Mom-Preneurship & Eating Healthy with The Flexible Chef & Best-selling Author Nealy Fischer

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Best-selling author Nealy Fischer joins us to share about the importance of choosing courage over safety while also sharing how she’s been able to become a best-selling author while still being a physically in-shape mother of 4.

  1. Thrive Nation on today’s show we are interviewing the Nealy Fischer, an incredible mother of four, a home chef, globe-trotter, and the founder of The Flexible Chef. Nealy Fischer, welcome onto The Thrivetime Show! How are you!?
  2. Nealy for anybody out there that is not super familiar with The Flexible Chef, I would love for you to share with our listeners what it’s all about?
    1. The Flexible Chef helps you to look at the recepie in another light. It helps you find more options for the dish you are cooking.
  3. What are your rules for eating healthy? What do you eat?
    1. I start out with eggs every day.
    2. I do protein and coffee every morning
    3. I’ll snack between breakfast and lunch
  4. What does your workout routine look like?
    1. I exercise every day
    2. I run a few times per week
    3. I do yoga almost every day
    4. I’m all about cramming my workouts into short periods of time.
  5. Nealy, I know that today you are having massive success, but what was your background like growing up and how has that impacted your career today?
  6. When do you believe that you first began to gain traction with your career?
    1. My career started as a mother and is still my most important job.
    2. I have 4 kids from 14 to 6 years old
    3. I was running a few different studios
    4. I was in Asia at the time doing a food and fitness combo
    5. I was always interested in experiencial transformation.
    6. I loved inspiring people in person.
    7. I found that I needed to leverage my time so I started my blog so that I wasn’t having a million one on one conversations.
    8. I was doing what I loved! I was making great food and living a great life.
  7. When did you realize that The Flexible Chef would work out?
    1. I did have doubt and fear of failure.
    2. I started a YouTube Video series where I was filming cooking videos. I thought it was just going to be a little thing.
    3. There come
  8. How do you deal with the negativity?
    1. I just got a 4 star review. It happens.
    2. There are so many people who just sit at home wanting to write negative things just to do so.
  9. How would you encourage someone out there struggling?
    1. Choose courage over comfort.
    2. A lot of us stay in our comfort zones because it is a familiar place.
    3. Life is about doing the things you love and enriches other people’s life.
    4. When you enrich others lives, it will always come back.
    5. Don’t care about anyone who doesn’t like you.
    6. One day we all will die. How will you look back on your life?
    7. You have to Just Do It!
  10. How would you encourage the moms out there?
    1. The thing that fuels me is being a role model for my children.
    2. I don’t care if I make any money. My kids are the only thing that matters. I am not just educating the world, I am doing this so my children can have an example to look up to.
    3. As a mom, you do it because it will have a ripple effect for your family.
    4. The pressure women put on themselves can always have the opposite effect. You have to be careful. There is a time for everything.
  11. If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself?
    1. That I am good enough.
  12. Nealy, what kinds of things tips and advice can readers expect to find in your book, Food You Want: For the Life You Crave?
  13. Nealy, you come across as a very proactive person. What do the first four hours of your typical workday look like?
    1. I wake up at 5:00 AM
    2. I drink coffee
    3. I answer email
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On today’s show, we are going to be interviewing Nealy Fischer and check out this resume. All right. She’s a best selling author. Check. She’s also a mom per newer check of. She’s just, she’s a mother of four kids. That’s pretty awesome. One less of you, by the way. One, what will you have? Five that just doing simple math, but I haven’t pushed any of the buys out of my four bodies. One, if I had any to see if I pushed any babies out of my body, I would just be done. Well, I would just be done with life. I would say get me a lifetime budget jet all to be on every cover. The national enquirer too, by the way, our one of those is that silly but a thing. If it’s not, um, it was not, we should bring it back. We should. It shouldn’t be a thing.

A real national enquirer. Now, thrive nation. Without any further ado, back to our interview here with Nealy Fischer, the bestselling author Mompreneur uh, her new book is about eating healthy, wonderful eating healthy habits. She’s a best selling author. She’s a mom. Preneur. She’s a mother of four. She is a phenomenon. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves emotionally for the interview. Neely Fisher. And here comes the intro music. S

Yes, yes. And Dr Z. One more. Yes. See on today’s show we have the incredible lady. Wonderful. Miss Nealy Fischer, welcome onto the show. How are you?

I am fantastic. How are you?

I typically tell people I’m, I’m more flexible than like a gymnast. Two’s consumed a lot of fish oil. But now I don’t think I should say that because you are in fact the flexible chef. So I’m excited to have you on the show, my friend. Uh, could you tell us about this, this book? What is this book about? About,

yeah, just really cool. How would you want for the life you crave? And it’s really, uh, all the kinds of food that we want to eat to feel good and look good on. Just basically live the life of our dreams. I know it sounds like big and lofty, but actually the book is so much more than just a collection of recipes. It’s really like a lifetime with them on how to become a flexible staff, transforming from just being a cook that follows rules. Just somebody who’s like in all areas of their life. And of course woven throughout the book is what my secret ingredient is, which is flexibility. So how can we basically break the rules in order to basically have more fun, be more creative and be more awesome.

Could you give us an example of, of a, of a way you can break the rule and be more flexible with your cooking?

Yeah. Gosh, I mean specifically in a recipe, most of us just follow the list of ingredients and we, we are the thing and then we did a day and then we basically hope that it turns out the way the beautiful picture shows it and the recipe. Right. But yeah, what is that knows how to do it go like, oh, interesting or really good contact. This is the most important element of this recipe. How can I sort of make this my own? I might add a little bit more of that. I might totally [inaudible] I might recast, you know, the sauce for something else. I might like, I’ll know how to deal with leftovers. I know how to swap ingredients. You know, the country that I’m living in doesn’t have, you know, a chipolte paid a Dobos or whatever, you know, how can I modify in play to basically make it my own kind of, I make it vegetarian. How do I transform this chicken dish? This looks so cool. How do we make that for my Vegan friends? Um, you know, how do I slash time like it’s all these little tips and hacks to becoming more chef like in your life.

No, I’m so fascinated to have you on the shows EMT. I love having the hair on the show cause one every interview I’ve watched with her and she’s great energy, great energy, but you understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur because you are an author, an entrepreneur, but you’re also teaching living healthy and z. A lot of times it did. People view them as mutually exclusive ideas. You know what I mean? Look, my business sucks right now because I’m, you know, getting in shape because I’m a very good cause I w or vice versa. You know what I mean? People see them as a two opposing ideas. I want to ask you, Nealy, how do you personally, like what are your rules for eating healthy on a daily basis? Like what are you, what’s on your nose own list where you go now or shall never eat this or what? I just walked us through what you eat on a typical day.

Okay, sure. Um, I usually start my day out with eggs. I don’t know if like any doctors in the room are going to be like eggs everyday make you die soon. Like it’s so crazy, right? How many food trends there are, like the one thing that’s like really good for you, but if you eat it too much, it’s like really bad. It’s like so crazy to keep up with these trends. Yeah. And I think everyone just has to do what works for them. Honestly, when I’ve acted in the morning, I just feel a renewed amount of energy throughout my day. I don’t have to start anything with sugar in the morning and I just feel like the proteins and the fat kind of keep me going until lunch. So I do ads in the morning, sometimes famine because I spend a lot of time in Asian, like that Japanese Bento box thing.

I’d like love fish for breakfast. I sometimes do that, but it’s really all about protein in the morning. I do do coffee every single day and some good hot water to balance it out. Um, and then I like, I’ll have little snacky things around if I’m like walking and I need to snack on something. I always have cut up veggies in the fridge. Sugar snap pea hasn’t picked them up. And, um, I love dipping it in some taking me, which is like my favorite little snack. It’s almost like better than hummus because it’s just fascinating. See it’s basically with lemon juice and a bunch of other getting things. Um, and then I usually have like, I mean I’m pretty boring. It’s so funny. People are like, what are all the interesting foods you eat? I’m like, I’m kind of boring when I’m just on my own lunch.

Like a salad or some veggies with some protein and maybe some like rice or something if I need whatever. Um, and then dinner is like same. I’ll have like, I have a whole bunch of fun recipes in the book. Like I do something called a miracle miracle, um, stir fry, which is basically a sheet pan stir fry that I do in the oven, which is amazing. It was like veggies and chicken you can do with B for, you could do it with Tofu, you could do it with, but just you use, um, and I make things like, I dunno, a Paleo Pad Thai, which is a spaghetti squash pad Thai. And we do lots of roasted veggies and that’s it. And then like on the three pl on occasion, I do dessert usually over the weekends and I’m, I have everything from chocolate cake to, you know, like my unbelievably dairy free cheesecake and you know, not like the entire tooth cake, although that’s dangerous. Um, but you know, a slice of cake on the weekend with the kids and um, you know, wine on occasion and chocolate on occasion and you know, just kind of keep things real so I can enjoy life.

Well, everyone’s going to Google search you and look at you and I going to go, does this person actually applying these principles are Nealy Fischer, do, do you work out, uh, you know, 24, seven or, or, or are you on steroids?

You’re kidding, right?

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, what’s your workout routine look like?

Yeah. Um, okay, so I’ve been teaching yoga for uh, Gosh around 15 years and before that I was in the fitness industry. So I exercise almost every day. Weekends I’ll just do long walks or something. Um, I started running when I turned 40 because I needed to shake up my, my morning yoga thing. Um, so I run a couple times a week. Um, I always incorporate some sort of like Barre or yoga workout into it. I mean these days my life is really full and I’m on the road a lot. So I’m all about like, how do I cram my workouts into shorter bursts where I get the maximum effect. Like I just did you a whole run and then a whole yoga practice every day. It’s ridiculous. Like I used to be able to do that when I didn’t have a lot else going on. But you know, most people are like, how do I get the bang for my buck? So, you know, for whatever it is, it’s great to just do like a super deep sweat, whatever that is for you and a great stretch or something that’s using your body weight, especially as you get older, you know, push up and that kind of thing. I do in my hotel room, um, have a, I mean fitness is very important to me. So it happens every day.

Now, Nealy, you been teaching yoga for 15 years and I just want it from obviously a yoga expert. Yeah. Are you familiar with the, the pose sleeping bear?


Cause that’s actually my favorite. I’m not a big Yoga Guy, but I’m thinking that’s probably my favorite pose. Sleeping barely sleeping barriers. It’s hard to see. I told you she wasn’t on steroids. Okay. I told you I’d keep you, you get to ride. I want to ask you this with your career a little bit. A lot of our listeners are just getting to know you and I want to give the listeners, see just enough of a look into the life of a taste of nearly so they know that she’s not crazy cause I know she’s legit, but somebody is hearing this name for the first time. Can you tell us kinda how your career started and when you first started to get some traction?

Yeah, sure. Um, so, uh, I should start by saying that my career started as a mother, which I still think is my most important job. I have four kids, my oldest is 17, my youngest is six. And when they were growing up, I was teaching at different studios. I was running. Um, I always had this kind of entrepreneurial spirit. So I was running my own program that I developed through the studio. And then I went kind of marketing them on my own to try to build them a little bit bigger. Um, I started doing retreats. I was living in Asia at the time, so we would do retreats, retreat tonight, partner with luxury hotels, and I’d bring in different speakers. And there was always like this kind of food and fitness components, all the getaways that I would do at bringing this select group of people and we’d like transform their lives in three days.

And I was always like really interested in experiential transformation. Um, and so, and as a teacher for so long, you know, it was, I was my way to, you know, do what I do, what I know how to do and inspire people in person. I was all with that. I did that for so long til I got smart enough to realize I need to leverage my time. Um, and started a blog. And although I was still doing events like the blog and the website and all this social media of course, that that comes along with it with kind of a good backbone and my, and, and, and, and something that I could use to kind of build it. Um, but I have been doing this a long time and I kind of like took it in stepping stones. It wasn’t like, here’s the business plan and in two years this is where I’m going to be, this is how much money I’m going to make. Um, it’s been sort of a process. And again, because I was raising kids at the same time, I, I was doing what I loved. I, you know, I wasn’t getting rich off of it, but I was doing what I loved and it kind of served me and I really built up a repertoire of not only recipes, food recipes, but also life recipes and life kind of, uh, you know, life lessons that I then translated into everything that I’m doing right now.

When did you realize your career wasn’t going to, you know, a lot of times we interview people on the show, like we’ve had Wolfgang puck on the show. Oh yeah. And people talk about like sometimes worrying that it’s not gonna work out, you know, that their ideas not going to gain traction and they’re not going to, when did you realize Nealy Fischer that it is going to work out? It was going to happen.

Okay. So by the way, yes. To the first part because like that, that doubt is like, Eh, and it’s what’s so crazy about that is that whole so many of us back, right? It’s like, oh, but I really, if I did that, I’ll fail. So therefore maybe I shouldn’t, or I’ll do it in like, I’ll do it a little bit. Right? Like we have such a fear of failure that we just don’t put ourselves out there. I, I, um, I started a, um, youtube like video series where I was filming cooking stuff in the kitchen and then the whole bunch of other things and I’m like, I thought like I had someone film it for me. I was like, oh, it’ll just be like, this is like a little thing like a, I’ll just like hide it on youtube somewhere. Like it’ll just be for my audience so that they can sell my recipe is can come to life on the blog or whatever. And it was like this little mini me being like, but I couldn’t possibly like let like a lot of people watch it cause like what if I totally suck. Right.


I think that like there, there comes a point where a, there’s external validation, which actually I don’t think is the best way to do it. Right. Like people say like this is great. Like you’re doing great and then you go, Oh yeah, really? Okay I’ll keep doing that. Like when you know, like as a kid your mom says like, good job Tommy. And you’re like, oh okay,

sorry, go ahead. He’s had a lot of dayquil, haven’t had got about three hours. He just, you know, he’s a 53 year old man with three kids. I have my, I’m a 38 year old guy with the five kids and together he and I have built multiple multimillion land, our companies and he was my wife’s boss when she was 18. So we have sort of a really troubled relationships. Father, son, love, Hate Ying Yang up and down, up and down. Peterson, Batman. I said yes, he is Batman. I’m Beavis. Yeah, no, I would ask you this Nealy off because I’m on your, I’m on youtube right now looking at the flexible chef. Uh, the, the flexible chef, no t chef and I’m up here and uh, the show looks really well produced. Um, it looks like you’re getting all sorts of traction out there. How do you deal with when you get a negative like a thumbs down? You know, cause you get a lot of positive things up here. I mean, people were writing good things about it. The Good Morning La, uh, the good morning la La land, I’ll show you, don’t want, you get great feedback on these programs. Um, how do you deal with the negativity? What do you do?

Yeah. You know, it’s funny, we just got, I just had a four star review. I’m like, I wrote a five star book, I got a four star review come on. Could have been worse. Right? But, but the women wrote something like, you know, good book. Um, I wish there’s so many hard to find ingredients. I wish she was more flexible. And I was like, okay,

are you kidding me? Right. I’m like, wait.

The whole premise of the book is that like you shouldn’t be running around for ingredients. That’s why I wrote the book and I’m like, clearly, you know, I’m going through my head. Like, what are you talking about? Like with the most freaking flexible cookbook anyone has ever written in the kids’ story of cookbooks, right. It is so chalkable option. Like I will never let you go on a wild goose chase for anything. Right. And I was like, wait a minute. This person obviously didn’t even read the book, by the way. First of all, you look a little deeper like kindle person, she probably just like looked up a recipe. True. Looked at the ingredient list and she was like, can’t find that. Let me write. You know. And the truth is like, there are so many people out there, they just like sit at home and want to say bad things about other things. Like who cares? Like you can’t roles anyway. I’m sure there’ll be worse. Uh, there’ll be worth comments and I’ll have to deal with them. But I look, I’m telling you in all seriousness, go ahead. No, I’m thinking all seriousness. Like you put yourself out there, people are going to say, I’m too ugly or too pretty or too fat or too skinny, like whatever. You know,

it’s so bad.

Did you deal with it

for women? It’s super bad because, and I’m, it’s, yeah. Is A, is a female, right? Think about this. [inaudible] I want, I want to first, let me get that for me. I want to think about it from a female perspective. Okay. Okay. So today I got to work at like five 45 in the morning. Okay. It took me about seven minutes to get ready. I get up, I take a shower, brushing my teeth. Do that thing, you know, brushing my teeth a couple times. Uh, do the whole get ready thing. It’s like a seven minute process. Women, it’s like an hour long process usually to get this just to get ready to. Then after you do get ready and you put yourself on a book cover, then there’s some troll who probably, uh, you know, isn’t happy with vast portions of his or her life and they’re like, well, because I’ve been given an anonymous account, I’m going to go ahead and take my dad killed Nealy’s joy because I don’t have any either.

This is ridiculous. The trolls are in control. They are, they are uncontrollable areas nearly. I want to back up just a little bit. You back it up. We talked about fear and stepping out and we’re back. We’re back to boop dude, because there, there are some people right now let’s focus on the women there. There was women right now listening to this radio show, this podcast that are going, wow, I wish I had the, the, the gumption to do it. Nealy did book covers, but I’m, I’m scared. I’m afraid. I don’t want to put myself out there because someone may say something bad. I don’t think I’m good enough for the fear, fear, fear. You don’t, which I just, ah, so give a pep talk to someone listening out there. Tell him about, encourage them, pump them up, you know, pop in the I five rounds and a and get them fired up because someone’s out there on the edge and they’re just, they deep. Just somebody who just kind of push him a little bit.

So have you guys seen Bernay Brown’s Netflix, um, show? I don’t remember what it’s called. You can look it up. Okay. Okay. And um, she has a, uh, the quote or whatever that I’m, I’m, I’m using as my quote now and she says, choose courage over comfort. Come on now. Just think about that for a second. Choose courage over comfort. And I think a lot of us stay in our comfort zones because it’s, it’s a safer place where we took you, that’s what you’re talking about. Like the, the fear of failure and life is all about the richness of like doing what you’re passionate about. The reward that comes from doing the things that you love and enriching other people’s lives, which by the way, when you, when do something that enriches other people’s lives, as you guys both know, it just comes back at you with that, with like the speeding effective feeding you and you know, getting really clear, like don’t just put stuff out there.

Like if you have a mission and you have a vision and you have a plan and you have a way of helping people, if you do it from the heart and you kind of don’t really like, I actually don’t, I mean I just actually don’t care about people that don’t like me because it really doesn’t matter. Um, Renee brown talks about this too. Like I just don’t care. Like it doesn’t matter at the, like I, I sometimes envision this is going to sound kind of like morbid but true. I actually see my life as I’m growing older and as my kids are one of my fun moving out of the House next year and I’m seeing the life cycle. I really do think to myself, one day we’re all gonna die and how am I going to look back at my life? Am I going to have regrets about the things I should have? Would have, could have, didn’t wanted to, was scared too. Like all these things and like you just, you just, you do Nike new. We have to just do it.

Come on now. There you go. This is what I, this is why I’m so excited to have a, uh, nearly on the show. Eight or nine times. Well again, great. Great. Would be the first be the first of the nine part series here. I’m very excited to prophetically, I’m just, just great, great energy here. I love though that you’re not using being a mother as an excuse. I love that because I’m, I’m a, I’m a man and I, I d. Z, if I had any babies at all, if I had even one baby that came out of my body, I would say, I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. Stick a fork. Since I had the baby, I can’t work anymore ever. Well, you know, this little Jethro needs constant supervision. Serious. My wife had baby one, two, three, four and five. Every time I’ve thought, wow, how are you going to bounce back from that? I would have just quit. So sit at it, talk to me, talk to us about texts with Ziad. I can’t speak about that. Talk to us about encourage the moms out there who are kind of, you know, using the mom thing and saying, I can’t be a mompreneur because I have babies.

Um, so I, the thing that fuels me is actually being a role model for my children. Um, my son, my 17-year-old posted a photo of the two of us, one of the my favorite photos from the book or making a, um, a green smoothie milkshake. And he posted this like amazing, beautiful one page thing on his Instagram. Like my mom always taught me and this and that. And it was like this like whole like testament to the fact that like he’s so, you know, he’s so proud and you talked about like his food journey and I was like, and you know, said like, you know, link to Amazon like by my mom book, which by the way, for a teenager like you know, he could have gotten just for that. Like dude, like so not cool to post about your mother on Instagram.

But I was just like, I don’t even care if like if I make any money or if I ever, like I don’t care about this is the only thing that matters. And it was like this real like, I mean, I had the chills, I started crying when I like read this and I was like, this is why I do it because I’m not just educating the world and I’m not just inspiring the world, which is, which is also wonderful. I do it for that too. The fact that like my children can look at me and say I’m proud of my mother and she doing something good for the world and if I can inspire that generation and that’s how things happen, right, then they inspire their next generation in that how the world gets better is when we do our things. So you know, as a mom, I think, um, you do it because like it’s, if it’s something that’s bubbling out of you, it’s actually going to have a ripple effect for your family.

Also. One thing I also want to say about that is that it can also be true, meaning like the pressure that women put on themselves to have a career because they should. And then the kind of, I need to have it all, all at once versus Arianna, Arianna Huffington, who famously says, you can have it all just one thing at a time or however she says it, but it’s not all at once. Um, so you know, be careful because you, you also like there, there is a time for everything, right? Like when I was in between breastfeeding babies and and doing all this other stuff. Like if I took on this project at the same time, I probably would’ve exploded. So everything happens in its, in its right moment in the right moment that it’s right for you.

Nearly that that was well said. Wilson, I have to ask, this is the, I, this is my final two questions I have for Neil here. Little question number one I have for you Miss Neeley’s. Uh, I’m thinking about buying your book on Amazon right now. I’m thinking about having a blast. He blast and buying a book, Ebook Z and use the sizzle a little clickety-click buy the book. And so I just wanna know what do I need to type in on Amazon? Is Andrew Andrew, are you there? Are you going to, are you prepared to log on? Ready? Andrew’s a click away from buying the book. We’ve been saving up a $18 and 30 cents to buy the book. What do I need to type in to buy this book? How can I find it on Amazon?

You can either just type in my name. I think it even comes up after Nealy Fischer. Or you can just type in food you want for the light to create, but if you just put it in food, you want, it’ll come right up.

And you as Andrew, because I’m throwing caution to the wind. I’ve thought I’m not going to buy a regrettable burrito. I am not going to buy for energy. I am not going to buy a Starbucks drink today. Wow. To say no to the temptation. And I’m going to have a new conversation about eating healthy not to buy the book now. And then I’m going to write a review about this great interview right now. And I’m gonna talk about this is the most flexible thing ever. And Andrew, because a, you’re, you’re an employee here. Yep. You are now henceforth ordered to write the longest review you’ve ever, ever read or ever written, read or read or rollout. So it’s gotta be at least a paragraph. I’m serious. The best ever. Cause this is, this is a hot book here. Yeah. No. See what’s your final question? What’s your final question? I always like to ask, if you could go back 20 years and talk to yourself if you could turn back time, if you could get the Delorean time machine, fly back and sit down with yourself 20 years ago. There we go. There we can, little cowbell always helps Cabell and share. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that. Um, what would you tell yourself?

I think the biggest thing is that I am good enough and I am worthy enough in so many of us were raised with the idea that, you know, we have to stick something in order to be successful. In order to be something, we need to fix something about ourselves. Yeah. We need to fix something about our lives. I was constantly fixing myself and I was these perfectionist pence, the flexibility that came up afterward. And, um, so I, I talk a lot about that journey in the book. Um, but yeah, like you’re totally good enough and you totally can.

Oh, you can do it. That’s, you could, you could do it. Okay. Final question I have for you, for me. My final question is how do you organize the first four hours of your typical

Dave [inaudible]? Uh, I wake up at five every day. Um, I have coffee and check in on usually in different time zones. So I do about half an hour of email work with coffee. I’m constantly trying to get myself out of that loop because there’s real value and not going straight to your computer. But I actually find that it really works for me because my brain is clear and I can go to the most important things right away, check them off. Um, then I work out like straight away. Otherwise, if I wait till later it just goes out the window cause something else gets scheduled. So I workout in the morning, shower, get ready and then I’m back at work.

you are a z, she has the wisdom of a Yoda, which she doesn’t look like Yoda is a very flat, no, that’s true. That there, that is like a Yoda over time, over a generation, but just looks so good. I don’t understand how is it possible? Yeah. She’s more like a princess. You would think someone with this much wisdom would look like a curmudgeon. Do Yoda, would you would think that because this wisdom hundred years old and green skin. Sure. How old you are, but you don’t look 800 so thank you for dropping knowledge bombs on our show. You have blown my mind. Ms Nealy, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you guys so much.

All right, well I’m going to go a improve your life by 10% by allowing you to hang up on me. Perfect. And I’m gonna go do some yoga. We, we look the sleeping bear over in the corner. All right. Take care of ms Nealy.

Thank you.

It is always doctor. See we’ll have to in each and every show with a little three, two and a one and a boom. Are you prepared for the three, the two, the one on the boom? Absolutely. There we go. Great.


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