Mission Impossible | How to Get Things Done (Starring Clay’s Daughter and Son)

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Clay’s son, Aubrey Napoleon-Hill Clark, his daughter, Havana Clark and Joey (a dude that likes Havana Clark) joins us on the Thrivetime show to talk about how to get things done in a world of perpetual distraction.

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As an entrepreneur, you must learn to become resourceful. So what happens when you want to record a mission impossible theme show and you don’t have access to the music needed to make the show a success? Step one, you look for a cowbell. Step two, you find that cow bell should step three. You look around for your 14 year old daughter. Step four, you find her friend. That’s a boy and you threatened him. I mean you bring them in the studio to record fellows. You’re going to want that cow bell. I’m a track

duped on today’s show to do or talk to you about did you mission possible.

We’re talking about getting basic stuff. Dot. And we’re breaking down. The notable quote from George Washington carver who wants wrote to 99% of the failures come from people who have the happened

duty of making excuses. What had happened was if you have left behind, and yet again, I did my best, my carpal tunnel and Mike, Chronic anxiety, I’ve whatever I even showed up to perform. What had happened was if you give, they’ve been hanging yet again on the fake trumpet felt though, and that ain’t cool. That ain’t cool. Greg, play that be all the way.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show. This show does to math eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 multi million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

to the thrive time show.

[inaudible]. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Threatened based on today’s show. We have some incredible guests here. We are a joint here, here

with my incredible daughter, Havana, Havana, Nona, and they weren’t joined here with my son, Aubrey, Aubrey, Napoleon Hill Clark, who actually named after Aubrey, his grand father and then a Napoleon hill, the bestselling a self help author, Napoleon Hill, and they were joined with some Rancho named Joey Joey. What’s cracking? Nothing much. Really. Clay isn’t just a man who likes short. Your daughter keep an eye on him. He works for the devil, you know? Right, right. No, I’m sure. I’m sure he’s a great kid. No. On today’s show we’re talking about mission impossible. Now you Joey have a fairly good a GPA. My understandings, you have a nice grade point average. Um, uh, are, are you on steroids? Kush number one. Are you on steroids? Maybe clay, are you hearing the disrespect in his voice? I mean, this guy, how are you going to talk to you like that?

Hey, we’re good. We’re cool. He and I have a good rapport going on anyway, Joey. So I want to ask you this. It appears as though you have a really good GPA friend. What’s the key to your 4.0 GPA and don’t say steroids? What’s that? Trying hard. Trying hard. Okay, let’s, let’s think about this for a second. Okay. Now Havana, I want to get your take on this. All right. You’ve, you, you probably have known of businesses that I’ve helped over the years. I’m sure you’ve met you, you met Mr Steve Currington. Yes, I did. Have you been in his Lamborghini before? Yes. Okay. So Steve Currington is a mortgage guy and a lot of people have a mortgage license, but why does Steve a sell so many mortgages that he hit? He gets to drive a Lamborghini in your mind, why is, why does he get to drive a Lamborghini and not every mortgage person a gets to drive a Lamborghini?

Well, he has the systems and he puts in the effort. He’s at diligent. Okay, so I’m going to ask you Mr Joey. So how much like when you get home from school, how much time do you spend studying? Because on my do you have a 4.0 a 3.9 2.1 what’s your GPA right now? Your grade point average? Uh, right now it’s uh, I don’t really know actually, but last quarter it was a 4.0 right. If I could just chime in here for a second deck. Mr Joey, I know who babies, they have a full Porto little babies like, oh I couldn’t even walk. I’m a baby. Easy. I think we’re, I think we’re good here. Now. I want to say this for the thrive nation out there. Just so you know, the only reason I liked this Joey guy is this guy. This Joey guy is a grinder.

He works hard. He gets the 4.0 but do you get a 4.0 because you study hardy or do you get a GPA of a four of a 4.0 because you just show up. He’s dodging the question. Hey, let the man talk. Getting hard. I would say so. How do you study? I, how much time do you study? Where are you when you start? When you, when you are studying? How does that work? Well, it depends on the person, but uh, I’m just in my room studying most of the time. You just are reading books and that kind of thing. Uh, I have a system now at last count, how old are you? Last time you were, you were looking at the calendar. You’re going, how old am I? How old are you at last count? 14. That’s old enough to throw, right. Stop. I’m trying to keep it civil.

Fine. Now Havana, you’ve known this, this Joey character for how long have you known this Joey character? One year. One year. And is he a hard study or does this guy’s study hard? Definitely. Does he push you to be a better studier? So this guy sits high expectations. It’s this thing called Jordan network. Is your net worth? Your network is your net worth? It’s the, uh, you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So Joey’s a hard, uh, a study or he pushes himself. And is that impacted you in a positive way? Yes. I can’t get away with not studying without getting in trouble. And how old are you at last count? I draw you here in this bogusness when I was, I was 14, I couldn’t even look at girls, let alone talk to girls. I, I didn’t start dating until I was 47.

And that was only if I had maintained my virginity. It took the age of 47. I was a pure man. I respected women so much. I never looked a woman in the eye until I was 37, which is what had happened. That’s an a, that’s impressive. Okay. Now that we’ve had that outburst out of the way, let’s get back to what we were talking about. So you’re my daughter. Uh, this guy didn’t even know, I don’t even know who this guy is, but Joey has a 4.0 because Joey, you study hard a Havana. What’s your GPA right now? Your grade point average. Oh, last quarter was also 4.0 right. Because you guys are pushing yourselves, pushing each other to be your best. Right. On behalf of all the men listening out there who have a 14 year old daughter, I want to read an email that I said to myself. It says, Dad, Joey, I’ll push you off a cliff.

Ah, ah, ah.

All right. It’s incredible. I, I read some of the most compelling emails really when I sit in them to myself. It’s, it’s a shame the world can read this. Okay. And we’re moving on. So let’s, let’s break this down for the listeners out there, for the entrepreneurs out there. Okay. Ah, have you gotta do you know what time I wake up every day? Do you know what time I wake up everyday? I believe it is three, right? I wake up at 3:00 AM every day. Three. I set my alarm for three and why the freak do I set my alarm at 3:00 AM do I set my alarm at three because I like it. A courageous chime in here. What real. I grew up, I actually had to wake up before I went to bed. So to me the whole idea of waking up at three it’s like that seems dot go sleep or did and and how, what time Andrew did I tell you about the one time that I went to the doctor was very, very sick.

I had strep throat. It was very, very bad situation. Dude. Dot. Tell you how my parents would treat the situation. I did not. I went to the doctor’s office. They call. They’re very concerned about, yeah, we went to the waiting room. I filled out the paperwork waiting there with my dad and I went in and saw the doctor and the doctor turns to me and he says, well, what’s wrong with you if you stick out your tongue? And I said, yeah. He looks at, he says, you have strep throat. And then he beat the heck out of me. I drove for Nova and you know why I got in trouble? Why is that all right. To go back to the hospital and tell them that. Thank you. That’s the kind of integrity and discipline that I was raised with and turned out the doctor was, had some issues, but I went back and thanked him. I, I don’t know that’s true, but uh, Havedo you said,

well, if you want to be able to do everything that you value, like work and hang out with family and not be poor, then that’s kind of the time that you have to get up.

Right. It’s crazy. People say, wow, man, you interviewed Wolfgang Puck. That’s cool. You interviewed the founder of Ritz Carlton. That is cool, man. You interviewed David Robinson, Nba Hall of Fame Basketball Player. Man. It’s cool, Bro. You’ve written 11 books. That is so cool, bro. It’s so great. You built 13 multibillion dollar businesses between you and your partner. That is cool. That is cool, man. That is awesome. That is great. Wow. We’ll apparently apparent, namely, apparently I am waking up before most people know. Let’s just say we had a a race. Okay, so Havana, it’s me versus some dude just to be historically accurate. I want to make sure that I don’t miss out on any truthiness to it should we told here, I looked back at some old photos of running cross country as a young kid and I first thought, wow, I’m a beautiful man now and even more so then.

And then my second thought was profoundly humble. I just can’t remember what it was. And then I had my third thought, I had to run up hill both ways. The cost, it was appealed this way uphill the other way and I was just how I did and I still set a world record. I mean without shoes on as credible. I don’t believe that happened. But I understand the principle of life was tougher for you growing up yet. Principals you had, he had values but let’s, let’s continue. All right, so me versus a dude or Andrew, I’ve got an idea. How about me versus Joey right now? Him Mike, my grown self versus his 14 year old self. And what I’ll do is I’ll have them beat himself with his arms and then after he beats himself up with a little bit of assistance, of course, then I’ll make sure he tells me. Thank you. Thank you for that. Yet again, nonsensical interruption. Let’s, let’s get, let’s get back to the story. So if I wake up at 3:00 AM and the other dude wakes up at nine and he’s a sprinter and I’m just a good jogger, how much budget do I have a better chance to win? If I wake up at three then the other guy wakes up at nine.

You do because you’re giving yourself more time and you’re putting in the effort. You’re doing what you need to do.

But you guys have a 4.0 GPA because you’re putting in the effort. Right? Okay. So let’s, I’m gonna go ahead. I’m gonna break down just a few notable quotables a for a few teachable moments for the, for the thrivers out there. So here we go. Teachable moment. Number one, waking up early. What Time Joey, do you wake up every day? Um, it just depends. Um, on average six 50 WIC. Who? I’m sorry, I just have a coffee that’s just wait, wait. Okay. I’m good now. Six what time? Six 56 50 or six 30 or six 30. So you wake up at six 50 or six 30. And I’m asking you out there, if you’re listening today, what time do you need to wake up in order to achieve your goals? If you’ve already achieved your goals, maybe you wake up at nine or eight or seven, but you need to figure out what time do you need to wake up every day in order to achieve your goals.

Now, the second big teaching moment here is, um, Joey, do you have to write papers for school? Do you have to write papers or do you ever have to write things at school at this point? Yes, I do. Uh, what was the last thing you had to write? Um, it was a paper on a Narnia. Narnia? Yes. How long did the paper have to be? How many pages? Uh, roughly two, I think to know in order to be top in the Google search engine results. Just so we’re clear, every page of your website needs to have a minimum of a thousand words of content. 1000 original words of html content, a thousand words, original hypertext, markup language content, a thousand that would take you approximately if you’re me, it takes me about an hour to write a thousand words of content being a k a Havana, Aka my daughter. How long does it take you to write a two page paper?

Well, it would depend because we have to put dress ups in, so like I can write fairly easily, but then we have to add in different things so it could take a few hours just depending on how long it has to be in, what you have to add. So if you’re out there right now and you’re saying to yourself, man, I have a business and I need to write a thousand words of content,

you got to do it. You actually have to do what? You can’t just say, well that’s impossible. This is an impossible mission. I can’t possibly do. Andrew, make sure your take show notes on this here I, I I’ve written, I’ve written a little something for Joey. You want to hear what I’ve been writing a thousand words. I’m ready. Let’s do it. Dearest Joey, if you don’t immediately stop talking to Clay’s 14 year old daughter, certain things will happen to you. They might not be good things. I mean it could be great things or really bad things that can be done. Positive things like let’s go out for an ice cream cone or it could be like, why is everybody beating me with a lead pipe? It could be like, Oh let’s let’s go to the forest and look out for a little flower. We could bring home and Joey look at your flour or I could be certain beating.

You might need to get back on the medication. Let’s just option, I’m just throwing it out there. I mean you, you, you, you seem to have some temper flare ups. I’m cool with Joey. I have no issues with, with, with joy at this point. When I was 27 my father first let me touch the hand of a girl and that girl was my baby because people don’t respect people. The way they used to back home I grew up was just different than if you know you have to wake up at 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM, you can’t go, oh, that’s impossible. Now, if you do say that’s impossible, this is an impossible mission. Okay? Secret agent to step number one to becoming a multimillionaire. You need to wake up every day at whatever time you need to wake up, preferably three, four or 5:00 AM to get things done.

That’s not possible. What is the consequence Havana, if somebody doesn’t do the work that is required in order to write the a thousand words of content, what’s the consequences? If Google requires you to have a thousand words of content per page in order to be ranked at the top of the search engine results? When you Google Search Tulsa men’s haircuts, you’re going to find my company top in the search engine results. If Google says you have to write a thousand words of content to be top and you just say it’s impossible, I can’t possibly do it, what would happen? What’s going to happen?

Well, your rank will go down because other people are going to be writing the content and they will get to the top.

Unbelievable. The law of cause and effect.

Oh God. Tell you what

you could do. You could, you could go to your local doctor, your local physician. If you’re over the age of 1819 you say, I have anxiety and your doctor will say, well, I tell you what. If you’d like to smoke medical marijuana, you can. That’s fine because you probably are stressed out. Plus it, I’m stressed out every freaking moment, every freaking day because I own freaking multimillion dollar companies. You’ve got to just get the work done and when you guys are writing your papers, Joey, have you ever been stressed out where you thought to yourself, wow, this is tough. You ever had that thought like, wow, this is hard? Yeah. I remember one time as a kid, I once asked my father, I said, dearest father, why do I have to hand dig this ditch to plant acres of corn with my bare hand? And my father looked at me and he said, really?

Is that how it’s going to be any chopped off one of my fingers? And he gave it to me as a gift. That’s how tough my childhood was. It was, uh, it was awesome. It was incredible. Yeah. But the derricks between you and the weasels in the world is you actually get your crap done. Technically speaking, you actually get your crap done. I hate to, uh, use technical words, but you get your crap done. So teaching moment number one, wake up at whatever time you need to wake up to get your stuff done. Well, that’s impossible. Well, you’re not going to win if you say it’s impossible. Step number two, you have to write a thousand words of html content per page of your website if you want to be top in the Google search engine results. Now step three, step three, Oh yes, this beautiful. Step three. You have to interview people every week. Havana, we did this thing called the group interview interview where we were, where we interview all of the potential candidates at the same time, who want to have a job at elephant in the room or thrive. And we do it every single week at Wednesday at 5:00 PM anybody who applies for a job, we interview them every single week, Wednesday at five now Havana. Why do you think, and your 14 year old mind, why do you think that we interview people every single week even if we are fully staffed?

Uh, because at some point someone could get sick or more often someone could try to steal money or do something stupid and just try to cheat you or whatever. So you have to be able to get rid of people that are poisoned too, like the environment.

And you have been around me long enough because you’re my daughter and you’ve seen the group photos and is it crazy? Do you, how many people are not working for us or working with us?

One person that has worked for like longer. Like it, it just people go out.

So Marshall has been with us like nine years. I think Devon’s been like with us for five years. John’s been with you a while, six years. Um, we have different people who’ve been with us for a long time Darlin for almost four or five years. But everybody moves on family, friends, whatever they move on. And do they typically say, hey, is it okay if I move on? V Do you think they typically ask me first?

No, but however, there are some people, few people, not very many people. Yeah. We’ll update you and be like, hey listen, I’m going to go do this, but I’d like to get let you know in advance, which is really nice.

Yeah. That would be probably 5% of the business coach employees. Yes. You have to interview people every week. Now, if we didn’t interview new candidates every single week, what do you think would happen to our businesses?

Uh, you would get stuck with people that you do not want to be around your customers. Oh. And they would cause problems. You’d have attitude issues and the whole company would just go down. Eventually.

Eighth, I have eight tips that I have are written down for being a pathetic business loser. I have eight tips I’ve written down if you want to lose in the game of business. Nope. Now tip number one is don’t do your group interview every week. Tip number two, three, four, five, seven. There’s a lot of great tips there, but for sake of time, we have a lot of listeners who are very busy people. We don’t have time to get into all eight tips. So I’m just gonna skip ahead to tip number eight for being a losing business owner. Probably my best tip is tip number eight. Uh, always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your stay and just have it ready. Oh Wow. So that’s, that is tip number eight for losing in the game of business. All right, so we move onto our next, our next step. If you’re out there, you want to become successful. You have to say to yourself, I’m going to get this done. You’ve got to live below your means. Live below your means. No. Havana. Do you remember the Brown van that was missing the door?

Oh, that, that van was beautiful and the neighbors hated it. And I believe they thought you were a drug dealer or something.

Please explain to Joey and everybody out there listening and make sure you eat that. Mike talking to that Mike, uh, explain to the listeners out there and veto a, angle the mic up a little bit. Whatever you have to do just so you’re right on it, make sure you explain to listeners about about the Brown van with the ladder on the back and a about that ladder about the van. And just explain what that van was truly like for the listeners out there who can’t possibly picture it in their mind right now.

Okay. The Brown van was the van that was brown. It was missing a door because a DJ had accidentally broken the door off in some fashion. So there was a plastic fold up table that will be used as a door. Yes. And we parked it behind her house because the neighbors did not like this, this thing

at all. And even though I had built multimillion dollar companies, people would say, well dude, why aren’t you driving like a Lexus or a Mercedes or a, I’m like, because the Brown van, I’ve been together for a long time. Well, you drove that thing to the, till the wheels fall off. I actually ended up doing a song about the Brown van that’s on Youtube. I’ll put at the end of today’s show and I did the Brown pants song in the Brown van has gone onto to really become mystical. I mean it is a beautiful vehicle. I’d parked the Brown van at 16th in Boston and uh, one day I came to work and I thought, well, I haven’t driven the van. I’m like a year I should probably go, you know, move it or started or drive it around. So I was going to get in the van and dropped to quick trip and there was a dude living in the van.

There was a dude living in the bed. True Story. I’ll read you. Do you remember you telling me about the dude that was living in the van? Yeah, this guy’s like a squatter my, this is RB. My son, by the way, RBG tell listeners, how old are you? I’m about to turn 12 right? So this guy was like a squatter. He was living in the van and I’m like, yeah, you asked if you were like, I’m sorry, or something like that. For some reason I apologize. I’m like, oh, so sorry to interrupt. I did not know that you live here and this guy was living in my freaking bed. True Story. True Story. But the reason why I’m sharing this story is you have to live below your means. Now you guys will never know what it’s like. You, Havana and RB will never know this. As you guys see the grotto being built and the pool and the different things you’re gonna ever going to see this. But when your mom and I first got married, we lived over there at 71st and Lewis at the fountain crest apartments on Floor Number Two

with Cat pee. And without air conditioning,

We turned off our air conditioning so that can afford to advertise our business coaching company. So literally I worked at target, Applebee’s and direct TV and we turned off our air conditioning so that we can afford to advertise and so I will always live below my means so that I can build this snowball, this momentum of wealth. And so now that all the companies are doing well, this is a, you know, recently in the last uh, year or two, I’ve decided to live the Yolo life, which is what does Yolo stand for there, Joe? Yolo. You only live once, right? You only live once. You might as well build the freaking pool. Might as well have the grotto, might as well have the hot tub, might as well. But you have to live below your means. You can’t live as though you’re, you. You can’t live as though you have more means than you have when you don’t have those means that if you can’t delay gratification, if you’re not willing to turn off the air conditioning, if you’re not willing to drive a crappy Brown van, a Havana, my first car.

Do you want to guess how much money I spent on the purchase of my first, my first vehicle, 1,500 $1,200 for a Ford escort. Beautiful, beautiful vehicle. Hand painted it myself. A beautiful vehicle. The Ford escort. So if you’re out there, you’re going, Gosh, you know, I don’t have the money needed to start a company or to grow a company. You do, but you have to live below your means. You have to do, don’t know. Aveda. The next, the next step, the next tip, the next move is we want to overdeliver. Now, if we want to overdeliver now, if, if we don’t overdeliver, by the way, it’s impossible to become successful, but if we overdeliver it is very possible. So let’s talk about over delivering, and you’re in your 14 year old being mind. What does it mean to over deliver?

We’ll just do more than what the customer expects. Like a, there’s a place, I believe it’s called the garage where they give you cookies. Yes. And that has nothing to do with the services that they offer. But I mean, who doesn’t want a great cookie? Don’t give away like crappy stuff. People don’t like that. Gross.

What about a Krispy Kreme may give you a free, they give you free donut every time ago. What’s happening? What’s happening? They give you a free donut.

They do and it’s, it’s great. I mean you want to go just to get, you get two and you guys if I want on it.

What about see’s candy? Aubrey talked to preach the good news. Aubrey preached the good news of See’s candy. Well, they walk around for box. Come on, bring it. They’ll walk around for box a free chocolates in it and you get to have any of the, one of the free chocolates is you have two different kinds. Come on out, bring it and then after you the candy you want to buy it. Oh, they gave you a free sample and ample sample that your mind cannot handle. Then soon you want to buy that thing because you’re so fired up. You’re a candle. It’s unbelievable. That was beautiful. I want to frame that quote and put it above my mantle. Why do you do more than the teachers ask you to do? Do you have a psychological problem? What’s your deal? Why are you trying to get a 4.0 because it looks good.

It looks good. And what are you going to go on to college? Are you going to become a, uh, you’re going to become like a, a welder. You can become like a, what’s cobbler? You’re gonna become a cobbler or are you trying to get a 4.0 to become a cobbler? What do you want to do? What’s your big goal? No, I just um, I want to, to help me do better later on. Yeah. And it just, it can really help you and it looks good. So you are focused on getting a 4.0 yes sir. Does anybody like a hammer you about this or is this coming from yourself or does anyone just hammer you? This is coming from myself. All right, well hopefully you go on to get a 4.0 so you can become a cobbler. Hope you have that skill, that buddy, cause you’re going to have to fit some shoes on. You’re deformed feet after I finished breaking them in so many pots. You have a foot that looks like a Turkey foot. [inaudible]

okay, so we move on now. Now the next area, the next area is you have to step out of, this is our final teaching moment. If you want to become successful, you have to get out of your comfort zone, your comfort zone. Now let’s talk about your comfort zone. My comfort zone is when a 14 year old boy talked to my friend, my homie Clay’s daughter, my comfort zone is a verbally threatening them. Ah, using intimidation, using, that’s all I, that makes me comfortable right there. I’m just feeling really my flow, right? Havina if you could explain to the listeners out there, what is your religious belief?

Uh, I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and, um, that he’s awesome and he died for everyone’s sins to save us all.

Okay, so let’s say that the listeners out there disagree with you. I agree with you, but just say, listeners disagree. I bet you half of our listeners disagree. Half of the 500,000 people listening to this disagree, half are in favor. Maybe I’d say 55% disagree. 45% agree. Okay? So if you have a friend who you meet, someone you meet, who is, or maybe you’re in the future, you are a veterinarian, you’re some sort of business person, you have a job, whatever you’re doing, you’re a mom and you’re doing life and you meet somebody who’s has a big, uh, they’re, they’re not happy. They have a hole in their soul and they’re trying to fill up with stuff and you want to invite them to church. But you’re kind of like, oh, frack. I want to invite them to church, but it’s, it’s an impossible mission. What did they say? No, what if you get offended? If I get a fan, what am I, what am I invite them and they say, no. Well then if you build this up to me, this huge obstacle in your mind, you’re never going to invite up.

Chip Gaines talks about that actually in his book.

So talk to me about this. Uh, do you, do you mind getting rejected? Do you mind asking somebody if, if you really believe in what you’re inviting them to?

Well, if you really believe in what you’re doing, you are going to get some rejections. But if you never ask anybody, then you’re never gonna get anywhere. So if you ask, if you get rejected, at least it’s moving you towards not getting rejected.

So if you’re out there today, I would encourage you to think about this concept. Think about this real quick with your business that you own. Are you willing to push through the rejection that is needed because failure is a pre requisite to success? Let’s imagine a path step one, rejected step to get rejected. Again, step three, get rejected some more. Step five, get rejected. Do you know that? Typically, Aubrey, how many, how many outbound calls per day do you think that a mim, a typical member of our team makes at elephant in the room? Aubrey, one of our, one of our employees who works for elephant in the room, the men’s grooming lounge, how many outbound calls do they typically make per day? If you had to guess how many calls per day? 200. Uh, these particular people make could make a hundred outbound calls a day. 100 calls. If they make a hundred calls a day, how many appointments do you think they said one? Well, that’s pretty negative, Aubrey. I was pretty, was kind of one or two. I took it down there. They’re usually for that particular business is going to set about three appointments a day. Now how many guests, Joey, do you think that we invite to be on our, on our podcast each and every week?

If you had to guess, here we go. Here we go. And make sure you eat that Mike with the answer. Eat that Mike. Here we go. 3,900

900 every week. 900.

And guess how many people say yes every week. Been uh, for somewhere close to nine. So we’re about 1% right now. And that’s because even though we’ve had Wolfgang puck on and we’ve had the founder of Ritz Carlton and we’ve had the guy who managed Walt Disney world resorts in the public relations officer for Nike, Prince Michael Jackson, Pizza Hut, that kind of thing. Even though we’ve had the the PR representative of choice, even though we’ve had these big names on the business coach show, still I live in Oklahoma and I’m not famous yet and so therefore it’s about a 1% 1% of people say yes. So if you’re out there today and you’re saying, man, my business coach is a mean guy, he’s telling me I have to get one Google review a day. How many customers being do you think you have to ask if you have, if you own a business and you have happy customers, how many customers do you think you have to ask to leave you at Google review before you’re going to get somebody who actually does it?

Well, not very many, but I’ve got to say if you’re actually there with them and you’re like, this is how you do,

this is how willing do, Yup,

they will. Actually do it more likely because if you’re just like do this, people will be like, Hey, I’ll do that and they don’t do that.

I have found one out of four people will leave you a Google review if they’re happy. Now, joy, when someone fills out a form on your website and once to they say, I am interested in doing business with your company, I’d like to schedule my first haircut for a dollar. I’d like to schedule my first home remodeling a free quote. I would like to request more information about your medical service. How many times on average according to Forbes, do you believe that we have to call the lead before they actually answered the phone and set an appointment? Somebody who filled out the form, how many times do we have to call them on average do you think before they actually answer the phone and schedule an appointment?


lead. You’re not. You’re a negative guy. I tell you what, it’s six six now bringing this up because I’m bringing this up because you guys are diligent doers. I wanted to have you on the show because the listeners don’t get a chance to hear my incredible daughter enough. They don’t get a chance to hear from the homie that knows me by the name of Joey. They don’t get a chance to hear from Aubrey enough, but you guys have a 4.0 grade point average because of why Havana. Why diligence. Diligence means the steady application of effort. That means you’re doing what you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing it, and there’s a Bible verse I want to give the listeners out there and I know somebody out there saying, Frick Bible verses you’re so negative, like why would you quote the Bible or so post Bible where we’re in a post Bible culture?

Listen, I’m listening to this show. I’m smoking pot. Why are you, we’ll try to sober up and focus there for a moment. Brewster Damas. Here we go is proverbs ten four says lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Again, lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. It is diligence that produces success. Joey, do you think you have a 4.0 because you’re a beautiful man. Do you think you have a 4.0 because you were, uh, come from a long line at 4.0 students are, why do you think you have a 4.0 because of diligence and I work really hard. Don’t throw out the possibilities of chronic cheating mixed with espionage at the highest levels. Uh, treasonous behavior. Really not die. That doesn’t mean, yes Scott. He could study hard and you might have a GPA cause he’s earning it toy. It could be something more nefarious than that.

Right? Let’s, let’s not give him a hall pass here by the show’s been pretty easy on my good buddy Joey. Okay. Okay. I feel, I feel like we can, we can move on now. We can move on. And I appreciate you both for being diligent doers. And if you’re out there today and you’re saying, I want to be successful, but it’s impossible. Well, get a police grade Taser, get it out and I want you to do is I want you to tase yourself in the crotch. Hey, there’s really, really no reason to raise your voice together or to to resort to violence. I try to keep the, she’ll call and get serious about life. Man. You can do it, but you’ve got to get serious. Quit making excuses. Quit saying I have anxiety. Quit saying it’s impossible. Quit saying, my parents were alcoholics. Quit saying, why just come from a poor family?

Quit saying all these stupid excuses because you can decide to have excuses or you can decide to get it done. You can become bitter about how you were raised. Your background. My parents were divorced, so I have a 2.1 my parents were divorced. My parents gave me a block of wood one time for Christmas as a Christmas gift. You know, they said, here’s the, here’s the, here’s your gift. Now set it on fire so you can show that you can live even without your gift. A block of wood. The only gift we’ll give you set your gift. Here’s your gift. Now set on fire. And I was happy. I was grateful and I was overwhelmed with joy. Shut up, get serious focus. You can become bitter or you can become better, but at the end of the day, it comes down to your personal performance. If you want to create a, a scalable business, I promise you, you can do it.

If you want to get a 4.0 I promised you can do it, but you’ve got to put in the time and the grind and to become successful. And Aubrey, we’d like to end each and every show with a what? Boom. Okay? And boom stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. And so we’re going to end the show with a three to one in a boom. Havana. Are you psychologically ready? I am so ready. Joey, are you metaphysically ready? Yes, I am ready. Aubrey, are you ready in a way that only you can understand? Yes. Right. Here we go. Without any further ado, here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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