jack asses and I’ve gone up there to talk to him for therapeutic reasons, and we have the exact same high-level conversations I have with people who are on their smartphone in your life turn off all of the notifications I preach at chop. Okay speak about it. They design of these notifications, these apps, these phones – to get your attention. They want you on that, interacting all the time. So you have to turn off the notifications. There psychologically tapping into your brain to get you to pick up your phone and be distracted, turn them off. You don’t need them. Those like those message, everything’s still going to be there, just check it once or twice a day if you have to but turn off notification to get that thing out of your face. This is going to blow your mind a little bit here at right, nation, but navarre, avocado. Don’t you look at that? Guy rob account it’s in a v, a l e r, a v e. I k a n t e started the angel list. Companies funded many many successful companies and one of the things that he fun. He helped fund facebook and I want to make sure you understand that he doesn’t interview with tim ferriss on the 4-hour work week, podcast in there.

He explains that they created facebook where to meet. Somebody needs to hear this narowal and the other investors created facebook to create a hamster wheel that you cannot get off. That’s what I’m saying that push notifications were designed to make. You feel a panic, false sense of urgency that you need to respond to a social media, get out of my life and he would encourage put money into it. He would encourage you to never use it and he doesn’t do you know that paul, graham the guy who invented airbnb and drop box in and read it, he doesn’t use a smartphone because he says it makes people dumb. It’s not big areas. We spent with clients that come to give us your hood cps.Com for their free an hour power is, you know, you’re talking about 5 hours of tv, 5 hours of 5 hours and 4 minutes of tv 5 hours of smartphone. You think they’re doing that. All after hour, a lot of that smartphone work is done or the distractions done, while they’re at work. That’s why you’re paying a baller clients or what I’m paying my boys while you’re paying your employees there doing it work it. So you have to set up business coach monitoring systems to make sure they don’t do that. Then we help people with that see. How do you spell? How do you pronounce this word I put on the big screen. How do you pronounce this word on the big screen? I’ve! Never said that word and likes to use big words. I got this. What is it, what is cacophony about social media? He has said this is robert. He says social social media has degenerated into a deafening cacophony of groups signaling and repeating their shared myths. Men putting their did, they say what we need to do this week is focus on getting the most likes possible and increase our engagement on her face. I had a meeting today with a guy, and he was just telling me, as our meeting was wrapping up, how one of the biggest things he originally came to a conference, and one of the biggest things he’s learned is that he was focusing on all of the wrong she’s, putting all of his time into social media trying to reach the masses he was getting him know who created the point system, makes you addicted billionaire super bowls that system, and so what happens is understood. I’ve been a business owner. This was about 4 years ago. She sweet lady she’s, a home cleaner, and she says I have over 1,200 likes on number 12 likes on facebook and I’ve got over a thousand twitter followers and I’ve gotten, I said: do you have any money, though? What kind of sick freak would go on to the facebook of a cleaning service in right? Thoughtful engagement mean if I was on a social media page all day, writing about home cleaning. I don’t have enough money to pay you. I don’t have a face. I don’t facebook or the book face for the book of face, or whatever it’s called, and I see people and I hear about people that have these extended. This is one to really irritate me or the way these are the ones I just shake my head. At probably more than 50 people have these extended arguments with people somewhere around the world for no reason other than belichick interview. He had an interview. Ask him about social media. I think I know what you’re about to say on twitter in the locker room of the steelers, they posted a video and it showed some inappropriate things in whenever my true character or something you know and he’s like it’s a locker room.

People say what they say in locker rooms and they said.. What are your thoughts on social media? You know: how do you, how the patriots need to use social media to get the edger? How do you, what are your rules – and he says you know twitter account instant face? I don’t have any of that account instant face. I don’t have any of that, but that’s also the only nfl coach who was not a member of the coaches association. I want to talk about, should the nfl be the only guy who refill this is to network with other coaches coincidence chuck. If somebody wants to network with real entrepreneurs that would not a bunch of idiots. How can I book a ticket for free to worship all right, google search the term thrive time show and opening up in itunes or stitcher subscribe and rate and review. It’s okay lose an objective review screenshot that thing and send it with your phone over some contact info to info at thrive time. Show. Com, two free tickets are normally each you can get 2 of them for the february 16th. 17th workshop. You are blowing my mind. Get ready to enter the thrive time show. Yes, it is that we bring the business coach and entrepreneur of the year city or on a mission, get you into a great financial position. There are so few people out there that actually have your motive. They actually have helping you as their sincere motive very few people out there that actually have a sincere motive to help you. What they have z is a full motif to manipulate you. It’s a fake facade. People want to take advantage of you want. It went to manipulate you. Yes, that’s very common out there in the world and our show we’re all about our mud or motive is the doctors and I don’t need to do the show. In fact, it doesn’t make sense to do the show, but we do it because because we really do care what captain hook said it best right. It’s all about you, it’s all about you, it’s all about jojo up with that being said, we have a moment. We have a motive, a true motivation to help our listeners. You have got a tough question. I got a question for both clay and dr. See when you are. We talked earlier in the show about you know, maybe working with a client having a breakdown.

What how they spent the last day, literally, what are they doing the other day this happens with every coaching clients? How do you, how do you get to make sure that they’re telling the truth? Maybe it’s like a upper level management? Member of yours or somebody, you would really want to help build up as a person or clay like with my. How do you bring up that subject? First, without you know, offending or trying to put them off, because you’re trying to open up love to help people who are on time don’t lie. Okay, people are chronically late typical I’ll time. So that’s how I do it. So I’ve noticed the people that are chronically late aren’t, do not have the capacity to be honest with themselves or other people, and so, if I had like a hundred people in a room and 95 of them were chronically late of those 95. I’ve just found it to be historically true, the new who are chronically late, people who run behind you run behind everybody’s running behind. But if you have good character, you try to get there on time. You said I am so sorry for inconveniencing you, let’s go ahead. What will it’s, whatever I can do to make it up? Let’s do that, but people that are just chronically like crazy late, typically don’t do their to-do list either see they don’t do their checklists correct and they also say I forgot a lot. There was a miscommunication and that behavior will scale it in a bad way. So I find that the people who are chronically on time, or at least try to be prompt. They are people who are coachable. So I usually, if somebody is it starts with a chronic lateness. I will say to them: hey. I know you I’m running behind today and last week and every week and every week I’ve ever had you as a coaching client, you’re, always late. As I would like to ask, you is: what’s the problem what’s going on? Are you okay? What’s going on? I know usually say here’s the deal I owe people will be really overwhelmed right now and I just need help with an addition on his personal go. Oh no, I’m just adjust as one week I’m as you really do care. You want to help him figure out. What’s going on in their life, that’s causing these things, you’re not attacking them. Your head would look like if she doesn’t know this, I’m looking at her when she doesn’t know that. I’m watching what you’re doing – and I noticed that her engagement level with daisy was off the charts and she took notes that she talked I’m not saying. After a four-hour shadow that she’s perfect, but I think she will be a great fit, but the people who are shady will typically yawn and show disrespect the moment that the leader walks out of the room. So I look for those nosy. How do you have somebody’s? You know struggling with time management on your team and how do you know if you’re being sincere and they’re wanting to be coached the trap in your question, and that is how do you bring it up number one and then how do you know they’re telling the truth me to write, I mean: that’s, you get a two-part question 1. If you are being the business coach, if you are being an employer of them, you first fall between the business coach.

It just part of your checklist of what I’m going to ask you. What we’re going to talk about we’re going to get into this is one of the things we’re going to deep dive into success. Webmaster time in management, we’ve got to see how how we got to see. What are starting point is: how well are you doing it? Now now you might find out that they’re doing awesome winter time in yeah. You know I’m going to break it down and there you know, and they put it out and fill it out and all that in new orleans seattle time, managers crush top canine great time manager go. Therefore they implemented. So now all of a sudden. Okay. What did you do yesterday and break it down in 15 minute time? How much you normally break down 15 minutes? Are you go tan or what 30 minutes our time block? I don’t break the oath. Okay start telling you I was, you know, exercise for 3 hours. You know where do you do that? You know I like to exercise at the top of a business coach hill, but I also like to run uphill on the way home to to throw I push myself, so I took at the top of a mountain where well, you look and it’s a great detail, usually very detailed notes for fishy, it is my point is: is that it’s like a computer, that you can only turn out good information, good information put into it I’ll come on about it? Is that if they don’t care enough to be honest with you, their business could they’re paying money to ride or spending time with asking them to help them become better? If they can’t be honest in that situation, either kind of prep to hey listen. This is a starting point.

This is a quart, it’s okay! It’s okay! If you’re watching too much tv right now, billy, it’s okay! If you are most people right right right, it’s okay! If you’re on facebook, too much now or you have been we’re going to try to fix these things going forward to the the more honest you are with me, billy, the better chance of going to have a turning your business around or having your business be successful. Are having you be successful as a person, but whatever your business, coaching them up on same thing like with the doctor, I just struggle with reading and it look at you you just be like. Are you taking anything to really look at your house in that? Can look around the room like like somebody else was in the room? They’re, not you know that guy that you’re right, I tell you stuff, it’s like that. You can’t really tell anybody else right. I’ve been injecting you got straight into biggest distraction, tvs, 5 hours a day. Social media is 5 hours of something or any of your swag. More of your juice, more of your will to win this thing. Zee-zee. This thing right here kills drinks, I’m going to stomp on it. This is like the the death star of business coach success. The master gets lost planet. It is when you value the feedback of everyone. I just want you value the feedback of everyone. Would you run around wanting every single person to agree with every single thing you do, you will lose for them or if you even care what half the people think you’re going to lose? How would how would donald trump be as a president be like? I ate all the liberals: okay with this.

How would how would barack have been if he said, fresno bob if he said they are all republicans? Okay with this idea, let me know if you’re going to stand for anything you’re going to irritate at least have the populations of the keetoowah, but not irritating anybody. You stand for nothing, so we come back. How do you stand up for your principles and avoid the negative feedback of humans on the planet? Welcome to the thrive time show on talk, radio, 1170. My name is clay clark on the father of five human kids and I am a proud to be the co-host of the show doctors on her and I each day get together to record this show. So you can learn what you need to know to make your wallet grow, and I hear this concept all the times. These were talking about blocking out time for what matters ever talk about how to block out more time to get more stuff done, how to block out those distractions. I hear this false question asked all the time to me typically from religious people, and so I want to get out there, I’m a judeo-christian. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, but that is my aim. That’s my I’m not perfect, but that’s my aspiration right is to live more like christ, yes, and I get told this all the time, I really want to hear you wrestle with this, because I think it would be what you plan on doing with this question than me you know your business or your family. They ask that question a lot and by learning the time management principles that lee cockrell has taught me. The former executive vice-president walt disney world resorts one of our partners that you’ve taught me. The people have showed me that the ultra successful people have modeled. For me, I’ve learned you can do both, but how do you respond with that kind of question or that passive, aggressive kind of questioning? Were you getting a few other things? You could have a good family or a good business, but you can’t have it so you can you kind of just wrestle that whole issue? What you can’t have both you have to have both and it’s almost impossible to have a successful business.

If you have just a horrible home life it just as it affects you and pulls you down, it takes a lot of your energy, your willpower, your motivation and when things – and I tell young young entrepreneurs because of that so question, I get asked a lot all the time and when I work as hard as you can as many hours as you can and when your family needs you your wife, particular late. She will remind you that the pendulum need to swing the other direction for a little while and that you need to put that down and come interact with your family. I think it’s important is. What I tell young entrepreneurs is is that when you’re with your family, don’t have your ipad out, smart, don’t don’t don’t be multitasking, you know your new marketing campaign on your ipad rhino, don’t know be taking business calls while you’re doing it at the park with your kids, are you guys going to be there and make sure that the time you spend with him is relative? Like friends – and I tell my doctor when you go into a room there, certain little moves and tricks you can do to make the people think you’re in there longer all right moves that made. It seem like you’re there long damplis to sit down. So if, if my doctor sit down and and don’t let me spend the exact same amount of time in there with the patient will proceed they’re in there twice, that’s a move to what I’m telling you what your family, if you do it purposely and you give them all your attention and you give it feel, feel like you spent more time with them quality time bingo. Where is the final tip to help you get more stuff done to eliminate distractions? This is the number one distraction source I’ve seen it’s when you are open to feedback from everybody, everybody all the time, so I’m going to give an example call I want to see if you’ve ever encounter this kind of thing in your office. You listen to a show like this. You listen to the thrive time show.

You heard eric chupp talk about the importance of gathering objective. Google reviews from your customers so paul, you go in your office and you tell your staff staff guys. We’ve got to make sure that we’re getting google reviews from real customers got to get objective reviews and we’ve got to ask people, because forbes shows that 80 % of people make their buying decisions based upon reviews. You resolved it in your mind. You know it to be true, you look at the research and you should add week shows that 91 % of people make buying decisions based off of reviews. What a member of your team refuses to get reviews? They push back it’s on ethical and you have to decide right there do. I want to listen to this employees feedback or do I want to get it done and all these ridiculous self-help books that are written in correctly, but people who’ve never run a business. What I’ll tell you when you want to get a consensus and get everyone to agree with you? How do you deal with an environment where people on your team may sometimes city refuse to do something? Well, they don’t work for me very long if they do that. So that it’s my business and the bottom line is it’s it’s to benefit me and to them? You know if I help enough other people get what they want our life I’ll get. What I want I left way, I think, but the reality is what I found. Is there really two types of people in the world? There’s there’s the type of people that it doesn’t matter. What you try to get them to those cuz they’re, going to find an excuse not to do it and there’s a group of people that are that are going to be open and listening, and they want to learn and they’re willing to try because they acknowledge they. Don’t know what they don’t know, it’s over a person is pushing back. Then then one I will give them a chance. Okay, tell me why maybe they know something I don’t know, but for the most part they don’t, and so I just said simply. This is the way we’re going to do it. No excuses, get it done and then measure the results to make sure they get it done so jumping z. I have 11 specific action items for all the thrive nation on the hot seat. I’m going to go see here, we go break it down, move, never won schedule time into your schedule for what matters. What matters into your schedule schedule what matters into your schedule before the business begins? How do you do that job? You have to have met a time in your life. You have to have business coach time blocked out pre-schedule scheduling right. You got to have a time where you’re going to spend focusing on your to-do list, you’re going to spend planning out your neck. So if you don’t have that met at I’m blocked out, you will drift right into the day where you run right into the burning fires and then you cannot critically think hot seat. Super move number tuesday, take something out of your schedule before adding something else into your schedule, break it down, and if you were trying to add more stuff into it, you need to take something out and it’s killing my frames and my optometry clinic. If my up commander says: hey, listen, there’s a new hot hot frame out of the tyranny of trade off you’re, a bad man.

This is a side note. I wish I did this. I wish I had the self-control to do this. You mine, when you put the new shirt in the closet and takes went out to the other morning, like I hear, sounds like a brilliant. That’s outside bar sidebar, just a little extra. Absolutely we talked about closing hoarding and before we do that, then click on the itunes or stitcher link, okay rate and review first want to subscribe, actually subscribe and then give us a review and objective review. Screenshot that thing as proof and email it to info at thrive time, show. Com, thrive time, show., calm and you’ll – be have two free tickets to the february 16th and 17th conference will give you two free tickets, and can you believe it stay tuned? It’s about time showing the radio. I can’t believe that welcome to the thrive time show on talk radio 1170. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the boom radio or your podcast download we’re talking about how you can block out time for what matter 2018. So many of us have made new year’s resolutions, but what about new year’s execution? Do you actually get? I mean? Are you going to get anything that I can make to make a big to-do list and not do it again? I can’t know how much you say that I’m just saying, statistically, it is show the majority of people don’t keep their resolutions for anything resolutions for their family. The resolution for their faith for finances their fitness to branch out there, because it’s just easier to set goals and achieve them because most people going to change their goals in there for everyone else got a console you and say: well, maybe the timing wasn’t right and arabia, economy, don’t worry about their tiger you’re a good person. Don’t beat yourself up saying yourself up. If you don’t get your goals done, god still loves you, but you shouldn’t be able to fight to you and so we’re breaking down 11 super moves that you can use to get more stuff done. Move number 1 schedule what matters in your schedule before the busyness begins. It’s your fault! If you don’t put things that matter to you on your schedule, you going to do it to take something out of your schedule before adding something else in. I was so guilty of this for forever and then about 15 years ago and occurred to me gosh, I’m a 20 year old metro chamber of commerce entrepreneur of the year make it a ton of money working all the time. What’s the point, what was the point again? Okay, you know I’ll do I’ll, just keep doing it, so I just kept adding more and more crap to my schedule getting more and more overwhelmed until eventually we don’t have time to get into it today. But my son was born blind. I had a breakdown after the breakdown had a breakthrough, that’s usually how it works, for people are not proactive, have to break down and had a breakthrough, and now I will never do that again to myself three of them turn off. All the push notifications, z, turn off all notifications on your smartphone, except for the call and the text feature.

What is the critical to get things done? We talked about this earlier in the segment if you’re just now turned in those last few seconds, but they design these apps. They designed the notifications to create a sense of urgency in your life, and you don’t need a bunch of urgent situations when you’re trying to execute your your daily tasker that stuff that you need to get that crap off. It’s still going to be there check it. Take 10 minutes on your schedule and check all that stuff at one time. Don’t worry about it throughout the day. You young kids, this it’s kind of a funny story with all you, young kid, pop-up youngsters, you don’t understand what this is, but back in the day when I was a kid, we had a phone that plugs into the wall and was rotary and would sit there right now, we’ve been had one one one time tomorrow at hung on the wall. That’s a big long, you know we don’t have cordless yet and that they would ring, and it was is like it was a sprint I mean, is an all-out all-out sprint to it. Can you talk about controlling your life in that big of rain? We just print perfect, please work on long-distance it, so I got it it’s like mom. I guess that’s what he was like. They did that phone I mean. If you cared about your family, they called long-distance. You would hang up on people, so I have uncles are pretty uncle love to watch college football until the other one be watching it at his house, and he knew that the phone was in the kitchen and he could see his tv from the kitchen what he would do with you what time to phone call right as a big play was getting ready to happen until coursework? You got to answer the phone, but you would get up and go in there year’s eve number for betty clean up we’re going fast. Keep that smart phone off 80 % of your day, just when I at night for those of you who don’t and you get a phone call when I wrong number something wakes you up, I’m at right, that’s just ridiculous! You know they take big chunks of it. Turned off on silent, I don’t want you know what I’ll tell you this back back before everyone got overly politically correct. Most kids would die as a result of not wearing a business coach helmet. I know it was every kid that I knew growing up.

They all died out at all the pics on there. What, if there’s an emergency, I could never turn my phone off. It’s like my lifeline. Lifeline emergency is going to be okay and I used to tell my employees at a listen back before they had cell phones. Ebony call the office trying to talk to him right and then I wouldn’t part the script scripted out was. Is this an emergency? Is this an emergency? You know if it’s an emergency I’ll put you through to betty sue right, but if it’s not, I can call you on her time when she has a break okay. So don’t watch tv unless your to-do list is done. Yes obvious, but it’s such a big idea to write like people. We talked about this to the cognitive dissonance of not getting your to-do list done and then you, you were out your decision at this trap. You’ll take me to try it’s a depression trap and you got to turn that tv off here’s another one move number 6, don’t respond to any social media unless you’ve already completed your to-do list. Yet look at social media as fun time as a reward as dessert as a first cousin. You always have room for it, but they’re trying to get done to that. You can’t even do that. I have a saying that I drilled into my children I’ll speak it and they will they’ll say dad this morning when dad that never won world, and that is what is work first work first, then play workforce of getting a social media’s play the song block people on your phone, do it if they are negative influence in your life or they’re, just bringing stress into your life? Why give them a direct line to your head? If you’re a business owner, you don’t block at least one person a week, there’s something probably wrong with you. You’ve got to do. It probably means you’re not firing people enough and they’re, taking advantage of it beer right now because of the liability and the responsibilities that we wouldn’t have the freedom to serve alcohol to where we want. We need to id everybody. I also have to have insurance to deal with potential bad behavior.

Someone is drunk before they get there for a haircut. I’ve got to do with it. It’s what you do is I have to make a decision. What’s it what’s the better thing for the brand, so I got rid of the beer and I bet most of our customers have been very mature about the way they handle it. But we’ve got one guy who just will not stop calling I’m bringing my own, and I say one guy I mean we’ve got like 40 guys who won’t stop calling until I do is I just hit the block button and I’m free next. One here block people on your social media posting negative. I hate hate on social media defriended, some absolutely not so good. You know it’s at you know if, like doctors, he says, if that’s my my dessert, then, and why would I want somebody putting junk in my dessert, they’re trying to steal my joy whatever so yeah? I feel zero bad feelings from what they were going to do. This, the next 3 months, we’re going to be recording this on the podcast, only exclusive powers of power, and so, if you want to get the extra 3 moves, the final 3 moves that can absolutely transform your schedule this year and your ability to get stuff done. Chuck you can get it but kept. How do we? How do we get the podcast? How do we subscribe? How we make sure we never miss a broadcast of the cool thing? Is there free thrive time show and then click the link to itunes or stitcher? Okay and then you’re going to subscribe when you get that business coach page subscribe to the podcast and then give us an objective rating and review. Let us know what you like about the show: what you want to hear more of what you don’t like. Maybe what will even read that stuff? Okay, if you will send take a screenshot, send proof via email to [email protected], with your contact phone number? We will get you two free tickets, they’re! Normally each! Let me get use those either. Somebody in their partner to partner doesn’t come on down to the next conference february, 16th and 17th. It’s a friday and saturday, so powerful released school habits of the rich dave. Ramsey published the research for this, and it really blew my mind because it’s identifying the wealthy habits that rich people have it. Poor people don’t and one of those habits that blew my mind is that overwhelming majority of wealthy people put an emphasis on ongoing education. So they turn their car their cars into a mobile library. They listen to these while they dry that’s what the podcast is so powerful. Now we have four ways to help our listeners. We have the online school with thousands of videos, one-on-one business mentorship. We have in-person workshops and we have the podcast all available z at thrive time, show. Com in the show, with kind of a three and a two and a wanted to go. We want to leave this out today, my friend absolutely 2.


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